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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 11, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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now i have concerns, serious concerns when i see homes in this numbers being raided. the french do not have our protections under our bill of rights. they don't have nearly the protections we do. i don't want this many homes busted into. i don't want mosques raided unless there is probable cause to believe there is a problem, that they have committed a crime. you get warrants for those things. same with the home. same with somebody's internet. same with the bank records. yet this administration is using the consumer finance protection bureau to do what nobody in american history, any administration has done before, and that is go get people's bank records whether or not they want gee, we want they claim, to be able to watch so if somebody gets messed around with a bank, we can go after them. well, when i was a judge, if
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you wanted to get a bank record, you had to have probable cause that a crime was committed and probable cause that the person whose record us wanted had committed it. otherwise i didn't sign a warrant. because the constitution didn't allow it. nd if i did sign a warrant, it had to be specific to place and time and what was being seized. but, this administration gets your bank records, all they want through the consumer finance protection bureau, they get all your medical records through obamacare requirements, they get all kinds of information about individuals. get your phone logs, as they have been doing. now there's some question whether they still are or not. but this article from michelle mcfee, brian ross, abc news reports, isis may have passport
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printing machine, blank passports. i'm glad they finally caught up with the news on that. i want to revisit an issue, senator grassley sent a letter to secretary jay johnson, february 3 of 2014, so it will be going on two years in february, and he included an email, senator grassley included a redacted copy of the email exchange, i've seen the unredacted email exchange. d even from the redacted email exchange, it's indicated that secretary napolitano had a ands-off list. apparently muslim leaders that
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indications were they should be second airline screened, asked, pulled aside from their first stop, asked further questions, but the indication is, this guy, he's in a group that, well, he's on the secretary's hands-off list. well, not only can we not get specifics of exactly why somebody is on the no-fly list, terrorist watch list, just that this administration has a bad -- feeling hem, but about them, but we can't find out how you get on the hands-off list. that's another matter that requires some looking. and then we find out this week that an ex guantanamo detainee now is an al qaeda leader back in yemen. and it talks about al qaeda in
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the arabian peninsula, aqap released a new video featuring ormer guantanamo detainee, 2010 he pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and material support for terrorism. for military commission. and, anyway, he ended up, this administration transferred him to his home country of sudan, nd now he's back are we wanted to be, helping al qaeda. we already knew he was a terrorist. he pled guilty. and this administration sent him back. the question still out there and remains, how many americans will be killed because this administration decided closing guantanamo is more important than saving american lives?
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so they traded five murderous conspiracy -- cosnspiricist, a guy who all indicationses are he deserted his american military post. wonder how many american lives will be lost because of that. a report, article, ky-3, that on saturday, around 3:50 a.m., two men buying a large number cell phones atwal matter in lebanon set off concern -- at wal-mart in lebanon set off concern. somebody went in, bought 60 cell phones from wal-mart. that's not normal in this area claimed a sheriff. after talking with men, officers didn't have a legal reason to detain them, so the men were allowed to leave.
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according to lebanon police department incident report. ut that's in missouri. the sheriff said, calling law enforcement officers was the right move. but unfortunately, because of the statement of our attorney general in recent days, in the aftermath of the san bernardino killings, she's made clear that in the aftermath of all of those americans being killed, specifically targeting christians and jews, apparently there was a muslim shot, but the targets were jews and telling one jewish man before he was shot, now you'll never get to see israel, targeting the christians specifically, instead of going off on how clearly this was a hate crime, the attorney
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general says, our big concern is that people are not prejudiced against muslims. to people it clear like the terrorist's neighbors that if you see radical islamists gathering and you're suspicious, maybe they're making pipe bombs in your garage, and you call that in, there's a good chance that attorney general loretta lynch is going to come after you for being biased and bigoted. i mean, what ary duck louis thing to say -- what a ridiculous thing to say. i mean, basically she's saying, if you see something and say something and that something involves muslims, then i'm coming after you. what a ridiculous terrible thing for the chief law enforcement officer of our country to say.
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then this article today, from liam deacon, brightbart news, homeland security shut down investigation into farook and malik, linked islamic group, to protect civil liberties of potential terrorists. department of homeland security has been accused of deleting intelligence records relating to dangerous islamists linked to terrorists farook and malik, because they wanted to protect the civil liberties of members of the caliphate supporting network. philippoussis haynie, a u.s. customs and border petroleum analyst, now retired, says he was ordered to stop investigating the islamist groups and its work -- his work on them was erased. he even said he was subjected to discipline when he was -- when he attempted to blow the whistle. if he'd been allowed to continue his investigation --
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allowed to continue his investigation, it would have showed that mehalik's poss port was screened for scrutiny. they were more concerned about foreign islamic groups with terrorist ties than the safety and security of americans. analyst phil haynie told fox news he once worked as a researcher looking into potential terrorist and passenger analysis units at the department of homeland security in atlanta, as well as at the u.s. cuss tums and border protection national targeting center. he says that he had been identifying and tracking embers of the al-houda and a group, offshoots of the radical school of islam. which was founded in british colonial india, specifically to ppose western culture. a revivalist movement whose mandate is, according to its leading advocate, to save the muslim world, quote, from the
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culture and civilization of the jews and the christians, unquote. to this end, he suggests a cultivating, quote, such hatred for their ways as human beings have to urine and excrement, unquote. he has been linked to 80% of all recent terrorist-related crimes in france. mr. haynie's work, tracking the radical movement, was considered so important that he says he was given an agency award for identifying potential terrorists and he was asked to become part of the national targeting center, which works to connect the dots and build a bigger picture of terrorist activity. however, after more than six months of tracking, homeland security unexpectedly halted its investigation on the request of the state department's office of civil rights and civil liberties. so, anyway, that's what happens. and phil haynie is one of the
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most patriotic, one of the finest people i've ever known. he cares so deeply about this country. and with his scientific mind, by the way, mr. speaker, his appearance decries his int and his knowledge -- intellect and his knowledge about radical islam, so he's done. no telling how many secondary screenings from his time in the middle east, his knowledge of the language, the culture, the moderate islamic culture, the radical islamic culture, knows the teachings of the radicals and who they are. he's been able to get massive amounts of information that i would never have dreamed people would admit to him. i've been working with him for number of years to try to get information to people in the administration that would
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protect the information. and instead when they realized how much information he had, of what others in homeland security had deleted, they thought was gone, as janet napolitano talked about connecting the dots, she forgot to mention that they had been deleting dots like crazy. i knew that phil's information was so damaging to this administration that if it were not handled properly, they would destroy the man. so what happens? after he gets an award for so much information, he used the tech system. all he did was enter data. he would like, even at social media, and if he found that somebody under consideration was in a photo graph with somebody we knew to be a radical islamist, he'd enter
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that information. massive amount of information out there on social media that this administration has not even availed themselves of. previously, when our embassy in emen was surrounded by huteys, radical islamist rebels, i get a call from a constituent whose son is over there and is isolated at a hotel, can't get to the embassy. and talking to a friend that had a friend, it ends up some guy's going through a training session, they set aside their hypothetical practice scenario and took on the real-life scenario of getting four americans from a hotel in the capital of yemen to the embassy and trying to get more in the
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embassy out. they used social media. they were able to find pictures being taken by huti radical islamists different places where they obviously were. so they know -- knew which places to avoid. they were able, through this -- using people in place in yemen, american assets, and using social media, were able to get those people from the hotel, get them to the embassy, and get them out, even though this administration would only pay for commercial airline flight where they sat with some people who may have been part of the rebels that wanted to kill them. not the best way to get people out of an embassy, but they got out. and i've heard again recently from my former constituent, and he's doing well, and he's a good man. he's a patriot. wants to help the country.
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so, it should also be noted that, although in our country the attorney general is more concerned about prejudice against muslims, the euro parliament president, this is an article by dr. thomas d. williams, third of december, points out that the europarliament president says christians are not safe on our the president of the yureng parallelment said that europe cannot continue ignoring the ate of christians. and at wednesday's meeting, martin schultz said that the persecution of christians is undervalued and does not receive
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enough attention which has also meant that quote, it hasn't been properly addressed. i applaud the efforts of glen beck trying to save christians er in areas of radical islam as the european parliament president says, radical islamists number one goal is not other islams -- muslims. it is christians and jews. yet this administration's big focus is helping muslims. and then we find out from the u.n. that actually they locate their refugee centers in urban areas where you rarely find many christians and we find out reports, hear from people that say we're afraid to go into the
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u.n. refugee camps because they are virtually all muslim and we are targeted and we can't go there. we can't allow our families to go there. and yet it's the u.n. refugee camps that this administration who wants to bring refugees from. glen beck realizing that christian refugees were being undervalued by the obama administration has gone over there and i applaud his efforts. so, mr. speaker, we close out this week, the bill we just passed with regard to customs conference report, i just want go back to january 29, 1961
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anniversary 5-year and it was a message to commemorate roosevelt day. in his speech he points out that 28 years ago, franklin roosevelt assumed the leadership of a stricken nation. poverty blanketted the land and he goes on in the speech, , cognizing franklin roosevelt and i would like to read john f. kennedy's words, because they are such a contrast to the current president's words as he wants to take away people's second amendment rights. he wants to have the ability, since he controls -- completely
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controls the no-fly list. nobody in congress he is why they are putting them on, he gets exclusive control of who he wants to put on the no-fly list, he or his assigneys. president obama wants to restrict those rights and so, mr. speaker, i conclude today and this week in the house with . e words of john f. kennedy president john f. contendy, january 29, 1961, part of his speech that day said, to meet these problems will require the efforts, not only of our leaders or the democratic party, but the combined efforts of all of our people. no one has a right to feel that
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having entrusted the task of government to new leaders in washington, he can continue to pursue his private comforts unconcerned with america's challenges and dangers, for if freedom is to survive and prosper, it will require the sacrifice, the effort and the thoughtful attention of every citizen in my own native state of massachusetts. the battle for american freedom as begun by the thousands of farmers and tradesmen who made up the minutemen, citizens who were ready to defend their liberty at a moment's notice. president kennedy guess on with these words, today, we need a nation of minutemen, citizens who are not only prepared to
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take up arms, but citizens who regard the preservation of freedom as a basic purpose of their daily life and who are willing to consciously work and sacrifice for that freedom. the clause of liberty -- the cause of liberty, the cause of america cannot succeed with any lesser effort. the words of john f. kennedy, january 29, 1961. and with that, i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. . the chair lays before the house n enrolled bill. the clerk: h.r. 2250, an act to further continuing ppropriations act of 2016.
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the speaker pro tempore: does the gentleman from texas have a motion? mr. gohmert: i move that we do adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it and the motion is adopted. the house stands adjourned until noon on tuesd
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nonetheless, i think the tax extender bill is the other part of it. i do not see much support on the democratic side. it is a massive, permanent is reallywhich destructive for our future. we are adding hundreds of millions of dollars to the deficit permanently.
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have you heard any of the talks speaking out against this action? maybe they should be on the endangered species list. i don't know. it undermines our ability to invest in our children, it eliminates the possibility for revenue reform. what we want to do is do just that -- simplify, make fair, lower the corporate rate, do what we need to do to create good paying jobs here at home. this bill that they expect us to vote on includes hundreds of millions of dollars of permanent tax breaks for special interests and corporations, one neglecting hard-working families. some of it is about rewarding overseas activities. the republicans continue to fight our efforts to ensure key tax c credits that are index
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for hard-working families. president bush really landmarked legislation in that regard. seven years ago. it is time for this to be indexed. republicans are saying no. state taxes are index. tax breaks for their friends. congressman ellison and congressman grijalva wrote in their letter on the extender bill -- the cochairs of the progressive caucus -- while we agree on providing extensions for key refundable tax credits that benefit working families, we are concerned that the current agreement is way too -- toghed too heavily corporate america. othe omnibus and tax credit extender bill must be separated. i assume they will be.
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we will see what comes back without the riders and the extender bill, which has very little support in our caucus. any questions? terrorists like the in san bernardino have been planning for years. what does that say about the ability to intercept? pelosi: i don'tc think we have heard the full story yet. our people,rotect but we also have to protect civil liberties. we will see. we have to learn more. from what we heard -- was that yesterday, when we had the briefing? it would have been very hard to
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detect. >> still, do you feel left out? representative pelosi: this is an unfolding case and re revelation. >> have republicans responded to your call to get rid of the omnibus? i think of pelosi: it more as an incentive for republicans to vote for the bill. this is, after all, a compromise. we have the responsibility to keep the government open, and that is what we are struggling .o do bad riders have ossified in the process. i think of it more in the positive.
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are you going to ask about the warriors? andou know, the bangles in the niners are playing. pelosi: theve warriors are winning all of these games straight, and you don't want to talk about it. [laughter] we have the golden state warriors. >> [indiscernible] back to my question, the speaker has said that they are working on a tax extenders bill and i'll be both side-by-side. if they do in fact separate tax andlls, and you get spenders, child credit, or guns here -- representative pelosi: what is the question? these two looking at
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pieces of legislation side-by-side, and not focusing on one bill -- they want to get -- representative pelosi: the question is? >> is that healthy negotiation is working? ive pelosi: we will see how it goes. . will not vote for it we will see how it goes. >> they will obviously get as many republicans as they can for the omnibus. . pelosi: you already had your question. >> i'm wondering if it is looking likely that you get a deal on the extenders ? pelosi: when they say i am
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an holding of the extenders i was never for it. i think it is the start of of the future, the wrong way to go, to have hundreds of billions of in permanent tax extenders. there is no reason we have to go down that path. yes, they have to put things in there about child tax credit. under george bush, it was historic to the level which we took that, but it is time that we have index nation for that. they don't want to hear about that. some of my members even think with indexation and it, they would not be for the bill because it is too big. it undermines our ability to get something done for the future.
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to senator hatch, i'm holding it up, or i'm not in the loop. i don't even want to be in the loop of that bill. , and allhe ban on oil that money for the oil industry, while they can't index for children -- it is too big, unfair, and does not have the support of house democrats. it could have the support of others. i'm not speaking for anyone but the house democrats. this will be the last question. >> group said that if the goesder package through, this congress will add about a trillion dollars to the debt. our republicans being dishonest, and for that matter, the white house? sayinglosi: i'm not they are being dishonest, but they have a different view of
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what adds to the deficit. money spend that immediately. it index money into the economy. if you review the list of things they have -- small business, we created that. you should not be having it permanent and unpaid for. that is the issue. and of them are terrible permanent, and unpaid for, so ohey have noted j justification. we have to pay for 9/11. moneye to find the for 9/11. for the health, and the people, in an emergency, who risked their lives, and have
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compromises -- health, and otherwise. we have to find the money to pay for that. hundreds of millions of dollars of permanent, unpaid for tax breaks. i'm glad to hear you say some people are concerned about the budget because i've not heard many of them speak up. they have the majority. this is their vehicle. there is some negotiation going on. i'm not part of that because i do not believe in it. i believe it is the wrong way to go. by the way, my members are the most vocal on this because i listen to what they have to say. i notify them of what i hear. us negotiatingt on it because they think it is the wrong place to go.
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i think if the american people understood that all this talk about the budget and the rest, and this president, who deserves so much praise. when he took office, the deficit was 70% higher. it has come down 70%. .2 trillion he has worked very hard to take down the deficit. you want some of these extensions to happen, you have to go big. big means unpaid for, and a permanent, take it off the table so that the baseline is different. take it off the table so these are all taken care of in any discussion we have about said the vacation or fairness in the morecode that creates good paying jobs in our country. it has many more people
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participating in the prosperity of our country. it is about trickle-down, trickle-down, trickle down. this is the current manifestation of trickle-down. they have the majority, so they have to be negotiated with, of course. signature.nt has the that gives him leverage in the discussion. i made it clear, don't count on our votes for this. >> can you clarify. the child tax credit is added to this bill that you say is destructive? is in they will not index it. instead, they put big oil in it. no, note in and say, indexation, let's go on the other side, and do big oil. have thewhat, they votes, this is what they want to
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do. we will not be accomplices. i'm sorry? >> does the white house agree with you guys? you will have to talk to them. we did not need this -- they will have enough republican votes to pass this thing in a second. that is why i do not want enjoined to the omnibus bill because they do not want to support the omnibus bill. i don't know what happens to the whole package. we have responsibly to keep the government open for the american people. they have famously indicated that they are willing to shut it down. we have to work hard with the new speaker, extending a hand to the president.
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any new opportunities we have to work together, we haven't responsibly to find our common ground. somebody had this idea about another big package, and could not have been thinking about the house democrats when they came up with that. >> [indiscernible] >> this weekend, on c-span, saturday night at 9:00 eastern, representatives from pandora and spotify about how technology impacts business. from this year's aspen form. parts ofare the day when you do not want to listen to music. one we aremute is
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testing out now. maybe you don't want music, may be what news, weather report. there is some other content you want to experience during that time. that is kind of the hypothesis we are testing right now to see if people are interested in experiencing that. then, john kasich at the council on foreign relations on rebuilding international alliances. >> thanks to my 18 years on the house armed services committee, i knew many months ago that the only way to solve this problem is to call for an international coalition to defeat isis in syria and iraq. we have to join nato allies, and importantly, allies in the organize an international coalition to defeat isis on the ground, and denied them the territory that they need to survive. those with long experience
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know that an air campaign on its own is not enough. >> for more schedule information, go to our website, >> coming up in just over half an hour, defense secretary ash carter and british secretary michael phelan hold a joint news conference after their meeting at the aragon. the meeting happens after british leaders voted last week to extend airstrikes. on the road to the white house, "politico" reports that if donald trump runs as an independent, the gop would lose the white house. iny write that roughly four say it- 79 percent -- would be very difficult for the
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republican nominee to win the election if trump launches a third-party bid. by the way, i wrote the white house coverage will feature donald trump live from the iowa state fairgrounds. also, the supreme court heard several cases this week, dealing with redistricting. one of them was even well versus texas drawst how districts. the oral argument in that case coming up tonight on c-span two at 8:00 eastern. while we wait to take you to the pentagon for the briefing with the two different secretaries, part of today's washington journal. continues. host: ray lahood if you searched the internet for your name and stories that come up obama advisor, found disappointment. those are the stories that come
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your new book, "seeking fair?isan" is that guest: i don't like that headline. i believe bipartisan is in the president's dna. believes ink he bipartisan. he practiced it when he was a in illinois. mepracticed it when he named secretary of transportation a long time republican. the story that peter baker wrote in the "new york times" was pretty accurate. probablyhe headline didn't really reflect my feeling about it. host: in your book, you do talk about the fact right off the aside?u felt shuttered guest: not really me. i just felt that the president presidents -- has a core of people in the white relies on.he really
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, -- obviously george w. on rove and andy car. i been around here long enough. you a -- nixon relied few others. every president does. by that.too surprised on some of the things that the president tried to get done on, they asked me to make calls and to try and intervene. part of the inner circle. the inner circle are really the people who helped the president that job. host: you have chapter in here, some pages on an actual cabinet meeting that happened. bit.t to read a little this was a memo that was passed out. referring to the president, call on each member of the cabinet to report two minutes
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each on highlights from their department. you will call on the cabinet in order in which their departments were created, then you will call on the cabinet and then theals national security advisor with the chief of staff included. minutes, you write, i focused on department initiatives in promoted economic recovery, the president brieflily reporters follow the meetings, he told them he delivered three messages. the work,as proud of second we have to take extraordinary steps to shore up the financial system. charged us withgirardeaued bringing out more efficiency. one of the meetings were much highly scripted than i anticipated. candidortunity to give advice to the president was nil. the meetings suggested how president was from those who did not fall within circle.r
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guest: well, i think that was an reflection of that particular meeting. in the beginning when we came in in, in 2009, the focus was on getting the economy. we were in a terrible recession. work.y people out of we were sort of assigned as a stimulus,economic $48 billion to spend it within two years and put a lot of to work. secondly, really the idea that president wanted to get out of iraq. cabinet meetings were revolved around those two bigs. time, the president was spending in the oval office meetings was, how do we how do economy going and we get out of iraq. the part about getting the gotomy going, we
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$48 billion in economic stimulus that we had to spend within two years. assignedthe president vice president biden to kind of process.hat entire i developed a great relationship with vice president biden. he's an endeering friend today because of all the time we spent peopler on trig to get to work on transportation projects. reflectionshapter on a career of public service. my 35 years in politics and public service often with a front row seat on history, i did not ponder the meaning of passing. time slipped by too quickly. as i move to the sidelines to of my career, however, i'm struck by two intertwined principle qualities politics that concern me persuasive, partisan and the absence of leadership.
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question. no notwithstanding that congress just passed a transportation a very bipartisan way. they passed an education bill to fix some things that were wrong in ano child left behind very bipartisan way. prior to that, over the last two years, each seen a government shutdown. we've seen people elected to republicander the banner. although they're tea party people who don't believe in government. here to vote no on everything. stalemate. terrible people really came here with the one goal their number was to do everything they could make progress. pervasive.k it is the partnership is very pervasive. i was pleased that the congress passed the transportation bill in a bipartisan way and the president signed yesterday an education bill to fix some with no child left
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behind. so, now the congress is working on trying to get out of town and passing omnibus. hopefully that will be bipartisan. speaker ryan and leader pelosi that.king on host: i want to show some video from 1994 and see if you is ray lahood. from illinois, you don't pronounce the s. pronounced illinois. i'm from the 18th district of illinois. our freshman class introduced today tod a resolution a passporte work of that study congress over a period of two years and the committees of congress. as you all know, we have
2:52 pm
three committees the district of columbia, merchant marine and post office and the of our resolution today was to continue the work of a thet committee on reorganization of congress. to establish a task force that will use the information that the joint committee has available, to add at least five freshmen members to include the of our conference over a period of time to study committee structure. to determine if there's duplication and to report back to the conference no later than end of september our results therewill be whether should be further elimination of committee. host: that was almost exactly 21 years ago. just turned 70. i wished i looked that young.
2:53 pm
right after your first election. what was that like to be part of republican congress? guest: it was extraordinary. a congressional staffer for 17 years and worked staff bob michael republican leader. i knew a lot of members of congress. i worked on the house floor. all the people in leadership. i knew speaker gingrich and tom army and all the people we elected. there weren't any surprises in that regard. the thing that i was surprised about on election night, republicans won the majority. worked for bob michael who served in the minority for 38 years, i never dreamed that could come back into out inority after being the wilderness for 40 years. because newt nationalized the and put the contract with america out there for a lot ofpeople and that.s ran on
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it was exhilarating time to be to have theity, opportunity to vote on all of i talkedms that people about as part of the contract with america within the first days all of the reforms that we had talked about. so, it was exhilarating time. numbers one way the the screen we'll begin taking for ray a few minutes lahood. you were in the chair presiding livingston decided not to run for speaker. you write about it. guest: there's a chapter on impeachment. the reason we wrote about it clear thatwas speaker gingrich announced that not going to stand for said whoer . the staff will chair the proceedings, he said ray lahood. because i developed a good style
2:55 pm
chairing the house. a style of fairness and bipartisan and making sure that rules and we didn't -- host: you knew the rules. rules.we knew the that was very helpful. when the speaker staff called me speaker gingrich wants theto indicator -- chair proceedings, i thought this my one minute of fame. bobhe second day, livingston from louisiana who already run for speaker and was known to have the votes to be right after the proceedings was over, we were going to elect him. because of disclosure about infidelity, not similar to speaker gingrich's disclosures came about earlier, he came to the house floor and was first
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speaker. said i'm not going to stand for speaker. i'm going to resign from the these proceedings are over. chamber.ent out of the i did not know. no one knew. i said, democrats and republicans were scrambling around. pretty full that morning. i think people recognize this day, this was the day we were going to vote on the of impeachment. the people wanted to hear what the new speaker had to say. boom, he was out. in the halls of congress, there members like tom others who were scrambling trying to figure out who the speaker will be. tom delay orchestrated the illinoisof hastert of to be the next speaker . that came about over a period of four hours. or six
2:57 pm
bob livingston made that inouncement and as i write the book, a democratic member, the chair. a democratic member comes up to and say -- up to me and says says, mel white, who's no longer the house. if ime up to me and said, can put together the votes, some talking, if i can put together the democratic votes, would you consider of standing for speaker? said no, that's not going to happen. there are already people on my the aisle deciding who the speaker will be. it's not going to be ray lahood. that talk about how people viewed me as somebody who friendsrtisan, who had on both sides of the aisle.
2:58 pm
who had an ability to really reach people on both sides. ultimately, on, denny hastert got to be speaker. the other thing that happened that i wrote about in the book, is another democrat came up and me in the chair and said, should we suspend what while we tryere and figure this out? i made a decision. i didn't check with leadership the speaker'swith office. i didn't talk to the parliamentarian. was suchdecision, this a historic day after all that on.gone we needed to proceed with the to takes that were going place on the four articles of impeachment. proceed. democrats walked out as we called for the first vote and came back in. we finished the day up. one of the things i'm proud of, peter, after everything was over, all the republicans met in
2:59 pm
rooms there in the capital to talk about what the speaker was going to be. this was after the all the votes taken and the house had adjourned. went to that meeting, speaker gingrich started the meeting off saying, now you know why i picked ray lahood to preside over impeachment. it was done fairly. their say and people voted and they gave me a standing ovation. fact very proud of the that we carried it off in a way that distinguished house of in a verytives controversial historic time in house.tory of the host: you quote dick gephardt in your gook. destroyingstop altar of people at the morality. all have our
3:00 pm
imperfections. we've got to look at the fact president clinton was elected. he had his imperfections. obviously, then leader gephardt's point was, these were not impeachable offenses. that was not the judiciary concluded. it's not what the house conclu concluded. host: "seeking bipartisan" is name of the book. congressman from illinois. first call is henry in clyde, new york, democrat. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. , everybodyed to say keep talking about obama is not strong president. strong president.


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