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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 11, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm EST

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a cut. our laws are so corrupt. our campaign-finance laws mr. trump: i don't necessarily want to stop people from giving, because i think that is a good thing. but you have to get away from the super pac's. what you have to have his people have to know who it is, so you have to open up the process and let people know -- if they want to give $1 million, then they can, but you must know who it is. that puts a little pressure on guys like brad, who raises hundreds of millions of dollars. pac, itept of the super is no good. it is no good. it is a very dangerous, terrible thing. we will change our laws because you really have no choice. it is so out of control. it is so terrible. the papers that are in this room tonight should look at this,
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there is so little money left over for the candidate, that is one of the reasons i'm so happy that i'm doing my own. we actually sent legal letters to around eight or nine super pac's. first of all, i'm sure that out of some of them, they sold the money. send i have no money and sets up a donald trump something super pac. he sets it up. all of a sudden he has two main dollars. people send him money. how much of that money do you think he is to use to do what he is supposed to be doing? that is common sense. maybe all of it. but, i doubt it. so we sent legal notices to everyone that we could find having to do with donald trump. we do not want their money. we said, don't do it. we don't want it. ideally, give the money back to the people that gave it to you. but the super pac concept is correct and it is terrible and it should be ended. we will go to new campaign-finance laws that will be terrific. ok? thank you.
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[applause] mr. trump: go ahead. >> we have kevin with america's renewable future. >> good evening, mr. trump. think you for coming to iowa. i'm a native of des moines, so on behalf of des moines i would like to think you for coming. thank you for supporting the renewable fuel standard. you talked about this a little bit earlier. senator cruz is not in support of that. you thinkll me, do that is because of his ties to big oil? mr. trump: yes, it is. [applause] mr. trump: it is. if he is from texas, to the best of my knowledge, there is a lot of oil in texas. he gets a lot of money from the oil companies and he is told -- totally against ethanol and everything else that you are talking about. i am not. i'm totally in favor. it is a big industry here. [applause] mr. trump: you know, is that industry is upset, iowa has
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problems. i was here through weeks ago with a group -- any of the people here that were at that meeting? they were such amazing people, right? stand up. we had a good meeting, right? i learned so much about it. i was in favor of it even before. that is correct, either member you very well. how could you forget? it was amazing. looking at the plants. also, beyond even the fuel capacities which we want to create as much as we can, tremendous numbers of jobs in iowa. i say to myself, if ted cruz is against ethanol, how does he win in iowa? that is very anti-iowa. i don't know how he wins in iowa. [applause] mr. trump: but i totally for it, ok? thank you. >> thanks. >> what is your question? of servinghe honor
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iowa as the republican national committee woman. i do have a question for you on establishment or a late gop, whatever you want to call it. as the state central committee, we are neutral. this is not to hurt you or harm you, it is for clarification. when we see you make a statement and sometimes it is controversial, as we have noticed, -- mr. trump: sometimes purposefully though. firestorm, the fact checkers come through and your constitutionally sound. you agree with the party platform. i have not found anything where i see you in contradiction, unlike other candidates that are in contradiction to the platform. with the public. you have unleashed america from the bondage of political correctness. [applause] mr. trump: wow, thank you. thank you. [applause] question, whymy
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wouldn't a gop, or rnc be thrilled with a candidate that has the numbers that you do, that is resonating with the public, and is saying the things that is obviously -- mr. trump: come here. bring her up. so nice. [applause] mr. trump: when she first started that question, i thought oh no, here it comes. after midway through, i really appreciate it. come on over here. get under there. that's great. that assessing nice question, thank you. come here. don't fall. [applause] mr. trump: thank you very much. that is so nice. what is your name? >> i appreciate you writing. there are a lot of other things that you could be doing. we appreciate you running. i will not fight you for the microphone, ever. [applause] >> why is it, why would they not
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be thrilled that you are -- the numbers that you have, the crowds that you have, the message that you are bringing, you are reviving the heart of america. this is what we should want. why? [applause] mr. trump: thank you. be careful. i was a member of the establishment six months ago. i gave the range of $50,000 to the republican governors association. i gave tremendous amounts of money away. i was like the fair-haired boy. once i said i was running, they said what? you're not supposed to run. then i ran against all of these senators and governors and everyone said, well, i don't know. my ways that, if you run, you are going to win. she understands the love people and people love me. she said -- you have to actually go and run. you have to announce that you are running. because, nobody will believe that you are running. i did not want to announce
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because i did not want to announce and then have things not work out and be like some of these guys were there at zero. many of them are at zero. finally i said, we are going to do it. there were too many things that i watched on television with our president and the decisions that are made. horrible, dirty, traitor, and -- they get five killers that they have wanted for nine years. the worst killers. they are all back on the battlefield. some a decision. iran deal. how bad is that? they self inspect? ok, we are not building. they promise they're not building nuclear weapons. that's ok. we give them $150 billion and we do not even get our prisoners back? the whole thing is crazy. i saw this. and i said to my wife, i don't know if i will do well or not. who knows? is a risky thing.
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i have always heard that if you are successful person you cannot run for office, especially president. i see it all the time. the people go after me. i don't even care at this point. i say, we have to do it. i looked at it the last time with mitt romney and i did not do it and i probably should have, because you let us down. look, he let us down. we had a failed president. he was a failed president. just as bad as he is now. it is true. [applause] and mitt romney let us down. that last month it was like he was not even campaigning. i said, why are you jay leno or david letterman? why are you not doing a? he just did not do it. so he lost the election. i backed john mccain and he lost. i backed mitt romney and he lost. this time i said, i'm doing it myself. we're going to win. [applause] but, there is an
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establishment out there. it is a real establishment. real people. there are people that are used to having their little puppets all over the place. there are people who are used to giving donations and having control. they are people that may call me, i will treat them with respect, but i will not be doing bad things if it is bad for the country. i will not let ford will they plant in mexico if i can keep it in michigan. [applause] mr. trump: i'm not going to let the car companies and nabisco and all of these people and all of these companies -- i am all for free trade and i think it is great. i am for it. it has to be smart trade. i will not let them move to mexico and sell things without tax or anything. we lose our jobs and our factories and they go over here and make it and we let them come through. how does that help us, folks? i went to the best business school in the world, believe me, it does not help us. trust me. we will not make is like that anymore. we can't. we own 19 train dollars.
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the establishment is not ever probably -- in the end, if this country mming even the establishment, they will say it is a good thing. they will be beneficiaries also. we have a real establishment and they have never seen this happen before. a writer called up and said -- to my the top journalists way of thinking, certainly in the country and beyond, and he said, mr. trump, how does it feel? and i said how does what feel? how does it feel, what you have done has never, ever been done before? i said, what have i done? he says you have dominated the summer of donald trump. now they call it the autumn of donald trump. hopefully they call it the spring of donald trump. i want the next autumn of donald trump. [applause] writer,p: i said to the i don't know what you are talking about, i have not done anything. friendly, if i don't win, i consider this to be a total
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waste of time. i'll be honest with you. as much as i like eating with you, i want people to do anything. he says, no you have one, even if you don't win. i said no, i don't win. if i do not win, i have wasted my time. is, the establishment cannot believe it. they have never seen a happen before. i was on the cover of time magazine four weeks ago or five weeks ago. time magazine was going to pick the person of the year. everybody, even my enemies said that donald trump is going to win. i said, i want win. they said why? i said i was. just like i should have gotten the emmy for the apprentice the first three years. i was nominated and i should have. and i said i will never win. because i'm not hollywood establishment. said,th time magazine, i -- o'reilly is a great guy. he did an editorial at the end of the show saying, nobody has done more than donald trump. he should have one.
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i probably should have, in all fairness. but he said, nobody has done more -- taken over -- what we have done has been amazing. it is not just me, it is all of us. from dallas and mobile and oklahoma. all of us. because the spirit -- bill o'reilly had a whole big thing. the other shows, where they said, donald trump, what do you think? well, angela merkel got it. what did she do? she has destroyed -- she is in the process of destroying germany. with the migration. we have to help the people at the migration. we have to create a safe zone someplace in syria. i do not want them coming into this country. i don't want them. we don't know who they are. [applause] mr. trump: we don't know who they are. [applause] then with their printing presses that now do the forged passports. you heard about that. so, we do not know.
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the bottom line on that is it is such an interesting question. you will know in about a month or two whether or not the establishment has treated me fairly. but the only thing that i can iowa, ihis, if i win think it is over. i have said before. iowa,e, i think if i win new hampshire is amazing, people are amazing, you would love the people and they would love you. you have everybody. the whole country is in love. i call it the noisy majority. it is no longer a silent majority. it is the noisy majority. [applause] but, if we win like i think we are going to win, because we have such a big lead. honestly, it is not going to matter, they can do anything. i don't care about the establishment. they can't do anything. the only way they can do it is if i'm a little bit short. if i'm to vote short i have a problem. i will have to go in that convention and deal with all of
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these bloodsucker politicians and they will make their deals and i will have all of the money guys around and they will be in the back room making deals. but, if i get the number of delegates, there is not a thing that they can do. i will end up doing fine with the establishment. again, i was a member of the establishment six months ago. that was a nice question and i appreciated, thank you. [applause] >> we have had there. what is your question? >> hello. my question is regarding education. in the past, you have come out against common core. mr. trump: absolutely. [applause] mr. trump: that was an easy one, i'll tell you. a, gore is a symptom of larger disease, and that is the fact that the government thinks you know best our children, rather than our parents. with the recent passage of the every student succeeds act, the back room deal made by republicans and democrats kept the federal government and education. what will you do to return power to parents and make them have the choice on how to educate our children? thank you.
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[applause] so, common core, i'm such a believer in education. i had an uncle was a professor at m.i.t.. he was a brilliant guy. in fact, i just retweeted an article about him today. you have to read it. when i see somebody like jeb bush -- i will tell you one thing i respect, he did not change his views. he knew he was going to get killed on this issue and i respect that to a certain extent. but, it is so wrong. common core is a total disaster. we have people -- [applause] we have people, bureaucrats in washington telling you how your child should be educated in iowa and new hampshire and all of the different places that we go to. it is ridiculous. i go around and i see the principles -- i have seen so many students and teachers and professors and principles and i have seen some of the people.
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somein iowa, i have seen of the love that these parents give to those schools. this is real love. these are smart people. these are people that are not working for a paycheck. these are incredible people and i have seen -- member this -- our educational system is a mess. we spend more money per pupil as a government than any other country in the world and we are in 20th place. i mean, like double what anyone else has. i want to bring education back to the local areas. you will have parents and you will have unbelievably talented people and they love their kids and they want their kids to be well educated because it is so important. and you'll be very happy with it, ok? thank you. [applause] >> ok, we're coming down to logan. what is your question? >> hello. mr. trump: a tough looking cookie. go ahead. >> i represent a cooperative.
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we're wondering what your plans are for providing clean, safe, reliable and affordable energy? mr. trump: you people do it. i have gotten to know you really well. you people do it. we are backing you 100%. the job and the spirit that you all have, you are always perfectly i tired with your green, we are backing you 100%. you do a phenomenal job. there should be more people like you in this country. the whole grid is a disaster. the whole country. the infrastructure of our country is falling apart. and nobody can build like me. that is what i do, i build. on pennsylvania avenue, a big, tremendous hotel. that i got from the government of the united states. from the obama administration, a couple of years ago. we have the best plan. the gsa is terrific. they're very talented people. we are under budget and ahead of schedule. that is what we do.
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when you see these things, where they are building a bridge and dollarscost a billion and then across $12 billion -- how about when they built the hospital that cost $3 billion. i look at it and i can tell you how much it will cost. sir, $3250 million, no billion. $3 billion? do you think somebody got rich on that when? we are going to stop all of this debt. we are going to make our country so strong and so wonderful. we love it anyway. but it is so sad to see what is happening. it is so sad. and we are going to change it around. are we all finish with those questions? >> you have one, joe? we have one more. your planner doesn't let up. she is brutal. corey, she is brutal. she did a good job on the apprentice though. >> i had a really good mentor. [applause] andtrump: i'll tell you,
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there is another special person who did a great job on the apprentice great shawn johnson. she is another champion. she is another one. and she is an incredible young woman. she is getting married. she is fantastic. wherever she may be, say hello. go ahead. >> mr. trump, can you talk about your jobs program? we don't have enough work to pay people a living wage. mr. trump: that is true. we have such a problem and the biggest problem i have relates to education. the hardest thing that you get is when you go around and you see students and somebody students come out and here's and they always want to talk about the loans. student loans. and they are going through nice colleges and their good student to work hard to could be really top in their class. and they get on the say, mr. trump, we have no jobs. we can't get jobs. they can get jobs. we are to bring our jobs back from china. we're going to bring our jobs
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back from all of these places overseas that has stolen our jobs. we will bring our jobs back from south america and will bring them back from mexico. we will have jobs again, believe me. we will be manufacturers again. we will start making apple computers in this country. does it doll good to= to make them in china? we are going to bring our jobs back. ladies and this has been a lot of fun. this is the first arrived in this kind of a thing, and it has been amazing. yes? mr. trump: thank you. thank you. [applause] mr. trump: i thought you were a protester at first. [laughter] mr. trump: isn't that a terrible way to end? a protester in your final words. that was very nice, thank you. we love the military. thank you. [applause]
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mr. trump: so, i just want to thank you all for being here, we love you all and it is so important. iowa is so important to me and the relationship that i developed here have been amazing. we are going to make our country great again and we're going to make our country safe again. thank you all for being here. thank you. [applause] ♪ where not been a take it no, we angered and take it were not a take it anymore ♪ ♪ we've got the right to do it there is no way will lose it this is our life, ♪
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we are not good at take it no, we are not going to take it were not going to take it, anymore ♪ ♪
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♪ [light acoustic guitar]
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donald trump, the republican presidential candidate is at the top of the polls, meeting with supporters in iowa. this is that the iowa state fairgrounds in des moines. we will be taking your phone calls and you can let us know what you think of what you heard tonight from him as he took questions from the audience. the republican number to call is 202-748-8001. 202-748-8922., we heard haggling earlier. and then a very loud chant. an announcement ahead of the donald trump event in des moines, told attendees not to touch or harm protesters if protesters in the crowd at the event, the prerecorded message instructed attendees to hold up
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their signs and chance. that happened toward the beginning of the rally. a look at huffington post politics, when gop senator visited a mosque recently to show that not all republicans are like donald trump. take a look at another person, one of the candidates on the democratic side who actually went to a mosque today. to show his support and to talk about donald trump's remarks about barring muslims are entering the united states. that is martin o'malley, the former governor of maryland. we'll take a look at his or marx and then we will come back and take your phone calls. o'malley: it is easy for unscrupulous politicians or hate preachers, no nation is immune from the scorch of hate-preachers. to turn us upon ourselves. but, that sort of language that you hear from donald trump is not the language of america's future. i know the language of america's
9:29 pm
future. i speak to our young people under 30 every single day and i rarely find among them any that feel like donald trump. [applause] o'malley: throughout my service, we celebrated that we were one maryland. we would host of events every year and i know that my muslim neighbors make america strong. they are doctors and our engineers and are lawyers. [applause] mymalley: i suppose message here today is not only one of solidarity, but also of encouragement. anduse, in order to rise meet these challenges, we need each other. we need each other. we particularly need our american muslim neighbors. i know that there have been many acts of violence. i know that there are acts of ignorance that have been encouraged. by some in our political
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discourse, but the larger arc of our history, as i was listening to -- there is a larger arc of love and generosity and respect for one another. i know, and i know that our young people understand, that the tragic murders that took place in san bernardino does not define islam anymore than that horrible murder that took place in charleston defines -- we just heard from donald trump speaking in des moines. he spoke for a little more than an hour there. he was talking to people in the crowd and taking their questions. we will take your comments right now. we have a caller from davenport, florida. on the democrats line. what are your thoughts? >> i and all for donald in every way. he can relate to people. and the message that he is telling is very real.
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and addressing think that other candidates do not want to address. voting is the past, like who is the best pop at? in all reality, congress is the one that runs everything, it is not the president. the president is the messenger. hopefully, donald does not -- he will change things. he is very real and very down to earth and i think he is what we need. >> have you voted democratic in the past? is is a chain? > >> i have voted democratic in the chain -- the past. >> the independent line. >> how are you doing? >> pretty good, what are your thoughts? >> my thought is donald trump is trying to protect america and i don't think that he is racist and i just think that he is a good guy and i love him a lot and i'm going to vote for him. this november. >> thank you for the call.
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a republican from florida. hello, i thought it was a wonderful rally. timemments are that every donald trump says something controversial not much time passes before he is proven right every time. newspaperfinancial and we have a group here and we are in the middle of a bunch of democrats i can tell you that many of them will be voting for donald trump without question. is sok what he is doing controversial against the establishments. the reason he is having trouble with the news media, gop, etc., is because they have something to hide and i believe that donald trump is going to get -- out and hopefully make get the country back on track. that is the feeling in the config -- coffee shop. >> the democrats line. >> thank you.
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i have been a registered democrat since jfk. i registered in honor of him. i have left the democratic party since the 1960's. into the 1970's. it went into a socialist -- 1990'smid-1980's to the they started going marxist. what i mean by that is in their techniques and with it, their policies. i'm not saying that they are marxists. , i'm saying that their philosophy has gone that way. trump and it donald have to say that i am hoping that the republicans are not so stupid as to go after this guy because they will push him into running independent. he will run independent. country would hand our
9:34 pm
to hillary clinton which would be an absolute disaster. >> who are you interested in? >> i'm actually interested in three people in the republican party. trump,uld be donald marco rubio, and ted cruz. i find them all extremely strong. >> let me go ahead and shown article here, something along the lines of what you are talking about witches that contended convention. this is from think progress, talking about the brutal delegate math that could allow the gop to steal the nomination from donald trump. taking a look here at the article. republican leaders do not want to make america great again. leading republicans including senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and republican national committee chair mat monday to discuss how they could lay the groundwork for a floor fight in which the gop's main stream waiting could coalesce
9:35 pm
around an alternative. this is according to the washington post. with many candidates in the race, and tram commanding a strong plurality but nowhere near a majority in the polls, it is easy to imagine a scenario where donald trump once more primary votes than any other candidate, but still lacks enough delegates to lock up the nomination. the delegate math seems to favor the establishment. you can read more about that at billy is on the line. what are your thoughts? >> i am pulling for donald trump. i am 80 years old. i have voted in every election. city, state, and federal. i am a diehard american. and i know that donald trump loves his country. more than anybody i have seen. and he loved the people.
9:36 pm
he wants to protect the people. he wants to bring back the jobs to this country. he wants to be a real leader. and that is what we need. we don't need hillary clinton and for god's sake, thank god, that barack obama will be going out. >> thank you for the call. here is a caller from florida. on the independent line. i have been a democrat most of my life, 45 years. 10 years ago i changed to an independent. i believe everything donald trump says. fully, and when he runs for president, i hope that he picks the right vice president, because if he picks ted cruz, marco rubio, things are going to go bad because they probably would impeach donald trump and take someone else as president.
9:37 pm
that scares me because i believe the republicans are crooked. so, that really bothers me. withnk he has to go another non-politician as his running mate. and go, donald trump. >> during his remarks, donald trump to get a question about his relationship with senator ted cruz of texas. he was asked about whether or not he would want him to be a supreme court justice or a vice presidential running mate. take a look at some tweets here. this is one of the things that donald trump mentioned during his remarks. senator cruz extends and all of branch to "terrific" donald trump. ted cruz is more dangerous than donald trump. you can read more the national journal. just lindsey graham unleashing the ultimate insult against donald trump in a gop primary. the ethics of barring donald trump from your country. that talks lebron not wanting donald trump to be entering into their country.
9:38 pm
and then also, one year about ben carson. walking back a third-party run threat. the number of things in play their for the republican presidential candidates. we have a call from myrtle beach, south carolina, a democrat. >> hello. my opinion of this is, i think donald trump is a good candidate. i'm a democrat, but i believe in what he says. i think he is honest. and very efficient. i think he will do what he says. i would really like to see someone who appreciates the hard-working people of the country. to be great again. and bring jobs to the united states. i hope he wins. was --
9:39 pm
i believe in most of the things that the democrats do, but there are things i don't believe in. i think donald trump is a good example of the honorable american. and so, that is how i'm going to vote. >> thank you for the call. craig is waiting on the line from tulsa, oklahoma, a republican. >> i just want to address, really, the misinterpretation of what donald trump said concerning islam. first of all, now trump did not make is on the issue, the terrorist did. the flag of isis. they brought that religion under question. of course, that is unfortunate for the peaceful people who follow islam in america, but unfortunately, because they have done that, donald trump was absolutely correct in saying that we need to better that people that come into the country, unfortunately, if they are islamic they should be vetted, because within islam there are those who seek to kill us. in a sense, donald trump is basically trying to say, let's
9:40 pm
protect america and that is why he is resonating. also, the political correctness that they say he is knocking down, that is right. that is truly an american action because political correctness is really striking down free speech. to me, he is following the constitution better than some of the establishment and the republican party. they need to wake up and say, wait a minute, he is standing by our values, we should support him. i would say that donald trump and ted cruz are looking very good at this point in time. >> thank you for the call, craig. one more call here, george, from fairmont, west virginia, a democrat. go ahead. >> you know, i agree with everything that the fellow who just got off of the line -- i agree with everything that he says. i will add a little bit to it. donald trump reminds me of my general when i was overseas in germany. general george c patton. he reminded me every time that i hear him and look at him and see him on everything, because mr. patton did not think -- take
9:41 pm
anything from anybody. he spoke what he wanted to say and that was it. and this is what mr. trump is doing. he speaks from the heart. and he is telling the american people the truth. there are a lot of people here that do not believe what he wants to say. but he will do everything that he says he will do. and i believe in him because i was with george patton from north africa to the battle of the bulge. he was the best man that we ever had overseas, thank you. >> thank you for the call. of the mentioning some remarks after the muslim-ban proposal that donald trump talked about. he is leading in the polls by over 20 points. this is a tweet from the hill. leading by over 20 points in the first national poll after the muslim ban proposal. it does not appear to be hurting him in the polls, the republican voters. that were surveyed there. i want to let you know that we will have our phone lines back open as we do every morning on
9:42 pm
"the washington journal." you you can join us at 7:00 a.m. eastern time and in the meantime will take a look back now at the entirety of what the democratic presidential candidates had to say. the former governor of maryland when he visited a mosque today. this is martin o'malley. o'malley: -- >> we do have a very special guest with us today. [indiscernible] show some courtesy and help us to welcome governor martin o'malley.
9:43 pm
we are facing a very difficult time here. we have people who are attacking our community all of the time. we are divided -- delighted to welcome people who are coming in or her willing to show public support for community. endorse political parties or candidates or issues. however, we are delighted to welcome people who are coming out and are willing to show their support and are willing to talk about and ask us for our support. those were likely to come out when they are seeking our support and to talk with us and to hear us out and your concerns are those were likely to be listening to us even after they are elected. please keep that in mind. we will have an opportunity. there will be a press conference afterward. there will be an opportunity before that press conference to stop and say hello. i incurred all of you to come by and shake hands with the governor and say thank you for coming out. whether or not you choose to support him is your personal decision. we do not have anything to do with that. i can cut you this, as he said,
9:44 pm
the holocaust was because people were not paying attention to the civic process and were allowing evidence today control. we cannot do that as a community. it is my great pleasure. we are delighted, again, as a 501-c3. martin o'malley is running for the democratic nomination for the president. we are happy to have him. at the end of this, when he finishes speaking, [indiscernible] [applause] [greeting] gov. o'malley: it is wonderful to be with all of you. i enjoyed listening to your sermon. to all of the leadership here. thank you for alumni to be here with you today. my name is martin o'malley.
9:45 pm
and the former governor of maryland and i'm running for president of united eights. i'm seeking the democratic party's nomination. and i certainly would love to have your help. we have qualified to be on the ballot here in virginia. maybe some of you have signed my petition. my primary reason for being here today is that this moment in our country's history, i wanted to be here just to be present with you, and solidarity, in these challenging times. i have had a real blessing to be able to travel throughout our country. in fact, i just came back from a redeye from san francisco, i think i was, i think. what i find throughout our country is it is really deeply inspiring for all of our diversity as a people, many people of many different faith. we are nonetheless united by our belief in the dignity of every person. by our belief in the common good that we share in our own
9:46 pm
responsibility to protect and to advance the common good. and by our understanding that we are all in this together. fact share an solidarity as americans and as children of one god. wherese times, i suppose fear and division is in the air, it is easy for unscrupulous politicians or hate-preachers, no nation is a man from the hate-preachers, to turn his upon ourselves. that sort of language that you hear from donald trump is not the language of america. i know the linkage of america's future. i speak to our young people under 30 every single day and i rarely find among them any that feel like donald trump. [applause] throughout my service in maryland, we celebrated the fact that we were one of maryland. we would host an event every year in the governor's mansion. i know that my muslim neighbors make america strong.
9:47 pm
they are our doctors, our lawyers -- [applause] and so, i suppose that my message here today is not only one of solidarity, but also of encouragement. anduse, in order to rise you meet these challenges, we need each other. we need each other. we particularly need our american muslim neighbors. i know that there have been many acts of violence. i know that there are acts of ignorance that have been encouraged. by some in our political discourse. but the larger arc of our history, as i was listening -- there is a larger arc of love and generosity and risk act for one another. , and i know that our young people understand, that the tragic murders that took place in san bernardino does not
9:48 pm
define islam anymore than that horrible murder that took place in charleston defines christianity. [applause] together, we have what it takes as a people to rise to this challenge. and to rise to this occasion. every generation always faces challenges. we face challenges, too. the changing nature of conflict in the world. but the world has never needed america to act like america more than right now. to appreciate that we are all in this together. that each of us has a dignity and a freedom and a calling. and that each person is needed. and so, i say to you, here today, that together we shall overcome these challenges. [applause] gov. o'malley: thank you. thank you. thanks a lot. thank you, very, very much. >> the press conference will
9:49 pm
also be an opportunity to say a personal greeting and thank you to the governor. any of you who would like to attend that press conference, please do so in the area downstairs. we need the entrance as clear as possible. if you have to leave, please -- also, -- you'll have an opportunity to hear from him at the press conference, as well. thank you. [applause] gov. o'malley: thank you.
9:50 pm
thank you. were all in this together. gov. o'malley: thank you. and wonderful community. >> we appreciate you coming. gov. o'malley: thank you. gov. o'malley: thanks a lot. an honor to be with you. thank you a lot. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: thank you. i will make the offering and you decide. >> thank you so much.
9:51 pm
thank you, thanks a lot. will pray for each other. thank you. it is great being with you. an awesome community. good to meet you. thank you for having me. a great honor to be with you guys. thank you. good to be with you. >> thank you. [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: thanks very much for all of your comments. >> we will do it together. gov. o'malley: thank you, we shall. how are you? good to see you. congratulations, i am voting for you. gov. o'malley: good to meet you. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: thank you. it's a pleasure. >> pictures are great.
9:52 pm
thank you sir, good luck to you. gov. o'malley: things are having me. >> we want you back as the next president here. gov. o'malley: thank you. [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: thank you. we can stay in touch. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: i have some friends here. the best way is to sign up on the website. we will stay in touch with you as the campaign progresses. you can send a check, absolutely. i will need that. thank you, please, absolutely. what is your name?
9:53 pm
khaled. gov. o'malley: awesome. >> [indiscernible] we're all in this together. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: this is when we need to come together. i would be honored to have a picture with your father. thank you. a great honor to be here, thank you. how are you? thanks a lot. thank you, guys. thank you for having me. if you are the nominee, you will get my vote. gov. o'malley: thank you, thanks
9:54 pm
a lot. good being with you. hello. how are you? good to see you. >> thank you so much -- gov. o'malley: such a nice community. >> thank you. thank you so much. gov. o'malley: thank you. >> [indiscernible] gov. o'malley: let me get in the middle, here. thank you. who has the camera?
9:55 pm
>> thank you very much. bless you. and your family. gov. o'malley: thank you. a wonderful day with you. thank you. sure, man. thank you. thank you very much. [indiscernible] thank you. gov. o'malley: this is quite a center. it is good to be here. >> thank you. gov. o'malley: thank you for your kindness. sure. thank you. it is great being with you. hang in there, now. we are all in this together. thank you. sure. turn it around, hold on. how to redo this?
9:56 pm
>> we are also very proud of the fact that we had a number of people in our own community who are members of the u.s. armed services and who have served their country in every way to defend their country. i am proud to ask another -- ran of the u.s. army to have him say a few words on behalf of all veterans, including myself who served honorably in the armed forces. [applause] my name is or she. i was born in michigan and spent much of my life in virginia. i'm currently a graduate student at georgetown university. i'm a proud muslim. and i'm a proud military veteran. [applause] >> i am listed in the army in
9:57 pm
1999 at the age of 18 upon graduating high school. i served five years and was able to attain a ranking sergeant. i was serving in the third infantry division on 9/11. american muslims were also attacked on 9/11. after my military service i took part of the invasion in iraq and spent much of my time in baghdad and falluja. after he left the service, i spent a decade continue to serve our country abroad both in afghanistan, iraq, and elsewhere. i also work for the fbi in maintaining the national watchlist. muslim,r, a devout spent seven years as a translator and the u.s. embassy in iraq. safeguarding our troops and translating for generals. my brother is currently serving in the united states navy. now, we find that our faith in our commitment to this nation is being questioned. i feel that my family service to this country as well americans is being demeaned, unjustly.
9:58 pm
muslim americans are no different from any other american. they are your classmates, your soldiers, and your countrymen. standing together as we are today, christians, muslims, jews, and seeks, and others, and i hope and pray that we can fight intolerance with tolerance , division with dialogue, and fear with friendship. thank you. [applause] >> you will notice behind us that we have a selection of community leaders, people from other mosques throughout virginia. i think it shows that this is a good cross-section of what this muslim community really is in the united dates. we represent countries from malaysia to morocco and everything in between. many are americans, native americans, african americans, all others. we are americans like everyone
9:59 pm
else. jim to like to also ask say a few words very briefly. before we introduce our guests. [applause] thank you. what is happening today is not unusual. it is not an unusual occurrence in the history of our country. in times of great stress, in times of dislocation, we have always had voices of division and hates that come out to speak. you can never forget that. this is an american what is happening. unfortunate, it is very american. it happens all the time. but what also happens all of the time, is the voices that bring us together, voices of hope, voices that stress what better angels are saying to us come forward. withmessage always comes the message of division.
10:00 pm
[laughter] the point is, since i have met martin o'malley on the campaign trail, i have been witness to the fact that he has the voice that i think brings us together. a voice of america's future. i am proud to be here because i love this community in and i 's pain. also, because i love martin o'malley. the message that ultimately will triumph. thank you. [applause]


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