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tv   Representative Michael Mc Caul State of Homeland Security Address  CSPAN  December 12, 2015 10:00am-11:06am EST

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house homeland security chair michael mccaul of texas discusses the president strategy to combat isis. then, presidential republican candidate jeb bush holds a town hall meeting in manchester, new hampshire. after that, a discussion on how to update the government clearing security process. this week, house homeland security chairman of texas, michael mccaul, discusses homeland security, terrorism, and the present strategy to combat isis in a address at the national defense university in washington, d.c. it is just over one hour. >> good afternoon and welcome. it is wonderful to be back at the national war college. it is such an important institution of our nation's
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history. it is a privilege to introduce the chairman of the homeland security committee, michael mccaul. he is currently serving his isth term representing texas as' sixth district. his committee has oversight over the department of homeland security ensuring that it carries out its core mission of protecting the american people from terrorist attacks. under the chairman's leadership, the homeland security committee has made quite the mark. this year, the committee has passed 55 bills. seven bills have become law. all told, it accounts for 10% of public law this year.
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he also established a bipartisan task force on combating foreign fighter travel, the findings of which have brought improvements to our national security and those of our allies. securityo on the cyber .aucus he is responsible for creating the hope act, which was signed by the president became law in october 2012, creating incentives for pharmaceutical companies to create new treatments for pediatric cancer patients. chairman mccall is well-versed in counterterrorism operations. before running for congress, he served as the chief of counterterrorism and national security office. he also led the joint terrorism task force.
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the texaso served as attorney general and is federal prosecutor in the department of justice's section in washington, d.c. chairman mccall earned his majors from trinity university and holds a jd from st. mary's school of law. he is also a graduate of the senior fellows executive program at harvard university. the chairman is proud parent of five teenagers, including triplets. ladies and gentlemen, chairman mccall. forrman mccual: thank you
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mentioning my five teenagers, mrs. mccall and i have our own domestic terrorism issues at home. i know we have former attorney general ed meet here today, i want to thank you for your service. [applause] if he was leaving the justice department, i was coming in as a young prosecutor. i want to as well recognize john cap go from my committee who chaired the foreign fire task force, did great work, and nick, who served and distinction in vietnam has served me my committee very well over the years. there are others. i want to thank the national defense university for hosting this, and the national war college. i cannot think of a better place to give these remarks. they are sobering. as is the state of the homeland
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security. i picked this day for several reasons. anniversary of pearl harbor. my father was a world war ii veteran, serving in the european .heater part of the air campaign for the d-day invasion. 74 years ago today, japanese forces struck the united states able base at pearl harbor. described by president roosevelt as a day that will live in infamy. to they gave rise greatest generation and inspired young americans like my father .o serve our country in uniform a long struggle between the and libertyeedom followed. this year was a turning point. just last week, terror struck again on american soil, attacking our nation from within
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, and committing deeds in the name of isis. make no mistake. we are a nation at war. 14 years after 9/11, the fight against islamic terror rages on. our adversaries have opened up new battleground across the world. our own city streets are now the front lines. san bernardino was not an isolated event. terrorist are on the offense, working to radicalize our citizens to commit acts of violence. i was disappointed last night when the president failed to lay out any new steps to fight this threat. instead, he doubled down on the strategy of hesitancy and half measures. this should not just be a wake-up call, it should be a call to action. for far too long, we have allowed extremists to reclaim
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their momentum, surging from full-fledgedto armies. i believe the state of our homeland is increasingly not secure i believe 2015 will be .een as a watershed year the year when our enemies gain an upper hand, and when the spread of terror once again awakes the west. ground zero sits on hollowed ground, consecrated by the loss of thousands of innocent americans. in their honor, we vowed to , but werget that day are beginning to repeat the mistakes of the past. we are not acting early enough to keep the terrorist groups
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from spreading. there are some in washington who are in denial about the threat that we face. in 2013, president obama announced the global war on terror was effectively over. ironically, just weeks before the formation of isis was announced. in january 2014, only days after isis invaded, the president dismissed the group as a jv team of terror. that same month, his own secretary of homeland security, a man i deeply respect, agreed with me that the jihadists in syria were becoming the largest most significant threat to the homeland. year, in his state of the union address, the president touted his drawdown of forces overseas, and declared the shadow of crisis has passed. only one month later, the director of national intelligence announced that the
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previous year had been the deadliest in the history of global terrorism. indeed, the president's words came just weeks after the shocking charlie hebdo attacks in paris. frenchrecently met with counterterrorism officials overseas, i assure you, they did not think the shadow of crisis had passed, or that the global war on terror was over. last month, the president claimed isis was contained. only days before its operative launched the deadliest attack on french soil since world war ii. last week, the president said america was safe from isis, and safe from attack. the same morning that the san bernardino terrorists conducted their massacre. i have had enough. we cannot be blind to the threat before us.
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isis is not contained. it is expanding at a great cost to the free world. in november, the group managed to conduct three major terrorist attacks on three separate continents in just three weeks. this is not a terrorist group on the run, it is a terrorist group on the march. and, their ability to conduct external operations is growing. isis has been linked to more than 60 terror plots or attacks against western targets. it has established a presence in 19 countries. it has recruited operatives from over 100 nations, creating the largest global convergence of jihadists in world history. isis is now more dangerous than al qaeda every was under oath, the modern -- under osama bin laden.
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yet, the president's national security strategy, or at least this year, outlined a doctrine of strategic patience for confronting threats. this is reckless. america cannot adopt a wait and see approach while terrorists plot within our borders. we are called upon to lead. it was president reagan who said , in weakness, we fight aggression. it was president kennedy that declared america would pay any price to secure our free society. today, our allies believe we are lead,ain, reluctant to and eager to place the burden on someone else. this kind of indecision is a decision itself. if the greatest generation ad sat on its hands while
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communism and fascism spread, the world would not be recognizable today. in the same way, if we allow islamic terrorism to gain ground, we will be talking about a struggle that last more than just a generation. from the streets of paris to the skies of egypt, we have been reminded of the destructive power of this movement and the insidious ideology that fuels it. we have also been reminded that delay can be deadly. when isis declares new provinces, when millions of new refugees flood the shores of our allies, it will be further proof that in action has serious consequences. in fact, i believe this leadership void has put the united states homeland in the highest threat environment since 9/11. the fbi is investigating nearly homegrown terror cases,
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most of which are isis related across all 50 states. already, federal authorities have arrested over 70 isis supporters in our country. that is more than one per week over the last year. if you add san bernardino to the list, there have been now 19 isis connected terror plots here at home. these include plans to murder tourists on florida beaches, detonate explosive at landmarks, and a widespread attack on a university campus. the uptick has made 2015 the single most active year for home homegrown terror that we have ever seen. in fact, there were more homegrown terrorist cases in the
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year six months than any 9/11. however, in a world where terror has gone viral, we are struggling to monitor every threat. as we saw in garland, texas, the first sign of a font may be an internet #, tweeted only minutes before an attack. as we saw in san bernardino, it may be a facebook status, pledging allegiance to terrorists, posted online with little notice. it may be like the chattanooga shooting rampage where the shooter gave no hints before taking the lives of united states servicemembers. this is why we need to focus on preventing radicalization as we need to focus on stopping acts of terrorism. the message of groups like isis is either come to syria to join
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the fight, or kill where you are . get, the administration is not doing enough to keep americans from being brainwashed by groups like isis. there is too little outreach to eulnerabl communities. there's virtually no effort to combat terrorist propaganda directed towards our citizen. there are few credible off ramps to appeal young people away from the path to violence. .his is unacceptable atricans are being recruited the speed of broadband, while we respond at the speed of bureaucracy. we need legislation to accelerate efforts in the homeland. in the wake of the shooting in california, i working to get this bill quickly passed. we also need to do everything we can to block terrorist pathways
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in our country, and keep people away from terrorist safe havens. that is why i launched a bipartisan congressional task force on combating terrorist and foreign fighter travel. in the final report, the task that thecluded government has largely failed stopping americans from going .verseas more than 30,000 individuals from around the world have become foreign fighters in syria , and over 5000 of them have , which make itts easier to get into the united states. more than 250 americans have also sought to join the fight,
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and close to 50 have artie come home. some have been arrested on terrorism charges, while others could be ticking time bombs. theust do more to shut down terrorist highway to and from the conflict zone. it is simply too easy to get there. theamerican who fought on frontlines said, i just went online and bought a ticket, it was that easy, like booking a flight to miami beach. it is also disturbingly easy to get back. the mastermind of the paris bragged saying, i was able to leave and come despite being chased by so many intelligence services. i lead a congressional delegation to the middle east and europe and solve the security pulls firsthand in places like this double airport, a transit hub for foreign fighters. we found widespread failures.
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many countries were not screening travelers against terrorist watchlists, they were not checking passports for fraud. and, they did not have access to the intelligence they needed to stop them. our task force issued over 50 recommendations for fixing these vulnerable these in america and overseas. to announceleased that we are turning these augmentations into law. we are starting with a bill this week to tighten the visa waiver program which allows travelers from 38 countries to come to the united states for 90 days without getting a visa. think about that. the majority of the paris .ttackers had western passports with those western avenue sports, they could get into united states without a visa. this bill has strong bipartisan support, and i believe it will
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address the problems identified. force highill also risk individuals who have been to terrorist hotspots to go through more rigorous screening process before coming to america. it will strengthen intelligence information sharing with our allies, which is lacking. it will crack down on passport fraud. visa waiver require countries to ramp up screening of travelers. this is just the beginning. over the next few weeks we will introduce a slate of new bills to keep terrorists from crossing our borders. this will include enhancing security of the visa process, developing a national strategy to combat terrorist travel, improving information sharing at home, and helping foreign partners address security weaknesses. we won't enhance airport
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security and streamlined security into a more focused counterterrorism organization. our government also must move swiftly to improve screening of refugees. i can be avail today that the united states government has information to indicate that individuals tied to terrorist groups in syria have already attempted to gain access to our country through the u.s. refugee program. accordingly, adjusted legislation to create the most robust national security vetting process in history to screen syrian and iraqi refugees. it passed the house with a bipartisan vetoproof majority. in light of the threats we face,
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i urge the senate to act on it legislation, and for the president to sign it. extremists are not only alsoising travel, they are concealing their committee case of. plots by do terrorists using couriers and caves. today, they hide their messages in what is called dark space, using encrypted applications, and other secure platforms to evade law enforcement and intelligence services. this is one of the greatest counterterrorism challenges of the twain for century. it is one of the biggest fears that keeps me up at night. when the administration says there are no known credible threats to the whole men, it means less today than it once did. we cannot stop what we cannot see. paris was a perfect example.
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reportedly used to cure cure occasions, and managed to stay under the radar. we should be careful not to vilify encryption itself, which data,ential for privacy, security, and global commerce, but i have personally been briefed on cases where terrorist communicated in darkness, where we could not see the great occasions. we could not shine a light on the communications, even with a warrant. unfortunate, there are no simple answers to this complex problem. this is more than a privacy versus security challenge. it is a security versus security challenge. knee-jerk reaction could weaken protections and privacy for everyday americans. doing nothing puts american lives at risk, and makes it easier for terrorists and criminals to escape justice. it is time for congress to act
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because the white house has failed to bring all parties together to find solutions. that is why today, i'm calling for the creation of a national commission on security and technology, challenges in the digital age. i plan to unveil legislation soon that would establish this commission under congressional authorization, and would bring together the technology sector, yrivacy, and civil libert groups, academics, and the law enforcement community. this would not be like other panels established and forgotten. the threats are real. the legislation will require the ofmission to develop a range recommendations that protect privacy and public safety at the same time. importantly,most we must recognize that the best homeland defense is a good offense.
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we will not win the war against islamic terror unless we take the fight to the enemy, and to praise them -- and deprived them .f their safe havens this was the top recordation of the 9/11 commission, yet we have failed to live up to it. we need to drain this month in syria and iraq, or the swamp will come to us. unfortunately, the president lacks a coherent military strategy, and he has tied our generals hands behind their backs. indeed, right now, we have a policy of containment. the winning strategy is to defeat and destroy isis and provide the resources to do exactly that. these are the immediate steps we need to take to turn the tide. first, we must remove the limitations that have kept us from hitting isis as hard as we can. loosening the rulesin
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of engagement, letting our special operation forces get directly involved in the fight, arming opposition groups more quickly and more completely. second, we must carve out the thee needed to alleviate humanitarian crisis. i have spoken with the ambassador from turkey, iraq, jordan, and saudi arabia, and they agree with me that we need a no-fly zone over parts of syria to provide safe zones where refugees can be relocated and protected. third, the united states must lead a broader global coalition on the ground to destroy isis, and one that includes nato and deeper involvement from our allies. anmust help build
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indigenous ground force to clean up their own backyard and protect their own religion from these fanatics. ,e must also deal with russia after the downing of the russian airliner, i hope mr. putin chooses to engage more constructively. he has serious homeland security issues of his own. we have a shared interest in fighting islamic terror. before we think about working russians,ly with the strict conditions must be met. asisadin needs to push to the door, and bring i and and to russians provocations of nato allies. only then can moscow become a partner in destroying isis. in the end, our military strategy must be combined with the political strategy to end this conflict.
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while i am skeptical about whether or not this plan will succeed, we cannot give up. will only end when the syrian people retake their country. sadly, we will still need to go further. toce the president felt develop and on the ground plan to confront isis, we now need willround the strategy to defeat them. this is no longer just about syria and iraq, it is about stopping the march of isis, keeping it from getting a full asia.old on in all these places, president obama is more inclined ,o tell us what he won't do
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then what he will. that is why we need a strategy to win the war. and the president needs the will to make it a reality. the targeting of our people cannot stand. in return for barbaric violence, we must be prepared to deliver justice. said that who we are is who we were. everyone in this room is tied to the greatest generation. forget their courage is our heritage. it is a distinct element of the american spirit. it is not enough though to have inherited their valor.
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as we embark on another long generational struggle, we must also summon their resolve. must bens we cannot be prepared to keep radicals on the run and stop them from passing the torch to a new generation of terrorists. my father was a bombardier in world war ii. i hav had the distinct honor of visiting normandy with a .ongressional delegation we went to omaha beach to see where 3000 american soldiers .ere killed ,ne of the most inspiring
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powerful, emotional moments of my lifetime. while i know what was the bravery of men like him that won that war, he taught me that it was our nation's fortitude that won the peace. last month, the president said he was not interested in pursuing some notion of american leadership, or america winning the war. he thinks these are mere slogans. why differ with the commander in chief? what i do know, when i do believe in deeply, if the security of our land and the free world depends on our determination to lead. for in this ideological battle, i know we will ultimately prevail. in the final analysis, our ideas prevail. thank you so much for having me heard today. [applause]
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>> at this time, we would like to take some questions from the audience. if you have a question, please stand up and we will address them. >> i wonder if i can ask you to address a little more the commission. it sounds like you are ofressing the problem encryption as smart people not talking. most of the smart people involved in making encryption says there is nothing to talk about. there's really no further debate with worth having. chairman mccaul: that is a great question. i have played the role of you will,plomacy, if
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between law enforcement, the intelligence community, and silicon valley. it is a very complex issue. lawmakersat one initially thought there was an easy legislative fix, where we just a minute complete a stash it.ablished at only would it provide backdoor for the government, but also for hackers. the language of the fbi director and the language of the secretary of homeland security has shifted to try to find a technology solution to this problem. i will not tell you it is an easy solution. i have had very in-depth discussions, and i do believe there are alternatives, some solutions to this problem. i think the inherent problem, and the reason why i am advocating for the formation of
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this commission is because of the reluctance of both parties to sit in the same room together. provides legislation -- in fact, it will mandate that parties, all relevant parties, sit in the same room together and provide the congress with solutions and legislative recommendations to deal with what i consider, as i in my remarks, one of the most difficult challenges of this century. if we do not do anything, title iii wiretaps will be a thing of the past. when we saw the encrypted apps on the paris attackers iphone -- when foreign fighters in syria conducive to
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that, and it is completely under the radar screen, we know why it went undetected. it went undetected because they are communicating in the dark space, a space that we cannot shine a light onto cds communications, even if we have a court order. we must solve this problem. i agree with you, it is not an easy one to solve. i have sat down with top experts like keith alexander, one of the brightest minds on this issue. i do believe that the first step is forcing them to get together in the same room to work out differences and find a solution. i cannot say that i have all the solutions to the problem, but i know the experts know how to get there. i think that is what this legislation will provide. >> david smith of "the guardian ." you mentioned new evidence about
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people tied to isis tried to enter the u.s. through the refugee program. you have any further detail on that? the second question is would you major groundg forces into iraq and syria? chairman mccaul: two different issues. is a symptomrisis of a larger problem. the root cause is a civil war in syria and the creation of isis ,fter the lack of leadership and failure to engage maliki in any political dialogue. they had a choice between maliki and isis. most of them chose isis. we saw them drop their weapons ul because they did not want to fight. the refugee problem is a symptom of that. we were briefed earlier this week by the intelligence
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community -- and i do not want to get into specifics to protect fact,rces -- that, in syrians, isis members in syria have attempted to exploit to get into the united states. for was very courageous them to come forward and tell me about this personally, given the political debate on the hill with the syrian refugee bill, by think it demonstrates why the bill is so important. we now have direct evidence and intelligence that they not only infiltrate europe, which is easier to do, but have infiltrated to get into the united states. to me, that is very disturbing. we will not resolve the problem of the refugee crisis until we the -- when i talked to arab nations and investors, they
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want to know we have a strategy. they say, we will put a ground force in -- the turks, jordanians, saudi's -- but they want assurance that we have a military objective and assad has to be part of the solution. a political solution has to be resolved on the ground. until we have that strategy, we are going to continue to have this problem. i also urge the gulf states to take these refugees. although these investors agreed agreed that a protected zone in syria through no-fly was the best way to deal with the refugees. refugee, by definition, is someone who wants to go back to their country. if they come to europe or the united states, they will never return. i also implored the saudi's and gulf states to take the refugees.
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they claim that they have taken .efugees it is a bit of a political spin on their part. in fact, what they have taken in our guest workers, not in fact refugees coming out of syria. what has happened is turkey has over 2 million, jordan has over one million. now, europe has half a million unvetted refugees. we know two of the terrorist attackers exploited those refugee routes to get back into europe. how many more are out there? you don't know what you don't know. >> [indiscernible] you said you are maybe going to address future bills. you have a refugee bill that
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.assed the house any other bills you want to talk about? chairman mccaul: basically, i think one of the biggest highlights -- i want to think chairman carico who is here -- there is no national strategy to deal with combating foreign fighters. we do not have a strategy. i think you will see a bill in the near future that deals with the issue. combating violent extremism, another bill. or focus a priority within the administration to basically combat violent extremism. what am i talking about? it is a radicalization from within. the boston barber was so radical ,e was kicked out of mosque yet, we did not know about that.
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in every oneays, of these cases, when you go back and look at them, there are early signs and flags and warning signs of radicalization. we need greater community outreach. it is a chilling effect. but we need our community leaders engaged, working with the public-private partnership to engage these communities in the muslim community to identify early signs of radicalization. there is no party to do this right now in this country. in fact, when we look at the total manpower within the department of homeland security, we have less than two dozen federal employees even working on the issue. , heairness to jeh johnson has started to elevate this program. i think this bill, whether we pass it on the floor, or put it in the omnibus, would be a great step forward.
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the dark space issues is one of the most complex dangerous issues out there. somebody radicalize and get a hook onto them, they say, let's go to another messaging box and go into tor, or these dark platforms. at that point, even if we have a certified wiretap, which i used to do, we cannot see the three occasions at all. all we see is encrypted space. point-to-point, we may know that aqqa is talking with someone in paris or new york, but we do not what they're saying. when you cannot see what they are saying, you cannot stop it. communicated in the dark space that we don't know -- right now, as i speak, they could be plotting a terror attack like a peristyle attack.
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i have been a critic of the semester show for downplaying the threat. i think the campaign narrative all all caps been to get out of afghanistan, set down guantanamo. reared its head, it was not supposed to happen. you cannot wish it away or put your head in the sand. you have to confront evil where it exists. that is where we have failed as a nation to lead in a post-world war ii superpower. to lead as a superpower to get a coalition forces to defeat one of the biggest evils in my lifetime. >> good afternoon.
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you mentioned that foreign fighters coming back are either being arrested or are ticking time bombs. is there anything being done to treat those individuals differently? without getting into too much of what the fbi does investigative lay, you get to a certain point where you have to take down an individual. with the 50 that have returned, the ones that we can charge with due process under the constitution, we do. for the ones that we can't, we monitor them.
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and monitoring them, we do gain great intelligence value. once they get to certain point, we have to take them down, which is why you see over 50 isis related arrest over the last year because the fbi and homeland have decided to take down the threat before they could attack america. it is a delicate allen's. a lot of my constituents they, why aren't you just rolling them all up and putting them in jail. constitution, you cannot just put people in jail without evidence. some of these people are not quite sure what they were doing over there. were they working with doctors without borders or doing something more nefarious? since we do not have the intelligence on the ground adequate to know what they're doing, this is a whole problem.
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you don't know what you don't know. with the syrian refugees, we don't know anything about these people because we have no intelligence on the ground. we are getting at her intelligence. unfortunate, the russians are blowing it up. they do not have roles of engagement. to answer your question, there is a good intelligence value of monitoring an individual without to arrest.edicate aain, if they are going into dark platform with an app, we cannot see what they are seeing. do about the guys communicating over the internet in a dark platform where you cannot see what they are saying? it is very pervasive.
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they are in their 20's. they are young, sophisticated social media organization that have gone viral. old,as only 23 years sending out all the directors directives to kill. he was taken out by an airstrike , but his wife was still alive. you look at 200,000 isis tweets -- this is not just a european or u.s. problem, this is a global phenomenon. it is spreading at broadband speeds. >> time for one last question?
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chairman mccaul: we can take a few more. dealing with the cyber , there are much broader cyber challenges -- people talk about the next cyber pearl harbor. thank you for your leadership on cyber security. do you want to expand on some of the challenges there? chairman mccaul: i focused on the islamic terror. an active cyber warfare could be devastating, and the consequences far more severe.
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we have espionage. we know that china attacked opium and stole 20 million security clearances, the greatest act of espionage. no response to that, other than a couple of meetings with them to work is out. it is the power grids, the stock exchange, financial sector, energy sector, all tied to the internet. we're tied more to the internet than any other nation, and therefore are most won't opal because of that. we are in conference, as i speak, to pass and information sharing bill that will allow both the federal government and private sector to share these malicious codes with liability protection.
10:49 am
hopeful -- this means the biggest cyber legislation passed by congress. it needs to be done now because the threat is so severe that we do not pass it now, we will get hits. the sony tech was very destructive. russian organized criminal activity, the target, home depot attacks. it is finally gained the attention they deserve. get a we are trying to bill on the ground, as i speak. it is actually critical that we pass it. i havee white house, been critical of them in my speech, but on this issue, i must say that the white house has been a very good partner in trying to get this accomplished.
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>> the other last question. [laughter] >> i was wondering -- [indiscernible] the white house, as you know, blocking the no-fly list from keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists. is there some version that you think you could use to try to accomplish it? chairman mccaul: i used to prosecute gun cases.
10:51 am
when someone purchases a firearm , there is a background check on notified.e fbi is if there is some reason, under current law prevent the purchase, they do. this is a very coveted issue because sometimes people are put on the watch list just because of suspicion. you are talking about denying a constitutional right an because of that. me, there is not enough evidence to deny a basic constitutional right. having said that, make no the fbi sees someone on the list, and they cannot, under current law, that
10:52 am
purchase cannot be denied, they will be monitored to prevent any further terrorist .ttack from occurring one bill that i am a cosponsor of -- a lot of these cases are either mental illness or isis related. i know, congressman tim murphy has mental health legislation. martha mcsally has a bill that says if you have been adjudicated, under current law, you cannot purchase a firearm. when i was in your, one month ago, fo after one of the shootings -- they have a training to deal with active shooters -- so many of these cases are not put into the system. for instance, the navy yard shooter had been adjudicated
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mentally deficient under the law, and yet was able to purchase a firearm because his information was not put into the system. this bill, and senator corbett ramp of theion, to process to make sure that anybody who has been found as a judge -- not just somebody who goes to a doctor because they want counseling -- you can see the fine line, if they get denied a second amendment right because they have had counseling for an issue. the standing is an arbiter, a judge, who has declared that person mentally defective. the bill would enhance, current anyone ise sure that put into the system. i support that. i think we have time for one more, and then we will close it out.
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>> as we expand our anti-isis efforts domestically and internationally, how do you see beingeing prevented from a christian versus muslim crusade? chairman mccaul: it is a very good point. you have probably been to the region, as have i. we are the infidel. times,sence, and many provokes it. we have to be careful with that. i do not think we will put into the.s. combats region. what i am calling for, or the special forces embedded with indigenous forces, and having a strategy that can work, and have
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the people who can guide the target, and not do the serial collateral damage. we were dropping to the drivers of the oil tankers, warning them in advance that we were going to strike them. i think if you are driving an oil tanker, you are not really a civilian. you are working for isis. i think changing the rules of engagement would go a long way. we have not dealt with these terrorist financing. they are making $1 million per day with the oil in eastern syria, and taking it into turkey, and we have done nothing to stop that. just recently, we have started to take out the targets, but the idea that we have to send a leaflet, warning in advance, is not, in my judgment -- you are either all in or not.
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i think we have to be very careful with the religious rhetoric, and not fall into a trap. that is why i have always said it is incumbent on the sunni arab nations to stand up. we have carried their water for too long. it is imperative for them to stand up. it is their backyard. they need to protect their own religion from the provision that has taken place by isis. they are allowing isis to dictate a world religion. it is incumbent upon them, i think, to deal with this as well. they have a lot -- they need to have a lot more skin in the game , if you will, than they currently do. i think they have a lot more at stake than anybody. i think you're right. we need to be careful about this rhetoric. people in my business are guilty
10:57 am
of doing that. i think that just inflames and provokes it even more. president bush tried to handle that pretty well. we are not condemning all muslims -- it is a perversion of their religion. he was very careful, i think, in his for rich, and how -- in his verbage, and how he dealt with the issue. gets for the recruits for the movement of isis. there is a reason why they are pouring in from 100 different nations right now. the heavy combat presence there because they know they will get more recruits coming in. where is the last one? this is really the last one.
10:58 am
[laughter] >> just to go back to a point about the syrian refugees and the in tell community. there have been people try to come into the u.s. affiliated with isis. does that speak to the current vetting process? it has been said there is an incredibly thorough process for vetting the refugees. is the process not 100% risk free? what steps would you advocate for? i introducedul: this legislation not for my own application or -- and a edification, i
10:59 am
introduced it because the director of homeland security said we do not have a robert system in place, we do not have intelligence, we do not have proper databases. all we are saying is just like the iraqi refugees, we put a hold on it for six months so we can get the system right. robustcalling for more process and assurances from them and most can vet them, significantly, hold them responsible and accountable by having them sign and certify that they are not a risk national security. that would be the department of homeland security, the fbi director, and the director of national intelligence. it is amazing how some have backed off when they testified to, by can pull the transcript, as you know. it is real. i think american people want and
11:00 am
deserve this. there would have been 100 if mrs.s joining us part of it was the presentation for the conference that was not persuasive here it they asked the secretary why will you not sign off? the answer is paperwork, staff, it is not workable situation. i think he is doing with a unique population. we're not talking about all refugees. we are talking about the unique population. isis headquarters are in syria. they have said that they want to exploit and infiltrate the west. they want to come to the united states. i think that in light of that it is a responsible thing to do. this legislation could have been a lot more jerk owning.
11:01 am
it was very measured and well-balanced. that is why we made it bipartisan. have the super majority to withstand the veto. because it is common sense. the american people want to make sure we can properly vet them before we bring them in. obviously, mothers and children are going to be get -- be able to get through the process. the military age males need to go through a rougher process. that is before we bring them in united states. head,ot want that on my bringing in somebody who conducts terrorist attacks. we want to make sure we're doing this in a safe and responsible manner. humanitarian nation. we also have a duty to our citizens to protect them and do this and a safe responsible way.
11:02 am
thank you for being here. i appreciate it. [applause] >> this weekend. from00 eastern executives pandora and spotify on how technology impacts the entertainment business. >> are there certain parts of the day where music is not the only thing you what to listen to? morning commute is one hypothesis we are testing. if you're on the subway or in your car, maybe you do not only want music. maybe you want news or a weather report. , youu're on the subway might want to a centaur jimmy fallon or something like that. there might be other content you want to experience during that time. that is the hypothesis we are testing to see if people are
11:03 am
interested in experiencing that. and ohio evening governor john kasich at the council on foreign relations. on rebuilding international alliance. >> thanks to might 18 years on the house armed services committee. i knew that many months ago the only way to solve the problem was to call for an international coalition to defeat isis in syria. we have to join our nato allies. in jordan, egypt, and saudi arabia. to organize an international coalition to defeat them on the ground. and to deny them the territory that they need to survive. nose with long experience that an air campaign on its own is simply not enough. more information go to our website
11:04 am
republican presidential candidate jeb bush held a town hall meeting in new hampshire. following the event of the former florida governor talking about donald trump's proposal to ban muslims from entering the united states. he is joined by home and security secretary tom ridge, who has endorsed mr. bush. this is over one hour. >> welcome. [applause] welcome to the life of the party. it is great to have you here. this is a wonderful opportunity for students to meet candidates. this is a conversation. we're thrilled to be here. i want to thank bank of america for their sponsorship of this series of events. our goal is to have every candidate participate in the series. it is a great opportunity to
11:05 am
meet candidates up close and personal. i will hand it off. >> good morning. good afternoon. thank you for being here today. welcome. i'm the president and ceo of workplace new hampshire. i want to give you a little bit of a snapshots. we are looking for an opportunity to get to know the candidates differently. are looking for questions of that promote conversation. questions that might be of particular interest to you. we are looking at 20-year-old and 30-year-olds. we want to get to know somebody as if they were hosting a party. before we get started, i want to ask our other moderators to introduce of cells. today, we have a #if you're on facebook or twitter. it is life of the party and age.


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