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tv   Hearing on U.S.- Pakistan Relations  CSPAN  December 20, 2015 4:50am-5:01am EST

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can make our opening statements and maybe some of the other members will be able to as well. so this hearing is on the future of u.s.-pakistan relations. the committee has repeatedly urged pakistan to take meaningful action against key islamist terrorist groups operating within its territory. unfortunately, pakistan which is home to the world fastest-growing nuclear weapons program, has remained a fount of radical islamist thought. it was no surprise that one of the san bernardino attackers, tashfeen malik, studied and a pakistani school. 9/11 terroristhe attacks transformed u.s.- pakistan relations overnight. after more than a decade under sanctions, pakistan was to be a key ally in combating islamist militancy, becoming a leading the 15nt of u.s. aid in
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years since. but while the u.s. was quick to embrace pakistan, pakistan has hardly reciprocated. pakistani governments have come and gone, but its northwestern frontier has remained a terrorist haven. with its security services supporting what it considers to be good islamist terrorist groups. these good groups under pakistan's calculus destabilize afghanistan and threaten neighboring india, while the government simultaneously oppose what it considers the bad islamist groups. today the schools create an infrastructure of hate. drashas -- teach hate-filled rhetoric. i have made three trips to islamabad to press this issue. pakistan must do the work to register schools and close those
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creating new generations of radicals. those are the schools that are being funded with gulf state money. be close.eed to pakistan's nuclear arsenal is on a track third largest. its addition of small tactical nuclear weapons is even more troubling. this is a country which spends 1/5 of its budget on the military, the long-range missiles, the f-16's, but under 2.5% on education. of the all doubledealing, u.s. policy has essentially stood still. security assistance, cash and arms, has continued to flow under the temporary delays. despite some department assistance from park and stand behing held the -- from pakistan, the state department is currently seeking more arms for islamabad.
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pakistan itself has been devastated by terrorism. with thousands, over 2000, of its soldiers killed. thousands and thousands of its citizens killed in terrorist attacks. today, we recognize the year anniversary of a horrific attack on the school that killed over 100 children. we want a strong partnership with the country, but a new policy is long overdue. one option, as ranking member angle and i've proposed earlier this year, would be to target those officials who maintain relationships with designated terrorist groups with travel and financial sanctions. this would make it clear the u.s. and pakistan cannot have a true strategic partnership until pakistan's security services cuts ties with terrorist organizations. recently senior u.s. officials
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including national security advisor susan rice and deborah gary secretary state tony -- and deputy secretary of state travel to islamabad to press on the government we look forward to hearing from our witnesses today whether there is a reason for hope or if our policy is stuck in the same rut. -- ofwill turn to mr. texas. for their opening statements. >> thank you, mr. chairman. my concern specifically is with our relationship with pakistan. the united states has given pakistan $30 billion since 9/11. i think pakistan is a benedict arnold ally to the united states. 2011,oing back to may 2, when there was the raid in
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pakistan on osama bin laden, we did not tell the pakistanis we were coming because, frankly, they would snitch us off and osama bin ladin would have left. and the near confrontation that took place between the u.s. and pakistan after the raid, pakistan scrambled to u.s -- two f-16's and were headed to the area where the raid took place. and possible confrontation with jets against american helicopters at the raid did not happen but it could have. pilots that were trained to your tucson,n 2010, in arizona, and i think we need to be very concerned about providing armaments for pakistan who seems to play all the sides.
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i'll yield back, mr. chairman. >> when i was elected 28 years ago, i think most people considered me pakistan's best friend in the house of representatives. over the years, i have been deeply disappointed that those people whom i consider to be my friends were the train the trust of the united states and were committing acts that were only the accident enemy would commit. even though we continued to have of friendship, we have given $30 billion. $30 billion since 9/11 to pakistan. 9/11,e realize that since yet we still see there's all -
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ample evidence that pakistan is still deeply involved with various terrorist networks, including supporting the taliban in afghanistan and radicals who kill americans. we have been, friendly, our relationship -- frankly, our relationship with pakistan has been a disgrace. we have a government that gave safe heaven to osama bin laden, the murder of 3000 americans, 3000 american slotted in front of us. i'd in think anybody believe that the high-level people in the pakistani government did not know about that. they continue to hold dr. -- to the type ofr face, relationship they have with us. so their own people, they're slaughtering people. are being brutally oppressed by a clique in their government.
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so, it is not pakistan but the clique that runs the country is treating us like suckers. they should, because we are. we are acting foolish. foolish giving people money who have continually, to involve themselves in activity that's harmful to the united states of america. is not going to win their french of. -- their friendship. mr. chairman, i hope we face facts and if the pakistani government wants to be our friend, they cane be our friend, but they have not been. and they need to change that if we are to continue to have, on a relationship we have had. i would like to at this point submit for the record a number ainarticles showing that ag pakistan continues to support various terrorist operations, as
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well as their relationship with china at the expense of their own people. and i submit that for the record. >> without objection. >> i yield back. >> we have four votes on the floor. so we will recess the hearing in return for witness testimony and questions after those four votes. and we appreciate the patience of our witness and those in attendance. for now, we stand in recess. [gavel pounds] >> committee is in order.
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we will first hear for an opening statement, and then i will introduce the ambassador who will make his statement, and we will get to the question and answers. .> thank you i will keep my comments short. obviously as we look at the south asian region, we look at india, pakistan, the relationship is incredibly important, particularly as the changing mission in afghanistan, the role of pakistan and india in stabilizing the region is incredibly complex and important. it is an honor to welcome ambassador olson. i understand this is your first time on the job, so looking forward to hearing the testimony and furthering the relationship


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