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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  December 21, 2015 5:03am-5:58am EST

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>> c-span takes you on the road o the white house. we're taking your comments on twitter, facebook, and by phone. and always every campaign event we cover is available on our website. >> republican presidential candidate new jersey governor chris christie campaigned at a sports bar in new hampshire. the governor talked with some of the patrons about a variety of issues and took questions from the news media.
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great to see you again. >> hi. i've been hearing about you for a while now. we met your brother in-law.
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there are a lot of people working hard for me because i've earned their trust and support. that's what you've got to keep doing. i'm going to keep working hard. that's the way you win in new hampshire. you've never won any other way in new hampshire.
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this is a guy who has been through a lot. for him to make a visit up here to help me tells you what kind of friend and leader he is. >> hillary clinton last night said we're in the position we want to be now with isis. >> i just answered that one. she is out of touch. the president said yesterday that he doesn't understand people's anxiety about terrorism because he doesn't watch enough cable news? seriously? this is what the commander in chief of the united states says? this administration has become a bad joke. a gad joke. and she's the architect of their foreign policy. she won't take responsibility for anything. they asked her three times last night what was her responsibility for the turmoil in libya and she would not answer. now, believe me in libya had gone well hillary clinton would be doing the victory dance around that stage taking credit
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but yet she takes no responsibility when things go wrong. when things go wrong when you make a bad decision you stand up and admit it. with hillary clinton she tries to make you believe that you've got lying eyes and she tells you the truth. so i'm not stunned by her remarks because in the end secretary happy talk is going to try to convince the american people everything is good. but the american people know it is not. >> you said yesterday that we're not [inaudible] a lot of voters like donald trump. >> all i say is in the end everybody can say whatever they want to say. you have to have the experience to be able to actually do it. that's the biggest difference in this race between me and anyone else on that stage is that in these times i've shown the ability to do it in current issues in current times and under challenges that no one
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else has. no one else governs a state like new jersey. no one else deals with a democratic legislature, or majority in their state yet have continued to stick to core principles and gotten things done. so that experience matters. my job over the next six weeks is to convince folks that they like me, they like donald, they might like some others. gu in the end they only get to vote for one. all i care about is i'm the one. >> inaudible] i just see them as people who aren't doing their josh. i'm going to say it. senator rubio can't run around and say he's opposed to the spending plan and say it's an awful thing for the country and he's going to do everything he can do to stop it and he doesn't show up to work.
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but don't tell me you are ining go do everything you can to stop it and not show up. as far as ted is concerned fact is that he says he wants to carpet bomb syria and make a sand club. but when we had a concrete opportunity to make america safer and more secure he voted the wrong way. >> why focus on those two? >> because those are the two that have made the biggest mistakes of the moment. i'm an equal opportunity commenter. >> how are you feeling? >> great. it's great to be up here. i happen to think that the momentum is on his side. i've been wanting to get up here for a long time. i just became well nouf do that. he's been wearing the green wristband. tonight i'm going to cut it off because i got the word i'm 100% cancer free. >> i'm thrilled to have larry
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up here. someone in the past that i think truman said if you want a friend in politics buy a dog. in the end, i've got some good friends and larry hogan is one of those guys who has been a great friend and supporter. we're trying to do the same thing in very difficult circumstances in two states that are as blue as any states in america. look at the way the people of maryland feel about this guy not only his policies it's his personal strength and character and the people of new hampshire are going to hear from him up here talking about how important that is and i'm thrilled to have his support. i appreciate his friendship. >> the thing wreff in common is we are both republican governors in deep blue states. we have the ability to cross over. when we look ahead to this race this is the only guy who has the ability to do that. not only is he the best
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possible person to be president he is the best candidate to win the election in november because of his proven ability to cross over. he's done it in new jersey was reelected with huge numbers in almost every category because of his leadership skills. he gets things done. >> all right. we're going. >> thanks, guys. reporters.
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this is 15 minutes. >> we want to see which reporters have been naughty and which reporters have been nice. let me see. just kidding. merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you, too, senator. i am glad i brought the cool weather. >> it is a wonderful thing. your reindeer are not happy. >> no, they are not.
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>> welcome to our national fly around. we are having an incredible trip around the center tuesday state. we had a rally in las vegas. we had a pacted house with excitement in minnesota. we are in virginia and headed to georgia. the excitement we are seeing all across the country is breath taking. we are seeing conservatives uniting behind the campaigns. we are seeing it in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and nevada but throughout the march 1st super tuesday states and throughout the country. from the beginning the message is simple: if conservatives come together we will win. with that i will answer questions. >> senator rubio said in an
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interview -- [inaudible conversation] >> i am going to let marco defend his own voting record. i flew back to washington, d.c. to vote against the omni bus. i think it is betrayal. people are frustrated because we keep winning elections as conservatives and republican leaders keep advancing barack obama's agenda. this is funding all of obamacare and all of executive amnesty and all of planned parenthood. it does something to stop the iranian nuclear deal. it does nothing to stop president obama and hillary clinton's plan to bring tens of thousands of syrian refuges to
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america even though the head of the fbi said they can't vet them to determine if they are terrorist. there are 200,000 low skilled immigrants coming into the country to take away jobs and drive down the wages. this was a betrayal of the men and women who rose up in 2014 and gave us the majority. it is now christmas time. with republican leadership playing santa to the lobbyist and special interest and it is high people are fed up with the washington cartel. you know, just this week, senator chuck shumer was candidate about what happened saying senator mcconnell wants the senate to work. the only way for the senate to work is for them to pass our agenda. that is exactly what republican
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leadership did is funded and passed barack obama's agenda. it is why people are so frustrated. but it is why we are seeing so much excitement in our campaign. people understand republican leadership in congress is not going to turn this country around. the only way to turn this country around is with a strong principle proven conservative in the white house. and that is why so many people are unifying so many conservatives and fed up with wash are unifying behind our campaign. >> to become president ted cruz how do you think in a general election you can convince americans to become president? >> the only way to win a general election is to bring back to the millions of conservatives who stayed home in 2008 and 2012. we need to be the party of hard working men and women, blue
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coller workers, that want to believe again in the promise of america. they're frustrated. a great many working men and women stayed home in 2008 and 2012 is that republicans had gotten in bed with democrats on issues like amnesty. amnesty is an issue that cuts right to the core of working men and women who want to have jobs want to have decent wages.
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water carriers to act in big drive down wages. cheap labor. washington thinks is great for big business but it's not great for the working men and women. i will always fight for the working men and women. women. i love rush limbaugh. donald trump is a friend of mine. there are a lot of people in the media who want to see a cage
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match between me and trump. i have no interest in giving the media what they want. >> i don't know how you could say that you never supported legalalization? a lot of people out there think you have been playing the washington game for years. >> it is very simple, todd. i oppose amnesty. marco rubio sports amnesty. i oppose scitizenship. marco rubio supports it. i opposed the gang of eight bill. marco rubio supported the bill.
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marco rubio promised the men and women in florida if you elect me i would lead the fight against amnesty. in texas, i promised the men and women in texas the same thing. i said if you elect me i would lead the fight against amnesty. in 2008, everyone had to chose the line they stood on. senator rubio made the decision not to stand by the promise he made to the men and women that elected him. instead he stood by barack obama and the big money in washington and lead the fight to amnesty. i made a different decision. i made the decision to stand with jeff sessions, steve king, and lead the fight to defeat the bill. >> at the time you said you supported what you were pushing
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because it would legalize -- >> that is factually incorrect. that statement is false. back in 2013, the rubio campaign believed it would benefit them politically if they broke their promises to the florida voters and pushed amnesty. it was because they thought the big money donors in the republican party would reward them -- that was back when senator rubio was on the cover of "time" magazine labelled the savior. they are regretting that decision now. facts are stubborn though. so the rubio campaign is pushing that i introduced a series of amendments to defeat the bill. one of those was an amendment that said nobody here illegally can be ever apply for citiz
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citizenship. it is being spun that because i submitted that that i support the other aspects of the gang of eight bill. that is non-sense. i would point out supporting me in that fight for that citiz citizenship agreement was mike lee and jeff sessions. i am not aware of anyone putting the claim that jeff was supporting legalization. jeff and my position were identical on this. it did work. remember president obama and others going on saying we have the votes to get this. the republican leadership in the house is going to take it up. we will pass this. they were convinced of that. and a handful of us, and it was
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a lonely handful in the senate, led the fight against it. jeff sessions and i stood on the senate floor a sail from all directions. i spent 30 minutes on the radio with rush limbaugh and the phones on capitol hill were erupting as people across the country lit up the phone and we turned the debate. ... they claimed it was about the immigrants. the new politically correct term it's no longer illegal aliens. now it's undocumented democrats. this was about partisanship. and my amendment saying no citizenship laid naked the hypocracy behind it.
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and it's how we defeated it. dano is to continue tapping this primary is over so they are trying to muddy the waters. they can't back away from senator ruby is longtime support so they are trying to suggest everyone else does. you know in the last 48 hours, senator mike lee has come out publicly and said ted is telling the truth, marco is not telling the truth. senator jeff sessions has come out publicly in saying ted is telling the truth and marker was not telling the truth and rush limbaugh has come out publicly and said ted is telling the truth, marco was not telling the truth. and john adams famously said facts are stubborn things. i understand the political desire of other candidates to try to muddy the record but the facts are simple. i oppose amnesty.
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i have always opposed amnesty and i always will oppose amnesty and i will note the other candidates on that stage are not willing to say that because that has not come it is not and will not be their position. thank you. >> why didn't you tell us that for the last year? >> okay. >> today's vote was a betrayal. for too long we keep electing republicans who end up voting to fund barack obama's agenda. this was a trillion dollar budget deal negotiated in the dark of night.
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funds 100% of obamacare. there is a reason why 2 men and women here in virginia and across the country are feeling frustration. if we keep winning elections and nothing changes. >> if elected do you want to change republican leadership in congress? >> what is clear now is that leadership is not going to come from congress. that republican leadership in congress is either incapable or unwilling to lead. which means what we need is a strong principled conservative in the white house. if i am president i will make 1 ear if you send me a $ trillion budget i will veto it,
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if it is filled with pork. the problem we face is the washington cartel. the career politicians with both parties and get in bed with lobbyists. think about the last time we broke the washington cartel in 1980s. it was the reagan revolution. it came frot the people. what i am so encouraged by now is we are seeing in this campaign that same grassroots tidal wave building. seeing conservatives uniting behind our campaign. today we have had roughly 600,000 contributions that people have gone to ted people are standing together and i'm convinced 2016 will be an election like 1980 that we will win by following reagan's admonition. is this now a campaign between
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you and marco rubio? >> our strategy is very simple. from day one to unite conservatives to bring together the reagan coalition. we're seeing that happening. we're seeing conservatives coming together. all seeing young people coming together. i think the reason is simple. people are fed up with washington. they're fed up with politicians in both parties who say one thing and do another. they're looking for someone they can count on. the same yesterday today and tomorrow. in my time in the senate i've tried to do two things. nurp one tell the trudes and number two do what i said i would do. that's the reason we're seeing conservatives uniting. if that continues to happen we are going to win this nomination. when we bring out to the polls in november 2016 the millions of working men and women that have been left behind that are
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frustrated by a president who will not defend this nation, that's how we win the general and turn the coufrpbltry around. it's how we reig notice the promise of -- reignite the promise to america. >> with congress on holiday recess the c-span network feature a full lineup of prime ime programming. this week it's the 1973 case of row v. wade. tuesday night at 8:00, cultural divides in america.
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wednesday night, site of a mass shooting, posts a discussion on gun violence. christmas at the white house. and on christmas day friday night, former president bill clinton receives the bob dole institute of leadership prize. several of our programs from this year. history tv, tonight at 10:30 with feature programs on russian spies. tuesday night at 8:00 congressional history. history , wednesday night the 150th anniversary of the end of civil war. thursday, tom brokaw on world
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war ii and its impact. on christmas friday night we will travel to williamsburg talking with historians curators and interpreters. that's some of the programs featured this week in prime time. >> next, q&a with historian craig shirley author of the book last act. live at 7:00 your calls and comments on "washington journal." ♪ >> this week on "q&a," craig shirley discusses his book "last act," about ronald reagan's life after the presidency. and, the way he has been remembered since his death. brian: craig shirley, your book is called "last act."


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