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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  December 22, 2015 7:00am-7:21am EST

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u.s. is on the verge of becoming what he calls a "olpolice state" then, the sale of u.s. oil to four and markets for the first time in 30 years. >> we are responding to the death of six soldiers in afghanistan. plaguesat of terrorism the region. senator ted cruz will meet with evangelicals after christmas to gauge their support. he is been approached by others to consider running as a president. grahamooking at lindsey 's exit from the ways for the white house. see if other candidates should drop out of the race.
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here is how you can let us know. we have the number four republicans. and the number for democrats. the number for independence is as follows. you can send us an e-mail on this topic as well. we are looking at the republican debate that took place. everyone to drop out of the race except for trump, cruz, and christie." all of the candidates on the undercard debate need to call it a day. there is little chance for them,
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especially considering the much stronger makeup of the republican field. if they really think trump will be a disaster, more of the reason for them to get out. you may agree with this, or may not. a comes to other candidates. if you think it is time for those to step out of the race, here is your chance to let us know and give us your thoughts this morning. call us. this comes after the announcement from lindsey graham yesterday saying he is going to drop out of the race. it was on his website. he explained a little bit of why he decided to make this choice. graham: today i am
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suspending my campaign for president. i want to thank everyone who is taken this journey with me. campaign we can be proud of. about fixing a broken immigration system and retiring our debt. this has been a problem-solving campaign. i have gotten into this race to put forward a plan to win a war. we cannot afford to lose. we have to turn back the tide of isolation rising. i said if any candidate did not understand we need more american troops on the ground to beat isis is not ready to be commander in chief. most of my fellow candidates have come to recognize this is what is needed to secure our
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homeland. i am far more confident today that we will have the strong leadership america needs. when you to take the fight to our enemies and preserve our way of life. i will continue to work every day to ensure our party, and our nation, takes this fight on. i am suspending this campaign, that never my commitment. fighting men and women and god bless america. >> in light of that hasuncement, daniel strauss a piece taking a look at what happens now. especially those rivals of
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lindsey graham's. daniel strauss, in light of the announcement, who is capitalizing on this to get the support senator graham had? morning jeb this bush's campaign named the number of ways they were supporting lindsey graham. biggest beneficiaries of this our guys like rubio and probably john kasich and chris christie. put about the state senator graham represents. although the southern states expect to benefit, graham himself was aligned with a lot of the candidates.
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they are the ones likely to benefit. >> will kind of reaction did announcementm's have for those on capitol hill and those watching the race. daniel: you have to remember that he never really polled very well. there was a sense this was inevitable. he ran an issue based campaign. to necessarily really win, but to move the an isolationist view on foreign policy.
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host: what role does graham envisioned for himself now that he has stepped away? daniel: mostly a someone who can wield the endorsement. impact who can make an on the south carolina republican primary. it doesn't look like this will end anytime soon. a south carolina endorsement like his would be very valuable. that is there any chance his dropping out might motivate others on the republican card to stop their campaigns? daniel: i really doubt it.
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they are in it for the long haul. host: dental strauss, thanks for your time this morning. should more candidates drop out? >> thank you for taking my call, c-span. corporate media equals propaganda. i do see your point. hillary clinton should drop out.
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i know a lot of people will bite my head off for that. donalhillary clinton is worse than donald trump. i would vote for him over her. trump should stay. the guy from texas should stay. rubio should stay. is like having a republican. she is hawkish about the middle east. she will have us in a war with iran. they had a spat about wall street breaking of the banks. that was a big statement for us.
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wall street regulates congress and nobody is talking about that. host: ralph is on the colorado independent line. >> i don't like ted cruz putting down toggl donald trump. it would be nice to have them running a good campaign. i don't want donald trump to be our president. host: san antonio texas, this is jimmy. should for presidential candidates drop out? >> no, i don't think they should drop out. i don't think any candidate should drop out. soulss their heart and lsay says they should. they should stay in, make their
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point, and move on. they truly appreciate what senator graham did. vet and he is one of my comrades. i appreciate him chasing the flag. he said, this is not the time. just do what you have to do. i appreciate people who can just put it out of there. me decide.t i do not like hillary. she builds on things and takes what other people say and changes them a little bit to make people think it was her idea. respondingis michael
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to the question of capitalized debt. he does not add to that candidate is. this is edgar saying, yes republicans should rally behind moderate candidates. get donald trump and ted cruz out. specify which candidates should drop out of the race. it will be on your screen. .arbara is from new york good morning, barbara. >> hello, i just want to commend what you are doing. informing the people. the conversation is about dropping out, correct. host: are there candidates you want to drop out? >> i was talking to my grandson about it, about dropping out. he thinks chris christie should drop out and my husband thinks
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something else. we will go to brooke from wisconsin. independent line. we are talking about presidential candidates. and if they should drop out. >> clinton should drop out. because of what happened with benghazi. and on c-span, this program where she spoke before congress. i was extremely upset because they asked her a lot of questions about that and she can talk a real good talk, but she did not answer the questions. and they just had on one of the news channels, i don't remember which one, the state department under hillary did have an approval to help ambassador stevens get the help he needed, so we could go to benghazi and find out what was going on. she is not a leader, as far as i
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am concerned. as far as rubio, all the people that are in congress are dealing a charge card they can use for necessary travel or government business. rubio took his charge card and charged $22,000 to the american people for his own, personal use. butid pay it back essentially, if they had not found out, i don't know if he would have. thief. want a liar and a i want somebody i know i can trust. thank you for letting me talk and it would like to wish everybody else in merry christmas. host: senator john mccain added, it was a privilege to support lindsey graham. thank you for what you have done
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for the country. in newhristie was hampshire and said, lindsey graham is a great american and good friend. also, from jeb bush. nobody is more clear eyed about isis. and john kasich said, i enjoyed lindsey graham's wit. gaines from pennsylvania, good morning. independent line. >> good morning, thank you for taking my call. she should drop out. hillary clinton, when she was secretary of state. now, they pretend to side with terrorists groups like isis.
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[indiscernible] fighting?they aren't they she should drop out. we take several polls and combine them into an average. looking at that average, it was donald trump living with 33%. ted cruz at 18%.
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marco rubio at 12.3%. jeb bush coming in at 4.5%. that is on the democratic side. should for presidential candidates drop out of the race? patricia is up next. she is from chattanooga, tennessee. >> good morning, thank you for taking my call. i think as far as the cruz,icans go, trump, and christie. those are the three i would like to see continue. host: why them as opposed to others? >> because christie is like a bull dog. he will get things done. i also believe if trump says something he will get it done as well.
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he is the only one that all candidates, republican and democrats, are jumping on his bandwagon. these issues would have been raised if it were not for trump. out of the three, i guess my vote would be for trump first. i would like to see a trump-cruz ticket. hillary should be gone. it was a blatant lie that she said trump is being used in recruiting isis people. we know this is a falsehood because if you do look at that video, which i have on my facebook, the recruitment of isis, it shows the video of obama and her husband bill clinton. it is horrible that she lies like that.
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that kind of person should not be running for president of the united states. the "new york times" looked at marco rubio and if he could win the nomination. mr. trump has a fundamentally limited appeal. win iowa and mr. shrum could win new hampshire. the second condition is that is to rubio would need to fill the void with those conservative voters and donors. the third condition is mr. rubio would need to hang on until march 8 and march 15 because he probably won't be doing much
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winning before then. that is the "new york times." adds thisngton post" morning that the next gathering will take place a few days after christmas at a remote ranch. cruz will speak to some of the country's leading evangelical figures. they are still considering other rubio.tes, including rubio has stepped of his courtship act. , butbeing warmly received has encountered skepticism about his campaign's reliance on money from pulsinaul


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