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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  January 6, 2016 7:00am-7:31am EST

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byrne of alabama and congressman donald payne of new jersey. also, david french talks about his national review article entitled rise of isis. >> all of us need to demand a congress brave enough to stand lies.the gun lobby's andof us need to stand up protect the citizens are to all of us need to demand governors and legislators and businesses do their part to make our communities safer. ♪ an emotional president obama yesterday announced his new gun-control efforts in a statement from the east room of the white house. the new executive actions including expanded background checks represent an effort by the administration to take action despite the fact that congress has repeatedly chosen
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not to put forward new gun-control measures. with opponents vowing to fight the new package, the president will face legal challenges in the days and months ahead. are getting, we your thoughts on the presence of new executive action on gun-control and how you think it will impact the gun debate in america. a special line this morning. gun owners can call in at 202-748-8000. .un sellers, 202-748-8001 for those who don't own a gun, 202-748-8002. you can catch us on social media, twitter, facebook or e-mail us. very good wednesday morning to you. we begin this morning talking about the president's executive actions on guns. here's the headlines at today's
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papers. front page of the new york times this morning, tearful obama outlines steps to curb gun deaths. the story, challenges await gun-control measures. front page of the washington times this morning, obama ggers election-year fight. most significant part of the presence president's new package. president obama: anybody in the business of selling firearms must get a license and conduct background checks or be subject to criminal prosecutions. [applause]
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president obama: it doesn't matter whether you are doing it over the internet or the gun show. it is not where you do it, but what you do. we are also expanding background checks to cover violent criminals who try to buy the most dangerous firearms while hiding behind trusts and corporations in various cutouts. we are also taking steps to make the background check system more efficient. fbir the guidance of the , our deputy director at atf, we will hire more folks to process applications faster and we will and outdated background check system into the 21st century. [applause] way toteps will lead the a smoother process for law-abiding gun owners come a
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smoother process for responsible strongerrs, a process to protect the people from dangers -- reportore efforts to lost or stolen weapons, dealerships are required to notify law enforcement. more efforts at smart gun technology. research into smart gun technology which attempts to reduce accidental discharges and improve the tracing of lost or stolen firearms. of 10 measures, others include efforts to put new money towards mental health access, $500 million towards that. some discussion about whether the president would need thoughtss helpwe want to get yr
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this morning as you are learning more about the president's executive actions on gun-control. did you watch yesterday? what did you think about what the president had to say and how do you think this will impact the gun debate in america? candy in clear lake, iowa for those who don't own again. -- a gun. caller: some of my friends that are so anti-gun, they're practically vegetarian, they are now out shopping -- i will just get the permit. i don't be the hardware, but it would be good to have the permit just in case. iowa,ro-gun come i'm from we've been born and raised around these things. now that obama is doing his executive order thing, i did not know we had a king. host: is it just in case you one
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day do want a gun or for your own safety right now? caller: i should get the permit just in case. i'm not going to run out and get the hardware. no matter what the law is, somebody somewhere will have a and these laws only apply to those of us who obey the law. the permit will cover me. i don't need to run out and get the hardware. even though we are in the middle of world war iii here. we are surrounded by people who are wigged out. host: what do you think would make a difference, candy? caller: if the democrats would --p trying to keep us safe i'm an independent. they blame everything on republicans. we have a democrat running as a
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republican and a communist running as a democrat. they are all a bunch of idiots, if you ask me. i will still vote, though. at this point come i feel like i'm wasting my time. host: jerry is up next in tennessee on that line for gunowners. caller: good morning, john. something i find amazing, what if president was saying -- --can save just one person they voted against it. host: explain what that law does. -- the that law would sanctuary cities, it would make thatities that have these should take money from the government.
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the man that shot the lady in , theornia last summer contortions the democrats went saying this would hurt the hispanic committee because they would be afraid to step out of the shadows -- this man was a criminal, should have been out of this country and long time ago. something else he is pushing here. if i want to sell my guns to my younger brother or cousin, i have to get a federal firearms license. do you know how long that takes? the atf can come in your house and search your house for this and he knows this. something else in california, they are talking about taxing the bullets. we will make it so expensive,
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you can buy the gun but you cannot afford the ammo. doesn't want to take your guns -- like australia and great britain did. they confiscated the people's guns. when people say he does not want to confiscate your guns, he is saying commonsense solutions like australia and britain, come on, man. host: as our first caller noted about gun sales and people that she knew going out to buy guns coming yesterday, some stores looking at national trends today for the gun industry. a boost from obama's plan. gun stocks shoring. -- soaring.
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the three gun maker stocks are up 10.8% on average this year. back to the phones, stanley in washington, d.c. on that line for those who don't own a gun. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just want to indicate quickly , we have a of all president who is trying to leave the country in a direction that would benefit the country as a whole. beenhe opposition that has registered and will continue to be registered should step back, take a look at the law, what is proposed and see if they are really on the right side of history at this point in time. any major legislation in the history of this country has always had to go through this embryonic development, if you will. , we will go to the
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point that we need to be to secure our children and our country and maintain our ability to have guns, which i think is very important. i think we should have the right to possess and use guns as we should, as the constitution guarantees. at the same time, we do have to put measures in place that will issue our safety. oppositionof that you are talking about from the top leaders of the republican party on down, including speaker paul ryan, he was on fox news last night and was asked about the president's new gun-control measures. [video clip] paul ryan: he will give us a distraction every single week. there is no loophole here. he is frustrating the second amendment rights of law-abiding
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citizens and wants to distract us so that we are not looking at his failures. like a failure to confront radical islamic terror. he wants to get us off our game by offering able to agenda -- we will deal with these issues in the smartest way we can think of dealing with them. we need to win the election. the best ways to get people a choice. going through how we come up with an agenda that is bottom-up and organic and listening to americans and members of congress to assemble an agenda can show to the country, run on that in 2016 so that people can really choose an agenda. from the top leader in the house to the top leader in the senate, senator mitch mcconnell in the wake of the president's vowed to politicize shootings --
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we are getting your thoughts this morning, how you think this will impact the gun debate in america. jared on that line for gunowners. sterling, virginia. good morning. caller: good money. very good to be on live. -- good morning. i'm also a federal law enforcement, previously military as well. i own three or four guns. on was right there is little ground here with everyone. whenever the president was talking yesterday about the 30 died last year, of
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course, everyone is right on point with that. we need to do something to try to support that. some things that were interesting to me that the president never mentioned, how about gun education? how about prosecution of the parents that ensure -- that don't ensure their guns are locked away safely. how about education on sates and homes and how to properly secure weapons? inse measures are already place. safes inion on homes. there was a large gun show in chantilly, virginia. the line was unbelievable, absolutely wrapped around the building, similar to a black friday event. doesindividuals waited t go hours to get it to the place -- two hours to get into the place.
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i don't know what they're talking about with the gun show loophole. if you are a law-abiding citizen , you are already going to go through a background check. that is already in place. if there's other things that you want to get done out there -- ensuring individuals know their , alls to carry weapons their state laws, other intricacies within their individual states and the proper security of weapons, we will see a large drop of accidental shootings. with what he said about the mental health aspect. if the federal government can provide more funding for mental health services come i'm all for that as well. host: you say you are in law enforcement. what are your thoughts about this idea of pushing more research into smart and technology. that requiring a
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fingerprint for an owner to use again? is that something that will catch on, that the law enforcement community will want? caller: i'm all for any individual safety, but that sounds like james bond -- there -- a james bond movie where "sky fall." the gun research and gun manufacturers have already researched the technology. technology many times also fails. there's lots of bugs and technology. there's ways around these things. trying to understand what the technology would become other individuals would be worried about security technology. could this technology be hacked into? -- you havene thing
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individuals who can hack into cell phones now and they can duplicate whether it is your biometrics or whatever -- they can still gain access to your cell phone. we have safes appeared that technology has been around for a long time. lock up your guns when you're not using them. of gunn the issue technology, smart gun technology , stephen stromberg writes in today's washington post that it might be the one part of the executive order that would do the most good. we are getting your thoughts and comments this morning about the president's executive action, the list of executive actions the white house put out yesterday that the president talked about in the east room
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speech. a line for gunowners and for gun sellers. darlene on that line for those who don't own a gun in ohio. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i'm a first time caller. ,verything the president said those were already laws. he is just enforcing them. thei was intrigued about technology of may be a fingerprint or anything. anything can be improved. host: one of the things the in thent wants to do future budget year is to hire more atf agents to help enforce the laws on the books. the washington post editorial board takes up your point today about what these are and what
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these executive actions are not. modest and useful adjustments. the sides of the debate exaggerating the reach of these white house initiatives. the president wants to depict the measures as bold actions in the final europe his presidency. -- in the final year of his presidency. if you want to read more from the editorial board of the washington post, that is out today. herschel in louisiana. good morning. johnny up next in florida on that line for gun sellers. how are these actions going to impact you as a gun seller? caller: it's really not going to have any effect. it seems like everything if you listen to people who call in, forefore it -- if they are
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it, they are left and if they are against it, you are right. a pawn shop for 18 years. a line at a gun show, people are sitting there with their guns to go in and trade them. some of the walks down the line -- somebody walks down the line, i will take it. hands him $300 and walks off. that guy is not trained to get around taxes. guy. pro gun if i see anything -- that means i'm for background checks on every gun swap that's ever been or ever going to be, no, i cannot go there. if i buy a gun and i go out and shoot it and i don't like the way it works, the mechanics of
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it is not exactly right, i want to trade it. a friend of mine wants to bite and i sell it to him the next day -- on paper, that looks like i am a straw dealer. i bought the gun and went out and shot it and didn't like it, maybe it did not group as well as i thought it should come as grip as wellut -- -- theought it should loss will only affect law-abiding citizens. if the guy wants a gun, he will get a gun. this is all political. the point back to that should those people be able to just buy a gun walking down the aisle, it is up to the to lookal in the line at the guy and i've done it --
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all i need to do is just look at your license. i've had a guy look at me and go, heck no, and walk off. there is a guy i did not want to sell the gun to anyway. how often are you choosing not to sell a gun to somebody? caller: if they pull that where they say i don't want to show you my license, probably twice in my life. mightthose two times i have said something, maybe it did not have any effect at all. another law? we don't need any more loss. host: how many guns do you sell any year? caller: wheeling and dealing by myself, shooting guns, 10-15. something like that. maybe 200-300.p,
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if you're in florida and a guy from alabama is visiting the beaches and says let me see that glock there, you cannot even handed to them. it to him for guy don't care if he is a preacher and 60 years old, you cannot even let them touch it. host: we want to hear from gun sellers, gunowners and those who don't own a gun. some stats for you as we are going through this conversation. chart from mother jones on estimated number of guns in this country. owned by laws enforcement and the military, -- number owned by civilians you can see the chart there from
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mother jones. president obama was at times emotional yesterday in his remarks about them control -- gun control. here's a headline from usa today. stirring words for the smallest victims. i want to show a bit from the president. [video clip] president obama: high school is ers at columbine and first-graders in newtown. first-graders. and from every family who never imagined that a loved one would be taken from our lives by a bullet from a gun.
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every time i think about those kids come it gets be mad. , it happens on the streets of chicago every day. [applause] we will keep talking about what the president announced yesterday in your reaction to it. you can keep calling in. we want to talk about what's happening on the floor of congress today. here's a story from the hill newspaper. obamacareed to pass repeal. this ferris, talk about vote today. explain how the vote is going to work and how this will is getting to the president -- this
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bill is getting to the president's desk. guest: this is a pretty significant moment. it will deliver the first bill that repeals most of obamacare t. this is right as he begins the last year of his tenure. this is an important moment for republicans to do this on the campaign trail. they will be taking a vote this morning that will pass with a large majority. that will send it to the president's desk and he will have 10 days to review it. the house will again try to override that veto. it will kick off a long conversation and debate about health care that is likely to carry on into the 2016 elections. host: explain why this one gets to the president's desk while passed bills happened caught up in the senate.
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congress using the budget reconciliation process here. guest: right. they are using a budget tactic here that is very infrequently used. they control both chambers of congress. republican leaders have been planning to do this. budget -- ithe cannot repeal all of obamacare, but it doesn't strip down -- it does strip down the major provisions like employer mandates and subsidies. it has to get through with a single majority. that's how the rules of budget reconciliation work. unlike other bills which can be ,locked by senate democrats this is allowed to get to the president's desk. host: what is included in this
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legislation? guest: the other major provision in this bill is a defunding of planned parenthood for one year. this is part of republican issuetle over the of planned parenthood after the release of these controversial videos. conservative members of the party have demanded a defunding of this organization. --is a really politically there are no democrats willing to support this. house republicans and senate republicans have not been able to do -- they are not able to get these bills passed. host: when the president vetoes
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this legislation, is this setting up for a vote in the house and senate to override the veto?ent possiblt's guest: we will likely see this before the state of the union address or afterwards. it does have a chance for president obama to speak to his law. one of the priorities of his last year will be making sure this law, the legacy of this law is set to go. to hearwe can expect him talking about this in his state of the union address. reminding people how the law is working, 60 million people have gained coverage -- 16 million people. he will take a victory lap as republicans are making their biggest move yet to attack the law. host: we appreciate your time this morning. on the same topic of the vote
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happening today on the house floor, this is the lead editorial in today's wall street journal calling it a victory over obamacare. congress puts repeal on the president's desk. if youy the larger -- want to read the editorial board today from the wall street journal. , we arethe phones taking your calls, your thoughts on how president obama six active action on gun control -- executive actions on gun control will impact the gun debate in this country. , gun sellersowners and those who don't own a gun. next from denver, colorado on the line for those who don't own a gun. caller: i think


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