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tv   Question Time  CSPAN  January 11, 2016 12:37am-1:01am EST

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thalidomide to bring about a just outcome? prime minister cameron: i am very happy to make that clear. i met some of my own constituents who had been affected by thalidomide. there were a number of things that they wanted parliamentarians to do, and i think that a lot of people got behind their campaign. i am happy to continue to work with them in this parliament. >> you have been watching prime minister's questions from the british house of commons. question time airs live on c-span2 every wednesday at 7:00 a.m. eastern and sunday nights 12:00 eastern. monday, january 18, the house of commons holds a debate on whether to bar donald trump from the united kingdom following his controversial comments on
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muslims. donald trump bar from entering the u.k. has received 560,000 signatures. the debate will take place at westminster hall and is open to any member of parliament. we will have it live on january 18 here on c-span. >> students around the country are working on c-span's student documentary contest, telling us the issues they want presidential candidates to discuss. we are following students as they produce their video. here is a tweet from mariel mcfarlane. eighth-grade students were excited to hear ben carson address gun control. , principalm maryland at eastern middle school -- two students interviewed eric holder for their c-span video project. illinois representative john , i was tweeted
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interviewed by students for their c-span project. there is $100,000 in prizes with a grand prize of $5,000. the deadline is january 20, 2016. winners will be announced march 9. for more information, visit next, hillary clinton in new hampshire. then, the latest developments in the 2016 campaign. after that, a house hearing on house inquiries. at a campaign event in new hampshire, presidential candidate hillary clinton was endorsed by planned parenthood action fund. this is the first primary endorsement ever by the organization. we begin with an announcement by cecile richards. this is just under an hour.
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[applause] ♪ [applause] ms. richards: they asked me what song i wanted to come out to. i felt like i had to dance a little bit. thank you to our incredible young leaders. thank you, the tosha, for sharing your story and being an amazing leader. can we give it up for kelly robertson, the most awesome organizer? [applause] ms. richards: i was back there with secretary clinton. she was like, kelly. i was like, no. do not touch.
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i also want to thank the good doctor, who is one of the heroes of this movement. i thanked her and all the doctors at planned parenthood who work here every single day. we also have some planned today.ood ceos to think -- thank today. from therorshak advocacy fund of massachusetts. welcome. gallagher ofmeghan planned parenthood new hampshire, our host for today. thank you for being here. there is a lot of elected officials here. i want to mention any customer -- annie custer. nicky saugus. and carol shea porter.
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thank you for being here with us. it is a point of personal pride we have two brave new hampshire counselors. they stood strong for planned parenthood funding. give it up for them. they are amazing [applause] richards: we have so many state reps from new hampshire. too many to mention. today.ou for being here i have been on campaigns my whole life. i have not been this excited since 26 years ago, on the capitol lawn in austin, when my mother declared to is running for governor of texas. i feel like she is with us here today. i am so excited to be in new hampshire. are you ready to make history today? [applause]
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ms. richards: me too. let's set the stage. planned parenthood was started nearly 100 years ago to give women access to health care. since then, women have made enormous progress. let me tell you, we are just getting started, my friends. we are more than half the workforce, more than half the college students. we are in congress, on the supreme court. and with your help, we will be in the white house. [applause] ms. richards: i think it is really important. women have made these gains because we have the right to ther and when we had children. it is fundamental. we are here to say we are not going back now. [applause]
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richards: as you heard before, planned parenthood centers all across america see millions of patients every year, from every state, including new hampshire. there is no more american institution than planned parenthood. derry, tomont to exeter and keene, women wrote to tell how they count on planned parenthood. student who grad relies on planned parenthood to finish school and plan her career. whow mother in tamworth goes for her annual checkups at planned parenthood because you know she will get excellent, high-quality health care. a young woman in manchester with a family history of cancer goes mind by her peace of
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going to planned parenthood for her annual exam. they are why we are here today. staff and supporters come from every walk of life. that includes every political persuasion, right? right? am i right? yes. let's walk through our doors every day at planned parenthood not to make a political statement. they are coming because they give the best quality of care without judgment and without shame. [applause] his richards: as one of our says,ts from keene planned parenthood provides care to allow our population to live free. isn't that what new hampshire is all about?
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planned parenthood was created because decisions made by politicians, by state executive councils, by congress, impact the everyday lives of women and their families. , whent saw this last week the house of representatives voted one more time to eliminate millions of people's ability to go to planned parenthood for preventative care. the only reason that bill will not go into effect? itause barack obama vetoed the moment it hit his desk. [applause] : that is why we need a friend in the white house. thank you, president barack obama. [applause] richards. : the stakes have never been higher for women and families. as you have heard, around the
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supporters told us what they want from the next president. they want a president who believes that health care is not a luxury. it is a human right. they also want a president who understands that being pro-choice actually means being able to choose to have a child. right? and a president who will fight for prenatal care and health care for kids and an excellent public education. right? [applause] richards: as someone famously said, it takes a village to raise a child. they want a president who will stand up to the gun lobby and demand safety for kids in schools and folks in church and women who are going to get health care, no matter what. [applause]
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ms. richards: they want a president that will demand that no one is paid less just because they are a woman. we deserve 100 cents on the dollar. [applause] richards: folks around the country demand a president that will protect access to safe and legal abortion and is tough enough to stand up to anyone who will deny women the right to make their own health care decisions. this year, news is we had that candidate. to say not be prouder that today, the planned parenthood action fund is proud to endorse hillary clinton to be the next president of the united states of america. [applause]
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ms. richards: as i think you all know, in this election, with the attacks on women's health and rights, more than ever before, we do not just need a friend -- we need a fighter. it was hillary clinton who first said to the world that women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights once and for all. right? here is the tough thing. there are some folks who do not believe in that. the real problem is that several of them are running for president of the united states of america. personally, i hope i live to see women's rights health care is embraced by republicans and democrats and independents and understand it is an american value. [applause] but a lesson from the recent republican debates is that we have a lot of work to do. every single leading republican
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candidate has committed to destroying the progress women have made. legalll want to ban abortion, pledged to repeal the , whichble care act ensures birth control for 55 million women in america. have sworn to block planned parenthood access for millions of patients in this country, including cancer screening and family planning. frankly, the republicans have painted a vision for women, and it looks like the 1950's. my friends, we are not going backwards. [applause] "mad men" is great entertainment, but i do not want to live in that series. hillary clinton has been fighting for women her entire life. not just with words, but with action. as a young attorney working for the children's offense --
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defense fund, as first lady, healthg the children's insurance program, which provides 8 million children in america access to health care. [applause] richards: and as u.s. senator, she introduced eight bills to expand access to health care, more than any senator in the united states. no candidate has done more than her for women, our rights, and economic security. she is the leader i trust in the white house to make sure women and families move forward. putecretary of state, she women's health care at the top of the global agenda. downed some of the toughest dictators around the globe. so i have no doubt she can stare down the gun lobby, the tea
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party, and anyone that will take away women's rights. because she never wavers. [applause] ms. richards: these past eight years under president obama, women have made huge advancements. you, president obama, for being a champion for women every single day. [applause] we know ifs: but donald trump or ted cruz has their way, we will be back in the stone age. this election is a showdown between those who want to build upon the incredible progress we have made, the promise of the future, and those who want to rip it away. we have worked really hard together to get where we are today. it is unthinkable that our granddaughters and our daughters could be facing a future where they have fewer rights than we do. right? mistake -- this
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election will determine whether roe versus wade continues to be the law of the land, whether women make their own childbearing decisions, and whether women can continue to seek care from planned parenthood. our pledge, my pledge, hillary's pledge, is that planned parenthood's doors will stay open. that is why we are here today. that is why we are in new hampshire. we are here to make history. the nextd gentlemen, president of the united states of america, secretary hillary clinton. [applause] ♪
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[applause] ms. clinton: are you guys ready to win an election? [applause] ms. clinton: well, i sure am. i am ready with your help, and i am so honored to accept this endorsement of the planned parenthood action fund. just said, ile have stood with you throughout my life and certainly throughout my career. i promise you this -- as your president, i will always have
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your back. we will fight together. an energetic and emotional afternoon because you have heard so many great advocates, so many people on the front lines, fighting to preserve women's rights. i want to thank some of them. i want to thank kelly, a great mc. i want to thank dr. donna natasha, a patient advocate who has been a patient. i want to thank hana from las vegas. i want to thank crystal from new hampshire, who is also a patient and a volunteer for planned parenthood and my campaign. i appreciate both. [applause] ms. clinton: i also want to thank the members of congress that are here, annie custer,
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porter,ngas, carol shea from right here in new hampshire. i want to thank everyone associated with planned parenthood from the board to the staff to the supporters, one and all. i particularly want to thank your fearless leader, cecile richards. [applause] ms. clinton: there is a lot about cecile that i really admire. among the long list, when republicans demanded that she testified before congress, they did not know what they were getting themselves into. [applause] ms. clinton: i know a little
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about this. [laughter] one of myn: it is common experiences with cecile. for five hours, republicans bullied and blustered. she never flinched. she told them the facts. a lot of republicans are fact-averse. they seem to live in a evidence-free zone. when it was over, i saw an interview where someone asked cecile, how did you do it? ised in you stay so po the face of such breathtaking contempt for women's dignity? do you know what her answer was? when you are standing up for what is right, you keep going. [applause]
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ms. clinton: that is what planned parenthood has done for , certainly what cecile richards has done. she comes by that grit and determination from her wonderful mother, who i was privileged to know. i wish she could be with us for this election. [applause] ms. clinton: wouldn't you love to hear her give donald trump and ted cruz and the others a piece of her mind? oh, boy, so what i. every election is important. but this one poses such a stark choice, and the stakes are so high.
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of 2017, a new president will walk into the oval office. america cannot afford for it to be a republican who will rip away all the progress we have made. them, you hear what they are saying, as they joust for position. the same top-down policies that failed and led to the great recession. to understandem what is going on in the lives of whether it is economic policy or health care policy or foreign policy. they are so out of touch and out of date. this year, they succeeded in passing a bill to repeal the affordable care act and defund planned parenthood. the only thing stopping them
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from making that the law of the land was president obama's veto pen. [applause] and every one of them had promised to sign such a bill. you know what that means. parenthood is threatened, the health of women too, all of men, across our country, is threatened. ,ust like here in new hampshire when the executive council voted to defund planned parenthood. without the affordable care act, 19 million americans would lose health care they would be free to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, free to go back to charging women more for our health care than men.


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