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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 11, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm EST

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going. pentagon does not have a lot of incentive to do that. that is what they tried to do to give theit, pentagon more incentive to do what it private business would do every year, which is tally up everything it has got and everything and i spent so stockholders, in this case you the american taxpayer, knows where it's going. host: our guest has been bryan bender, the defense editor for "politico." thank you for you time and all the information this mone morning. thank you for your calls and tweets and facebook participation in the program. we will be back tomorrow for more "washington journal." until then, have a great day. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] announcer: "washington journal" [captions copyright national
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cable satellite corp. 2016] >> here some of what is happening in today's commission on capital. national capital. the supreme court will hear a fees from people who do not want to be in the union. thee's a claim that mandatory fees violate the right of people who do not see those positions. both sides of the issue are gathering for the order argument. in sessionuses back today for a slightly shortened week after the state of the union address. today, lawmakers gavel in at noon eastern for speeches. legislative work will get under way at 2:00 eastern today.
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expanding sanctions against north korea for its latest nuclear weapons test. later this week, the house will deal with iran sanctions and disapproval's under the new clean water act. see the house live here on c-span. as president obama prepares for his stay in of the union address on tuesday, he released this video on twitter. [video clip] >> i'm working on my state of the union address. if my last one. as i'm writing, i keep thinking about the road that we have traveled these past seven years. that's what makes america great -- our capacity to change for the better. our ability to come together as one american family and pull ourselves closer to the america we believe in. itis hard to see sometimes the day-to-day noise of washington, but it is who we are. it is what i want to focus on and the state of the union address. >> c-span's coverage starts at 8:00 p.m. eastern with senate historian benny cohen and james
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argan looking at the history and tradition of the president's annual message and what to expect at this year's address. at 9:00, our live coverage of the president speech followed by the republican response by south carolina governor nikki haley. plus, your reaction by phone, facebook, tweets, and e-mail, as well as those of members of congress on c-span, c-span radio, and of the re-air our state union coverage and the republican response starting at 11:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 p.m. pacific. live on c-span after the speech, we will hear from members of congress in statuary hall with their reaction to the president's address. kropotkin president present candidate donald trump held a campaign rally over the weekend in clear lake, iowa. mostly on thearks economy, immigration, and defeating terrorism. this is about an hour.
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♪ the tiger" plays] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. ♪ [crowd cheering] ♪ donald trump: beautiful. thank you very much. what a beautiful part of the world could a little bit cold out, but we will take it.
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beautiful. inky, everybody. we have had so much fun. i love iowa. we have done very well here. the poll say we are even. you are the only one where i'm even. we are winning every single national pulpit we are winning every single state poll. we don't want even. even is no good. even is no good. i have a feeling we are going to surprise a lot of people. a lot of people are going to be surprised. i have little doubt about it. i just want to thank you all for being here. i know it is cold and i know you have a record crowd. the owner just said this is a record. we have big crowds. usually people are sitting. they got rid of all the seats because we can get a lot more people and could i want to thank you. our country is in trouble, very serious trouble. no matter what aspect of our country look at, whether it's the military, which is not prepared. the general just said in terms
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of preparedness that we are the worst we have been. i think he said since inception. let's take it back to world war ii world war i. we can't do that. we need strength and our military. i'm going to build our military bigger and better and stronger than ever before. bigger and better and stronger. and hopefully no one will mess with us. in many ways, that is the cheapest thing we can do. up in theseing protracted wars, i see the general so often. they are always being interviewed on television. do you think general macarthur was a big interviewer? do you think general patton went on television? they get interviewed. they say what we are going to do, how we are going to do it. i saw one of the generals
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recently and he was saying how tough isis is. ?ow are we going to do i don't know. they are very tough. the enemy is watching this. they are saying is this what we are fighting? not can happen, folks. we are going to have the toughest, smartest people. we will have security in our country. by the way, i never mention the military without mentioning the fact our veterans are going to be treated great. they're going to be treated great. they are not treated right. we have illegal immigrants that are treated better in many cases that are vets. -- ben are vets. the veterans administration is a mess. it is corrupt, it is run poorly. our veterans are going to be treated well. put it down and guarantee it. it is going to happen. one other thing i have to say, there has been a lot of talk that iowa was going to go in the
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back of the pack. not going to happen. this has been a great tradition. people talk about putting iowa , this incredible tradition, then you won't see me as much. that will be terrible. and i will not see you. it is not the same thing. i'll will remain where it is. you can bank on it. the polls came out last night. we did great. we have been doing good from the beginning. my wife said if you run you are going to win. nice to have a wife who feels like that. she said if you are going to run, you're going to win. from the beginning we announced june 16, i must from that week, we have been like a rocket ship. press,haracters in the
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some of the most dishonest people in the world. some of the most dishonest -- seriously dishonest people in the world. i've never seen anything like it. no matter what you do, it doesn't matter. i have to say, 25% are good. the numbers going up. "time" magazine wrote a cover story of me. you have to go out and buy time magazine. they wrote a cover story. i got a couple of covers. they said i should of one person of the year. they gave it to chancellor merkel who has serious problems. that was not a good move made in germany. i want to tell you could everybody said he is going to win. i said no i won't. i'm not establishment. they don't have the guts to give it to me. i was right. that's ok. they wrote a story before that. that was ok.
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this story is so well written, i never spoke to the writer. he just took the campaign, no matter where i go, dallas, 21,000 in dallas. we go to alabama, 35,000 people. we go to oklahoma, 20,000 people standing in a field. we had a convention center that held 10,000 people. after about a day, we set this isn't working. we just took a field. it was very windy so i put a hat on. a make america great hat. iowa we always have the , biggest crowds. at our last venue, i just left another place. you know i left? where did i leave? maybe one of our top competitors was there. he had 1/5 of the crowd that we had. no matter who you get, it is a movement.
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what we are doing is a movement. it is called make america great. we are to make it greater than ever before. we have a chance with what we have going. have a chance to make it greater than ever before and i and i mean it 100%. it's exciting. it's exciting to see what is happening. said, your speaking tonight in front of a different area. your speaking from a tour thousand people. lowell, massachusetts. you are from lowell? she followed us here. wow, that's amazing. it's ever been done like that. they did not want to use that arena. it was too big. it was packed. they sent away 5-6000 people.
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my friend said to me how do you do that? you have all those people. i insist on not using a teleprompter. i would love to honestly. it would be so easy. like a president, he reads. it is wonderful to be in iowa. it's really great. goodbye, everybody. i would love to do it. everyone says that's fine. i would love to read a speech where you take a speech and you read it and then you leave. person that when you do that, number one after a little while -- the biggest thing on broadway, as great as review would be in "the new york in particular or whatever, the biggest thing in broadway in history is
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word-of-mouth. the word-of-mouth for us has been amazing. the word-of-mouth on these rallies has been incredible and they have just grown and grown. the only thing that stops them including today is the size of the arena or the place of the room. it has been incredible when you look at what is going on. every time we are packed, we have not had a non-packed house almost at all. it's just incredible. it is a movement. i think actually when it comes time we are going to actually over perform. i have a feeling that far more people are going to vote than they even think and we are going to set a record in iowa. i have to tell you, chuck and sam and stephanie have done an incredible job but i will tell you that on february 2. that's what it's all about. i was told by a great writer on the other side of the table from most of us, he said i would like
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to ask you one question. how does it feel? i said i don't know what you are talking abt. he says, how do you feel -- what you have done? he says it is the summer of trump. the entire summer is the summer of trump. nothing like this has ever happened in american politics. you have changed the dialogue, everything about running a campaign. you've spent no money. you look at a guy like jeb bush and he is in for and he's at the $68 million bottom of the barrel. and he likes common core. educate your children by a bureaucrat in washington. that's not going to happen. way, remember with a border, they come over as an act of love. ?emember that one as soon as i heard that one, i said he's gone.
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he spent $69 million. i spent nothing. i almost feel guilty. he said to me how does it feel? it doesn't feel anything. i have not won. winaid even if you don't what you have done has never , been done in politics. i said if i don't win i will consider this a great big fat waste of time. we are not going to be able to make our border strong. talk, noicians are all action. all they care about is running for office and winning. i said to him, and i mean that by the way, some of these guys, their governors, they are senators. they are big people. they do a great job. they run and get 1%. they leave and get nothing. they stay too long. they stayed in don't get out quickly. they don't do that. we have done an amazing job. i really mean it. if we do not win i will not
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, consider it success. number 1 -- i really want to win iowa. it is so much easier if i said i want to do well in iowa. in new hampshire we are leading , by a lot. a lot of people have already conceded that one. i don't concede anything. south carolina we are leading by 24 points. in nevada next we are leading by , a lot. and i am leading with the hispanics a lot. i said that everybody we're going to get the hispanic vote. i'm going to take our jobs back from china, from everywhere. we going to bring them back and people know that. so we are leading by a lot and we are leading by a lot in the sec. the sec has got georgia. we have places that are unbelievable. and then we go to florida and i am at 32%. the sitting senator, rubio, nice guy is at 14%. jeb bush was their governor and
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he is at the bottom of the tubes. what is wrong with this guy? he's getting killed. florida's rate important. i love florida. it's a second home for me. i have a great relationship with the people of florida. that's going to be tough though because you have a senator, even though he does not shock to vote very much, and i would not be that, but you have a sitting senator and a governor for eight years. i'm saying to myself that's going to be tough. the first poll came out and right from the beginning i was clobbering everybody in florida. so that's great. then, of course, you look at massachusetts. i had 52%. that's because tom brady loves me though. i love tom brady. tom brady said great things about me. tom brady is a great when appeared -- great winter. i will tell you.
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i think he help me a little bit. we are doing well everywhere. i just feel that this would get the ball rolling. if we win iowa, such a big event for me. i'm telling you -- even my people say, why don't you just say we want to do well here, meaning second, third, fourth? i don't want to say that. i know it's sacred if i want to win, and we don't it is because you're too lazy to caucus. if we want to win, they're going to say he wanted to win. it is a miserable upset. this is a horrible evening. they will show every speech where i say i want to win. folks?w what, . don't care what they do i want to win iowa. i want to win iowa. so here is the story. you have to go back to time magazine. it was really great and the writer was fantastic. i haven't promoted a magazine
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like that in a long time. that guy got it. he has the understanding. he knows about the movement, the and he knows about -- they used to call it the silent majority. i call it the noise majority. we are angry. we are angry at stupid people, we are angry at people who don't know what they are doing. last night we were in south , carolina, and amazing thing. we had an arena packed and they turned away more than 5000 people. i was saying last night, it was very interesting. we are all angry at what is going on. we want to get it fixed. we are going to get it fixed. it is going to be so good and so much fun. it is fun. i like doing this. here it is a saturday and i go friday night and saturday. all the time. i'm in iowa. next couple of weeks, i'm going to be seeing you so much you are going to be so sick of me. i said to chuck and the people,
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do you think it is too much? maybe it's too much. maybe they are going to get sick and tired. so, you know, we have a lot of energy. we are the opposite here. we have super energy. we want -- i don't want to waste any time. we are on the cusp of something that is so great. listen to this. reuters -- i love reuters. trump is 42%. by the way, this is like with 15 people. i take 42%. do you notice all the time? i started off with like 4%. then i go to 8%. then i go to 12%. then i go to 26%. i held at 26% for two weeks. they were saying he has reached his plateau. that's his plateau. and then i went to 20%. then i went to 30%. now we have reuters. 42%. ted cruz at 16%. carson at 12%.
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bush is so low. what is going on with that guy? $69 million. it shows you you can't buy elections anymore. people are too smart for it. it's sort of interesting. i view it as something you should think about. jeb bush he is a nice person. that was a badly described candidate. he is a little low energy. we don't need low energy. we need high-energy. do you think isis wants to know about low energy? you have got to knock the hell out of them. you need a lot of energy. china, what they are doing to us in trade is unbelievable. i love china. they are friends of mine. the biggest bank in the world is
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from china. they by my apartments. i have a lot of respect. their leaders are too smart. they are killing us. it is one of the great robberies of all time. maybe the greatest theft in the history of the world. the money and the jobs and everything china has taken. we have rebuilt china. they have taken it out of our country, out of the united states. we have rebuilt china. we don't even know. the head of china comes here, they give him a steak dinner. hello, darling. that's ok. they say don't give state dinners. you have to be nice and respectful, but we have to to get to work. we will have the greatest negotiators. we have the best business people in the world. i've carl icahn endorse me. they are going to represent us. they don't want any money. they will represent us. we lost $505 billion last year with china.
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think of it. $505 billion with just one country. with japan in the cars, they pour in millions of cars. you have never seen ships like this. go to los angeles. these ships pull up and the cars pull off like it is the long island expressway. they're going 40 miles an hour off the ship. just one after another. ?o you know we give them back practically nothing. look at the trade deficit. we have the power over these countries where we can do right, we can come out ahead. they shouldn't be happening. we have incompetent people negotiating. we have donors, we have hacks. we are not using our best. you go to places like china, vietnam is another one, hot as a pistol. vietnam is taking business from china. vietnam. not us -- they don't worry about
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us. vietnam is doing a number in china. mexico is going to be the new china. what they are doing to us is unbelievable. although they did catch el chapo. good? good? they did catch el chapo. that's good. he better not escape a third time. bing, boom,s -- right under the toilet. pretty amazing when you think about it. but, anyway. put him on the fourth floor this time, right? no more first floors. mexico, i have a great relationship with mexico. i have a great relationship with the mexican people. i have thousands of people that work for me, thousands of mexicans over the years. they are incredible people that work for me. but their leaders are too smart. what's happening is we don't have a border between the anchor babies, which by the way, and the press will say you can't say
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it. i was right on the anchor babies. we don't need a constitutional amendment to stop this craziness. you have a woman she is pregnant, she walks over and has the baby and we are now supposed to take care of the baby for 85 years or whatever it is. it doesn't say that. the best lawyers in the world agree with me. when i first made the statement , it just didn't make sense. if you read the fine print they came here, they are here illegally. they have a baby. they don't leave the baby. the baby is not an anchor baby. we don't take care of that particular baby or person for 85 years. it does not read that way. we don't need -- we don't need a constitutional amendment. we don't need it. it is there. we need perhaps a vote of congress and people thinking maybe we don't even need that. we should be able to get that frankly but we probably don't , even need that.
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ok, fox news comes out last night. 35% for trump national to ted cruz at 20%. review at 13%. -- rubio at 13%. i'm winning by a lot. they say winning by a lot, here is one that i love. they don't cover it. they don't want to cover these great numbers. donald trump, did anyone hear of a person named hillary clinton? [crowd boos] so this is just last night. 44%, and iclinton haven't even started yet. i haven't even started yet. say couple ofuld days ago i started. believe me -- that is not even starting. that is just a warm-up. here is what happens. a couple of the commentators -- i won't mention their names. the hillary clinton people say we would love to run against donald trump. i called a couple of them and i
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said, the reason they say that is that they don't want to run against me. the last thing she wants to be doing and bill wants to be doing is running against trump. they would love to have somebody else who was a little more mild-mannered. who won't bring up the truth. i just tell the truth. they would like that to happen. believe me. i know clinton. i have been friendly. when i was a businessman. say i was aeve i businessman? can i say that i'm still a businessman? i hate to say i'm a politician. these politicians are so bad. all talk, no action. that's these politicians. nothing ever gets done. you're not going to make it. and i can make it if you put some politician in their. i know them all. i've contributed to most of them. one of them said no, i don't think you have contributed to me.
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they found out i did. i have given to democrats. i've given to hillary. i've given everybody because that was my job. i have to give to them. when i want something, i get it. when i call, they kiss my ass. is true. -- it's true. they kiss my ass. it's true. [applause] think of that. trump 47%, hillary clinton 44%. i love it. in iowa, a cnn poll. it's a couple weeks old, but that's ok. i think it is the most accurate. 33% ted cruz, 20%. the one last night has us statistically even. i don't want it to be close. we have to have a mandate. we have to get out there. i want to win by so much. after tell you -- by the way,
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new hampshire, we are doing so get there. look at this. we are up 21 points. i do not mean i have 21. i mean we are up 21 points. here is one in south carolina. trump, 38%. ted cruz the second at 23%. do you know what that is? that is a massive difference. we are doing good. we're going to win and come in first place. ted is a nice guy. i like him. he likes me. a lot of other people don't like him by the way. but i like him. why? he's been very nice to me. here is the problem. he is talking about natural born citizens. if he ever got the nomination, you know the democrats are going to bring a major suit. he was born in canada whether we like it, don't like it. he lived there. he was born in canada. i guess his parents voted in canada. a lot of things happened here.
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if you're born in canada, it may be a little bit of a problem. he gave up his citizenship 16-18 he gave up his citizenship 16-18 months ago. lawrence tribe is from hartford. very great lawyer. a constitutional expert. he's on television last night. he said about now to born citizens that this matter is not a settled matter. it is wrong to say it is a settled matter because it is not. just so you understand, that means there is a question. he was born in canada. i say to ted, as a republican, i think it's important, you have to get it straightened out. go for the declaratory judgment
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where you say there is a problem where there is a problem of interpretation. you get a ruling from the judge. because you cannot put somebody there that is going to go in and be immediately sued by the democrats because they are saying he was born in canada. there is that doubt. who knows more about lawsuits than i do? i'm the king. they take 2-3 years. you can have somebody running and have a lawsuit and people have artie said they will bring a lawsuit. as to tural born citizenship. honestly, i don't know. some say have to be born on the land. that is what i always thought before. he was born in canada. john mccain had the same problem.
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the differences his parents were both in the military and he was born on a military base. i understand that. what you going to do? say you should have taken me back home to be born? he was born on a military base. by the way. lawrence tribe represented john mccain on that. he said he was troubled by it. it bothered him. but he also understood it. with ted cruz it is a problem. if it is a problem, they have to work it out. you can't give somebody a nomination. i think we are going to win. i don't want to win this way. i don't want to win this way. i want to win fair and square. based on the polls i am doing well. but, you can't have a person running for office even though ted is very glib and he says i'm a natural born citizen. the point is you are not.
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you've got to get a declaratory judgment. you have the courts, with a ruling for you have a candidate who just cannot run. the other side will immediately bring suit and you have that clout on your head and you can't have that cloud on the head. the republicans have a structural disadvantage. speaking of that, i think i'm going to do great in new york. a state they don't even talk about. you have to win florida. you have to win ohio. i do great in ohio. i'm killing case sick -- kasich in ohio. i'm killing him in the polls. it's the same thing in florida. why did you pick one of them? it's interesting. pennsylvania, we're going to do great. for they have done in the industry's, i guarantee you i'm going to do great in pennsylvania.
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i think and want to do great in states not considered in play. i think new york. they came out with a pull, upstate new york loves trump. i do well in manhattan. i lived there. the truth is whether it is liberal or not liberal, democrat or whatever, people want safety. they want our country to be great again. they want lower taxes. [applause] so i think that i'm going to win states that these people up there with the cameras don't even talk about. states that aren't even talked
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about. the other people are not going to win those states. there is not a chance. all these people are not going to win new york. i have a good chance of winning. they like me. i have employed thousands and thousands of people. i have built projects in new york from the littlest to the biggest buildings. tens of thousands of people. they like me in new york. a place like new york which is an even thought of, all of a sudden they are saying trump would have a chance because upstate new york, which is set with a have done with that, it is in serious trouble, because it in such trouble i have a chance of winning. nobody else does. it just came out and one of the magazines that if trump gets the nomination they think he is going to take 20% of the democrat vote. i think so. [applause] do you remember the old little group of people -- some are still around. democrats for who?
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reagan? remember how many voted for ronald reagan. they are not polling that stuff. then, i'm going to do great with the hispanics. i told you about nevada where i won the pole because in one to create jobs. i'm going to do great with african-americans. they know i'm bringing the jobs back from china and japan and mexico. i want great with african-americans. there was a poll that showed i had 25% with african-americans. 25%. a republican gets 5%. 7% tops. this came out and said 25% for trump. the commentators were talking about it. if he gets 25% of the african-american vote this election is over. he wins. it is over.
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i don't know if i'm going to get 25%. i have a great relationship with the african-americans. they love me. i love them. we are doing great with them. we're going to do great with every group. it is just a very exciting time. it is it is exciting to see what is happening. when i first announced, it was amazing. i have never seen so many cameras. it looked like the academy awards. i said to my wife it takes guts to run for president. i'm not a politician. i've always heard from day one, i've heard you can't run if you are a successful person, you can't run for president. i said it doesn't matter. committee stupid things are happening. they don't know what they are doing. they are either corrupt, incompetent or they have another agenda. i don't really think so but maybe there is another agenda out there we don't even know
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about. there is something going on because there are so many things that are so simple like the iran deal. how do you give $150 billion and we get nothing of that deal? we don't even get our prisoners back. now, i ran wants to start negotiating for the prisoners. they said we want very much. you just get sick when you see it. they are getting $150 billion and what we should have done is right at the beginning, in the middle, at the beginning of this thing, you go and say you want our prisoners back. they never asked for the prisoners. you know kerry. the worst negotiator. the persians are great negotiators.
10:39 am
he is a master negotiator. kerry said he never wanted to do that or ask for the prisoners because he didn't want to complicate the deal. that is what he said. he didn't want to complicate the deal. they are still there. one is a christian pastor, a pastor, a christian. the washington post has one of the reporters there. they are hostages. what happens is you go in, you made the right men say to them we have to have our prisoners back. whenever it started. got a have them back before we start negotiating. they will say no, and we will say bye-bye, we are leaving. with goodbye, get up and leave. they should have left that four or five times instead of sitting there. you get up and you leave.
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now what you do is ratchet up the sanctions and bring them up a couple of steps. you double them, triple them, give them nothing. you bring them up, double them. i guarantee you within 48 hours they will be calling saying three years ago, saying we will give you your prisoners, when can we start negotiating? you wait till the prisoners are on the plane, you wait until they are over american soil, you wait till they are landing and you have your next meeting. now you are not giving them the $150 million because we don't have it. we want to give it a we don't have that. we can't give you the money, we don't have it, i'm sorry. let's put that in your head. they will be angry but don't worry about it. they will get over it. you make a good deal. you have your prisoners. if i'm going to go in, i'm not going to have that $150 billion.
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it will drive me nuts. i hate the concept of giving away that much money so stupidly. now they call and they say we are now prepared to negotiate for the prisoners but we want a lot. can you believe the stupidity of these people. this is one of the greatest deals of all time. the greatest you of all time, i just started figuring this out, what do they get in addition to this great deal with the money? 24 days for inspection. so we say we had that building was nuclear. let us know. before they hit to the 24 days, they have to go through a process. it could be forever. they have certain areas where they have self inspection. think of iran with self inspection. we hear you are building
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nuclear. let us go and inspect. we will call you back tomorrow. mr. president, i promise we are not building nuclear there. this is madness. how we could have agreed to this is insane. it will lead to nuclear proliferation as sure as you are sitting there. you already see saudi arabia. if you think that iraq, and what is going on, the greatest deal they have made is iraq. they have been fighting for iraq forever. since i was born they have been fighting. they have two equal countries in terms of militarily -- they go this and they fight. 10 feet this way 10 feet that way. they rest for a couple of years ago back and fight. saddam hussein with the gas, and the other one with gas, we take a truce, they rest. what the hell? we should have never been there in the first place. i said that.
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we have to rebuild our country great we have to rebuild our infrastructure, our roads, schools am a bridges and we are pouring money. i said in 2004 and 2003, donald trump opposed to the war. i am more military -- i'm more militaristic that anybody in this room. i want that strong military. i wanted so bad because we are not going to have it. we have to have it. we have to build it up. i'm in the real estate business. all the time i am getting these listings of naval base for sale, air force for sale. how many places do they have? we are always selling these bases. we need a strong military. we need a powerful military. we don't have it. we just don't have it. we are going to change things in this country.
10:44 am
we are going to use our heads and be so smart, we are going to be so cunning, we're going to win so much. we're going to win on militarily. we are going to knock the shit out of isis. [applause] we are going to win with health care. if you look at obama care, obama care -- the premiums are up 25% 35%, 45%. it is a disaster. it is going to collapse in 2017. in 2017 it has to collapse. we are going to terminated and replace it with something better. cheaper for you, cheaper for the country. it is no good. did you see your deductibles? we have to be dying for years before you get any money. you have to be so bad, you're not going to get any money.
10:45 am
the deductibles or through the roof and premiums are going up so fast it is a disaster for everybody. we need health care. we need some the different things. we need a strong border. we need the wall. we're going to build the wall. [applause] so when i came down trump tower with my wife, she was very elegans and i'm waving saying what am i doing, why my doing this? they have a lot of people back there. it looked like the academy awards. i mentioned i talked about illegal immigration. i took he like nobody has ever taken heat. rush limbaugh said donald trump has taken more incoming that any human being i've ever seen. i took a lot of heat. two weeks later it started dying down. then you have the killing of jamille in los angeles, getting ready to go to college, football player, great father, an amazing
10:46 am
guy. shot in the face by an illegal immigrant who should have never been here. you have the woman killed recently in california, a beautiful 66-year-old veteran. you had the woman killed recently in california. a beautiful, wonderful, 66-year-old veteran. she was raped, sodomized, and killed, by a person that should have never, ever been allowed to be here. and many, many more. this is just many, many, many more. and people started say, you know, he's right. he's right. and now that's not even controversial. now, the other day, i'm watching ted cruz, and he's saying, yes, and we will build the wall. i said, where the hell did that come from? [laughter] >> it's true.
10:47 am
and my wife said to me, darling, you have to hear this. and if it wasn't for tivo, i wouldn't have been able to hear it myself. i ran it back. she said, somebody just said he's going to build a wall. she's really into this. everybody is. i can tell you names. people that you wouldn't belief. they watch it. they love it. we had 24 million people at the debate, biggest in the history of cable television. not debate, i mean show! 24 million. cnn had 23 million people watch! the biggest audience in the history of cnn. this isn't me talking. this is cnn putting out a release. the biggest audience! now, let's say trump isn't involved. okay? let's say it's rand paul -- aye! jeb bush -- oh! i don't want to mention everybody, because some people i like so much. but let's say, okay, a cast of characters. those debates used to draw flies.
10:48 am
they didn't draw anybody. [laughter] >> nobody wanted to watch the debate. networks didn't even want them. i think they had to take them as part of their license. they didn't even want them. now they say, can we make them three hours, ten hours? i mean, it's crazy what's going on, the debates. and everybody knows why. variety is the story, the trump debates, right? all of the different places do a story. the hollywood reporter, good magazine. they do a story. beautiful story on me. but they call it "the trump debates." it's great! and the beauty is that if i run against hillary, they say it's going to be the largest voter turnout in the history of the united states. and i believe that. and they also said, and cnbc said it, not only is it going to be the largest voter turnout, but many of these people are sick and tired of these phony, corrupt politicians, like hillary -- [cheering] and they're going to vote for
10:49 am
trump and we're going to have a big victory. we're going to have a big victory. so when i started, i came down, beautiful building, trump tower. go check it out sometime. gotta buy time magazine first, then check out trump tower. then log on and come on to @realdonaldtrump. between twitter and facebook and instagram, i have like 11 or 12 million followers, sort of like owning the new york times without the losses. can you believe that? it's incredible. it's incredible. i just -- i did something the other day. i did a tweet on something. and i'm watching. i'm home, taking it easy, reading the paper. i did a tweet. and cnn breaks out, we have breaking news! donald trump is just -- some little thing about somebody not doing a good job someplace, right? donald trump has just announced that jeb bush is low energy. [laughter]
10:50 am
>> breaking news. no. it's like crazy. it's the most incredible form -- it's so quick, so incredible. and they watch it. they watch every tweet. you gotta be careful a little bit. if you make a spelling mistake, they kill you. if you make a typo. if i do a little typo, it's like death! they just go wild. they put it on. look at this man! look at this man, this is a horrible typo! but it does give you a tremendous amount of power. so @real donald trump. adding a few thousand people doesn't mean anything, right, when you have millions? but they're people from iowa. you have tremendous power, because you're going to be setting the agenda. it's so important what you're doing. so when i began, when i began, it started off and i was talking about the border. i was talking about trade. i was talking about china and i was talking about all of these countries that have been ripping
10:51 am
us off and taking our money and destroying us and leaving us poor, leaving us without jobs and all of the things that have happened. all of the things that are true. newtown, iowa -- newton. are you from newton? she's not, but she knows. they took businesses out of newton. i felt badly. these were great people where a daughter wasn't able to go any the people of newton, they like donald trump. but it was very unfair. jobs were taken. companies were taken. it was vikd. but that's happening all over the country. when i first came down, i said it was about trade and about the border and it was about obama care, repealing and replacing obamacare. then we had paris. and then we saw hatred. hatred like we've been watching. don't forget, the world trade center was hatred.
10:52 am
in my book, "the america we deserve," i talked about bin laden. and joe scarborough said, wait a minute, when did he talk about this? a couple of years ago before the world trade center went down. no way! show it to me. and they looked. they found out, i talked about osama bin laden. i said, don't go into iraq. i said osama bin laden, you gotta take these guys out. the reason i talked about him, i saw him on television, and i saw him in the papers. i said, this guy is a bad guy. a couple of years later, he knocked down the world trade center. they should have knocked him out. bill clinton had a chance to take him out and he didn't do it. if he did it, you would have the world trade center probably standing right now. so i said, amazing. people said, that's amazing, he was talking about bin laden before the trade center. i was talking about these different things.
10:53 am
then what happens is you have a very horrible thing and we know what that is. paris was terrible. then you had recently california. which was horrible. 14 people, just killed, by people that threw wedding receptions for them and an anniversary. it was friends of theirs and they walked in and killed them. there's something going on, something wrong here. then paris. and formerly, the press, they were -- fortunately, the press, they were calling him the -- the dumb guy with the dirty hat, you have to demean these people. they, isis and others, are using the internet to take our children's minds and to radicalize our children. and we won't even know about it. and they're going to places and they show up at the places -- i mean, they become -- they join isis and they join al-qaeda and they join -- it's disgusting what's going on, right? so i said, we have to get to the bottom of all of this. and i said it very strongly, very vividly. i told the anchors, please don't
10:54 am
call the leaders masterminds. call them people with very low i.q.'s, no good. the guy with the white hat, i call him the guy with the dirty white cap. he had the white ski thing on. why is he a mastermind? he sends guys in. you go there, you go there. think of this, because i'm big for the second amendment. we've got to save our second amendment, folks. [cheering] >> we've got to save it! so... [cheering] so if you go in, if you go in, and you have paris, where you have a number of places, and they put these thugs in there with guns, the toughest gun laws in the world, they say, is france and paris. the toughest in the world. you can't have a gun, unless you're a bad guy, you have a gun. you walk around with a gun, right? but if you're a law-abiding person, you're not allowed to have a gun. so in paris, these thugs, these dirty rotten, very stupid
10:55 am
demented people, walk in. and they say, get over. boom! get over. boom! not one gun in the room, except for the bad guys. they kill 130, with more to come because you have some really badly wounded people in the hospitals, many of whom won't make it. you have 130 people, a hospital load of horrible, horrible injuries. for what? i guarantee you, if that guy right there had a gun on his ankle and if that guy right there had a gun on his waist, and this one over here, the tall one with the glasses, or even the short one, or the woman -- she looks tougher than all of them -- [cheering] but if there were guns on the other side, where you'd have bullets going in both directions, it wouldn't be that way. same thing in california. with these two horrible people, right? these two horrible people that knew everybody in the room. they were sort of friends, i guess. but they knew everybody in the room. and if you had a gun on the other side, it would have been a
10:56 am
fight, and you wouldn't have the kind of carnage and horror show that you had. we have to protect our second amendment. remember that. and with me, it's going to be protected. and just one other thing, you have gun-free zones. that is like bait to a bad guy. a gun-free zone. we had the five military killed, not so long ago. on a military base, signs all over the place, this is a gun-free zone. one of the five was one of the all-time great soldiers, has every record, was a great marksman. not allowed to have a gun. he can't have a gun. so they have gun-free zones. the guy sees this is a gun-free zone. walks in. kills these five people. if they have guns, believe me, it wasn't turn out that way. they were standing there, nothing they could have done. he walks in, fully loaded. they had their guns, 200 yards away. locked up.
10:57 am
first thing i do, one of the first things -- there's so many things to do, but we get rid of those gun-free zones, especially on military basis. it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. just to finish, there's so many things that our country can do. it's common sense. it's smart. we have to be so vigilant. we have to watch. we have to see what's happening. and when i brought up a certain subject about radical islamic terrorism, a couple of weeks ago, i was met with unbelievable -- similar to when i talked about illegal immigration. and by the way, when cnn came out with their poll two weeks ago, i lead with isis. i lead with everything. i lead with immigration. i lead with isis. i lead with terrorism. and i don't mean by a little. i'm over 50% with most of them. i lead with the economy. that we sort of expect, because
10:58 am
i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. that i can tell you. the greatest. i'll be the best! when i brought up -- when i brought up radical islamic terrorism, words the president of the united states refuses to say -- now, if you don't say the problem, and if you don't know what the problem is, you're never gonna solve the problem. you're never gonna solve it. there's nothing wrong with him saying "we have a problem." i mean, the world trade center got knocked down. people are being killed all over the place. by the way, when i left today, cologne, germany, people have been beat to hell. women have been raped. what's going on in germany is unbelievable. and we have to be smart. we can't take these people from
10:59 am
the line that we have no idea who they are -- you know, we all have heart. and the migration is a terrible thing, caused to a larger extent by obama and hillary with their policies, so stupid, so totally and grossly incompetent. caused really by them. caused really by them. so what happened -- and others, but really by them more than anything else. you look at what they've done, with libya, with syria, the whole thing, everybody. i don't think they've done one right thing. even a few things. look, 50 soldiers. we're going to send 50 soldiers, okay? two months ago. so obama gets up. he announces, we're going to send 50 people. first of all, he thinks it's wonderful. 50 doesn't sound -- these are elite soldiers, great people. these are unbelievable men, women. these are the finest. what the hell does he have to say it for? because now they have a target on their back and the enemy is looking for those 50 people.
11:00 am
if he would have just kept his mouth shut -- and you know what? for the purpose of p.r., when you say 50, people say, 50? it's actually bad! it's not even good! but why does he have to say it? why does he have to say, we're getting out, we should have never been in iraq, folks. but we shouldn't have gotten out the way we got out. we shouldn't have gotten out the way we got out. i mean, i hated what they did. i hated what they did with iraq! but we shouldn't have gotten out. and he goes out and he announces -- he announces the date that we're leaving! and i said, oh, that's smart, because i think of it as camouflage. he leaves that day! so the bad guys -- don't kid yourself. they don't want to die. you read all about they want to die. bull shit. they don't want to die. okay? they don't wanna die. and let me just tell you another thing. their families know everything that they're doing, just like your families know everything that you're doing.
11:01 am
their families know everything! and they care more about their families than they care about themselves. they don't want to die. but they care more about their families than they care about themselves. and their wives know. and their children know. and they knew everything about the world trade center! and they knew what was going on! and those people in california, they had pipe bombs all over their place, all over their apartment and there were numerous people that knew. and they could have reported them to the police and you wouldn't have had the problem. but they didn't wanna do it! so something bad is going on. and before we do anything, and before this country goes totally to hell, we better get smart! we better get away from these superpoliticians that don't have it. and we better do it right, because we're not going to have much of a chance. we're not gonna have much of a chance.
11:02 am
so it's become largely, and even at the rallies, everybody has great confidence in me, with china, with all these places. and don't worry about it. we'll take great care of that whole situation. we'll get along great with them. it will be fine. we're going to do great. but we're going to strengthen up our borders. we're going to get along with mexico. they're going to respect us more. they don't like us now. they take advantage. they don't even like us. ford is building a plant there. nabisco, closing their factory in chicago, moving it to mexico. that doesn't help us, folks. i went to the greatest schools. i went to the wharton school of finance, an ivy league college. but it does nothing for us. we're going to have respect. we are going to be respected by other countries now. we're not respected. it's funny. we're like the big, fat bully that gets his ass kicked all the time. nobody respects it.
11:03 am
that's what we are. we don't win anymore. and what i said before is this. we are gonna win so much that you people are going to get so tired of it. you're going to beg me, please, please, no more victories, mr. trump. no more victories! we can't take it anymore! give us at least one or two failures. and i'm gonna say, no way we're gonna have failures! we're gonna win all the time! and we are going to make america great again! i love you! thank you! get out and vote! ♪[music] a kay hagan upon a reelection
11:04 am
11:05 am
bid. she is about to join a lobbying firm. left on the van for x numbers of congress. she will join the firm as an advisor. the houses is back in session today for a short. will gavel in at noon for speeches and legislative work. expanding sanctions against north korea after a nuclear weapons test. later, iran sanctions and disapproving of roles under the clean water act.
11:06 am
president obama heads to capitol hill tomorrow. it will be his last state of the union address. we have your phone calls after the speech. we will get more lively actions. tonight, on the communicators. discuss how media organizations are operating in the immediate environment. he is joined by ron nixon. ago as ad 70 years radio enterprise. we still do some radio. our ability to shift his there.
11:07 am
we're no different than every other media company. we're meant to do the same thing. as her mission. we want to be in on the peer-to-peer conversation we want to shift away from the stodgy old media. :00 easternight and on c-span two. fundlan parenthood endorsed hillary clinton for president. this took place in new hampshire. an hour.ust under
11:08 am
thank you for sharing your story can we given up for kelly robinson. i was back in with secretary clinton. she is going to organize this entire country for us. i want to thank the good doctor who is one of the heroes of this
11:09 am
movement. i want to thank her and all the doctors at planned parenthood for the work they do every single day. we also have some ceos today. i want to thank them. we have our very own ceo. thank you for being here. there are a lot of elected officials here. thank you. thank you very much for being here today with us. have two awesome and brave
11:10 am
new hampshire executive counselors. stood strong for planned parenthood funding. they are amazing. we have so many state reps and state senators from new hampshire. thank you. i have been on campaigns my life. i haven't been this excited ago when day 26 years my mother declared she was running for governor of the state of texas. i feel i feel it she is with us here today. i am so excited to be in hampshire. ready to make history today? let's set the stage.
11:11 am
the whole idea was to give women access to health care and the rights they needed. ance then it, women have enormous progress. we're just getting started. no more than half of the college students. we are on congress and the supreme court. becauseit's important women have made these gains in large part because we have the right plan whether or not we have children. it is fundamental to everything we do. we're not going back. they see millions of patients
11:12 am
every year. there is no more american and fusion than planned parenthood. gary, women say they count on planned parenthood every day. onrad student the plans affordable birth control so she can finish school. she knows she will get excellent high-quality care. she gets her peace of mind by going to planned parent for her annual breast exam. staff andnd
11:13 am
supporters come every walk of life. people walk through our doors every day. they are coming because they need the best care from the best professionals. as one of our patients said, there are screenings that give our population healthy and live free. isn't that what new hampshire is all about?
11:14 am
we just saw this last week. representative one more time to eliminate millions of people's ability to go to planned parenthood for preventive care. toted theobama the moment it sat on his desk. we need a friend in the white house. the stakes have never been higher for women in damages. this is what we heard. they want health care.
11:15 am
it's a human right. they also present who understands the the pro-choice actually means able to choose to have a child. a president who will fight for prenatal care. it takes a village to raise a child. they want a president who will stand up to the gun lobby. no matter what. they want a president who will demand that nobody is paid less just because they are a woman.
11:16 am
theeserve 100 cents on dollar. they need a president who is tough up to standard to anyone who will deny women the right to make a health decisions. is we have that candidate. prouder say we to endorsing hillary clinton be the next president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] as i think you all know, in this election, with the attacks on women's health and rights, more than ever before, we don't need
11:17 am
just a friend, a solid vote, a supporting statement. we need a fighter. it was hillary clinton who first said to the world that women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights, once and for all. here is the tough thing. there are some folks who still don't believe in that. the real problem is several of them are running for president of the united states of america. personally, i hope i live to see the day when i woman right to health care is embraced by republicans and democrats and independents and understand it is an american value. it is an american value. but one lesson from the recent republican debates is we have a lot of work to do. every single leading republican candidate for president has committed to destroying the progress that women have made. they have all about to ban safe
11:18 am
and legal abortion. they have pledged to repeal the affordable care act, ending insurance coverage for birth control for 55 million women in america. and they have pledged to lock planned parenthood access, including cancer treatments and wellness planning. they have painted their vision for america and it looks a lot like the 1950's, and my friends, we are not going backwards. i mean, yeah. "mad men" is great entertainment, but i do not want to live in that series. the clinton has been fighting for women her entire life. as a young attorney advocating for victims of abuse, as first lady, helping to create the children's health insurance program which provides 8 million children in america access to health care. [cheers and applause]
11:19 am
and as u.s. senator, she entered eight bills to expand access to reproductive health care, and that is eight more than anyone else running for president of the united states. no candidate has done more for women and families, for our health, rights, and our economic security. she is the leader i trust in the whithouse to make sure women and families move forward. as secretary of state, she put women's health care and rights at the top of the global agenda and she stared down some of the toughest dictators around the globe. i have no doubt she can stare down the gun lobby, the tea party, and anyone who would take away women's rights, because she never wavers. she never wavers. [cheers and applause]
11:20 am
these last eight years under president obama, women have made huge advances. so, again, thank you, president obama for being a champion for women every single day. [cheers and applause] but we know it's donald -- if donald trump or ted cruz have their way, we will be back in the stone age and we can't go back there. this election is a showdown between those who want to build on the incredible progress we have made and the promise of the future, and those who want to rip it all away. and we have worked really, really hard together to get where we are today. it is unthinkable our granddaughters and our daughters could be facing a future where they have fewer rights than we do. is that right? make no mistake. this election will determine whether roe versus wade continues to be the law of the land, whether women and families make their own childbearing decisions, not politicians, and
11:21 am
whether women can continue to seek care from planned parenthood. our pledge, hillary's pledge, is that planned parenthood's doors will stay open. [applause] so, that is why we are here today. that is why we are here in new hampshire are. -- here in new hampshire. we are here to make history. ladies and gentlemen, the next president of the united states of america, secretary hillary clinton. ♪ [cheers and applause] [applause]
11:22 am
secretary clinton: are you guys ready to win an election? well, i sure am. i'm ready with your help and i am so honored to accept this endorsement of the planned parenthood action fund, and -- [applause] and as cecile just said, i have stood with you throughout my life and certainly throughout my career, and i promise you this. as your president, i will always have your back. we will work and fight together. this has been a pretty energetic and even an emotional afternoon,
11:23 am
because you have heard so many great advocates, so many people on the front lines, fighting to preserve women's rights. i want to thank some of them. i want to thank the great mc, i want to thank donna burket, i want to thank natasha from brooklyn for her story. she is a patient advocate who has been a patient. i want to thank the student advocate from las vegas. i want to thank crystal from new hampshire who is also a patient and a volunteer both for planned parenthood and my campaign, and i appreciate both. [applause] i also want to thank the members of congress who are here -- ann kuster, niki tsongas, carol shea-porter, former and future member of congress from right here in new hampshire.
11:24 am
i want to thank everyone associated with planned parenthood, from the board to the staff, to the supporters one and all, and i particularly want to thank your fearless leader cecile richards. [cheers and applause] there's a lot about cecile i really admire, and among the long list, when republicans demanded that she testified before congress, a not know what they were getting themselves into -- they did not know what they were getting themselves into. [cheers and applause] i know a little bit about this. it's one of my experiences with cecile, because for five hours
11:25 am
republicans believed and bluster. cecile never flinched. she just told them the facts, and you know, a lot of the republicans are fact adverse. [laughter] secretary clinton: they did not want to hear any of that. they do seem to live in an evidence free zone. just like the republican candidates for president, and when it was over, i saw an interview where someone asked cecile, how did you do it? how did you stay so poised in the face of such breathtaking contempt for women's health, women's rights, women's dignity? do you know what her answer was? she says, when you are standing up for what is right, you keep going. and that's what -- [cheers and applause] that is what planned parenthood has done for nearly 100 years.
11:26 am
it is certainly what cecile richards has done. she comes by that grit and determination from her wonderful mother, who i was privileged to know, and i wish ann richards could be here with us for this election. with new love to hear her give -- [laughter] secretary clinton: donald trump and ted cruz and the others a piece of her mind? oh, boy, so what i. [laughter] secretary clinton: you know, every election is important, but this one poses such a stark choice, and mistakes are so high. in january of 2017, a new president will walk into the oval office. america cannot afford for it to be a republican who will rip away all of the progress we have
11:27 am
made. you hear them, you hear what they are saying, as the cellist for position. the same top-down policies that failed and led to the great recession. they don't even seem to understand what is going on in the lives of americans. whether it is economic policy or health care policy or foreign policy, they are so out of touch and out of date. this year, they succeeded in passing a bill to repeal the affordable care act and to defund planned parenthood, and the only thing, as cecile said, stopping them from making that the law of the land was president obama's veto pen. [applause]
11:28 am
and every one of them had promised to sign such a bill, and you know what that would mean. when planned parenthood is threatened, the health of women and a lot of men, too, all across our country is threatened, just like here in new hampshire when the executive council voted to defund planned parenthood. without the affordable care act 19 million americans would lose their health coverage. insurance companies would be back in charge. they would be free to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions, free to go back to charging women more for our health care than men. so, clearly we cannot let that happen. and therefore we need a
11:29 am
democratic nominee who will be able to beat the republicans and get the job done for americans. i shudder to think about what the republicans would do if given the chance. we know any republican president would accelerate the assault on access to safe and legal abortion. and think about this. the next president could easily appoint more than one justice to be supreme court's. already the court is getting ready to consider a texas law that imposes burdensome and medically unnecessary requirements on abortion providers. if these restrictions are allowed to stand, 5.4 million women will be left with just 10 health centers across that huge expanse of texas that provide
11:30 am
necessary services and the effects of that decision would ripple out across our country. it is the biggest challenge to the court will also review another challenge to the affordable care act birth-control provision. -- benefits. remember the hobby lobby decision that made it possible for a woman's employer to limit her health care choices? that fight is not over either. access to affordable birth control is still hanging in the balance at the supreme court. if a republican wins this election and gets the chance to stack the supreme court with right-wing justices, together, they will accelerate the move to take america in the wrong direction, and so many issues you and i have fought for and
11:31 am
many americans now take are granted. they want to strip away workers rights and make it harder to organize. they want to turn back the clock on voting rights and lgbt right. -- lgbt rights. they want to further got campaign-finance reform. a republican will not do what is necessary to ensure that women finally get equal pay for the work we do. they all want to cut taxes further for the super rich and get out of the way of corporations. 2015 was the second hottest year on record, but some republican candidates still deny that climate change even exists. you know what they say. well, i'm not a scientist. [laughter] secretary clinton: there is an
11:32 am
easy answer to that. go talk to a scientist. and you know -- [cheers and applause] in fact, on all of these issues, i don't know who they spend their time talking to or listening to. honest to goodness, they do not agree with anything i'm advocating for, raising the minimum wage, combating climate change, raising incomes for working americans. i see them talking to people. i have concluded they have a group of actors. they just move from place to place. [laughter] nobody ever stands up and says what i hear from the thousands of people i listen to. so, you don't have to take it from me though. they are saying it all themselves. they are telling you exactly what they will do if they get elected. and you know what? we should believe them. we should believe them because they are so far out in saying what they will do, they will be held to it, and some of them
11:33 am
even believe it. so that's why exactly where we stand and i want you to know , where i stand. first of all, i will always defend planned parenthood and -- [cheers and applause] and i will say consistently and proudly, planned parenthood should be funded, supported, and appreciated, not undermined, misrepresented, and demonized. i believe -- i believe we need to protect access to safe and legal abortion, not just in principle, but in practice. any right that requires you to take extraordinary measures to access it is no right at all. not when patients and providers
11:34 am
have to endure harassment and intimidation just to walk into a health center. not when -- not whennd applause [ making an appointment means taking time off from work, finding childcare, and driving halfway across your state, not when providers are required by state law to recite misleading information to women in order to shame and scare them, and not as long as we have laws on the books like the hyde amendment, making it harder for low income women to exercise their full rights. [cheers and applause] now -- when i talk like this, and i do often -- [laughter]
11:35 am
republicans say i am playing the gender card. well, if fighting for each pay, paid leave, and planned parenthood is playing the gender card, deal me in. [cheers and applause] i want you to also know, i will always stand up for access to affordable contraception without interference from politicians or employers. birth-control is basic health care, and it plays a vital role in the health of millions of women and their families. i waged a fight with my good friend, senator patty murray from washington, when i was in the senate to make sure emergency contraception could be over-the-counter. and we -- [cheers and applause]
11:36 am
we waged that battled for years. we held up a bush appointee that -- to the food and drug administration, and we finally won. i promise you i will never give up and i will never back off. [cheers and applause] and i will support comprehensive, inclusive sex education. [cheers and applause] for goodness sakes, people deserve accurate information. [laughter] i thought we were in open society. -- i thought we were an open society. we will make sure that is true across the board. i will defend and improve the affordable care act. you may remember when i was first lady, i thought to get every american access to quality, affordable health care and i still have the scars to
11:37 am
, prove it. and when the drug companies and insurance companies and their allies block our way i was , disappointed, but not discouraged. i went back to work with leaders on both sides of the aisle to create the children's health insurance program to provide coverage to 8 million children. [applause] two decades later, i was so proud to be part of president obama's administration when he signed the affordable care act into law. [cheers and applause] as your president, i will do more to bring down costs for families and ease ordinance on -- and ease burdens on small businesses and make sure consumers happy choices you deserve. nobody in america should have to choose between getting health care, or paying their rent. we can fix this but only if we
11:38 am
, elect a president who has what it takes to get the job done for american families. to take on issues as big as the world and a small as your , kitchen table. i have been fighting for women and families my entire life. i will go anywhere, anytime, to meet with anyone, and work my heart out to find common ground, but i will stand my ground. i'm not going to let anyone rip away the progress we have made. that is why hedge fund billionaires are running ads against me. that is why the koch brothers are promising to spend whatever takes to stop me. because they know i will defeat their right-wing, top-down agenda that is so bad for america. [cheers and applause] now donald trump and ted cruz and their powerful friends may
11:39 am
be trying to drag us back to the stone age, but we have our sites set on the future. because in spite of the challenges we face, i believe our best days are ahead of us. there is so much we can do together. just look at planned parenthood, every single day at health centers across america. people are doing extraordinary things together. sometimes under enormous stress and pressure. when a man who never should have been allowed to have a gun in the first place killed three people at the planned parenthood in colorado springs, the community came together to mourn. the very next day, planned parenthood staff got up and went to work in colorado and across the country, providing birth control, std testing, cancer
11:40 am
screenings, and yes, abortion services. still come in for their -- every time a patient calls to ask if they can still come in for their appointment, there was only one response. at these doors stay open. those four words -- [cheers and applause] those four words sum up everything you need to know about planned parenthood, don't they? when you are standing up for what is right, you keep going. i was raised by a mother who had a difficult childhood. she was abandoned, mistreated, out on her own as a housemaid by the time she was 14 years old. but she never stopped believing the future could be better. she never stopped being grateful for the second, third, and fourth chances people gave her in our country. and now i have this amazing
11:41 am
fifth -- the t-mobile granddaughter and i think about her every day. and of course, i will do whatever i can to make sure she has every opportunity in lyft. but here's what i have concluded now that i am a member of the grandparents -- grandparent's club. [laughter] secretary clinton: that's not enough. it really matters what kind of country she grows up in and what kind of world is waiting for her. it matters not just that my grandchild can realize the promise of america, but that every child and grandchild has the same opportunity. together -- [cheers and applause] together we can have the america that we all believe is possible. and i need your help to do that. i need your help starting here in the new hampshire primary and iowa caucus.
11:42 am
we can win the selection. we can build that better future. and yes indeed, a future where a father can tell his daughter, you can be anything you want to be, including president of the united states. thank you all very much. [cheers and applause] ♪ [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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♪ >> hearing go. >> great to meet you. [laughter] ready? >> here we go.
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that it? it? >> thank you so much. >> thank you for everything. >> thank you. >> thank you so much. >> ready? 1, 2, 3. grandmother, to another, thank you. >> thank you. >> sure. we can actually do it. we can do teaching together. >> here we go! >> how are you?
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>> glad you are here. >> can we get a picture with you? >> sure, of course! >> you bet. in?hat got it?- >> can i get out of the way? [laughter] >> i love you! >> you make me so proud. >> here we go! >> excellent.
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>> thank you so much. >> how are you? >> absolutely, good to see you. so honored that you are here. >> definitely. >> here we go. thanks for being here. you have absolutely made my whole like. -- life. >> you are so inspiring. >> thanks for being here. god! my [cheers] >> so wonderful. gosh! y
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>> thank you so much. great! , you are going to have a whole bunch here. [laughter] [applause] yes, yes, do you want to do it together as mark -- do you want to do it together? it? t o it?nna di >> here we go!
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do you want to do it, or do you want me to do it? >> here we go! [laughter] >> that looks good! sure, let's do it. here we go. us?four of are all of us in? thank you, guys! >> we love you. >> how are you?
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>> are you guys together? >> yeah. >> here we go. >> here we go. [laughter] ♪ >> thank you so much.
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>> we are going to let these young girls through. >> thank you. >> we are going to win! [laughter] here be go! -- here we go! ♪ thank you. where would i be if i didn't have your help? >> i know. ♪
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>> sure, you got your phone? >> let's get everybody. we don't want to leave anybody out. ♪ >> thank you so much, guys. >> sure. are you guys together? how are you? it's good to see you. >> this is my daughter. have it yet, sorry. all right. i think we got a good one. thank you madam secretary.
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it would be great to have you. >> thank you. we will let you know for sure. >> ok great. thank you madam secretary. >> here we go. get everybody and. n. get everybody in >> thank you so much for everything. >> hi, how are you? we want a selfie with you. here we go. >> thank you so much. >> you are so welcome. hi, how are you?
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♪ >> i would love that! >> thank you. >> thank you. >> how are you? >> i am doing very well. i work so hard for you. between now and the primaries, are going to make tv. -- make it. can i get a picture of my best friend margaret with you? >> yes.
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>> look at that. >> thank you. rned out.ure it tu thank you so much. >> did it turn out ok? i am wonderful. how are you? sure, here we go. that is? -- got it? >> can i take a picture with you? >> sure. >> ok. >> thank you. >> perfect.
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>> not to live coverage of the house. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from th speaker. the clerk: the speaker's room, washington, d.c., january 11, 2016. i hereby appoint the honorable adrian smith to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 5, 2016, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties with each party limited to one hour and each member other than the majority and minority leaders and the minority whip but in o five minutes


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