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tv   Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch Mc Connell News Conference  CSPAN  January 14, 2016 8:19pm-8:32pm EST

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country with clear solutions and that present a contrast, alternative, to what's been offered up by the president for the last several years. and what's been offered up by democrats in congress, which i think is just generally more of the same. which is more expanded government. our vision is much more about expansion of liberty. mrs. mcmorris rodgers: thanks, everyone. we'll be back. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] mr. ryan: you people have to turn some a.c. on. welcome, everybody. i want to speak on behalf of myself and the leader how
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pleased we are, first of all, that the house republican conference and house senate conference are here together talking about ideas. what we're here today is come together as republican conferences talking about how do we take our principles and apply them to the problems of the day and offer solutions to the american people. the challenge we have in this particular government is barack obama is president. so the kind of agenda we're discuss, the kind of agenda we're talking about forming is what could we do if we had a republican president? what does 2017 look like if the election goes the way we hope it goes? that's why we think it's important for us to offer a positive solutions-oriented approach and agenda to the american people so they can choose, they can choose in 2016 what kind of country they want to have. we think the couldn't are is on -- the country is on the wrong track. we think we're headed in the wrong direction. economic growth, upward mobility, economic growth, national security. that's why we're here today to talk among ourselves about how we go forward. what's the better way, what's our agenda?
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that's why we're having a fantastic retreat. mr. mcconnell: let me echo what the speaker said. our presidential candidates are out there beating each other up at the moment. that's going to solve itself at some point in the process. what paul has laid out is something i agree with totally which is that we're going to do issue development to try to get ready for 2017. there have been examples of that in the past in which newly nominated republican candidates have picked up ideas that were developed in congress and made he them the cent e-- center priest of their fall campaigns. centerpiece the of their fall campaigns. in in the meantime let me make the point that we weren't sent here to do nothing. and we're going to be looking for opportunities to make some progress for the american people this year even though the guy in the white house is not somebody we can do the kind of broad reforms that we'd like to achieve. there are steps in the right
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direction we can take. one obvious step i would mention is not going to titillate the public but one obvious step would be for the first time since 1994, do all the appropriation bills. and the democrats in the senate who blocked that possibility this year are at least saying the right things. we're going to give them an opportunity to step up and help us do that. >> niki haley in her response, for both of you, said that the party should resist the siren call of the angriest of voices, clarified that was about donald trump. did you agree with that statement? mr. ryan: we thought she did a great job, both of us had a hand in selecting her. i did the speech myself in 2011, wrote it myself. she wrote her speech we think she gave a great speech. what she's ultimately trying to do is talk about how do we have a message that's inspiring, inclues i, hopeful, optimistic and unites the country? we don't want to have another president like this one that divides the country wem want to
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unite that means listening to all voices, those who are frustrated, those who are inspiring, all of the above. mr. mcconnell: what people remember about ronald reagan is not that he was a solid conservative, but he was cheerful, optimist eric and upbeat and believed in the future of this country. he expressed that better than anyone ever has. that needs fob our message going messageneeds to be our going into the fall. >> on possibly reforming filibuster you said you got good comments from the democrats here. but as you know, and i asked your other colleagues earlier, there's always some stake in -- snake in the grass that comes up on appropriation bills, we had the confederate flag last year. speaker ryan wants an open amendment process, that's going to take a lot of time. i know what you want to do. you said it isn't going to titillate the public but it's a herculean task to get these bills cone. -- get these bills done.
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mr. mcconnell: it is. as you all recall, i said in the beginning of my time at majority leader, that open amendment process is going to be the rule rather than the exception. when you have the bill open for amendment, it presents the opportunity for troublesome proposals from both sides. but we saw what the senate looked like when nothing happened. 15 roll call votes in all of 2014. no budget for the last five years. we're not going to have that kind of senate this year. we'll just take our chances. we're big men and women. we're prepared to vote on proposals offered from both sides. mr. ryan: instead of shouting questions out, let us call on you. we're working early in the house, with the conventions we lose half of july. we've got some compression in the schedule we're dealing with. but we're going to have an open rule system. votes will be all over the place because the rule is going to be
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open. that's how the system ought to be. especially in the house. so that i think is what the founders intended. like i said at the first press conference i had, we're not going to predetermine the outcome of everything. i don't know where the appropriation bills ultimately go on the floor because we're going to let members have their amendments. have the votes. that's ok. that's the system we think we ought to have. >> what kind of a contrast is going to be drawn between the parties given the unanimous republican on stoigs it? -- republican opposition to it? mr. mcconnell: let me just say as far as the senate is concerned, there are a number of democrats who are scrambling to try to convince their constituents that they really weren't for this deal. and so i've said with regard to iran proposals, any proposal
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that looks like it can get 6 or more votes, i'm open to. -- can get 67 or more votes, i'm open to. in other words, we're not going to run the senate floor to allow democrats to get well from a bad mistake they made on iran. if, on the other hand, they want to make law, bring me 67 votes, and we'll get the floor time. >> down in south carolina, at the winter g.o.p. meet, there's been chatter about a brokered convention. can you say with 100% certainty that there will not be a brokered convention? mr. ryan: no. i think it's ridiculous to talk about it. >> you talk about an open amendment process. they said that he would like a vote on donald trump's proposals to bar muslims from entering the country. is that something you'd allow? senator mcconnell: generally speaking i've tried to avoid
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turning the senate into a studio for the presidential campaign. but it's worth noting that what's good for the goose is good for the grander. -- good for the gander. and so you could expect amendments that they might not like related to the sanders or clinton campaigns. as a general rule, what i tried to ask the senate to do is let the presidential candidates run their race, and let's try to do the people's business. >> if donald trump or ted cruz turn out to be the nominee of the party are you confident that you and your colleagues in the republican -- and the republican apparatus will get behind -- mr. ryan: we're going to support whoever the nominee is. because it's the republican primary voters who make that decision. it's what we're working on here today and what we'll be working on all year is putting together an agenda so the country can choose what direction we had.
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we believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction so we believe we have a duty to offer another way forward. so that's what we're going to do. take our conservative principles, present the country with solutions so they can make a choice and whoever our nominee is going to be we think can help carry that forward. >> yesterday you told the meeting you intended to pass a budget this year, but spoke to chairman enzi on wednesday he, hasn't committed to moving a budget yet. is that set in stone there's going to be a budget? mr. mcconnell: we're committed to try to pass a budget. four of the last five years under the democratic majority they didn't do that. the only time they did do it was when the house said new york no pay. budget, it's pretty clear they don't think that's an important exercise even though it's required by law system of we're
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going to make a midge effort to pass a budget. mr. ryan: thanks, everybody. >> a former member of the national security council will be i part of a discussion on iran and saudi arabia. we will have live coverage from the hudson institute at noon eastern. on c-span 2 the congressional internet caucus will look at consumer freedom of expression and tactics businesses used to silence critical online reviews. >> book tv has 48 hours of nonfiction books and authors
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every weekend. hero programs to watch out for this weekend. book tv coverage of the second annual bill of rights day book festival. from the national constitution center. afterwards,tern on ma one child's. by the authorewed of age of ambition, chasing fortune, faith, and truth in the new china. in one or two generations you have seen everybody go from a bicycle aspiration to bmw. if the one child policy had helped people get to that stage i would be all for it. the problem was it didn't have that much to do with this economic growth china had for the last 40 years.
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the impact ofs breast-feeding policies on american society. breast-feeding fits into an american health paradigm that blames individuals themselves for poor health outcomes and american health care. >> watch book tv every weekend. television for syracuse reader s. >> next, ashton carter talking about isis. he was asked about the u.s. sailors who were released from iranian custody.


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