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  Donald Trump Campaign Event in Portsmouth New Hampshire  CSPAN  January 17, 2016 3:05pm-3:35pm EST

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rally and talk about the announcement of the iranian prisoner swap and criticized ted cruz for his remarks about new york values. that was part of a series of forums featuring republican presidential candidate posted by scott around. new hampshire was the first residential primary on february 9. this is just under one hour. >> i thought this would be good to have a candidates come through and you would have your chance to ask the questions. we have a very exciting candidate and a very important game.
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i hope you all enjoy and i will turn it over to scott. .> thank you very much obviously a very exciting time. for participating in the democratic process and learning and growing and understanding the issue. who is aomeone supporter of mine and a dear friend and business leader, philanthropist and real estate mogul. he understands the issues and is talking about things people are talking about in their living rooms and dining rooms. they are talking about the debt and deficit, taxing and spending at all of the things you and i are talking about. he is somebody who has gotten america's attention. to thewelcome you
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business leader, real estate leader, father, husband, the next president of the united states, donald trump. [applause] mr. trump: wow, that's great. that is a lot of people. that's a lot of beautiful people. now, the only thing i told scott, you have to do me one favor. i'll do it, but if we have the biggest crowd you have ever had even though we are in the middle of the worst snowstorm. we don't have snow like this in new york. this is one beautiful -- i don't think i will be out of here. i do not think the airplane will be lifting off soon. i said you have to announce it is the biggest crowd you've ever had. i said, is it? he said yes. scott: i think they will actually shovel your plan so you can get off. mr. trump: lick it all the
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people up there. wow. that is amazing. this is a great facility with a great owner. thank you very much. really nice. first thing i have to do because he is a friend of mine, an amazing guy, and amazing champion, and a really nice person. on, tom. you have to win, tom. he is a fantastic guy. as good as he is is a player, he is like that is a person to. he is a little injured, but he is still better than anybody. you have the best coach, the best owner, a special group. i was thinking about, to see if you are really trump fans, i was gone he you here beyond 4:00. no, we'll be out of your very quick.
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if i don't make a quick, i definitely won't be able to lift off. this journey began in june. nobody had any idea it was going to be like this. i've been on the cover of time magazine so many times over the last few months it has been incredible. last week's time cover, i loved the story. i thought it was well written, professionally written, without any barbs. usually, even when we get the right stories, the people in the back have to take a shot. you will have 2 paragraphs, and a kill. three good ones, and a kill. and in the end the story is lousy because the kills are bigger than the good ones. this described what it happened with the campaign. the wall street journal has an incredible article about the debate. the debate, myself and the debate.
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a lot of people have the articles and have put out really nice things as to what happened in the debate, and are happy with the end result. i have had someone following me a long and being very nice no matter what i said. i kept saying "i am a professional," i said when his ted cruz going to say something bad? i kept saying good, good, good. i am waiting. a lot of people do not like ted, to put it mildly. i said, mib only person that thinks he is a nice guy? it turns out he finally went off the wagon and went a little crazy. he is a hypocrite. his talking about protecting, then he pounds out -- found out on his personal disclosure of fund he did not disclose he was borrowing money from goldman sachs and said he forgot.
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then there is another story where he forgot citibank. how do you control citibank and -- and fairly -- and write fairly about goldman sachs, citibank, and yet you all the money with a personal guarantee. he obviously did not want voters to know he is controlled, lock stock and barrel, by citibank and goldman sachs. i think that is hypocritical, to be honest with you. i think it is very hypocritical. [applause] then he spoke badly about the people of new york. cities are cities, but they are basically people. brick and mortar and people. he spoke disparagingly about the people of new york. when the world trade center came down i watched these incredible
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people rebuild from the day he came down, literally. they were there. when other buildings in the surrounding area they thought were going to fall, and you had people working, trying to help. the most terrific site you've ever seen -- trying to help, doing what they could. i was there when we thought the u.s. steel building was coming down. these two massive wonderful firemen. we heard a screech -- steel on steel. there's a couple of days after the building -- we had a crew of people to help. they needed a lot of help. i've never seen anything like i saw. they heard a screech. everyone thought the u.s. steel building was coming down. it was not so far from us. these two workers, massive guys -- they were massive. i'm a big guy. they grabbed me. i never knew i could run that fast.
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they were running just as fast. they had my arms, and we were running. they are incredible people. when you think, firemen coming in from long island and other parts of new york -- you are insulting 25 million people if you talk about the area. they heard about it. firemen driving in the had nothing to do with it from long island and other parts. driving in from iowa and all over the country. we had fire departments from iowa coming in. it was incredible to see and witness. people coming in from all over. firemen coming entering the blaze new the building was in serious trouble. they got there through the tunnels, up, stop, and run. they run into the buildings, they run up the stairs. they knew it could collapse.
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everyone knew it could collapse. the building coming down. first building, second building. you have people running up the stairs as that is happening. and ted cruz criticizes new york, the people of new york -- it is a disgrace. a total disgrace. [applause] a total disgrace. i have to say, it is a good. i thought what he said was very sad. even during the debate, he said -- the phone numbers. -- the poll numbers. don't forget, they kept using the word "plateau." first i was at 6, they said he had plateaued. next i was at 12, 14, 18, or whatever the numbers may have been. then i hit 17, 20. every week it was, he has plateaued. then i got up around 20 or were 25, they said, this is an good.
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then a couple of polls had me at 42. 42%. 30 good, right? -- pretty good, right. now they are dropping out. after iowa or new hampshire a lot of people will leave. when you have 42 and 15 or 14 people they are talking about, that is a tremendous percentage. i would take that if we have three, but we certainly take it if we have 50 people. it has been an amazing run. i have really enjoyed it. people say to me, what have you learned? one of the things i learned -- scott, and you probably learned this too -- i have been written about very falsely, and the public gets it. they really understand. some guy said on television -- they will say things that are
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not believable. i supported john mccain, he lost. i supported mitt romney, he lost. it's ok. mitt romney, i thought he should have won. we had a failing president. i supported these two guys. i supported very heavily john mccain. i raised a lot of money for him, was on his campaign, and everything else. bill o'reilly -- great guy. this dopey guy -- glenn beck. he is like a dope. i watch them cry on television all the time. he is doing very badly. his thing is falling apart. i see him on television. i called bill o'reilly, and said, bill, white you have a guy like that on television. fox fired him.
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the thing that bothers me. he said, donald trump voted for barack obama. me! here is the problem. the thing about having a big microphone is we can at least explain to people that these people lied. they lie so much. the reason he did not like me is because i did not do his show. he asked me so many times, do my show -- i did not do it because i don't respect him. i'm so busy. i couldn't do his show. timewise. all of a sudden, another time goes by. i understand that. he started hating me. the guy goes on television last night and says i voted for barack obama, and i raised a tremendous amount of money for john mccain, had dinner with john mccain and his wife right before the election, and i had to listen to glenn beck saying i voted for obama. most people would not bring it
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up, but it is sort of a good thing to bring up, if you can -- if you can have the experience of talking to people. some people see something like that, and they believe in. there's no one to review them. do you agree with that? you agree? all you do is make him a little bit bigger. he is a fellow guy -- failed guy. it is so dishonest there with the media. so dishonest. the things that i have learned, more than anything else, is how smart the public is, how caring the public is, and when i flip stadiums, i philip places -- it's incredible, like today, so many people and the snowstorm. they're doing it because my theme is, "make america great again." very simple. [applause] mr. trump: it is make america great.
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very simple. very factual. that is what we are going to do. we will make it great. i go to dallas -- we have 21,000 people. mobile, alabama, 35,000 people. oklahoma, 20,000 people. in new hampshire, in lowell, we had to send away 7000 people. still, we will go back and take care of those 7000 people. i felt badly. that big arena, we not only filled it up, we had to send away 7000 people. whether it is new hampshire, iowa, south carolina, we are doing so well. the reason is because people really want hope. there is no hope with these people we have running for office, except for him, of course -- he is a good man, by the way. are you going to do it again? i hope. we have to get him back.
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we are losing our good ones. the right thing will happen, and we will be behind him 100%. vice president? hey -- [applause] mr. trump: look at that guy -- great guy. beautiful, great wife and family. what i have seen is the level of enthusiasm and brilliance of the people. the people, as a unit. the people are so smart. they really get it. if they did not get it, they would not be showing up in mass numbers. it is like a movement. i got a call from a top writer -- a liberal writer, it's ok, we take those calls, not too many of them. summer had ended, we were doing
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well, they called it the "summer of trump," he asked a question, "how does it feel?" he said, you have dominated everything, how does it feel? i said, it does not feel any different. i said, unless i win, what difference does it make? he said, you have changed politics as we know it. i said, if i don't win, it doesn't matter. all of these things -- the strength of the border, or any of the other things, the trade deals, putting the right people in place -- china is making 500 -- you look, we have a trade deficit with china, $500 billion. it is not going to happen if i'm running.
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[applause] mr. trump: so, essentially, i said -- i respect him, summer of trump, now he said, it is the " autumn of trump." it does not matter unless i win. i can look at all these headlines, "the wall street journal" was very nice today, they talked about the debate -- it all doesn't matter because unless we win, we cannot put the right things think year. idea with the politicians. they are all talk, no action. when i say build the wall, they don't know. it'll have a clue. -- they don't have a clue. when i say the different elements that i say, and say it strongly -- for example, who will pay for the wall? mexico will pay for the ball. remember?
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i said it. the politicians come up to me -- a couple of them, nice people, i get along with most of them -- they say, mexico will not pay for the wall. sure they will. every business person in this room gets it. you get a? i bet this guy does. if you are making and billions more than the rest of the world, you will pay. ford moving to mexico -- many companies moving to mexico. they will pay 100%. not like 99 -- 100%. you have to have flexibility, maybe they don't want to do it one way, another way. we will get along with a better than we do right now. right now, they're taking advantage of us. i know mexico very well. i have thousands of people from mexico and hispanic employees --
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tens of thousands over the years. fantastic people. unbelievable people. the leaders are too smart for our leaders, and too cunning. what is happening at the border is a disgrace. the whole thing is a total disgrace. in mexico, it is probably the hardest, but one of the hardest -- if scott and his beautiful family want to become citizens of mexico, which is unlikely -- i think they are very happy in new hampshire -- it would be impossible for that to happen. impossible. here, we have people that go through, walk-through, and they might as well be citizens because the illegal immigrants are treated better than our vets. i'm telling you. treated better than our vets. scott knows. i have a friend of went to
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mexico, he was there for like a week. he was there with his family, and extra day or two days because they had a problem with transportation, and they got called by the guards, when are you leaving? by the way, it is not wrong for them. here, when are you leaving? "i will leave when i want." border patrol called me, they wanted to talk with me. i met with them of the -- in laredo, texas. stand back. we have a great country, but we will make it so much better. so much sharper. we're not going to have leaders that are incompetent. i guarantee you. i talked so much with the prisoners, the iran deal -- did anyone get sick watching that?
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and you would have gotten totally sick. i would not have wanted to call you then. sick and angry. people were saying the other day, trump is angry. of course i'm angry. who would not be angry? the country is a mess. i am angry. i will be angry for long because when i fix it, i will be very happy. [applause] mr. trump: thank you. right now, i am angry. think of the scene. you have these 10 sailors, i don't know what happened -- i guess they took a shortcut through a big body of water. big deal. they get locked in. they are dropped to their knees in a begging position, hands up, guns to their heads. this is supposed to be our ally?
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trust me, folks. one of the stupidest deals ever made -- by the way, double not do anything with nuclear, besides proliferate. we have made interrogation of very rich nation. more importantly, we have given them iraq. they have been trying to get iraq forever. as far back as you can go in time, they have wanted iraq. iraq has, by the way, the second-largest oil reserves in the world. not only did i ran get this deal, but they got iraq, courtesy of the united states. now they are taking over yemen. it is a long, beautiful border with saudi arabia because they want to go get that oil too. what iran has done is incredible. $150 million. i guarantee you that the united states has been putting so much pressure -- please give us our
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prisoners back -- this should have been done for years ago. they should've said, we want our prisoners back. the reason, and what is happening, the reason they let the sailors go is because in today's they were getting $150 billion. these are smart people. they had to get the money. they let them go. i guarantee you, if that money was not play, they would have kept the sailors. 100%. somebody said they are getting seven people back. essentially, they get $150 billion plus seven. we get four. it does not sound too good. we have to see. i just heard about this an hour ago. i happy they are coming back. i will tell you, it is a disgrace they have been there so long. a total disgrace. [applause]
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when we started, just to finish, then scott and i will talk for a few minutes, but when we started, it really works. it really started off as trade, border, then we had pairs, and it started looking like this whole situation was taking a very deep and dark -- becoming a very deep and dark picture. all of a sudden, cnn did the first poll -- i don't want to give them any unnecessary treatment because they don't treat me great, but i guess they are legit with the polls because trump is always winning the polls. who wins on the economy? i don't mean he gets double, triple, quadruple. much more than any mouse. who wins on isis? a military? trump come a trump,
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trump. this started happening pretty much since paris then you had that horrible situation in california with the couple. she comes in on the fiance permit which is radicalized and the other guy is probably radicalized and he became radicalized. people give them a wedding reception. something's going wrong. we have to figure it out, folks. even today i'm leaving and i see what was happening today. a hotel blown up. many people dead. just blown up, innocent people blown up. , talking trade center about the world trade center. flying airplanes into the pentagon. the third plane? who knows where it was going. they say the white house, but who knows. great people on that plane. brave people.
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something's going on. i have been talking much more about the military. they have much more confidence from me than they do in these politicians that don't know anything. they don't, believe me. everything is -- you know the word, unpredictable. sometimes it's very tough for me. they say -- what do you do about this? what do you do about this? i don't want to tell you what am going to do with the military. i never wanted to say it. i wanted to surprise them, right? [laughter] it got to the point where i had to tell them. they say that she doesn't really know. finally, i had to do it. you have to win. i hated to tell them that take the oil. the government said -- you can't take the oil. general macarthur couldn't do it , they would have had the oil four years ago. [applause] he would have had the oil before he stepped out of his airplane to claim victory, right? it's
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one of those things. a couple of weeks ago right after paris they started thinking oil finally, finally. i said -- take the oil, keep the oil. they just take the oil. they just on the oil. you buy it, you keep it, right? you distribute it. you give some to the veterans, to the wounded warriors in the families who lost people and you give some to the families that have had death and horror in their lives. what did we get out of iraq? at cost.r trillion thousands of lives. wounded warriors that we love all over the place, nothing and they won't even lives -- won't even listen to us. i said -- keep the oil. we will give some to the people that were really affected. you have families that lost sons and daughters and i have nothing . they have nothing. going to run the country properly. we will be respected again.
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it's great that you are here and if i don't get the hell out of your i will never be able to get out of. >> -- out of here. hear it for donald trump, everybody. [cheers and applause] you already talked about at great length right now about the border in your position on that issue. 35 yearsne who served in the military. i've had many people come up to me who are probably going to raise their hands but i will ask questions for veterans. you are right, the v.a. is screwed up. you have people hurting, dying while waiting in line. they pass a bill after people dying and they still have not done anything. the question from the crowd is -- what will you do to help our veterans? trump: the v.a. is one of the in therrupt enterprises
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country. it's so poorly run. with that being said, by the way, i have met some people who are great doctors and some of them are saying they are fantastic that the administration is largely corrupt and it is a disgrace what's going on with them. i hear somebody scratching up there. who's back there? the v.a. is absolutely disgraceful and we are going to run it professionally and one of the things we will do, one of the biggest problems with it, or sevene waiting six days trying to get a pill or a minor procedure and many people are dying while waiting and we are going to work a system -- i put out a policy which i think has of you have seen and it been really praised, when you have six and five day weights where the doctors cannot see you, you will go to the local hospital, a local doctor, you will pay the bill and get taken care of properly and quickly. that's the way it is.
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in the end it's going to be a lot cheaper. [applause] we will do that, among other things. >> think you for that has come up as i have been walking around -- a lot of folks are deeply concerned about that $19 chilean and rising national debt.