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tv   Ted Cruz Meet-and- Greet in Milford New Hampshire  CSPAN  January 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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not feel comfortable with either side. is by mostnton, who hand of, on the left her husband's administration, is scrambling to keep up with a party that has moved to her left, just as jeb bush was one of the most conservative governors from 1998 to 2000 sex and now finds himself speaking on the left of the republican party. the party moved out from under it. host: here is the campaign from the george bush -- year as an ad from the george bush campaign -- the jeb bush campaign. >> donald trump is a jerk. >> last night in south carolina, he appeared to mock a reporter with a disability. >> you have to see this guy, i do not remember what i said. son whoe a 12-year-old has cerebral palsy and that made me angry. something to make sure donald trump was not the
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nominee for the republican party. >> i believe life is precious. i think life is a gift of god and we are all under -- people under god's eye. when anybody, anybody disparages people with disabilities, it sets me off. called him ai jerk. what kind of person would you want to have those president -- have as a president who does that? at what point do we say, enough of this? let's start solving problems. i am jeb bush and i approve this message. host: charlie cook, you have often said the right candidate with the right message and at the right time wins elections, is this the right time -- is this the wrong time? guest: i think jeb bush would have been better off if he had started to run a few months ago, estate within real location, it is timing with politics.
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the bush name is sort of consistent with establishing normal and traditional republican politics and service, and this is a time when none of those are being held in high regards among a lot of republicans. could say fairly that may be jeb bush is not quite as gregarious as his brother, george w, and may not be the natural campaigner, and that is probably true, but at the same time, a lot of these problems are really related to the last name and the brand and not really to him specifically. also, to help the parties change. host: let's go to chris from jamaica, new york, republican line. caller: good morning. you are for taking my call. mr. cook, my question concerns iran deal leading to nuclear weapon for iran.
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if one of the republican nominees were elected president, what actions you think they would take or could take to change or delay or terminate the deal with iran? and what kind of timeline would we be looking at? and what actions do you perceive -- do you foresee, specific actions? thank you. guest: thank you. this is a little out of my lane, but my understanding is the key were removedials from the country within the last days, and that yes, there were a lot of fears that the iranians would not do that, but they had done that. i do not see this as a deal that would really be -- i think it counterproductive for us to undo the deal because it would mean that nuclear materials would go back into
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iran. materials that had already left for replaced with others. i think there are a lot of people that were extremely suspicious about this deal and whether it would work, but i that it has early signs the iranians are living up to what they said that they would do and was brought the united states and western countries to the deal work, pushing. host: tomorrow, daryl kimball, executive arms control committee, he will be here and talk about the deal and what iran must continue to do to meet the terms of the agreement. this tweet from karen says, the media -- if the media had given as much time to all the candidates as they had to trump, perhaps the others's messages would be heard. guest: donald trump is sort of
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running against the media even though he is a product of the media. there is television shows have say thatt if they can donald trump is going to be on the show, ratings go sky high. donald trump will be calling in, ratings go sky high. they talk about donald trump and eyes remained glued to this grain and the ratings go up, so that ironically, the media is absolutely delighted with the donald trump story because it is gathering eyeballs that are not normally paying attention to politics. obviously one of the most skilled real estate developers in the world. been livingas also in new york, a student of the
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media, how it works and it has been affected that manipulating the media to his own benefits. it is a free country, so it is obviously fair and legal. i am still a little skeptical at the end of the day when republicans get to cleveland and if they will nominate him. host: thank you for all your calls and tweets. we welcome our listeners on thean radio and sirius xm potus channel 124. it also carries this program every sunday morning. it begins at iowa and new hampshire and that is what our next to callers are from. --st, republican mike, republican line,ken caller:. i was calling about expanding on the female caller who called and i thinkvernment that is what is scared of the
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initial constitution [indiscernible] as i have been around and going to different town halls, i get to get a feeling of what the people are thinking. when you were talking about making america great again, one carly fiorina, her motto is to take our country back. i see people warming up so that, and i also see the crowd that she has been getting. she is getting enormous crowds in the state as opposed to other candidates. i have not been to a donald trump town hall, but i can imagine the crowds. i have not had that experience. wanted to get your thoughts on that part of the citizen government. how do we get to where we are and how do we get back to where we are supposed to be to make
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this country or take it back again? thank you. host: we were at a donald trump rally yesterday and you can check out our coverage at we will get a response. clearly, from the debate, carly fiorina is very bright, talented. i think she is tapping into the anger, restoration that is out there -- frustration that is out there. i have doubts about whether there is enough of a campaign apparatus underneath her to sort of help her take full advantage of this. , i think hasy muscled their way into the top -- i debates and into the think you may very well see her name pop-up on a lot of the running mate lists. i have been seeing some of the i am sure he is right. she is having problems getting
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traction in some of the key states operationally. i am not sure that will happen. the think nobody has ever been elected president without having and theehind them, presidency, the elected officials we have, they did not get appointed there, they got elected. i think americans have distorted look ande to sort of see the balance of who was expressing their feelings, emotions and share their values on one side and you has the qualifications and it was prepared to do the job. , difficultifficult job, and if you do not understand sort of the magnitude , ande job and the issues would not be effective dealing
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with the other party, members of congress, world leaders, then i think people will start getting second thoughts about it. -- a lot of people complain about how unfair presidential campaigns are, but i think it is a good thing that this is a marathon and not a sprint, and people get to take a really long and good look at these candidates before a final decision is made. host: with regard to media coverage, one of our viewers saying, see an end has -- cnn has devoted their entire programming to trump, and he should be receiving royalties. bernie sanders prepares for this evening's debate on nbc with lester holt as moderator. this is practice that took place in vermont with staffers. we'll go to mike from iowa, independent line. caller: good morning.
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listening to this guy, he seems all right, but he has to understand that he is underestimating the trunk factor. term for when i was, new hampshire, and he will go on. all the polls show it. host: mike, tell us why you think that. caller: look at the momentum. americans are pissed. we have had enough, eight years of obama. we want a guy who will go up there and has the balls to tell china that is too bad if you don't like it or if you don't like it, get with it. not somebody who will negotiate a backward or backdoor deal that really does not help the united states in any way whatsoever and puts $150 million in iran's hands to go launching terrorist and attacks against our country. that is what they are going to do with the money, and if you do not think so, you are fool.
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we cannot afford years of hillary. she lied to families at the air force when they were bringing bodies back to benghazi. -- back from benghazi and she did not allow anyone to rescue them. this is the woman? we want running our country not to mention the foreign money -- not to mention all the foreign money. people are pissed and that is why trump will win it all. when trump wins it all, we will be a great america again. that is the way it is. host: mike, are you going to caucus on february? caller: absolutely. host: have you participated in the past? caller: yes. host: who did you support four years ago? caller: i don't even remember. that is how bad the candidates were. i think we had mitt romney, we were not going to win with him,
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everybody knew that. host: two are for the call from iowa. guest: i think donald trump is going to do very, very well in iowa and new hampshire, first or second in each one. although, i do think ted cruz is coming on strong in iowa. the march primary. to me, if donald trump has the numbers in the polls in march myt he has right now, then opinion will change, but i think right now, people are still anding their anger, venting that at some point, i think there will be a slight deviation and not in the direction, but in the midcourse direction where they had another way. is ted cruz will have a
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more plausible alternative to some of those trump ben carson supporters as they fall apart. mike may be right and he will go all the way and win the republican nomination, but i am a skeptic for now. did you watch the debate last thursday? what was your thoughts on ted cruz? guest: i thought he was very good. i am a registered independent but i don't great -- so i don't agree with him on a lot of issues, but i think he is one of the smartest politicians i have never met -- i have ever met. you just sort of see wheels turning in his >> we are going to break away and take you live now to new hampshire to the senator ted
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cruz that a campaign event in milford -- there we are. he is expected to speak for about 30 minutes. live coverage here on c-span. [indistinct conversations] [cheering] [audience cheering "ted"] >> i want to be on tv. [indistinct conversations]
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senator cruz how are you doing -- senator cruz: how are you doing? how are you doing? thanks for being here. >> good luck. senator cruz: thank you. great to see you guys. >> thank you. myimmigration -- you got word. good man. senator cruz: take care. god bless you. >> good luck. >> [indiscernible]
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[cheers and applause] >> we want ted! we want ted! man ted. >> we want somebody real! >> that's right.
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>> we want ted! we want ted! >> was get a picture. >> this is our first time being here. conversations]
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>> we want ted! ted! ted! we want said! -- we want ted! ted! ted! we want ted! ted! ted! [indistinct conversations]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, we know we cannot once again listen to campaign conservatives to become elected at liberals. we need a proven conservative. we need ted cruz. thank you. applause]d well, thank you, so very, very much. god bless the great state of new hampshire. [applause] i am thrilled to be a peer. i am thrilled to be with so many friends. thank you for coming out.
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thank you for joining us. how about those patriots? [cheering] senator cruz: you guys are playing some football. and by the way, for the record -- tom brady was framed. [cheering] senator cruz: i'm not willing to pander on much, but on that, tom itdy was framed and i have on good authority that hillary clinton was responsible. [cheers and applause] senator cruz: whilst do you think she destroyed her e-mails? [laughter] senator cruz: you know, i appreciate you all's coming out tonight. we are at a time when our country is in crisis. andre bankrupting our kids grandkids. our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day, and america has receded
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from leadership in the world, and yet i am here tonight with a word of hope and encouragement. all across the state of new hampshire, all across this up.try, people are waking there is an awakening and there is a spirit of revival that is sweeping this country. so, i want to ask everyone here to look forward. to january 2017. [applause] senator cruz: if i am elected you what, let me tell i intend to do on the first day in office. the first thing i intend to do is resend every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action taken by this president.
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just a week ago, president obama signed yet more illegal executive actions, this time trying to undermine our second amendment right to keep and bear arms. he may have a phone and he may have a pen. but if you live by the pen, you die by the pen, and as you rightly noted, my pen has got an eraser. the second thing i intend to do in office -- >> throw obama out? he will bez: oh, out. and if anyone wants to take up a collection to pay for his green year, i think he does far less damage on the golf course.
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the second thing i will do, open up an investigation into planned parenthood and these horrible videos. the administration of justice should be blind to party or ideology. the only fidelity of the department of justice should b2b laws and the constitution of the -- it should b2b laws and the constitution of the united states. the third thing i intend to do on the first day in office is instructed the department of justice and the irs and every that theeral agency persecution of religious liberty ends today. that means every service man and
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right to seekthe out and worship god with all of their minds and their souls and their superior officer has nothing to say about it. the fourth thing i intend to do on the first day in office is ripped to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. today, all of us are celebrating the return of five americans .rom iran let me say praise god and in particular for the return of the pastor. millions of believers across the praying forbeen
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him. i have got to know his wife, who i spoke to briefly yesterday as she and her two little kids have lived without there has been for three years. he was sentenced to eight years in prison for the crime of preaching the gospel. he is comingilled home. at the same time, let me tell --, this deal that was cut releasing seven terrorists hoping iran a choir nuclear technology, promising not to prosecute another 14 terrorists -- that is 21 terrorists .ltogether we saw that with the bowe bergdahl deal. an individual facing court-martial, and yet the administration released five in s in taliban and terrorist
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exchange for him, and this is a dangerous signal to the world. it is a sign -- it is frankly an incentive -- for every bad actor on earth to go and kidnap an american. because what we are telling the terrorists is, hey, if you an american its let's make a deal with the obama administration. these single greatest national security threat facing the united states is the threat of a nuclear iran. we need a commander-in-chief who will stand up and say unequivocally under no circumstances will the nation of iran, led by a theocratic ayatollah who chants "death to under no circumstances will they ever be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons.
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and every one of us was horrified last week to see 10 american sailors on their knees with their hands on their head, captured by a rainy and's. i will tell you, that image will sum up in one picture the absolute failures of the obama-clinton foreign-policy. i will tell you this. ,f i am elected president american sailors will never be on their knees to a foreign power. [applause] senator cruz: the fifth thing i intend to do on the first day in ofice is begin the process ining the american embassy israel to jerusalem, the one sim internal capital of israel.
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the ones and eternal capital of israel. now that is day one. [laughter] are 365 days there in a year, four years in a presidential term, and four years in a second term. every one of those days is going to be spent defending the constitution, as jfk would say president kennedy] with vigor! there end of eight years, are going to be a whole lot of newspaper reporters and editors and journalists who have checked themselves into therapy.
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in the days that follow, i will go to congress, and we will repeal every word of obamacare. we will pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and qubes government from getting in between us and our doctors. -- and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. follow, i willt instruct the u.s. department of education that common core instigate. core ends today. , wehe days that followed will finally, finally, finally secure the borders and and
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sanctuary cities. [applause] 300 60 cruz: there are sanctuary jurisdictions in this country. everyone of them his going to find their federal taxpayer dollars cut off. as you rightly noted, we will build a long. wall.will build a i have somebody in mind to build it. in the days that follow, we will rebuild the military. honor the sacred commitment to every soldier,
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sailor, airman and marine. for seven years our fighting men and women have labored under a commander in chief who does not havert them who does not their back and to undermines them and sends them into combat with rules of engagement that have both arms tied behind their back. will end. 2017, that we will fundamentally reform the v.a. to protect every veteran's right to choose his or her doctor.
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he will protect every service and women's constitutional right to keep and bear arms. the next time a jihadist walks into a recruiting center will in chattanooga, he will encounter the business end of firearms wielded by a dozen marines. we will have a commander in chief who stands up and says to the world, we will defeat radical islamic terrorism. we will have a president willing to utter the words "radical islamic terrorism."
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notill not weaken, we will andade, we will utterly completely destroy isis. in the days that follow, we will cfpb, anda, and the the alphabet soup of federal agencies that have descended like locusts on farmers, ranchers and small is mrs. across this country. i am reminded of a few years ago that i was in west texas. i asked folks there, what is the difference between regulators and locusts?
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the thing is, you cannot use pesticide on the regulators. the texas farmer leaned back and said, "want to bet? " i will go to congress and we will pass fundamental tax reform. .e will pass a simple flat tax where every american can fill out your taxes on a postcard. that, we should abolish the irs. some of you all might be thinking, all of this makes sense to me. it is a sick common sense.
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live. those words, bernie and common sense. it is sort of like matter and antimatter, if they come into contact, the universe ceases to exist. [laughter] that's not bad. can.'t say that, but you principles live within your means. don't bankrupt kids and grandkids. .ollow the constitution done? be can we do it? scripture tells us there is nothing new under the sun.
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today is very much like the late 1970's of the jimmy carter administration. the same failed economic policies, the same feckless and naive foreign policy. the very same countries, russia and iran. openly laughing and mocking the president of the united states. why does that give me so much hope and optimism? we know how that story ended. all across this country, millions of men and women woke up and became the reagan revolution. it did not come from washington. washington despised ronald reagan. if you see a candidate whom washington embraces, run and
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hide. it came from the american people and it turned this country around. andent from misery stagnation and malaise to looming economic growth and millions lifted out of proper -- poverty into prosperity. we went from hostages languishing in iran and winning the cold war and caring the -- caring the berlin wall to the ground. all across this country, people are waking up. when we launched this campaign 10 months ago, the new york times opined, ted cruz cannot win. elitee the washington despise him. i kind of thought that was the whole point of the campaign.
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listen. if you think that things in washington are doing great that we need to head in the same basic direction and fiddle around the edges, then i am not your guy. if you thinkhand, that washington is fundamentally broken, that there is a i partisan corruption of career politicians in both parties that get in bed with lobbyists and special interests and grow government, then we need to take power out of washington and back to we the people. that is what this campaign is all about. [applause] me close with this. us here, freedom is not some abstract concept we
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read about in the schoolbook. freedom is real. it is personal in our lives and our family. for me, i think about my dad. my dad was born and raised in cuba and he thought in the cuban revolution growing up. teenager, he was imprisoned and tortured. he found himself on the floor of the cuban jail cell covered in mud and blood and grime. his nose was broken, his teeth were shattered out of his mouth id he remembers thinking, don't have any kids, nobody depends on me. it doesn't matter if i live or die.
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thankfully, god had different plans for my father. he was released from that jail cell and in 1957, my father fled to america. when he got here, he was 18 years old. he could not speaking russian had $100 sony into his own -- sewn into his underwear. he got a job washing dishes. he made $.50 per hour and he worked seven days a week and paid his way through school. he and my mom went on to start a small business together. i grew up in texas as the son of small business owners. andw the ups and downs trials of running a small business. today my father is a pastor and he travels the country preaching the gospel.
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when i was a kid, my dad used to say to me over and over again. when we faced oppression in cuba, i had a place to flee to. if we lose our freedom here, where do we go? that is why all of us are here tonight. we are not willing to go quietly into the night. we are not prepared to give up on our kids and grandkids. [applause] you, if we stand together and defend freedom, if we defend the constitution, if we defend the judeo-christian values that built this country, if we stand as we the people, then we will
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restore that last and best hope for mankind. that shining city on a hill that is united states of america. [applause] ted!hanting] we want >> with that, i am happy to answer or dodge any western you like. -- question you like.
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[laughter] yes, sir? >> [inaudible] >> very good question. after i commented about new york values which is out donald explained his own views, it was interesting that our friends in the media -- it seems like they with their hair on fire. what are these new york values of which you speak? and the rest of america, people know exactly what that means. than the outrage got louder and mayor and bill de blasio amended an apology. i said i am happy to apologize. millions ofto the
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workers who have been abandoned by left-wing politicians. apologize to all of the working men and women in new provide would like to for their families but they don't get the high paying jobs just south from the state of pennsylvania. i apologize to the pro-life and pro-marriage and second amendment workers whom andrew cuomo said had no place in the state of new york. apologized to all the african-american schoolchildren tried tor deblasio throw out of their charter schools that were providing them lifelines toward the american dream. apologize to all the cops, firefighters and 9/11 heroes whom were forced to turn and stand there -- stand and turn their back on mayor
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deblasio because over and over he sides with the looters and the criminals instead of the brave men and women in blue. [applause] i am not sure if that is exactly the apology they were looking for. yes ma'am? >> [inaudible] >> for those of you who could not hear the question, the question was do i think washington, democrats and republicans get how angry the american people are after seven
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years question mark in the answer is they don't get it at all. the most common thing that you hear as you travel the country from republicans, democrats, libertarians -- we keep electing go to washington and they stop listening to us. they don't hear what we have to say, they do not fight for us. and last year i wrote a book. thank you. spends a lot of time talking about what i call the washington cartel. the career politicians in both parties that get in bed in washington. we a great example a couple weeks ago where republican leadership passed at milley -- trillion dollar omnibus bill funded 100% of barack obama's big government agenda. funded all of amnesty all of planned parenthood all of this
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irani and deal and all of the program to bring syrian refugees here even though the fbi says they cannot that him to determine if they are isis terror. it was republican leadership who took the lead doing that. chuck schumer, nancy pelosi and harry reid all obloquy crowed how the republican leadership has just funded all of their big government agenda. stop and it is why people are fed up with washington. it's also why we are seeing so many conservatives unite behind a campaign. everys primary, republican running says that they are going to stand to washington. anyone else noticed that sometimes politicians do not do what they say? if natural next question someone says they will stand up to washington is, ok who has
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stood up to washington? justd who is taking on not democrats but leaders of our own party? do, we what we have to have to stand with the american people against the bipartisan corruption of washington and the way that we win the general is very simple. we run a populist campaign of hard-working men and women. people who want to believe in the promise of america and we run it against the bipartisan corruption of washington that is embodied by hillary clinton. >> [inaudible] >> good question. how do i plan to demolish america's debt? i like your choice of verb.
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let me step back for a minute and tell a story. 2012, i spoke at the republican national convention in tampa. i talked about our national debt and our two little girls caroline and catherine. when i got back to the hotel room at 1:30 a.m. and began looking at twitter, it turned out that paula poundstone the comedian was watching that night , i guess she had nothing better to do. she sent a tweet and said, ted cruz just said that when his daughter was born, the national debt was $10 trillion, now it is $16 trillion. what it she do? -- what did she do? [laughter] hard.and i left for the
5:52 pm
caroline is seven. in her short life, our national debt has gone from $10 trillion to over $18 trillion, it is larger than the size of our economy will stop what we are doing now is fundamentally immoral. it, your't stop generation will spend the rest of your lives not working to meet the needs of the few -- future, not working to meet your priorities but simply working to pay off the debt from your deadbeat parents and grandparents. if your parents took a credit card in your name, went to vegas party did a and said guess what you're stuck with the bill and no generation in the history of america is ever done what we are doing now. their parents didn't do it to them. the only way to change it is
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connected to the question that just came before. you have to break the washington cartel. you have to stop the cronyism and the corporate welfare and the mandates. it's the two key principles i'm working on legislatively are repealing obamacare and passing a simple flat tax. is thatty of a flat tax a great deal of the subsidies, cronyism and mandates are all buried in the irs code. every loophole and every favoritism which empowers washington. the beauty of a postcard if you cannot fit very much -- very much text on a postcard. the only way to take on the wash istel -- washington cartel to have the movement come from the people. it has got to be a grassroots movement from the people.
5:54 pm
the other key is economic growth. if you look at the federal budget, the most important factor in the budget is economic growth. economyrld war ii, our has grown on average 3.3% per year. the economy today has grown an average 1.2% per year. around, if turn that we stay at 1% and 2% growth, we cannot solve these problems. on the other hand, if we get back to historic levels of growth, everything turns around. that enables us to turn around unemployment and start paying down our debt. it enables us to strengthen and preserve social security and medicare. growth is my number one priority. i will note that jfk, when he
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ran for president campaigned on 5% economic growth. he got in and cut taxes and limited regulations and small businesses took off and he achieved economic growth of 5%. cutsampaigned on tax limiting government and standing up in defeating the soviet interests. today.ld be a republican liberty for religious and he would be tarred and feathered by the modern democratic already. as jfk said, some see things as they are and ask why? i see things that never were and ask why not. these are the principles that work, we get booming economic growth take on the cartel and
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rein in government. two final questions. right here. >> can you get my autograph absolutely yes. i will be very happy to do it. some of those things seem like it would take help from both sides of the aisle. get some ofntend to those things done? what are the realistic ones to do without support? >> her question was, i heard the things you want to do on day one, what is realistic to get accomplished and how do we turn things around? >> one of the things that the media does all the time is they try to convince everyone here to give up hope, that there is nothing we can do.
5:57 pm
you cannot win, we cannot turn the country around and even if we win we cannot change. it is complete nonsense. any president coming in has three principal levers to change the direction of government. the first is the executive power. we have seen president obama abusing executive power over and over again. everything done with executive power can be undone with executive power. if you look at the three things that i promise to do on day one, rescind every single illegal and unconstitutional executive action. the president can do that all you need is the pen with an eraser in those are gone the second likewise directing the department of justice to enforce the law and investigate planned parenthood, again that is within full executive our.
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a president can and i will do that on day one. the third is protecting religious liberty. the assault is coming from the abuse of executive power so that a president can and as president i will and bank that assault on day one. everyone of those can be a cop was for midnight on the first day. the 2nd avenue of presidential andge is foreign policy foreign policy can change overnight. you think about this same nation of iran, they released our hostages in 1981 the day that ronald reagan was sworn into office. that is the difference a strong commander in chief can make. promise is to rip to shreds the iranian nuclear deal, he never submitted it to
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congress a you can undo it as president. likewise, moving the embassy in israel, congress passed legislation some time ago but they have a presidential waiver and each president keeps waiving that. i will move it to jerusalem. the final letter of residential power is legislation. legislation is more complicated and takes time. why i do not promise to repeal obamacare on the first day. as much as i would love to, there is no one who would like to repeal it more than i do. a president does not have the power to do that on day one. that is a statute that was passed by law. the only way to undo it is
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passing another statute through law. the two major legislative initiatives that i'm fighting for our repealing obamacare and repealing obamacare. you ask the questions, can we get congress to go along with repealing obamacare and a flat tax? today know. if i try to do that today it would not happen. think of the last time we beat the washington cartel. it was 1980 and the reagan revolution. it's because there was this massive grassroots movement from the people to change the incentives in washington. joke thatn old politics is hollywood for ugly people. my wife says i resemble that remark. the way that you change the dynamic, think abou i


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