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tv   Road to the White House  CSPAN  January 18, 2016 1:35am-2:01am EST

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cruz: you want me to sign that? >> do you have any tortoises you can hand out? >> no. tortoises: you.ank
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[indiscernible] >> thank you, ted. which camera? thank you. may god bless you. >> do you have a pen? sen. cruz: i am happy to do that. >> we got a democrat! >> thank you. [indiscernible]
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>> it's a great book. sen. cruz: thank you. >> thank you. >> right here! >> thank you very much, good luck. >> howdy. >> can you give this to ted later? that's an article. [indiscernible]
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sen. cruz: thank you. sen. cruz: want me to sign this for you? oh, sure. thank you. >> thank you. sen. cruz: thank you very much. >> how are you tonight? thank you. to see you,ood
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what's your name? >> kyle. thankruz: here you go, you. thank you both. >> we are praying for you everyday. --are lifted upe by those prayers. [indistinguishable conversation] >> i like your ideas.
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but you share some ideas with trump. like, the wall. sen. cruz: i haven't engaged in [indiscernible] politics aren't supposed to be about degrading and attacks. willingnot a place i am to go. >> thank you. sen. cruz: oh, wow. [indiscernible] sen. cruz: hold this and let me help you. >> oh, good.
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sen. cruz: all right. turn around and let me squeeze in here. >> ok. get up in front. [laughter] sen. cruz: thank you very much. god bless you. >> thank you. we will be praying for you. sen. cruz: thank you. i greatly appreciate it. [indiscernible] [crowd chattering]
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>> i didn't get a chance to ask my question. i'm trying to understand on your 2nd amendment position. scalia.sion by justice opportunity for the state. an independent. i'm considering you because i like your position on iran, but what is your position on the 2nd amendment?
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sen. cruz: if you look at the history {indiscernible] the supreme court has decided that is permissable. i think the obama administration gets it wrong [indiscernible] i think that is the wrong focus, we ought to focus on the bad guys and protect the constitution. >> ok, i agree with that. [no audio] [indiscernible] [indiscernible]
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>> i have a question, sir. >> thanks for coming. sen. cruz: i don't personally support it, i trust the people in the state to decide that. is my mom.cruz, this >> hey, guys. sen. cruz: do you want a photograph? you've done a terrific job. what is your name? >> rosy. r-o-s-y.
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[indiscernible] [laughter] [indiscernible]
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>> thank you. good luck. bonnie.z: thank you, hi, how are you? >> thank you. >> hi, i'm mary. i'm a member of your strike force. nice to meet you. sen. cruz: thank you. can i get a quick
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photo? sen. cruz: sure. hi, what's your name? >> christian. >> matt. to see you.ood >> good luck. give them hell. sen. cruz: thank you. you've got my word on it. thank you, sir. when you weres
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it?king, could you sign thank you. beingruz: thank you for here. >> thank you. >> thank you, sir. sen. cruz: absolutely. >> thank you for being here, thank you sir. you.cruz: thank >> we love you, ted. thank you. much.ruz: thank you so
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god bless you. door.right out the right out the door. sen. cruz: tell me your question. [indiscernible] absolutelyyou are right. if you look at the simple flat tax -- if you go to the website you can look at it. side, we get rid
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of the corporate income tax, the obamacare tax and it with a flat is called flat tax --discernible] which gives business -- ancturers a advantage. businesseshe small to grow. businesses that
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are getting hammered. middleto bring back the women whothe men and getting hammered. >> i have a question. thisou anything about weather? cruz: well, al gore promised global warming. >> for this years student camp documentary contest, here is a an eighth grade
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social studies teacher in winston, north carolina. virginia congressman helped the students with their projects this afternoon in roanoke. a high school in arizona tweeted, more of our day at the capital. a social studies teacher twitted, interviewing for our school project about school bullying. inse 100 thousand dollars prizes, a grand prize of $5,000. winners will be at announced on march 9. for more information, visit our website at student >> the iowa caucuses are two weeks out and there is a gap
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bernie sandersen and hillary clinton. bill clinton was campaigning for his wife alongside with their daughter, chelsea clinton. clinton: if find new and 25-years old when i do now and someone said you can live anywhere he you want to live 25 but you have to pick right now, i would have picked united states in a heartbeat. when the president said lifted embrace change, not walk away, that is true. what is going on? why is there so much anger and frustration and all of that. what he said was true, but it is not the only truth americans are living with. sincethe most rapid rate
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i was president of jobs, but 84% havee american people adjusted for inflation and not gotten a raise. making what are they made when i was in the oval office 15 years ago. there are reasons a movement is taking hold among young people. we see films of people being shocked when they are disabled and on the ground. it has got to be ended. of theseu think all dreamers feel? these hispanic americans or would-be americans who were welcomed in times past to join our military, to go to college, and now they are being told they should all go home. something that would last the economy, by the way.
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yes, it is true that what happened in san bernardino was terrified. americansd the muslim feel that have deployed as much as everybody else when they are told we are going to turn our backs on all of the syrians. all of the muslims. we're going to watch people and make sure they do not get out of hand. a story.ll you you know what happens when you get old and retired russian mark i spend an hour a day or two catching up on the news. there is an article on the new york daily news with a picture of what looks like able at hole in a piece of wood. so i read it the article. here's the story, and muslim immigrant who came here from yemen and 2000 two got a job in a convenience store in new york. camefternoon, two robbers in with two pistols. one faces the door, one fazes him and holds the gun on him and
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says, open the cash register. get out the money and give it to to me. he is terrified, too. he opens the cash register and takes the money out except looks at it, looks at him, and says, you know, i have only had this job a year. use inking to himself, it is not my money and it is not yours. he unbelievably slabs at the gun. the gun goes off, missing him by just a few inches and lodges in the counter. they goodness they were not totally crazy, they realized they just fired a gotten in downtown new york in the middle of the day. they ran away. he immediately runs next door, calls the police, waits for the police come, makes his report. then his bus comes. he was so thrilled by his bravery, he gives him the afternoon off. here's the kicker. the man goes on to his little apartment where he had been
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living because he sends all his money home to his family. he got out his prayer rug and move banks that his life had been spared and thought maybe his children and his wife would be able to join him. he is far more representative of muslim america in those people in san bernadino. [cheers and applause] buildinton: do we have to aother class, give people chance to work their way into it. give people more jobs. it is not just a women's issue, it is an economic issue. one of the reason wages are not high as the labor market is not high enough. we were always top 10. we're about 20 now. why? because we are one of seven countries that does not have affordable childcare, and we do not have equal pay.
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thoseillary talks about things, they are not just moral issues that are right for women, those in economics the necessity for the united states. [cheers and applause] a college education is more important than ever and there are a lot of exciting examples. eiseman the night at cedar rapids rapids at the hotel by the local community college that teaches hospitality jobs. it is a beautiful place. neat kitchen, not a bad television. but i mean, we can do this. all the jean people out there, who have college debt that should be able to be refinanced at low interest rates and paid back as a low percentage of their income. [cheers and applause] mr. clinton: so you have got the
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problems with minorities but you should also know for the first time -- i had to ask chelsea because she is a public health expert -- and anyway, for the first time in a very long time the life expectancy of non-college-educated it alleged white people is going down. non-college-educated, middle-aged white people is going down. it is a tragedy when people cannot finish school in fear of being sent, and it is a tragedy when life expectancy is going down from what looks like too much use of opiates and heroin or more women smoking or more diabetes. these people are dying of a broken heart because they think the american dream is out of reach. stopillary will never until every single one of them has a chance to reach their potential. [cheers and applause] mr. clinton: so, we have got to
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bring the economy back for everybody. with these to deal issues that keep families up at night. the most important one is the appeal and hera one abduction. keep in mind this is an opportunity to do something with our republican friends because isis so widespread it killing their voters, too. and i'm not being frivolous. this is encouraging. if there are doctors or pharmacists thinking the law, should they be prosecuted? yes. the people who are suffering should be treated like the public health problem they are and we cannot do it until we have one mental health coverage and treatment is so with ease. -- more mental health treatment and coverage.


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