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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  January 18, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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bade on hillary clinton's e-mails. later on, daryl kimball on the iran nuclear agreement which was officially implemented over the weekend. ♪ morning, it is monday, january 18. it is martin luther king jr. day across the country. we won't talk about the state of the civil rights movement to along with the latest on this weekend's prison exchange with iran and the iran nuclear deal. later this afternoon, debate over a proposal to ban donald trump up from the united kingdom. input on the debates. the last important one before
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the caucuses. did you watch? think of bernie sanders, hillary clinton, and former governor martin o'malley. let us know who you believe one. the phone numbers are on the screen. democrats 202-748-8000 epublicans 202-748-8001 independents 02-748-8002 good monday morning to you. we begin talking about last night's democratic presidential debate. sorry end of bernie sanders lead and speaking times. bernie sanders with 30 minutes a 12 seconds of speaking time. hillary clinton, 27 minutes 31 seconds of speaking time will
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stop martin o'malley, 14 minutes 29 seconds of speaking time last night. in terms of what they said, the headline from the washington as its, a sharper tone stakes rise. you can see hillary clinton and bernie sanders in the picture there. last night's debate in charleston, south carolina. one of the sharpest lines of difference was drawn early in the debate over the issue of that in control. your from that part of the debate. bernie sanders: i think hillary clinton what she says is disingenuous. voting record from the nra. i stood up to the gun lobby a hand came out and maintained the position that to in this country, we should not be selling military-style assault weapons. i have supported from day one and instant background check to
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make certain that people who should not have guns do not have guns. and, that includes people with criminal backgrounds, people who are mentally unstable. support with president obama is doing in terms of trying to close the gun show loopholes and i think it should be a federal go above that. we have seen a horrendous -- a horrendous tragedy of somebody playing with people and then shooting them. that we should be doing is working together, and, by the way, as a senator from a rural state that has virtually no gun antrol, i believe i am in excellent position to bring people together. you did not into the question that you did change your position. sanders: what i have said
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is the gun manufacturer liability bill has some good provisions. among other things, we prohibited ammunition that would have killed cops who had protection on. we had child safety protection on guns and that legislation. what we also said is a small mom and pop gun shop who sells a gun legally to somebody should not be held liable if somebody does something terrible at that gun. when i said was i would re-look at it. we will re-look at it. i have made it: clear based on senator sanders own record that he has voted numerous times. he voted against the brady bill five times. he voted for what we call the charleston liberal. immunity for gun sellers and makers which was the piece of gunt
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legislation in 20 years. he voted to let guns go on to amtrak. international parks. he voted against doing research to figure out how we can save lives. let us not forget what this is about. 90 people a day die from gun violence. that is 33,000 people per year. one of the most horrific examples, not a block from here, where we had nine people murdered. now, i am pleased to hear that senator sanders has reversed his position on immunity and i look forward to him joining with those members of congress who have already introduced legislation. host: we are getting your reaction to the debate. on lines are on the screen for you. emocrats 202-748-8000 202-748-8001
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202-748-8002 hillary clinton talked about the charleston loophole. she talked about the gun tragedy on june 17 of last year in which nine people were killed at the historic black church in charlson. the shooter legally purchased the clock pistol from a store because of a clerical mistake. since then, some gun control advocates have started calling the waiting. the charleston loophole. the provision him urged in the final version of the brady handgun violence prevention act, which was passed by congress in 1993. martin is waiting for a call. democrat line.
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i really think that sanders was on hillary clinton's coattails because hillary -- ton was i really think that hillary clinton -- sanders was on hillary clinton's coattails. he emphasized everything she said. she sounded more like a president. sanders is too far to the left, too liberal. you mean by sounded more like a president? caller: she sounded like she was more in control and knew more about what was going on, like when they started talking about the medical bill. i think what she was talking about the medical bill -- post,in the washington the writer talks about the
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winners and losers and it gets into the style of bernie sanders. yes, sanders has one volume, shouting. and he got tripped up on his voting record. hour, hehe rest of the was the prime mover in virtually every discussion from wall street to health care to time a change. accusing the offense, clinton of half-measures. we want to hear your rep-up. next, hagerstown, maryland. republican line. good morning. caller: i think bernie one need debate because he is offering a longer list of free stuff. party is noic longer what kennedy said, what can you do your -- for your country, it is, hey what can my country and me.
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for bernie do not understand, nothing in life is free. someone has to pay for work. the free health care. he is saying they need a single-there health care system. we do. it is called the v.a. we see helge lund efficiently the government is running that. he is sending out trillions of dollars in new spending. where will we get the money? when attacks the 1% and they can pay their fair share. one little tidbit, they could tax the top 1% at 100% right, they would still not get enough money to pay off the student loan debt. where are they going to get all of this money? i will sit back and listen to the liberals who think, hey, we're going to get some free stuff. have a great day. host: that was terry and hagerstown, maryland. out their reaction
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during the debate. senator rand paul said, hillary clinton is giving barack obama a big hug right now in the debate. chris christie is getting jealous. another said, the most passionate moments of the democratic debate always about who will ban more guns and will give the government more control over your health care. huckabee referred -- said hillary clinton referred to obamacare as a path to universal health care. she finally admits her goal. next up, line for democrats. goodr: that was a real debate. i used to be a republican until obama got in there. that is why i am a democrat. all this talk about going to war. debate tuesdaye night, you will see a big difference between this debate
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and their debate. republicans can get a hold of this president. everything that obama got, you lose everything. it is a shame want donald trump is going around telling all these people about going to war. -- i don't care if they have 20. at least we got our five back and that is a real good step toward getting all of our members back. this is ridiculous. vote democrat. you will get a whole lot done. thank you. goodbye. host: down in lakeland, florida this morning. john was referring to the prisoner exchange.
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here's a story from usa today. freed from ans random including a washington post reporter, with -- who was held for nearly 18 months, arrived at in germany on their journey back to the united states. after a germanic prisoner exchange between the two countries which came just as international sanctions were lifted on iran. we will talk about that later in the show today. what implementation of the around nuclear deal means. deal the iran nuclear means. we will be joined by daryl campbell of the arms association. that will happen at about 8:45 a.m. later today. rusty is waiting to talk about the democratic debate. he is on the line for republicans. good morning. caller: howdy. i thought o'malley did fairly
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well. i know he is not pulling well. i think it is a two-person race between sanders and hillary, but i think he could place later on. or he could and doors one of them if he does drop out down the road and some of those primary states. i thought he held his own. it is betweent, paris and sanders, i think sanders walked away doing what he needed to do. that is just my opinion on a. i don't thinkt, [indiscernible] host: you talked about martin he tweeted, we cannot
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keep talking past each other. we are one. wages go up again for america instead of down. of our 11 million neighbors out of the underground shadow economy by passing apprehensive immigration reform. to $15 the minimum wage an hour however we can, whenever we can. believe the greatest business opportunity to come to the united states of american 100 years as climate change. i put forward a plan to move is to 100 percent clean electric energy grid by 2050 and create 5 million jobs along the way. host: martin o'malley last night. most focused on hillary clinton bernie sanders, the two of them getting a most speaking time, more than double the time martin o'malley got. we want to hear your reactions. purnell is waiting.
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line for democrats. good morning. think the american people watching -- were not watching the debate because they spoke on a lot of issues and in response to the gentleman that said nothing is for free, that is the price of our children and grandchildren having to a four -- 84 -- pay for wars? as a country cannot survive on seven dollars an hour. they talked about the fossil fuel industry controlled by the republican party, that is why they are denying climate change. and, not enough money. there's not enough money.
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that is enough money in region where the muslims can destroy isis. community about college free. what is the price for our children and grandchildren if we , deny them the opportunity for an education in this environment? i think the american people definitely one because it was a civil rights agreement. very few times they even mentioned donald trump. the only thing we heard from the republicans was we heard about president obama, we heard about hillary clinton, there was no substance. that some of our neighbors in the republican party do not even give us an
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opportunity to deal with the major issues of wealth inequality. the democrats are really on the right path, the gentleman spoke earlier about martin o'malley, the are a civilized society. we have to deal with the issues. have a duty and responsibility for our children and grandchildren to address those issues. host: that was cornell from waterford works, new jersey. you mentioned the republicans talking about the democratic candidates. one of the issues last week was hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. we will talk about that at about 8:00 today. with rachel of politico joining us to go through the latest on this if you want to tune in. but we're talking about the democratic debate for the next 45 minutes or so. well along on twitter.
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one writes in, it was a job at the media will give it to hillary. there seems to be a media blackout on sanders, which tells me he is on my side. another says, last night, hillary clinton sounded like ted cruz. bad mouthing wall street banks while benefiting from wall street banks. a lot of attention that bernie sanders got leading into the debate for his health-care plan, here is the headline from the washington times this morning. sanders fleshes out the single-hurray system. the sub-headline, taxes to rise by 1.38 trillion dollars. the a few hours before debate started, bernie sanders unveiled that long-awaited plan that would be supported by mixed
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taxes on employers and the rich. here's a bit from the debate. >> is secretary clinton, you did not answer the question. what her campaign would say is that bernie sanders, who has healthover universal care his whole life, once to and medicare, medicaid, the children's health insurance program. that is nonsense. what a medicare program for all does as finally provide in this country, health care for every man, woman, and child as a right. that franklin delano roosevelt and harry truman, believe that health care should be available to all of our people. on thecommittee -- i am committee that wrote the affordable care act. i made it along with jim clyburn, a better piece of legislation. now, what we have to deal with is the fact that 29 million
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people still have no health insurance. we are paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drug. getting ripped off. here's the important point, we're spending far more per person on health care than any other country. my proposal, provide health care to all people, get private insurance out of health insurance. lower the cost of health care for middle-class families by $5,000. that is the vision we need. hillary clinton: i am not sure if you'd are talking about the lan you just introduced or the planning you introduce nine times in congress. at the fact is, we have the affordable care act, that is one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama, the democratic party, and our country and we have already seen 19 million americans get insurance. we have seen the and of pre-existing conditions keeping people from getting insurance. we have seen women no longer
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paying more for our insurance then men and women seeing young people up to the age of 26 being able to stay on their parents press policy. there are things we can do to improve it, but to tear it up and start all over again, pushing our country back into that kind of contentious debate is the wrong direction. host: you saw secretary of state hillary clinton are referring to president obama and defending the affordable care act. several newspapers picking up a closely hillary clinton has tried to track toward the president over the course of her campaign and last night's debate. here is the headline from the washington journal. clinton casts herself as obama's natural air. ir.natural he and another, the only candidate not on the stage, obama.
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quick comments. i will be concise. fundamentally,, a caller called earlier and touched on the mathematics of does note sanders work. you could take 100% of the money and it still would not pay for the student loans. i remember mitch mcconnell said, if you are to not only take 100% of millionaires and above but confiscate all of their property and everything they own, it would not allow the federal government to run for more than 14 months. and since the debt has increased, and it is probably more. and in the debate and priority the debate, secretary clinton is commenting on how she wants to hold the gun manufacturers accountable for what some of does with a gun. if you use an analogy of cars. the, first of all we have
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second amendment. you could not do that. but if you use an analogy of cars, should chevrolet or ford pick out above for every automobile accident that happens in the nation? i think that fundamentally, hillary clinton -- do use an analogy of middle earth. she is like gollum. just give me that ring. i will do anything for that ring. if you know the movie, this character, gollum, when he gets that ring, he just crashes. he would do anything, sacrifices friends, to get that ring. chris matthews over the last couple months has asked hillary clinton and debbie washer men-scholz, the head of the dma see, what is the difference between the democratic party and socialism. when they were both asked, you can see the dear in the headlights stare because they cannot believe a lefty like
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chris matthews would ask a question like that. to date, neither of them have answered the question. at all. i am a software developer, i have been doing a 23 years. the website the federal government for health, if you give me 20 senior developers two years and look at that, it would be under $3 million, maybe $5 million with business analysis. at sign of 160 packages could have been produced in under two euros for under $10 million. our country and the democrats to and $1 billion fraud. it is the biggest corruption i have ever seen the federal government do and that is only one aspect of what is going on. of the money all spent, but they are doing to this country. that is why donald trump is going to make it to the white house. he does not have a dog in the lobby and he is going to straighten it up. host: robert as up next on our
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line for democrats from massachusetts. not everybody remembers the public option. -- the public action. what happened with the public option was that everybody decided not to take it because insurance companies would've lost money. public option. that means anybody could give you insurance coverage. nobody talks about the public option. someone'sdy to be on health care at 26-years-old, that is a full-grown man. doings a flow-grown man on his mommy and daddy's insurance program? another thing, south carolina. you black people better wake up. watch out for hillary clinton. she is out to for you.
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james -- should be the head of the democratic party. he is a wonderful guy. and i also really love bernie sanders. bernie sanders, god bless you. thank you, my friend. next.steve is up in hyannis, massachusetts. steve, who do you think won the debate from your perspective? caller: i think bernie did, but i think you should have pushed harder on things like the fact did thenment really --ise the administration and pushed harder on things like the clinton government. alan greenspan, a republican, part oft part -- a big the government i goldman and the whole 2008 crash.
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i think it was brought on by the clintons. ring,t guy said about the trying to grab that ring, i think that summed it up pretty well. hillary once that ring. i just do not like it. i think we need a government that is for the people and i do not think hillary is for the paper. i think bernie would be, i made step over the line and vote for hillary, but no way would i ever vote for bernie. i did vote for obama. thanks a lot will stop host: i think one of the arguments does not haves he a super pac. here's a bit from that exchange. bernie sanders: in 2006 when i ran for the senate, senator barack obama was kind enough to campaign for me.
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in 2008, i did my best to see that he was elected and in 2012 a work as hard as i could to see that he was reelected. and i are friends. we have some differences of opinion. here's the issue. the secretary touched on it. can you really reform wall street? millions are spending and millions of dollars on campaign contributions and monday are providing speaker fees to individuals? it is easy to say, i am going to that, but i have doubts when people receive huge amounts of money from wall street. i do not have a super pac, i do not want wall street money, i will rely on the middle class and working families. we are talking about last night's debate in south carolina. the democratic debate, the last debate before the all-important iowa caucuses and
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new hampshire debates next month. listen chicago, illinois. line for democrats. though, who did you think won? caller: they are trying to keep the status quote. we are in economic bondage to wall street. and and, hillary clinton is a -- is supporting them 100%. host: that last exchange, that last statement from bernie sanders, did that strike you? caller: bernie is misleading everybody about the health plan. we are the richest country and definitely afford universal health care. medicare is already in place.
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it could be expanded. there are white, 104 -- there are 104 economics that support bernie. hillary clinton belongs to a 1%, this, to the country cannot move forward dumpss we don't -- we hillary clinton. owned. that is what we need to get away from. host: that is bill in chicago. on the line for independents, ryan, give us your view on the debate. caller: i would say that there
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is one approach that no one in one, isa, and i mean no looking at hillary clinton four. do you understand that the distance from benghazi to italy miles and it has a military system? froms direct mileage benghazi to italy. where were the planes that went at the benghazi consulate? where was he said for those people? why is no one against hillary clinton on that question? at 8:00, wearound, ,ill be joined by rachel bade
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she will be looking into hillary clinton's e-mails, we will be talking about these issues from 8:00-age: 45. i would encourage you to stick around. out this that came weekend over the attacks in benghazi, we will talk about those attacks and how it might influence the debate. we will cover those topics from 8:00-8:45. steve is up next, good morning. caller: good morning. i don't know who one. has a gooders message and it is resonating with voters. but hillary clinton has a lot experience. the stats are there. the country seems like it turns around when a democrat gets in as president. her husband would be a great cowriter.
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the economy runs better when they are in office. give us debt up to our ears and they cry about debt, debt, debt. but they are the ones who bring us there. they use the social issues. bernie sanders is doing a it but i think hillary clinton has the experience and i don't think either one is going to do very well with the congress unless they win the senate. that is the only way they can get anything done. president obama has done a great job with what he has had to work with. duringhere was a topic last night's debate. i want to show you in exchange, a question from the moderator. at the response from bernie sanders. bernie sanders: that question
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annoys me. walk down the street without being told how much i have to attack hillary clinton. avoided doing that, i'm trying to run an issue oriented campaign. [applause] [cheers] sanders: i was asked a question. >> but you don't have to answer it that way. it, thenon't answer that is another front-page story. i will debate governor o'malley and senator clinton on the issues. that is it. aboutthe question was bill clinton's personal behavior. it was much debated when it was brought up. there were several questions about how the debate was brought
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the moderators. -- on twitter said that sanders was interrupted several times but hillary clinton was never interrupted. we want to know what you think. back to the line for democrats in louisiana. caller: good morning. i think the debate was good. i would give the edge to hillary clinton but as an african american female, even though the senator seems to be a good man, i truly do not ever want to see another white male from either party enter into the white house. i think hillary clinton has earned this opportunity. she has made many strides. i am 72 years old.
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i remember when she and bill clinton came on the scene. she worked tirelessly for the middle class. -- she has tried to get universal health care. i admire her so much. defeath she accepted her in 2008. she had such grace. it is time for a woman from any color to be the president of the united states. -- go hillary. billy, what did you think about the debate? i am not a typical book, itn, but in my was bernie sanders, hands down. i have a friend who lives in finland. the average median salary is $80,000.
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all of their college is paid for. you can get a college degree in whatever they want. , phd, dr. -- they average eight weeks vacation a year. their health care is paid for. so. i guess i want to put this out there. bernie sanders is putting something out there that other countries are already doing. and they are living a lot longer than americans are who worked night and day for what they have. bernie i like about sanders, even as a republican, he is willing to think outside the box and say, other countries are doing this. other countries are happier. they have more time off and they are happier. host: as a republican, could you
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see yourself voting for bernie sanders? caller: no, i will be voting for donald trump. america is tired of typical politicians. democrats never get tired of typical politicians. host: you may want to stick will beat 9:30 today we talking about a debate that is taking place in parliament about whether to ban donald trump from the u.k. for his statements out muslims. a petition has caused this debate. around 9:30. you can also watch it later here on c-span. i want to give folks a chance to respond to the democratic debate . george has a waiting in ohio on the line for independents. what are you watching for as an independent? say, i votelike to
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both ways. bernie sanders made better arguments, he won the debate. i would like to say that it is so refreshing to hear candidate, i don't care whether it was bernie sanders or hillary clinton's, it was refreshing to hear candidates say things to help the average american. to improve the average american's life. to make better benefits and things like that as opposed to , where they say they want to cut social security and medicare. they want to give the wealthy and other tax cut. i think that is the difference right now. like topoint i would make is that people remember what happened the last time we had a republican in the white house. they almost destroyed our country. you think bernie sanders
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won the debate, there was a caller earlier who said hillary clinton seems more presidential. someone on twitter said bernie sanders seemed mad and hateful. what do you think about their arguments and the way they made arguments? clinton seems a little more polished, she has been on the world stage a little bit longer. but bernie sanders reminded me in a way, of donald trump. in what he said, but in style. perink bernie sanders made -- made better points. his george in roy is up next in oregon. who do you think one? caller: bernie sanders, by far.
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he is the only one who made complete sense. he knows the history of america going back far enough to when we actually believed things were working. and where wewhat need to go. ,e needs to speak up as he is about the problems, and bring us to the table to fix them. let's go to linda in mississippi. good morning. i think hillary clinton won the debate. she had more substance. once to tears everything down and start over. with the republican majority in congress, there is no way that we should start over.
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night, heate, last didn't want to answer the questions. he wanted to answer them his way. tong a president, you have everything about that is going on in the world. bernie sanders didn't know much foreign policy. and c-span. the republicans had their debate. you didn't let any democrats call in and respond to the republican debate. open phones should be for everybody. democrat wanted to
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call in, you cut us off. you only let respond. host: i believe we have had democrats and republicans. up axed the phone lines lot to try to make it as fair as possible. we want to hear from folks on all sides of the issues. we will continue to mix the electiones up in this season. we will try to make it as fair as possible. barry -- goodxas, morning. thank you c-span, thank you for taking my call. i feel like bernie sanders had an edge. i think it is the fire in the belly. i think that is the game changer for nominees on both sides.
7:44 am
and i haven't made my mind up. as far as who i am picking. but honestly, i have decided there is no way i'm voting for donald trump. honestly, i worry about bernie sanders electability because the republicans have worked so hard to make "socialist" a dirty word. and with hillary clinton, she is the figure that people love to hate in american politics. i really worry about that being an impediment to her winning. thatt to say one thing to that troubles me. election, itrump's wonder how it is that people are disillusioned?
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--h the occupy movement donald trump isn't just a poster child but he actually is the 1%. people are gullible enough to think that this person who is the 1% will represent them in washington. it is mind-boggling. i will wait for your response. host: we want to hear what you have to say. we want to get your reaction to last night's debate. who do you think won? one issue that was brought up was the ongoing water crisis in flint, michigan. it made the front page this morning. hillary clinton talked about the water crisis in her closing remarks. clinton: i spent a lot of time last week eating outraged by what is happening in flint, michigan. i think every american should be
7:46 am
outraged. we have a city in the united states of america where the population, which is poor in the majority is african-american, they have been drinking and bathing lead contaminated water. and the government of that state acted as though he didn't really care. he had requests for help that he basically stonewalled. if thetell you what, kids in a rich suburb of detroit had been drinking contaminated water and were being based in it, there would have been an issue. so i sent a campaign aide to talk to the mayor to see what i could do to help. i issued a statement about what we could do to help and i went on a tv show and i said it was outrageous that the governor hadn't acted and within two hours, he had. i want to be a president to takes care of the issues that affect our country every day. host: they're getting your
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reaction to last night's democratic debate. democrats are calling (202) 748-8000, republicans are calling (202) 748-8001, and independents are calling (202) 748-8002. shannon has been waiting. good morning. caller: hey, i want to respond to that clip. i think bernie sanders did it that as far as what hillary clinton was saying, i agree with her except on the flipside. same analogyat with benghazi, where was she? -- sheas the help she didn't send anybody in benghazi. she didn't care about that and she lied to their families. -- you hadas being
7:48 am
surely from louisiana saying that there should never be another white male as president -- that is pretty racist. you should have colder out on it. just because she is a black female. i am obviously a white male that if i said i didn't think there -- --be another blackmail lack male. i think you should have colder out. you shouldn't let people spout racist views. you let her get by. thank you for your point. who do you think you will vote for as you go ahead? caller: i'm not sure. jeb bush is next in line with
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the family but i would never vote for him. trump in good conscience, he is too much of a maniac. which most of these people -- like hillary clinton seems like a sociopath. she can't tell the truth and she doesn't seem to care about anything but herself. and all the hiding and the line. bernie sanders seems like he is an honest guy. some of his views, i don't agree side,hem but on the other the only one i see that i agree and he is notrson doing very well. so i don't know. to endorse ben carson, i am hoping he will be in there. in oregon. is he is up next. good morning. so, i have a couple of
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things. i do support bernie sanders and i contributed to his campaign. , feel like bernie sanders has in a lot of ways, appealed to the democratic party in the same way that the erotic extreme -- ic, extreme right side has appealed as well. politicala level of crisis. by electing hillary clinton or jeb bush, we will get more of radical and enough change will not happen. my problem is, last night, i het like bernie sanders -- pivots really well to his message. whereas hillary clinton tends to be across the board in terms of responses. bernie sanders looks for reasons
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to get back to his message. i am completely on board with that that i think if he is going eat hillary clinton and move on to the general and win the general, he has to start campaigning more broadly. he can't stick to that one message. there is a lot more that people are interested in. i do think hillary might have edged him last night. but i would like to say that a couple of colors -- a couple of callers have mentioned benghazi. i am a previous combat command. it is pretty close to think that anyone, whoever you are, the president, the general, anyone -- that you could send in troops. there was no one else to send. you could have sent anyone, it was too late. it is unfair for that argument.
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in aaybe you have to be situation like that to understand it but i think people need respect dave on what people are capable of on the spot during the action in the combat. i think it is an unfair argument. and the that movie ongoing controversy, we are going to be talking about all of that coming up in 10 minutes with rachael bade from politico will be with us. later, daryl kimball will be with us, he has the director of the arms control association. will be talking about the implementation of the iran nuclear agreement. yesterday at the white house talked about the implementation of the iranian nuclear deal. here is a bit from that statement.
7:53 am
president barack obama: more than a decade, iran had installed more than 20,000 centrifuges that could enrich uranium. today, they have removed two thirds of those machines. for the deal, iran was increasing its stockpile of enriched uranium. enough for up to 10 nuclear bombs. today, more than 98% has been shipped out of iran. meaning they have not even enough for one bomb. before, they were nearing the completion of a new reactor capable of creating plutonium, but today that reactor has been pulled out and filled with concrete so it cannot be used again. hadre the deal, the world little visibility into the nuclear program. today, international inspectors on the ground and iran is being
7:54 am
subjected to the most intrusive inspected regime ever monitored on a nuclear program. them 24rs will monitor hours a day, 365 days a year. inspectors to come, will have access to their entire nuclear supply chain. they try tods, if cheat or try to build a bomb covertly, we will catch them. if you want to learn more about the iranian nuclear deal implementation, we will have that at 9:30 today. todo have a few minutes left talk about your reactions to last night's presidential debate. here is the front page of the washington post, "sharper tone as stakes rise." of course, former maryland governor martin o'malley was on that stage.
7:55 am
says, -- we want to hear how you saw that the bait. on the line for democrats, ray is waiting period good morning. caller: i am a bernie sanders supporter. he isason why is because for the working man. clintons -- it is all behind what bill clinton put on the books. to my two sweet black ladies who called about hillary clinton, america has had enough of the clintons. it is time for a change. have a good day. host: on twitter, david ross writes in that "we the people"
7:56 am
won lastnight -- night. as our real-world concerns were addressed. john is in texas on the line for republicans. what did you think of last night's debate? yes, sir. i thought all three of them were losers just like they look. i don't think any of them measure up to being a president of the united states. but there was one thing i would like to add about benghazi. there was no way they could have gotten jets over there from spain and all of that. but do you think they might have ifn able to muster help
7:57 am
hillary clinton was in the consulate? or if president obama was in the consulate? do you think they would have been able to muster help? host: much more in that coming up on the washington journal that right now we want to talk about last night's debate. barbara has been waiting on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. i thought that hillary clinton ate the most sense. houthis bernie sanders going to do anything without the congress. he was talking like the president can magically issue orders. hasn't been a leading senator in getting legislation through so how, as president, is he going to accomplish all of these things? i liked what governor o'malley said.
7:58 am
we have to get off the grid. we could decentralize and do something about our full mobility on the grid. i liked what hillary clinton said about health care. iton't like obama care but is a program that we do have that we can build on. if we duly with that it will be another 50 years before we get anything else through. plan and a health care he was blocked by kennedy. you can see how those things happen in congress. it has takenous this long to get a kind of a plan. i like elizabeth warren. the three of them up there, i think the practical choice is hillary clinton. she knows how to work with congress across party lines.
7:59 am
she works with people to get things done and i think she is very practical. we should keep pushing for a little to get her on the progressive side. she would be an excellent president. host: do you think bernie sanders has pushed her a little? do you think that his running in the primary will have been helpful? it made her aware of the strength of the progressive wing of the democratic party. i like bernie sanders. host: that was barbara. and tina in alexandria, virginia. good morning. caller: i'm calling because i and it bernie sanders want this audience to know that i am a woman of color. africannder the american category but i support bernie sanders hands-down. he is not in bed with wall street bankers.
8:00 am
hillary clinton is in bed with wall street bankers and she is not honest. for some reason, some flock tomericans will this woman even when they don't know that she is lying. i am so sorry that they don't read her record. they need to read bernie sanders record and then they need to decide who he really will support. once they do that they will not support hillary clinton. thank you. was our last caller in this segment. but up next we will be joined by politico's rachael bade. we will discuss hillary clinton's in a practices and the security of the private e-mail sector. we will also discuss the new movie about the benghazi attacks. and how it could affect the campaign. and later we will discuss how iran is complying with the terms of its nuclear deal and what
8:01 am
when the country sees the relief of its sanctions that began this week with the implementation of the deal. our deal -- our guest will be daryl kimball. but next on this martin luther king jr. day, we want to show a portion of loretta lynch's speech to commemorate dr. king. reflect on thewe legacy he left behind at we rededicate ourselves to paths of continuing his unfinished work. it is indeed unfinished. for dr. king, the work that was his life's effort put -- effort was began and continued through a long night of racial injustice. segregation was the law of the land. it seems strange to think that now. we stand here in the department of justice. we have an african-american president and attorney general.
8:02 am
lawshere was a time when were used against people of color and anyone who was perceived to be different, to keep them in what was perceived to be "their place." those were the days when regulations and outright bigotry denied african-americans filled out. we were threatened by violence and restrained by prejudice. but in the darkest hours of that long night, dr. king's words and deeds provided a spark of light and it was a spark and a light of humanity. he called forth the best of us. and the spark spread across the country from the granite steps of the lincoln memorial to the
8:03 am
dark and cold so of a birmingham jail. he described the beloved community as one not present by hatred or divided by color that governed by brotherhood for all mankind. he challenged america. he challenged the country that he loved. --challenged us to ride up to rise up to ensure opportunity and to promote equality. and to demand justice. want to watch that a event, go to our website at and now rachael bade from politico is back. we are discussing the e-mails of hillary clinton from her days at the state department when she was using her own private server. the congressional committee
8:04 am
launched an investigation into this issue. why is the state science and elegy -- and technology committee taking part? that is a great question. lamar smith decided he would launch his own investigation of this e-mail situation, specifically calling on tech companies that worked on her server, asking what they do. expecting the house oversight committee to jump in soon. oversight and government reform. speaker boehner actually, last year, the reason we didn't see house investigation on this issue is because speaker boehner wanted to do the benghazi worked first before anyone else did a probe. so he held back a lot of committee chairman from doing anything.
8:05 am
and we areis gone seeing a committee that we didn't expect to jump in now. and the way they are getting in is to say they have jurisdiction over cyber issues. and this is an issue that relates to cyber information. so basically, the security -- making sure information that is private is not attacked from abroad. host: so with this committee on board, give us a status of how many committees are actually doing an investigation involving hillary clinton? numberthis will now be four. although there are six or seven that are watching closely. we have the senate judiciary committee working with the homeland committee to probe the homeland -- to probe the e-mail
8:06 am
issue. they have been trying to talk to theynd talk we on oh -- have been trying to talk to the man who are clinton hired to oversee the issues with her. the issue has to do with links, it was expanding while she was secretary of state and they are seeing if there were conflicts -- complex oricts issues there. both sides of the capital are watching this closely because they want to make sure the fbi is giving a fair group. -- a fair probe. make sure that politics are not involved in the findings. i would be surprised if oversight jumps in as well. host: you bring up the fbi inquiry. where does that stand? can definitelywe
8:07 am
say that they are looking at the security of the server. they said they were looking at whether anything was hacked from abroad. did anyone get information from her server? fromor by reporting -- and ting, i have been able to discern that there looking at the actual content of the e-mails. they are wondering whether confidentialending e-mails on private servers. there was a report recently that it has expanded to include donations to the clinton foundation and how things go back and forth. confirmed personally that and we have heard people push back on that notion. it'shey are seeing is area -- they are seeing if aids percent classified information. host: and hillary clinton is
8:08 am
getting faced with these issues wherever she goes. fbi,as interviewed by the she had a one-word answer "no." in your view, which of these investigations and probes should cheaper -- should she be most concerned about? guest: i think it depends on what republican lawmakers are able to turn up. there was one e-mail that i think reasserted the e-mail issue back into the spotlight. it had been tapering down over the last few months but it was an e-mail that was sent on new year's eve. those e-mails were not searchable on new year's eve. there was an e-mail that "from clintonaid
8:09 am
to a top staffer." wase was an oversight that supposed to be set on a secured network. it said to send it to her nonsecurity. and people are wondering if she is telling people to sell -- to send classified information on a nonsecure network, that is what they are looking at. wasassumption is that this classified information that was supposed to be sent over a secure network. and she said, send it to me nonsecurred. this e-mail and you are talking about, this is part of the group of e-mails that will be released at the end of the month. so we are talking about that and
8:10 am
the congressional investigation into those issues and we are talking about a new benghazi movie that came out this past weekend. you saw that? guest: of course. do you think that movie will impact the debate on capitol hill? is one issue that is already popping up again on capitol hill. the notion of a standdown order. the movie clearly shows the head of the cia in benghazi telling the six commanders who want to go out and save diplomats and , he clearlycompound tells them to stand down and wait. they held for 20 minutes. the notion of the standdown order, there have been probes but there is no proof of that. but what i learned from this whole process, reading about the movie before it came out and
8:11 am
talking to one of the five commanders who helped to write the movie, one of the survivors, is that they content there was a -- they contend there was a standdown order. they say they were told to wait for 20 minutes. there is no evidence of this. everyone agrees it wasn't a standdown order. there have been a number of -- number of republicans who say they do not believe this but there are republicans who think these guys are telling the truth. host: in the washington post, there is an interview about this exact issue. saying there wasn't a standdown issue. do you want to join in the conversation? democrats, (202) 748-8000. republicans, (202) 748-8001.
8:12 am
independents, (202) 748-8002. good morning, happy martin luther king birthday. i am a disabled vietnam veteran. please afford me the same amount of time that you do to the republicans. of all, on hillary clinton's e-mails, she didn't finally a federal laws. i have the four statutes here. the houseow that majority leader, who was in there at the time when all of these hearings were planned, he basically said to ring down hillary clinton. thirdly, the media have been going after the clintons. they haven't proved anything yet. of media is using words
8:13 am
ambiguity. "maybe" or "possibly." did you know that the benghazi hearings have been going on 4.5 times longer than the jfk assassination? if you would like me to get those statutes to prove that he -- that shete didn't violate federal law, i can get those to you. host: we want to give her a chance to respond. the comment that he made, saying that they created the committee and it helped hillary clinton unfolds, it was toxic. democrats ran with that and republicans hit their forehead on their hands like, what did you just do? the head of the benghazi
8:14 am
committee came out and criticized him. he said to stop talking about it. he is a formal federal prosecutor. so the image of his investigation, he has made it clear that he doesn't want this to be part of his image. mccarthy's comments were definitely a sign that democrats have latched onto. thishave said that committee has no credibility. issueught up the e-mail not violating federal law. hillary clinton has said that a number of times. in regards to setting up a personal server as secretary of state, yes, there was no law against it. but it heats the notion that you weren't supposed to do that. you were supposed to use the e-mail.
8:15 am
she has acknowledged that it was a mistake. now, there are specific rules about doing that. we can't say for sure that classified information being sent. it is against the law to send classified information on an unsafe network, particularly if you realize what you are doing. right? and there have been at least 1300 e-mails that have raised to the classified level that were sent on her server. they may not have been classified at the time. they were marked as classified. but if they find one or two or three that were marked that were sent, it is against the law. the 1300y seven of were classified at this point. it raises the idea of a
8:16 am
higher level of classification. the fbi is looking at how this information ended up on a security e-mail. did someone brief e-mail and summarize it to the boss? how did that happen? was it top-secret? host: john is waiting on the line for independents. caller: good morning. i would like to correct the gentleman that you just spoke to who was a vietnam veteran. i am a veteran and i didn't retire until 2005. i was a navy chief. chief my career as a navy , i worked intelligence on the -- command. i had top-secret intelligence.
8:17 am
to say that hillary clinton did not violate the rules of the law that we run our intelligence under is sheer stupidity. because you cannot take classified information and send it to an unclassified server and still call it secure. that is an extreme violation and it is a go to jail violation. people who do that in the military go to jail for that. the issue i really called about was to let you know that i work in the command and when i was in had measured we the distance to point a and so we can plan to bring
8:18 am
resources. and the exact distance from and ghazi to italy -- from benghazi is a 50 minute flight. why did we not send jets? i will give you an example. there is little metal roofs on a runway and he can be in the air in 30 seconds or less. host: so these issues are being brought up in the wake of this movie coming out. good issues that you brought up. thatormer caller who said
8:19 am
you couldn't go to jail. technical information issues about this. whether it was classified or not. the state department doesn't classify a lot of things as other departments do. have attained their own information and they did not classify it but another agency got the same information and it, itter classified wouldn't have been classified. so there are questions about it was classified at the time. it isn't black and white. it doesn't mean she automatically broke the law. as far as the and ghazi issue. benghazi issue. , it was 13 hours
8:20 am
that they went on tackling without any kind of air support after calling for help, there have been a lot of different findings. the committee is obviously looking into this. one thing i have gathered from republican sources is that they -- feel,even though even though they couldn't have saved the people who died in the early part, there could have been a difference in the end. host: do you think all the publicity this movie is getting cause someone to come out and make a statement about the movie? or to talk more about the investigation? a republican from alabama
8:21 am
on the committee, i talked to him before he left and he was saying that he isn't going to see it. he doesn't want it to impede his investigation. joke about how his wife has a bunch of hallmark movies that he has to watch first. so i don't think they will see it. but several democrats tomie they will go watch it. -- democrats told me they will go watch it. it will put more pressure on the investigation. you meet the characters, you meet the four men who died. you see their personalities. it brings the whole thing back. have they announced when they expect to be done with the investigation? guest: the most recent timeframe announced is in the spring but it keeps getting pushed back. there are a lot of documents.
8:22 am
democrats issue that have seized on saying that the investigation has been extremely long. it will be two years in june. but they still have problems. they have documents they don't have from the state department. the other day, they said something along the lines of taking the heat and criticism and put out something i am proud or i can bench to critics and put out something now. we are here with rachael bade from politico. we are following the in's and out different investigations. you can follow her on twitter. bill is up next in chicago. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? host: good, go ahead. day, i on this wonderful
8:23 am
am so proud of the republican party that they have taken initiative what hillary clinton has done. what is at fault though, after willf this is done, they publicize. reasonable doubt. if everything they have stated was true, they couldn't get a conviction on it. there just flying in the wind. justice stands for justice. any follow-ups on that? terms of what hillary clinton could see come from these investigations and probes? guest: i think i agree that it is a long shot whether we see any charges brought or if
8:24 am
something will come out of the investigation. issue,s of the benghazi a lot of these people aren't there anymore so there is the question of what happens then. beeninformation has always with the public in terms of who you want to lead the country. so in that regards, the information is good. one thing i have been surprised about is the lack of probes in the house. andnow with the science space probe, we could see more committees jumping in. there are now investigations going into the clinton foundation. so i am actually surprised that we haven't seen more. is up next on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning.
8:25 am
i wanted to talk about an incident that happened when i was working for a lady and she said, you have to read this book. it was about hillary clinton. and it was called, why you should hate hillary clinton. it talked about how she was a republican before she met bill clinton. but this was over 40 years ago. so i'm thinking, they must have hounded her from when she worked on the nixon investigation. that is my, it. comment.s my has been in the spotlight for a long time. and they are always following every move. host: brad is up next. good morning. caller: we keep talking about this foolish benghazi -- it is
8:26 am
foolish because we need to look into the clintons. for hillary to stall for two years, it doesn't help the facts. and the attack that actually killed the people, that isn't enough. , several timesor before. was something there that was killing them. clinton a hillary pass for her behavior is not going to work. pretty lost is right now. there isn't enough democrats to vote are in. and she is locked into the independent vote. so carrying her water bucket around as the political weight is a joke. is sad but it is what is
8:27 am
going to happen. i don't know what to tell people anymore. people don't care about oversight. been rachael bade has following this for months. your response? guest: i would say that i don't think republicans are giving her a pass. that is why you have the issues we have now. with the fbi probe, there are convocations about what republicans on the hill can do. so a lot of people are still waiting to see what the fbi does. and then they may print up their own probes. or not. i don't know. he was talking about how she has independent voters, yes, bernie sanders has come up behind her
8:28 am
but i still think she has supporters and her numbers are up there. we will see a lot in iowa over the next couple of months. this issue is not a big issue for democrats. i have talked to a lot to think this issue is silly. say thatust caution to just because we have investigations going on doesn't need that she has choked. host: republicans believe there are independents and democrats who are out there who can be swayed. they keep bringing this up at campaign events. that came up at the debate last night. and at the debate last week. here is a bit from the republican debate. filler clinton would just be
8:29 am
a disaster, she is disqualified from being commander-in-chief of the united states. someone who cannot handle intelligence information appropriately cannot be commander in chief. and someone who lies to the four victims in benghazi should not be president. host: there is an interesting connection here. , it bringsory trouble for the benghazi probe. benghazi? guest: he has been careful to stay out of politics when he owdy doesn't want to see them that he is fundraising off his position or the probes he is doing. but over christmas break we saw him endorse marco rubio and go out to iowa with him. and that was new.
8:30 am
the committee is adamant that benghazi is not coming up. he did third and had a moment where he could have done some "stick it to her" moment. "i encourage you to read the report." it is an awkward issue for him. we are seeing campaign thisrters saying, how is investigation going to have any credibility? prosecutor. him on theet oversight committee and he was playing out these legal terms.
8:31 am
for him, he talks about the image of his committee and want to be seen as fair and non- partisan. a number of republicans said the noneihood is slim to because this is washington and everything gets political. host: steve is up next on the line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. you're in washington and you must know a lot of people. do you think the fbi would have 150 agents working on the clinton e-mail, or are they just slow readers? are they just wasting taxpayer money? guest: we saw that report, as
8:32 am
well. i talked to my colleague about it. no other outlet reported that. 150 agentsical that are working on it. i am going to be a little skeptical about that. host: what can you say about fbi investigation? guest: there is definitely one. the fbi director has acknowledged one. byst it was a pro, reported "the new york times," and just about the security of the server. experts,the x words -- given the questions from the top staff, they believe it has gone to a full investigation.
8:33 am
whether that is criminal, your ss iss as good -- your gue as good as mine. when they are going to wrap up. itcan say there is one and is ongoing. host: steve, good morning. caller: good morning. carter --neral wereopters and the rotors any. carrier hadon the men in planes ready to take off.
8:34 am
they were relieved of duty within minutes for inappropriate judgment. how come it hasn't been much on that? guest: i think we could see more on this particular investigation. i was talking to the oversight andrman the other day about what republicans thought about that. yeah, there is this allegation. they are doing all their investigative work behind closed doors. they are looking at, before the attack, during the attack, and after the attack. host: we just showed the viewers the headline last week. a standdown ordered.
8:35 am
and say they were delayed you can go to to read that story. sandra, good morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to me a couple of statements and i have a question. for the u.s.n army. putting people to stop ms. clinton down. what happened in benghazi is over now. let it go. let the lady run her campaign. she is going to win the race anyway. just let it go. forget the investigation. what is it going to prove?
8:36 am
guest: i think that with the benghazi investigation, we hear a lot of democrats saying that. to have been seven, eight. there not been any smoking guns. republicans were not satisfied -- some republicans were not satisfied with the reports that came out of congress. they want to interview more people who were on the ground that night. fresh, the e-mail e-mail putting the fbi. it is a very serious issue. things about conflicts of interest. while shewas standing
8:37 am
was at the state department. i think the american people wants to know more about these things. think investigations are necessarily add things. that is not going to happen. host: republicans raising concern. wereell-connected donors able to get favors when hillary clinton was the head of the state department. guest: a number of different donors when she was at the state department. it is not illegal. when theout an e-mail chief of staff was talking to bill clinton's former chief of staff at the white house. he had e-mailed her chief of
8:38 am
staff, 'i have these financial interest in china. i want to go to this event in washington. she was able to secure him a position there. there were not a lot of companies present and not a huge corporate peace. later wrote thank you. "this helps my business and i was able to meet with chinese businessmen." that is a blatant and example where a supporter got some preferential treatment at the state department by calling on friends. host: when will they be released by? batch shouldst
8:39 am
cannot by the end of january. after that, i'm sure it will be like, whew, long couple of months after the. host: bill has been waiting. good morning. caller: good morning. related ton i had the e-mails from the foundation. the coordination of these taking engagements of bill clinton and the timing of donations to the foundation, related to the iranian sale to russia, which will be pretty traitorous, in my opinion. ie e-mail from the generals, believe went to the secretary of
8:40 am
defense, leon panetta. it has been held back. all of these democrats and anybody else, the administration wants everyone to forget every event of every investigation that has been done. they stretch it out and do not provide documents and protect things. they are hoping people's attention is not bring it forwar d. host: two topics there. guest: the foundation. re hass something -- the been a lot of reports about whether eggs with the clinton foundation, a philanthropic group run by bill, chelsea, and
8:41 am
hillary. she went there after the state department. whether anything, they were taking foreign donations to their group. did that ever influence what she did at the state department. reporters have done a lot of investigation. there was an agreement that there would be an open transparency about that. a conflict not be of interest between the two. something that reporters will continue to look into. anatomy --ssue, the panetta e-mail and people
8:42 am
getting ready to go. the first ones to get a hold of that e-mail and put it out on the internet. it has raised a lot of questions. i have talked to some republicans about the full story. it might look bad but there might be some explanation. we do not know the full story. host: this on twitter about the cost of the investigation. tag onave a final price all the investigations? huge: that has been a point of contention. you have to pay special
8:43 am
investigators. a lot are former military folks. one officer is running the investigation. they are expensive staffers. you have to hire them and keep them on for two years. so i think they will continue to bring it up. reportstop now put out a that it is not complete? host: bob is in michigan. bob, go ahead. caller: i want to talk about the phone call from the guy who said you were a water carrier for hillary. when he was talking about
8:44 am
off, heents falling was talking about people going to trump. curiositythe lack of when it comes to benghazi, he wasn't talking about republicans. he was talking about the mainstream media. if this was watergate, you would be up all day and all night, turning over every rock you can find. host: we have about a minute left. talk about your work and what it is like covering these investigations. guest: there are a lot of moving parts. that is been my focus these days. you get criticism from both sides when you are a reporter. some people say i am way too
8:45 am
hard on her. it is a witch-hunt, etc. "i cannot believe you're going to write this story." i have been watching this closely. as the investigation continues, i think the final reports will be interesting. host: you can see all of her how iran has complied with terms of the nuclear deal. we will be joined by daryl kimball. later will talk about the debate about whether the united kingdom should ban donald trump. ourfirst look act at american history tv archives from "meet the press."
8:46 am
he was talking about the march on selma. [audio clip] >> the march on selma was "silly" and cannot accomplish a acquireng except to attention. about $300,000. would you say the march was worth that cost? dr. king: i would say the march was not silly at all. i would think the march did more t dramatizedo the injustices that negro people continue to face in many sections of the south more than anything else. i think it was the most dramatic
8:47 am
civil rights protest that has ever taken place in the south. we are justified the cost we've put into it. we are sorry a death occurred after the march. i am sure all people are outraged as a result of the death. but after all we know in the movement, there are these possibilities, and we go on with the faith that americans suffering is redemptive. >> i've inc. the demonstration was to get the voting bill through. was it necessary for that purpose? dr. king: the demonstration was certainly for the voting rights bill. however, we must recognize there
8:48 am
are other tragic conditions existing in alabama which are as degrading, humiliating, and as enying the right to vote. the longd to protest night of brutality, the constant murders that continue to take place under the administration of governor wallace. there have been 10 persons killed and murder, and nothing has been done about it. bombings of homes and churches. again, nothing has been done. we were marching to protest these brutalities, these
8:49 am
murders, and all of the things that go along as much as two gain the right to vote. >> you can see all of our content on y. daryl kimball is back at our desk. explain what implementation means and what iran had to do to see this relief on saturday. guest: a big milestone in the course of this agreement. our allies and iran reached the nuclear agreement. they have been going through the steps for formal legal adoption. october, when the u.s. and iran clears the hurdles, iran
8:50 am
began the steps to take down its nuclear capacity to reach this day. agency verifynal that iran completed key steps in its areas, to reduce centrifuges that can produce material for bomb grade. they took down about 13,000 machines. they shipped out about 8.5 tons of uranium stock. core,emoved the reactor which could have produced up to two bombs worth of plutonium. they have made, taken the steps not just to agency
8:51 am
inspect but to initiate a more robust monitoring system that is going to last for decades to make sure there are no activities at declared or undeclared facilities. the big step allow the united lift thend the eu to sanctions that have been in place, particularly for iran with regard to the sale of oil. this is going to help the iranian economy. upt: how much money is freed ? guest: with respect to the on frozen assets -- a lot of the oil assets have been frozen.
8:52 am
there are various estimates. the net amount that iran will receive is around $50 billion immediately. they owe alot to other countries for projects. going forward, they can sell oil. the price of oil is depressed right now. nge president of iran is hopi the lifting of the sanctions will have benefits. he is hoping it will help his chances. host: what do you think the implementation means for nonproliferation efforts throughout the region? guest: we think this is a huge step forward. iran was on the cusp of having
8:53 am
enough material for one bomb. they were on track to build a reactor which could have produced enough material for two nuclear weapons. if not for the agreement that today mightiran centrifuges000 installed. they might've had the reactor operating and enough uranium material for as much as three nuclear bombs. we wouldn't have had the inspections take place. they are substantially moved backwards. believe are blocked for 15 years.
8:54 am
some restrictions will last 10 years. it is a huge step forward at a big victory for nuclear nonproliferation. host: what could have done better in this process? guest: it is not a perfect agreement. a lot of criticism in washington for what it wasn't. the main criticisms we would've thed to have seen was that restrictions on iran's nuclear program might have been longer and there would've been more substantial. the goal was not to eliminate all of iran's nuclear capacity, to take away their potential. that is not something they would have agreed to.
8:55 am
so they could not race to produce the material for a bomb. place.have that in their capabilities have been restricted. noty at least a year if veryaway, and we have a robust inspection system in place that will subtract any efforts to get around those restrictions of this agreement. the committee can't respond quickly. so a long time. bit from the a statement about the implementation.
8:56 am
[video clip] welcomet obama: as we our americans home, we recognize that the main differences between the united states at iran. we remain steadfast in opposing the hader elsewhere, including the threat against israel and our gulf partners. we still have sanctions on iran for violations on human rights, and for the ballistic missile program. we will continue to enforce these sanctions. the recent missile test was a violation. the united states is imposing sanctions working to advance the ballistic missile program, and we will remain vigilant about it . host: that was president obama
8:57 am
from the white house yesterday. we will get into some of those issues. we want to bring our viewers into the conversation. democrats, 202-748-8000. republicans, 202-748-8001. independents, 202-748-8002. we start with patrick. go ahead. caller: good morning. how could the administration deal with iran with such a heavy hand, while letting north korea run wild. ally in the to our middle east, israel. i see the martin luther king videos this morning. i like to wish everyone a happy james earl ray day. that's what it means for the rest of us.
8:58 am
host: talk about the north korean aspect. guest: martin luther king was a strong advocate for andy the nuclear arms race. that was a problem then still a problem today. on north korea, the administration has extended a great deal of energy in this successful negotiation to reach the iran deal. we would like to see further engagement with north korea to begin with. program,eir nuclear which is quite advanced. just conducted their fourth earlier this month. they are producing plutonium. they have the ballistic missile program and they could arm these missiles with nuclear warheads,
8:59 am
especially if they have more nuclear testing. it is important to engage the north koreans and put more pressure on the north koreans. sanctions alone will not do the job. it will require more chinese support. accessible is not as to sanctions as iran was. iran is integrated in the economic system. this is a ticking time bomb. it is going to get worse. this is going to be a problem for the next president. it will require a different approach, more effective approach to curbing their program. host:
9:00 am
caller: good morning. i like to say a few things. when you get to talking about north korea, there is a nexus between them and iran so even if iran is not enriching, north korea is and they will be happy to hand over some of their material. though, there is a part of this deal where during the inspection process, the s of the unitedn states will be paying iran about $1 million a year to self their own military nuclear sites. so? sorry people, i don't think that is a good use of our tax payer money. i think this is a bad deal.
9:01 am
have a good day. guest: the caller brings up a couple of points. first of all, on the inspections issue with the iran deal, it is the economic international agency that will be doing these wasections at the general just talking about some of the new tools the agency is going to have. monitoring at all of iran's nuclear facilities. ony are going to have access short notice to any site that the agency is concerned about that might be involved in illicit activity. they are going to have monitoring in place on all of iran's mills and minds. so the entire chain is going to be under the watchful eye.
9:02 am
their budget has increased about three times for the iran related work and the american taxpayer is paying a 20% portion of the total budget for worldwide inspection, including iran itself. it is important for congress to continue to do this. it is itself inspections. -- it is notans self inspections. not by any means. host: i think that is critical. -- thelear for you'll that youuel change talk about, how hard would it be to have one off the grade? guest: it would be very tough. aren't justuse you trying to evade the inspectors at one point in the process. you have to invade -- you have to invade the inspectors -- you
9:03 am
de the inspectors at all of the points. it is quite likely that you would be caught well before you could benefit from any cheating. the international agency was in iran, they were inspecting facilities. but now they have a much wider and deeper look into iran's programs. so we are in a much better position to guard against those secret programs that iran could theoretically pursue in order to amass material for nuclear arms. berkeley is on the line for republicans. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. i have a question about what is happening to all of the tons of
9:04 am
enriched ternium that is going to russia. why russia? what is russia going to do with it? it is concerning, i haven't heard any discussion about that. the other question i have is, what about the exemption of nuclear testing or production systems in iranian military bases. apparently those are being exempted from inspection. host: thank you. guest: as part of this agreement, the iranians needed down the low enriched uranium that they had or they needed to ship it out. the quantity we are talking about is 8.5 tons. to get down to the 300 kilogram requires, the deal
9:05 am
iranians now don't have any capability. so one of the ways that it was dealt with quickly was to ship out the uranium stockpile that they had. they sent it to russia because russia has a huge nuclear industry for civilian purposes. they have the capacity to store this material and to use it in their commercial activity to to nuclearr fuel power vendors. so that is why it was done that way. it is also geographically convenient for this material to iran to russia. russia, we have to remember, they are like the united states. they have an enormous stockpile.
9:06 am
that is the stockpile that can be used to make nuclear weapons. so the fact that they have the low enriched uranium is not a problem by itself because they already have a great deal more of enriched uranium and plutonium in storage inside the country. host: we have been having this conversation with two different views. this is all about obama's legacy. and victor writes, show me any i lateral agreements that is perfect and you won't find any. the iran deal was the best alternative. have daryl kimball. explain what you do. guest: our mission is to provide
9:07 am
information about chemical and biological weapons. we are active here in washington on policy issues and rework a great deal to try to encourage progress towards diplomatic solutions. host: he is taking your calls over the next 20 minutes here on washington journal. michael is on the line for republicans. good morning. caller: good morning. a gentleman called from new jersey and mentioned a comment about the mlk day. and they brought up the james earl jr.. why neither of you felt that those comments needed to be -- comments didn't need to be denounced.
9:08 am
i found that very offensive. i watch c-span to find out about the iran deal and these comments just go by and nothing is even mentioned. we wanted to move away from that comment to talk about the iran deal. we will be talking about martin luther king jr. day in the last half an hour. we will be talking about civil rights issues here in this country. we will bring you a live picture. we will talk about martin luther king jr.. be celebratingly in that segment. guest: i think the caller is right. those kinds of comments aren't appropriate. was a person king that we should all be proud of and he was of the best of what the country is about. honor talkingat everything is part
9:09 am
of his legacy. washington on in the line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. i was wondering, this is a person for the arms control association? area,ies in the mid east why don't we try to control them? pakistan? the iran deal, i am with it 100%. institute thise over the rest of the middle east? guest: a good question. iran isn't the only country that has thought about nuclear weapons. there are nine countries that do have nuclear weapons, including pakistan, israel, united states, the fact that --
9:10 am
the iranian nuclear program has been put in a box now should give the united states and many other countries a chance to build on this agreement. to deal with the other nuclear issues we have. for instance, one of the novel aspects of this agreement is have agreed tons a prohibition on any types of experiments that could be used to make nuclear explosive devices. this is what they were suspected of doing about a decade away. -- a decade ago. we think they did that and it might be a prohibition that weapons statesar could adopt. pakistan and india are nuclear armed neighbors. , ife two countries could escalate a conflict,
9:11 am
to the nuclear realm. so there are things that we could do now that the iranian advanceis reduced to efforts in other areas of the world. the new york times today is talking about the iranian nuclear deal. he headline on this piece, "a safer world, thanks to the iran deal." writes that the bill has passed despite relentless attempts by political opponents to sabotage the initiative. if you want to read more on that, it is in today's paper. we will be taking your calls over the next 15 minutes or so. democrats can call in at (202) 748-8000, republicans at (202)
9:12 am
748-8001, independents at (202) 748-8002. tom, good morning. caller: good morning. i was on the walk with martin luther king in selma. all events of the world to be divided between good and bad. it was a good walk. in high school, we were the rascals who got the buses running down into mississippi to break black kids up. i want to say that all of this was goodness. all right, that was tom in montana. now we have thomas in texas. good morning. caller: good morning.
9:13 am
i want to know the difference between the iran-contra deal and this deal. and why did the inspector resign? thank you. guest: i'm not quite sure i understand the question. the iran-contra deal was something that was from 35 years ago. the reagan administration was involved in that. it was far different, it had to do with iran's nuclear capability. the one thing that the previous caller talked about, about the inspections of the agreement that it puts in place, the agency can request a short notice inspection of any iranian site that they have a concern about. that doesn't mean they can go in with no notice. mean that the iranians can't makes adjustments about where they can and cannot go, because they do have certain rights.
9:14 am
unique about this agreement is that within 24 hours, iranians have to respond to the request. if there is a dispute about how and where they want to go, there is a dispute recognition mechanism. it applies to everything but specifically to this. it is unique. it is new. and that commission is structured in a way that it gives more power to the united states and our allies to make sure that the iranians comply. so there are novel aspects of the international agency much faster access than usual. that will keep the pressure on the iranians to cooperate in the future. but there will be a test of this
9:15 am
the first including time and there will be times down the road when the agency wants to's the facilities that the iranians haven't cleared as part of their nuclear program. last week, they were on the defense. and also there was a test last month of a missile. do you think that should have been taken into consideration before the listing of the sanctions? guest: it is fabulous to see americans released from iran. it is a tremendous release and it is a testament to the hard work and diplomacy that the united states was engaged in all the while the nuclear engagements were going on. even though it wasn't a direct relationship, the diplomatic opening that this has provided has created a channel for communication and goodwill
9:16 am
between the united states and the iranian government. that helped make this release possible. yesterday, the president somenced that there were entitiesons on iranian involving a ballistic missile procurement. it is important to remember that this led to a nuclear deal. both sides were important not to let other issues come into the equation, in part, because it would have made it far too in ordernd burdensome to resolve this. ballistic missile program, it has had that for quite some time. they have short and medium range missiles. the united states was concerned
9:17 am
that those missiles could be used if iran had a nuclear program, to deliver nuclear warheads. it would be far more dangerous. so there have been sanctions in place for quite some time to make sure that the iranians can't affect the program. so the president yesterday applied to those ballistic trades programs and any that might occur on ballistic missiles between iran and north korea. and one of the designations yesterday related to an iranian hadany yesterday who bridges in north korea to help the north koreans with their missile program. so there will be more sanctions outside of the nuclear realm that take place over the next several years. and we will have to pursue a
9:18 am
continental approach to deal with the challenge in the middle east that iran poses and other countries pose as well. but everything could not have been solved without this nuclear deal. walter is waiting on the line for publicans in indiana. good morning. -- for republicans in indiana. good morning. when i i am the fuddled hear proponents that say, it is a pretty good deal, it will stop the iranians for a certain amount of time. history and to thinking about how, when they tried to appease the germans, and they said, please stop. when you have a country that, according to the united states is a state sponsor of terror and run a state sponsor of terror, when the leaders of iran say
9:19 am
, thethe great satan government of the united states, gets to america, when the shoot ballistic missiles, when missiles fall within 1500 yards of our ships, when they capture our navy men and make them kneel in the position and we give them $150 billion to a state that will continue to do terrorist activities, i often refer back to the weak minded, liberal democrats that try to appease and make everything nice, and i say that all we have done is we ized thistimate t country. what i want to know, if we have a president to make this deal, i
9:20 am
don't understand the congress or senate or house of representatives having anything to do with it except for these pinheads who go over like john kerry. question.ask you a what does the iranian government have to do for the united is to say, we are not going to take this? the iranian government -- we have a lot of problems on a lot of fronts. and it is a problem now less of a problem which of as the possibility perspective -- the caller mentioned issues that we have with the iranian government. better we are in a far
9:21 am
without engaging in those behaviors and having the possibility of nuclear weapons. the united states has, historically, associated with s, like reagan. the george w. bush administration started talking to iran. that was several years ago. outcomend, we have an that is in our interest because iran's program is now setback. we should not trust them. we should not believe everything they say. ands a distressed everything that we have before is now giving us tools to make sure that they are not trying to get around restrictions.
9:22 am
so there are a lot of nasty characters in the world. but with diplomacy you have to confront them and deal with them . daryl kimball is with the arms control association. you can find him on twitter. we now have 10 minutes left in this segment. mark is from chantilly, virginia. the morning. caller: good morning. i want to agree with your guest and some of the more rational callers. this is a good deal. is it perfect? of course not. you don't always get everything you want. people who think otherwise are thinking with their cuts and not
9:23 am
their heads. what's the alternative? go to war? no. people need to realize that this is the way that negotiations work. it is a good thing. that captures my sentiment. it is a good way of putting it. we do have challenges ahead with this agreement. i want to mix in a couple. that congress is going to be taking a look at whether or not to pass the iran sanctions act. iranlps put pressure on they are thinking about doing breaks the deal.
9:24 am
invite an equal response from iran. that is one issue that congress will be stating. but will be a task force agreement. the other agreement is about in to takeency goes a look at a site that the to look don't want us at, how do we respond? that test is going to come. in addition, we need to make sure that the agency has the tools as necessary to do the job. there is a lot of equipment that they have to maintain and operate. it costs money. commitmentsustain here in our national lab tests.
9:25 am
so this deal is not done. there are many years to go. we have to keep our eye on the ball. host: david is on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to correct the caller about the $1.5 billion -- it is not our money. it was iranian money that was frozen years ago. it was iranian money that was they have now that complied, we are releasing their money. releasing their money back to them. also, the votes were in iranian water. any country has the right to intercept the ship that is there -- that is there in their water. our crews would have done the same thing. will people on the right
9:26 am
lead us to world war iii. in thehat was david clinton township. steve has a question on twitter. he wants to know when it will be dealed -- when it will be transformed into the iranian treaty. guest: what the question refers is that it has to be submitted to congress in terms of the treaty, a binding agreement. not.ll not and was it was formally called an executive agreement. theas negotiated by permanent members of the security council with iran to make sure that it met requirements. but congress did have a vote on this agreement. he did have the opportunity to vote against.
9:27 am
that was put forward by the former center of relations committee. , i think one of the things that we need to think about at this stage is that now there has been a potential debate in congress, the deal has been implemented and what should the next president do? some on the campaign trail are saying that they will rebut this agreement. i think we have to think about what that means and whether it is feasible. what would you put in place instead? so i think we are past the stage where we can and should debate whether or not this should go forward. what iss a question of
9:28 am
the best way to implement this. how can we hold on this? what do we need to do? develop better diplomatic challenges to deal with these problems like the prisoners that we saw. host: just a few minutes left with daryl kimball from the arms committee. good morning. caller: good morning. go ahead, turned on your tv and answer the question. -- and ask your question. caller: ok. i was calling about the iran deal. deal is just leading up domination of the west.
9:29 am
hillary and bill are members of read thatant you to book. israel, the key to america's survival. it will help you deal what is going on with the immigration deal. is there anything you wanted to talk about that? guest: from what i understand, what happens 10-15 years from now, there is some concern over a nuclear iran. 10-15 years on the road, there isn't anything that is assured, but what is assured, their capacity to produce enriched uranium is severely constrained. they are only going to have 5001st-generation centrifuges for 10 years.
9:30 am
they can conduct only limited research. the can't enrich beyond 3.67 level, the normal reactor grade. that will be for 15 years. fuel are severe limits on reprocessing. which you need for plutonium. and there will be the monitoring sites,iranian mining they will be there for 20 years. and there are inspections beyond that. so it will be very difficult for iran, beyond 15 years, to expand their program. be,of the key things will will other countries continue to supply iran with the nuclear fuel that it needs for its
9:31 am
legitimate energy production? supply have those fuel arrangements, there is no need for iran to enrich uranium. so there are things we could be doing to head off any need for a capacity. we should also look at ways in are part of a nuclear system. to prevent nuclear testing, you need to develop a nuclear warhead. so there are several things we need to be looking ahead at. and the next ministration will be looking at those. kimball.yl
9:32 am
we appreciate your time. up next, a debate that is taking place today in parliament over whether the parliament should ban donald trump. opening up the phones to get your thoughts on this later today. what are the civil rights issues of today? andcan start calling it now as you do, we will start showing you images from the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington, d.c.. ♪
9:33 am
host: as we celebrate martin
9:34 am
luther king jr. day here on washington journal, we are asking you this question -- what are the civil rights issues of the day? that is the question we will end our program with. here is the savannah morning news, they marked the anniversary. the is the headline from front page. then we have facts and figures with a picture of martin luther , and the headline, "spirit of service lives on." the question we asked of you, what are the civil rights issues of today? the phone numbers are (202)
9:35 am
democrats, (202) 748-8001 if you are republican, (202) 748-8002 if you are independent. have bend we riley-smith from the u.k. where there is the debate about whether to ban donald trump from the u.k. -- explain how this debate came up? about the debate is all this issue in britain. if 100,000 people sign a petition it is automatically considered for a debate in parliament. got wayld trump ban above one of 2000, it got more than 560,000. so it has been determined there will be a debate.
9:36 am
so that is what we will have this afternoon. host: how will it work? will there be a decision today? guest: there are a number of different types of debates that could happen. this will not be a debate that happens in the house of commons, it is held in a different part of parliament in westminster hall. what that means is that the and the vote at the end is not binding. it is more of a way to air issues and comments. to make a long story short this news but it is unlikely there will be a vote and even if there was, it wouldn't be binding. host: who began this petition effort that brought this vote to the floor? it was general members of
9:37 am
the public. showssystem in britain that online petitions are popular. prominent a number of comedians and figures in public light. not that many politicians but even so, it struck a chord, with immigration and terror and the role of britain being multicultural. than half a million people have signed this petition. it is phenomenal for it to reach that high of a number. have there been previous debates about banning people from the u.k.? there really haven't been that many debates. there haven't been too many controversial blockers.
9:38 am
but there are situations where people have used rhetoric that but this isamatory unprecedented. discussing blocking a man who could conceivably be president of the united states. can you imagine? if heis banned and then is then in charge of holding up the special relationship with britain? host: what. trump said about this debate? how is it impacting his business interests over there? guest: it has been hilarious. point, he said he could get half a million people on his twitter feed in half an hour. that didn't go down particularly
9:39 am
well over here. saying that he is proposing money that was due to go to his golf courses here. [indiscernible] ben riley-smith writes for the telegraph. thanks so much for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. guest: no problem. is happeningdebate today, you can watch it at 11:30 eastern live on c-span. we will be re-airing it later around 8:00. so, the next 20 minutes or we have asked you this question. what are the civil rights issues
9:40 am
of today? we phone lines are open and would like to get your thoughts as we show you live views of the martin luther king jr. memorial in washington, d.c. -- a cold morning here and around the country. and a is calling on the line for democrats. good morning. caller: i am 67-year-old. i never thought that i would have grandchildren who would see the hatred that is coming through. voting rights is a big issue for me. education, because without electing the right individuals, -- individuals, black or white, kids need a good education. a big issue here in texas is the million, money, $350
9:41 am
that is spent on testing programs and our schools are some of the worst in the country. those are my main issues. and for the young man who called on the iranian deal when he said happyjames over a -- day. earl rat that was offensive. my dad went to war in world war ii when he was 17 years old. our family has been full of military and that was very insulting. what this insanity is and where it is coming form -- coming from in our country. wasink when president obama elected, we thought it would change. kids areilitary, these
9:42 am
volunteering. this is not a draft. you think about the amount of come and fight to protect all of us. i hope he thinks about it on martin luther king day. host: lily is up next in pennsylvania. good morning. caller: i would like to say that , hear hear.ore me betweensee a difference yesterday and today. some of my first images on tv -- --atching and material were watching -- her real. i don't see any difference. i see white and black people who are trying to do the right thing.
9:43 am
the bible says there will come a will prefer a lie over the truth and that is true. about james earl ray disheartened me. but over this weekend i heard a lot of people say good things and they were white people. that is what keeps me going. , have made up my mind long ago i can live in hate or i can live it in the way that god wants me to live my life. i see a lot of racist black people because they think that hate is the answer but it is not doing anybody good. sons to train my black how, when a policeman stops you while driving, what to do.
9:44 am
do not be disrespectful. up, we could say what we wanted to do a policeman, it wasn't against the law. you have a first amendment to say what you choose to say. but now, it can get you killed as a black person. host: so you would say one of the key civil rights issues is the police community relationship and the black lives matter? the black lives matter meant had to come about. the only difference today is that we have cell phone cameras. if you live in a black neighborhood you have seen what happened. and id in philadelphia chose to move and raise my children in new jersey. and it was a whole different thing. racism was there.
9:45 am
i have biracial kids and my kids would come home every day angry. he gotidn't get it until old enough to speak up about what he was hearing. people would say things in front of him, not realizing he was black. i told my kids, you can choose to listen or you can choose to live your life. when you live in anger, that is what you get. when you live in love, you have peace. you can choose peace or you can choose anger. , whatour question here are the civil rights issues of today. and we're showing our viewers live sites of the martin luther king jr. memorial here in washington d c -- herbie is in
9:46 am
mississippi. good morning. caller: good morning. think out of black leaders need to stand up. [indiscernible] states rights are now over trumping federal rights. the people have decided to try to lift this man out. i noticed that they are releasing the people in iran. iran is better than the united states when it comes to releasing people. we keep people in prison for the stupidest things. people have broken laws. i don't understand. ishink what we have to do recognize the blatant racism. with punishingem
9:47 am
white people. i live in the state of mississippi. is supposed to support all of us but he chose one group over another people. host: that was herbie. one of the earlier callers said as an issue. and while most of the country will spend the day remembering , votingeful nature rights advocates say this is a dark time for them. a supreme court ruling struck down part of the voting rights act that indicates which parts changesountry must have to voting rights laws cleared by
9:48 am
the federal government and court. it was a requirement for states and communities that had a history of discrimination against black voters. that story is going on with the changes in state would the voter identification laws. bob is up next. on the line for republicans. good morning. caller: good morning. can you hear me? host: go ahead. caller: i want to bring up the voting right doesn't frenchman -- voting right issue. it seems like a phony issue. it seems to me that if there was anyone who was being disenfranchised from their voting rights, not only would it be front page news, the federal government would shut it down. host: the story i just mentioned was voting laws in states that identification rules.
9:49 am
usa today says that voting rights advocates hombre -- observe some working holiday. does the article have any evidence that anyone is being prevented from voting because of that? if you are going to drive, you have to get an id. i'm not sure that getting an id could stop someone from voting. another issue with the past caller, he mentioned that a lot of black teenagers are being shot. they are being shot at a liberal communities. from judy is up next virginia beach. good morning. me, there are several
9:50 am
issues. aboutst caller who called id information, i don't think he understands that different communities have difficulty traveling to the dmv to get identification. it isn't that simple. you have to have a birth you have toand drive to the dmv. does limit a person from voting. voting rights is one of my issues. after the supreme court made the decision to limit voting rights over a year ago, congress has done nothing to take any action to improve it. thathere are other states are discriminatory other than the ones that are included like virginia and texas.
9:51 am
so i think that is the big issue. no one is talking about it. the other area i have a problem with is prison reform. s rights arele' being violated. many of them cannot vote after they are released. and they have to make a request to be put back on the voting roll. the number of people being locked up for minor offenses or for drug offenses is really discriminatory because they basically deal with minorities, primarily black and brown people. host: several comments on twitter about civil rights issues.
9:52 am
matthew writes, police reform is vital for civil rights work. it should be the frontline. rights, that it is an issue of the day. and also, gerrymandering has returned as an issue along with school segregation. we have been showing you front pages of newspapers. , "seattlemes celebrations torch passes to a younger generation." the des moines register also. the washington post in the metro section picks up the mlk memorial where we have been showing you live pictures to .alk about a national ranger
9:53 am
we have a segment of that story. , the the granite wall ranger stops at his favorite quote. "a measure of a man is not when he stands in moments of comfort but whether he stands in controversy." can read that story in today's washington post. we are showing your pictures of the crowd gathering at the mlk memorial. good morning. caller: good morning. good morning to everyone. i am so proud to live in this country where the people are pastg an effort to let the and the injuries go and continue to work hard for what needs to be done. and i havers old really felt in these recent
9:54 am
years, an easing of tensions between the diverse groups of people and that is in great part those who have walked shoulder to shoulder. have livedroud to long enough to see that happening. civil rights issues of the day, definitely prison reform. primarily black, brown or even white people who don't have the strength to be heard effectively in the courts of law who are locked up for minor offenses. they are left to languish in prisons. it supports the prison industry when you take programs that are designed to correct lives and you make profit industries out
9:55 am
of them. issues are a huge civil rights issues of today and education, once again for the minority people. .eople who don't have the money so the fight goes on. but we are getting there. the young people, they give me an awful lot of proof. thee less and less of boundaries that spring up. thanks a lot. keith is an washington, d.c., good morning. caller: when martin luther king made his speech and he said juice and gentiles, protestants and catholics, there were no
9:56 am
foreign muslims in america at that time. the majority of muslims in america are latin american muslims. no one is giving the black american muslims any form of discussion to talk about the tensions between the foreign muslims and the black american muslims. so if i had to change the speech .oday, i would say muslims muslims who are indigenous to those -- to this country. i would give them the ability to speak. this is the civil rights issue of the day. the majority of us in this country who are muslim are black american muslim. host: and tommy is on the line in corrigan. yes, i am a 76-year-old
9:57 am
man and i remember way back in the 1950's when they use the ku klux klan to kill a lot of black folks. now they are using the police to kill and judges aren't doing anything about it. that is what my beef is about today. and another one is, if you can control someone's pocketbook, you can control the man or the woman. so as long as they can keep the minimum wage down, they can control you. another thing with civil rights is voting rights. when you put the restriction on
9:58 am
voting, there shouldn't be no restriction on a person voting. that should be the focus. good morning. of several tommy is one callers who have brought up voting rights. here we have dn in ohio. in ohio.e have dan caller: back in the 1960's in chicago, there were people going in and voting with the names of dead people. this occurred millions of times. if someone was dead and their name was expunged, someone could vote with their name. what do you see as the key civil rights issue? everyone has a right to vote but you want to make sure
9:59 am
that everyone is voting one time. again and it is the person who they say they are. so this is the reason why you need to have proper identification. for anyone to think otherwise is ridiculous. raymond in connecticut. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you doing? host: good, what are your civil rights issues of the day? all, i wonderof where this man would be today? the thing of it is, to the caller talking about the voting , today is the issue. it isn't way back when. that is what we were fighting for back then. people do not give the president
10:00 am
enough appreciation. when going to be a sad day obama leaves office. we need hillary clinton in the chair when he leaves. the issues going on today, we have people over doing it. is no talking like it issue at all. nothinger talk about about the people but what each other has done and how they can beat the democrats. they do not care about us. issue, donald trump will tell them -- host: we are running out of time today. that is going to be our last call .


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