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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  January 21, 2016 8:00pm-8:31pm EST

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my wife and i have been married for 27 years. we have four grandkids. we have seven beautiful grandchildren and we are very proud of our family. we believe very strongly in family values. but when i talk about family my side is a little different from republicans. i mean ending the international embarrassment of the united states of america being the only major country on earth that does not provide paid family and medical leave. now the good and beautiful news
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is that here in new hampshire today and vermont, women are of youbirth and those who are parents know what an extraordinary day that is. the pre-big day for the baby as well. if that woman who gives birth ,oday is a working-class woman the likelihood is that she will have to basically give up her baby, lose contact with her baby , and go back to work in a week or two in order to earn enough money to take care of her family. that is the opposite of what a family value is.
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virtually every government on nationsot only wealthy understand that mom and dad should have the right to stay home in what amounts to the most important weeks and months of that human beings life. all of you know that kids get sick. and mom or dad should have the right to stay home with their child. parents get sick. sons and daughters should have the right to tend to their mothers and fathers. that is why i am strongly supporting and will make happen , three months of paid family and medical leave for every family in america.
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that is not a radical idea. cany other country on earth do it, i think we can as well. when we talk about the economy, we talking about job creation. unemployment is higher than 10%, in my view, we need a massive federal jobs program to put our people back to work. we should be hiring teachers, not firing teachers. when we have a dysfunctional ,hild care and pre-k system
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which for many families is not affordable and where childcare workers are earning minimum wage or a little bit more, we need to create hundreds of thousands of for well-trained, well-paid childcare workers. and when we have an infrastructure. bridges, water systems, wastewater plants. i'm not just talking about flint, michigan. i'm talking about municipalities all over this country where water systems are leaking and in bad trouble. we need to rebuild the rail system to catch up with europe and japan and china.
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we can create 13 million decent paying jobs rebuilding our infrastructure with a $1 trillion investment and i intend to make that investment. people say that's a great idea but it's an expensive proposition. well will we get the money? we will end this outrageous tax loophole that allows major billion dollar profitable corporations to stash their money in the cayman islands and other tax havens. [applause]
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losing $100 billion a year. that makerporations billions of dollars not paying a nickel. that is wrong. that andng to change invest in the infrastructure. and by the way, not only do we need to create millions of good paying jobs, we need to stop the loss of millions of jobs through a disastrous trade policy that allows corporate america to shut down lance here and move to low-wage countries abroad. when i talk about an economy that is rigged.
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when i talk about a campaign ,inance system that is broken it turns out that we have seen all of that in a recent story in the papers about a week ago. economic, political, and criminal justice systems. it was announced that goldman was going to reach a settlement with the federal government for five billion dollars. they were reaching that settlement because they had sold subprime mortgage packages that were worthless.
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over the last 30 years, goldman operated a revolving door. they go into government, do the bidding of wall street and go back to the private sector. goldman sachs is given this country to secretaries of the tragedy -- treasury. that's how the system works. the government works for big money. it turns out the guy that is , theof goldman sachs financial institution that paid $5 billion in settlements with the government is a billionaire
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who, a couple of years ago, went to the company and said, you know what? to cut social security, medicare, you got to cut medicaid. from a coming paid aaire whose company $5 billion fine for ripping off the american people. when we talk about why the american people are angry and why they are increasingly from the political process, it has a lot to do with the fact that there are kids in new hampshire and kids in vermont that get arrested for possessing marijuana. and they get a police record. of ahen you are the ceo
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multibillion-dollar financial institution which helped crash the economy because of their greed, recklessness, and illegal create a helped situation in which millions of people lost their homes, life savings, their jobs. when you are that person, you somehow don't get a police record. that is wrong. that is got change. -- that has got to change. way, to make a bad situation even worse, this particular company spends huge amounts of money on campaign
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contributions and on speakers fees to unnamed candidates. but that's how the system works. that's what power is about. and why the 1% gets richer everybody else gets poorer. and when i talked about the political revolution and ,ringing in millions of people to create a government that works for all of us, not just a handful of people. and speaking about campaign contributions, today is the
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sixth anniversary of one of the worst supreme court decisions in the history of this country. and what citizens united did was to say to the very wealthiest in this country, you already own much of the economy and that we will give you an opportunity to purchase the united states government. and that is what they are trying to do. few ofe one family and a that are very nervous and unhappy. and're working really hard think they can become even if they can cut social security and medicare but and
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social security and medicare and medicaid and the environmental protection agency. that is a family spending $900 million on this campaign. familyu have one spending more money in a campaign than either the democratic party or the republican party, you are not looking at a democratic society. you are looking at an oligarchic society. together, we are going to stop that. and the reason that that issue is so important is that it touches on every other issue.
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you name the issue. officele are elected to to represent the wealthy and the powerful, the needs of the middle-class and working families, the needs of women and children and of the environment will not be addressed. let me conclude that by telling you -- here is the problem. mind to the united states supreme court will get that nomination unless he or she is crystal clear that they will vote to overturn citizens united. [applause] everybody in this room knows that we live in a highly competitive global economy. succeed, are going to
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we need the best educated workforce in the world. there was once a time when we did. that time is not anymore. it seems to me to be totally absurd and beyond comprehension that when we need the intellectual capabilities of all of our people, we have hundreds of thousands of young americans who are able and qualified who cannot get to college for one reason and one reason at all. and that is their families lack the money. that is why i believe that in makeear 2016, we must public colleges tuition free. and i say that not just for the
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obvious reasons. that it means that bright young people will be able to go to college. that there is a more profound reason. in a family that never had a lot of money. but like every new you, the , youe you associate with associate people with similar economic backgrounds. people we associated with just did not have college education. there are kids that don't know anybody who went to college. make public colleges and universities tuition free, every parent and teacher and , kids inthis country the sixth grade and eighth grade understand that if they do their school work, if they pay
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attention. they will be able to get a college education regardless of the income of their families. that is revolutionary. and when we talk about our responsibilities as adults and inhabitants of this earth, it seems to me that we have a moral responsibility to make sure that we leave our children and grandchildren is healthy and habitable. i sit on the senate
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environmental committee. scientists all over our country and all over the world. real.e change is it is caused by human activity. it is already causing major problems in our country and around the world. planet earth could become 10 degrees warmer by the end of this country -- century. drought, more sea levels, more international conflict as people fight for natural
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resources. i will lead our country into working with russia and china, india, countries all over the world to take on the fossil fuel industry, transform our energy system away from fossil fuels. let me connect some dots here and show you how everything is related to everything else. today, we have a major political party called the republican party. candidates hasr
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stood up and said i have read the literature, i've talked to the scientists, we've got a problem. not one. and in the congress, there are very few of them. some may say that republicans are dumb or something like that. that's not the case. you may think it's the case but it's not the case. i serve with republicans and we discuss the issues like cancer and alzheimer's disease and heart disease on the health committee. they asked the same rational questions anybody else would ask. they don't go around attacking cancer researchers. issue, things are very different. is ahe reason for that
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corrupt campaign finance system which tells republicans that if one of them were to stand up and ,ay climate change is real we've got to do something about that. on that day, they would lose their funding from the coat others and the fossil fuel industry. and that is just one example of many for why we need campaign finance reform. when we talk about america, and when we talk about the future of , what i am trying to do is to get people to think big and not small.
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we would have one type of discussion if we were an impoverished country. but we are the wealthiest in the history of the world. calls for a different type of discussion. there is one major country on , the country that you live in that does not guarantee health care to every man, woman, and child as a right. i have been criticized for believing that health care is a right and not a privilege. people want to criticize me, that's fine. that is what i believe.
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i am a member of the senate health education committee. and in that capacity, spent an enormous amount of time working on the affordable care act. and in my view, the affordable care act has gone -- have done some very important things. it has ended the private insurance company of sanity of pre-existing conditions. and 20 years from now or 50 years from now, people will look back and say i cannot believe you had a system where insurance companies could tell somebody that you had breast cancer five years ago, we will provide you with insurance but not for breast cancer because it may recur. it's like saying i'm going to give you fire insurance unless if you have a fire. it is totally insane.
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that's gone. what we have also done is provided health insurance for 17 million americans that otherwise would not have it. it is much fairer to women who do not have to pay higher prices for insurance than men. there's good stuff but let's also be clear. americans american have no health insurance. withmore are underinsured high deductibles and copayments. there are people in this room that have high duct the bulls. us whatwant to tell their deductible is? $6,000. $4000. $10,000. ok.
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whatever i do, i feel like a vermont auctioneer. sorry to say you won unless someone can go higher than 10,000. but that means is that people do have insurance. but they have high deductibles and high copayments. it means that people hesitate to go to the doctor when they are sick because they don't have the money in their pocket. sometimes people go into the doctor's office and they are really sick. why didn't you come in here six months ago. i didn't have any health insurance or maybe i had a high deductible. sometimes those people do not make it. sometimes they end up in the hospital with great expense and great suffering.
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in my view, when we have a system that shows 29 million people uninsured, more underinsured, when we pay the highest prices in the world for when we end drugs, up spending almost three times more than the british spend to provide health care to all of their people, 50% more than the french spend to provide health care, far more than our canadian neighbors. i think that we need to move forward for a medicare for all single-payer program. and because medicare for all
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takes the private insurance companies out of the equation. the prices with the drug up with a we end medicare program saving middle-class families thousands of dollars a year on the health care costs. when we talk about issues in america, i know all of you share fatigue, our discussed, our anger at seeing videos on television of innocent people being shot to death by police officers. and often, those people are
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african-american or latino. i was the mayor of burlington, vermont. and in that capacity, worked very hard. honest, hard-working. asked to do an enormously difficult job. a police the case, if officer breaks the law, the officer must be held accountable.
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we need to de-militarize the local police department. we need to make police departments look like the diversity that the communities that they serve. we need to take a hard look at the so-called war on drugs. right now, marijuana is listed as a schedule one drug right next to heroine. i don't have to tell the people of new hampshire about the horror of heroin and i don't have to tell the people of my state about the horror of
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heroin. it's a growing problem all over this country. we have got to get a handle which means that we need a revolution in mental health treatment in this country. which means that when people need treatment for substance abuse, they get the treatment when they need it, not six months from when they need it. [applause] and i am aware, i just met a mother earlier today who lost her daughter to drugs. know how serious that problem is in your state and how serious the problem is in my state. but when you have


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