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tv   Ted Cruz Campaign Rally in Waterloo Iowa  CSPAN  January 23, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm EST

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how much more we can do with ground testing and modeling simulations. we are testing that capability. it shows you the interceptor and if the intercept worked very in terms of testing capability around the envelope, that capability we believe given the capability that is fielded today, in that area can be expanded greatly and i think you will see us think through those options. not that we will walk away from flight testing but i do believe more can be done in that area. great question. south korean newspaper. that you canupdate deployment inng overseas bases?
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>> no. know, formally, there is no discussion or consideration. we continue to work with south korea on a wide range of potential capabilities. i will leave it at that. that is a different lane from mine. i am the equipment provider. >> thank you. thank you admiral. thanks to all of you for coming. [applause] >> a live look at the white house as the winter storm makes from the mid-atlantic up
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to the northeast between of foot and two feet of snow have rd fallen in the nation's capital with more accumulation possible this evening. earlier today, several people were outside the u.s. capitol to go sledding. reporter tweeted this video showing both children and adults having a bit of fun in the snow. sledding had not been allowed on the capitol grounds for some time, at least not technically liftingress ended up the ban in december when it passed its $1.1 trillion spending bill. from snowy easy, we take you live now to waterloo, iowa for a campaign rally for candidate senator ted cruz. he will be joined by radio host glenn beck who earlier today endorsed the texas editor at another -- the texas senator at another event in iowa
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it should get underway shortly.
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again, we are live in waterloo, iowa. senator ted cruz of texas will be of hearing at a rally tonight. joined by another -- a number of folks including glenn beck who has endorsed him for president. also congressman steve king appearing tonight. [applause]
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botht us start by honoring god and country in that order. we will have a prayer followed by the national anthem. pastor? >> i want you all to think about this phrase. the power of god flows through the will of god. if you want to experience the power of god, then you need to be in his well. both god and country in that order. let us pray. father, i think you that the people who organized this event thought it would be a good thing that we would seek you in prayer before we start. father, i ask in jesus name that you would respond to your people in this place. i asked god that you would speak your people right now. i asked in jesus name that you would build this place with your presence. send your spirit to this place,
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father. we love you, either. god, we love you. we apologize that we have turned away from your word, father. i pray that you would draw as through your word. i pray you would speak to your people, right here, through your word. i asked god that you would call the people in this room to want to seek you through your word and to return with praise for what they hear from you. i pray for the people in this room who are far away from you and i.s. in jesus name that you would speak to them right now and draw them back to yourself. i asked that everyone in this room with cq tomorrow morning and go to church and worship you. i ask in jesus name that you would meet them at church tomorrow. is spokenhing that here tonight, i ask in jesus name that it would be in line --h your well in your ways
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with your will and in your ways. thank you. [applause] >> ♪ -- t the twilight's last gleaming whose broad stripes and bright stars through the hairless -- perilous fight over the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming. and the rockets red glare the bombs bursting in air
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night oof through the there.r flag was still that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free the brave ♪ of [applause] [cheering] >> fantastic. bc did kurt let me introduce you to the first speaker. the stateeader across
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for faith and constitution. he has done a lot of things for the stage. being from texas, one of the things that got our attention was when bob was on the forefront of getting rid of three judicial activists for the supreme court. [applause] has also authored a book i would recommend to you. bob.e introduce you to bob? bob: good evening waterloo, eastern iowa black hawk county. are you ready for a new president? [applause] presidentady for a who you can trust who will lead
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with integrity and confident and who will be honored across the globe where america is respected once again? [applause] just been a blessing and a thrill to be traveling with senator cruz across the state of iowa you get to know him well. whenminds me of 1979 ronald reagan began running for president. when ronald reagan, he was a great president but when he was a candidate, he said this -- he said i believe this country hungers and thirsts for a spiritual revival. , he sawon he said this a country running away from the heart of god. he knew the only thing that would say this country is if we turned back to god. know about you, but i
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know about me. if that was true in 1979, in 2016, this country hungers and thirsts for spiritual revival to turn ourselves back to god, his principles and his precepts. [applause] and if that is the case, we should ask ourselves, then who should we choose? we need to go back to scripture. exodus 18:21. choosed says to moses -- of these men, one that is capable. one that fears god. one that is trustworthy. and one that hates dishonest gain. one that hates bribes. if you apply that to 2016, ted cruz is the most capable person in this race. [applause]
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and i know after traveling with ted cruz, he will be a president that does not believe he is god but that he will actually fear god as president of the united states. [applause] if you look at the way he ran his u.s. senate campaign and the way he served in the u.s. senate, you will know he is trustworthy and that he will hate dishonest gain and bribes. the world a member of war ii generation and they called that generation the greatest generation. the reason they called that generation the greatest generation is that because -- is because that generation was willing to put the cause of this country of above themselves. not only that, but they were going to stand in the gap when their country needed them. and that is what made them the greatest generation.
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do not know about you but i know about me, this country right now, we need to put the cause of this country up of ourselves. we need to stand in the gap with real leadership. i remember my dad at a memorial day service looking out towards the band saidknow about me, thiy right now, we -- don't ever let it be said that the greatest generation that has lived and has died and is buried. you need to choose to be a great generation. you need to choose to stand in the gap when your country needs you. you need to choose to put the cause of the country of of yourself and that is what we are standing with ted [applause] me, if you are like me and you believe it is time that we defend and promote the first amendment of religious liberty, we need to stand in the
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gap and you stand in the gap by standing with ted cruz. if you believe like me that we need to defend the sanctity of human life from option to natural death and have the willingness to defund planned parenthood, we need to stand with ted cruz. if you believe like me that god's design for marriage is the union of one man and one woman -- we need to stand in the gap with a guy like ted cruz. believe like me that it is the raise, nurture, and educate the children and not the government and get rid of common core, you need to stand in the gap and stand with a guy like ted cruz. if you believe like me that it is our duty, our biblical mandate that we stand with the
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nation of israel and not with a nuclear iran, we need to stand in the gap by standing with a candidate like ted cruz. not that long ago, i was in israel kurt and advisor to benjamin netanyahu come we were visiting when he found out i was from iowa. he looked at me and said bob -- jews well. the reason -- choose well. entire country focus is on iowa right now. the world's focus is on iowa right now and we need to choose well. we have leaders around the country uniting around ted cruz and many others rallying around ted cruz. yet many leaders across the
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state of iowa uniting around ted cruz because we know as survey does, if we unite around a principled conservative who will champion our values, we will send a message to the world and well.a that we chose that is what we need to do on february 1. before i introduce our next speaker, i will ask you to do this on february 1. you need to show up at the iowa caucus. you need to take your family. your friends. both of them. [laughter] you need to look at your christmas card list and get them engaged. we need to get to the iowa caucuses because when we get there, we have an opportunity to stand with i believe a once in a generation candidate. a once in a generation candidate
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who has proven he has a titanium spine. he is willing to take on the washington cartel. the nextling to give generation a brighter day. as we unite, this guy that is coming up behind me, we have not always in on the same team when it comes to presidential candidate but we have always been on the same team when it comes to the constitution. it is in our dna. this time, this year, we are behind the same candidate. we are putting everything we have in to elect ted cruz. will you help give a warm iowa welcome to steve king. [applause] steve: thank you. all very much.
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what a great welcome. such a great cause we have in front of us. well. iowans --nt, -- being your voices will be heard more loudly and more clearly and more principled than anyone else's in the united states of america that night. first and ike the think a powerful recommendation to the rest of the country because we will have seen more of these candidates and evaluated them more, and got to know who they are in front of and behind the curtain. i have had the privilege coming into this campaign, i knew all 17 candidate that joined this race and i can tell you that no party in the history of our
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so many has fielded high quality for the presidency of the united dates and we did this year as republicans. [applause] i honor them all and i respect them all and we should end all for presenting themselves. have a binary decision coming to us. it comes down to this, and either or. two people sitting at the top of the polls and any vote that does not go to one of those folks will not score well across the rest of the country. i would ask you to think about that. i would remind you that there were statements made last tuesday that were sharply critical that some -- that were sharply critical of ted cruz. it is important that we support him on caucus night. every reason i can come up with is a good reason to support ted cruz. if you care about iowa being the first in the nation caucus years
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from now, if ted cruz goes out of iowa on the springboard of a resounding victory, that will put the rest of the criticism that will come if it doesn't. [applause] i first got to know who ted cruz was when i went to hear the argument on the 10 commandments before the united dates supreme court. it was he that put that argument together. i began to pay attention to who he was. then, he was elected to the united states senate and early on in his senate time, i was of eight mstgang bill. if you remember, there was a entered her from lord of who was the lead voice in faith on this bill. there was a senator from texas who was doing battle with him, face to face on the judiciary committee, and then met after
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afterent -- amendment amendment. that was ted cruz putting up those amendments. [applause] grassley voted with him every time. and, jeff sessions voted with him every time and steve king stands with them on every component of the immigration issue every time. and about that time, about that time, they passed the gang of eight ill and they were pushing it over to the house. john boehner wanted to put that in fast-track and bring it down to the floor where every democrat would vote or it and the president would have signed it and we would have had an amnesty act for anyone that could jump across the american order in -- order in perpetuity kurt i did the one thing i could do. i rented a stage and a
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microphone outside of the capital and we had the longest press conference in the history of the united states, eight hours where we debated immigration on the stage. who came? many house members. we invited senators. but one king. who was that? ted cruz. that is right. who had thetor forethought and instinct to come out there and jump on the stage and take the microphone and he spent 45 minutes delivering chapter and verse of what we borders, andre our give america -- and get america back on trade. that was june 19, 2013. go to his website, ted very there is an 11 page document. it is the same position he is taking now.
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he will tell you that jeff sessions and steve king contributed to that. it is his position. you can count on where he stands, in opposition to amnesty. withannot count on that the rest of the people at or near the top of the polls today. that was important to me to see that he was a man of his word and true to his convictions. next, repealing obamacare. it has got to go. [applause] i do not hear another candidate out there making sure that you know that at every. everyepeal -- repeal word. i say that it is a malignant tumor that has been metastasizing. it has got to be ripped out by the roots. ted cruz will do that. [applause] come the supreme court
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which i have mentioned, how important is this? that we get this right? if we have a choice between donald trump who wants to appoint his pro-choice, partial-birth abortion sister to or handede court -- over to ted cruz who has argued successfully for the supreme court and was raised with the bible and the cost of tuition at the kitchen table. spoon fed our constitution. i wanted to be ted cruz. [applause] president will make, most likely three or four appointments to the supreme court and ted will tell you we are only one justice away from losing the constitution to the activists appointed so far i barack obama. is at stake.merica
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the constitution is at stake. we need a tax policy that abolishes the irs. [applause] and releases americans to do what we do, compete. give us a chance to compete and go to work. jimmy carter said those who work should live better than those who do not. what we have now is the president who is worse than jimmy carter. nostalgia -- it hit me. i am lonely for george w. bush. i want him back. after i got back through george w. bush, i thought compared to barack obama, i am even lonely for clinton. that withg over hillary clinton out there all of the time. and then that makes me lonely
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for number 41. if you know that, you know i am desperate for ronald reagan. america sor prepared that we were ready to embrace a full spectrum christian conservative like ronald reagan. he prepared us with the malaise that he showed on us. we know barack obama has prepared america or our next resident. and if barack obama is so much worse than jimmy carter and we got ronald reagan after jimmy carter, think how great a president ted cruz will be. so, i will say this. i will ask you to do what i have been doing for a year. and that is this. i consistent prayer, especially when i start my day is that god
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will raise up a leader whom he will use to restore the soul of america. cruz.eve that man is ted i am going to ask you each day to offer that prayer, that god leads -- raises up a leader to restore america. and that he will energize you and us that we follow his guidance and go to caucus a week from monday and bring our friends and neighbors and let them know that the man you will see at this podium in a little while is that man. please do as i ask and as i will do. let us consistently stay on this every day, all the way through so that iowa can have allowed that we can send ted cruz to new hampshire and beyond. the springboard that i would can will send iowa can be off the man that can be the one
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that restores the soul of america. god bless you all. [applause] >> thank you guys for giving us congressman king. let me introduce our next speaker. there are several words and phrases that come to mind. leader.hem is a he is a leader but not because he tries to be. like any good leader, it is because people want to follow him. leader in the old-fashioned sense of the word that he actually leads because people want to follow him. he is also a visionary. he can look in the future and tell us what is coming but he also gives us solutions. a lot of that comes from studying history. patrick henry said -- i have no
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way of judging the future but by the past. this is a man who studies the past and because he does, he sees clearly where we are headed and what the solutions can be. he is also a lover of truth. he does not put up with lies or politicians or staff that lie to him. because he loves the truth, he speaks the truth. sometimes it is not easy. he loves the truth an up to tell the truth. he is also a friend. 18:24, if you -- are going to be a friend, you have to show yourself as friendly. he is very genuine. he is a friend of god. he is a friend to people of faith. he is a friend to those who love the constitution. he is a friend to those who have a set core of fixed principles. he is a friend of america. he is glenn beck. please welcome, glenn beck.
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[applause] hello, iowa. [applause] i am so happy to be here. so happy to be here. grandmother and my mother were born in at linkedin, -- attlington. just down the street. if it was not 400 degrees below zero, i would have stopped by and looked for the house. no thanks. i am glad you guys are here. thank you for coming. toric time insot our country. this is going to be read about in history books. what you do nine days from today
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could mean the difference between the republic -- our republic being saved and being lost. i will explain. let me ask you, why are you here tonight? ted cruz. i have had enough. save the country. this they the country -- we are here because we all have a simple belief that things can actually be better than they are. they do not have to be this complex. we have all watched television -- it is really not this hard, guys. we are here because many of us have lost hope, hope that our children's lives will be better than all of our yesterdays combined. hope for a brighter tomorrow. america has lost leaf in herself inmany -- has lost belief
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herself in many ways. there are many countries around the world wondering if we are done and many are praying that we are done. times, us in our worst might say -- maybe this is as good as it will get. maybe, this is it. i will take you to the bible scripture. where there is no vision, the people perish. and that is what has happened to us. there is not any one articulating a vision anymore or anything that anyone recognizes. the people are perishing. we are losing hope. we are losing the understanding of who we are. where we have been. and what our future is. and this has happened over and over again. it has happened time and time again. thatirst time i can find it happened was before the country was founded. we signed the declaration of
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independence, july 2, 17th every six and by christmas eve, we were done. we had 20,000 troops when we signed the declaration and we were down to under 2000. george washington has lost every single battle. his men were ready to desert. people said george washington was not the leader we thought he was. we are losing and they are going to come and kill us. waswhile, george washington sitting on the banks of the delaware saying we have got to go in the other direction. we have not yet begun. we have to go in the other direction and no one believed in that. it happened again in the civil war. battle forry single half of the war. the north lost time and time again. had brother fighting against brother. and lincoln wept. in world war ii, we were
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outgunned, we were outmaneuvered, we were shocked and surprised. we did not have the planes or the boats and the japanese sunk what we did have. we were already tired and worn out from 12 years of the depression. beginning to crawl over the globe and cover it with darkness. i have thought of this after listening to my grandparents who lived through the depression here in iowa talk about the great depression and what that was like and talk about what they saw happening overseas in germany and with mussolini in italy. i cannot imagine how they did not feel that this was it, this is the end of the world, this is the time that jesus has to return because look at the profound evil and how will we ever win.
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how will we ever defeat it. after that, we were beaten down by the violence in the craziness of the 1960's. and then the corruption of the 1970's with the burning helicopters on the stands of iran and the gas lines that were around the block and the interest rates that were 19%. time and time again, americans have thought we were done. we are not going to make it. there is no way out. but let me give you the good news. at its when america is best. up, everyone else has given and we are down on the mat, and the rest of the world is saying 7, 8, 9 -- that is when we get off the mat and we find ourselves again and we change the world. that is what we do best.
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[applause] we are the nation, we are the nation that gave the world the lightbulb, the radio, the automobile, the telephone, we landed on the moon before anyone else. we are still the only nation that went to the mous -- to the moon and to mars. we gave earth to the dreamers google,e us apple, ibm, and microsoft and a million other things that just 15 years ago we would have said were miraculous. it came from here. across the nation and in this building, there are children, children who are having new ideas and saying -- i can find a better way. i can change the world. and because they were born here in america, they will do exactly that.
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[applause] where does that come from? where does that come from? that is unique. that is what makes us who we are. let me tell you, no president can give that to you. no president can give that to any country, otherwise, people would have been reprinting this in country after country. it does not come from a president. flipside, no president, no matter how hard that last one tribe, can take this away from people. [applause] is bread -- bred into us. it is the fire in our bones. we have to remember that. it is what people yearn for
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across the shores, on the other side of the ocean. they dream of coming here because they feel it, they want it. it is what people who might be in a jail in iran or in a slave shop in china or are currently on the auction block with isis to be sold as a sex slave. these are things they can only dream of. this is a magical place. and we have been told that it is over. i testify to you today, it is not over. in nine days, you choose a new beginning for america. [applause] right now, people in america feel hopeless. they feel lost.
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they are confused. and many of them are angry. many of us are angry. decision make a good when you are angry. never. it will not end well. if we play into the anger. we do is stand at a crossroads in our country, the crossroads of fundamental transformation. that is what barack obama said he was going to do. fundamentally transform the united states of america and he has done it but it is not too late. i am telling you right now, i am here because i may not have the chance to vote. my vote may not matter. because of the way you vote. if you make a choice and it allows quite honestly donald trump to steamroll through, it
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will be over by the time it gets to texas and i believe my children's future will be lost. understand the time that we live in. and then ask ourselves, how do we get ourselves back? how do we get on the right track and reconnect with those things that made us special? that made us a unique and special country? i have never given my endorsement for anyone in 40 years. mainly because, for most of my career, it didn't matter and no one was asking -- [laughter] the other part of my career, when i sobered up, i did not have it because i did not trust any of them. i know several of them. i have zero friends in washington, d.c. and i wear that
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as a badge of honor. [applause] those men who have asked me for my endorsement quite frankly, i have not trusted even though i think they are good men. sometimes, i look at them and say -- you talk a good game but i do not want to be responsible for what you do when you get there and start to lose your soul. my credibility is on the line with those guys. as a guy who lost his credibility through alcoholism, i do not lend my credibility out lightly. likely -- i want to talk about american principles.
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how do we get back to where we belong. all of the principles, all of the values that got us to be an exceptional nation boiled down to three. faith, hope, and charity. those are the three. faith, hope, and charity. let us go over these quickly. examine who you might vote for. first, faith. faith is what brought us here. faith is what has made us into the country that we are. everyone else is losing their faith around the world and look, they spiral into despotism. faith is essential. faith in god. but not a showman spake. not the kind of faith you might get from just reading second corinthians. [laughter]
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[applause] but actually leading those words -- letting those words change your heart, letting those scriptures permeate you. ruminating on them. arguing with the lord. living your faith and then shape every faith step you take every day. if someone wants to understand why i make the decisions i do, all you need to know is my safe. i do things because i believe in the god of abraham, isaac, and jacob, and that jesus christ is this a pure of the world. savior of the world. [applause]
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and our god has power. there is power in our god. us, by scriptures tell shall knows, ye them. let us ask what the fruits are. as you are looking at a candidate, does your candidate have a record of standing up for your right to worship god? does your candidate have the record of standing up in front of the supreme court and saying -- the 10 commandments belong in the public square? and winning -- does your candidate have the record of going before the suit -- the supreme court in the heller case and saying the american people have the second amendment, they have the right that shall not be
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infringed. they have a right to protect themselves in any way they deem. -- the 10 commandments belong in the public square? and winning -- does your candidate have the candidate, dr candidate go against his own party, go against his own president in george w. bush, to make sure that a horrific illegal alien that brutally gang right -- gang raped and murdered women in houston was not shipped off to the international court but was left in texas to stand trial and receive the death penalty which he got and deserved. [applause] that is a record of service and standing up for what we believe in. deeds, not words.
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has your candidate served his entire life to make sure that tople understand and hold on the god endowed rights that our framers enshrined? the george washington that we have all been praying for is not going to be found in the garrish light of gold. the george washington we are looking for will be found in the quiet yet service from a man who stands tirelessly for what he deeply believes. the constitution of the united states of america. [applause] there is one candidate that finds his treasure their and in his god and in the service of them both. where does your candidate find
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his treasure? has another aspect we should look at. -- be very careful trump, i was told when i got on stage that he has been saying how worthless and washed up i am all day today but i was glad to hear, this makes me happy, i was told before i went on date that he has taken out with his own money, facebook ads to smear me today. he is spending money on me and that makes me very happy. [applause] sure thati want to be we are very clear, that i am exact in my language. quite honestly, i thought i heard him say this -- and i went and i looked it up and i watched the video.
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i want to make sure i heard it right. mr. trump says -- i will make america great again. , it is i." we" noi want to make sure i heard it right. man can make that true. no one person makes america great. it is each of us as individuals living our own lives, worshiping our own., that makes america great. [applause] president's job is to make sure it that the government gets out of the way of the people that make the country great.
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that is ego on display of biblical proportions. that is faith in yourself. that is faith in the human ego. that is faith in arrogance. we are ready have that. we got that in spades. we have had that for the last eight years. we have had a president saying almost exactly the same ring. let me translate i will make america rate again. let me translate that -- you did not build that. it is the same ring. you did not build that. progressivell of a politician. they always have a tell. most people did not know what a progressive was eight years ago. we have learned together every single day, if you watch me or
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listen, we learned what progressives are and they were started by a republican. that is why i have never been invited back to cpac. the first time i spoke there was the last time. i brought my chalkboard and said the disease started in this house. [applause] the president does not create jobs, he helped create the conditions. we create the jobs that change people's lives and the next a repeat ofnnot be barack obama who thought he by a make the seas recede wave of his pen or that he was worthy of the nobel peace prize because he showed up. we had that. this president must be a servant. less faith in
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himself, his pen, his phone, and more faith in our god, our principles, and our people. [applause] that is the first principle. the first principle is faith. say -- my not ever guy cannot win. have more faith in the god of abraham, isaac, and jacob. he will move mountains for a righteous cause. [applause] hope.xt principle is where does hope come from? hope comes from the truth. it is the gospel. the good news. it is the truth. if you do not have the truth, there cannot be hope.
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that is why every cancer patient will say the same ink. they will talk to their doctor and ask him to tell them the truth. cancer,ell me i have a i cannot fight that. i will lose. i can handle it. tell me the truth. truth. it will create hope. let me take you there in a circuitous route. let me tell you the truth. our country has a deep and metastasized cancer. it is called -- political correctness. hopelessness. despair. anger. racism. cronyism. lawlessness at the highest level and progressive the -- progres sivism. and it is stage for and it may be our last chance of a cure. this republic is on its last
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legs. makesou do in nine days all of the difference in the world. ourselves.g to our politicians are lying to us and we accept them. let me give you an easy one. an easy, and easy truth that should be spoken and everyone should say -- yes, i understand that is truth. hillary clinton should be in prison. [applause] for the simple reason, for the simple reason that truth, if you or i did what she has admitted
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to, we would be in prison. we are a nation of laws. we have become a nation of men. everyone, nos for matter your title or your last name or position. , mythe rest of us, oops mistake does not excuse felonies. more truths. our monetary system is a house of cards and it is a rigged game. corporate boardrooms across the country care more about wall street than your street. capitalism, the greatest thing to humankind has changed and saved lives. it has become a cruel joke for anyone without connections or high-priced attorneys or those unwilling to pay to play. our politicians are now accepting legal bribes in the
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form of campaign donations or exorbitant speaking fees with special favors and protections that they get in exchange and our so-called conservative writinges brag about those checks to the politicians. they say it is the way business is done. not in the america that we are supposed to be. [applause] things the accept way they are. we must not continue to lower the bar. we must not continue to accept lies because they are convenient or easy. we always must do the right thing. the hard thing. the truthful thing. even when it is at our own expense. because that is how we put
8:56 pm
ourselves back on the right track. we have to tell each other the truth about situation with jobs, with the game of cronyism, race, islam, terror on the streets of chicago, our failing families and the truth about ourselves. the hard truth. i am in an unique position. i have not going to bore you with my history. i am an alcoholic. the reason why you know my story is that i lost my family, i lost everything. wanted to work with i was a miserable human being. the reason you know that story is not because someone exposed to me, it is because i told you that. i thought it was important for you to know who i am and how i
8:57 pm
came to the decisions and the place that i am in my life. so you can understand how i make decisions. to tellportant for us each other the truth and it really only counts when it is tough. when you think your self -- they are going to hate me for this. that is when it matters to tell the truth. the reason why i tell you this is because, i want you to know that i understand hit that point, i understand -- pivot points, i understand changing your mind. i believe in redemption. it is my life story. of the worldhope comes not from our mistakes but the ability to admit them, to correct them, and to ask forgiveness. there are really a lot of great candidates in this race that you
8:58 pm
might be considering. there are a lot of good men. there are a couple i could never -- there is one i could never endorsed. -- endorse. but there are a lot of really good people. but if you want to be truthful about it, why am i here, because it is a two-person race. right now, it is a two-person race. if you have someone else down a few tiers, they will not have a chance if iowa goes to donald trump. that is the truth. the press and the establishment are ready to make that happen. him into theamroll general and then they will pick his bones apart and destroy him. i know. i've worked in the newsrooms. that is what is going to happen. if you want your other candidate you have gotnce,
8:59 pm
to seriously consider who you vote for in nine days from now. the other guy has said, as we talk about truth, that he says he has never felt he has done anything in his life that warranted him asking for god's forgiveness. hubris in that is astonishing. as if the narcissist that we have lived through for the last eight years means nothing, today, mr. trump came out -- and i got this from cnn and fox. i had asked carl cameron if this was right. mr. trump said today, i could go out on fifth avenue and shoot people, and i would not lose a single vote. arrogance
9:00 pm
we are required as citizens to judge his record. he is a lifelong progressive. turning points are real. if it's are real. people can change. i have changed fundamentally. life?at happened in your rich people are missionaries. they convert people. they are like not looking for any other answers. "this is sweet, dude." [laughter] when you have real
9:01 pm
pain in your life, that is when you change, to the court. what was from hospital point -- pivotas donald trump's point? these are things like, "i am a steadfast supporter of abortion ," to "i am pro-life." where did that come from? how should we believe that without a pivot point story? to expectall logic him to have changed as much as he has in the last 18 months. i'm not suggesting that he has to confess or ask forgiveness of god. i am saying, that man come for what he has done, should ask america's for supporting trillions of dollars in bailouts , for calling for the nationalization of the bank.
9:02 pm
he should ask for forgiveness, giving money to pop up anthony weiner, nancy pelosi, rahm emanuel. while many of us were 2010,ng in d.c. in looking at the country being ripped apart, we looked at each other and said, "mother, my life, misfortune, my sacred withr, i will go down you. i am going down to the end, swinging." when all of that does happen, he owes us an apology for writing a check to mitch mcconnell and systemeid, propping the up. that is just the truth. [applause] i want to know who i
9:03 pm
have a candidate -- that i have a candidate who i may not agree what het who means says. on the other side, that is why i have respect for bernie sanders. at least he comes out and says, "i am the lsd flashback 60 socialist god." "i am the old hippie, still kicking." i have respect, because at least "isays oh, "-- he says, believe in socialism." at least i can sit down with that man and have a conversation. you put bernie sanders, a socialist, and a constitutionalist like ted cruz on the stage and let america decide. [applause]
9:04 pm
glenn beck: finally, charity. charity is a fundamental principle, the bedrock of america. where the most charitable nation humankind.istory of too many people have forgotten that. people will tell conservatives that they do not have charity in their hearts. "we are mean." that is not true. we need a safety net for those who mean it. we need to keep the promises that we have made people, like, for instance, the veterans. they did their job. it is time to do our job for them. we have tied their hands behind their backs while they fought.
9:05 pm
there should not be any foolish rules of engagement at the hospital. [applause] glenn beck: how do we do that? it is easy. elected president protects the government obstacles out of the way. allow the medical professionals and the private institutions to do what they are supposed to do, and they are begging to do. but, we also have to do more ourselves. more ourselves. times are coming. -- tough times are coming. ae time for us to walk by
9:06 pm
homeless person, or alcoholic, or somebody who is out of work, or an orphan, or some mother who is struggling and out of work, orking by those who mourn are afraid without actually seeing them has to stop in our own lives. /12is why i started the 9 project. we would never pass who cries in the streets. now, we look the other way. this, you already know. this is an iowa principle, heartland principle. [applause] glenn beck: we have to remind the coastline of the american principle. we must talk less about rights and more about personal responsibilities. samaritan doesn't say, "let me look up the blue pages and see what government agency acting call." -- i can call."
9:07 pm
he picks them up himself, takes him in, cares for him, helps them back on his feet. that is what we are supposed to do. the government is not the solution. the government is the problem. we the people are the solution. [applause] glenn beck: but, that means each and everyone of us, each and every one of us, charity must not be used as a tool to take mouthfrom another man's because you do not want to work. we need to end the misguided compassion. away thewhen you take man's ability to work, you take away self-worth. benjamin franklin, the guy who was one of the most chairwoman
9:08 pm
of all time, started the first volunteer firehouse-- most charitable men of all time, started the first volunteer firehouse. said,an of charity "sometimes, the best way to help people is to compassionately make them uncomfortable in their own poverty." annot afford itc anymore. principles, by strengthening people -- [applause] glenn beck: by strengthening people and encouraging them to do what they can and must do for themselves, we build a strong, engaged citizenry that believes
9:09 pm
in faith and hope for a brighter tomorrow. we have to realize the compassion, that it comes in different packages than what it s being sold. on ouron't get a hold borders, we are the lifeblood of the world. poor, wethe tired, the are the lifeboat of the world. unless we get control of the border, the boat will sink. we will not be a will to help anyone. we must know who is here. there are people that wish to do us harm. [applause] glenn beck: there are people that wish to bleed us dry. be sent home.ust
9:10 pm
[applause] glenn beck: at the same time, at the same time, i was with an irishman this week. .e lives in dublin he loves this country so much, he wants to live here so badly, and he is not popular in ireland. [laughter] glenn beck: he knows our values, he knows the constitution. 28 dissertations in the declaration of independence.", yeah, of course, [laughter] tonn beck: i hired him remind people what others think about us outside this country. when you look at immigration, remember him a people, if they want to come here, if they want to be americans, they renew us. marxists a marxist, a
9:11 pm
who did not realize how marxist he was, that moved into the united states, a guy who fought in the revolution for marxist principles. he was not, crazy, almost less his life -- lost his life. he was an atheist, he did not believe in god. who wants that guy here? except, he happens to be rap hael cruz, who found god, found our principles. he raised the man who could be the next president of the united states. let's not forget the new immigrants. [applause] glenn beck: most of all, and this is hard for me, i am
9:12 pm
speaking this one more to me then perhaps to you, we need to be more charitable toward one another. we are at each other's throat right now.-- throats right now. because we disagree, we call each other enemies. ellouts." "traitors." some but he came out on a website and called mark litton, just for standing up for ted cruz, "a filthy jew." that is not who we are. hatred is growing. find charity toward one another. left, right, black, white,
9:13 pm
brown. we are all americans. if we are all fighting, for something that is rooted in deep, deeply embedded american principles, we just disagree on how to get there. constitutionalism, progressivism, liberty, tyranny. that doesn't make us enemies. i think we need to start remembering this. it is what made us great, in the first place. we were all americans, united. we have lost that. but, we also used to be a nation of laws, not men. back tooing to lead us the place that we need? who is going to take us? whetheres mean nothing they are on the side of a big
9:14 pm
plane, because you are a kennedy, a clinton, bush. last names mean nothing. laws, principles, values do. that is what america is. it is not banks, high-tech, casinos. the economy that is broken, but our faith, in ourselves, god, principles. what you do in nine days will affect my children, my children's children. make no mistake. it is that important. we are in this together. blind in thise nation. it is not, right now. affecteden will be in nine days. -- by what you do in nine days.
9:15 pm
the next president could choose up to four supreme court justices. right now, what is decided in , if the wrong president gets in, it could be a loss of 8-1. you will never turn that around. that is how serious this is. time for reality show tactics and silliness and ridiculous debate is over. the time is now to be serious. history is going to write about you. history may honestly come down to iowa. americans,e that the "had a chance." "they had prayed for god to man that had the
9:16 pm
principles and the fire in his bones, that knew what justice was, that would fight for freedom and principles and the , anditution and restore it i went had an opportunity-- and iowans had an opportunity and they did not take it seriously." as iowa goes a week from monday, so does the freedom of the nation and mankind. i am convinced of it. i told ted, before he was senator, he was on the air a couple of times, i talked to the guys on the radio show and asked, "what do you think of that guy?" they said, "i don't know?" a politician."
9:17 pm
i said this to him on the air. i called him into the office on the air and said, "you talk a good game. , but let me tell you something, if you don't do everything you said in washington, i will be your worst freaking nightmare." [laughter] glenn beck: i don't have friends in washington for a reason. [applause] glenn beck: we watched him do exactly what he said he would do. we watched him stand alone. we watched him as the democrats turned on him, as his own party turned on him, as the media turned on him. as many republicans and americans turned on him. he stood there against all odds, stood against the storm and said, "i will not move."
9:18 pm
"this is where i would stand, and i will not move." [applause] glenn beck: there are a lot of good people running. i don't know who you are really considering, i hope there are people that are not just our hard ted cruz-- diehard ted cruz fans. but i marco rubio, strongly disagree with him on his stances on the nsa and spying on people. i like him as a person. i like rand paul and his principles. he is a constitutionalist. he's got it. i don't think you can win -- he can win. i like ben carson, a great man of a great and profound faith and honor.
9:19 pm
[applause] glenn beck: but as we search ourselves and debate internally, i have been praying on this, i just don't believe he is ready to be the president of the , because a storm of biblical proportions is coming. we need somebody who understands understandsut and what the framework of the constitution means. is theesident, if it next president who comes in, the fundamental transformation will be set in stone, or we will repoint the cornerstone. who do we go with? who do we stand with? do we stand with the bullies, who buy and sell favors, who still destroy, use every tactic and lie they can
9:20 pm
because the ends justify the means? or do we stand with the little guy, who still believes in what we all want to believe. if you just do the right thing, if you just have faith in god, played by the rules, put your nose down, keep out of trouble, work hard, but you can -- that you can actually change the world? [applause] glenn beck: it is david and goliath. it is the david and goliath story. it is the american story. the little guy that believes he can still make it, even though all of the odds are against him. understands guy who that it is not all about winning. it is about how you play the game. if you elect ted cruz, you are going to get sick of playing the game exactly right every time.
9:21 pm
[laughter] [applause] glenn beck: a country that deals with truth and compassion and faith and justice and honor and integrity and decency is a great nation. america will not last another four years with division, hatred, and backroom dealmaking. it will not last, mark my words. i saidmocked me when the caliphate was coming. we will not laugh if we do not elect the right person. we are better than this. [applause] glenn beck: we are better than come from isaac who we are. the next president of the united states, and i have said, everything a person who has come at my office, i have looked him in the eye. i have said to each of them, "do you realize that you may be the
9:22 pm
next lincoln, with all that entails?" way:of them respond this do." i they know. they know what we are headed for. it is a storm. more than that, we are headed for a reset. goinge reset, what are we to reset as? a country with a king? if you read the scriptures, the "don'tat to his people, go that way." but they continued to cry out for a king, and they get one.
9:23 pm
this is the election, and you are the people that will make the choice for my children. king. i beg you. no king. [applause] glenn beck: the next presidents cannot be a man filled with vengeance and rage and enemies lists. and must be a man who understands what lincoln said -- he must be a man who understands what lincoln said, "with ch malice toward non-and charity to all-- toward none and charity toward all." he knows his job is to defend the united states of america. is not just to make sure there is a chicken in every pot.
9:24 pm
to make sure that we don't have anymore warm weather. make share the rich pay their fair share. to protect and defend the constitution of the united states of america against all enemies, foreign and domestic. [applause] glenn beck: it is truly up to you. i want you to know, this is an honor to be here with you tonight.
9:25 pm
i did not just come here, just to endorse these principles. for the first time, in 40 years haveroadcasting, i found a man where i look into his eyes and his word is his bond. today, i officially endorsed ted cruz. [applause] officially endorse ted cruz to be the first hispanic american president. first-generation american president. the first true conservative president since ronald reagan. ladies and gentlemen, the next united t of the states, ted cruz. [applause] ♪
9:26 pm
[applause] ♪ of fame and fortune [laughter] sen. cruz: wow. mojo.t mean to wreck his
9:27 pm
a few events ago, i gave him the actual compass of george washington. tell me you still have it in your pocket. [laughter] [applause] sen. cruz: wow. god bless the great state of iowa. [applause]
9:28 pm
david barton, bob vander plaats, glenn beck, what an array of patriots. [applause] sen. cruz: men who love this country, love the constitution, who love god. men who are willing to stand up and speak the truth, whatever the cost. [applause] i have got to say, every time i listen to glenn beck speak, i learned something.-- learn something. it is like going to school all over again, such a firm founding nation,rinciples of our and understanding of the dangers of progressivism, the dangers and the threats assaulting this country.
9:29 pm
such faith and believe in the people of the united states of america. i am so proud of the standing with glenn, standing with each of these champions, standing with each and every one of you. [applause] i have to say, cruz: it is cold outside. [laughter] is even colder and washington, d.c. they have got a blizzard. the government is shut down. [applause] sen. cruz: the mainstream media immediately blamed it on me. i was confused.
9:30 pm
i was told this wasn't going to happen. it was cold in washington. it was really cold. i saw a democrat with his hands in his own pocket. [applause] sen. cruz: actually it was hillary. she was holding an e-mail flash drive. more than a few commentators have suggested that on both the democratic and republican side on the presidential election, there may be candidates with napoleonic tenancies.
9:31 pm
[applause] sen. cruz: we are here tonight because our country is in crisis. bankrupting our kids and grandkids. because our constitutional rights are under assault. it is made the world a much more dangerous place. everyone andre hope.agement of there is a spirit of revival that is sweeping this country. [applause] as glenn observed, the stakes have never been .igher than they are right now
9:32 pm
we are nine days away from the iowa caucus. times of the advertisements has passed. it is time for the men and women of iowa to make a choice. to make a choice. i will tell you that millions of americans are counting on you. -- to bet -- vet the candidates. you have the ability to change of this country. has anyone else here been burned i politician?
9:33 pm
have you noticed there are some politicians that sound great on the campaign trail. things that sound great, but then go to washington that don't do what they said. we were told in 2010 if we had a republican house rings work -- would be different. how did that work out? again we see -- ticians that the stakes are too high. to establish away for each of you to assess all of the
9:34 pm
candidates. anythingon't listen to we say. don't listen to what i say. don't listen to what any other candidates say. ignore our campaign speeches. us a different measure, which is you shall know them like their fruit. candidate to show me where you stood and watched. show me where you fought for our principles. i'm going to suggest to you seven major battles that we have seen play out in several recent years. reagan would put, a time for choosing. to those seven core principles
9:35 pm
is how the men and women of iowa should make. let's start with life. without foundation. -- [applause] sen. cruz: every candidate in the republican primary will say they are pro-life. have you noticed that, by the way, it is one of the great victories. having -- have you noticed how many millions of dollars that established candidates have spent trying to show they are
9:36 pm
one of us? any saying they -- a squishy established when have you stood and fought? [applause] sen. cruz: before i was in the u.s. senate, i was the solicitor in texas for the u.s. supreme court. in that role, we led a coalition of eight before the supreme court defending the federal and and we won 5-4. [applause] sen. cruz: we led another and we wonf states
9:37 pm
unanimously. when the state of texas pass a state funding for planned parenthood, i appealed, -- thewon, the funding ing planneddefund parenthood. men of us member the second republican debate at the reagan library. a few weeks later was a battle on capitol hill. millions of americans rose up and said enough is enough. stop this.
9:38 pm
i was proud to stand with millions of americans, with pastors across the country, saying stop the funding. there were other candidates on the stage. where were they? when the battle is being fought, where were they? a second core principle is marriage and religious liberty. [applause] heartbrokene were last june when five unelected the supreme court, tore down the laws of 50 states. fundamentallywas illegitimate. it was not the constitution of the united eights.
9:39 pm
courts do not make law and that was lawless. [applause] sen. cruz: that decision, likewise, is it time for choosing. several of the leading candidates, republican candidates for president, when the supreme courts decision came out seven -- several came and said this is the law of the land and we must move on. , those are word for word, the talking points of barack obama. candidate says we must surrender, except it, and move on, we know to a certainty that if they became resident they would not defend the institution of marriage.
9:40 pm
we understand that the best environment for a child to be loving, to parent home with a mother and father caring for that child. the institution of by thee was not created congress of the united states. --proceeds the united states the united states . [applause]
9:41 pm
sen. cruz: hand in hand is religious liberty because of this law. it is an assault on religious liberty. for seven years, an assault of -- on religious liberty. defend the 10 commandments monument on the state capitol grounds in texas, go to the u.s. supreme court and when five-or. -- 5-4. federal court of appeals struck down the pledge of allegiance because it includes one nation under god, i was honored to bring together all 50 and when defend
9:42 pm
unanimously. unanimously. tou -- a white cross honor veterans 70 years ago. i was incredibly humbled and honored to represent that memorial. we want -- went to the supreme court and one 5-4. [applause] we are a nation that is founded fleeing oppression.
9:43 pm
just a few months ago we hosted a rally here in iowa. media suggestse these threats don't exist. what we did is brought together nine heroes. people who can the other and told their stories. , florist, a baker, a fireman whose set up -- who stood up or their fate. they -- thefaith. religious liberty is under assault right now. -- i havepledged
9:44 pm
president, on am the first day, i will direct to end thetment persecution against personal religious liberty. also on that first day, i will instruct the u.s. department of justice to open an investigation into planned parenthood and prosecute any and all criminal violations.
9:45 pm
if life matters to you, if marriage matters to you, if religious liberty matters to you, then don't listen to the promises of politicians. because ifir records a politician has never stood and fought for the right to life, has never stood for marriage, religious liberty. if a politician has lived 60 years of his life supporting thenal support abortion, we should not be surprised if as president they would not defend life, religious liberty, or marriage. [applause] as a observed, the
9:46 pm
next president is going to nominate maybe for justices -- four justices. i ask you a very simple question. courtind of supreme justices do you suppose they will appoint. i give you my solemn word will constitutionalist . [applause] sen. cruz: a third time for the battle over guns. spring 2013 we were all
9:47 pm
shooting at the tragic and newtown, connecticut. individual, deranged went into the school and murdered children. anyone who would harm kids is unspeakably evil. theent obama had opportunity to bring us together. he could have brought republicans and democrats together. he could have said let's come down on violent terminals. criminals.violent instead, he proposed not going after the criminals, but undermine the right to bear
9:48 pm
arms. the second amendment, let me tell you, is not about hunting. is notond amendment about skeet shooting for target shooting. those are wonderful and a lot of fun to do, but that is not why the second amendment is in the bill of rights. the second amendment is in the bill of rights because it is a fundamental natural right that if anyone seeks to harm our family, that we can keep and bear arms to defend our families. [applause]
9:49 pm
sen. cruz: barack obama in the spring of 2013 did the same thing he did after san bernardino. began an assault on the second amendment. we lit up the phones. attempt was voted down in the senate. in a republican presidential primary, every candidate is going to say i support the second amendment. assemble question i would suggest each of you ask, when it was under salt by barack obama, when it was at risk of being
9:50 pm
taken away by the federal government, where were you? did you stand and fight forward you nowhere to be found? [applause] sen. cruz: a fourth time for obamacare. take obamacare. please take obamacare. in the summer and fall of 2013, millions of americans rose up isoss the train wreck that obamacare. millions lit up the phones and said stop us from this disaster -- driving our premiums through the roof. i was proud to stand alongside each and everyone of you to say enough is enough.
9:51 pm
in this republican primary, every republican candidate says they oppose obamacare. although, i would know at least one of the candidates. a candidate that glenn had a lot least one of at the candidates support bernie sanders. july's -- full socialized medicine. let me be clear. in the past couple of weeks, mr. trump has decided to release insults against me. i have no intention of responding in kind. [applause] i think the people of
9:52 pm
iowa and the people of this consulting each other -- schoolyard taunts insult, iill i not will sing his praises personally. i do think policy is fair game. that is going to advocate the government should pay for the health care of all americans, full socialized health care just like bernie then i'm obliged to the oppositet i am and if i'm president, we will repeal every word of obamacare.
9:53 pm
a fifth time for choosing is the rampant cronyism of the washington cartel. last year i wrote a book called the time for truth. politicians career in both parties that get in bed interests.l i have said for a long time the biggest divide in this country is not politically between republicans and democrats, it is between career politicians in washington and the american people. [applause] sen. cruz: every republican candidate for president stands up and says i will stand up to washington.
9:54 pm
we'll that's great. the natural follow-up is, when have you ever stood up to washington? who has taken on not just democrats, but leaders in their own party? [applause] i tell you this. any republican candidate who has stood up and supported barack bank that allow of wall street. any republican candidate who has supported barack obama's it needsplan and said to be bigger and bigger, you can rest for short fable not be willing to stand up against washington and be cronyism that is bankrupting our kids and grandchildren. [applause] one principle that is
9:55 pm
very clear. no one in history has ever grown intokbone after moving 1600 lorraine avenue. -- pennsylvania avenue. choosing is the battle over amnesty. had an epic battle over and the sea. amnesty.ama -- over a programma pushed backed by too many republicans in washington. the republican shield almost became lost. it passed the senate of the .nited states
9:56 pm
then it headed over to the house and the house leadership, john tohner, said he intended take it and pass it with the votes of the democrats heard it would have been republican leadership and all of the democrats teaming up against the houses -- in the house of representatives. there are a lot of candidates in this race who talk about immigration. who say they care deeply about stopping illegal immigration. about stopping amnesty. as i suggested, don't listen to what any of us say. look to what we do. that was a moment where we were inches away from losing. taken itleadership had up and passed it with the democrats, it would have gone to would obama's desk and he
9:57 pm
have signed it into law. 12 main people would have been granted amnesty. we were on the verge of losing. that was a time for choosing. some chose to stand with chuck schumer and harry reid and barack obama, i tell you i was proud to stand alongside senator jeff sessions. [applause] sen. cruz: that was a moment. a time for choosing. let me make clear. jeff sessions did not win that fight. steve king did not win that
9:58 pm
fight. i did not win that night -- that fight. you won that fight. voice that a provided a catalyst to billions of americans rising up and say no, we want instead, to respect the rule of law. we want to secure our borders. we want to maintain american jobs. we want to keep this country safe. [applause] any candidate today who tells you they care about ,llegal immigration and amnesty if they did not stand up and lead with the american people stopping rubio schumer in 2013, then their actions have conveyed more than a thousand speeches can ever convey. if i am elected president, we
9:59 pm
will secure the border and we will and illegal immigration. [applause] sen. cruz: we are going to build a wall and i've got someone in mind to build it. and the seventh and final time battle over, the iran and stopping islamic terrorism. let me say, any presidential candidate who believes we should maintain the rainy and nuclear deal, leave it in place, see
10:00 pm
what happens, or maybe go and try to renegotiate it, does not understand the nature of the ayatollah committee. rip'm president, i will apart this deal. the most important determination everyone has to make in the selection is who is best prepared to be commander in chief. who is best prepared to keep this country


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