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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  January 24, 2016 12:00am-5:01am EST

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the democratic speart no longer the party of work. it's no longer the party of opportunity and if we don't candidate who a and then we're , going to lose. we're going to lose when we have every opportunity and chance to win, particularly in the states that i'm familiar with. pennsylvania, ohio, michigan, indiana, wisconsin. just right through the heartland of america. those are states, ladies and gentlemen, that we better start winning or we're not going to win elections for national office anymore, right? and we better have a message. i just saw our national committee woman kristine sitting out here and she'll tell new pennsylvania, the reason we have 13 of 18 congressman, the reason we have 31-50 sflarlts, 103 of
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200 house members is because we nominate candidates who talk about how we're going to help american workers and we have a platform and a plan that puts them first. the only reason i'm running for president is because i believe that if we can restore the manufacturing sector of our economy then we can make america the number one matcherer in the world. you'd say that's impossible. 10 years ago if i had said we're going to make america the number one energy producer in the world you'd have said that's impossible. america is now the number one energy producing -- producer in the world and we can be the number one manufacturer from the world if we put good policies together and good leadership in setting our sights in making america the strongest, most productive country again in making things. that's my commitment to you. that if we go out there and you give me the chance, we'll go out
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with a message that will be focused on the 90% of people who work for a living and get a paycheck from the employer, not the employer themselves. and if you want to win, ladies and gentlemen, you can have a great idea for small businesses, all these things, you're talking to 10% of america. we need to have a candidate that can talk to 100% of america with values and plans on everything from tax policy to regulatory policy and yes, immigration policy that is pro-american worker and if we do all those things, we are going to win this election and america is going to be better off. i'm happy to take your questions. [applause] let's start over here. i always start to my right. that was a joke, by the way. help me out here a little bit.
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not that far right. i'm just kidding, go ahead. >> mi hyun name is jose. i'm a u.s. army veteran. >> thank you. [applause] there are patriots who immigrated to this country and served in our military that are being deported. as president, what would you do to create a path to citizenship for these veterans and their families who served and sacrificed so much for our nation? >> as you know, there's a broad area of immigration and i nderstand you're talking about a very small segment and there are essential circumstances that i would consider in that case. i wasn't familiar that there are that many people that you're talking about. that's sort of new. i've never gotten that question before but i will look into that situation.
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i would say the broader question is what is our immigration policy with respect to what all of our policies should be oriented toward? any mentioned health care policy who do you immediately think of? you think of ourselves, how is it going to affect me? when i say tax policy, you think how does it affect me? but when i say immigration policy, unfortunately most people think about someone who's here illegally but immigration policy is no different than any other policy. it should be what is in the best interests of -- the american people. that's what immigration policy should focus on. i respect your question but it's consistent with what most of the questions are when it comes to this policy, which is what are we going to do about people who are here illegally. that's like saying let's talk about tax policy and the first question is what are we going to
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do with people who cheat on their taxs? the broader issue is the one that's being lost. how is immigration policy affecting america and the people who are most impacted by it, merge wage earners? we've had 35 million people come into this country over the last 20 years. that can be a good thing or a bad thing but over that same 20-year period of time, what's happened? wages have flatline. they've grown at a the slowest rate of any period in american history. we believe in supply and demand and yet when it comes to imdepration we seem to ignore that. we ignore the reality that almost all the people woman -- coming into this country are wage -- workers putting pressure on the american worker. one person has taken a stint -- consistent position over a long
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period of time as to a policy that is pro-worker immigration policy. and again i go back to what i was talking about earlier. if we're going to be the party of the american worker, which we better be if we're going to win, we have to have policies that can communicate with those workers. and the best thing we can do is look at both legal and illegal immigration and say what are we going to do to create a system that will help people who came into this country legally, who are born in this country to be able to live the american dream? that's what immigration policy hould be focused on. it shouldn't be focused on people who have broken the law or want to come overseas to this country. that's what our policy should focus on. yes, we have to secure the border. everybody is for that but we also have to look at what we do
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with the people who are here and at this point only one in this lace who has been consistent over a long period of time and say that people who are here illegally must be returned and you say that's an impossible task. ladies and gentlemen, it's not. half the people who came here illegally came here or overstayed their visa. we know who they are. they made a plops they'd go home and they didn't. it's simple. as president of the united states you'd say you have three months to get your affairs together and then you have to leave. if you leave within that three-month period of time, you can sign up and come back and go into the normal course like everybody else but if you don't go home then when we find you and remove you, then you'll never be able to come back to america. let me assure you, people will leave. if you give them that ultimatum and you're not going to have to worry about depourting --
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deporting people. people will live and you'll create an opportunity -- a lot of people came over on student visas, work visas, so they're taking jobs, good jobs, away from americans and i can tell you in the tech field they're taking lots of good jobs. 50% of folks who are born in this country trained with math degrees who are not in their field of study in large part because of immigration. if you're looking for someone who can go out and talk to american workers, not from the respect we don't want a certain group of people here. that's nothing to do with it we have to have a rhetoric on this issue that focuses on putting american workers and the interests of our country first and that's what my policy does. i'll be happy to take the next question. yes. thank you. feel free to interrupt with applause at any point in time in my time. [applause]
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liberate yourself. >> as a very religious man would you be willing to persuade the party not to overturn roe vs. wade and gay marriage in order to concern political capital? senator santorum: i don't believe you put what is in the best interests of america behind politics? why would you do something that you believe -- and i understand people disagree with this issue on both ect people sides but why would you ask me to advocate the for something that i believe is politically correct for the health of our country. people say because you can win and my answer is what do you win?
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if you believe that, for example, as i do, that the nuke already -- nucleus family is essential for a health and strong society. that's not just what i believe. i carry a copy of a book that is called "our kids" by robert putnam, who's a harvard sociologist, one who's very revered on the left and i think he tries to support the idea of income inequality and the two americas idea and he wrote it to support that. the most fascinating conclusion he comes up with is that the principal problem that's creating a hollowing of the middle of america is actually the breakdown of the nuclear family. i think we all recognize that. we all sort of get that because we see that go into a
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neighborhood in america where this there is no marriage and no cads -- dads, will you find a growing, safe, prosperous neighborhood? no, you won't. will you find children rising to the levels and having more opportunity -- no, you want. dr. putnam says that if you come from a single parent family in a neighborhood of single-parent families and you go to a school with mostly single-parent kids in them, the chance that your child will ever be in the top 20% of income earners in america is 3% and it doesn't matter the color of your skin. the reality is it's not about race or ethnicity. it's about family. and we haven't had the courage in america -- [applause] we haven't had the courage in america to go out and tell the truth. talk about what is going on in
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our poor neighborhoods today. the real war on women is what we've done to abonn -- abandon single mothers in this country. and what we've done not to support them and try to nurture a society that encourages strong, healthy, two-parent families. i wrote a book back in 2005. it was in response to a book written by hillary clinton. she wrote a book called "it takes a village." i wrote a book called "it takes a family." [applause] sen. santorum: on this issue, like every other issue you will here today, i am not a johnny-come-lately to any of these issues. i reamed everybody, while one of the things i say in my sort of standard introduction when i'm on the road is i was introduced by chuck grassley, who as you know, is a conservative senator from iowa. he entrusted me this summer and he said well, the best thing i
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can say about rick santorum and i've known him for 20 years and he hasn't changed a bit. anybody in this room frustrated elect people to go to concord or washington and they don't do what they say they're going to do? anybody here? sen. santorum: here is the point. got a lot of great people running for president. but a lot of them don't have a very long track record, or much of one at all. most of them have not been particularly consistent in the positions they have taken. and here's my point to you. if you are frustrated and upset you have folks that told you one thing when they were campaigning and then went to the legislature of the governor's house or the presidency and did something else, why wouldn't you trust someone that actually has a record that you can look to?
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that is actually consistent and put your trust in someone that is proven they can earn your trust? that's what i'm asking you today. i'll take your next question. ok, i'll go to the left. ar left. >> thank you for coming. i was a big supporter of yours back in 2012. we hear a lot from republicans about how they want to repeal obamacare. i don't think we hear a lot about how they will replace it. what would your plan be to not only repeal but replace obamacare with a conservative health care system? sen. santorum: great question. four years ago -- the reason i got involved was i thought we needed a candidate who could go out and talk about the problems of obamacare and why we needed to repeal and replace. thought that was barack obama ice big vulnerability. -- obama's big vulnerability.
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i think it was one of the reasons we were not successful four years ago. we will not be successful unless we nominate somebody who can go out there and show not only why we have to repeal obamacare, but actually has ideas to make eople comfortable that republicans aren't just going to get rid of something and not provide a pathway for them to get a better quality health care. there's an opportunity here. you probably didn't see this but the kato institute, which is a libertarian think tank, had a forum just a week or so ago by they talk about replacing obamacare. one of the cosponsors was the pugh charitable trust. they are a liberal foundation that was a huge supporter of obamacare. they were asked by the media why are you there supporting this private sector libertarian think tank. their answer was after five years of looking at obamacare, and we supported it more than any other group, it is a failure and cannot be fixed. that is what they said. sen. santorum: it is a failure that cannot be fixed.
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and we need to repeal it. here's the great news, we can. the house and senate just proved we can repeal it when the senate bill to the president repealing and defunding obamacare completely. you put a president in there and you give us the house and senate with 50 votes, i guarantee you we will be able to repeal obamacare. that is not enough. we have to have a plan has of what we will do to provide opportunity. anybody hear of health savings plan? great. you're welcome. sen. santorum: along with my friend john kasich, we introduced a bill 23 years ago to create a concept of a health savings account. in my career i actually pushed both in the house and when i came to the senate and put health savings account into law. it is the cornerstone of
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bringing patients back involved. suspectsunless we get the government out of health care and put patients in charge along with doctors and hospitals or we will have a failed system. the government's role is very simple. it is to provide equal tax treatment for all americans in order to help them purchase insurance. just like we do when it comes to housing or pensions. we provide equality of treatment for all people no matter their income to help them purchase things we think are vitally important for them and their safety, stability, security and prosperity. we need to do the same thing with health care. if we do that, coupled with health savings accounts, provide transpatiencey and make sure that hospitals and doctors let you know not just their quality but also their price. we start making health care into a marketplace instead of a bureaucracy where it is nontransparent. we can improve the quality of
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health care, lower its costs and be out there with a positive plan of how we're going to make america strong and healthy again. yes? sen. santorum: start talking and i will repeat the question. >> -- as well as saudi arabia have not been the focal point of attacks by isis. my question is do you believe that the reason is because there is shakedown money being paid and that these nations have been playing a duplicitous game with us? who is funding these people? sen. santorum: i would say there are a couple of issues. certainly saudi arabia in my mind has been a problem in nding a lot of mosques and madrasas across the country the preach undamentalist islam.
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a fundamental version of islam which is highly problematic. and they do. they have spread fundamentalism fallacy islam throughout the world and it is a huge problem. and we have done very little. i understand why they do it. they made a deal with your people. you leave us in charge and will spread your version of islam to the world. the problem is, it's a sealed that is planted, it is a wield in the garden and it is a big problem. one of the things we've not done a good job of the working with the saudis to realize what they're doing is they're that ng the guillotines they're all going to lose their heads with. they may be delaying it because they are taking a long time to build it but they are wrecking and islamic world that is increasingly aligned with these radical or fundamental version of islam. whether they are directly funding isis, i don't think
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they're directly funding isis. they may be helping other organizations but i think they're actually very concerned about isis. they're concerned that isis is taking their place as the leaders of the sunni muslim world. that's why they're aligning a bunch of other countries and considering actually going into iraq because anbar province boarders saudi arabia. one of the concerns they have is if we don't do something, and we're not for the next year, if we don't take them out of anbar, the saudis may do it. i don't think they are funding isis. what we need to do is clear that -- but again this president isn't doing it. 12 years ago i gave a speech talking about how we had to do
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to define the enemy. we had not done a good job defining who the enemy is. we were not at war with terrorists. we were at war with undamentalists i slam. -- islam. if we continue to define the enemy is something they are not, number one, we will have policies that don't address what is necessary to defeat them. and we won't have the support of the american public to actually get the policies that will be necessary to defeat them. i'll give you isis as an example. isis has established a caliphate. it's the first one in 90 years. there was a sunni caliphate for ver 1,200 years. their purpose is to conservative the world and conquer the world for islam. that is their objective. to spread islam. that is why isis exists.
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to spread and convert and conquer the world for islam. how to they attract people? they had met the requirements under islamic law of a caliphate. they control the state. it operates under sharia law, it is functioning and it is maintaining their territorial integrity and spreading jihad. that is what a caliphate is supposed to do. isis meets those requirements. if our policy towards isis is containment, we are helping isis. as long as isis maintains their territorial integrity and operates a functioning state, isis can continue to say we are legitimate and you must follow us. if we take their land, destroy their state, and they have no ability to attract anybody to follow them because they are not legitimate. it is as simple as that. but we have leaders in this country to refuse to tell you the truth. because we are afraid of being politically correct or saying something that might offend somebody. between now and january many americans and many all over the
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world are going to die because we have a president who will not tell the truth and put policies in place to defeat isis and stop their spread of jihadism around the world. sen. santorum: you elect me and i guarantee you we will stop isis and they know it. my final point. there is only one presidential candidate who was put in isis magazine. they have an online magazine they publish in a variety of languages. it is their primary tool of communicating with their fellow jihadists around the world. there has only been one presidential candidate featured in isis magazine. and described as an enemy crusader. my picture was in it. quotes as to who isis is and why they have to be defeated. you want somebody that knows isis and will defeat isis, i
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would appreciate your support. sen. santorum: with that ladies and gentlemen, thank you all very much. have a wonderful day. god bless. [applause] thank you. >> thank you. nice to be here with -- wow, there are a lot of people here. you'd think we were getting close to a big day. are we? i want to say a couple of things and then maybe we can do a few questions. by the end of business tomorrow night i will have done 75 town hall meetings, how's that? [applause] so john mccain, if you're
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watching, i'm catching you. we're just going to keep plugging. it's great to be here. for all of you in this state, i think i've been described as somebody who doesn't do much pandering but i wanted to say to you that this process of new hampshire is fantastic and the process of the town halls is just great. regardless of how i do here, i believe that this first in the nation primary where people really don't care if you're rich or famous or -- it doesn't matter. they want to look at you, they want to poke you, maybe take a little smell once in a while. size you up. and try to figure out whether you've got the right stuff to be president of the united states. and i tell you, i think it's a great process and the country needs to understand that this recommendation that comes out of new hampshire is really one that
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you've all thought carefully about. just a couple of things before i take questions. you know, i'm very positive about the future of our country. i mean, i don't spend much time looking in the rearview mirror. i don't know whether you know or not -- i'm sure there's reason to celebrate -- but barack obama is only going to be president for a few more months. [applause] news,t's sort of like old though. you know, it's like i'm in this big bus, you know. it's lady antebellum's old bus. my wife says has your singing improved? but when you're in that bus -- i'm talking to the bus driver brad about how he drives it. i said do you spend much time looking at the rearview mirrors?
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he said really, i don't because if i want to drive this bus effectively, i don't look at what's behind us. i look through the front windshield at that car and he says you see that red car deliming up that hill? that's where i keep my eyes and that's exactly where i keep my eyes. i keep it on the future. so do we have serious problems? yeah, we do. are they solveable? there's no doubt they're solveable and i actually feel as though they're easier to solve when you're sort of positive about the ability to get it done than when you're moping about where we are. why might i feel that way? what is it that i'm seeing that causes me to be optimistic about the future? well, in 1982 i was the only republican in america to defeat an incumbent democrat and i ran in 1982 in a very down time.
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i think we lost like 26 seats in the united states house of representatives and reagan lost his working majority but in 19 i was elected running on the reagan agenda. now, ronald reagan came in the election of 1980. you remember his famous line. it's morning in america. it was morning in america and i was there and worked with ronald reagan to see this country reach new heights, new strengths, new optimism. it didn't happen overnight but it happened. and america's confidence, america's spirit and our american strength was restored because of ronald reagan and i was there to see it. i was there when ronald reagan was able to sit down with tip o'neill and be able to strengthening -- strengthen our social security program. everybody says well, they were
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great friends. they weren't great friends. they were a couple of irishmen who liked to have a drink. nothing unusual about that. but they decided that they were americans before they were anything else and that program was in so much trouble. they didn't fix it forever because we're going to have to fix it again but they worked together to get it done. you know, i went to the soviet union as a member of the defense committee. i believe it was in early -- might have been early 1989. i met these russian generals. i can actually remember going down into a missile silo where the missile would have been aimed at us and i remember jogging into red square and having a couple of agents in -- i don't know who they were -- with trench coats trying to keep up with me as i ran into red square. and then i remember when we were in berlin and i remember getting off the bus and having these
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soldiers in east berlin scream at me. kind of scared me. they said get back on the bus. but you see, i also remember when the berlin wall came atumbling down. who would have ever dreamt it? and we better think about it today. what an accomplishment to have seen people all over the world set free. and then it wasn't much after that that i saw us engage in the troubles in central america. and i saw things improve. and it wasn't long after that that i saw a coalition of arabs d westerners get together to shove saddam hussein out of kuwait. i was there. i was in kuwait right after it happened. i was there when the oil fields were on fire, and what a successful effort it was for the
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world itself to achieve success and of course i was there in 1997 because i was the chief architecture of the last time we balanced the -- architect of the last time we balanced the budget and we paid down a half a trillion dollars of the national debt and we were just ruling in this country with the creation of jobs and progress. [applause] nd i was there in 2010 after being elected looking at a state that had lost 350,000 jobs, our credit was headed south, people were depressed. and we were running a 20% lower cut in potential shortfall in our operating budget in ohio. they said it couldn't be fixed. i went to new york and met with the rating agencies. they said you can't fix ohio. i said you just watch what
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happens in ohio. balls we're sleeping giants we've gone from 8 billion in the black. 2 billion in the and yesterday i found out that the state of ohio has created over 400,000 jobs since i've been governor of ohio. so what do i think about our country? we've got conservative principles. conservative solutions. government is the last resort, not as a fist resort. the ideas that i've been saying for 25 years, that we should run this country from the bottom up, from where we live to the top up, not to the top down and i do believe that we can send welfare back to the states and we can bundle up the education program and empower school boards to be able to fix our education programs at the local level.
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i don't believe we can have better infrastructure if we move the transportation programs out of washington back here. i believe we can have better health care when we ship it back to the states and let the legislators figure out a better and innovative way to deliver services and i do believe with tax cuts we empower you and we continue to drive america from the bottom up -- or begin to start to drive america from the bottom up. and i know we have problems with the border. i know we have to restore the strength and give hope to our seniors on social securement. i know we have to make a greater effort to have common-sense regulations and lower taxes and a path to a balanced budget to spur job creation. i know that we can do things that can fix the wage situation because in my state wages are growing faster than the national average.
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i-know that we can begin to contend with the problem of the rising costs of health care and higher education. a lot of issues. but you know what's fun? there's nothing more fun than putting a team together of people to fix those problems, and we will fix those problems and we will drive the answer to hose problems. i got an incredible opportunity to speak to the new hampshire house, where they were on a bipartisan basis taking on the issue of drug addiction in this state. excuse me. and i had a moment to say to them about what i believe public service is all about. republicans, democrats. that was secondary that day i was in that chamber because before they were republicans and democrats, they were citizens of
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new hampshire. and they were going to pass this legislation overwhelming. and i told them, you know, sometimes when you get in your car and you drive home, you wonder what you got done being a public servant. well, today, you're going to know what public service is really all about. because when you're driving home, thank the good lord that you are part of a body that worked together to save the -- other ung people people of all ages who face the challenges of addiction. and then when you get home, you're going to see your spouse. your spouse is going to say so another trip to that building in concord. another two-hour trip and you don't even get paid for going. what did you do today? i made a difference today. i saved a life today. i created a legacy for our
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family because we were part of the solution to the problem of drug addiction in new hampshire. you see, folks, we win the majority, we win the white house, we get to call the tune, we get to push our ideas, but we're not going to demonize the other side because we need them. we're not going to get most of them. we're certainly not going to get all of them, but we're going to fix these problems because if i'm president of the united states, i'm going to convince them the reason they make that trek to washington is not to engage in warfare but to engage in solutions. and all these things that we see out there that are challenges, rebuilding the military, reforming the pentagon, assuming our proper place in the world. you understand this is all doable. the only thing that gets in the way is human ego, partisanship
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and thinking about ourselves. ou see what reagan was able to do, to get everybody to limit their game a little bit higher to serve the united states of america. i don't -- one thing i don't like about this campaigning business, you have to talk too much about yourself. a lot of people that know me would say john, that's never been your problem. t as i've matured, my skills come from the lord. and maybe he gave me one skill that was unique. the ability to get people to do what they know they should do but oftentimes don't want to do. and maybe the ability to somehow pull people together is part of a movement to make our country better. somebody asked me today, a
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little toast masters club. i walked in door, they said you know how to speak, don't you? i said i don't know, sometimes. so why did you go into politics? to change the world. to change the world. [applause] that's not a campaign topic because i believe all of us are capable in one way or another of changing the world. part of the great m of course saic. we're -- where together, we bring healing. that's where we're here for, to make this world a little better place. st been great to be in new hampshire and i ain't leaving for quite a long time so thank you very much and let me take a few questions. how much time did i eat up? how much? ok, yes, sir, right here.
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you know, i've learned these town halls, if somebody's hand goes up too quick, you ignore them, but i'm going to go with up. >> governor, you're very inspirational. you speak from the heart. you have a great track record, a great resume. what do you think is going to happen? governor kasich: well, we're running second now in new hampshire and all the big money and special interests -- listen, i want you to know that all of my lifetime i've really been fighting the establishment, getting people upset because i want to bring change. when you try to balance the budget -- i have my buddy tim penney here. he's a former democrat, now an independent and he and i got together with a handful of republicans and democrats to try to cut one penny out of every dollar of federal spending. ok? and we lost. by four votes. who worked against us? republicans and democrats. and hillary clinton, by the way,
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who was up there lobbying against it. and they all say john, how would you do against hillary? i mean, come on. she's a plumber. you can see that she's a fragile candidate. the general is -- i'm going to have a ball. we have to win new hampshire in the general. you know who stopped us? the republican aprotorator who said if you vote for this, i'm going to kill the project in your district. you want special funding for something at home i'm going to kill it so they won the battle. but in 1997 they lots the war because we beat down the establishment, we balanced the budget, we cut the capital gains tax and we provided a paydown over time of a half a trillion dollars of the national debt. [applause] you see, what happens in washington is everybody has
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their own little thing. it's in every state house, why do you think that the mentally ill and the drug addicted get ignored? now the drug addicted we're paying attention to because they're right in our neighborhood and you're demanding action. but why do you think for so long the mentally ill or development ly disabled have been ignored? because they don't have a loud voice. who gets the loud voice? all the special interests and the big money. i'm going to pull them down but i'm going to beat them when it's appropriate for all of us. i found hammers and screw drivers in the pentagon that cost tens of thousands of dollars. it was a total rip-off so i fought to change it. how do you think the defense contractors felt look -- about that? but you know, it doesn't matter. n some instances you're like
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sificus is. you push a rock up to the hill and as soon as you get it up. it comes back down again. you to have push it up to the top and get it all the way up there. and it can be done. a lot of special interests are getting nervous about me. he's doing well in namplets, we don't have to put up with him. it's like teddy roos vet. they sent him to be president because they couldn't stand him and then after mckinley got killed he became president of the united states and flipped everything upside down. we'll see. it's in your hand but more importantly it's in the hand of the big guy. one of the buses we're riding in, the reporter says you know, we go on these other buses and people's hair is on fire and they're all uptight and people are shouting.
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on this bus it's zen. how can you have a campaign that's so calm and den like? you know why? because there's a lot more life to come. you give it your best and you live with the results. and we'll see. in the old spirit of what do you have to say in new hampshire, you have to ask for the vote -- please vote for me! yes, sir, right here. >> thank you, governor. y name is michael. came up from connecticut. i'm a combat-wounded veteran. i was shot, took a direct hit by a -- [applause] >> took a direct hit from a suicide bomber three years ago and was in a coma for two weeks. died twice. my wife was pregnant at the time. second of all, i just wanted to say thank you to every other veteran ha -- that is here
12:44 am
today. [applause] and, too, in the shadows are police officers who have been crapped on by the media. so thank you guys. [applause] i want to -- i don't want to sit here and waste. people have important questions and stuff like that. i have questions as well. the only question i have is can i have a two-minute private conversation with you, sir? governor kasich: of course, we have colonel mom. he spent five years in the hanley hilton being beaten for five years within an inch of his life and he's here with us today. would you walk over to see him? [applause]
12:45 am
oh, thank you. ok, next question. yes, map, right there? >> hello, good afternoon. i'm prussia mueller from new hampshire. it's a good time to ask this question after this gentleman. i need to put my glasses on. mr. trump made a comment about senator john mccain's war record. quote, "he's not a war hero. he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured. " do you think a possible candidate for commander in chief of the united states should make a comment like that about a veteran who fought for our country? i ask this because in my
12:46 am
opinion, a man or woman who has fought for our country, our eat country, captured or not is a hero. [applause] do you agree with mr. trump? i'm hoping you don't. governor kasich: you can't be serious asking me that question. well, look, we just heard from this man, and my friend tom mo and so many of those folks that -- do you know what they do? every year, karl mo and i -- he was beaten and couldn't even get off the airplane when he came home. i pointed him to the head of veterans affairs in ohio. he's now left that position because he says his wife waited
12:47 am
for him. now he's got to serve his wife. so he -- it's unbelievable what he's been through. he and i would sit every year, and still do, with the families of people who have been lost, serving in the military. you know what i tell them? one thing -- because i can't really share directly in their rief but i feel their grief -- is because your loved one died in the service of others, the lord promises they'll wear the biggest crowns in the world yet to come, and i believe that. and so our veterans, our police officers, anybody who puts themselves in the line of duty, it's unbelievable, isn't it? so i tried to call john mccain today. just called him out of the blue and i'm going to get john mccain, who was in the cell next to karl mo to talk sometime
12:48 am
today. but we need to honor them. and let me tell you this, you come back and you're a veteran, you get treatment wherever you need it. period, end of story. no more screwing around with the veterans administration. yes, last question. ok. >> as a student in a well-respected public school system, i'm curious as to your reasons for supporting common core. governor kasich: i don't even know what that all means but here's what i want in ohio and every state -- high standards and local control at the school board level. let me say a couple of things about k through 12. when you and i were students, kids didn't have to do as well in school and then they could graduate and get a job in a steel mill, a textile plant, a
12:49 am
cement factory, a chemical plant -- ok, there you go. and then you could get a job there and make a decent living and your spouse could get a part-time job and be ok. those jobs don't exist enough of the time so it's now up to the local schools, the local school board to begin to make sure that number one we're providing for vocational education, which we do in ohio starting in the seventh grade, but we also know that we need to begin to train our students in a much more flexible 21st-century way for the jocks of today and the jobs of tomorrow. and it's going to require a lot of change, a lot of flexibility, a lot of innovation and i'd like to punledle up -- bundle up 104 -- not like, to i will bundle up 104 federal programs into four buckets and send it back to the states. because, you see, it's not even the states that can necessarily drive what we need. it's the local school boards and
12:50 am
the local communities and i think what we all have to realize, we have to do our job in the local schools at the local communities because it's about our children. and none of the politics or nonsense that happens at the cal level can keep us from devising a curriculum and a path to learning to a path of success with skills, nothing can stand in that way. you ought to run for the school board and you have to go in there with a -- an agenda and don't stay too long. go in and fix and it get out. then you can run for city council and go fix that and then get out, ok? hey, one last thing i'll be doing tomorrow. i'm not pandering. tomorrow i'm rooting for the patriots. i'll see y'all. [applause]
12:51 am
>> well, the countdown is on and as we approach the iowa caw issueses -- caucuses, we're really the only place where you can watch these events unfold as they happen. whether it's a town hall meeting, a policy speech, nobody else is going to give that you unfiltered look at the candidates as they work the
12:52 am
crowd and talk to voters and make their best sales pitch so we're going to be chris crossing iowa leading up to the caucuses. we'll be covering all the candidates, democrat and republican and keep an eye on what happens on caucus night because we'll be the only network that will actually take you to a republican and democratic caucus so if you've ever really wondered how it all happens, watch c-span. [applause] >> thank you. thank you. thank you, thank you! thank you! i'd like to introduce my wife kelly and my son robert who are here. [applause] so i get to go to a lot of political barbecues, all right? too many barbecues. i'm stretching out my suit, i believe. but i was at a barbecue a couple
12:53 am
of weeks ago in kentucky. the guy in front of me has two plates of food and i'm like you're not going to live very long eating like that. he said well, my granddad lived to be 105. i said you're not going to live very long eating like that. he said my granddad lived to be 105. i said how'd that happen? he said by minding his own business. some wish -- sometimes i wish my government were leaving me alone more and minding its own business. i often say i want a government so small you can barely see it. a government that only does that what it's supposed to do according to the constitution. there's something called enewspaper reactive powers. we forget about that. we've let government get out of control. we have a government now that borrows a million dollars every
12:54 am
minute. most of us would say we're fiscal conservatives. everybody here probably says we're for a balanced bunt amendment. in fact, when a balanced budget amendment comes before the senate, every republican votes for it. the only problem is when you put a balanced bunt forward, only about 1/3 of the republicans vote for it. there's a dirty little secret that the media won't tell you. the problem with spending is really the responsibility of both parties. in fact, this is something you won't hear from any of the other candidates, but it is absolutely the truth. the loudest voices for increasing federal spending right now are republican and you say oh, that can't be true. well, it is true because they're saying we have to have more military spending, but the only way they can get it is they have to give the democrats more domestic, more welfare spending.
12:55 am
it's what i call the unholy alliance. both sides are wanting to raise spending. in fact, that's what happened. i kept them up till 3:00 in the morning. they were not very happy with me. i was lecturing them till 3:00 in the morning that raising the debt ceiling is an absolutely bad idea if you're also raising spending at the same time. if i'm president, we'll balance the budget and we will not have any more of this nonsense. [applause] senator paul: i've introduced three budgets, then balanced them within five years. how many votes did we get? about 1/3 of the republicans. this is once again the problem. republican leadership actually went along with the president to raise the debt ceiling. how much did we raise the debt ceiling? an unspecify -- specified
12:56 am
amount. we didn't raise it a half a trillion or a trillion, we raised it an unspecified amount and we raised the bunt cams. this is the second time we did this. many in washington said oh, we can't have the sequester. the sequester is killing us. we won't have any national defense with the sequester. crazy. do you know how much money we've spent on national defense and i believe in a strong national defense. killle kelly's dad spent 20 years in the air force. her brother was in the air force academy. my dad with us in the air force. you're not stronger from bankruptcy court. the biggest threat to our national security right now is our dealt so for the candidates who come before you -- let's just say rubio, and say they want a trillion dollars more in military spending ask them where they're going to get it? we had a vote on the budget.
12:57 am
marco put forward an amendment to increase military spending by $200 billion and cruz seconded it. they both voted for this amendment. i said where's the money going to come from and are we safer if we're $200 billion more in dealt? they said we're for a strong defense and we're going to vote for more money. so they did. $200 billion. i introduced a competing amendment that would have increased the money they wanted for the military but would have offset it with cuts. you know how many people voted for mine? about six. nobody wants to make the cuts. everybody is for spending. sometimes there's no difference between right and left. they're just wanting to spend it on different items. the unholy alliance is they both come together and they spend their money. the squester was a slowdown, it was not a cut. they said it was draconian cuts.
12:58 am
it was not a cut. over a 10-year period the sequester was a gradual reduction in the rate of spending. on the news channels you see this was the chart for spending. here's the chart for spending with a sequester. they're both increasing. but in the last four years we've given up because republican leadership has worked with the democrats to get rid of the sequester. i ran for office because i was unhappy -- i was part of the tea party movement -- i was unhappy that republicans were doubling the debt and expanding government programs. under the last republican administration the debt went from 5 trillion to 10 trillion. now we're going to go to 20 trillion. we're going to add more debt under president obama than all the presidents combined. if you do the same thing over and over again you're going to get the same result. if you elect a president or nominate a republican who says we're going to be the adults and we're going to preside over
12:59 am
government and there's never going to be any hiccups and we're not going to challenge the president on anything, the question you have to ask is keeping something open that borrows a million dollars a minute, is that what you want or would you rather have someone who uses the leverage, uses the power of the purse and says enough is enough. let's all come to a screeching halt and start up only what we need and balance the budget at the same time. [applause] budget at the same time. [applause] you may have heard a few candidates say, i will not talk to russia. i think that is what carly fiorina said. our previous speaker said he would punch them in the nose. this christie says he will shoot down russia's lane. i think we ought to think fully
1:00 am
what kind of temperament we want in commander-in-chief. do we want a commander in chief eager to shoot down russia's lanes, punch russia in the nose, and not talk to putin? think back to great president spirit was ronald reagan a great president? i think so. my family supported him when i was 13. i went to the national convention in kansas city, the closest process in 20 years because we were reagan republicans. reagan talked to gorbachev. one of my favorite stories is he told his advisers he would tell him this torry. they all said, do not do it. there will be an international incident. reagan did what he wanted to do. he told gorbachev a story. there was an accountant and the accountant had won a car. in the soviet union, it was hard to get a carpenter one dealer
1:01 am
owned by the government, socialism. he finally had enough money and went into the state run car dealership and he was so proud and he said, i would like my car. the bureaucrat sneered at him and said, you can come back and get it in a year. he did not miss a beat. he said, will that be on a tuesday or wednesday. the bureaucrat said, i just told you it is going to be year and you want to know if it will be a tuesday or wednesday? and he said yes, that number is coming on that tuesday. [laughter] it was a joke that gorbachev could really get here if you have ever lived under socialism, it does not work. but can you imagine -- this is what i worry about our country. the majority of new hampshire democrats think socialism and bernie sanders is just great. how could that happen? have they not read any history? have we not learn from the soviet union? have we not learned socialism is an abysmal failure? we have won the cold war, why?
1:02 am
because the engine of capitalism defeated the engine of socialism. the engine of socialism was a sputtering wreck. the one thing universal about socialism, it does not produce things well. it does not distribute goods well. on the other side, we have a candidate who may or may not be leading in the polls who tells you he will fix things. give him power and he will fix things. he is used to having power. his business model is, he goes to the local government and says give me land or can guess just for casinos and i will build them. who cares of it takes eminent domain to take that land? [applause] but there is another tradition and i would venture to say that most of you and most republicans in new hampshire, are not part of that tradition. we are part of the tradition that dates all the way back to when the magna carta came forth.
1:03 am
you cannot have your property taken without due process. we were very conscious of that. we were conscious that capitalism is based on property rights. the supreme court has gotten this wrong. they allow for private property to be taken from one private property owner and give it to another. california or washington -- they
1:04 am
went to justice suitor's house and make it into a hotel, if you don't mind. property rights should not be relative. we should look at a candidate like trump at -- who says eminent domain is a great thing. they perfectly well decided decision and that is way i make my money. we should think about she who lived in a house for 13 years and when trump tried to take her house, she stood up to him and beat him in court. the question is, are we going to stand up to somebody who thinks power is a good thing, that he is so smart and so rich that he must be smart, that, if you give him power, he is going to fix things? i think most of us are of an opposite tradition. the constitution was written, patrick henry stated well, the constitution was written not to restrain you and the people, but to restrain the government. the history of our country is the history of trying to restrain despotism.
1:05 am
it happened with the magna carta. they tried to limit the power of the king. when founding fathers wrote the constitution, they wanted to significantly limit the power of the presidency. the power to go to war was given to congress. a declaration of war is supposed to come from congress. i can tell you one thing. if i am president, we will not go to war without a declaration of war. [applause] you may have noticed the powers that be decided they did not want me in the debate last time. we object to that and we think it was a dirty, rotten, no good deal. we think the polls indicate we should have been there. we tied for fourth in the last poll. but for better or worse, i think i provide a unique perspective that is healthy for the party.
1:06 am
we may not all agree on every issue. but if we want to grow the party, you need a liberty movement, somebody who will go to the southside of chicago, somebody talking about criminal justice and how it is unfair. [applause] i have been to chicago, detroit, highland park, flint, philadelphia, i have been taking a message that we are the party of the bill of rights, that we are the party and were the party of emancipation, the party of civil rights him of the party that can be bigger and better and bolder. i do not think we have to give up an iota of what we believe in it we do not have to delude any of our principles. we need to take our principles to new places. some come before you and say we do not need to do that. we have never been sufficiently conservative. some of that is true. all we do is rally the base. i disagree. you have to do both. rally the base, and then have someone who says i will go get
1:07 am
new audiences and see if the african-american audience will listen to us. i can tell you we are going crazy on college campuses with kids coming by the thousands to our rallies because i am willing to say the government went too far in collecting phone records. i am willing to say the government should not do that. [applause] john adams said the spark that led to the war for independence was the idea that james was fighting against, generalized warrants, where the british soldiers wrote the warrant but did not have anybody's's name on it. it was a big deal. a much bigger deal than the second amendment. nobody could even imagine the government would take your guns in those days. but they could imagine british soldiers coming into their house to see if they paid their taxes with a generalized warrant. it was a big deal and that is why they wrote the fourth
1:08 am
amendment. people say, how will we catch terrorists? what we do is we target terrorists. we go after them and look at all of their records. here is the difference between me and the other candidates. rubio, bush, christie, they all want more surveillance of you. if you come to me and i am the judge and you say, one of the others who did the marathon bombing, you say, the russians have tipped us off, and he went back to chechnya, and we see on these social postings -- that he is for a violence, can we see this on the computer, as slowly. can we look at his phone call, absolutely. can we keep digging until we find everybody he is connected with? absolutely. name the person. give me suspicion and not truth. probable cause, and the judge signs it. i am all for that. if you ask me if we can look at everybody's records in boston in new hampshire to try to find
1:09 am
that, i am again maybe we are giving up something so fundamentally part of who we are that we are giving up something about america in the process. [applause] kelly and i have participated in a charity where we build houses for wounded veterans. it is probably one of the most rewarding things i have done in office. in washington, you get frustrated a lot. we have actually seen the house and seen our neighbors come together, coming to a fundraiser and saying, thank you for inviting me. i would like to give more. call me again. you do not often go to a fundraiser with people are thanking you for taking their money. we see the houses these people live in and the horror of the injuries. a young man is very brave and saved many of lives.
1:10 am
we hope to build him a house. when you ask him what were you fighting for, what did you go to war for, he says i took an oath. i took an oath to defend the constitution. i took an oath to defend the bill of rights. what i'm asking you is, wouldn't it be sad, wouldn't we all be sad if he came home and we gave up on the bill of rights while he was gone fighting for it? we should not do that. [applause] in the debate before last, when they did let me come, it was a good debate over foreign policy and it was whether or not regime changes are a good idea. this is a healthy debate not only for the party but for the country. we have to ask ourselves what things have worked and what things have not worked. we have to ask ourselves, barack obama and hillary clinton and marco rubio and jeb bush, and john mccain and lindsey graham,
1:11 am
all said, let's topple gadhafi in libya. we will somehow be better. what happened? we toppled gadhafi and we got chaos. we got the rise of radical islam, one third of libya now pledges allegiance to isis. they killed our ambassador. i'm having trouble understanding what the good part of that is. the question is, has it ever been a good idea? we now have another situation. the same situation in syria. there are people in our party, let's just call them john mccain -- [laughter] -- who want to bomb both sides of the syrian war, isis and assad. ask yourself, if you get rid of assad, who will replace him? thomas jefferson? [laughter] i think you are much more likely to have isis in charge. i have met hundreds if not thousands of syrian christians
1:12 am
who live in our country now. they have been there for a long time. i went to medical school with one. you ask them, who would you prefer, they are not jumping up and down saying i love asaad or that he is thomas jefferson am a but they will say without question, they want assad versus isis. we have to be careful about saying, we know what is best. we will topple assad. i am saying this for three years now and when the foreign relations committee voted to send arms in there, i raised my hand and i said, the great irony is, we will be back in a year or two fighting against our own weapons area we have been funding the islamic rebels. people explicitly will tell you, we need to fund the allies of al qaeda. and i'm like, really? i thought that was who attacked us on 9/11.
1:13 am
we are going to fund the people who attacked us? yes, because they're not quite as bad as isis. i am like, i think we are talking about predations of evil here. it is a good debate to have because we disagree on this. it makes for a's air to and you have to decide. do you think a regime change is a good idea or maybe, we are to think more along the lines of reagan. people say reagan did it all the time. no, he had a little more nuanced foreign policy. he spoke with gorbachev, he never cut off communications with russia. he never said he would punch russia in the nose. you never said we will no longer talk to gorbachev. he negotiated with the soviet union and also believed in peace through strength and negotiated from a position of strength. i think that is what we need. a sensible foreign policy. we need to balance our budget, that there can be no sacred cow for right or left, that we have to put our books in order. and i will do it. i will, from day one, say that we have to balance our budget. no exceptions. [applause] i would like to close with a story about criminal justice.
1:14 am
the thing we have to understand is people who do not understand and never be the republican party. the way we resonate is that we have to understand what it is like to be poor, african-american, and living in our big cities. a 16-year-old black kid from the bronx was arrested and accused of a crime. by somebody who did not even live in the country, was not here legally and never again showed up to testify. he was kept for three years in prison with no trial. he was beaten. who knows what else happened to him. he was kept in solitary confinement for two years. a 16-year-old kid. for two years in solitary confinement. trying to commit suicide multiple times. they finally let him go after three years. imagine if you are his family, what you think about justice. he finally did commit suicide
1:15 am
months ago. if you went to high school him and the bronx, or you are his parents or parents friend, i think you could start to imagine there is a great anger about feeling that was not justice in our country. if you look at the war on drugs and say, who is using drugs? white kids and black kids are at about the same rate. but white kids are about 80% of the public. if you look at the jail, the jail is three out of four black, poor, living in a neighborhood that has more crime and i am not saying it is racism. it is just the police is there all the time but it adds up. we have to look at the world on drugs because it decimated a whole generation of young african-american males. do you know were some of the rules came from? bill clinton. i'm the only one that could ever challenge the clintons and say, i will go to the african-american community and i will get votes for republicans like we have never gotten before. [applause]
1:16 am
as we take our message around the country, i would say we have to prevent -- present our message with hope and optimism. there is a painter by the name of robert and he said as he exhorted young painters, he said, painted like a man coming over the hill singing. i like that image. i think when we become the party that proclaims our message, with the passion of patrick henry, but also the optimism and hope of a man coming over the hill singing, then we will rock and roll to victory. i want to be a part of that and i hope you do. thank you very much. [applause]
1:17 am
they told me i got carried away and i used up all my time except for one question. this lady right here. >> thank you. my name is kelly. i am in iraq veteran. when i was in iraq -- [applause] when i was in iraq, we put our lives on the line, starting private contractors so they could make money. corporations that profit for more, spent millions of dollars lobbying on campaigns and legislation area what would you do to limit corporate influence on our politicians, who they treat like they are for hire. [applause] mr. paul: a great question. anybody who would get there government in the form of a contract should be limited in what they can do to lobby to get more of our money. this is going on nonstop here it
1:18 am
i think there is a possibility for campaign finance reform as long as we understand what the compromise has to be. if we say it is only big business doing this, you will never get any legislation. if we admit it is a business and big unions, and you will write the role such that we control both, i think we could pass it . [applause] supreme court ruled if i am a pro-second amendment group and want to spend money, that is speech and you cannot limit it. the way i would say we get around that, in order to have limitations on people purchasing and influencing government, i would say, if a contractor comes and i'm getting a billion-dollar contract to build tanks or whatever, we need tanks. we have got to have armament. $1 billion. the person building the tanks would have a contract they signed to get the billion dollars. it would same a contract i agree not to lobby or give contributions to legislators. i think you could restrict special interests by voluntary
1:19 am
contract when they do business with government. it is something i have been try to get the democrats interested in. it is ultimately the one fix the supreme court would approve because it would be voluntary. you do not have a right to a government contract. it is a problem. the biggest problem we have is the government spends money and a lot of that money comes back to lobby for more money. i biggest objection with the federal reserve right now is they lobby against oversight on themselves. we created them, they are enormously powerful, and they come to the senate and congress and lobby against us overseeing them. that should not happen. i have got a bill to make that happen also. i think we should place limits on those. [applause] thank you, everybody. thank you. [applause]
1:20 am
[applause] ms. fiorina: hi. great to see you all. thank you so much. thank you. good to see all that energy after lunch. have you ever noticed how politics kind of it covered like a sport these days? it's like a game. my team versus your team. who is up, who is down. maybe that is because politics is become an inside game. politicians have been playing it all their lives. we have people like hillary clinton who sit inside the system, raking in millions by selling access and influence.
1:21 am
we have people like donald trump sitting outside the system making billions by buying up people like hillary clinton. that is the game, folks. that's been what's going on for a long time. the political establishment and crony capitalism. it's not a game most of us can play, unless you win powerball. the game is not working for us anymore. this has been a country of limitless possibility for me. i have traveled and lived and worked all over the world. i have done business and charity and policy work on every continent and virtually every country for decades. time team leader where it is this nation woman can start the way i did. go on one day to become the chief executive of what we turned into the largest technology company in the world and run for the presidency of
1:22 am
the united states. that is only possible in this great nation. [applause] ms. fiorina: i have to tell you along the way i have had a lot of people tell me to sit down and be quiet. settle. don't challenge the system. i have ignored that advice all my life. i am running for the presidency of the united states because i think the american people are being given that same advice. sit down, be quiet, settle, don't challenge the system. i do not think we can do that any longer. [applause] ms. fiorina: we are being told to sit down and be quiet about our god, our guns, the abortion industry. we are being asked to settle. settle for problems that invested for decades. -- festered for decades. illegal immigration, spending out of control, how inability or
1:23 am
unwillingness to care for our veterans. why are we settling for this? why are we settling for a nation that used to be a place of limitless possibility regardless of our circumstances, and yet in this nation today we have record numbers of men out of work. record numbers of women living in poverty. some people don't even of the american dream exists anymore. working families wages have stagnated for decades. meanwhile the rich get richer, the powerful get more powerful, the well-connected get more well-connected. crony capitalism has gone on under republicans and democrats alike. why are we accepting a system of government and politics is no longer works for us? here is the truth. government has grown bigger and bigger. for 50 years under republicans and democrats alike. at the same time it has grown more inept and more corrupt. [applause]
1:24 am
ms. fiorina: white are -- why are we settling for government is not confident enough to secure borders or figure out terrorist pledge their allegiance to isis on facebook years ago. i checked out my oldest granddaughter's new boyfriend on facebook. what do we get election after election? you are sophisticated consumers of politics. how many presidential cycles have politicians stood up here and promised you to cut government down the size, to reform the tax code, to care for veterans to secure the border? we hear about the same issues election after election and yet nothing changes. they promise much and deliver little. i don't know about you but i am angry. i am frustrated. and i'm fed up. we feel we're losing power in our lives.
1:25 am
power to control our own future. to hold the government we pay for accountable and cut it down to size. and yet all of these problems can be solved. but we have to remember who we are. ours was intended to be a citizen government. we were never supposed to have a professional political class. i will not sit down and be quiet and i don't suggest you do either. i am running for the presidency because citizens, it is time. it is time we take the future back. it is time we take our politics and our government back. it is time. we must take our country back. [applause] ms. fiorina: it is why i have rolled out my blueprint to take our country back. i hope you asked me about it. these are the things we must do
1:26 am
first to take our country back. they are not the only things we must do but the first and most important things we must do. we can get these things done together. on calling it a blueprint because amazingly i would like you to hold me accountable. i am used to being held accountable. [applause] ms. fiorina: i come from the world you do. not the political world. we know that actions speak louder than words. character is a matter of what they do, not by what they say. we know that talk is cheap and that results matter. do you know you go from secretary to ceo? you produce results. over and over and over. you do what you say you are going to do. you ask people to hold you accountable. hold me accountable for this and together we can get this done and solve these problems. now, you might not admit of your
1:27 am
-- have made up your mind who you want to support but in your heart of hearts you cannot wait to see me today hillary clinton. [applause] ms. fiorina: you know it is true. i know. it is true. you know why it is true? because you know i'm going to win. you know i'm going to win. [applause] and winning is actually very important. mrs. clinton has escaped prosecution more times than el chapo. perhaps sean penn should interview her. the truth is she is not going to be held accountable until we have a fearless fighter who will face her down on that debate stage and remind her that although she has held many titles, she still has accomplished nothing. [applause] remind her she has gotten every single foreign-policy challenge wrong. remind her and the american
1:28 am
people when she famously asked what difference it makes. this is what difference it makes. when our embassy is purposely attacked by terrorists and four americans are killed and the next that you stand up and lie about it to the american people, instead of saying we will seek retribution, mrs. clinton you say to every adversary and every terrorist organization in the world open season on america. that is what difference it makes, mrs. clinton. that is what difference it makes. [applause] ms. fiorina: we are not going to beat mrs. clinton or whomever else they come up with. bloomberg, sanders. we will not be the ultimate insiders with another insider crony capitalist donald trump. we will not defeat them somebody who is talked a good game all their lives but never made it tough decision. a tough vote is not a tough call. we will not be able to win
1:29 am
unless we have a fearless fighter who will throw the punches. but once we're done winning, and i will win, we have to think about what it actually takes to restore the character of this nation. to restore possibilities for every american regardless of circumstances. to cut government down to size and lead once again in the world. i will suggest to you that i'm the most qualified person to win this race and to do this job. we need a president who actually understands how the economy works. how to create jobs. how to save jobs. how to protect jobs. what it takes and how jobs are destroyed. we need a leader who understands the world how it works. i have more foreign-policy experience of anybody running. i didn't do photo ops. i had private meetings with them. on business or policy or charity.
1:30 am
i have met our friends and foes. i held the highest clearance is available to a civilian. i have been -- advised the cia, the nsa, the secretary of state, i know our military and intelligence capabilities and personnel very well. and when this nation is not meeting the world is a dangerous and tragic place. [applause] carly fiorina: technology as a
1:31 am
tool but it is also a weapon being waged against us by our enemies. we need a president to understands that. we need a president to understands leadership. leadership was about whoever had the big office or title or airplane. learned people with big offices and big titles in big egos were not leading. about the sizeot or the shape of your office. it is not about the size of your ego. status -- challenges the status quo. a leader is a servant. a leaderst calling of is to unlock potential in others. -- [applause] : my highesta
1:32 am
calling is to restore citizen government to this great nation. not sit down into be quiet and neither will you. do not sit down. do not settle. do not accept a system that does not work for us. stand with me. vote for me. sit with me. it is time to take our future back. it is time to take our government back. citizens, it is time. we must take our country back. [applause] carly fiorina: questions?
1:33 am
yes, sir? >> my name is jason. i am an iraq war veteran. carly fiorina: thank you for your service. as a medicfive years and a year in baghdad policing a was sometimes brutal tactics. now, i see police at using those same tactics with the same the same way i used it in iraq. -- in baghdad. what would your administration do to stop this? fiorina: thank you for your service, and what a tragedy that after this brave and veteran served that tillery clinton and barack obama declared victory in iraq, with
1:34 am
true every troop against all the advice of the military generals. politicalo for expediency. permitting isis to gobble up territory and weaponry. now, with all due respect to mrs. clinton and barack obama climateael bloomberg, change is not our most pressing security threat. isis is. real we have examples of wrongdoing in the police force, such as we had in the police force under rahm emanuel, strange how the democrats have been absolutely silent about what happened in chicago because it was a cover-up by their good friend rahm emanuel. where the cops of done the wrong ring they must be held to account and that is why i have advocated for a long time that every single cop needs to be equipped with a body camera so we can see what is going on.
1:35 am
it is in investment that needs to be made. but i must tell you, sir, that we have to start by lifting up and honoring and respecting and valuing and listening to everyone who served, from the cup on the beta all the way to the soldier in afghanistan and i do not think we are doing a good job of that right now. while i cried for the parents of the young man who was slain in chicago and a year-long cover-up when on, i do not hear a lot of tears for the cops who are assassinated in their cars on the corner. [applause] carly fiorina: i will promise you as commander-in-chief, i in, value, support, invest listen, lift up, and honor hasyone who served and
1:36 am
served. we will reform the veterans administration so those who served as can we cared for. we will lift up and honor everyone who serves from the cop on the beat to the soldier in afghanistan. if someone is held accountable, it is because they've done -- if someone has done something wrong, they will be held accountable. let us start with our politicians. >> thank you. and thank you for running. i am pro-life and it is not ok that we put a price tag on babies and body parts. what will you do to planned parenthood. all of youna: i hope who are here know there has not been a more outspoken advocate for life and against planned
1:37 am
parenthood and then carly pure enough. carly furey and a i spoke at the march for life yesterday and washington, d.c., before they shut the city down. [applause] have been i know i the most effective advocate is because frequently at my events, planned parenthood protesters show up, they throw condoms at me, they shout and scream. i guess what? i am not going to be silent about this issue, either. the american people have found common ground on this. although the left does not what you to know this. the majority of young people, women, men, young women and men, now understand that abortion for any reason at all after five months is wrong. theirst, we're going to get pain-capable child protection act put into law.
1:38 am
second, everyone would let you about women's health. it is not. the democrats will not find community health centers. they do not agree to fund pregnancy centers. planned parenthood is a clinical operation. millions of dollars, contributing millions of dollars to pro-abortion candidates. ofre will not be a time funding for planned parenthood, but there will be plenty for women's health. [applause] carly fiorina: yes, sir? >> ok, so the best way to stop abortion would be to educate young women with comprehensive sex education programs and republicans very often want to have abstinent programs which
1:39 am
have been proven not to work. what would your policy be for educating people to engage in responsible sexual behavior so they won't have a pregnancy? carly fiorina: you know, one of the things i think is interesting, i don't know how many of you have ever visited a pregnancy center, but pregnancy centers are funded by private donations. they exist all over the country. and, they are providing education. all kinds of education, by the way. new fathers or fathers-to-be with skills and education as they will help new mothers. it also they will provide education. look, this is an issue. perhaps i should explain. you know, most people when i first started running for office they did not believe i was pro-life. they thought oh, she is a silicon valley ceo, she must be
1:40 am
-- she must not be pro-life. my husband frank, who i've been he is myfor 34 years, eye-candy. he is around here somewhere. but, when i met his mother, i learned that she has been -- had been told to abort him. when she is a woman of great courage and faith and she chose to bring her son into the world and he has been, was, and the joy of her life and he is been the rock of her life. i was not able to have children of my own. we buried a child. isies and gentlemen, that why i am pro-life. let me say something to you. politics uses these issues to divide us. we don't have to agree on everything, but of this, the real extremes in this debate are
1:41 am
not republican, they are democrat. , democratsho believe whose policy is that it is not a life until it is born. policy is that a 13-year-old girl must have her mother's permission to go to a tanning salon but not to have a abortion. democrats who believe it is ok clinics to be less regulated than a tattoo parlor. democrats who resist having birth control be over the counter so it is cheap and widely available. extreme on this issue. hillary clinton is, but we have found common ground. groundus take the common on the pain-capable abortion act and let us go from there. not finish there, but start there. [applause] thank
1:42 am
i had a chance to speak earlier. i am a combat-wounded vet. i wish shot and then i was hit by a suicide armor. thank you for speaking because we need more veterans and politics. i would like to know if i can get two minutes with you afterwards and my final question is, it when is the republican party going to stop attacking each other and when are they going to start going after hillary clinton? in, if you need a combat-wounded vet to stand after you and go after that girl, i will be with you. [applause] carly fiorina: first of all, thank you for your service and
1:43 am
sacrifice and heroism. who hast in this race consistently gone after hillary clinton from day one? carly fiorina. and i am going to keep doing up. i cannot speak for the republican party, all i can do is control my on behavior. you have watch me debate after debate after debate after debate take you to where the fight has to go. i hope i can spend a few interviews -- minutes with you but i have a few interviews after this. but let me say this. want to use the veterans administration of an example of how much power you have, but also an example of why we cannot settle for what we are settling for anymore. theemember the scandal in veterans administration in arizona, where we learned veterans had died waiting for an appointment? bureaucrats cooked the books so nobody would find out. outraged as citizens
1:44 am
of this great nation that we flooded congress with tweets and posts and e-mails and phone calls. because of that enormous pressure from the citizens of this great nation, this congress, this do-nothing congress, act did in three weeks. record time. a bill flew out of the house, it passed the senate 99-0. that will said we could top -- fire the top 400 executives at administration. it was precedent-shattering. firehis bill says we can 400 senior executives in the veterans administration. that is because of the protest you registered. sadly, we'll moved on and so did the politicians and despite all of the pretty speeches they made during that three-we. three-week time, meanwhile,ned --
1:45 am
$142 million in bonuses the v.a. handed out for superb performance. we have been talking about reforming the v.a. for 20 years. example of your power. so, when i say i will lift up and value and support those who serve and to those who have served, what i mean is we are actually going to get the veterans administration reform. every time i spent time with veterans i take notes, because guess what? i am going to put 15 veterans in a room and asked, had he want to be served? and you will come up with a better blueprint than all of the veterans in washington dc -- then all of the politicians and washington, d.c., combined. in the meantime, i will take the lesson from your power. the items on this blueprint, ratifying simplifying the tax code, it is 73,000 pages today
1:46 am
which means it is crushing the economic engine of growth. i think we ought to have a three-page tax cut. it isndits say impossible. there has been a plan for a three page tax code lying around for 20 years. we can get it done, just like item.xt the zero-based budgeting. that means the government needs to budget the way you do. examine every dollar. cut and a dollar. it is the only way we will get control. the way they budget now, how is it possible they spend more money each year, as they have for 50 years under republicans and democrats alike we have spent my money. and yet, and yet -- they never have enough money. they never have enough money to serve veterans are secure the border. why? the money is spoken for. once you get a budget you never have to give it back, all you got to do is ask for more.
1:47 am
we have to cut this government down to size, hold it accountable, and get control of your money. it has, by the way, they are spending our money. get thate going to done? the question is, how are we going to get that done and what does it have to do with the power of the citizens in the v.a.? i will tell you how we will get it done. -- have enormous powder but power but you do not use it. every week i will go into the white house and ask you to take out your smartphone or ipad or ec, if you have a flip phone, you might want to upgrade. just a suggestion. i am going to ask you to take out your smart device of choice and i will say to you, ladies and gentlemen, my fellow citizens, do you agree with me and is finally time to pass that 20-year-old three-page tax code? do you agree with me there is finally time to pass that bill -- languishing
1:48 am
on the house floor. no.s one for yes, two for seriously, there is an app for citizen government. technology is a powerful tool. i am going to use it. you have enormous power but when you do not use it you lose it. yourl channel your anger, frustration, your common sense, your good judgment because we can fix every problem we have that we have got to stop by restoring citizen government in this great nation. [applause] fiorina: we are out of time. i did not see the red light. all of your questions are so good. one more, wrote quick. -- really quick. onwhere do you stand lowering the maximum sentence for nonviolent crime?
1:49 am
carly fiorina: i will try to answer this quickly. it is an important question. my husband and i buried our younger lorry to the demons of addiction. and, i know this is a grave problem here. i can remember standing in front of a judge and pleading with him not to send our daughter back to jail. he was sympathetic, i'm sure. but his hands were tied. mental illnesst and especially of addiction. we cannot criminalize them. criminal justice reform which is a federal government responsibility. we have the highest incarceration rate in the world. people in\thirds of jail are therefore -- are there issues.riminal we have to advance and prevention and treatment.
1:50 am
people are starving for money while the federal government is awash in it. take care of criminal justice reform. stand with me. vote with me. fight for me. it is time to take our government and our country back. god bless you all. [applause] >> this is very impressive. i think i should be doing a
1:51 am
fashion show. i am so glad to be here back once again here in new hampshire. it is funny, i am from virginia to avoidto come north the ice and cold and snow. all right. we are on a timer. i have a lot of things i would like to say to you. save a few minutes for questions and answers. i am pleased to be back here. tos i think is my 19th trip new hampshire. a lot of candidates have their own strategies and some have summon other states. i have selected and chosen to start here at this first in the nation primary. i am very proud of it. 19 days here.
1:52 am
just yesterday or the day before yesterday i was up in north conway. yesterday i was in portsmouth. it has been wonderful. many of you know me. i have met most of you at one time or another. those of you who do not know me, let me run through it. i am a regular, normal person. a meat-cutter for 45 years at safeway.
1:53 am
my mother was a church secretary for the methodist bishop. i went to public schools. no silver spoon. i went to the university of virginia, that is where i got my lifelong love for public policy and national security. in studies.ree i was an army intelligence agent. i was trained in fort campbell, kentucky, as an intelligent agent. trained in the german language in monterey, california. unit inach to a nato west germany. i am proud to be an army veteran. i am the only veteran in the race. so when the time comes to talk veterans, they are going to want to know whether somebody on the
1:54 am
republican ticket has actually had the experience of serving overseas. i was not in uniform, but leading up to it i surely was. law uva i prosecuted cases. staff, also. i was elected to be the attorney general and then the governor of virginia. congress asked me to share several major commissions. chaired the national commission on terrorism and weapons of mass destruction on behalf of the united states. in 1999, our report and told the congress and administration a chance of an attack in the homeland of the united states was quite certain and we had to do something to prepare and get a strategy. it was ignored, of course. in 2000, we issued another
1:55 am
report that said you did not understand, and attack in this country is inevitable and we have to be prepared. at the end of the third year, what happened? the 9/11 attack. i will tell you a quick story and i do not want to burn up all of my time. i was the governor of virginia during that 9/11 attack and the chairman of the national commission. i was in the governor's mansion when we turned on the television and saw the first world trade center on fire. roxanne and i watched as the second tower was attacked by the airplane. i knew at that point i was a war governor and i had to do something. i acted by the emergency, i notified the state police that if there was noted of them play the headquarters had to be told immediately. i activated the national guard and got across the square in time to find out the second state attacked that day was
1:56 am
virginia. the pentagon is not in washington, d.c., it is in virginia. i spoke to the people of virginia by broadcast that night. i visited the wounded. i went to the pentagon and sought on fire. i supported the fire and rescue as they did what was necessary. experience real-life i have had a national security and foreign policy that i believe set me apart from the other potential candidates that you will choose. are in a dreadful situation in this country. the field obama policies over the last eight years. we have seen the continuation of the added taxation and slow economy that is robbing our young people of their opportunities for the future and endangering workers across the country. advent of thehe democratic party which seems
1:57 am
determined to offer a socialist candidate for the president of the united states. there was a time you would not say anything like that. but that is ok, you ask bernie sanders, he will tell you it is a socialist party they are offering. theary clinton is cut from same cloth, exactly from the same cloth. just a little more deceptive in terms of what her presentation is then bernie sanders, who gives you to it straight. this is a slow economy and it has to chain. the international dangers are more significant than i have seen a my lifetime. soldier stationed on behalf of nato in europe, there was a russian-american balance we're trying to maintain to prevent war. today the united states is challenged from russia, north korea, iran. the international guerrilla war we are all facing today. problems.very serious
1:58 am
the iranian deal is supposed to keep a set piece. it yet, our sailors are assaulted, taken prisoner, put on their knees, held as hostages briefly, put into videos. don't you think that image is meant to be real across the as they humble the united states of america. it is time for the republicans to offer someone who will stand up and offer real presidential experience and leadership on behalf of the united states of america. [applause] gilmore: ladies and gentlemen, what have we become? peoples are actually with rights. the declaration of independence that this down. we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are
1:59 am
created equal with certain inalienable rights. constituted to secure those rights, not grant them. the 20th century, as we saw world war i and the great depression, we have seen the country become a country of regulations. can we deny our rights can be impeded on right now by the supreme court? why the congress? our gun rights. our individual rights to speech. the world has changed and it is time the republicans lead the country into a real society of liberty and the united states. we have seen the country become toociety of people who need be managed. we have seen regulations begin to bind us up into an iron cage. we have seen people become recipients of information, not participants.
2:00 am
mass media gives information and controls information on behalf of the people of the united states and they, by their financial are doing donations and contributions of their selected candidates without any type of restriction whatsoever. will change in a gilmore presidency, i promise you. a countryng to build that once again is based upon our individual rights. but first, we have to have a country that is protected. first things first, we have to protect this country. recognize the dangers we are seeing from russia, north korea, and iran. i have the background to address these issues and i tell you what i will do. as president of the united states, the question will come off the defense budget. we will rebuild the army.
2:01 am
build new service chiefs for the united states navy. if the combat brigade back to the marine corps. the country will know the united states is serious about protect ring our rights in this country today. and in terrorism, we will our special operations people. we will rebuild our military and recognized exceptionalism of america. we will do what is necessary to fight this international guerrilla war. i will tell you something different. the wars in the mind of the people and it is important for an american president to stand up for the values of western civilization and to say people who would put somebody in a cage and burn them, behead people, and slave women, that to these are crimes against humanity and we have to say so forthrightly and strongly. [applause] expectmore: and if we
2:02 am
our military people to protect us and this time of crisis, we have to remember our veterans. did i mention i was the only veteran in this race? do i mention that? i forgot. ? veterans, i tell you now, a gilmore presidency is committed to their having the same standard of medical care that all of us have in the community. we will recognize post-traumatic stress disorder is a real thing and the danger of suicide it creates. we will recognize things like agent orange, oil, fire burning they have seen on the battlefield. we will have a reasonable reform of the appeals process said that veterans can have a chance to have their say in this bureaucratic system and not the taken advantage of. to our give respect veterans and they will know when they come off of active duty that they will be treated with respect and sides the united states of america. the united states of
2:03 am
america. this is a time of great danger. it is no time to put an amateur in the white house. we have to begin to develop the financial freedom of the people at all. we have to have a country worth protecting. we have to rebuild our economy. we can't have a lost generation. we do not -- who do not have a chance to get the career started. of theseid ourselves regulations. we will repeal the bad laws causing slow growth. the increased taxes on jobs and investments. the regulations we see from the environmental protection agency. wants dirty air or water but the epa is taking it upon
2:04 am
itself to control the lives of the american people. this has to stop. it has to change. and it will stop. education, education, a way of either controlling people are an ailing people. i tell you now, i disagree with some of the other republican candidates. i tell you now there is no place for federal common core education in the united states of america. [applause] gilmore: we will implement the growth cone where we reform the tax system where we give 15, 20, 20 5% off on tax exemptions. we will do what is necessary to take the commercial activity centered something he -- 25% and we will eliminate once and for all the death tax in america. if we do these things, the economy will grow at an appropriate rate. we have deliberately hobbled the american cup economy and it is
2:05 am
time for the president to say what he will do to correct the situation. i am that candidate. it is time to remember the empowerment of the individual. i am a national board member of the national rifle association. [applause] jim gilmore: i will stand for the right to keep and bear arms under the second amendment. if a gun legislation comes to my desk as president, i will delete it faster than it takes hillary clinton to delete her e-mails. close.t me say as i we are living in a society today where the media are controlling our political situation. they are controlling this and the republican national committee, it in one of the great crimes of the times, outsourced the nomination to the media people.
2:06 am
cnn, msnbc, the networks. that is what they did. they bequeathed those people the ability to say who would be in the debates. you have not seen me in the , have you? freezing out a candidate means he does not get the exposure, he does not get the donations, and they know this. they know this. this is a distortion of the political system. one of our candidates the other day actually taunted people and said, i do not have to spend any money because i'm getting all of the free podcast time. and that is the reality of what we are seeing in america. mediawrong for the mass to be able to donate to any candidate and give them free money without regulations when we americans are limited to what we can do. that has to change. [applause]
2:07 am
gilmore: the two ballots maryland and may, michigan, i said, what gives? what are you doing? they said, our standard is to the national media generally recognizes as a candidate. i havesee, folks, what described you as a distortion of the politics of the country. it is becoming official in many of the states. change wrong and it will when i am president of the united states. a way.ere is there is a way. there is still a way. still a way that we can restore democracy in this country. it is the new hampshire primary. it is still here. it is still a part of things. you still have the power to change. of the republican
2:08 am
party of new hampshire and people who are respected in your community, and people will follow your leadership on this, you do not have to have your choices limited i the mass media and the national party. you can choose. picktill have the right to your candidate. i am asking you to support me. that is why i'm here. i am asking for your support. i want you to tell your friends. i wait you to join me jim gilmore committee headed up by sam cataldo. it can make a big difference. field, a scattered large number of votes can send a message and that is what i intend to do. but i am not in a to send a message, i've minute to win. always have been, always will be. support me, join my committee, speak to your friends, and i tell you now, on the basis of what i have specifically told
2:09 am
you today, we will rebuild this country. will be abuild it, it more free country and it will be a safer country. inc. you so much for the chance to be here with you today. you.ank now, i still have a little time i hope. there is still a green light. yes, sir? >> as the only candidate running that has served in the military, i would like to thank you for your service. thank you, sir. youuestion is, where do believe the military needs to be to defeat not only isis but to reestablish itself as the most dominant military force in the world?
2:10 am
>> my country called me when i finished uva and i went. i did not expect anyone to pat me on the back and i don't think most veterans appreciate -- expect that either. i talk to a veteran yesterday who had an arm missing. he did not need any thanks, he just served his country. listen, isis is one particular thing but it has to be understood as something much larger. this is global. this is a global problem we are facing of radical islamism. we are going to have to join a lot of people together with us, not just our military. i have told you what i am specifically going to do, i'm going to rebuild the united states military so we can defend ourselves and people around the world will know we defend
2:11 am
ourselves. but at the end of the day, radical islamism has to be defeated by its ideology and we have to recognize we defeated nazi of them, we defeated socialism in its more extreme version in russia, we will win. we have to say what is wrong. we have to say that people who do pot bombs are wrong and evil. people who shoot people in san bernardino are wrong and able. people -- evil. it is wrong, it is worldwide. we will eliminate these people and their sources of strength. we will deal with the russian situation. it is much more complicated and i assure you based on my experience, this is no place to play games. isis,l squeeze back the but the bigger issue is, we have to defeat radical islamism worldwide. i have spoken to some of the
2:12 am
muslims in the united states of america and they have told me they are very afraid of the republican party, which i think is a dam shame, frankly. with that being said, they do not believe in radical islamism and they are prepared to join forces with their fellow americans to fight this. that is what i intend to lead with as president of the united states. [applause] james gilmore: go ahead. >> my name is wendy. i am a nurse. will you talk a little bit about how you will support nurses within the medical system? i work at a community health center and i'm greatly concerned that nurses nationally are not able to work in the full scope of our licenses. jim gilmore: that is part of parcel of the health care
2:13 am
revolution we're in right now. there are a couple good things, and pre-existing conditions so on with obamacare that are appropriate. but we have nationalized the care now and it is more likely that nurses and doctors will be clamped down on by more regulations. we need to reduce these regulations and give doctors and nurses the ability to provide real care within the construct of medicaid and medicare and veterans services. we need to enable nurses to be able to do their jobs and that means a general reduction and regulations which is what i was talking about a few minutes ago. >> i want the people of new hampshire to know that our prayers are with you and you have been given wisdom to make the decisions are making. hisgood lord has not turned back on us with 54 million
2:14 am
abortions. set that aside. governor, what do you think is destructivers, most force challenging this country right now? and then i have a quick follow-up? jim gilmore: the most destructive force facing our country right now is the fact that we have a dual military talents facing this country. nationstates that are beginning to impinge upon the national interest of the united states and create a dangerous situation. north koreans just captured a young virginian student today. the iranians, with a nuclear weapon, could set off a nuclear arms race. the russians have conquered are going into ukraine, syria. danger is rising. someoneoing to offer
2:15 am
who does not know anything about foreign policy? this is no time to put an amateur in the white house. sir, is wething, really do not understand where we are in terms of this regulated society. that has to change and under a gilmore presidency it will change. >> i would like to indicate i believe the most distractive force in this country today is the mainstream media and press. they created obama. obama created isis. people are dying because of that error and judgment. made ite they have almost impossible to govern this country because they put all of the blame on the republicans and legislature. jim gilmore: i think i have been as eloquent as i could be about that. ladies and gentlemen, thank you for welcoming me to this wonderful session. thank you.
2:16 am
[applause] [indiscernible] jim gilmore: thank you. announcer: new hampshire jim shaheen has endorsed military clinton. she talks about the role new hampshire voters have in the early primary process. sen. shaheen: recently
2:17 am
when i was home i talked to a woman and her daughter who were getting selfies with every single candidate. there have been some stories about them. people really go and listen to everybody. people who are independents can vote in the democrat or republican primary. i think it is important to still peopleat opportunity for in the country for the candidates to be able to go someplace where voters can actually assess what they have to say. as the wholed campaign process has changed. money has changed politics dramatically. social media has been a huge change. there is, you know, even as recently as my election in 2014, we did a lot of work on social media that we did not do when i first ran in 2008.
2:18 am
that is age or manic difference. but one has not changed is the candidates engaged with voters. that is the ultimate job interview. new hampshire voters take that very seriously. announcer: you can see that entire interview tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and six clock p.m. eastern. is the iowa caucuses. c-span will follow the candidates in iowa all this week leading up to that event on february first. the live event will include your calls, tweets, and tex. we will take you to a republic -- republican caucus on c-span and a democratic caucus on c-span2. thecruz received endorsement of television and radio host glenn beck. the two appeared together with
2:19 am
congressman steve king. >> thank you. thank you. thank you very much. what a great welcome and for such a great cause. wow. 320 million americans or something like that, 3 million iowans, and about 135,000 came out to a caucus of week from monday night. morevoices will be heard loudly and clearly then anybody else's. the united states of america that night. first and ike the think a powerful recommendation to the rest of the country because we will have seen more of these candidates and evaluated them more, and got to know who they are in front of
2:20 am
and behind the curtain. i have had the privilege coming into this campaign, i knew all 17 candidate that joined this race and i can tell you that no party in the history of our so many has fielded high quality for the presidency of the united dates and we did this year as republicans. [applause] i honor them all and i respect them all and we should end all for presenting themselves. have a binary decision coming to us. it comes down to this, and either or. two people sitting at the top of the polls and any vote that does not go to one of those folks will not score well across the rest of the country. i would ask you to think about that. i would remind you that there were statements made last tuesday that were sharply critical that some -- that were sharply critical of ted cruz.
2:21 am
it is important that we support him on caucus night. every reason i can come up with is a good reason to support ted cruz. if you care about iowa being the first in the nation caucus years from now, if ted cruz goes out of iowa on the springboard of a resounding victory, that will put the rest of the criticism that will come if it doesn't. [applause] i first got to know who ted cruz was when i went to hear the argument on the 10 commandments before the united dates supreme court. it was he that put that argument together. i began to pay attention to who he was. then, he was elected to the united states senate and early on in his senate time, i was of eight mstgang
2:22 am
bill. if you remember, there was a entered her from lord of who was the lead voice in faith on this bill. there was a senator from texas who was doing battle with him, face to face on the judiciary committee, and then met after afterent -- amendment amendment. that was ted cruz putting up those amendments. [applause] grassley voted with him every time. and, jeff sessions voted with him every time and steve king stands with them on every component of the immigration issue every time. and about that time, about that time, they passed the gang of eight ill and they were pushing it over to the house. john boehner wanted to put that in fast-track and bring it down to the floor where every democrat would vote or it and
2:23 am
the president would have signed it and we would have had an amnesty act for anyone that could jump across the american order in -- order in perpetuity kurt i did the one thing i could do. i rented a stage and a microphone outside of the capital and we had the longest press conference in the history of the united states, eight hours where we debated immigration on the stage. who came? many house members. we invited senators. but one king. who was that? ted cruz. that is right. who had thetor forethought and instinct to come out there and jump on the stage and take the microphone and he spent 45 minutes delivering chapter and verse of what we borders, andre our give america -- and get america
2:24 am
back on trade. that was june 19, 2013. go to his website, ted very there is an 11 page document. it is the same position he is taking now. he will tell you that jeff sessions and steve king contributed to that. it is his position. you can count on where he stands, in opposition to amnesty. withannot count on that the rest of the people at or near the top of the polls today. that was important to me to see that he was a man of his word and true to his convictions. next, repealing obamacare. it has got to go. [applause] i do not hear another candidate out there making sure that you know that at every. everyepeal -- repeal word. i say that it is a malignant
2:25 am
tumor that has been metastasizing. it has got to be ripped out by the roots. ted cruz will do that. [applause] come the supreme court which i have mentioned, how important is this? that we get this right? if we have a choice between donald trump who wants to appoint his pro-choice, partial-birth abortion sister to or handede court -- over to ted cruz who has argued successfully for the supreme court and was raised with the bible and the cost of tuition at the kitchen table. spoon fed our constitution. i wanted to be ted cruz. [applause] president will make,
2:26 am
most likely three or four appointments to the supreme court and ted will tell you we are only one justice away from losing the constitution to the activists appointed so far i barack obama. is at stake.merica the constitution is at stake. we need a tax policy that abolishes the irs. [applause] and releases americans to do what we do, compete. give us a chance to compete and go to work. jimmy carter said those who work should live better than those who do not. what we have now is the president who is worse than jimmy carter. nostalgia -- it hit me. i am lonely for george w. bush. i want him back.
2:27 am
after i got back through george w. bush, i thought compared to barack obama, i am even lonely for clinton. that withg over hillary clinton out there all of the time. and then that makes me lonely for number 41. if you know that, you know i am desperate for ronald reagan. america sor prepared that we were ready to embrace a full spectrum christian conservative like ronald reagan. he prepared us with the malaise that he showed on us. we know barack obama has prepared america or our next resident. and if barack obama is so much worse than jimmy carter and we got ronald reagan after jimmy carter, think how great a president ted cruz will be.
2:28 am
so, i will say this. i will ask you to do what i have been doing for a year. and that is this. i consistent prayer, especially when i start my day is that god will raise up a leader whom he will use to restore the soul of america. cruz.eve that man is ted i am going to ask you each day to offer that prayer, that god leads -- raises up a leader to restore america. and that he will energize you and us that we follow his guidance and go to caucus a week from monday and bring our friends and neighbors and let them know that the man you will see at this podium in a little while is that man. please do as i ask and as i will do. let us consistently stay on this every day, all the way through so that iowa can have allowed
2:29 am
that we can send ted cruz to new hampshire and beyond. the springboard that i would can will send iowa can be off the man that can be the one that restores the soul of america. god bless you all. [applause] >> thank you guys for giving us congressman king. let me introduce our next speaker. there are several words and phrases that come to mind. leader.hem is a he is a leader but not because he tries to be. like any good leader, it is because people want to follow him. leader in the old-fashioned sense of the word that he
2:30 am
actually leads because people want to follow him. he is also a visionary. he can look in the future and tell us what is coming but he also gives us solutions. a lot of that comes from studying history. patrick henry said -- i have no way of j this is a man who studies the past and because he does, he sees clearly where we are headed and what the solutions can be. he is also a lover of truth. he does not put up with lies or politicians who lie to him or staff that lie to him. because he loves the truth, he speaks the truth. sometimes it is not easy. he loves the truth enough to tell the truth. he is also a friend. proverbs 18:24, if you are going to be a friend, you have to show yourself as friendly. he is very genuine. he's a friend in a lot of
2:31 am
ways. he is a friend of god. he is a friend to people of faith. he is a friend to those who love the constitution. he is a friend to those who have a set core of fixed principles. he is a friend of america. he is glenn beck. please welcome, glenn beck. [applause] mr. beck: hello, iowa. [applause] i am so happy to be here. so happy to be here. my grandmother and my mother were born in attlington. just down the street. if it was not 400 degrees below zero, i would have stopped by and looked for the house. no thanks. i am glad you guys are here. thank you for coming.
2:32 am
this is a historic time in our country. this is going to be read about in history books. you are going to be read about in history books. what you do nine days from today could mean the difference between our republic being saved and being lost. i'm going to explain that. let me ask you, why are you here tonight? why are you here? ted cruz. i have had enough. save the country. save the country. we are here because we all have a simple belief that things can actually be better than they are. they do not have to be this complex. we have all watched television -- it is really not this hard, guys. we are here because many of us have lost hope, hope that our
2:33 am
children's lives will be better than all of our yesterdays combined. hope for a brighter tomorrow. america has lost belief in herself in many ways. there are people around the country and world wondering if we are done and many are praying that we are done. many of us in our worst times, say -- maybe this is as good as it will get. maybe, this is it. i will take you to the bible scripture. where there is no vision, the people perish. and that is what has happened to us. anyone articulating a vision anymore or anything that anyone recognizes. the people are perishing. we are losing hope. we are losing the understanding of who we are. where we have been.
2:34 am
and what our future is. and this has happened over and over again. it has happened time and time again. the first time i can find that it happened was before the country was founded. we signed the declaration of independence, july 2, 1776, and by christmas eve, we were done. we had 20,000 troops when we signed the declaration and we were down to under 2000. george washington has lost every single battle. his men were ready to desert. people said george washington was not the leader we thought he was. we are losing and they are going to come and kill us. meanwhile, george washington was sitting on the banks of the delaware thinking, we have got to go in the other direction. we have not yet begun. we have to go in the other direction and no one believed in that. it happened again in the civil war.
2:35 am
we lost every single battle for half of the war. the north lost time and time again. we had brother fighting against brother. and lincoln wept. in world war ii, we were outgunned, we were outmaneuvered, we were shocked and surprised. we did not have the planes or the boats and the japanese sunk what we did have. we were already tired and worn out from 12 years of the depression. and evil was beginning to crawl over the globe and cover it with darkness. i have thought of this after listening to my grandparents who lived through the depression here in iowa talk about the great depression and what that was like and talk about what they saw happening overseas in germany and with mussolini in
2:36 am
italy. i cannot imagine how they did not feel that this was it, this is the end of the world, this is the time that jesus has to return because look at the profound evil and how will we ever win. how will we ever defeat it. after that, we were beaten down by the violence in the craziness of the 1960's. and then the corruption of the 1970's with the burning helicopters on the sands of iran and the gas lines that were around the block and the interest rates that were 19%. time and time again, americans have thought we were done. we are not going to make it. there is no way out. but let me give you the good news. this is when america is at its best. when everyone else has given up, and we are down on the mat, and the rest of the world is saying
2:37 am
7, 8, 9 -- that is when we get off the mat and we find ourselves again and we change the world. that is what we do best. [applause] we are the nation, we are the nation that gave the world the lightbulb, the radio, the automobile, the telephone, we landed on the moon before anyone else. we are still the only nation that went to the moon and to mars. we gave earth to the dreamers -- we're the nation that gave birth to the dreamers that gave us apple, ibm, google, and microsoft and a million other things that just 15 years ago we would have said were miraculous. it came from here. across the nation and in this building, there are children,
2:38 am
children who are having new ideas and saying -- i can find a better way. i can change the world. and because they were born here in america, they will do exactly that. [applause] where does that come from? where does that come from? that is unique. that is what makes us who we are. let me tell you, no president can give that to you. no president can give that to any country, otherwise, people would have been reprinting this in country after country. it does not come from a president. on the flipside, no president, no matter how hard that last one tribe, can take this away from people. -- last one tried, can take that
2:39 am
away from people. [applause] it is bred into us. it is the fire in our bones. we have to remember that. it is what people yearn for across the shores, on the other side of the ocean. they dream of coming here because they feel it, they want it. it is what people who might be in a jail in iran or in a slave shop in china or are currently on the auction block with isis to be sold as a sex slave. these are things they can only dream of. this is a magical place. and we have been told that it is -- told, it's over. i testify to you today, it is not over. in nine days, you choose a new beginning for america.
2:40 am
[applause] right now, people in america feel hopeless. they feel lost. they're confused. many of them are angry. many of us are angry. you never make a good decision when you are angry. never. it will not end well. if we play into the anger -- we do stand at a crossroads in our country, the crossroads of fundamental transformation. that is what barack obama said he was going to do. fundamentally transform the united states of america and he has done it, but it is not too late. i am telling you right now, i am here because i may not have the chance to vote.
2:41 am
my vote may not matter. because of the way you vote. if you make a choice and it allows, quite honestly, donald trump to steamroll through, it will be over by the time it gets to texas and i believe my children's future will be lost. we have to understand the time that we live in. and then ask ourselves, how do we get ourselves back? how do we get on the right track and reconnect with those things that actually made us special? that made us a unique and special country? i have never given my to anybody in 40 years. mainly because, for most of my career, it didn't matter and no one was asking -- [laughter]
2:42 am
the other part of my career, when i sobered up, i did not give it because i did not trust any of them. i know several of them. i have zero friends in washington, d.c., and i wear that as a badge of honor. [applause] those men who have asked me for my endorsement quite frankly, i have not trusted even though i think they are good men. sometimes, i look at them and go, you talk a good game but i do not want to be responsible for what you do when you get there and start to lose your soul. my credibility is on the line with those guys.
2:43 am
as a guy who lost his credibility through alcoholism, i do not lend my credibility out lightly. i want to talk about american principles. how do we get back to where we belong? all of the principles, all of the values that got us to be an exceptional nation boiled down to three. faith, hope, and charity. those are the three. faith, hope, and charity. let us go over these quickly. as you begin to examine who you might vote for. first, faith. faith is what brought us here. faith is what has made us into the country that we are. everyone else is losing their faith around the world and look,
2:44 am
they spiral into despotism. faith is essential. faith in god. but not a showman spake. -- showman's faith. not the kind of faith you might get from just reading second corinthians. [laughter] [applause] but actually letting those words change your heart, letting those scriptures permeate you. ruminating on them. arguing with the lord. trying to figure out what that is. living your faith and then letting that faith shape every step you take every day. if someone wants to understand why i make the decisions i do, all you need to know is my safe. -- faith. i do things because i believe in the god of abraham, isaac, and jacob, and jesus christ is the savior of the world.
2:45 am
[applause] and our god has power. there is power in our god. and our scriptures tell us, by their fruits, ye shall know them. let us ask what the fruits are. as you are looking at a candidate, does your candidate have a record of standing up for your right to worship god? does your candidate have the record of standing up in front of the supreme court and saying -- the 10 commandments belong in the public square?
2:46 am
and winning -- does your candidate have the record of going before the supreme court in the heller case and saying the american people have the second amendment, they have the right that shall not be infringed. they have a right to protect themselves in any way they deem. does your candidate, does your candidate go against his own party, go against his own president in george w. bush, to make sure that a horrific illegal alien that brutally gang raped and murdered women in houston was not shipped off to the international court but was left in texas to stand trial and receive the death penalty which he got and deserved. [applause]
2:47 am
that is a record of service and standing up for what we believe in. that is deeds, not words. has your candidate served his entire life to make sure that people understand and hold on to the god endowed rights that our framers enshrined? the george washington that we have all been praying for is not going to be found in the garrish light of gold. the george washington we had been looking for will be found in the quiet yet bold service from a man who stands tirelessly for what he deeply believes. the constitution of the united states of america. [applause]
2:48 am
there is one candidate that finds his treasure there and in his god and in the service of them both. where does your candidate find his treasure? faith also has another aspect we should look at. i want to be very careful -- mr. trump, i was told when i got on stage that he has been saying how worthless and washed up i am all day today but i was glad to hear, this makes me happy, i was told before i went on date that -- on stage that he has taken out with his own money, facebook ads to smear me today. he is spending money on me and
2:49 am
that makes me very happy. [applause] anyway -- i want to be sure that we are very clear, that i am exact in my language. quite honestly, i thought i heard him say this -- and i went and i looked it up and i watched the video. i rolled it back. i want to make sure i heard it right. mr. trump says -- i will make america great again. it is not "we", it is "i." no man can make that true. no one person makes america great. it is each of us as individuals living our own lives, worshiping our own god, that makes america great. [applause] the president's job is to make sure it that the government gets
2:50 am
out of the way of the people that make the country great. that is ego on display of biblical proportions. that is faith in yourself. that is faith in the human ego. that is faith in arrogance. we already have that. we got that in spades. we have had that for the last eight years. we have had a president saying almost exactly the same thing. let me translate i will make america great again. let me translate that -- you did not build that.
2:51 am
it is the same thing. you did not build that. it is the tell of a progressive politician. they always have a tell. most people did not know what a progressive was eight years ago. we have learned together every single day, if you watch me or listen, we learned what progressives are and they were started by a republican. that is why i have never been invited back to cpac. the first time i spoke there was the last time. i brought my chalkboard and said the disease started in this house. [applause] the president does not create jobs, he helps create the conditions. we create the jobs that change people's lives and the next president cannot be a repeat of barack obama who thought he could make the seas recede by a
2:52 am
wave of his pen or that he was worthy of the nobel peace prize because he showed up. we had that. this president must be a servant. he must have less faith in himself, his pen, his phone, and more faith in our god, our principles, and our people. [applause] that is the first principle. the first principle is faith. please, do not ever say -- my guy cannot win. have more faith in the god of abraham, isaac, and jacob. he will move mountains for a righteous cause. [applause] the next principle is hope. where does hope come from?
2:53 am
hope comes from the truth. it is the gospel. the good news. it is the truth. if you do not have the truth, there cannot be hope. it's why every cancer patient will say the same thing. they will talk to their doctor and ask him to tell them the truth. if you tell me i have a cancer, -- tell me i have a cold and i have cancer, i cannot fight that. i will lose. i can handle it. tell me the truth. truth. it will create hope. let me take you there in a circuitous route. let me tell you the truth. our country has a deep and metastasized cancer. it is called -- political correctness. hopelessness. despair. anger. racism. cronyism. lawlessness at the highest level
2:54 am
and progressivism. that is our cancer. it is stage four. it may be our last chance of a cure. this republic is on its last legs. what you do in nine days makes all the difference in the world. we are lying to ourselves. our politicians are lying to us and we accept them. let me give you an easy one. an easy, an easy truth that should be spoken and everyone should go -- yes, i understand that is truth. hillary clinton should be in prison. [applause]
2:55 am
for the simple reason, for the simple reason that truth, if you or i did what she has admitted to, we would be in prison. we are a nation of laws. we have become a nation of men. prison happens for everyone, no matter your title or your last name or position. for the rest of us, oops, my mistake does not excuse felonies. more truths. -- truths need to be spoken. our monetary system is a house of cards and it is a rigged game. corporate boardrooms across the country care more about wall street than your street. capitalism, the greatest thing to humankind has changed and
2:56 am
saved lives. it has become a cruel joke for anyone without connections or high-priced attorneys or those unwilling to pay to play. our politicians are now accepting legal bribes in the form of campaign donations or exorbitant speaking fees with special favors and protections that they get in exchange and our so-called conservative candidates brag about writing those checks to the politicians. they say it is the way business is done. not in the america that we are supposed to be. [applause] we must not accept things the way they are. we must not continue to lower the bar. we must not continue to accept lies because they are convenient or easy.
2:57 am
we always must do the right thing. the hard thing. the truthful thing. even when it is at our own expense. because that is how we put ourselves back on the right track. we have to tell each other the truth about situation with jobs, with the game of cronyism, race, islam, terror on the streets of chicago, our failing families and the truth about ourselves. the hard truth. i am in a unique position. most of you know my history. my name is glenn. i am an alcoholic. "i'm not an alcoholic. i don't know what you're talking about." the reason why you know my story is that i lost my family, i lost
2:58 am
everything. no one wanted to work with me. i was a miserable human being. the reason you know that story is not because someone exposed me, it is because i told you that. i thought it was important for you to know who i am and how i came to the decisions and the place that i am in my life. so you can understand how i make decisions. it is important for us to tell each other the truth and it really only counts when it is tough. when you think to yourself -- they are going to hate me for this. that is when it matters to tell the truth. the reason why i tell you this is because, i want you to know that i understand pivot points, i understand changing your mind. even changing positions. i believe in redemption. it is my life story. however, the hope of the world
2:59 am
comes not from our mistakes but the ability to admit them, to correct them, and to ask forgiveness. there are really a lot of great candidates in this race that you might be considering. there are a lot of good men. there are a couple i could never -- there is one i could never consider. but there are a lot of really good people. but if you want to be truthful about it, why am i here, because it is a two-person race. right now, it is a two-person race. if you have someone else down a few tiers, they will not have a chance if iowa goes to donald trump. that is the truth. the press and the establishment are ready to make that happen. they will steamroll him into the general and then they will pick his bones apart and destroy him.
3:00 am
i know. i've worked in the newsrooms. that's what's going to happen. if you want your other candidate to have a chance, you have got to seriously consider who you vote for in nine days from now. the other guy has said, as we talk about truth, that he says he has never felt he has done anything in his life that warranted him asking for god's forgiveness. the hubris in that is the hubris and that is astonishing, as with the non-mrs. we have -- the narcissist we have lived through in the last eight years meant nothing. i got this from cnn and and fox.
3:01 am
is that right? mr. trump said today i could go and shootth avenue people and i would not lose a single vote. the air against is beyond imagination. i can't judge his soul. i don't want to judge his soul. but i will tell you this. citizens, required to judge his record and his record is very clear. at -- alive long lifelong progressive. turning points are real. pivot points are real. people can change. i changed fundamentally. but what happened in your life?
3:02 am
i can tell you what happened my life. my life fell apart. you can ask any missionary. convertout and try to people. but what happened in your life? rich people are missionaries. they convert people. they are like not looking for any other answers. "this is sweet, dude." [laughter] glenn beck: when you have real pain in your life, that is when you change, to the court. what was from hospital point -- what was donald trump's pivot point? these are things like, "i am a steadfast supporter of abortion," to "i am pro-life." how should we believe that without a pivot point story? where did that come from? o expect him to have changed as much as he has in the last 18 months.
3:03 am
i'm not suggesting that he has to confess or ask forgiveness of god. i am saying, that man come for what he has done, should ask america's for supporting trillions of dollars in bailouts , for calling for the nationalization of the bank. he should ask for forgiveness, giving money to pop up anthony weiner, nancy pelosi, rahm emanuel. while many of us were 2010,ng in d.c. in looking at the country being ripped apart, we looked at each other and said, "mother, my life, misfortune, my sacred withr, i will go down you. i am going down to the end, swinging." when all of that does happen, he owes us an apology for writing a
3:04 am
check to mitch mcconnell and systemeid, propping the up. that is just the truth. [applause] i want to know who i have a candidate -- that i have a candidate who i may not agree what het who means says. on the other side, that is why i have respect for bernie sanders. at least he comes out and says, "i am the lsd flashback 60 socialist god." "i am the old hippie, still kicking." i have respect, because at least "isays oh, "-- he says, believe in socialism."
3:05 am
at least i can sit down with that man and have a conversation. you put bernie sanders, a socialist, and a constitutionalist like ted cruz on the stage and let america decide. [applause] glenn beck: finally, charity. charity is a fundamental principle, the bedrock of america. where the most charitable nation humankind.istory of too many people have forgotten that. people will tell conservatives that they do not have charity in their hearts. "we are mean." that is not true. we need a safety net for those who mean it. we need to keep the promises
3:06 am
that we have made people, like, for instance, the veterans. they did their job. it is time to do our job for them. we have tied their hands behind their backs while they fought. there should not be any foolish rules of engagement at the hospital. [applause] glenn beck: how do we do that? it is easy. elected president protects the government obstacles out of the way. allow the medical professionals and the private institutions to do what they are supposed to do, and they are begging to do.
3:07 am
but, we also have to do more ourselves. more ourselves. times are coming. -- tough times are coming. ae time for us to walk by homeless person, or alcoholic, or somebody who is out of work, or an orphan, or some mother who is struggling and out of work, orking by those who mourn are afraid without actually seeing them has to stop in our own lives. /12is why i started the 9 project. we would never pass who cries in the streets. now, we look the other way. this, you already know. this is an iowa principle, heartland principle. [applause] glenn beck: we have to remind the coastline of the american principle.
3:08 am
we must talk less about rights and more about personal responsibilities. samaritan doesn't say, "let me look up the blue pages and see what government agency acting call." -- i can call." he picks them up himself, takes him in, cares for him, helps them back on his feet. that is what we are supposed to do. the government is not the solution. the government is the problem. we the people are the solution. [applause] glenn beck: but, that means each and everyone of us, each and every one of us, charity must not be used as a tool to take mouthfrom another man's
3:09 am
because you do not want to work. we need to end the misguided compassion. away thewhen you take man's ability to work, you take away self-worth. benjamin franklin, the guy who was one of the most chairwoman of all time, started the first volunteer firehouse-- most charitable men of all time, started the first volunteer firehouse. said,an of charity "sometimes, the best way to help people is to compassionately make them uncomfortable in their own poverty." annot afford itc anymore. principles, by
3:10 am
strengthening people -- [applause] glenn beck: by strengthening people and encouraging them to do what they can and must do for themselves, we build a strong, engaged citizenry that believes in faith and hope for a brighter tomorrow. we have to realize the compassion, that it comes in different packages than what it s being sold. on ouron't get a hold borders, we are the lifeblood of the world. poor, wethe tired, the are the lifeboat of the world. unless we get control of the border, the boat will sink. we will not be a will to help anyone.
3:11 am
we must know who is here. there are people that wish to do us harm. [applause] glenn beck: there are people that wish to bleed us dry. be sent home.ust [applause] glenn beck: at the same time, at the same time, i was with an irishman this week. .e lives in dublin he loves this country so much, he wants to live here so badly, and he is not popular in ireland. [laughter] glenn beck: he knows our values, he knows the constitution. 28 dissertations in the declaration of independence.", yeah, of course, [laughter] tonn beck: i hired him
3:12 am
remind people what others think about us outside this country. when you look at immigration, remember him a people, if they want to come here, if they want to be americans, they renew us. marxists a marxist, a who did not realize how marxist he was, that moved into the united states, a guy who fought in the revolution for marxist principles. he was not, crazy, almost less his life -- lost his life. he was an atheist, he did not believe in god. who wants that guy here? except, he happens to be rap hael cruz, who found god, found our principles. he raised the man who could be the next president of the united states. let's not forget the new immigrants. [applause]
3:13 am
glenn beck: most of all, and this is hard for me, i am speaking this one more to me then perhaps to you, we need to be more charitable toward one another. we are at each other's throat right now.-- throats right now. because we disagree, we call each other enemies. ellouts." "traitors." some but he came out on a website and called mark litton, just for standing up for ted cruz, "a filthy jew."
3:14 am
that is not who we are. hatred is growing. find charity toward one another. left, right, black, white, brown. we are all americans. if we are all fighting, for something that is rooted in deep, deeply embedded american principles, we just disagree on how to get there. constitutionalism, progressivism, liberty, tyranny. that doesn't make us enemies. i think we need to start remembering this. it is what made us great, in the first place. we were all americans, united. we have lost that. but, we also used to be a nation
3:15 am
of laws, not men. back tooing to lead us the place that we need? who is going to take us? whetheres mean nothing they are on the side of a big plane, because you are a kennedy, a clinton, bush. last names mean nothing. laws, principles, values do. that is what america is. it is not banks, high-tech, casinos. the economy that is broken, but our faith, in ourselves, god, principles. what you do in nine days will affect my children, my children's children. make no mistake. it is that important. we are in this together.
3:16 am
blind in thise nation. it is not, right now. affecteden will be in nine days. -- by what you do in nine days. the next president could choose up to four supreme court justices. right now, what is decided in , if the wrong president gets in, it could be a loss of 8-1. you will never turn that around. that is how serious this is. time for reality show tactics and silliness and ridiculous debate is over. the time is now to be serious. history is going to write about you.
3:17 am
history may honestly come down to iowa. americans,e that the "had a chance." "they had prayed for god to man that had the principles and the fire in his bones, that knew what justice was, that would fight for freedom and principles and the , anditution and restore it i went had an opportunity-- and iowans had an opportunity and they did not take it seriously." as iowa goes a week from monday, so does the freedom of the nation and mankind. i am convinced of it. i told ted, before he was senator, he was on the air a
3:18 am
couple of times, i talked to the guys on the radio show and asked, "what do you think of that guy?" they said, "i don't know?" a politician." i said this to him on the air. i called him into the office on the air and said, "you talk a good game. , but let me tell you something, if you don't do everything you said in washington, i will be your worst freaking nightmare." [laughter] glenn beck: i don't have friends in washington for a reason. [applause] glenn beck: we watched him do exactly what he said he would do. we watched him stand alone. we watched him as the democrats
3:19 am
turned on him, as his own party turned on him, as the media turned on him. as many republicans and americans turned on him. he stood there against all odds, stood against the storm and said, "i will not move." "this is where i would stand, and i will not move." [applause] glenn beck: there are a lot of good people running. i don't know who you are really considering, i hope there are people that are not just our hard ted cruz-- diehard ted cruz fans. but i marco rubio, strongly disagree with him on his stances on the nsa and spying on people. i like him as a person. i like rand paul and his principles.
3:20 am
he is a constitutionalist. he's got it. i don't think you can win -- he can win. i like ben carson, a great man of a great and profound faith and honor. [applause] glenn beck: but as we search ourselves and debate internally, i have been praying on this, i just don't believe he is ready to be the president of the , because a storm of biblical proportions is coming. we need somebody who understands understandsut and what the framework of the constitution means. is theesident, if it next president who comes in, the fundamental transformation will be set in stone, or we will repoint the cornerstone. who do we go with? who do we stand with?
3:21 am
do we stand with the bullies, who buy and sell favors, who still destroy, use every tactic and lie they can because the ends justify the means? or do we stand with the little guy, who still believes in what we all want to believe. if you just do the right thing, if you just have faith in god, played by the rules, put your nose down, keep out of trouble, work hard, but you can -- that you can actually change the world? [applause] glenn beck: it is david and goliath. it is the david and goliath story. it is the american story. the little guy that believes he can still make it, even though all of the odds are against him. understands guy who
3:22 am
that it is not all about winning. it is about how you play the game. if you elect ted cruz, you are going to get sick of playing the game exactly right every time. [laughter] [applause] glenn beck: a country that deals with truth and compassion and faith and justice and honor and integrity and decency is a great nation. america will not last another four years with division, hatred, and backroom dealmaking. it will not last, mark my words. i saidmocked me when the caliphate was coming. we will not laugh if we do not elect the right person. we are better than this.
3:23 am
[applause] glenn beck: we are better than come from isaac who we are. the next president of the united states, and i have said, everything a person who has come at my office, i have looked him in the eye. i have said to each of them, "do you realize that you may be the next lincoln, with all that entails?" way:of them respond this do." i they know. they know what we are headed for. it is a storm. more than that, we are headed for a reset. goinge reset, what are we to reset as? a country with a king?
3:24 am
if you read the scriptures, the "don'tat to his people, go that way." but they continued to cry out for a king, and they get one. this is the election, and you are the people that will make the choice for my children. king. i beg you. no king. [applause] glenn beck: the next presidents cannot be a man filled with vengeance and rage and enemies lists. and must be a man who understands what lincoln said -- he must be a man who understands what lincoln said, "with ch malice toward non-and charity to all-- toward none and
3:25 am
charity toward all." he knows his job is to defend the united states of america. is not just to make sure there is a chicken in every pot. to make sure that we don't have anymore warm weather. make share the rich pay their fair share. to protect and defend the constitution of the united states of america against all enemies, foreign and domestic. [applause]
3:26 am
glenn beck: it is truly up to you. i want you to know, this is an honor to be here with you tonight. i did not just come here, just to endorse these principles. for the first time, in 40 years haveroadcasting, i found a man where i look into his eyes and his word is his bond. today, i officially endorsed ted cruz. [applause] officially endorse ted cruz to be the first hispanic american president. first-generation american president. the first true conservative president since ronald reagan.
3:27 am
ladies and gentlemen, the next united t of the states, ted cruz. [applause] ♪ [applause] ♪ of fame and fortune
3:28 am
[laughter] sen. cruz: wow. mojo.t mean to wreck his a few events ago, i gave him the actual compass of george washington. tell me you still have it in your pocket. [laughter] [applause]
3:29 am
sen. cruz: wow. god bless the great state of iowa. [applause] david barton, bob vander plaats, glenn beck, what an array of patriots. [applause] sen. cruz: men who love this country, love the constitution, who love god. men who are willing to stand up and speak the truth, whatever the cost. [applause] i have got to say, every time i listen to glenn beck speak, i learned something.-- learn something.
3:30 am
it is like going to school all over again, such a firm founding nation,rinciples of our and understanding of the dangers of progressivism, the dangers and the threats assaulting this country. such faith and believe in the people of the united states of america. i am so proud of the standing with glenn, standing with each of these champions, standing with each and every one of you. [applause] i have to say, cruz: it is cold outside. [laughter] is even colder and washington, d.c. they have got a blizzard. the government is shut down. [applause]
3:31 am
sen. cruz: the mainstream media immediately blamed it on me. i was confused. i was told this wasn't going to happen. it was cold in washington. it was really cold. i saw a democrat with his hands in his own pocket. [applause] sen. cruz: actually it was hillary. she was holding an e-mail flash drive. more than a few commentators have suggested that on both the
3:32 am
democratic and republican side on the presidential election, there may be candidates with napoleonic tenancies. [applause] sen. cruz: we are here tonight because our country is in crisis. bankrupting our kids and grandkids. because our constitutional rights are under assault. it is made the world a much more dangerous place. everyone andre hope.agement of there is a spirit of revival
3:33 am
that is sweeping this country. [applause] as glenn observed, the stakes have never been .igher than they are right now we are nine days away from the iowa caucus. times of the advertisements has passed. it is time for the men and women of iowa to make a choice. to make a choice. i will tell you that millions of americans are counting on you. -- to bet -- vet the candidates.
3:34 am
you have the ability to change of this country. has anyone else here been burned i politician? have you noticed there are some politicians that sound great on the campaign trail. things that sound great, but then go to washington that don't do what they said. we were told in 2010 if we had a republican house rings work -- would be different. how did that work out? again we see -- ticians that
3:35 am
the stakes are too high. to establish away for each of you to assess all of the candidates. anythingon't listen to we say. don't listen to what i say. don't listen to what any other candidates say. ignore our campaign speeches. us a different measure, which is you shall know them like their fruit. candidate to show me where you stood and watched. show me where you fought for our principles. i'm going to suggest to you seven major battles that we have
3:36 am
seen play out in several recent years. reagan would put, a time for choosing. to those seven core principles is how the men and women of iowa should make. let's start with life. without foundation. -- [applause] sen. cruz: every candidate in the republican primary will say they are pro-life.
3:37 am
have you noticed that, by the way, it is one of the great victories. having -- have you noticed how many millions of dollars that established candidates have spent trying to show they are one of us? any saying they -- a squishy established when have you stood and fought? [applause] sen. cruz: before i was in the u.s. senate, i was the solicitor in texas for the u.s. supreme court. in that role, we led a coalition of eight before the supreme court defending the federal and
3:38 am
and we won 5-4. [applause] sen. cruz: we led another and we wonf states unanimously. when the state of texas pass a state funding for planned parenthood, i appealed, -- thewon, the funding ing planneddefund parenthood. men of us member the second republican debate at the reagan
3:39 am
library. a few weeks later was a battle on capitol hill. millions of americans rose up and said enough is enough. stop this. i was proud to stand with millions of americans, with pastors across the country, saying stop the funding. there were other candidates on the stage. where were they? when the battle is being fought, where were they? a second core principle is marriage and religious liberty. [applause] heartbrokene were last june when five unelected
3:40 am
the supreme court, tore down the laws of 50 states. fundamentallywas illegitimate. it was not the constitution of the united eights. courts do not make law and that was lawless. [applause] sen. cruz: that decision, likewise, is it time for choosing. several of the leading candidates, republican candidates for president, when the supreme courts decision came out seven -- several came and said this is the law of the land and we must move on. , those are word
3:41 am
for word, the talking points of barack obama. candidate says we must surrender, except it, and move on, we know to a certainty that if they became resident they would not defend the institution of marriage. we understand that the best environment for a child to be loving, to parent home with a mother and father caring for that child. the institution of by thee was not created congress of the united states. --proceeds the united states
3:42 am
the united states . [applause] sen. cruz: hand in hand is religious liberty because of this law. it is an assault on religious liberty. for seven years, an assault of -- on religious liberty. defend the 10 commandments monument on the state capitol grounds in texas, go to the u.s. supreme court and when five-or.
3:43 am
-- 5-4. federal court of appeals struck down the pledge of allegiance because it includes one nation under god, i was honored to bring together all 50 and when defend unanimously. unanimously. tou -- a white cross honor veterans 70 years ago. i was incredibly humbled and honored to represent that memorial. we want -- went to the supreme court and one 5-4. [applause]
3:44 am
we are a nation that is founded fleeing oppression. just a few months ago we hosted a rally here in iowa. media suggestse these threats don't exist. what we did is brought together nine heroes. people who can the other and told their stories. , florist, a baker, a fireman whose set up -- who stood up or their fate.
3:45 am
they -- thefaith. religious liberty is under assault right now. -- i havepledged president, on am the first day, i will direct to end thetment persecution against personal religious liberty. also on that first day, i will instruct the u.s. department of justice to open an investigation
3:46 am
into planned parenthood and prosecute any and all criminal violations. if life matters to you, if marriage matters to you, if religious liberty matters to you, then don't listen to the promises of politicians. because ifir records a politician has never stood and fought for the right to life, has never stood for marriage, religious liberty. if a politician has lived 60 years of his life supporting thenal support abortion,
3:47 am
we should not be surprised if as president they would not defend life, religious liberty, or marriage. [applause] as a observed, the next president is going to nominate maybe for justices -- four justices. i ask you a very simple question. courtind of supreme justices do you suppose they will appoint. i give you my solemn word will constitutionalist . [applause]
3:48 am
sen. cruz: a third time for the battle over guns. spring 2013 we were all shooting at the tragic and newtown, connecticut. individual, deranged went into the school and murdered children. anyone who would harm kids is unspeakably evil. theent obama had opportunity to bring us together. he could have brought republicans and democrats together. he could have said let's come down on violent terminals. criminals.violent
3:49 am
instead, he proposed the crimint undermine the right to bear arms. the second amendment, let me tell you, is not about hunting. is notond amendment about skeet shooting for target shooting. those are wonderful and a lot of fun to do, but that is not why the second amendment is in the bill of rights. the second amendment is in the bill of rights because it is a fundamental natural right that if anyone seeks to harm our family, that we can keep and bear arms to defend our families. [applause]
3:50 am
sen. cruz: barack obama in the spring of 2013 did the same thing he did after san bernardino. began an assault on the second amendment. we lit up the phones. attempt was voted down in the senate. in a republican presidential primary, every candidate is going to say i support the
3:51 am
second amendment. assemble question i would suggest each of you ask, when it was under salt by barack obama, when it was at risk of being taken away by the federal government, where were you? did you stand and fight forward you nowhere to be found? [applause] sen. cruz: a fourth time for obamacare. take obamacare. please take obamacare. in the summer and fall of 2013, millions of americans rose up isoss the train wreck that obamacare. millions lit up the phones and said stop us from this disaster
3:52 am
-- driving our premiums through the roof. i was proud to stand alongside each and everyone of you to say enough is enough. in this republican primary, every republican candidate says they oppose obamacare. although, i would know at least one of the candidates. a candidate that glenn had a lot least one of at the candidates support bernie sanders. july's -- full socialized medicine. let me be clear. in the past couple of weeks, mr. trump has decided to release
3:53 am
insults against me. i have no intention of responding in kind. [applause] i think the people of iowa and the people of this consulting each other -- schoolyard taunts insult, iill i not will sing his praises personally. i do think policy is fair game. that is going to advocate the government should pay for the health care of all americans, full socialized health care just like bernie then i'm obliged to
3:54 am
the oppositet i am and if i'm president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. a fifth time for choosing is the rampant cronyism of the washington cartel. last year i wrote a book called the time for truth. politicians career in both parties that get in bed interests.l i have said for a long time the biggest divide in this country is not politically between republicans and democrats, it is
3:55 am
between career politicians in washington and the american people. [applause] sen. cruz: every republican candidate for president stands up and says i will stand up to washington. we'll that's great. the natural follow-up is, when have you ever stood up to washington? who has taken on not just democrats, but leaders in their own party? [applause] i tell you this. any republican candidate who has stood up and supported barack bank that allow of wall street. any republican candidate who has supported barack obama's it needsplan and said to be bigger and bigger, you can
3:56 am
rest for short fable not be willing to stand up against washington and be cronyism that is bankrupting our kids and grandchildren. [applause] one principle that is very clear. no one in history has ever grown intokbone after moving 1600 lorraine avenue. -- pennsylvania avenue. choosing is the battle over amnesty. had an epic battle over and the sea. amnesty.ama -- over a programma pushed
3:57 am
backed by too many republicans in washington. the republican shield almost became lost. it passed the senate of the .nited states then it headed over to the house and the house leadership, john tohner, said he intended take it and pass it with the votes of the democrats heard it would have been republican leadership and all of the democrats teaming up against the houses -- in the house of representatives. there are a lot of candidates in this race who talk about immigration. who say they care deeply about stopping illegal immigration. about stopping amnesty.
3:58 am
as i suggested, don't listen to what any of us say. look to what we do. that was a moment where we were inches away from losing. taken itleadership had up and passed it with the democrats, it would have gone to would obama's desk and he have signed it into law. 12 main people would have been granted amnesty. we were on the verge of losing. that was a time for choosing. some chose to stand with chuck schumer and harry reid and barack obama, i tell you i was proud to stand alongside senator jeff sessions. [applause]
3:59 am
sen. cruz: that was a moment. a time for choosing. let me make clear. jeff sessions did not win that fight. steve king did not win that fight. i did not win that night -- that fight. you won that fight. voice that a provided a catalyst to billions of americans rising up and say no, we want instead, to respect the rule of law. we want to secure our borders. we want to maintain american jobs. we want to keep this country safe. [applause] any candidate today who tells you they care about ,llegal immigration and amnesty
4:00 am
if they did not stand up and lead with the american people stopping rubio schumer in 2013, then their actions have conveyed more than a thousand speeches can ever convey. if i am elected president, we will secure the border and we will and illegal immigration. [applause] sen. cruz: we are going to build a wall and i've got someone in mind to build it. and the seventh and final time battle over, the iran and stopping islamic terrorism.
4:01 am
let me say, any presidential candidate who believes we should maintain the rainy and nuclear deal, leave it in place, see what happens, or maybe go and try to renegotiate it, does not understand the nature of the ayatollah committee. rip'm president, i will apart this deal. the most important determination
4:02 am
everyone has to make in the selection is who is best prepared to be commander in chief. who is best prepared to keep this country safe, who has the judgment, experience, clarity of vision, to hunt down our enemies, m protect -- and protect our country? [applause] sen. cruz: that determination is not based on campaign speeches, -- who iss stopped campaigninghas been best any jihadist that claims were against the united states and
4:03 am
joint isis, we will defeat. [applause] sen. cruz: seven fundamental battles. seven times for choosing. how do we avoid being burned? we demand that the next we wante not say what to hear, it is too easy to say what we want to hear, but we demand that they have walked the walk. i have an old boss that used to say if i'm am ever accuse of being a christian, i'd like for the year -- for there to be enough evidence to convict me.
4:04 am
the same is true if we want the be a principalto constitutionalists. a conservative, someone who defends marriage, life liberty, and the judeo-christian bodies that built this country. we need to demand that that candidate, that he or she have walked the walk and demonstrated they will stand with the people over washington. many of you have gotten to know my father, pastor rafael cruz. teenager, he was imprisoned
4:05 am
and tortured in cuba. he is said to me many times, i have seen my freedom taken away once before and i will die before i let it happen again. [applause] sen. cruz: if you agree with me. barton,gree with david beck, that and glenn the six have -- stakes have never been higher and if we continue going another 4, 8 years in this current direction. we risk losing the greatest country in the history of the world. if you agree with me that i want to ask each and every one of you to do two things.
4:06 am
number one, join us. join us right now. come together right now and commit. nine days from now i will stand and caucus and i will speak out and we will stand united. [applause] sen. cruz: in these days,- these next nine the i will caucus -- the iowa caucus goes. i asked that not a week from monday, that you not to stand out, but reach out.
4:07 am
say to everyone come join us as well. i want to ask everyone here to vote for me nine times. look, we are not democrats. i'm not suggesting voter fraud. you find ayone of -- eight other vote next monday, you'll have voted nine times. [applause] sen. cruz: that's how we win. years the state of set by ahe set -- be pestilence of politicians.
4:08 am
airwaves have one after the other. the miller's pileup. good news on the miller's, they make really good handling in your fireplace. but the time for all of that has passed. one -- won will be friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor, pastor to pastor. each of you has the ability to stand and fight. we have nine days between now and the caucus. person each day, to come to caucus, we will win. [applause] sen. cruz: the second thing i want to ask each of you to do, is to pray. to lift this country up in
4:09 am
prayer and to commit to each and every day between now and election day, to lift this country up. pleasefather god, continued this awakening. continue this spirit of revival. christ -- the body of to waken the body of christ to pull us out of this of this. abyss.s of this i bash my people are called by name, and seek my face, then i will hear their prayers and forgive their sins and i will heal their land.
4:10 am
[applause] sen. cruz: let me tell you a bit of history that our friends in the mainstream media will never share with you. when ronald1981, reagan took the open of office, was resting on second chronicles 14. a very real and concrete word ofation from the god. this nation has faced challenges like this before. we have been at the abyss before . it is not about me. it is not about a politician. it is about all of us.
4:11 am
we have stood together and pulled back before. to savean do it again this nation that we love with all of our hearts. [applause]
4:12 am
sen. cruz: come to caucus. >> thanks so much for being here. god bless everybody. let iowa send a message to the rest of the country. thanks a lot. good night.
4:13 am
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you will
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[inaudible] questions? how are you going to convince i
4:36 am
love. very much like to know. cruz: we can do all of the above. my tax plan eliminates every mandate. gas rules. level playing field for everyone. epa's a lending wall. i would encourage you. i wrote an op-ed or three weeks ago. [indiscernible] not through washington picking winners. in so, if you want more about it, look at the op-ed details. >> thank you.
4:37 am
thank you for being here. [indiscernible] whereuz: the episode [indiscernible] lisa is off, she is crying and she looks up and out of the cloud comes --discernible close operant [] james earl jones going, this is cnn. [indiscernible] that is my favorite episode.
4:38 am
>> awesome. good choice. nice to meet you. senator cruz: i ran into a group of teenagers and asked them about the simpsons and they had a idea what it was false >> terrible. senator cruz: take you for being here. [indiscernible] cruz: she is hysterical. >> thank you. senator cruz: it thank you. i bless you.
4:39 am
you know what? in this election, if you get five people to vote, you cannot vote now. -- you can vote now. do you want me to sign your book for you? right there? >> yes. senator cruz: thank you very much. >> i cannot vote because i am from illinois, but -- >> thank you for coming down. can i get my picture taken with you?
4:40 am
[indiscernible] sen. cruz: thank you very much. god bless you. thank you. [laughter] sen. cruz: is that bad? to get it on this side. >> senator cruz?
4:41 am
cruz: thank you for being here. thank you very much. thank you or being here. >> i am from illinois. thank you for being here. bruce will take it. >> good luck. : thank you for being here. thank you very much. what is your name. do you want to get a picture? >> i am nine.
4:42 am
i am praying for you. >> we really are. all of our kids. up byz: we are lifted those prayers. >> can we get a picture? sen. cruz: sure. >> thank you so much. if you touch the screen it will go off of. >> thank you so much, god bless you. : god bless you. thank you very much.
4:43 am
much, god bless you. thank you for being here. >> how are you? sen. cruz: good. we can do it, we can do it together. >> would you mind getting in a picture? >> thank you. senator cruz: thank you. thank you for being here. picture? get a thank you. >> i did a report on you will stop i wrote a report on you for my school.
4:44 am
senator cruz: what is your name? >> michaela michelson. senator cruz: thank you, michaela. >> thank you very much. sen. cruz: thank you very much. [indiscernible] >> my name is tammy. will you take a picture with me?
4:45 am
>> press the little white sweetie.ome on sen. cruz: how are you doing, sir? thank you. thank you. >> how are you doing? welcome. sen. cruz: thank you very much, guys. i appreciate it. >> we the people. that is what this campaign is all about.
4:46 am
>> thank you, senator. can we have one picture? sen. cruz: of course. thank you. >> thank you very much. sen. cruz: less you, god bless you. thank you. >> the hard-working men and women, we are placing the power in. [indiscernible] sen. cruz: thank you for everything we are going to do. >> it is my mom's birthday. hey mom, i am here with senator ted cruz and he is our future president. he is something to tell you. happy birthday, a
4:47 am
kathy. thank you. do not forget to come out on caucus night. crowd chattering] >> i wish you all the best, i am praying for you. sen. cruz: thank you. >> i might as well jump back here. all right, thank you, senator. and davideph martin
4:48 am
martin. >> can you do it with your phones? [chuckling] ] aughter sen. cruz: thank you for all the you are doing. you have a sticker on your forehead. how did that happen? [chuckling] you have pretty eyes, yes you do. you do. oh, i like your smile. you guys have a beautiful family. >> thank you. thank you so much. sen. cruz: thank you very much. god bless you.
4:49 am
>> thank you for being here. >> hey, buddy. : paul singer talks about congressional investigations into hillary clinton's e-mails and planned parenthood. and chad love and good has the latest on what is being done to address the crisis in flint, michigan. we will also take your calls and
4:50 am
share your twits guess your comments on twitter and facebook. >> as i have been watching the hardern this year, it is to look at the republican side compared to the democratic side. and that may have something to do with the interest in these candidates and their books. mazzotta: carlos examines books on the 2016 presidential candidate spirit >> they all have something interesting in their lives and politicians are single-minded in this pursuit of power and ideology. but when they put out these memoirs, they are sanitized. they are vetted.
4:51 am
they are therefore sort of minimum controversy. announcer: tonight at 8:00 eastern. announcer: monday not, "washington post" reporter tm .iscusses a series of articles he examines the creation of the internet, the founders' objectives and why security played such a small role for them. >> as consumers, and the choosing thes are speed, the per sport -- the performance, the features. i think somewhere between five and 10 on the list of priorities of software developers, for whatever else they say. they will tell you and security experts will tell you that security does not pay.
4:52 am
be liver: we'll will again from iowa today with a campaign event for donald trump. live coverage here on c-span. is one of several candidates to release new campaign ads this week ahead of the iowa caucuses. here is a look at those. >> i want immigration reform to pass -- to pass. >> that amendment would have
tv-commercial tv-commercial
4:53 am
allowed undocumented immigrants to remain in the u.s. permanently and obtain legal status. >> actually, it wouldn't have. >> people want to take back their country. they want to do it in a humane way but they want to have a country. we don't have a country right now. people are pouring in and they are doing tremendous damage. if you look at the crime. if you look at the economy. to have a country, you have to have borders. we don't have borders right now. next 10 american sailors captured by a ran and he ameliorated. president obama, how about our ?roops
tv-commercial tv-commercial
4:54 am
collects time we got someone in the white house that route represent -- that some like me, marco rubio he understands my generation. wife's he will get government out of my high school and he will affect our rights. he will create jobs right here in iowa. >> he gets the new economy. and a plan for a new american century. >> jeb has been a very good father, a wonderful son, a hard worker. his heart is big. shove, peoples to will realize that has real solutions rather than talk about how popular they are, how great they are. it because he see a huge need and it is not they felt why anybody. of all the people writing, he seems to be the one who can
4:55 am
solve the problems. i think he will be a great president. >> we need leadership in the white house right now that will challenge the nation. >> that is what carly fiorina has done her entire life. failinged around a company. she became a transformative leader of global nonprofits. now she is taking on the political class. >> it is time to take our country back. >> they call ohio a bellwether state, abattleground state that knows how to pick a president.
4:56 am
>> i am told there is one more mostlican than they are nervous about, john kasich. >> i would fear john say -- john kasich. >> other top officials are saying they are a little bit johnus about me like kasich. republicans do not win the presidency unless they carry ohio. announcer: several of those candidates were in new hampshire for a downhole event -- a town hall event. first to speak was marco rubio. [applause]
4:57 am
>> thank you very much. i am honored to be with you. thank you. sen. rubio: thank you. you cannot lose the senate race, send her back to the sea, she is phenomenal. i want to tell you how honored i have been to be a part of this primary process. it is really great that in america, if you want to be commander in chief, the most important political figure in the world, you have got to start by writing to town halls. i think that is fantastic. the most important political figure begins by getting asked
4:58 am
tough questions, for example, the next leader of the free world will have to tell us, upfront, do you go for the broncos or the patriots? [laughter] sen. rubio: you know i am a dolphin fan. but, indeed, i root for the patriots on sunday. [applause] sen. rubio: but not for the reasons that you would think. i have figured out that the more rings, brady is, likelier he is to retire. and then the dolphins can be good again. i'm being selfish, right? we all agree on this. 2016 will be a turning point. history will write that 2016 was a turning point. what it rights is what we are about to decide. two centuries, america has been an exceptional country. we were founded on an incredibly powerful truth.
4:59 am
that our rights do not come from government. our rights come from god, the creator. [applause] sen. rubio: this is why we believe that all human life is worthy of the protection of the law. [applause] sen. rubio: this is why we embrace the only system of economics were people have an equal opportunity to free enterprise. it has made us the most prosperous people in the world. this is why we embrace individual liberty, making us the freest people in the world. there has never been a nation like america. but, there is a growing number of americans that doubt how much longer we will be that kind of country. 50% of millennial's believe the american dream is dead.
5:00 am
we are seeing young people struggling with student loans and the foreign policy that leaves us confused and scared. a growing number of americans say we do not recognize the country anymore. since do not seem to be getting any better in our lives, our country, in the world. there are real doubts about what kind of country we are about to leave to our children. here is the hard truths, we are on the road to decline, because in 2008, america elected a president who was not interested in fixing the problems of america. we elected a president who wanted to change america. to become more like the rest of the world. that is why he undermines the constitution, what his success with attacking second amendment and religious liberties, and issuing executive orders that violate the constitution. this is why they have tried to take over our schools with common core, and why we have broken foreign policy.


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