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tv   Bernie Sanders Post- Rally News Conference  CSPAN  January 27, 2016 7:33am-7:46am EST

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more than three weeks of growing tension that put the tiny community of burns from portland into an international debate about homegrown right wing militias, public land and constitutional rights. they developed the names occupied the refuge about 30 miles southeast of burns in harney county on january 2. and then there's also this on the papers. exit strategy for afghanistan fades. the u.s. military shifting its mindset. the official need for a long-term troop commitments in that country. probably more to come on that. in the front page of "the washington post." and there is also this in the "new york times" this morning. indictment deals and other blows to the g.o.p. campaign against planned parenthood. a grand jury indictment on monday of two abortion owns recorded officials is the most startling signs that a
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republican campaign against the group has run into trouble. and it -- host: so that in the paper. and by the way, we had david who was at the heart of those videos on the "washington journal" last week. he answered your phone calls. you might be interested in that. and we had the abortion rights group. you can go to our website, to see those conversations. let's go to clyde in louisiana, a democrat. you're on the air. go ahead. caller: good morning, great y. - greta.
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i look at his town hall meetings and him on television, it's most lay biography. it's a personal biography. he is saying he wants to make america great again. he never -- he never cares how he's going to make it great. it's mostly about him and verybody else and he's stupid. megyn kelly, never heard about her before because fox news is the only channel my tv don't stop at. host: ok. clyde, who are you going to vote for? caller: oh, no doubt, hillary clinton. i appreciate what she done in 2008. and it's her time now. she's experienced. she's intelligent. she knows the ins and outs and she can handle the republican with ease. but donald trump to me is a mouthpiece for racist. that's it. host: all right. frank in ohio, republican.
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frank what, do you think? caller: well, i think trump is doing the right thing. he doesn't have to lower his standards to talk to some lady me against, whatever her name is. -- making began, whatever her name is. let's see if cruz can answer some real questions and q.b. about why he's sponsoring the t.p. bill. caller: i think donald trump does all the things that parents try to teach their growing children not to do. as far as i'm concerned, he's nothing but a hairy chested brawler in a filthy -- a filthy
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wife beater t-shirt and if he was a poor man, he would be doing those things at the bars. thank you. host: emily. good morning. caller: good morning, america. i was kind of torn. i would like to see donald trump, but at the same time, i can understand why he does not want to be at that debate because they have made it a gotcha debate instead of talking about the thing that are very relevant for our country that we need to know how they're going o help us. there's one other thing i would like to say and i think this is very important. with rubio, when you go in the senate, you get a visa card and you are allowed to use that visa card for any business for the federal government. rubio took his visa card and spent $22,000 on his own personal finances. nobody's talking about that. if he were to become the
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president, nominee, that's going to come up. and it's going to hurt the republican party. and i want to know why nobody's talking about it. host: well, that's what other candidates are talking about it. it's something that jeb bush talks about. he's made ads about that and he plans to continue to run those type of ads ahead of iowa and ahead of new hampshire. reba, a democrat in iowa. good morning to you. who are you going to be caucusing for on monday night? caller: hillary. host: hillary. ok. what do you make of donald trump not wanting to go to this debate on thursday night in des moines? caller: i think it would be refreshing because maybe the others will get a chance to state their views because most of the time, he took up all the time ranting and raving about things that he knows he's not going to get done and i can't remember what megyn kelly said about him. would you please find it? host: i think it was the question that she asked. caller: the question that she
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asked him. what was it so harmful that he thought to him that he couldn't -- what was it? host: it was about gender issues, asking him about past comments that he's made about women and how would he respond given that he said. how would he wage a campaign against democrat who is would likely use those words against him and continue on this war on women theme. he was asked to respond to that. caller: i don't think anything was wrong with that question because i think he always talks about fat people and different, you know, women sizes. so i don't know what. host: ok. all right. by the way, "politico" with this story. evangelicals are flocking to donald trump. this is an important vote constituency in iowa. trump earned the support of 37% while texas senator ted cruz whose father is a pastor is at
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20%. in the same survey conducted the previous week, cruz registered nine points higher. ben carson earned 11 among evangelicals. steve in north carolina, a epublican. caller: hello. host: good morning. go ahead, sir. caller: yes. i think donald trump has done right by not showing up on the debate. i realize that megyn is the -- she shouldn't be the moderator because it's obvious that she's against trump. and for whatever reason. and i think she's really a wolf . a lamb skin i think that there are -- i think she just wants to advance
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her own career, but really, i really don't even believe she's a conservative. i don't know why fox has her on anyway. host: you don't think she's a conservative and she should be a conservative if she's going to be on fox. caller: i would think so, yes. host: ok. do you watch fox a lot? caller: yeah, all the time except when she's on. host: ok. so what do you think it is? where did the show bias? in the questions that she asked donald trump at that first debate? caller: yeah, on the first question on the night she's targeted him on that. and it was a loaded question. i just think that i don't know ether who advised her on the question, whether it was her. i'm sure it was her. host:, she's on the cover of "vanity fair" if you're interested in reading it. but she said that she wrote and rewrote and rewrote her own
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question and that she worked on them. the moderators discuss their questions but that's one that she wrote and rewrote several times. they said the network is split. some are furious with kelly. has become the face of the network. an anchor fume that kelly hosted michael moore and the lefty against defended her trump. here is a quote from the etworker -- --
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caller: the rest of it are not even saying they're going to do anything or that they can do anything. i don't think anybody wants to change, but i think donald has a lot of faults. but i think that he loves the country. host: steve, who is your second choice? caller: ted cruz. host: ok. fred in ohio. independent. hi, fred. caller: hi. how are you? host: doing well, sir. what do you think about donald trump not showing up? caller: i think donald did the right thing and i think it's about time because everybody has been jumping on him and it's about time that he set them in order. and i'll tell you this. a vote for ted cruz is a vote for hillary clinton. and if we want to slave this country and turn things around, donald trump's the man and i'll tell you one other thing. he's way ahead here in ohio and
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kasich is our governor. but if there was an election right now in ohio, donald trump would win 70% of the votes. so trump this right and fox news was wrong. and doing what they did and calling him and making the insinuation that they made, which is really what upset him and then he pulled kelly back into it. but he's absolutely right. host: ok, fred. caller: america better stand firm because my entire church here in ohio is going to vote for donald trump. host: ok, fred, so i hope you keep watching this morning's program because coming up, we're going to be talking with guiness world record, who is a lawyer who has -- benjamin ginsburg who is a lawyer. the wrote a piece in "politico" about the primary calendar how the r.n.c. changed it and what role your state of ohio is going to play as we discontinue to go through the primary and the
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calendar leading up to the nomination. ed in kansas city. a republican. hi, ed. caller: yes. host: ted, you're on the air. good morning. caller: ok. good morning. yes. well, this morning, five bucks ago since that question was asked to donald trump, and it beats me why he couldn't still hand up to go on the show. but that's his prerogative too. but i just think that ted cruz is the best fit for all of america. and as far as standing thank you against hillary, they don't know if she'll be able to get in there or not. to me, like i've heard people say and my church pastor say if america does repent as a nation anyway, it won't make any difference who gets in as a president. host: ok. all right. that's ed, a republican. jenny in high point, north cana


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