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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  January 27, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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you, ok? inaudible] >> thank you so much,
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hillary. time of my life. thank you. hillary clinton: hi. i love that. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> hillary, right here, right here. >> thank you, hillary. hillary clinton: getting close, next monday. > hope to celebrate.
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illary clinton: i love it. [indistinct coferingse] indistinct conversation]
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>> thank you. hillary clinton: sure. hillary clinton: next monday. there you go. please come for me. >> i will. >> there you go. >> hi. hillary clinton: i hope you'll ome help me. thank you. hi. how are you doing?
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so happy i got here. want to get a picture? where is your camera? conversation] [inaudible] >> are we done? ok. hillary clinton: how are you? i remember. my god! >>i am so glad to see you guys. thank you! hillary clinton: with your help i am. >> thank you. hillary clinton: are you ogether?
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>> hi, how are you? thank you. inaudible]
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[indiscernible] hillary clinton: i know. we're getting a double whammy. the prescription drug companies are making money, the insurance companies are making money, you're not. we have to go after all of the different elements.
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hillary clinton i have talked to a lot of pharmacists. > thank you so much. hillary clinton: hi. how are you doing? yeah. i think broadband is -- [indiscernible] it took about 30 years but we got it done. we have to have government programs that subsidize the cost. so we can get it all over the country. we can do that. and why should we be paying a higher price for slower speeds and have some parts of the country hardly covered at all?
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it is. you can't do business, you can't have competition without it. >> thank you. hillary clinton: keep calling their office. don't let them off the hook on this, ok? seriously. i am serious because we need to get as much help as we can get. if you have got to borrow money, borrow it and the best rate you can get. if you need money, it will be very cheap. the federal government's not going make any money off of it. we'll have a revolving fund.
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[inaudible] hillary clinton: don't give up on it. because once you're there, there is more help. so don't give up on it. what do you want to study? >> economics and political science. hillary clinton: good luck to you. hi, how are you doing? good to see you. want to get a picture? k. great, thanks. how are you? nice to see you. want to get a picture? both of you? there you go. want to get a picture? [inaudible]
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hillary clinton: want to get a picture? there you go. hillary clinton: excellent, excellent. you want to get a picture? all of you? here we go. ight here. thank you. >> say it again, hundredyy. >> hillary! hillary clinton: right here, sweetheart. you want to get a picture? come right here. here you go.
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>> hi. can you get over here. hillary clinton: are you two sisters? stay right there, honey. we'll put you right there. give me your camera so we can do it from this angle. here you go. thank you! i hope you'll come caucus for me monday night. >> of course. hillary clinton: thank you. >> thank you. > hillary! >> you're on your own, bud. you're on your own. hillary clinton: i will. monday night, ok? >> hillary! hillary!
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inaudible] >> what's your plan for creasing -- [inaudible] -- including self-employment -- [inaudible] hillary clinton: it's part of of the agenda we have to have. we have to build on the disability act. [inaudible] more employment, more housing -- [inaudible] > hillary! hillary clinton: come right up here.
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this way. thank you. thank you. ice to meet you. of course. inaudible] hillary clinton: i hope you will come caucus on onday night.
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hillary clinton: that means a lot to me. >> good luck, hillary. hillary clinton: thank you so much. thank you very much. ope you'll come caucus for me. [indiscernible] >> good luck to you. hillary clinton: thank you. thank you all! >> thank you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> the iowa caucuses are this coming monday and we have lots of road to the white house coverage today on the c-span networks.
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beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern, texas senator ted cruz will be speaking at a pro-life rally in iowa. former texas governor and former presidential candidate rick perry is planning to attend the event after recently endorsing senator cruz. he will be available to watch you it live today right here on c-span. also coming up tonight, vermont senator bernie sanders hold as town hall meeting in mayson city, iowa. that's in the northern part of the state. you'll be able to hear his comments live at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. and then republican candidate carly fiorina meets with voters and supporters at a stake -- steakhouse in waukee, iowa. it will be live right here on c-span. tomorrow marks the 30th anniversary since the space shuttle challenger exploded, killing all seven astronauts aboard. on that day, florida congressman and former astronaut himself, bill nelson, came to the house floor to pay tribute to the fallen astronauts. here's a portion of what he had to safe.
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mr. nelson: my concluding remarks would be as we reflect upon this tragedy, a tragedy that this whole nation grieves , let's remember the remarks by someone who knew something about risk, a gallant lady named helen keller. when she spoke of risk and security. this is what she said. security is mostly a superstition. it does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. avoiding the danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. listen to what she ends with. life is either a daring
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dventure or nothing. god bless and be with and keep in the palm of his hand our departed brothers and sisters, god g adventurers, and bless and comfort their amilies and friends. >> and that was part what have congressman bill nelson said on the day the space shuttle challenger exploded. you can see his entire comments tonight at 10:00 eastern on c-span2 as we remember the 30th anniversary of challenger. we'll also show you remarks from other members of congress, as well as president reagan's statement from the oval office. >> here in the state of iowa. >> here in iowa.
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>> god bless the great state of iowa. >> the republican party of iowa. >> iowa. >> in iowa. >> in iowa. >> in iowa. >> in iowa. >> here in iowa. >> in iowa. >> so pleased to do with this wonderful friends in iowa today. >> have you known one year ago we'd come in third in iowa, we'd have given anything for that. >> it is good to be back in iowa. >> people didn't know much about the iowa caucuses. >> is this an average caucus? >> that's hard to say. it's the third one i've been to. they're all different. >> it is good to be back in iowa. >> thank you, iowa, for the great sendoff you're giving to us. >> you got to show respect for iowans. >> i want to thank the people of iowa. >> i want to thank all the people of iowa. >> iowa is the first.
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>> i love you all. if i lose iowa, i will never speak to you people again. >> in about 10 minutes, texas senator ted cruz speaks at a pro-life rally in iowa. former texas governor and former presidential candidate rick perry plans to attend the event after recently endorsing senator cruz. the event starts live at 7:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. until then, a discussion on the republican presidential race and what to expect after the iowa caucuses. sir, thank you for being here.
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your piece in "politico" is where i want to start. why the g.o.p. primary could be even crazier than you think. let's begin with what the republican national committee did before the 2012 campaign, to change the primary calendar. guest: they did it at the 2008 convention. not liking the quickness of john mccain's victory and the prolonged attention that the obama-clinton primary got the democrats that year. they did a few things to elong gate the process. number one, they decreed that there would be a period of proportional voting, instead of winner-take-all races, which means by definition you have to divide up the people who can win delegates in a state, as opposed to allowing one candidate to win them all in a state. secondly, they asked states to push back their primaries. some states were at the beginning of march, moved way back in the calendar.
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host: so what is the impact of that on this year's race? with all the dynamic that we have. guest: the impact is that it is likely to be a more prolonged contest. closer to what mitt romney had to go through in 2012, the first cycle of the new rules. host: what does that mean? let's walk through the calendar. everybody 'focusing on iowa and new hampshire and south carolina but it's really after that, correct? guest: yeah. what the first three or four states will tell you, will throw there, will tell you is who qualifies for the demolition derby of march. so, usually there are two candidates who survive an establishment candidate, and a not establishment candidate. this time we may have three lanes. we'll determine that, we'll see that out of the first four states in february. host: you note in your piece, we're talking about four state, 133 delegates are chosen, that's 5.4% of the total. guest: right.
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but the eyes of the world, more rack ratly, the eyes of the media, are firmly focused on at least iowa, new hampshire and south carolina, and so they'll be an outsized amount of earned media coming to the campaigns who either win or beat expectations there. host: why do -- why do you call it demolition derby day, march 1? guest: there are 12 states to go. over 600 delegates. it's the most delegates awarded in a day. and it is a period where absolutely the candidates will all have to find a way to claim victory that day or they'll be out of it. there will be lots of ways to claim victory because it's proportional voting but they will have to claim victory of some sort to be able to go on. host: a lot of people talk about the lanes. there's three lanes here. what do you see and do the lanes then, on march 1, become that much more apparent?
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guest: i think you see whether you have three different lanes or not. donald trump will do how well donald trump does. everyone gets a trophy is how you described it. guest: more proportional voting, michigan is the only state in that period and it awards more than 50 delegates, but it is likely to be divided amongst the remaining
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candidates. there are enough states with enough geographic regions so that everyone competing for votes that they will get some sort of a prize or trophy. host: at this point, we do not have a nominee, that is what ou are thinking? guest: march 1, if one candidate runs the table, that will produce a nominee. march 5 to march 12, i think it is unlikely and that we had to arch 15. host: what happens been? guest: march 15 is the first day when they allow winner take all. there are two big states, lorida and ohio. jeb bush and john kasich made it so that they would be winner take all states. they were not winner take all states in previous elections. that had obvious clinical -- political reasons for it. perhaps reality has changed a little bit since they put that through the legislatures. two winner take all states. florida is a huge prize.
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jeb bush and marco rubio have to win their own state. it makes it an iron cage competition between them. if donald trump, ted cruz or some other candidate is still strong, that candidate winning florida would be a devastating blow to either jeb bush or marco rubio. john kasich's ohio can basically be something he has. he sees the convention coming and he might want to just hang in there, when the state, the delegates in ohio and become a broker at the convention. host: does governor john kasich have access to the leverage in hio? guest: he does. he is on a very tight state party. his people run the state party. it is a good state organization, he won reelection in 2014 with more than 60% of
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the vote, so he controls ohio nd the levers in ways that neither jeb bush nor marco rubio can control florida, for example. host: under this scenario, is there a broker convention? guest: they will never be a broker convention because there are no brokers left in the republican party. truth is, the way structures have evolved is that this will not be like the old days, when eople could command numbers of delegates and the guys in the backroom and cut a deal. that will not happen this time. there could be a contested convention where nobody goes into the convention with a sure majority of delegates. host: then what happens under the rules? guest: then things get interesting. he would go to the convention and on the first ballot, all the delegates are required by rule to vote the way their primaries were, reflective of hose results, so delegates are
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more or less bound for the first, but if no one can manage to win a majority on that first dollar, then no one is down. very few delegates are bound after that, so they will be a massive amount of force creating. -- horse trading. there will be some really sophisticated delicate tracking operations to be sure they know who the delegates are and which ay they are going. and there will be very arcane rules and credentials to sort of set forth the ground rules for the way that would play out. host: you have been in this for many years, and you have been the lawyer in many instances, so what are these arcane roles -- rules you see people start fighting over? guest: the ones they will find over the most, i think, are the ways the candidate is nominated and names put in and how many states you have to have a majority of delegates to put a name or nomination in. they will be sites over device
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-- there are -- there will be fights over the vice presidential nomination. traditionally, the vice president actually gets chosen before the presidential nominee in terms of acceptance speeches, so that throws the program off. there will be fights over the credentials of delegates, who getses to sit as a delegate in the hall. host: we are six days out from the iowa caucuses. benjamin ginsberg, a longtime lawyer who has represented many campaigns, and he is here to take your questions and omments. all about how this season could be at a lot crazier than you think. democrats, (202)-748-8000. republicans, (202)-748-8001. independents, 202)-748-8002.
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republicans, (202)-748-8001. before we get to calls, let me let me bounce this headline. leaders of the republican establishment made up of electric -- elected officials are sending a message to mainstream candidates such as jeb bush, they should withdraw from the race if they do not show strength soon. what do you think? >> i think if you are a candidate, you're not paying a lot of attention to that. you're running your come him -- campaign. the mindset of campaigns i have been involved with -- is, i am still going to win. ams is all based on -- i just on sort of suspects national polls. 20 voters start speaking, i'm going to do well -- when the voters start speaking, i am goto


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