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tv   Carly Fiorina Campaign Event in Waukee Iowa  CSPAN  January 27, 2016 8:30pm-10:01pm EST

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style socialized medicine for everyone, with the government. he does not think obamacare goes far enough. obamacarelary care, and then trump care, socialized medicine for every american. washington will decide if you get the all you have to do is get approval from the government in charge of this country. donald is entitled to have that. you might even call that view a new york value. [applause] as donald might observe, both he and bernie sanders are native new yorkers. obamacare,care about there is a clear difference avenue opinion -- of opinion.
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if donald trump is elected president, he will expand obamacare and put the government in charge of more. if i am elected, we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause] the fifth battle, the fifth time for choosing is the battle over the washington cartel, the cronyism that is affecting our kids and grandkids. any candidate who, like donald, supported barack obama's bailout of the wall street banks. any candidate, like donald, who supported barack obama's stimulus plan and said the only problem was it was not big enough, it should have been bigger.
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any candidate who supports that washington cronyism we know as an absolute fact, if that candidate became president, he would not stand up to the washington cartel and ends the cronyism. [applause] you know, every candidate on that debate stage says they will stand up to washington. that is great. the natural follow-up question is, when have you ever stood up to washington? when have you taken on not just democrats that leaders in our own party? so,you know, when you do you get attacked by the democrats, you get attacked in the media, and you get attacked by a whole lot of republicans. there is a reason why king and i both need to testers in the member signing room.
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[applause] but i will to you this much if i candidate has never once stood up to the washington cartel, stood up to the cronyism, nobody in history has ever grown a backbone after getting to 1600 pennsylvania avenue. [applause] the sixth of battle, the sixth time for choosing is the battle of amnesty. barack obama, chuck schumer, and harry reid proposed a massive amnesty plan. it would not have secured the border, it would not have kept the country safe, but it would have granted amnesty to 12 million people here illegally. and they got the support of establishment republicans in
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washington. billubio-schumer amnesty passed the u.s. senate with a big margin. and it was headed to the house, and it was going to pass house republican leadership john boehner, it intended to take up that rubio-schumer amnesty bill and pass it with the votes of all the democrats. it was going to be republican leadership, + the democrats overruling about 200 house republicans. you want to know how close it was surpassing, ask steve king, willie gomer, how close republican leadership was to jamming this through with all of the democrats. now, that once again with a time for choosing. in there candidates republican race for the president who talk about immigration an awful lot.
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the only question we should ask as voters is in 2013, when the fight was being waged, where were you? i can tell you it was about to pass, and then a handful of including jeff sessions and including especially i was own the relentless steve king -- iowa's own the relentless steve king stood and fought it. [applause] and i was proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with jeff sessions and louie gohmert and steve king. together millions of americans rose up and said no, protect the rule of law. no, protect our borders. no, we do not want amnesty. 2013, that had passed in
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it would have gone to president obama's desk, he would have signed into law, and that battle would have been lost. anyone who claims today a --sident -- as the principal president took candidate they care about the border, the one question to ask is where were they in 2013 when the battle was being fought? the seventh and final time for choosing is the battle over iran and medical -- radical islamic terrorism. the single greatest national security threat facing this country is the threat of a nuclear iran. we candidate who believes should keep in place this iranian nuclear deal, wait to see if iran complies, maybe as donald trump is suggesting go with negotiating to get a better deal. anyone who believes that fundamentally does not
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understand the nature of the ayatollah khomeini. if i am elected president, i intend to rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause] and the most important determination, the people of iowa are making politically on monday, is which candidate is best prepared to be commander in chief. who has the experience, who has the knowledge, who has the temperament, who has the clarity of vision and the strength of resolve to identify our enemy, and do, terrorism everything to utterly and completely defeat isis. [applause]
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those are seven battles, seven times for choosing. you can assess not what we say, because talk is cheap. assess of every candidate what is your record on those seven. and let me say to the men and yearshere, every four iowa is beset by politicians that you send upon the state -- dissent upon the state. it is like an infestation of locusts. [laughter] point, we have seen millions of attack. we have seen radio ads, tv ads, mailer after mailer. they make really good kindling and your fireplace. [laughter] they light up quick. here is what washington wants, washington wants to divide us.
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because they are more nationallye in iowa then there are members of the washington cartel. [applause] in 119 hours, this is our time, the time for the men and women in this room and all across the state. and if you agree with me that the stakes have never been higher, we are at the edge of a cliff bearing down, if we keep going this direction for eight more years, we risk losing the greatest country in the history of the world. i want to ask each of you to do three things. tonight to show up monday night to stand for us, speak for us and caucus for us and stand together. [applause]
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number two, bring others. i want to ask everyone of you to commit, to pick up the phone and call your mom. it is actually a good idea to call your mom anyway. [laughter] call your sister or your son or your next-door neighbor or your college roommate. say this election matters. it matters to me, it matters to my future, my family, my children and grandchildren. i want to ask everyone here to vote for me 10 times. [laughter] now look, we are not democrats. [laughter] i am not suggesting voter fraud. if everyone here gets and nine other people to come out monday night and caucus for us, you
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will have voted 10 times. [applause] and let me say to some of the younger folks who are here, if you are not yet old enough to vote, if you get 10 people to come out monday night, you can vote 10 times before you turn 18. [laughter] [applause] this race is not going to be one on television, it will not be one from a tv studio in manhattan or d.c.. it will be won by friends of friends, neighbor by neighbor, wan, each of you reaching out in 119 hours. you have the potential to change the direction not only of the united dates of america but also the entire world.
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let me give you an amazing statistic. do you know if you define as a reaganite someone who supported ronald reagan in the primary in 1980, do you know that the republican party has never once nominated a reaganite for president since 1984? every single nominee of the last 40 years opposed ronald reagan. in the 1980 primary. i am 45 years old. i have never once had the opportunity in a general election to vote for a princip conservative. the people of iowa on monday night can change that for this entire country. [applause]
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in the last thing i would ask each of you to do is pray. pray each and every day from now until election day to lift this country up in prayer. to spend just one minute a day saying father god, please, continue this awakening. continue this spirit of revival, awakened the body of christ that we might pull back from this abyss. we are here tonight, standing on chroniclees of second 7-14. if my people, which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then i will hear their prayers from heaven and forgive their sins. and i will heal their land. [applause]
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one final bit of history that our friends in the mainstream media will never tell you, in january 1981, when ronald reagan took the oath of office, his left hand was resting on second chronicles 7:14. the very real and concrete manifestation of that promise
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from the word of god. we have seen these challenges before. , and theaced the abyss american people came together and we rose up and pulled this country back. we have done it before, and if we can stand united, we can do it again. thank you. [applause] ♪ [indiscernible] >> when my you come to missouri?
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carly fiorina: i am not sure. -- ted cruz: i am not sure. >> thank you so much. thank you. ted cruz: thank you. ♪ [indiscernible] ted cruz: thank you very much. [indiscernible]
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ted cruz: a little bit of time. don't forget to sign. [laughter] >> thank you so much. >> can you take my picture with him? thanks so much. thank you. ted cruz: what is your name? >> [indiscernible] we get a lot of shadows here. >> thank you very much are being here. -- for being here.
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[indiscernible] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ted cruz: it is a flat out lie. i have always supported it. >> i think that would help the whole system.
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ted cruz: thank you very much. it is my birthday. how are you doing sir? >> thank you. ted cruz: very detailed immigration plan on our website. thank you, thank you. >> mr. cruz, that second chronicle verse, [indiscernible] feel -- thank you very much. god bless you. >> a real pleasure to have you. it is great to have you here,
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senator. [indiscernible] nice to meet you. picture? take a thank you. >> i am going to be here all week. can we take a picture? ted cruz: thank you. [indiscernible]
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ted cruz: what is your name? >> stella. ted cruz: thank you for being here. >> let's get a picture. ted cruz: here, is that your camera? >> thank you. ted cruz: thank you, sir. let's do it together. [indiscernible] >> my wife lives in dallas. i am on the road. can we get a selfie?
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thank you so much. ted cruz: [indiscernible] >> where's the best place, in your argument, where can you look that up? ted cruz: go to our website, if you look under religious liberty we have a whole lot of late. -- links. good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. ted cruz: what is your name? >> jana. ted cruz: thank you for being here. do you want your picture? >> yes. ted cruz: thank you.
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thank you for being here. god bless you. thank you for being here. what is your name? >> paul. ted cruz: thank you for being here. we can do a picture if you want, do you want a selfie? thank you. greg. eat -- hey >> this is my wife. >> amanda. ted cruz: amanda, great to see you. >> we played football at oklahoma state. lot -- i owe you a lot. ted cruz: how were you doing? >> my husband served in the
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military. ted cruz: [indiscernible] >> no i did not. thank you for being here. thank you very much. >> i did not sleep last week. i will be so confident at the caucus on monday night. my mother will be there. ted cruz: thank you, thank you very much. it is this, one person at a time. how are you? we went to the rally. ted cruz: thank you. >> i appreciate [indiscernible]
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ted cruz: i agree, it is incredible. people are waking up in a movement. [indiscernible] ted cruz: you have to care. what is your name? >> molly. i am so nervous. ted cruz: thank you for being here. do you want me to sign this? >> yes. i am writing a paper for an article. [indiscernible] ted cruz: i do not. i think when it comes to public policy [indiscernible] a lot of the politicians we report to, dramatic reduction of the economy, raise the cost of living and caught -- hurt
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millions of people, they are not thinking of the actions in particular. there has been noticing you forget warming of the weather -- there has been no significant warming of the weather. name? your michael, good to see you. you.would vote for ted cruz: thank you. >> if you become president [indiscernible] a fist bump? >> [indiscernible] ted cruz: thank you very much. >> thank you so much for everything you have done. ted cruz: thank you very much.
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thank you michael. jackson, thanks for being here. is that your brother? do you guys want to get a picture? >> yes. >> thank you. sir, get off the chair. get down. thank you, god bless you. what is your name? >> tiffany. thank you. ted cruz: thank you for being here. thank you very much.
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thank you for coming out. >> [indiscernible] never told by debt, i will have him come out -- told my dad, i will come out. ted cruz: [indiscernible] thank you very much. how are you doing? >> [indiscernible] ted cruz: good to see you. [indiscernible] ted cruz: thank you, god bless you. thank you very much. do you want to get a picture?
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>> i have a question, who will win the super bowl? focused on the caucus. as far as i am concerned, the caucus is the super bowl. ted cruz: thank you very much. >> [indiscernible] thank you very name? your >> christie. ted cruz: it is great to see you. thank you for being here. ted cruz: thank you very much.
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>> good to see you. we love your support on the bill. i will take a look at these. >> all of my information is there. ted cruz: thank you very much, and thank you for being here. my view about medical marijuana is if an individual state decides they want to do it, that is a permission will -- permissible decision, and if they decide they do not want to is that we my view should respect the rights of the states. how are you doing? a lot of fun, too. that was a good day. , too.ave got your jersey
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ted cruz: thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> one day in your administration, i hope. and your inauguration. that would be pretty fabulous. >> thank you very much, senator. >> hi, my name is jennifer. i am from new jersey. i have one question. even if we go to 25 and 30 -- i have committed to vigorously using the antitrust laws, and there is demand in the marketplace. with the worst pollutants, and so removing the area, with the
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the oil companies -- if it is contrary to the antitrust laws, i will enforce them. and perhaps there is most passionate defender because he understands that i am -- thank you. thank you very much. >> a message for young people? that america will be back. that we will stand with our friends and allies. >> thank you. ted cruz: thank you. thank you.
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thank you. thank you. thank you for that encouragement. >> would you mind? ted cruz: sure, right here. if you have another camera, we can do it. do you have your camera? there we go. excellent. you want one, too? he will take one. thank you very, very much. >> i want to shake the president hand. announcer: so we're going to break away from the last couple of minutes of this ted cruz
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rally as he makes his way out of the room and make our way to i will, a carly fiorina event at rube's steakhouse. house"ad to the white coverage continues on c-span. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] fiorina: i want to introduce my husband frank, who is standing behind there. met 34 years ago, after i got out of the secretary pool. i finally went out and got an mba, joined at&t, and i was an entry-level salesperson, and i climbed my way up. i do not give up very easily, and i had this problem, and i wanted to figure out how to solve it, and nobody would help me, and somebody said, you ought na,meet this guy, frank fiori
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and i went to meet him, and he was a technical aspect, and so i went to see him, and he knew how to solve my problem, in he was really cute, so i married him. when we were riding over to the event, i was asked a question about, when did you first start thinking about running for president, so i have a story, and i will tell you. it was in the summer of 2014. a rotary club meeting, and i was giving a speech, a political speech, and if you have ever been to a rotary club meeting, or you are a rotarian, you know that you sit down and have lunch and then speak, and this gentleman said down next to me and says, you know, i do not think i'm going to agree with you on anything, and heaid, wow, why not,
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said, i am a democrat. you are a republican. we are not going to agree. so i gave my speech, and i was not talking about politics. i was talking about possibilities in this great nation, that human potential is the only limited resource we have and need to solve our thisems, and i talk about possibility, more possibility , more than any other places on earth, and that same gentleman came up to me and men," and then he said this. carly, we don't think of ourselves as a nation of limitless possibility anymore well and that hit me because we do not. possibility.
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we lose the core of who we are, and that set me on a journey that maybe i could offer leadership that could restore possibilities for every american regardless of their circumstances. now, i will tell you that i am grateful for all of you being here tonight, but i am beyond grateful. because, you see, you have given me a chance. my campaign on may 4, 2015, nobody gave me a chance. i was 17 out of 16 candidates. [laughter] postersorina: misspelled my name, and most people had not heard of my name.
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and i came to iowa, and you showed up. we have gotten on the ballot, and a lot of governors who were running cannot say that. we have got a lot of candidates who have spent tens of millions of dollars on television, and you have got one man who does not need to spend money on tv, and guess what? send me out of here with the wind at my back, and i am going to blow away. [applause] you know, i was talking about possibilities a minute ago. i know this country has been a place of possibility for me and for frank, too. tow truck out as a driver at a family business, and i started out answering phones for a little nine-person real
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estate firm in the middle of a deep recession of the 1970's. i have traveled and worked, done business, done charity, all over the world for decades, and i can tell you for absolute certainty that it is only in this nation that a young woman could start out the way i did, typing and filing all the those years ago and become a chief executive of the largest technology company in the world and run for president of the united states. the only place. [applause] carly fiorina: but, you know, i have to tell you the truth. i have been told along the way by a whole bunch of people to sit down and be quiet. just except the way things are. that advisegnored my entire life. i am running for the presidency of the united states because i think the american people are being told these things now. i think we are being told to sit
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down and be quiet about our god, the guns, and the truth about the abortion industry. tohink we are being told settle, settle for record numbers of men out of work, settle for record numbers of women living in poverty, settle for a nations where young people do not even know if the allaire -- american dream is a live and well for them, settle for went working family incomes have been stagnant for a decade, settle for a nation where we are than we areore creating, and that means we are destroying the job creators, because it is small and family-owned businesses and farms that create two thirds of the jobs in this country and employed half of the people. we are not the people back to work because we are destroying the people who create the while, we are being told to settle for all of this, and the rich get richer, and the connected get better connected, and the
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powerful get more powerful. we are being asked to accept a form of government that no longer works for us. ladies and gentlemen, the government spends more money every year and has been spending more for 50 years, and this government is absolutely incompetent and corrupt. incompetent. we cannot care for our veterans. incompetent. we cannot secure our border. corrupt. this government takes winners over losers. the government does not serve us anymore. the government serves and protects itself, and some people think these are really harsh words, but let me tell you, in poll after poll and survey after survey, it is clear that eight out of 10 americans now believe the american government is corrupt, and eight out of 10 believe we have a professional political class of both parties that cares more about it privilege and power than getting anything done. i am angry. because i am frustrated.
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i am fed up. ask yourselves. politics.nsumers of you are very sophisticated consumers of politics. how many presidential cycles have presidential candidates come out here and told you the same thing? we going to reduce that deficit. secure theg to border. i am sorry, mr. trump, you do not bring that up. every election cycle, we talk about it. how often do they come out here and tell you they're going to reform the tax code, reform social security, rollback regulations. every cycle, and it is not getting done. democrats are far worse than republicans, but let me be honest. wen was the last time repealed a regulation? 50 years ago. one was the last time we actually reduce the size of government? it has been a really long time. have we actually tried to reform
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the tax code? i am running for president because we can solve every one of these problems. we absolutely can. these problems unless we remember who we are, and they talked about who we are because they know this. are, and we know who we are intended to be. we, the people. we are intended to be a citizen government, so, ladies and gentlemen, i am running for the presidency of the united states, and i think we of reached a perilous time. i am running for president of the united states because i am not willing to shut up and sit down and settle. [applause] carly fiorina: and so, i do not want you to be that way either. i do not want you to settle either. so i will ask you to stand with me, fight with me, vote for me, because citizens, my fellow
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citizens, it is time. our futurewe take back. it is time we take our politics that. citizens, it is time. we must take our country back. [applause] carly fiorina: now, you have sat quietly, but i come from a place where people are held accountable, you know? where people are held accountable, and i actually think you come from that world also. talk is cheap, that actions speak louder than words, that a person's actions are defined by what they do, not what they say, so i have a blueprint or how we're going to take our country back. you have one in front of you. you can take one on your way out. i want you to hold me
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accountable. you are going to help me get it done, but i want you to hold me accountable. these are not the only things we need to do to take our country back, but these of the first and more important things we need to do to cut the government down to size and hold it accountable, to totore the accountability, protect our borders, to repeal obamacare finally and put a health care system in place and defeat our enemies. you are going to help me get that done, and i want you to hold me accountable. i want to tell you a funny story. when i first running for the presidency, i was asked by a seasoned political reporter here in iowa. they say, you know, you are not used to the level of accountability and scrutiny that presidential candidates are. really? and let me tell you what i had to do as chief executive. every 90 days, i had to stand up and tell the world what we had done the previous 90 days in excruciating detail, and that i
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had to answer their questions in public about what we had done, and then i had to talk about what we were going to do, our intentions, or the next 90 years and the next two years in detail, and i had to answer every question in public, and if i misrepresented our intentions, i would be held criminally liable. imagine the standard we hope residents to it? presidents -- if we held presidents to it? hold me accountable, and you're going to help me get it done. let me tell you a story. this is a story both about the power you have as citizens, but it is also a story about why we have to take our country back. remember the scandal at the v.a.? remember that? learned to oure great core that veterans were dying and that bureaucrats were cooking the books so that nobody
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would find out -- to our great horror? revelation that you exercise power, you flex your muscles, you flooded congress with tweets and posts and phone calls and e-mails, and guess what? that power, that pressure , a divided congress congress, acted in three weeks. in three short weeks, congress passed a bill that said we could fire the top 100 senior of -- officials at the v.a.. it is a breakthrough. you cannot fire anyone in the government. by the way, a great idea. senatepassed the 99-zero, and president obama signed into law. that is because you put pressure, but then here is what happened. we all went on with our lives, and despite all of the speeches, three people got fired. over 300,000
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veterans died before receiving health care, and the v.a. handed formillions in bonuses superb performance. ladies and gentlemen, we cannot settle for this. it is a stain on our nation's honor. but -- [applause] but it is aa: reminder that you have power, and you know what? when we use our power, things happen, but when we do not use our power, when you do not use your power, as citizens of this great nation, we lose it, so the first item on my blueprint is we have to go from the thousands -- 73,000 page tax code, and all of favorsmplexity always the big, the powerful, the well-connected, the wealthy. the second item on that blueprint says we are got to change the way the government budgets money to get control over the money, not theirs, and
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the government does not budget the way you or i do. you budget, right? you examine every dollar. right? that is how you budget. that is not how the government budgets. once the government has the money, they own it, and they never have to give it back. they just ask for more year after year after year, and that is how they never have enough money, so you know what? we have to force the government to budget the way you do. the way you budget is pretty common sense. you do not budget this way. now, you know there is a bill sitting on the floor of the u.s. house, and we have got to get it voted on, just like we have to get the tax code passed. by the way, there is a plan for a three-page tax code lying around for 20 years. why do you suppose those things do not get acted on? you change the tax code, change the, and you
9:20 pm
way government budgets money, what are you doing? everybody's ox, aren't you? how do we get these things voted on? i will tell you. i will ask you to take out your smartphones or your ipads, and if you have a flip phone, you might want to consider upgrading. [laughter] i say thisna: because i have noticed the great attachment of iowans to their flip funds. you are holding onto it for dear life. so i am going to ask you to take choice, smart device of and i'm going to say, do you agree with me that we ought to pass this 20-year old tax code and get control over the money that you sent to washington every year by making them budget the same way you budget?
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me, this is with the 21st century, and there is an app. technology is an unbelievably powerful tool. we use it for silly things like putting people off of islands. too bad we cannot do that with t rump, by the way. that is one for
9:22 pm
yes and one for no. i know you decide notoriously late. people have said, ok, i have only seen you three times. [laughter] anyway, youa: cannot wait to see me debate hillary clinton. you cannot wait, and you know what is going to happen. i am going to win. because i know more than virtually -- about virtually everything than she does. i know, that is right.
9:23 pm
you have not accomplished much in your life. you have been wrong about every foreign-policy challenge, and i what different it makes some americans died in benghazi, what a difference it makes when terrorists purposely attack an american embassy and the next morning, you stand up, and you lie about it and talk about a video that does not represent our videos. of saying this was a andoseful terrorist attack the united states will retaliate, mrs. clinton, what you're saying to every adversary we have an every terrorist organization in the world, it is open season on america. [applause] know,fiorina: you
9:24 pm
politics is covered like a sports, like a game, but it is not a game, and it is not a when we are all finished thinking about winning, unique to think -- the people of iowa need to think because you have an important responsibility. the people of iowa need to think carefully about what it will take to actually do the job. take to do the job of president of the united states and commander in chief. i think it takes somebody who understands how to create a job, how to save a job. we hadr words, i think better have a president who understands how the economy works. --do not need a president to and we need a president who understands how he world works. the truth is, i have more foreign-policy experience that anyone running it i have been around for decades. i have held the highest post.
9:25 pm
i have it by ccia, the nsa, two secretaries of defense, the secretary of homeland security. i know our military. i know our warriors. i know our intelligence capability. allies and more adversaries that anyone with the possible exception of hillary clinton, only i did not do photo ops with them. we are getting another microphone. so i know, ladies and gentleness, having been around the world and knowing the things that i know and doing the things i have done, i know that when we do not stand with our allies, and when we do not confront our adversaries, the world becomes a very dangerous and tragic waste, so on day one, we need a real reset. reset about how the world perceives us, and on
9:26 pm
day one, i'm going to make two phone calls from the oval office. one is to benjamin netanyahu. this is really getting huh?vating, benjamin netanyahu, the prime minister of israel, to let him know we are going to stand with the state of israel. [applause] now, ladies and gentlemen, that is a really important phone call, but, ladies and jonah, let me tell you about knowing who must help us in the fight against isis. i can tell you that even our arab allies, the saudi's, the egyptians, the kurds, all of disagree with israel, but they also watch how we treat israel.
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maybe this is a problem. no? all right. the batteries are going bad. ok, i'm going to shout as loud as i can. if you cannot hear me, wave your hands? all of our era allies who disagree strenuously with israel also watch how we are treating israel, and they concluded we are willing to treat our friends israel like that, then their friendship does not mean anything to us, and we need those arab allies to help us to beat isis, but the second phone call i'm going to make is to be supreme leader of iran. now, i will tell you i have never met him. i have never been to his country, and i actually do not of tea, so is cup do not think he is going to take my phone call, but the message is this. new deal. new deal with the new president. until and unless you open every military and every nuclear facility to anytime, anywhere
9:28 pm
inspections by our people, not yours, we, the united states of america, are going to make it as difficult as possible to move money. we can do that, and i know how to do it, and we do not need any collaboration around the world to do it, because until and unless -- [applause] unlessiorina: until and we stop the money flow, the iranians are going to use it to fund terrorism, fund the military buildup, and fund a military buildup, which is not peaceful. and, most deftly, iran is our adversary, and vladimir putin is, as well, and donald trump is in a bromance withputin. those two w phone calls, a reset will go out that the united states is going to stand with our allies. and we are back in the leadership business, which is where we belong.
9:29 pm
[applause] we need aina: president who understands bureaucracy, folks, because our government has become one giant, bloated, in that, corrupt bureaucracy, and we better have someone who understands how to size,reaucracies down to and believe me, the first place we need to start is the money. we have to get control of the money. a president has to understand technology. guess what? it is really important in the 21st-century, and i'm going to use it to harness your power, weapon.nology is also a it is a weapon that is being wielded against us by our enemies, and we need a president who knows what to do about it. right now, we are losing the war inside her, but we will not with president fiorina in the white house. [applause]
9:30 pm
carly fiorina: the last thing i'm going to say, we need a president who understands what leadership is. leadership is sometimes making a tough call in a tough time and standing up and being held to account, and we have lots of fine candidates running for president, that we have some candidates running -- thank you. we have some candidates running -- we have some candidates running who has never made a tough call in their lives. they have not made an executive decision in their lives. challengings about the status quo. all right, i will keep shouting. leadership is about challenging the status quo. you know, if you do not challenge the status quo, you cannot solve problems. managers just do the best they can with in the system. we have a lot of people who manage, and we need somebody who is going to lead and not be afraid to challenge the system. [applause] and finally, and
9:31 pm
then i will take your questions finally. i learned my most important lesson about leadership a long time ago. when i was a secretary, i thought that the leader was whoever had the big office, the big title, the big parking perks, andthe big then i got a little wiser, and i got there repeat with big egos to go along with them, and they were not leaving area you see, leadership has nothing to do with the size of your office. it does not have anything to do with the shape of your office. in no way does it have anything to do with the size of your ego. a leader is a servant. a leader serves. and the highest calling of a leader is to unlock potential in others. my highest calling, ladies and gentlemen, is to restore a citizen government to this great nation. i will not falter.
9:32 pm
i will not sit down and be quiet, and i will not settle, so i ask you. stand with me. fight with me. vote for me. it is time to take our country back, citizens. [applause] carly fiorina: thank you. thank you. ok, questions. yes, ma'am? diagnosed with alzheimer's and theyr years ago, planned to retire and retire and enjoy life, and there are medications. president, iected wonder what you will do to support funding of research? so my dad died of
9:33 pm
alzheimer's, as well, so i am very sorry. the question was about alzheimer's, if you could not hear it. i will keep trying to shout, and when you cannot hear me, let me know. look. there are lots of races in our health care system where we are not making enough investment, and one of the things the government should be doing more of is basic research that helps everyone. oure are lots of places in health care system where we are not making enough investment. alzheimer's is one. you heard that my husband frank and i buried our younger daughter to the demons of , and mental illness and the treatment and that is another place. with obama, we were told we were going to invest. the only problem is it is not working. i am a cancer survivor, but i am a walking, talking, pre-existing condition.
9:34 pm
i really do understand that you cannot leave families behind because of pre-existing conditions, that here is what is going on with obama care. we have lots people up with so many rules, and caregivers are having a really tough time. premiums are going up. more and more people into medicaid, and fewer and fewer doctors are accepting medicaid, and, by the way, buried and all of those complicated pages of obamacare, remember nancy pelosi said we have to pass it to know what is in it? remember that? let me tell you about one of the things in obamacare. buried in there is a federal government takeover of the student loan business. the federal government has taken over the student loan business, and the federal government now decides how much your student is going to pay for their student the, and do you know what government has decided? that you're going to pay between 4.5% and 8.5% interest on every
9:35 pm
loan. meanwhile, the u.s. government pays up to 2% interest on its debt. now, ladies angela, let that sink in. the federal government took over the student loan business and the pages of obamacare and makes money on every single loan. that is a racket, ladies and gentlemen. it is a racket. take our country back, so i'd another three on the agenda is we must repeal obamacare. -- item number three on the agenda is we must repeal obamacare. we have to make investments where it matters. and then we have to replace or obamacare was something that is going to work, so let me tell you what we're going to replace it with. number one, we're going to move money -- when we get control of the money, we are going to move the money that to the states and asked them to manage it. there are people who truly need help, and we need to help them,
9:36 pm
and when you put money closer to the people who are impacted by the decisions, what do you get? better decisions. so we're going to ask the states to manage the high risk pools. number two, the federal government should not mandate what health insurance you buy, and they should not lock caregivers up with a bunch of rules and rates, but here is what the government should mandate, that every health care provider publish on a regular basis their costs, their prices, their outcomes. because guess what? you do not have a clue what you're buying in health care. time in hospitals, and i did not know the cost of my care or the quality of my care compared to somewhere else, and when you do not know cost and price and quality, you do not know anything, and when you do not know nothing, guess what? you have no power, and by the way, there is no incentive to cost to go down and for quality go up because no one knows what
9:37 pm
it is. then finally, we're going to do what nolth insurance one has ever done. what is health insurance? it is a cozy, little game it. we used to play it. the regulators got together with the iowa health insurance companies and decide that not many of you can play this game and compete, and what we have done with obamacare is make that one day, national, cozy game what have we never tried in health insurance? free have we tried a market, an actual free market, where people have to compete for your business. from the technology industry. it is the most relentlessly competitive industry in the world. it is the closest thing we have to be free market, and what have you come to expect from technology? >> a lot. that is right, a lot. , year after year
9:38 pm
after year. they have to compete for your will pick ad you plan that you can afford. that is how we're going to fix health care. [applause] carly fiorina: yes, ma'am? >> what is your favorite part of the constitution? wow, my favorite part of the constitution. you know, i appreciate what was said about the first amendment being the heart, but right now actually, i think my favorite is likethe constitution nine and 10 and parts of 14 that remind us that the federal government has certain and if thosewers, powers are not enumerated, and then they belong to states and see,iduals, because, you we have forgotten what the federal government is supposed
9:39 pm
to do. the federal government is doing all of this stuff it is not supposed to do, and they are not doing it very well. the original blueprint for this country was the constitution of the united rates, so my little blueprint is going to take the big blueprint, the constitution, in my, and when we get control of the money, all of the stuff they are not supposed to do, they are not going to do it anymore. we will get the money back to the states and committees and citizens to get it done. there are certain things the federal government has to do. an federal government, for example, has to protect our border, because of we cannot protect our border, we cannot protect our serenity. doing those things we're badly we will do well, and we will give things back to individuals and the states. [applause] yes, sir, and then i will come to the young lady over here.
9:40 pm
m a first-time voter, and i am feeling pressure from every candidate. do you have a certain push that you can get younger voters to caucus and push for you? carly fiorina: well, you can. [laughter] i cannot do this on my own. if you want to go out and caucus, there are a lot of young people here. you go out. i have a little rule. i have a little rule. one picture, one vote. that is how it works. [laughter] carly fiorina: it seems fair, doesn't it? it seems there. but let me also seriously say to you you can help. you can go out and talk to every young person you know, because here is the thing, ladies and gentlemen. yes, candidates, we have got to do our thing. we have got to convince you, but the truth is that most people by thet influenced
9:41 pm
people they know, and they like you, and they respect you, and they might even love you, so, you know what? go talk to them. for "i'm going to caucus carly, and i want you to caucus for her also." do you know whose future is at stake? it is yours. it is young people's future at stake. runs around and does not tell you that they have messed it up. they are not talking about income inequality and that the bigger and more powerful the government gets, the truer it gets, and only be powerful and the wealthy can deal with it. you see, socialism makes income inequality worse, and all you have to do is look at the last eight years. because under last eight years under barack obama, 95% of the wealth created went to the top 5%, so i hope that young people are going to be pressing one of
9:42 pm
four yes and two for know, because that is the world you live in. and if you need help convincing them, try this. i asked young people all of the time. you as a to borrow little prop. i know, i know. believe me, i have experienced it. how do things work for you in here? you inthings work for here? you know, it is responsible, responsive, and you are in control. work for you.ings now, think of your last trip to the dmv. how did that feel? did you feel valued? did you feel listened to question mark would anyone even look you in the eye? no. that is what government looks like, folks. that is what government looks like when it is unresponsive and out of control, and that is why we have to take it back for you.
9:43 pm
[applause] carly fiorina: the young lady right there. >> thank you. carly fiorina: you are welcome. if younted to ask you are elected president, the people have made a career -- no, but let me tell you the kind of people i will put in my cabinet. they have to have three characteristics. number one, they all have to be leaders, not managers. leaders. you see, there are a lot of people who want to get a cabinet position because they want to kind of settled into that big office and kind of except things the way they are and go to cocktail parties. that does not make them bad people. it just makes them managers. i need leaders who will challenge the status quo and roll up their lead -- their sleeves and say we can get control of this for the citizens of the nation, so they have got to be leaders.
9:44 pm
number two, they have to bring different things to the table than i do, because, you see, i have learned over many years that the best teams are not people who are all the same, they are teams of people of different perspectives and different -- because when everyone is the same and you all agree with each other quickly, you're probably missing something. who bringeople something different to the table. and number three, they must be truth tellers, and most important, they must be truth tellers to me, because the most dangerous thing that happens to any executive and especially to the president of the united states is that people stop telling them the truth and start telling them what they want to hear. that is deadly. those are the people i want to put in the cabinet. [applause] >> thank you for reminding us of the many things you have talked about tonight. theyou address the issue of money and citizens united? look.fiorina:
9:45 pm
crony capitalism is alive and well. do you know what crony capitalism is? crony capitalism is when only the big and the powerful and the wealthy and well-connected can deal with the overcomplicated government, and crony capitalism has existed under democrats and republicans alike. way, let's just say the truth. donald trump is the ultimate crony capitalist. he may portray himself as an outsider. he is the ultimate insider. hillary clinton has made millions selling access and influence from inside the system, and donald trump has made billions by fine people off, like hillary clinton, and he freely admits it, so guess what? we are not going to change the situation by putting a crony capitalist in the oval office. no, we are not. look, the same rules have to apply to everyone, so i find it
9:46 pm
the height of hypocrisy when democrats say such a terrible thing, that it is terrible that corporations fund politics, but it is ok if unions do. i find it the height of hypocrisy when they say wall street, come on in and fund my super pac. so here is my answer. let's just be transparent about anything. anybody who wants to put money in, go ahead and put it on. ladies and gentleness, i'm going to close it up -- ok, we will take one more often from the young lady over here. is it hard running for president? what a good last question. well, i will tell you the truth. there are things about running for president that are a joy every day. this, for me, is a joy. sitome to a restaurant, to with citizens who care deeply about their nation, some very young and more senior, to hear
9:47 pm
substantive questions, and not a single one of you has asked me about donald trump. that is all i hear about. you can ask me substantive questions. this is a joy because you care about the future of this nation, and so do i. there are hard things. i mean, it is hard to go all day every day day after day, but i do it with gratitude. i truly do. so i would not trade this for a thing. maybe you want to run for president some day, but i hope you do not mind if a warm up the chair for you. applause]d carly fiorina: all right. this lady is begging. go ahead. quite and i just wonder if there is an extra podium there after you do the first debate -- will
9:48 pm
you decide to go on that extra podium? i cannot change the media. this is a real game, folks. you know, the media decides who gets covered. the media decides who gets listened to. the media has already decided this race, but guess what? you have not voted yet. do you know who can change the media? you can't. you can. you send me out of here with the wind at my back, and they might start paying more attention, so, listen, my fellow citizens. we can get all of this done. ite running for president, is not going to be quick and easy, but i do not think you expect quick and easy. i think would you expect is leadership and results. this is an exceptional nation. not a perfect nation, but it is an exceptional nation. it is an exceptional nation
9:49 pm
because we believe profoundly for every life and that everyone is gifted by god and has enormous potential, and we know in our bones that power dispersed into the hands of the many is more competent, more compassionate, wise, and just manpower concentrated into the hands of a few. we have had too much power, too much money concentrated in the for too along.w so i will not sit down and be quiet. stand with me. fight with me. caucus for me. it is time. we must take our future back. we must take our politics and our future back. stand with me, citizens. we must take our country back. [applause] carly fiorina: god bless you all.
9:50 pm
thank you so much. thank you. i got you. you want a picture, come on out. but you know the rules. one picture, one vote. to get in there. carly fiorina: absolutely.
9:51 pm
>> we have got to get -- so i can hear it. >> b -a -- guest: ok, got it. is this -- a: ok. let's turn around and have a picture. how is that? >> 1, 2, 3. carly fiorina: all right, there you go. thanks for coming. ok. thank you.
9:52 pm
all right, come on. quite modern medical technology. yes, i would. ok. all right. go caucus for me.
9:53 pm
carly fiorina: good, good, good. awesome. all right. thank you. my son's right back there. from day one, first time voting. on the other side. carly fiorina: do we have you? >> all right. carly fiorina: sometimes you have to follow the kids' lead. thank you. ok.
9:54 pm
>> ok, she has my number. to befiorina: i'm going in iowa until monday night. >> one bad thing about living here. carly fiorina: all right, who has got your camera? >> can i get a quick photo? thank you. all right, that
9:55 pm
is one vote. all right. >> i will get out here. where is your camera? all right. ok, all right. thank you. carly fiorina: thank you. how are you question mark this is kind of crazy. thank you.
9:56 pm
when you turn 18 -- all right. yes. >> would you mind signing your picture? carly fiorina: caucusing, all right? thank you.
9:57 pm
all right, all right. >> everything. >> thank you. carly fiorina: all of those other people who are leaning -- you vote for me. all right? thank you. >> i appreciate that. >> i look forward to the primary for you. carly fiorina: thank you. thank you. all right. thank you.
9:58 pm
i have to tell you -- carly fiorina: i get it, i get it. thank you. thank you. >> my pregnant wife. carly fiorina: ok. two and a half. carly fiorina: thank you so much? thank you, guys. all right. nice to see you. oh, ok. not be working.
9:59 pm
>> i can take one. ok? >> ok. >> all right. carly fiorina: i know. ok. yes. yes, i think so. do you want his or her name? >> we have four kids.
10:00 pm
>> ready? hold on one second. got it. thank you. >> you looked great today. >> ready? got it.


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