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  Newsmakers  CSPAN  February 28, 2016 6:01pm-6:40pm EST

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debt going up to $21 trillion. we have people who do not have a clue, a budget that was passed as a total disaster. you heard the on the this budget . were going to start having wonderful budgets. this country so strong and build up our military which is so depleted. our military is so depleted from mismanagement and listening to guys like lindsey graham truck bombs here, drop bombs on a side. how can you do this if you are doing that. that's why we're there for so long. isis.e out
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you know we got a lot of heat for that. putin was very nice and said donald donald trump is a genius. >> donald trump is going to be the great leader of the party. these people come up and say we want mr. trump to disavow that statement. russia wrong with having work with us with having russia .rop bombs all over isis june 16 i came down. the pundits that he will not run and then i was running. and they said he will never sign
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-- do you think this is fun? running for president takes guts. it is not easy. , you love her? that is beautiful. she is great. either. easy for her, i will tell you this, it is a tough thing. let's take a deep breath, i made a speech and talked about illegal immigration and all hell broke out. you wouldn't even be talking -- itillegal immigration was far bigger than anyone knew. i knew. i have friends who live in california, texas and friends who have become addicted to drugs that flow to that border. we won hampshire -- i was
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treated so well. there were great people out there. the first thing that always told me about is that they have a tremendous heroine problem. everything is beautiful and it doesn't seem right. it is pouring through the southern border. i said we're going to get this ended. so i went out and we brought this up and said we're going to have strong borders and mexico will pay for the wall 100%. these politicians -- the other day i heard two, i never heard it before -- i heard little marko appear my wife said to me, i never heard that before and honestly i had not but marco
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rubio said, we're going to build a wall. i heard the same thing from ted cruz. he is terrific. he endorsed me and let me tell joe from arizona knows about borders. he endorsed trump. speechppens i gave the and -- rush limbaugh said i have never seen anybody take more of . beating from the press then people started to realize that i'm right. between the crime and the drugs are going to have people come in we have to strengthen our
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borders. it morphed into something much different. paris andhe attack in los angeles and all of a sudden people started looking to me for protection and safety -- i will .e so good, i will be so tough we're going to protect our , and went from trade -- you cannot lose $500 billion per year with china which is what we lost last year with china. people --se not smart they say that donald trump is not a free trader -- i am. we have to do something and get something out of it. >> i guess i'm not a free trader
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because it will not work that way. i know china very well, they pay me tens of billions of dollars. i have the bank of america building in san francisco because of china. in a it is a -- i got it hostile fashion. you would be very proud of me. mexico i did not like that leader, i did not like his filthy language. was supposed to give him everything. but mexico is great and the people are great. hispanicsands of working for me over the years. probably have is the leaders of mexico china and japan, all of the leaders all over the world are smarter, tougher and more
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cunning. they are stupid people. i will be the greatest jobs for dissing president -- the greatest jobs producing president. china sends the stuff in here with no tax -- i have many friends in the manufacturing business they can't get into china and if they do they pay a massive tariff or tax. it is a one-sided deal and our people do not want to talk about it. we will start talking about it because we want to lose that kind of money. we have rebuilt china.
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that's the greatest theft and history of the world. -- the renewed that deal. it's a great building. i talked about it with respect. i wish our leaders were doing to them -- i would be so happy with our leaders. we are going to straighten out trade. air conditioners -- i buy them. it's a good company. to mexico pfizer is moving. it's a big pharmaceutical company. we have to stop it.
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a $2.5 billiong plant in mexico. anything and now they are doubling down. the reason is nobody talks to them thatobody tells there will be repercussions if you do this. i went to a school of finance, you all and to good schools and colleges -- or no school. it doesn't make a difference. if you takes carrier -- 1400 people out of a job. and say, you're out of a job, we are moving to mexico. you had to see the people, they were devastated. they're moving right to mexico. what good does that do? they will make air-conditioners and sell them to the united states with no taxes were nothing. we lose the jobs and the buildings and get nothing.
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carrier isat but going to sell air-conditioners they will be competing with other companies that make them in the united states. there are many of those companies left. you want to buy a television set, you have to go to soak -- south korea. samsung -- here is the story, if i am president, what i do -- it is not very presidential, everyone always "when." i don't what to say that because they say i am egotistical. on tuesday go out and you have to vote. you have to vote.
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you have to vote for the ends.nt and banks -- i wish the cameras would just focus once on that area. i was they would focus on the area where we have 4000 people standing. hazard when a fire you are standing outside? in all fairness -- i have this problem. i work very hard. my best friends have become fire marshals. to a place, we need the help of the fire marshals but usually it is on the inside of a building. re, you have thousands of people coming -- how can you
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have a problem? we are outside, there is no building. let them in. mr. fire marshal, whoever you are. let them come in. come on. i don't get it. we need common sense in the world. if we were inside a building i would say can you let some in? we sent away thousands. i hate it. i have gone back to areas just to take care of the people we sent in. but like this it is ridiculous. it is not very presidential, i should not call out carrier. if one of these other guys heard cruz it like rubio or ted -- they don't care, you are right. are taken care of and a lobbyist will see them and say you cannot take -- do that.
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down soi have turned much money. i feel so foolish. i tell people that my whole life is about money accumulation. i tell people that i am so greedy like money, money. now i tell people that i have a -- he who is a great guy wants to give me $10 million, another one like to get the $5 million, $20 million, they will give me anything i want. no and bill comes over and says donald, when can i give it? i say i feel foolish. like what am i doing? i don't know if people appreciate it? i'm not sure they appreciate it.
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[cheers] i love everybody. have -- i shouldn't tell you this but i could do anything and they still love me. you could do anything and i will love you, too. of the club, a tremendously rich guy in the credit card business and fantastic. he says i would like to give you as a money as you want for the campaign. don't forget that i have been number one since i started. 7%.tarted off at 5% and 12%.week it goes to thismore on karl rove --
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karl rove -- if you listen the guys like him you will never win another election. he is the worst. any time i see him i say, turn off the set. wontill thinks that romney the election. you will never win again. 12% and they say he is reaching up than 20% than 25% -- every time -- today reuters has me at 44% nationally. forget. that's with five people. more than that probably. now they say i will take 44% all
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they long with five people but i listen to karl rove and he will they will gang up on trump. the only way you will be him. i feel so strong because they say he is unbeatable one on one. you have to gang up. these morons are shaking hands and waiting to each other. every single online poll says that i won the debate. me,you see they are behind shaking hands, high-fiving -- folks, can i be honest? we just want to make our country so great, what is the big deal? what security and health care and we want to get rid of common core. our secondecimate amendment. we want to have a good life and a wonderful family and a great
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job. this whole thing with the viciousness and the stupidity and the craziness so karl rove says he has 45. that.t won shortly before be teds supposed to cruz's stronghold. a high evangelical population. boring do nothing all talk no action politicians. they cannot do it anymore. jerry falwell junior has been one of the endorsers. he has been so great.
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sarah palin has been a great endorser. junior has done such a job and he said two things that i really loved. everybody knows jerry. every candidate automatically goes to liberty. the cherry follow junior says donald trump most reminds me of my father which is a great complement because i knew of his father. he said my father had to make a cartern and he had jimmy was a person who read the bible and new the bible and he had ronald reagan who fell to do much better later. ronald reagan turned out to be a
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great president i think it's a great story. junior has jerry been amazing. he's been amazing. a great impact on the success we have had. so what we are going to do is turn things around. we will turn trade. we will do the following. i'm telling you about carrier. it is not presidential -- i will call carrier. we have the greatest business minds in the world. we use political hacks -- often times they get there because of contributions to these candidates. hackspolitical negotiating the biggest deals in the world. badher good ones and the
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i have others endorsing me all the time -- i hate to say it, i am becoming mainstream. all of these people are endorsing me. when i get jeff sessions that means a lot to me. that means a lot. especially since he has never done it before. so i would say to carrier, i want to do it myself. i know it is not residential. they will say, donald trump will call carrier -- i will do it quietly. they will say oh the president of united states is on the phone and i will say, listen, here is the story. i hope that you enjoy your plant, i know it will be beautiful.
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it's costing us a lot of money so here's the deal. . sell anngle time you air conditioner in the united states you will pay a 30% tax. every single time. this, ite to tell you would say the same thing to ford companysco and every that would like to leave our country. again folks, i am a free trader, but we cannot have it. we are losing our country and our business. caterpillar, look at them. japan cuts or currency -- they
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devalue their currency. china is the all-time great chessmaster. deal, the the trade transpacific partnership is a horrible deal for our country and what i love is that jeff sessions is totally opposed to it. moreis more jobs lost and money lost. it is another disaster. every deal that we do is bad. to every deal we do will be phenomenal for us. say past 35%. i hope it works out well.
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i will be called by the lawyers and the lobbyists and all of these bloodsuckers that get the lightweight senator on my right eyethe senator on my left people and they will say to me the following. these are not stupid people, but they will -- that's right, that's right -- but by the time they think about it they will be contacted by their lobbyists. you have lobbyists who do not deserve their people -- like they have a sign that says, i will take care of rubio, i have ted cruz. these guys have such power. you think were making bad deals, a lot of times you think the people that run it are so stupid. knoware not stupid, they
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that it is bad, but they get paid a fortune in campaign contributions and other things that we do not know about. probably other things. i don't want to accuse anybody. they probably get things you don't want to know about. 35% tell him you will pay -- a couple people called me that don't want anything, i don't want their money. within 24 hours, i will get a theirrom either one of representatives or the hedge guy and they will say mr. president, we have decided to stay in the united states. that's 100%. 100% --alking about it's not like, maybe we can get lucky.
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we can make such incredible deals will stop we spend more money on the military than many countries put together. we spend more than any country times two. one of the reasons is we are protecting everybody else. we protect germany and japan. attackedn, if we get they don't have to do anything. tothey get attacked we have go protect them and end up in world war iii. what kinds of deals are these? we protect japan and south korea. i like south korea, but we don't have the money to do it anymore. what is that? it is isis, cut them down. down soshoot that guy
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quick your head would spin. what you think general mccarthy or george patton would do with isis? long do you think general george patton who was a rough, --gh guy, don't get rougher they would die for them. we'll have that today. we have generals who go -- we don't have that today. you have generals who go on tv and say well it is very tough. we have the right people in the right minds -- it is seriously depleted. the general, when he left -- people should not do this. he goes on television and says that our military is the most depleted of any time that he has seen or heard of.
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we will build it up. it's the cheapest thing we can do. nobody will mess with us. it's the cheapest thing we can do. we are going to buy and get all of these countries making a fortune. japan with the cars, millions of cars we send out practically nothing. they will, and pay for protection. we don't even have a good relationship with them. china is building a military fortress in the south china sea. i don't think they are worried about the snails and the fish in the snakes. you know what they do, they say to say morning we want to go
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there and they start four hours later. with us it would take 45 years of environmental impact studies. obama is always talking about the carbon footprint. one, theakes air force and he plays golf. so we will get our jobs back. we will take care of our military. jobill do such incredible we will take care of our vets. metal [captioning performed by the national captioning institute,
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they are treated better than our vets and we will not let that happen anymore. we will make unbelievable trade deals and we will become a rich nation. a woman came up to me recently and mr. trump, i do not like one thing you say. president, but don't say we are going to become a rich nation again. it doesn't sound good. isaiah sounds great. we cannot become great if we are losing $500 million a year to china and hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to every other country. we do not make a good deals anymore. deal, do not send money. i do not want any money, i don't need any money. i want you on tuesday, this is our movement, happy birthday.
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it is his birthday. i love you people. i love you people. men is that a lot of people. i love you people. [applause] yourself, listen to this. everybody thinks that you have the best location. they do, because tomorrow morning they are going to become famous, and they can only see the back of your head. they are all going to become famous. here is the story, no money. on tuesday you have to get out and vote. we have to win a great we have to win big.
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how good is that alabama football team? [applause] i love champions. i love champions. i do not know your coach, but i tell you what, maybe he is endorsing somebody else, he has a great job he has done here. i love the team. they are so professional. you have to get out and we have to vote on tuesday everybody, if you vote, we will win sunday. we are leading in every single site, we are all mostly in texas. i have a feeling we're going to win texas also. we want to keep this movement. one of the big writers said in the history of politics, in the history of all six of the united states, and i don't even
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understand it, they singer has never been anything like this that has ever happened. they have never seen anything like it. it is so amazing. they call it a phenomenon. you are a phenomenon. we are all a phenomenon you are a phenomenon. here is the story. one of them said to me congratulations, it has never been done before. before.ever been done what you have done with the crowds, the enthusiasm from your change politics. i have spent less money on some guys.that some of these wouldn't it be nice if our country could do that? wouldn't it be great? we will do that. in education from it is so important because it is about the american dream. is dead,can dream
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which it is. the american dream is dead. we're going to make it anger and better and stronger than ever before. but, to be someone who gets a piece of the american dream, education is so important. something you like, listen to your paradigm of education is so important. we are first in money spent, but we are last in education and we pupil --e money than by pupil then number two menu would not believe it. and yet we are last. puma sweden copy of norway community and were immune of china, and we are number 30. you have on that list that you never even heard of. and we are number 30. we spend the most and we are the worst. we're going to change it around.
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that goes with purchasing, we're going to start competitive bidding in the drug industry. we do not competitively bid. we are losing billions and billions of dollars. we did not been properly in the military. how often do you read where they are getting a plain that they do not want? country is more political muscle in the company that makes the claim that everybody wants. credit ifaster, better see it all the time. it is terrible. those days are over. here's what i want. we are going to go on tuesday, first of all -- i love you people. i love you people. thank you.
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on tuesday coming to go out. he will vote and we ideally, we want to have a resounding victory. especially, i respect this place so much for it i've so many friends from this area. it is an amazing area, it is an amazing state. diverse, incredible people. you have to go out, you devote, we have to win. i promise you this, you're going to remember this gorgeous, universal evening. this is dutiful, isn't it? a little windy. it is a little bit windy, why should my hair blowing all over the ice? here is the story. winninging to start again. we are going to win at train. we are going to win in the military, they are going to
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knock the hell out of isis. going to win with health care. we're going to win with education. we will get rid of common core. we are going to win at the borders. we are going to win and we're going to keep winning. and we are going to make america great again, greater than ever before. greater than ever before. i love you all. tuesday go out and vote. i love you all. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. ♪
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