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tv   Conservatism and Foreign Policy  CSPAN  March 3, 2016 7:18pm-7:49pm EST

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the invitation to be here to speak with you. thank you. [applause] >> please join me in thanking our fantastic speakers. [applause] thanks to each of you for attending this session today. thingsu learn some you can take back your hometown. one the thread running through everybody's speech -- conservatives unite. we can and we will beat liberalism. thanks for coming to the session. have a great rest of cpac. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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gentlemen, please welcome, ambassador john bolton. ♪ ♪ ♪ ambassador bolton: thank you very much. it is a great pleasure to be here today. you know, the good news is that when we meet here again next year, barack obama will not be president. [applause] that is just about the last of the good news. [laughter] because if we don't act sensibly, hillary clinton will be the next president. [boos] and make no mistake, her national security policies are indistinguishable from barack obama's.
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it means for more years of the same thing. i have read her memoir, "hard choices," all 600 grinding, tedious pages of it. [laughter] anyhave to strain to find difference between her and obama. i just want to review here today what it means to have a continuation of the policies of the last seven years and the next year before us if hillary is elected. the fact is, obama has allowed the world to grow more dangerous and threatening and chaotic every day. what minimal order there was in the world, established by the united states and a system of alliances starting in 1945, is threatened with collapse by our lack of involvement. obama has taken positions of american strength, political strength, economic strength, and military strength developed over decades and allowed them to
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erode. we have seen structures of deterrence designed to protect american interests without conflict disappear. too many americans do not see that it has been american power and our alliances that have provided the sinews of this minimalist global order. others benefit from it and do not pay their fair share. they are exactly right, others do benefit from it and do not pay their fair share. but there is not anybody else who's going to do it. the united nations is not going to provide stability. the european union is not going to provide stability. and no other country is going to provide stability. it is aers benefit, plus for us. that they do not pay their fair share of the burden is something to be corrected. but let's be clear. we are not doing it for them.
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we are doing it for us. [applause] we are doing it to maintain our freedoms here at home, our standard of living, and our way of life. it is the disorder growing in the world now, which will continue to grow through inauguration day, if it goes on unchecked it may become irreparable. breakup of thes minimalist order we have created affect the united states? that is what most voters want to know. let's go quickly around the world. in asia, you see in your newspapers and on television every day that china is building islands in the south china sea and putting naval and air bases on top of those islands. they are intimidating their neighbors in southeast asia. they are pressing the free government of taiwan. they have expansionist ideals. what is our policy? hillary clinton can tell you in
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great detail, because it is her policy. how do you deal with an aggressive, nearly belligerent chinese effort to turn international waters into a chinese lake? her policy is negotiation with china. that's like saying our policy is prayer. please, china, don't do anything that upsets the balance. in fact, if china succeeds in turning the south china sea into chinese territorial waters, this is not an abstract dispute in some remote region of the world. every barrel of oil that goes to japan, south korea, and taiwan goes through the south china sea. china will have its hands around the throats of those three critical allies and economies. seenrth korea, we have now them conduct their fourth nuclear test, the third under obama. their ballistic missile program continues, to the point where
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the u.s. commander of our forces in korea has told us repeatedly that they are on the verge of being able to hit targets on the west coast of the united states. they are undoubtedly cooperating with the ayatollahs in iran on ballistic missiles and almost certainly nuclear weapons, and they are fully prepared to sell or nuclearogy weapons to terrorist groups that can come up with hard currency. what is hillary's policy for the first four years? the same as the first seven. in difference, avoidance, lack of or nuclear weapons to terrorist determinat. the north koreans have pressed ahead, and we have watched. let's take russia. this is the paradigm example of the failures of hillary's policies. remember the reset button? that really works well, didn't it? we gave up our national missile defense assets in poland and the czech republic. we have seen a near total collapse of national missile
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defense under obama, even from the limited program we pursued in the bush administration, a program whose sole purpose was ofprotect innocent civilians the united states against nuclear strikes by rogue states. withbama has abandoned it hillary's concurrence. she has negotiated a strategic arms agreement, which russia, is entirely in moscow's advantage. we watched russia sees the crimea by the threat and use of military force, violating a commitment we made in 1945 that never again would military force be allowed to change international boundaries on the continent of europe. we now see europe itself engulfed in turmoil, with a possible exit by britain from the european union and refugees overflowing borders and endangering the countries of western europe. taking the control of government
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out of the hands of their people. we have seen financial turmoil. what is hillary's position on the european union's? she thinks it is the greatest thing imaginable. in fact, europe today is last in the sum of its parts. that is harmful to the united states. vladimir putin sees this. he sees this weakness. he has used it against us, in crimea and ukraine. i predict almost certainly within the next 10 months, he will provoke a crisis again, in perhaps one of the baltic republics, in order to see what inton reactiony-cl will be. hasou look at since she launched her campaign, she has wrapped her arms around this administration on national security policy, a further demonstration of how closely tied she is. let's turn to the middle east,
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for forum of success barack obama and hillary clinton's foreign policies. what has happened? the region is descending into chaos? . state structures are dissolving. postcolonial, post-ottoman empire systems of boundaries and states are disappearing. you can run the table across north africa, from turmoil in ali, boko haram in nigeria and cameroon, libya having collapsed into complete anarchy, yemen also in a state of anarchy. iraq and syria having disappeared as functioning states. isis in control of what they call a new caliphate. the sinai peninsula, out of the control of the government of for terroristste and weapons smugglers, right up
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to the nuclear weapons program in iran, and in pakistan, where isis and al qaeda and the taliban are making a comeback. and what is our president's response? he wants to close the prison facility at gitmo and release prisoners to the battlefield against us. who supports that policy? hillary clinton. worst of all, look at the way that clinton and obama policies have treated our ally, israel. never in the history of the modern state of israel has it had a more antagonistic administration than the one currently in office. until hillary is elected, when she will take that title. we can see this in case after case. thatn see also russia, not content with causing trouble in eastern and central europe, has established a stronger military presence than at any point in the last 40 years when the egyptian
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president expelled soviet military advisers and brought egypt into the western orbit. we are now almost back to where we were in the depths of the cold war in the middle east. and that is not even bring us to the threat of iran's nuclear weapons program. the vienna deal the administration negotiated and signed last summer is the worst diplomatic failure in the history of the united states. [applause] make no no mistake, mistake, the diplomatic strategy john kerry pursued was written by hillary clinton. this is her policy. this is the policy we will see all across the world. yet we have seen, as i noted before, our missile defense utted along with the national defense budget.
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i could go on at great length, but i think the point here is clear. hillary clinton is a threat to national security, roughly equivalent to barack obama. [applause] greatest proof of that threat is her utter, total disdain for the protection of classified information entrusted to her as secretary of state. [applause] if she does not have the wit to protect her own e-mails, how can we expect her to protect us? we have had in the past 24 hours a dramatic development in the ongoing criminal investigation of the e-mail problem, in the granting of immunity to a low ranking state department person who set up the e-mail server. [applause]
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thisdemonstrates, demonstrates that the clinton campaign's reaction to this thing has been a live from the beginning. -- lie from the beginning. it was never a security investigation. they knew all along. the fbi and justice department are not think tanks. they investigate and prosecute violations of criminal law, which is exactly what we have here. [applause] campaign spokesman said yesterday, they were pleased that this individual was now cooperating with the department of justice. this is the kind of spin that their lapdogs in the media, who are too lazy or uneducated to understand reality, simply reported out again today. i tell you, the clinton campaign will say that they are pleased when they sit her with ankle
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bracelets, that they are pleased when she does the perp walk. [applause] and pleased when they fit her with that orange jumpsuit. there is no doubt in my mind, and i speak both as an alumnus of the justice department and an alumnus of the state department. if i had done 1/10 of what she did, i would be in jail already. [applause] for god sakes, don't applaud that. [laughter] forget the political spin. hillary is in deep legal jeopardy, and she should be. thatieve it is inevitable national security will be at the center of the 2016 election. it should be, because the first job of the president of the
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united states is to protect our national security. that is the centerpiece of this job. because if our security internationally is not protected, all of our freedoms here at home are in jeopardy, and all of the other issues, important though they are, become secondary. hillary has failed in this so many times. the e-mail scandal is one example. but i think the real failure, and the one that sticks in the public's mind, the one we should fixate on, if she is not indicted and does get the democratic nomination, is her cowardice at benghazi. [applause] she didof the attack, not talk to the secretary of defense once. with americans under fire, being killed, in jeopardy all around
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the middle east, she did nothing. that night, she left the state department with americans in jeopardy and went home. the next weekend, she didn't have the courage to appear on the sunday talk shows. they sent th hapless susan rice out to face them. this is cowardice, ladies and gentlemen,. this is not what we need in a commander-in-chief. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> now, a message from american conservative union's vacations director, ian walters -- communications director, ian walters. ♪ ac.hello, cp
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how many of you are thinking ambassador john bolton would make a great secretary of state? [applause] you heard it here first, america. in 1981, as you heard from my boss dan schneider, ronald reagan came here and delivered a historic address. he said, our time is now, and we stand shoulder to shoulder in the thickest of the fight. look who is sitting to your left and right. these are our brothers and sisters, our fellow citizens and patriots. if we hang together, mark my words, we will make history and change the future of america for the better. can you see that -- our time is now. -- i can't hear your voices out there. do it one more time. this is all about your voice.
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you can hear my voice out there, but the point of this message is to make sure we can hear your voice. there are a lot of people who work hard to make this event a success. some are visible. some are behind-the-scenes. this event doesn't happen, it is not a success without everybody here in the audience. this event is about you. it is about the folks sitting in the chair's. we work hard to make sure everybody gets here, and we put on a good show for you. but when it comes to hearing your voice, i want you to know your voice has impact. evise this event specifically so your voice has impact. follow us on twitter and use #askcpac, where you can ask any question on stage or submit questions for presidential candidates on twitter using #a skcpac. only can we make history if we
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come together and use a megaphone to talk to all the people who will be the decision-makers in america. are you with me? what is the hashtag? #askcpac. follow us at twitter. your questions for the presidential candidates will come from twitter. the folks asking the question will be on the scroll, and you will get a shout out if your question is selected. we want to know what you think, and what questions need to be answered for all our speakers, for the presidential candidates. do it with me. . -- do it with me. #askcpac. your question might be the one that makes it on national television and make a difference. your time is now, cpac. all right. see you later.
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>> ladies and gentlemen. from the great state of south carolina, please welcome senator ben scott. ♪ ♪ ♪ sen. scott: cpac! it is good to be back at cpac. i hear there are some south carolina names out there. let me hear you scream. oh yeah. we have a lot that we love in south carolina. we love our shrimp and grits. can i get an amen? we also have an amazing delegation, from congressman
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jeff duncan all the way to my great friend the amazing trey gowdy. [applause] now, we would all agree that sometimes trey needs a little fashion advice. he has that crazy hair. when you are bald, you have to talk about somebody else's hair. he has that crazy hair, and sometimes he wears white sox cks with dark suits. i don't understand everything about trey gowdy. but one thing i do understand about trey gowdy, he has served this nation incredibly well as the chairman of the benghazi committee. he has done a fabulous job with the benghazi committee. and i believe that his service on the benghazi committee, what we have seen come to light because of that committee, further illustrates that the president's foreign policy has
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been an absolute failure, and his willingness to close guantanamo bay and send the world's worst enemy combatants to a location near some of us is simply the icing on a disastrous cake. baking into american history a terrible eight-year run on foreign policy. before i talk about one-time obey, let's look at his -- guantanamo bay, let's look at his international interactions. you will agree, we simply cannot afford four more years of obama-style foreign policy led by hillary clinton. we cannot afford that. [applause] that an american president would travel to other nations and demand that walls
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come down and freedom be expanded. reagan traveled to berlin and called for the iron curtain to be torn down and the soviet union. they listened. do we really think that when president obama visits havana, that political prisoners will be released? no. giving $100 that by billion to iran that they will stop working on a nuclear weapon? no. some of you might say yes, but i say no. secretreally think that backroom conversations with will korea's kim jong un stop their nefarious behavior? i don't.
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do we really think that this hands-off approach towards isis makes the world a safer and more secure place? no. viewin president obama's of foreign policy do you negotiate with regimes like iran and cuba and north korea. and at the same time, publicly chastised our closest allies like israel. only his view is that working. we know better. we know better, without any question. the results of this international experiment? well, iran is $100 billion richer. $100 billion richer. and we know they are not building orphanages or schools. in year five of this agreement, which needs to be torn up on the
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first day we have a republican in the white house -- [applause] the first day. tear it up, start all over. under the current deal, five years from now the arms embargo is lifted. eight years from now, they have the ability to get ballistic weapons. they also get to start working on advanced centrifuges in 10 years. a runawayeakaway, path to a nuclear weapon. we need a president who stands and putsstand strong, america first. [applause] result of calling isis a jv team? they are now in more than a dozen countries, more than a dozen countries, from africa to asia and north korea says they
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just tested a hydrogen weapon. i think you would agree with me. when the president says to put in, just wait until after the election, i will have a little more flexibility, what happens in that region? russia has set ukraine on fire, on fire. they trusted us to give up their nuclear weapons. because of of that, this disastrous foreign policy approach, the world is not safer, safer at all. we should have just simply used one of our amazing weapons in our arsenal -- our energy. we could have destabilized russia's economy, which depends 70% on energy. we could have destabilized their economy by simply exporting our energy. we have the resources to make
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their economy shutter. we should use it as our key weapon in this battle against this regime. now, the icing on that disastrous cake. develop asing to policy of interrogating and attaining terrorists captured on the battlefield, president obama has decided that he wants to move these worlds worst terrorists from guantanamo bay to the united states of america. ng, but notyou booi loud enough. [boos] it is not often you want to be booed onstage, but this is one of those times. there are six undisclosed locations where they are looking. six undisclosed locations where they are looking. we know they are looking at colorado,our sites in
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including florence, colorado. anyone hear from colorado? that's wrong, right? very wrong. i wish you had brought more friends, though. [laughter] i appreciate your one voice their, young man. but everyone has to take a stand, right? all right. give the young whippersnapper a hand. i tell you what. he's also looking at kansas. [boos] and my home state of south carolina. [boos] and in south carolina, where he is looking, there is a medium security prison that would take a couple million -- hundred million dollars to upgrade. just a few miles from more than a dozen schools, half a dozen churches.
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it is a bedroom community outside of charleston. and our president thinks that this is a good location. why wouldn't we just leave them at guantanamo bay? leave them in guantanamo bay. [applause] perfect location, if there ever was one. we have designed the best location on earth, 500 miles from us. it is an isolated location, surrounded by deserts, anntains, and in ocean -- ocean. we have the greatest military force in the history of mankind, the marines, making so that enemy combatants never leave that isolated location. our marines are doing a fantastic job. [applause] our marines have endured 250
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actults, and not a single of italian nation -- retaliation. not a single act. that's why, when i visited in october, i was amazed at how well those enemy combatants are being treated. i was amazed at how well our marines are doing. and i'm amazed the president of the united states would even dare sink and break the law of our country and send those enemy combatants to any location in this country. that's why senators roberts, gardner, and myself will use every weapon in our arsenal. god bless you. god has blessed the united states of america. thank you. [applause]


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