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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  March 4, 2016 7:00am-7:23am EST

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iphone used by one of the san bernardino shooters. we will talk to richard norton smith about the 2016 presidential race. ♪ it is probably an understatement to say that this election has become about donald trump. this morning for our first segment we want to hear from you and we want to hear from trump supporters only. why are you supporting donald trump? be prepared to tell us why you are supporting him and a little bit about yourself. (202) 748-8001. you can also make a comment via social media.
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conversation, a lot of confidence -- comments already on facebook. supporters only, why are you supporting donald trump for president? here are the front pages, and we going to go through all the pages this morning to show you all the articles mentioning donald trump. .his is usa today harris the wall street journal. trump is attacked from all corners. his picture with the others from the debate last night. , rivalsington post says pile on trump and republican debate. the new york times, romney calls trump unfit as party erupts in discord. and financial times even has donald trump on the front with a picture with tiger woods from 2013.
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this is about golf, but they managed to get him on the front page as well. finally, the washington times, trump at center of the pub -- republican attacks. those are just some of the papers and we will go through more as we go. (202) 748-8000 if you live in the east and central time zones, (202) 748-8001 for those in the mountain and pacific time zones. why are you supporting donald trump? good morning, and thank you for c-span. my reason for supporting trump is because he sounds like i feel. , no working,-time living froming, part-time job to part-time job. watching everyone else come in, get a job.
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totally the last 12 years has been horrible. host: tell us a little bit about yourself personally. are you currently jobless or working part-time? caller: i have two part-time jobs. that is how i am working. i have taken advantage of the educational grants, i have done that. i have worked from place to place, living from one relative to another one, lost housing, do not have transportation. in georgia, the transportation is not that great. i am just frustrated at this moment. host: what is it about donald trump that brings you to him? caller: he sounds like i feel. he sounds, even though it is wretched, but the last 20 years theaters andned to moviegoers say these things, so
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that has transpired and changed america. what he is saying does not sound crazy to me, it is realistic. he says he is going to bring hope. he is going to give us opportunity back. he is going to give us a full-time job. he is going to give us a pension. our pensions have been robbed. i am a baby boomer. not trying retiring, to find a second career at this age. host: thank you for calling in and sharing a bit of your story. california, maryland. good morning. tell us why you are supporting donald trump. watched the i have entire process play out, i had an open mind about everybody. as i see it whittled down, i see ted cruz and marco rubio and the tactics they are using,
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resorting to out of desperation. hear they havers never run anything before. it takes a lot to accomplish what donald trump has done. nobody accomplishes things without setbacks along the way, and i just feel like the fact that he got maximum results with spending a fraction of what the other candidates have spent is just one example of how he knows how to run something and get it done and bring people together and unite people. i think these other guys, they call him a fraud. senators, iher liked them in the beginning but the more i listen, i do not like either one of them. i think john kasich is good also. i think trump will do a good job. host: tell us a little bit about yourself. caller: i am a 53-year-old guy that was in technology for 30
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some years, five kids, eight grandkids, and i see the difficulty of my kids from 22 to 32 years old and the job market. and thosen washington two senators on the stage played a part in that. they are not uniter's and they do not get things done. i believe in our capitalism and free market. with trump, with the health care that they are criticizing him for dropping the lines between the states, it is common sense to create a free market. they are almost criticizing that. i just see, from my perspective with a large family and kids at different ages and grandparents -- grandchildren, they need more opportunity in this world. host: jeff in california, maryland.
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here's the front page of the huffington post. gino calling in from new york. caller: good morning. host: why are you supporting donald trump? caller: i think we need a businessman to run america. understand, i'm not a very political guy, and i think -- i grew up as a union guy, worked in local three in new york city, and i remember thomas van austell when he first started, he said i am not an electrician. i do not know one end of the screwdriver and the other, but i am a businessman and i am going to take your money and make you guys rich, i am going to make
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your pension rich, and that is what he did. local three, it is one of the strongest locals in the united states. they provide housing for their workers, they provide great jobs , and they have a lot of programs. it was all because of this guy. naturally, butrs given the chance, look what they did. host: that is gino in new york. fraud, romney trashes trump is the headline. here is the washington post, into the abyss. to bottomes eight case that the republicans must abandon trump. in the financial times, trump drives golfing world into dilemma. he owns a few golf courses in
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florida and not sure what to do with all that. in the money section of usa today, wall street prices, political risk about the election, it is an article about hillary clinton and donald trump. eric, why are you supporting donald trump? caller: the reason i am supporting donald trump is because for one, as far as the trade sector, he is not bought out by the upper echelon of the government scenario. and also, the biggest thing is that everybody says that we are go andople to come and do as we are because we are americans, but indirectly we are not free. or thanif you open $2500 child support the government says you cannot get a passport to travel abroad.
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-- as sinion is this as i can get my message out to -- asd a lot of people soon as i can get my message out to him and a lot of people would vote for trunk. that, if youtes own more than $2500 in back child support. the government now is going to --, you own more than 2500 host: i think we got the point about the $2500. james is in durham, north carolina. tell us about yourself. turn down the volume on your tv. caller: retired federal employee. host: why are you supporting donald trump? againstbecause he is nafta. it has been a long time.
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when you import -- host: james, you have got to turn down the television. i'm going to put you on hold. turn down your tv. otherwise we get a delay in the program. james, are you ready? james.rry, we have to move on and we are going to john in florida. start by telling us a little bit about yourself. john.: my name is can you hear me? host: we are listening caller:. i am in woodbridge, virginia just out of washington, d.c.. i am 52 years old and have been in the auto industry since i was 18 years old. host: in what capacity? caller: service manager, sales
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manager, i have done it all. with three illnesses, going down with a lot of health issues. under the lastma but i was sold a bill of goods. i voted for him because of the health care. host: let's go on to the next point. why are you supporting donald trump? care.: to eliminate obama the one thing a kidney patient and millions of americans like me, kidney patients under 65 are not eligible for anything under obamacare. you may as long go back to taking it a free market where people can go out and buy insurance again, instead of
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being excluded. donald trump hits to the point, says what he means, means what and i am tired of these politicians playing the politics. host: thank you, sir. judy in washington. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my phone call. hello? .ost: we are listening tell us why you are supporting donald trump. caller: i am supporting him because he has touched a lot of nerves in the u.s. of a. .e are tired of the same old he says what i have been feeling for a long time. i voted for him in 2012. i wrote in his name. i am glad he is running. we need a clean, fresh start.
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and i am angry. host: tell us about yourself. caller: i am almost 64 years old. i am retired. my husband recently passed away. i do not know what else you want me to say. host: why are you angry? caller: really? look what obama has done. he has created so much anger and hate in the u.s. of a. we as american citizens are not considered american. obama has put everybody else first, everybody. and it is a shame. we have people dying in the streets as obama is on the golf course. we have people who, their heads are being chopped off. what happened in oklahoma? you do not even hear about it
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anymore. host: that is judy indu vall, washington. today,nion page of usa their editorial, romney unloads on trump but why did he wait so long? they have an opposing view by tom marino, a republican congressman from pennsylvania, and he is talking about why he is supporting donald trump. at the bottom of the page, tv talkshow host tavis smiley has ed --p and -- an op blacks could still higher trunk. it has atoo sure that lock on african-american voters. danielle, why will you be supporting donald trump? caller: i am in ann arbor. i am 25 years old. i have been working for the past
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10 years doing facility management, maintenance, facility work. the real reason i am supporting trump is he is the most moldable candidate out there by far. the majority of my friends are liberal democrats, and i understand their views. learn as much as i can about liberal policies and ideas because that is the only way we are going to cooperate. i think donald is the most moldable candidate and we can put into place what we feel is necessary. host: daniel, you say most of your friends are liberal. you are living in a liberal city. do you keep your support quiet or are you vocal about it? caller: i have been following ted cruz for a lot longer than donald. something about being
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conservative, i feel like people try to be more sick -- specific about things. it feels like donald is a little more trying to figure things out before and not as specific. as far as being quiet about it come my cards are still out on the table, i am still deciding. it comes down to, a lot of my friends are supporting bernie sanders. i know the older generation is supporting hillary clinton. truth be told, i want to know who is in trump's cabinet before and make my final vote. host: daniel in ann arbor, michigan. a couple of tweets that we have tweets -- got. karen tweets.
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i know you watch us regularly and tweet regularly. 365 days a year we are on the air and this is the first time we have done a specific program on donald trump like this. says, i am supporting donald trump because he is not a politician. even in the metro section of the washington post you can find an article about donald trump by a local columnist. fleeing a president trump? she writes, do not apply to canada. two more articles about donald trump inside the washington post. raised for money he vets reached charities. mitt romney also spoke, i am sure you all saw this. mitt romney spoke in utah about donald trump.
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>> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. [applause] he is playing the members of the american public for suckers. he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. his domestic policies would lead to recession. as foreign policies would make america and the world less safe. he has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president, and his personal qualities would mean that america is to be a shining city on a hill. i am convinced america has greatness ahead and this is a time for choosing. god bless us to choose a nominee who will make that vision a
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reality. host: and three more articles off from the washington post with donald trump's name in the headline. china, wake of trump's super tuesday wins turns up unlikely supporters. down below, an article about the debate, trump takes fire on and off debate stage. and dennis, massachusetts, why are you supporting donald trump? caller: i can sum it up pretty much straight to the chase. he is self funded. he will not have to be loyal to anybody and i think that is scaring the current regime to death. you saw it in his speech yesterday, he said multiple times he is self funded and will not be bought by anyone. he has transformed new york
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city. imagine what he can do for the whole country. host: tell us a little bit about yourself. caller: i am an entrepreneur. host: how old are you? caller: i have worked 100 plus years for new -- working on new business plan. to start a lemonade stand in any city in the united states would cost you $30,000 or more. you can go anywhere overseas and start a full restaurant for under $1000. i think trump will change that. he will not be loyal to the major fortune 500 kind bennies -- companies. i have read 12 of his self-help books. the man wants to help people. look at new york city? transformed the upper west
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side. give them a shot at the country and imagine what our cities will look like. host: this is valerie in crownsville, maryland. good morning, hearing from trump supporters only this morning. meler: what clinched it for was listening to the scottish member of parliament when they voted to ban donald trump from visiting. host: i do not think that passed but they held a vote. can pull from your archives the testimony of the scottish member of , justment who voted believes in donald trump because what he has done to her constituency. he has brought jobs, given them dignity, and if you can pull that from the archives and play that testimony, it clinched it for me.


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