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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 15, 2016 2:00am-4:01am EDT

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other wolf is compassion and faithfulness and hope in truth and love and reason. the old man stopped and the grandson said, which wolf wins? he said the one that wins is the one you feed. republicansh wolf have been feeding in these debates, in these rallies in chicago, in kansas city and st. louis, in cleveland and dayton. that this is the reason for donald trump. we know that republicans have dog whistled about race for 50 years. now we are shocked when donald trump starts barking. [applause]
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tonight, i am proud to stand with a person who says we should not be building walls, we should be knocking down barriers. akron and iwas in was on stage with william jefferson clinton and i looked at him at one point, he was in akron because of the ohio primary and i turned to him and said, no offense mr. president but hillary clinton is the most qualified person to run for president in my lifetime. [applause] and she is. he smiled and laughed and clapped and i think he meant it. here is what it is about hillary. i trust her to fight for children and families because she has done that all of her life.
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days with the children's defense fund to her time in the senate helping lead on the children's health insurance plan. i trust hillary clinton to fight for human rights and voting rights and women's rights. alabama as a in civil rights worker at 25 to the work she did is our secretary of state on behalf of women all over the world and women's rights. i trust hillary clinton on trade and manufacturing. i am leaving in the senate as you know, i am leaving the opposition to the transpacific partnership and i think we are going to defeat it. a decade ago, i wrote a book on trade so i do not come to this
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issue lightly, but i trust hillary clinton on manufacturing and trade. she is the best policy of any candidate bar none in this race. clintonhat what hillary is proposing, especially trained prosecutor, tripling trade enforcement, unprecedented in coming down hard on currency that china has to based and china has manipulated for years. doing on rules of origin and what that means for the american auto industry. i know what she will do to fight for american jobs with a different trade policy, different tax policy in a different manufacturing policy. so it is my honor to introduce on monday afternoon i usually go
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to washington. because of that, tomorrow i'm going to the board of elections in cuyahoga county and will cast my vote for the next president, america's first female commander in chief, hillary rodham clinton . applause] sec. clinton: thank you. .ello ohio ohio democrats.
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you. thank you so much. it is great to be here with so many friends and leaders like governor ted strickland, the next senator from ohio if all goes well. colleagueand former there is no greater fighter for, for thank you for having us here in your district. cleveland,from marcie, a great fighter for ohio
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, congressman tim ryan, the honorable betty sutton. david pepper, thank you for chairing the ohio democratic party. mayor john cranley of cincinnati, mayor paula hicks it's wonderfulo setting appear looking at this great array of democrats. earlier, joyce beatty and i visited two other ohio democrats, john and annie glenn who send their warmest greetings. and to all the state and local leaders pouring your hearts into building the democratic party across this state. democrats upect and down the ticket in november.
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if i'm fortunate enough to be the democratic nominee and to be elected president, i will be your partner. we will work hard every day to keep the ohio democratic party strong and to bring back state parties across america will stop together we need to build a future where every american has the chance to live up to his or her god-given attentional, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or who you love. [applause] i have to say that the stakes in this election keep getting higher. while the rhetoric keeps sinking lower. in a democracy like ours of course we will have differences,
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but what we are hearing from donald trump is something else entirely. let's just tell the truth about what is going on here. donald trump is running a cynical campaign of hate and fear for one reason -- to get votes. he is encouraging violence and chaos to get votes. he is pitting americans against each other to get votes. donald trump says that he would like to round up millions of latino immigrants and kick them out of the united states. a nation built by immigrants. he wants to ban all muslims from the united states. a country founded on religious freedom. he supports torture and advocates killing the wives and children of our enemies and had
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to be told that these are war crimes, in violation of international law. our own laws, our most deeply held principles and our constitution. fire he cang every think of, trump encourages his supporters to beat up anybody who disagrees with him. to literally punch them in the face and then offers to pay their legal bills. haver best, americans rejected demagogues and fear mongers. you don't make america great by getting rid of everything that made america great in the first place.
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you and i know that donald trump is not who we are. we can criticize and protest mr. trump all we want but none of that matters if we don't also show up at the polls. downu want to shut him then let's vote him down. up a betteraise future for ourselves and our children. my campaign is not about building walls but breaking down all the barriers holding people back and building letters of opportunity and empowerment. people findelping good jobs that pay enough for families to live on and rebuild the middle class.
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and another is a difference between keeping the lights on or not.keeping your home or it is also about dignity and pride, knowing that you are doing your part in getting .ewarded for your hard work we all want our kids have better lives than we did but without a good job, giving your kids good choices and opportunities gets a lot harder. if you're doing the same job that your parents did for less if yound fewer benefits are going to every job fair sending out resumes and getting retrained but still cannot find a job that pays enough to raise
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you saw your parents working hard to make that good living and now you can only dream of such a life for wonder that is no many americans are concerned, frustrated and angry. that is why the test for this election has to be whether we can actually create good paying jobs here in america because the jobs of the future will either end up in asia, europe, or here. we not only want them but we will make sure they end up right here in ohio and the rest of our country. anyone who is running for president owes it to you to come up with real ideas for how to do that. a credible strategy designed for
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the world we live in now. that leadersteful like senator brown have looked at my plan and said, this is the kind of manufacturing plan that we need. that's what i will be working for. over the past week or so we've had some great arguments and debates in our campaign and i appreciate what has been said. the difference between senator sanders and i debating and disagreeing about issues is that we are both presenting ideas. the other side is presenting insults that take us nowhere. >> this campaign has to be about the future, not the past. i want to be very clear.
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i know that there has been a lot of discussion about trade and i would like to take the opportunity tonight to set the record state. to every worker in ohio and every worker across america, let me say this. enough to beate your president, i will stand with you, i will have your back, and they will stop dead in its tracks any trade deal that hurts america or americans and its workers. [applause] multilateral only trade deal that came up when i was in the senate. i thought it was bad for american jobs. i thought for american chineseurers against
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cheating and when it comes to the transpacific partnership, i did wait to see what was in it and then i opposed it because i concluded that i could not look american workers in the eye and say that this deal will raise your wages. that's why i have said that we have to oppose the tpp. who oppose all trade agreements, that is an opinion and it is certainly one that people have every reason to hold. tradehave to tell you, when done right can help thousands of ohio companies that are right now exporting billions of dollars worth of products and creating good paying american jobs in the process. all, we are not even 5% of
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the world population. american economy to grow we have to figure out how to sell to the other 95%. i will demand that we have fair trade and is level playing field as we can create. see, i think that we need a president who is not just is aed to trade and president who knows how to compete with the rest of the world and win. right now, the most urgent trade issues that we have are with china. let me tell you something, i know a thing or two about going
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tokoto with the chinese. i did it as a senator and secretary estate and i will do it as president. china fromstop .umping cheap steel that is not a new opinion for me. when i was a senator i went before the international trade commission on behalf of steelworkers in new york and i could see that both the companies and the steelworkers were paying a big price and we need to strengthen trade rules to prevent blatantly unfair practices like weak rules of origin that put our carmakers at an unfair advantage and i have prosecutored a trade and is sharon said, enough investigators so that we will be on these issues immediately. companiesnot be up to
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and unions and workers to break trade complaints. the united states should be leading the way to protect against unfair treatment. [applause] we also have to take stronger action against companies shutting down american jobs and sending them out of our country. we need to get results when we talk about this. shift jobss overseas, we will make them give back the tax breaks they have america that they have taken from city, state, and federal taxpayers and if companies try to move their headquarters to a foreign on their taxip out bill, we will slap a new exit tax on them and make them think twice before they pretend to move their headquarters to avoid paying their fair share of
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taxes. we will stand up for american workers and make sure that no one can take advantage of us. not china, not wall street, not overpaid corporate executives. i have laid out a national strategy to create good paying manufacturing jobs and i think that is the most important way to judge what someone will do for manufacturing. i am the only candidate with a inn to help create millions jobs, jobs and infrastructure, jobs in manufacturing, jobs and small business. when i think about what we can do, i know that we can have a renaissance in manufacturing. that we have more work than we can possibly imagine repairing infrastructure so i
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will do everything i can to save and create jobs. by the way, you heard jerod mention the auto industry. there has been some debate back and forth on that. there is no doubt that when president obama came into office we were in the worst financial crisis since the great depression in the auto industry teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and you remember that the republicans said to let it go. they didn't want to lift a finger, even to help workers in their own state. what were we to do? i was still in the senate. in december, senator sanders and i voted to rescue the auto industry, but it failed. we could not get the republicans to support it.
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one month later we faced one of those hard choices that force you to govern in reality, and it bill thatthere was a mixed money for the auto rescue and money for other bailouts. and ias not an easy vote respect those who voted against it, but i will tell you this. i voted for it, president-elect obama asked us to vote for and we decided was more important to save the auto industry and save our economy and i'm so glad we did. they just had the best year they have had in decades. ohio factories, ohio supply companies, they are doing so well. so my friends, america is a big and complicated country facing .ig complicated challenges
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barriersknocking down we also have to take on racial inequality. we have to face up to the reality of systemic racism. you know that it's real. facean-american families discrimination and have just a fraction of the assets and wealth of white families. african-american families suffer disproportionately in the great depression -- great recession. too many black people dying in encounters with police like tamir rice, just 12 years old shot and killed while playing in a park. we have to put an end to the fear of the democrats laying awake at night listening for a knock on the door even after
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they have lived and worked here for years. and we have to stand up for union and labor rights. i have to thank you, ohio because when the chips were down you did not let governor kasich trout out the voices of ohio's public servants .y weakening their union let's stand up for all unions because when unions are strong, families are strong, the middle class is strong and america is strong.
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[applause] don't forget. supreme court appointments will help determine what happens to so many issues and we cannot let america have a republican congress, a republican president and a republican supreme court. knocking down barriers means making sure that all of our kids get the education they need to succeed in the 21st century economy. i believe that our schools more teaching, learning and community. i have laid out a plan so that all kids can benefit from a good teacher in a good school the matter the sith code they happen to live in.
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knocking down barriers means finally guaranteeing paid family leave and equal pay for women. it was a sad day for ohio when john kasich defunded planned parenthood here. republicantake, if a wins the white house, we will see that happen nationwide. i've spent my career fighting to even the odds for people who had the odds stacked against them. i am not offering problems i cannot keep or plans that do not add up. we all need to do our part to build the kind of future we are fighting for, to give every american the chance to pursue
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his or her dreams because only then can america live up to its potential. littleneed a inspiration, let me share something that inspired me. i want you to hear about a young woman from worthington ohio. wrote toks ago, sarah tell me how excited all four generations of the women in her family are about the primary on tuesday. grandmother is 94. she dedicated her life to the u.s. army as the wife of an officer. she believes that our country needs a commander in chief who can lead. was able toschuster get health insurance because of the affordable care act. [applause] she believes that we need to
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build on the progress that we have made under president obama and not let it get ripped away. has two little kids and she believes that we ofd to and bank the epidemic gun violence and keep our families safe. is little merrick who just started preschool. she is the ultimate reason to vote. she says that our hope for the future is a nation that can reward love and kindness instead , that can reach out to help others over fear, that our kids can grow up understanding that not only are all things possible but it is our job and our responsibility to take these possibilities and bake them a
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reality. i cannot think of a better way of explaining what we stand for in the democratic party. the family is here with us tonight. they are who we are fighting for. their family and millions of families never stop working and are always looking to make life better for themselves and their kids, take that -- make that the reality. i know that if we are determined and committed, confident and optimistic, we can deliver on those possibilities. i want to be a president who gets up every single day and thinks about what i can do to help the struggling and striving americans. can do to help our children and grandchildren, what
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i can do to make it absolutely clear we were going to produce good jobs with rising incomes and we are going to be who we should be, consistent with our values, that we will reject hatred and fear. that we will decide we can do better together. that is my hope for this country. i hope you'll join me and that. i hope i will be there with you. i hope i will be your democratic nominee. i hope we will fight against whatever the republicans put in our way. i hope we will win to continue the progress to move into the future with optimism and bestdence that americans days are still ahead of us. and cute and god bless you.
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[cheers and applause] >> campaign 2016 continues on tuesday with primaries taking place in missouri, illinois, ohio, north carolina, and florida. live coverage of the election results, election speeches, and viewer reaction begins at seven upon p.m. eastern, taking you on the road to the white house on c-span, c-span radio, and >> more wrote the white house coverage, just ahead on c-span. up next, donald trump campaigns in ohio with chris christie. then, ohio governor john kasich holds the campaign with mitt romney.
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rader, a look at the role that state parties play in national little campaigns. >> with that power comes great responsibility and the idea that you have an individual sitting on the court for 30-35 years just doesn't pass the smell test when it comes to a modern democracy. >> sunday night on "q&a," we talk about changes he would like to see of the supreme court, including opening up oral cameras. to >> supreme court decisions affect all americans. all americans are aware of the third branch of government and in the last 10-15 years, the third branch has become powerful. on voting, issues marriage, health care, and
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rights,ion and woman's pregnancy discrimination -- i could go on and on. these issues, 23 years ago, congress and the executive branch would get together and figure out a compromise and put together a bill. that doesn't happen anymore. the buck stops with the supreme court in a way that is unprecedented in history. the least we can do as the public is presse me. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's. "q&a." on the next "washington journal" we talk to virginia foxx. then, kathy castor joins us to discuss u.s. policy towards cuba, including the obama administration's decision to restore diplomatic ties with havana. you can join the conversation by phone, or on facebook and
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twitter. "washington journal" his life at 7:00 a.m. eastern. trump spoke about trade, border security, and the nuclear deal. he is introduced by former gop presidential candidate, chris christie. ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the governor of the state of new jersey, chris christie. and the next president of the united states, mr. donald j. trumbull. .- mr. donald j. trump
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♪ [cheering] gov. christie: good evening, ohio. [cheers and applause] christie: my name is chris
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christie and i am happy to tell you that tomorrow, you will make ohio from country. -- trump country. america needs a strong leader to restore our hope and our strength and there is only one man to do it and that is donald trump. [cheers and applause] christie: america needs someone in the white house who knows how to create jobs because he has done it and that man is donald trump. [cheers and applause] chris christie: america needs a leader who will restore our military and that is donald trump. [cheers and applause] america needs a leader that the rest of the world is going to respect because he is going to make america great again. that is donald trump. need what you have had to put up with here in ohio.
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we don't need higher spending from government. we don't need bigger sales taxes. we don't need that in washington. we need someone who will make government smaller, smarter and working for you, not the other way around, and that is donald trump. [cheers and applause] chris christie: tomorrow, tomorrow, we need each and every one of you. your family, your friends, the people you work with, your neighbors to get out to the polls and make sure you vote for the person who will make america great again, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] is so greatie: it to see such a great crowd here today. we want you to go home after this, get some sleep, get up tomorrow morning, get to the polls and make america great again with donald trump. [cheers and applause] christie: so, ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor and my privilege to introduce you to
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the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. [cheers and applause] you.d trump: wow, thank thank you, chris. so great. i got a call a couple weeks ago from chris christie. he said, i really think what has happened. it is something special. whether it is momentum or whatever, we have something going that people have not seen before. it is really a drive. honestly, they are talking about one of the greatest things they have seen on political history. it has been on the cover of "time" and at the head of every newspaper. it is really something special. we are going to make our country so much better. it is going to be great again and it is going to happen quickly. [cheers and applause] so, i just wanted to -- i changed my plans a little bit. we are doing great in florida, great in illinois.
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missouri, i think we will have a tremendous day. i have to come out here and we have to explain a couple of things because of what is going on -- i don't know if you know and read "the art of the deal," but i worked for a long time in ohio. my father and i -- when i was very young i had a job with my father and it was a great success. it was in cincinnati and it was a great success. it was a horrible job. it was a mess. i took it over, i fixed it. i work here summers. over i came out here all the time. it for "x" and we sold it for "x." after that, the job did not do too well but we were gone. usually we hold but this time we did not. it gave me an unbelievable feeling for the people of ohio. i have stayed here, worked here, and i love the people of ohio. it was really one of my first big jobs. i said, 1154 units.
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we bought it from the fha for nothing and we sold it for a lot of money. it is like if you are a baseball player and you get that first hit, or if you are a golfer and you thinsink the putt. it gave me a great confidence and i have always loved this place. i just wanted to tell you that, folks. thank you, thank you. so, this all began very strongly exact. -- june 16, to be i said to my wife, this is something we have to do. our country is being so badly led, led into this horrible deal with iran. this deal where we pay $150 billion, we get nothing. we should have never started negotiating the deal until we got our prisoners back. [cheers and applause]
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donald trump: they never once walked or did anything. constantly, you would see back in iran, people dancing in the streets before the deal was done. they are dancing, calling us all stupid. the deal was a joke. the deal was a joke. it was one of the worst negotiated transaction of any kind i have ever seen. they could have walked, they could have gone in and said before we start, we need our prisoners back. this would be three and a half years ago. they would have said no. the persians being great negotiators. and then, we get up and walk and we go out and doubled up the sanctions. within 24 hours, they would call back and say we are giving you back the prisoners. then, we go in a second time and say, listen, we have a problem. we owe $19 trillion. we cannot give you the $150 billion back. can't do it, sorry.
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and i tell that story -- some of the media who by the way, are the most dishonest people on earth. the worst. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: boo. so true. so true. like, look at this massive cloud in this big hangar. and we set this up, remember. we set this up like, what? 15 hours ago, right? just look. this is a place i want to win. this is going to do it. ohio is going to make america great again. [cheers and applause] kasich cannot make america great again. can't do it. oil -- andnot hit
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that was not because of him, believe me -- if you did not hit had aou would have disaster. you got lucky. now, the problem is oil has gone way down and yet, your budget has gone up 35% more than any other state in the united states. that means you will have a big problem. he is already being talked about. two days ago, i was in cleveland. we made a speech. it was unbelievable. like, 25,000 people. just before i went on, one of the managers of the arena came over. the great patrick park -- you know, patrick and raymond park, they own it. they do such a beautiful job. he said, it is so sad, mr. trump. right over there, edencorp going to mexico. ford going to mexico. he pointed to other places and i said, wow, that is sad. that is what is happening, folks. with me, it will not happen anymore. we will not be the dummies anymore.
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we are not going to be the dummies anymore. [cheers and applause] you are losing your jobs, you are losing your income, you are losing your factories. they are going to china, going to mexico. japan is killing us with the cars. , india -- itetnam is everybody. we don't make good deals anymore. we don't win anymore. where do we win? we lose on trade. we lose with the military. we can't beat isis. we can't beat isis. here we have military and we can't beat isis. we don't want to use our military. we don't know how to win anymore. it is not even in our culture anymore. old expression "to the victor belong the spoils." i did not want to go in. i said, you are going to
2:44 am
destabilize the entire middle east. they went into iraq and it was a mistake. now, obama gets out. the way he got out was so bad. he puts out a date. the enemy says, wow. they couldn't even believe it, i guarantee you. he pushes out a day when we are leaving. bad thing to do. in all fairness, we should not there, but we should have left some troops behind so that what happened would not have happened. so, iran is taking over iraq. iraq has the second-largest oil reserves in the world. so, the iran deal -- used to say one of the greatest deals i have ever seen is the iran deal, but actually, one of the greatest deals i have seen is what is happening right now. iran is taking over iraq, the second-largest oil reserves in the world. that is the greatest deal. they have been fighting with the iraq forever and they go 10 feet one-way, 10 feet the other way and then they rest. then they go again. for years and years, they fought. but they were the same.
2:45 am
they were equal military strength. saddam hussein would drop gas. they would complain, they would drop gas. this went on forever. and then we obliterated one of the two powers. to me, it was obvious. i said, don't do it. you are going to destabilize. now, iran is taking over iraq. iran is going in with yemen. they don't want yemen. what they like is that long, big, beautiful border that separates yemen from saudi arabia. i've been pretty good with these predictions. when i wrote a book in the year 2000, "the america we deserve," i mentioned in the book osama bin laden. everybody said don't forget that was a year and a half before the world trade center came down. everybody said, i don't believe it. an announcer in the morning said, wait a minute. trump was talking about osama bin laden before he knocked down the world trade center.
2:46 am
the guy said, no way, let me see. that is what i did. we had to take them out. we had opportunities to take him out. so, i am pretty good at the prognostication. i will tell you, four years ago, before i did this whole crazy political thing, we have been supporters and friends for a long time. i said, take the oil. i did not want to be there, but now we are. if you are going to leave, take the oil, take the oil. i kept saying that and they said you cannot take the oil. what a terrible thing. this is a sovereign country. this is a country that was blown off the face of the earth. sovereign. you have the leaders that were left behind were totally corrupt. they were totally corrupt. [cheers and applause] donald trump: horrible. horrible. these were corrupt people. that is what happened with isis. they would not include these people and isis turned out to be
2:47 am
a lot tougher and smarter than the people we chose. they did not include them. so, who has the oil? iran has the oil and isis has the oil. what do we have? we spent years there, $2 trillion in costs. thousands of lives, wounded love allwho we all over the place. what do we have? we have nothing. if our leaders would have gone away, tell them to go away to the beach and sun themselves for four years, we would have been better off. saddam hussein was not a good person. who cares? i will tell you what he was great at. killing terrorists. he would kill terrorists. now iraq is harvard university for terrorists. you go to iraq. you want to be a terrorist, you
2:48 am
go to iraq. that is what they do. they kill. we don't do -- they develop terrorists all over the place now. it is far worse that was before we started. in the meantime, we have our country. it is crumbling. you look at our airports, hospitals, roads and highways, the bridges -- they are falling down. you look at our schools. our country is falling apart. we have become third world in many respects. you go to dubai, you go to qatar, you go to some of these places and you land at airports and you say, oh, man. look at this airport. i was in qatar and they were touring me the airport -- they were showing me this beautiful airport. i said akbar -- nice guy. i get along with everybody. they were showing me, the head of the airline -- this is this and this is that. here we have this. we have spas for the people.
2:49 am
i said, this is beautiful. he goes, no, no no. this is just temporary. the real airport is being built over there. andy points and there are 40 cranes building the most incredible airport. i get back on my plane and land in laguardia with potholes all over them. ray? -- right? we are becoming third world. we look at what is going on. here is a story. it is so important to vote tomorrow. you got to vote. if you have a headache -- [cheers and applause] donald trump: if you are dieting, -- ing, if youdy go to your doctor -- although that will cost too much because of obamacare. we are repealing and replacing obamacare. [cheers and applause] but if you go to your doctor and he tells you it is over, you are done, you are
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going to be dead in three weeks -- it doesn't matter. get out tomorrow and vote. think about your children. think about your family. get out tomorrow and vote. you have to do it. you know, it is a movement like they haven't seen. i will tell you what, the cover of "times," take a look. that is what they are writing. the single biggest story in politics today in the world is what is happening, of all things, to the republican party. we had a party that was obsolete. we had a party mitt romney could not run for a dogcatcher. this guy was a disaster. we had a party that should have won the last election. we had the wrong person. it is interesting. i backed mccain, he lost. i backed romney, he lost. i said, this time we are going to do it ourselves, folks. we are going to do it right.
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[cheers and applause] we have to do it right. so, the biggest story in politics worldwide, it is all over the world, is what is happening with the republican party. here is the story. 15-16 states. i think we will have a great day tomorrow. [cheers and applause] donald trump: we are going to have a great day. i think we will have a phenomenal day. florida is looking fantastic. florida is really looking -- a you have a senator that does not show up to vote. how would you like to have a senator that does not show up to vote? i mean, he doesn't come in. you can have that either, but florida is looking fantastic. they have a little bit of the same characteristics. rubio, he doesn't that is real bad stuff. and your governor is absentee. he goes -- listen to this
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because i know, i was there. i go back and i still work. i have a job. so, your governor kasich, if you look at him -- and i am being totally impartial. he goes to new hampshire -- he is living in new hampshire. where's chris? even more than chris christie, he was there. right? even more. i hated to do that, but i had to make my point. so, but he goes to new hampshire. he lives there. he loses badly. he gets killed. i win in a landslide. i win in new hampshire. i love the people of new hampshire. they gave me my first big victory and it was early on. everybody wants to win iowa so they can win new hampshire, i won new hampshire. then we come -- we go to south carolina. i'm not supposed to win that because it is heavily , heavily evangelical, but i'm a great christian and i understand evangelicals. [cheers and applause] donald trump: an evangelical is
2:53 am
smart and they don't want to remember -- ted cruz, i call him lying ted cruz. he is lying ted cruz. he walks in with his nonsense, his phony stuff. he lifts the bible up high and lying"here i am, i am ted cruz." and then he cap line for the whole night. -- and then he kept lying for the whole night. he knows what your position is. he tells people of the opposite. what he did to ben carson, who just endorsed me by the way. [cheers and applause] donald trump: in iowa, i was doing really well and ben was doing really well. ted cruz said that ben carson just quit the race and the voting was not close to ending. right after the race ended, he called him and apologized. give me a break. ben has think forgotten or forgiven that.
2:54 am
but ben endorsed me a couple of days ago. that is a great endorsement. you know who else endorsed me who i think you will like? .heriff joel pi when he endorses you, that means you are tough on the borders, believe me. we have sheriff joe. we have sarah palin, who is so great. and jerry vogel junior from liberty university -- and jerry falwell junior from liberty university, so great. he really helped me with evangelicals. we go to south carolina and that is going to be ted cruz country. that is lying ted cruz country. we go and everybody says he is going to win. and who wins in a landslide? trump. who gets the military, the vets -- because when they are leaving, they do the polls. i won with the military, the vets, evangelicals, everybody. i won with women, men. i won with highly educated.
2:55 am
i won with less than highly educated. we won with every single category. it has been great. same thing with nevada. we go into nevada and i win in a landslide. the big thing is this -- i say hello to the people that work at the polling booths. a woman comes up to me in new hampshire and she says you know mr. trump, i have been doing this for 40 years. in 40 years, we used to have three people come in, followed by another three or four people. it is very light. but now we have lines. and i looked at the lines. the lines were five blocks long. we have taken in millions and millions and millions of people within the republican party. they came out from the democrats. they came as the independents. i will tell you, the thing i am most proud of -- and i see it when i sign and shake hands with people -- every 20th person
2:56 am
says, mr. trump, i have never, ever voted before. we are talking about 40-year-old people. are you going to vote? have you never voted before? thank you. that is so cool. who has never voted before? wow. wow. and you are all voting, right? [cheers and applause] donald trump: i'm telling you. they just said it on one of the stations coming in. it is a phenomena and it is phenomenal. but it is a phenomenon. so many people -- they said i never wanted to go week as i have i wanted to vote for. so, we have the democrats and we are up millions and millions and millions of votes. it is interesting. i watched lying ted a little while ago and he was saying, i am the only one. he is a good debater but he can't talk. he said, "i am the only one who
2:57 am
can beat trump. i beat him five times!" i beat him five times. i don't understand it. it is like a professional debate artist. i have won every debate. i don't understand it. according to drudge, they do the polls after the debates. i think i have won every single one. really. [cheers and applause] donald trump: but lying ted goes, i've gotta tell you, i am the only one who can stop trump. i have beaten him time times. i said to myself, is anybody going to speak up? nobody speaks up. at the debate, he says i have been him five times. and i said, yeah, but i have beaten you 15 times. [cheers and applause] donald trump: i don't know. he is lying ted. he is lying ted. so look. so important.
2:58 am
we have so many different problems. i want to read you something because i love it. i love it. we need security. we need borders. we are going to build a wall. the wall will be built. [cheers and applause] the wall is going to be built, 100%. build that wall, build that wall, build that wall. [crowd shouts "build that wall"] donald trump: it is going to be built. is going to pay for the wall? [crowd shouts "mexico"] donald trump: mexico, 100%. we have a trade deficit with mexico, folks. they used to say you cannot build a wall and then i said the great wall of china is 13,000 miles long, much bigger, and it
2:59 am
was built 2000 years ago. why can't we? i don't know. the other day, i hear these guys saying, we are going to build a wall. my wife heard it and she said i think they just said that. here is the thing. then, they say, you can't get mexico to pay for the wall. ok, so remember this -- this is easy. anybody in the audience can do it. almost everybody in the audience is smarter than the people running our country. [cheers and applause] so, remember this. the wall is going to cost $10 billion. a lot of money. we are going to do a real wall. it is going to be like the old post office. under budget, ahead of schedule -- it is going to be a great. we want to go under budget. that is the thing i do best is build. we are going to build it. it is going to cost $10 billion. that looks pretty good.
3:00 am
that is pretty good, actually. is up there.eiling it is probably going to be higher than that. it is going to be around 45-50 feet. here is the story. so, they say, you are never going to be able to get mexico to pay, 100%. no way, these are the people of running against. we have a trade deficit with mexico. a year, $58 billion, right? the wall is going to cost $10 billion. that is a peanut compared to that. they are going to pay for the wall, folks. when you have $58 billion, and you want $10 billion to pay for the wall -- there are various ways they can do it and i'm not pushy. i am a very un-pushy person. they are going to pay for the wall. so easy, so easy.
3:01 am
you probably saw the other day vicente fox, the ex-president. what did he do? he threw out the "f" bomb. bomb, ioughout thew out the "f" would get the electric chair. nobody even talk about it. what he did was good because he said, there is no way we are going to pay for the you know what wall. vincente, there is no way he said. and really angry and arrogant. i love the people of mexico. i have thousands of employees. hispanics -- i win in the poles ls with the hispanics. you saw that in nevada. won with of the hispanics, in addition to every other group because i will bring jobs back. i'm bringing the jobs back. i'm bringing them back from china, from mexico. i'm bringing jobs back. vicente fox, the good and the bad, he said there is no way we are going to pay for the you know what wall and angry.
3:02 am
i said, we have made progress. because he used to say there is no way we are going to build a wall. now, he accepts it is going to be built. he accepts it is going to be built. that is good. that is good. [cheers and applause] donald trump: now, we just are going to make a little deal and they are going to pay. otherwise, we are going to have a little problem. don't forget, the $58 billion a year does not include all the drugs that are pouring across and poisoning our youth. the one thing i said to the people of new hampshire because they were so good to me and the victory was so conclusive. it was my first victory as a politician. i've never done this before. some people give me credit. they said, it is amazing. this is a phenomenon and he has never done it before. it is like common sense. that is why we have these crowds. that is why it is a movement because it is a movement. when i go to dallas, 21,000 people. we just left north carolina where i think we are going to do great.
3:03 am
we had a room that held 2000 people. it was set up quickly. it held 2000 people. they had between 9000 people and 10,000 people outside listening that we had to send away. there is something going on. ok, ok. here's the story -- we are going to do things that the country is not used to doing. it is called we are going to win. it is very simple -- win. [cheers and applause] donald trump: i want to redo this because i love it. some of you may have heard it. i love doing it, i love reading it. it was written by al wilson a long time ago. it was actually a song. a little upgrade, maybe. i think it is great. we have a tremendous problem with terrorism. i don't know if you agree with let people into the country. we don't know who they are, what they are doing, where they are. we can do it. [cheers and applause] donald trump: we can build in
3:04 am
syria. we can build a safe zone and we will do that. i want to get saudi arabia and gulf states to pay. i have so much money and they are not paying for anything. people think we spend a lot on our military. we spend a lot taking care of all of these rich countries that do not reimburse us properly. south korea. i love south korea. i love japan, but japan, if we get attacked, japan does not have to do anything. if japan gets attacked, we just started world war iii. we have to go and defend them. what kind of deals are these that we make, folks? don't worry, we are going to make these good. we talk about terror and terrorism. remember this poll my am going to read. we talked about the wrong people coming into our country, right? we cannot allow it. i love you. look at this crowd. i love you. [cheers and applause] donald trump: i mean, this is amazing. are you ready?
3:05 am
this is called "the snake." right?, on our way to work one morning, down the path, along the lake, a tenderhearted woman saw a poor, half frozen snake. her pretty colored skin had been frosted with the dew. "oh well," she cried. i will take you in and take care of you. take me in, oh, tender woman. take me in, for heavens sake. sighed the broken snake. she wrapped him up all cozy in silk and then laid him by the fireside with honey and some milk. now, she hurried home from work that night. as she arrived, she found the pretty snake she had taken in had been revived. he was happy. take me in, oh, tender woman. take me in, for heavens sake, sighed the broken snake.
3:06 am
now she clutched him to her bosom. you are so beautiful, she cried. if i had not brought you in by now, heavens, you might have died. now she stroked his pretty skin and then she kissed him and held him tight. but instead of saying "thank you," that snake gave her a vicious bite. take me in, oh, tender woman. take me in, for heavens sake. take me in, oh, tender woman, sighed that vicious snake. "i saved you," cried the woman, "and you bit me!" you know your bite is poisonous and now i'm going to die. " silly woman,"
3:07 am
said the reptile with a grin. you knew damn well i was a snake before you took me in. [cheers and applause] donald trump: right? right? [crowd shouts "usa"] donald trump: usa. so, we don't know what we are doing, folks, and we have to learn. we are to make america great again. we are going to do a few things. the main thing i want you to do tonight is go home, go to sleep, get a good rest, go out tomorrow. you have to beat kasich. he is not going to be a great president. he is not going to be strong. he is weak on the orders. -- on the biorders.
3:08 am
remember, when he was a congressman, he signed nafta. nafta destroyed ohio. now, he wants to sign tpp. that is going to be worse. i have studied it so carefully. that is going to be worse for ohio. it will take all of your car business out. the car business is going to be destroyed by tpp and he wants it. nobody knows why he wants it, including himself. maybe one of his lobbyists are demanding it. maybe the special interests from the cars or something are demanding it. maybe one of the other countries that are going to benefit are demanding it. who knows? it is absolutely crazy. they don't even talk about monetary manipulation into the agreement. it is 6000 pages long. it is 12 countries at least. here is what happens.
3:09 am
we don't even have people that read these things. but those countries have read every single word. they have diagnosed it, every single word. if we are going to make trade agreements, it is simple. boom, boom. do them with individual countries that deserve it. don't do it with this whole mass group. you watch. china, they are watching. they are not in the agreement now, but they are watching. they will come in through the back door at a later date and take it over and will continue to laugh at how stupid our country and how stupid our leaders are. but it won't happen if i the am leader. it won't happen. [cheers and applause] donald trump: remember, look. i love china. china is great. i love mexico. it is all great. their leaders are too smart for our leaders. think of china. billion.icit, $500
3:10 am
i'm a conservative. but i am a commonsense person. i like to say i am a commonsense conservative. i'm very conservative on the military. i am very conservative with the veterans. the veterans will be taken care of, folks. better than ever before by a factor of 10. i'm very conservative on the border. nobody remember sheriff joe. nobody is like me on the border. i am very conservative on health care. i am conservative on the second amendment. we will keep our second amendment. we are not playing games. but when it comes to trade, i love free-trade. a true conservative only once free-trade. that is good if you have smart people that go shooting for you. but, we don't. we have the opposite. i'm trying to be nice. we have the opposite. here is the story. we are going to have trade agreements. we are not going to have agreements where they are good for certain people. i'm self funding my own campaign. i am putting up my own money. [cheers and applause] donald trump: when that big
3:11 am
plane flies into ohio, you know who is paying for it? trump is paying for it, not a special interest. i am paying for it. and let me tell you, it is expensive. made in the usa -- it is called boeing. made in the usa. but look, i am paying for it. i'm self funding. i don't know if i get credit for that. i have spent a lot of money on the campaign. here is the beauty. in new hampshire, i have spent about $2.5 million other people spent about $58 million and came in fifth or sixth. who do you want as president? wouldn't it be nice if we can spend the least and get the best result? wouldn't that be nice? [cheers and applause] i mean, and: education in the world, 30 the united states
3:12 am
is number 30, but it is number one on cost, cost per pupil. by the way, cost per pupil is not even close. we are so much higher than number two that we don't even talk about number two. we are number one on cost and we are the worst in terms of the education we produce. you have norway, sweden, denmark, china -- some countries you never even heard of before. they are ahead of us in education. we are going to change it around. we are going to have strength. let me tell you, i don't know if i get credit for self funding my campaign, but these guys are not stupid people. you ask, how did they make a deal so stupid? their lobbyists told them to make it. they are totally controlled by the lobbyists and special interests. when i tell carrier, that just announced they are moving, this
3:13 am
is your president. this is not very presidential. my wife said, the last debate, and ivanka said -- has anybody ever heard of ivanka. [cheers and applause] donald trump: they said you are doing great in the debates, but act presidential tonight. what does that mean? she said act presidential. in other words, when they come at you with things, just stand there and act presidential. let me tell you. and i told this to the press. i can be more presidential than any president the united states has ever had, except for honest abe lincoln. he is tough with of the top had. honest abe, he was seriously president. honest abe, i don't think i can beat him. i have never said that before. that i can beat somebody. i don't think i can act more presidential than honest abe. what does that mean? that means when they come at you
3:14 am
with the barbs -- i said, i can do that, but i did. i was proud of myself and i won that debate, according to the polls. this is not presidential. i am not supposed to be -- but you know what, i am more interested in having jobs in this country than i am acting presidential. [cheers and applause] donald trump: i have some of the greatest business people in the world, including carl icahn. i have carl icahn, some of the greatest business people in the world. we have the best negotiators, best business people. this is too easy. carrier announced they are getting rid of 1400 jobs. i buy carrier air-conditioners. i buy a lot of televisions. they all come from south korea. we don't make televisions anymore. rcased to be that we had and ge. we don't have anything anymore. they are all made over in south korea.
3:15 am
they are all made over -- i ordered thousands and thousands of televisions. i said, can we buy them in the u.s.? no, we can't. here's what happens with carrier. they announced they are moving and i am not happy. because what do we get out of it? they laid off 1400 great workers who helped the company. you see these people, they are crying, they are devastated, they had a great job. we are moving to mexico, i'm sorry. we are going to close up. we are moving to mexico. here's what i do. i call up the head of carrier and i say very nicely and with great respect, hello this is donald trump i am the president of the united states and i am not happy about what you are doing, moving carrier out of this country. and he is going to say, mr. president -- remember this, if hillary, who doesn't have the strength or energy to be president. believe me. if hillary is president, her
3:16 am
special interests will call her. her lobbyists will call her, her fundraisers will call her, and she knows it is a bad thing, but she will not do anything about it. called,e marco gets 100%, he will do whatever his lobbyists tell him. they will say, marco you can't do this. these guys is supported you, they give you $5 million, and he is going to say, you are right. if lying ted -- he has got lobbyists. don't forget, here is a guy that and his personal financial disclosure form -- he is going to be robin hood. he is protecting everyone from the big bad banks. but he has loans from the big bad banks. he forgot to put his loans. he forgot to put his loans in his disclosure forms. he just forgot. he forgot to say to the interest rate is so low that you are practically not paying any interest.
3:17 am
would anyone like to have lying ted's interest rate? donald trump: i would take his interest rate. the truth is, they are totally controlled, 100%, and you can practically go to washington -- they will tell you, who is the lobbyist for rubio? oh, this one, this one. with me, no lobbyists. i know the lobbyists. i have contributed to everybody. the greatest personal financial statement in the history of the united states government, almost 100 pages. an unbelievable company, tremendous cash flow. very little debt. or of wouldn't be running. can you imagine if that was bad? you would have heard from those guys. they are so upset at how good it is. i built a great company. they are devastated, they are so dishonest and disgusting. there are devastated. so, here is the story.
3:18 am
only because -- i could give it to carl icahn one of the great negotiators, but i want to do it myself. i will call carrier and get the president on the phone. say, the president of united states is on the phone for you, sir. let me tell you something, mr. president of carrier. here's the story, are you ready? this applies to forward, to nabisco who is moving to mexico and i'm not eating oreos anymore. so, here is the story. here is the story. i say, because it is just too easy. i would rather do it myself. i'm not supposed to be calling up air-conditioner companies, but i'm going to do it. so, here's the story. i'm going to tell him, congratulations on your move, i hope you build a beautiful facility. i wish you a lot of luck. good luck with your employees, the 1400 people that were fired and are all devastated and are right now, working part-time goodas you can't get t
3:19 am
jobs in this country. so, good luck with you, i just want to tell you one thing before i hang up. every air-conditioning unit that is made by carrier that crosses our now very strong border is going to be taxed at the rate of 35% for you per unit. -- 35% per unit. [cheers and applause] donald trump: every single one. now, with the other guys, you will get one of the lobbyists and they will forget it. here's what they will say. mr. president, sir. to, say, you have 24 hours a. i will get a call within 24 hours. here is what they are going to say, like 100%. this isn't like, 95%. this is 100%. i will get a call and he will say, mr. president, carrier air-conditioning has decided to stay in the united states. 100%. and maybe they will build a new
3:20 am
plant and maybe they will build a new factory. maybe they will do lots of things. i don't care where they build it as long as it is in our country, right? but they are staying, and we are not going to let these other countries manipulate their currencies. these countries are manipulating their currencies, making it impossible for all of you to compete and for your companies to compete. that is why you are closing up companies all over ohio. that is why the steel industry is a disaster. i will bring it back. that is why the coal industry in ohio is a disaster. i will bring your industry back. you will have clean coal whether you are in kentucky or west virginia or ohio. we are going to go back and we have technology now, and we are going to have clean coal. your coal industry is dead. your steel industry is dead. your governor is totally overrated. he hasn't done a thing and without oil, you would be in worse shape than any other state in the union. believe me.
3:21 am
[cheers and applause] donald trump: so, i am going to ask you to get up tomorrow and vote. and i will tell you the bottom line. you are going to be so happy, you are going to be remembering this evening, and you are going to remember tomorrow when you vote. you are going to say it was the single, greatest vote you have ever cast. you are going to be proud of your president. i'm you, i'm you. you will be proud of your president, so proud of your country. and we are going to start winning again. we are going to win with our military. we are going to make it so good and is so strong that nobody is going to play games with us or mess with us. we are going to win with our vets. we are going to finally take care of our vets. we are going to win at the border, win with the second amendment, win with getting rid of common core and having great education. [cheers and applause] donald trump: we are going to win with health care. we are going to terminate
3:22 am
obamacare. we are going to have something that is so much less expensive and so much better. we are going to win, win, win. we are going to win so much you are going to be so proud of your country again. i love you, ohio! you can make the difference. you can make a difference. tell your friends, vote for trump. i promise you, i am going to do such a great job. you are going to look back ten years from now, 20 years from now, and say, that was the single greatest vote i ever cast. we are bringing your business back, bringing your jobs back. i love you, ohio. thank you. i love you. [cheers and applause] ♪ >> florida, north carolina,
3:23 am
illinois, and missouri hold primaries tomorrow. athave coverage, starting 7:00 p.m. eastern. here is a look at the republican delegate count. donald trump leads the gop with 460. texas senator ted cruz is in second place with 370 delegates. they are followed by senator marco rubio and governor john kasich, who hold to the delegate counts with primaries in their home states. win delegates are needed to the presidential nomination for the republican candidate. for more, go to lection. the supreme court is vested with this power and with this power comes great responsibility. you have an individual sitting on the court unfettered for 35 years.
3:24 am
that does not pass the smell test when it comes to a modern democracy. "q&a," gabeght on rost talks about changes he would like to see at the supreme court, including opening up oral arguments to cameras, and prison term limits on the justices, and requiring them to adhere to the same code of ethics other federal judges follow >> these decisions affect all americans. all americans are aware of the third branch of government and in the last 10-15 years, it has become so powerful. the idea that issues on voting, marriage, health care, immigration, women's rights, pregnancy discrimination -- i could go on and on. these issues, 20-30 years ago, congress and the executive branch would get together and put together a bill. with thebuck stops supreme court in a way that is unprecedented in our history. given that they are making these very impactful decisions, the
3:25 am
least we as the public can do is to test them. easterny night at 8:00 on c-span's "q&a." campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> ohio governor john kasich spoke to supporters in his home state one day before primary voters go to the polls in ohio, missouri, north carolina, florida, and illinois. he is joined by former republican presidential candidate mitt romney at this westerville ohio rally.
3:26 am
[applause] wow, what a welcome. that is quite a welcome. john, this is your hometown, right? [cheers and applause] impressive, when the people in your town come out and cheer you on like this. the are you going to vote for tomorrow? exactly right. i came here to make it very clear that all of america is watching what ohio does. ohio is carrying out a bit of an
3:27 am
interview tuesday who wants to be president. you may have gone to a job interview, but a few of you folks have -- you get all nervous and you wonder what it is going to be like. in this case, you are the person doing the interview, and this guy here is the interviewee. you have done this before, six years ago. the people of ohio recognized things work in really tough shape here. you lost over 300,000 jobs. the budget said you were down $8 billion. taxes were going through the roof. businesses were fleeing. he went out and looked for a chief executive, a governor. and you hired this guy and his family. [cheers and applause] >> how do you feel about your choice? pretty good? [cheers and applause] now, when politicians run for
3:28 am
office, they all say about the same thing. they all say these great things they are going to do, but in this case, six years ago you said, i don't just want to hear what you have to say. i want to hear what you have done. and so you look at john kasich's record and you saw that when he was in washington, that he was there and helped balance the budget. he was the architect of the plan to get the budget balanced. when he was in washington, that balanced budget and other changes, got the economy going and created more good jobs. and you said, not just based on his words, but also based upon his record, you hired this guy. and look what he has done. you know what the story is. if you haven't heard by now, 400,000 new jobs, jobs are coming back, businesses are coming back. [cheers and applause] the nation looks
3:29 am
to you to do another job interview. is this man the person we should vote for tomorrow? there are two things that go through my mind. one is the problems we have in the country are at least as severe as the problems you had in ohio six years ago when he became your governor. we have not just a billion dollars in deficit -- $8 billion in deficit. we have almost $20 trillion in debt as a nation. these businesses incorporate outside the u.s. to get away from america and take jobs away from america. you don't see wages rising in this country. you were promised that if you liked your health care you could keep it, but they didn't keep that promise. you were told that your health insurance premiums would go down $2500 a year. has anyone seen that
3:30 am
happened? [crowd shouts "no"] >> that is what i thought. there is a very great prospect for the future of this country. i say that because the world is changing and it is becoming more driven by innovation. economy, the information economy, the international economy -- all of these things will be driven by who can innovate the best. donation compares to america when it comes to innovation and invention. that means a lot of change. with the right leadership in washington to get washington out of the way of the innovators, you are going to see the entire country come back the way ohio has come back. and so, i want to make sure you guys do the right thing tomorrow and that you get out there -- we used to say in massachusetts, "vote early and vote often." but i know that is not legal in ohio. so i want to make sure you vote early and you get your friends to vote.
3:31 am
we have to send a signal loud and clear that a man with an tre integrity, a man with a clear track record, could make the country turn around. please welcome the first lady of that great man, karen kasich. [applause] >> thank you, it is great to be here. i will have the pleasure of introducing my husband whom i happen married to for 19 years now. i have an proud of him all these years but never more proud than i have been over the last eight campaign toing him be president of the united states of america. he has run a positive campaign of integrity and on the issues. he has not run a mudslinging
3:32 am
campaign when you call somebody names or slurs. record you can stand on, you don't need to get down in the mud with other people. i hope you are proud of what he has done for ohio and that tomorrow you will join me in going out and giving ohio governor john kasich your vote for president of the united states. [applause]
3:33 am
gov. kasich: i would like to see whether m a or reese -- whether emma or reese would like to make this speech. any of you want to say anything? [laughter] you never know. i want you to know how much i love my family. all of us love our families. i want to thank senator portman. when president, i need smart people to work with and leaders. we will send him back to the united states senate with an overwhelming victory. can you imagine how much better america would have been if mitt
3:34 am
romney were elected president just four years ago? not only is he smart, talented, effective, but look at the sky -- he looks like a president. we don't have to get that carried away, what about me? a just kidding. and lookingg here because we are so close to my home and i have been in westerville for all of my adult lifetime and you are our neighbors. many of you see me at the grill and i have shorts on. that's me, running for president. westerville --h
3:35 am
you see us walk through westerville. that's me, getting that ice cream. you saw me. it gives me a chance to be a state senator from when i was just a kid. happen.thought it would sent me to congress at the age 30. i went down there to make sure that somebody can stand up for us down there. when i was in washington for so many years, i did fight to balance the budget because i knew it would result in a more prosperous america.
3:36 am
i did fight to reform the pentagon so the men and women would have what they needed to defend our country. then i came home. i was like sisyphus. i rolled that rock up the hill and the people in washington would push it back down and at the end of the day, we got it balanced. time we haverst balanced the budget since neil armstrong, another person from ohio, had walked on the moon. [applause] we had four straight years of balanced budgets and pay down half a trillion dollars of the national debt. i left and i came home. i didn't want to go anywhere other than westerville. this is my home, this is what i love, this is what i live for.
3:37 am
i was having a great life and i looked at ohio and i tell you, the toughest trip i had was when i went to new york to meet with the new york rating agencies and they told me, you might as well give up, ohio instead. i said, you clearly do not understand ohio. moved was elected, we fast. things were shaking all over the state like, what is john kasich doing? we took the formula of common sense regulation so we do not crush small business people. they are the heroes because they hire our kids and create the jobs in america. .e know that that would work [applause]
3:38 am
we knew that we wanted to cut taxes and we did. the largest amount of tax cuts in america for any governor in the entire united states of werica and we also said that have to reform the government, and met his right. -- and mitt is right. can i have that for a second? the mentality is, you have to reform, change, and innovate. you'll have a lot of people trying to keep you from doing it will stop when businesses do not innovate, they die. now, my mother told me, 50 years ago, johnny the day will come that you will make a phone call and you will have to look good for someone will see you on the other end of the phone. we shop on this.
3:39 am
medicine is different, transportation is different, everything is different. you have to move at the speed of light in the speed of business. when i go to washington, we will start moving at the speed of business and we will send a lot of power back to where we live and i want to tell you, there are so many projects and programs that i want to implement. our combat veterans will get access to health care wherever they needed. we will not have a homeless or unemployed veteran in america. work to uber-ize the federal government. i get more smartphones this way -- [laughter] there is another element of this. i wanted to send so many , education,k
3:40 am
welfare, job training, health care back to where we live because that will allow us to ,nnovate, to change the country to make the federal government smaller so that it can do the things it is supposed to do. if you give me a chance to go down there, i will take care of it. you are hiring me as a ceo. frankly, i don't care about politics. it means nothing to me. [applause] i don't care about the polls, i don't carry about focus groups, i care about listening to you when i see you on the corner, the letters that you write and the e-mails that i get. i hear you. all you want is somebody that will call them like he sees them or she sees them.
3:41 am
like i have done the entire time you have given me the privilege to be in public life, that is what i have done because you are in my mind's i. let me also tell you something i have learned. i have changed running for president of the note states. i have had some of the most emotional experiences that i have ever seen in my lifetime. people come to our town halls of which we have done over a couple hundred. have been taking questions all across america hearing what people have to say. they come to these rallies and somehow they feel safe. we have a bank of media people in the back and they have come to these rallies and some of them, when i talk to them
3:42 am
privately say, the cannot believe what they see. people talking about the death of a child or their fears, about their loved ones in the military or the people who say that we are fighting in our family the problem of drug abuse. people say these things and what i have learned is that there are a lot of lonely people out there. , isather, john the mailman a great example for me. the same mailn route for 29 years and i came to find out after my mother and father lost her life in that car accident that my dad was in every home. when the kid scored a touchdown friday night, he was celebrating. when the daughter saying a solo in the choir, he was celebrating. when somebody in that family lost something that they dearly loved, he was crying with them
3:43 am
and people stood outside that funeral home in a big line to tell me how much my dad meant to them. he was just a mailman delivering the mail, but he was delivering something else, he was delivering his love. the strength of our country and why do i love westerville so much? the strength of our country does not rest in big wig competitions. i know what ronald reagan did for us, i was there. a the read and seen and things that winston churchill did. it was wonderful, he got people to rise. but, did you know where the strength of our country is? it is in us. it is where we live doing everything that we can to remember that the lord has
3:44 am
blessed us to do certain things and to live a life in little bit bigger than ourselves to not wait for somebody to come riding we will revise the spirit of america right here. right here. [applause] i have become pretty convinced that the reason i have survived, youyou watch those debates, said, is anybody ever going to call on our governor? when the debate was over it you said, why don't they ever talk about him? but you know what? one foot in front of the other.
3:45 am
it is down to four. there are only six people now of the whole country that could be president. thinkher reason why i that i have survived is not just because of the record in cuttingg budgets and taxes but telling people to believe in themselves. the belief that we can make a difference in the way this world works. reaching out. [applause] people wenderpaid have in our society are the teachers, the once to work in this building. they do it not because they make a lot of money but because they believe that they can change a life. 's -- appear at saint and it's -- right up here at saint those doctors telling
3:46 am
the family it will be ok. dr. ports. he does not sleep at night when he has somebody he is worried about as a patient, or when we pay attention to the widow lost her husband and nobody calls anymore. that is change in the world. that is what is expected of us in this life. i know that every day i can get up and maybe slow my lifetime and pay attention to somebody else, it will make a difference. i want us to think about that. you to think about something else. do you know why they did not call on me in the debates? do you know why they did not talk about it after the debates were over? i want you to understand something. i am carrying a torch for you.
3:47 am
i am responsible to have a good reputation for you. i am here to be a good role model as best as i can for these kids and their daughters. i will never take a low road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. [applause] thank you.
3:48 am
here is the thing. i want you to know. sometimes i have to call them like i see them. friday night, i turned on the television. i don't turn on the television. to -- if i ever watch anything, i watch the golf channel. i don't spend my time worried about what they are saying. but friday night, the people that work with me, and i love them because they work so hard. i get the spotlight and they just work hard. they came in and said, you need to turn the television on. --urned it on and i read watched the presidential campaign rally with people slugging one another. i looked at those images and i thought to myself, this is not
3:49 am
how we fix america. we don't fix america by demonizing or dividing people. lifex america, anything in by bringing people together, because we are stronger when unified. those images are being shown all across the globe. there are people saying, what is happening to america? am i right there, sir? what has happened to america? i want to tell you that these problems that we have today are serious. i understand them, i grew up in them. i'm not getting interest when i put money in the bank, my kids have a college education and a
3:50 am
lot of debt and they are still living at home. what is happening? we will fix it. i want to tell you there are much tougher times in america than today. i'm tired of having people say how terrible things are. america is incredible and what it is great. the world depends on us. [applause] you think about the sacrifices , therlier generations depression, we climbed out of , sothe second world war many lives were lost and america came out of it like the phoenix rising, the strongest nation in the world and the protector of human rights and the guarantor of freedom across the world.
3:51 am
9/11we saw the attack of and we survived that war and we will win that war as well. know that we can fix these problems. have to remember that we are americans before we are republicans and democrats and that is the key to bringing this country together. [applause] so there is one last thing. the country is watching. ohio, we are the geographic center of gravity in every political election and it is happening now, and it will happen again when i come here so that we can beat hillary clinton
3:52 am
this fall. [applause] i was going to say that i need you one more time, but i will need you to more times. make practice will perfect. but the whole country is worldng us, and the whole is watching us, holding their breath about what we are all about. to send a all of you message around the country and around the world that we have somebody who has a proven record, somebody who has been able to deliver for the people that elected him. that is part of the question and people's mines. who can i trust? there is nobody better who can
3:53 am
make that argument than the people i grew up with. my neighbors, i am asking you as sincerely as i can. you have to get out, get everybody you know him a and give me a vote so i can continue to run for president of the united states. thank you all very much and god bless. [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captioning made possible by wxii-tv]
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