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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  March 19, 2016 8:01pm-9:01pm EDT

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arizona is a winner take all primary this tuesday for the republican presidential candidates. donald trump in a campaign stop in the state this weekend, holding a rally just outside of phoenix, arizona. he was joined by state treasurer jeff to wait, former governor jan brewer, and maricopa county sheriff. this is 40 minutes. >> look at this crowd. [applause] what a great group of americans that we have today. [applause] jeff dewitt: the establishment has called us the silent majority, and they tried to give
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us their candidates. but, we are not silent anymore, are we? [applause] jeff dewitt: thank god we've been given the gift of one of our brightest minds in our country, a true business success, the man who's going to make america great again. this is the proof of why more people have already voted in this election than all the people in 2008 and 2012. already, with 20 states to go, this and donald trump! [applause] jeff dewitt: we are so lucky to have him. i don't want to waste too much time, but i will introduce somebody else who is going to talk to you today. it is my pleasure to introduce to you, the author of "scorpions for breakfast: my fight against
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special interests, liberal media, and cynical politicos to secure america's border," say hello to governor jan brewer! [applause] [applause] governor brewer: hello, everybody! this is so fabulous. i'm so honored to be here today with you in support of the next president of the united states, donald trump. i've known donald for a long time. he's a man that i know has so much integrity, a thoughtful, kind person. when you sit down with donald and you talk to him, he listens. he has listened to all of you. [applause]
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governor brewer: we have a president who has failed the american people. it is time for a change. we here in arizona are going to propel donald trump to that seat. you know donald has a terrific agenda. initiatives for bringing our economy back, he will grow jobs and look out for small business, he will restructure the tax structure and not only that, he is going to build a fence. [applause] [crowd chanting "build a wall"]
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governor brewer: we are the people. our votes count. donald trump has over 2 million more votes than any of the other candidates going into the primary. we will have a big victory on tuesday. and president trump will be back to visit us and we will be happy and we will be protected. so, thank you all very, very much for all your support. is this not dropdead gorgeous? it's beautiful. today, we have with us, the toughest sheriff in america. [applause]
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governor brewer: sheriff joe will come up here and talk to you in his hometown. please welcome, sheriff joe arpaio! [applause] sheriff arpaio: thank you. america is now going to realize where fountain hills, arizona is. isn't it great that our next president picked this great town? actually, don't tell anybody, for security reasons, but you can see my house from here. you know how close i am. my wife can see me on the porch.
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thank you for coming. we had a little problem with demonstrators trying to disrupt -- [crowd boos] sheriff arpaio: because of them, you had to get a little more sunshine, but we made it. three of them are in jail. [applause] sheriff arpaio: if they think they are going to intimidate you and the next president of the united states, it's not going to happen. not in this town. i want to do this quick because our next president is waiting. i want to say a couple of things about donald trump.
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i've been involved in a lot of presidential campaigns. you know that. i met donald when he was here the first time in july. thousands of people came out to see him. thousands. when i first introduced him. my gut feeling told me he is different. he's going to do things differently. i'm a senior citizen, not a psychiatrist or anything, but i do have a gut feeling. from day one, i knew this was the guy. this was the guy. [applause] and i have done some introductions of him across the country and i am so proud of him.
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at least we've got somebody who is not afraid to speak out. or is politically correct. or doesn't have great issues like illegal immigration. and he says he is going to build a wall, yeah, it is going to be built, and i'll tell you what, if they don't pay for that wall, then we should take away their foreign aid in mexico. then they will pay. and another thing, since i lived in mexico as a diplomatic attache and i was overseas for many years, guests who is the most import person next to the president to deal with international affairs? that is the secretary of state. so where was hillary? how many times has she gone to mexico? and the president who stopped the drug traffic and the illegal immigration problem?
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and why would a former president, vicente fox, make vicious, vicious, it's about somebody who is running for president, and that person would happen to be mr. trump? i don't see anybody get excited about that. but we made a couple of comments at a rally and they make it a big issue. but anyway, i've got enough to say right now, but i want to introduce donald trump, our next president of the united states. thank you. ♪ >> ♪ y'all ready for this? ♪ ♪
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mr. trump: whoa! whoa! oh, thank you, folks. thank you you very much, folks. oh, what a crowd this is! thank you all, very much. sheriff joe, i want to thank you. you have some sheriff. there are no games with this sheriff, that's for sure. and jan, thank you so much, and jeff, boy oh boy, we have so much support, and on tuesday, we've got to make that movement go forward. the establishment, they don't know what they're doing. they have no clue. they don't how to win. they pick the people that
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absolutely will never win with the people they talk about. go out on tuesday and vote, i will never let you down. [applause] crowd: trump! trump! trump! mr. trump: and i want to tell you, you know, so much about illegal immigration and so much has been mentioned about it and talked about it and these politicians are all talk, no action, they are never going to do anything, and they are only going to pick this up because when i went and i announced that i was running for president, i said, you know, his country is a big, big problem with illegal immigration, and all of a sudden, we started talking about it, and then we had bad things happening, and there was crime and you had so many killings and
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so much crime. drugs were pouring through the border, people are now seeing it, and you know what? we are going to build a wall and we are going to stop it. it's going to end. [applause] mr. trump: i only wish these cameras -- because there is nothing as dishonest as the media, that i can tell you. i only wish these cameramen would spin around and show the kind of people that we have. the numbers of people that we have here. i just wish that for once, they would do it, because you know
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what? we have a silent majority that is no longer so silent. it is now the loud, noisy minority, and we are going to be heard. we are going to be heard. so today, one of the very big stories was about the border agents, they say they support trump, that trump is the only one running that has their backs, ok? and they can do the job, but they don't get support from the politicians. now why? i am still funding my campaign, i am putting up my own money, and these guys, i look at them all up and down, we started with 17 and now we are down to three. don't we love that? don't we love it? don't we love that? we lost the future of the republican party last tuesday in florida, you know, he was the future, he was the future of the republican party, except i won
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florida in a landslide because people are tired of what politicians are doing to the country, remember that. they are tired of it. they are sick and tired of it. remember obama? change! this is going to be real change and we are going to have a border and unless you have a border, you don't have a country, folks, you don't have a country. remember that. now it, in addition, and we will go through a list of things very quickly, because frankly, it doesn't take a long time, we are going to end, and core, education will be local. everybody wants it. we don't want our children educated by bureaucrats from washington, d.c., so we and common core education local. we're going to terminate obamacare. we are going to repeal it and replace it with great health
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care for far less money. that's going to happen. that is going to happen. we're going to protect our second amendment. our second amendment. remember, it is a perceived -- it is under siege like never before and we are going to protect it. you know, in paris, they have the toughest gun laws in the world, the world, no tougher gun laws than anywhere in the world, tough. and guess what? 130 people dead, and no bullets going in the opposite direction. the same thing happened in california. 14 people. radicalize people. she probably radicalized him. they went in and killed people that they worked with, that they supposedly liked. it is not going to happen anymore, folks. it is not going to happen. we are going to be smart, we are going to be vigilant, we are
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going to be smart people, we are going to be proud of our country again. our military is depleted. our military is exhausted. we don't replenish. we take, we don't replenish. we send the best equipment in the world over to wherever we are sending it. we don't even know. i don't even think we know where we are sending it. and a bullitt gets fired in the air and the enemy takes over this great equipment and then they have better equipment than we do and they are using our equipment. those days are done. those days are done. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to rebuild our military. it is going to be bigger, better, and stronger than ever, and hopefully nobody, nobody will have to use it. nobody, and i mean nobody, is
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going to mess with us anymore. crowd: usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! >> i love you! mr. trump: i love you, too. i love you, too. i have such a soft spot for this country. in alabama, we had 35,000 people, oklahoma, no matter where we go, we have these massive crowds. and by the way, are we winning or what? look at the numbers! you know it is really, it is really amazing, you know to me,
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it is really amazing. we have won 20 states, and we have one in massive landslides -- have won in massive landslides. i won in new hampshire, i wasn't supposed to win in new hampshire, and ted cruz, he wasn't born in this country, folks, and he shouldn't even be in this country, and he shouldn't be in this group that we are talking about. but we win in a massive landslide, and we go to south carolina were we have the evangelicals. 68%. lyin' ted, we call him lyin' ted. so he comes up with a bible and he puts it down and you know what?
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he starts lyin'. and you know what? the evangelicals don't like liars. that was going to be an easy victory and trump wins it in a landslide. in a landslide. and then one after another, we go and we win in nevada, a landslide, we win in the sec, we did so great, and we had a great day on tuesday. we had 5, 5. and that i heard ted cruz the other day, saying, i am the only one who can stop trump, i am the only one. do you ever hear this guy? and he said, i beat him five times, and i thought, wait a minute, i beat him 20 times. lyin' ted, lyin' ted. and you know what, i will tell you, john kasich is a nice guy, but he is done. as far as arizona is concerned,
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john kasich is very, very weak as you know. and another thing that i don't like, he approved nafta. when you approve nafta, a lot of your businesses had left. he is also in favor of tpp, and so, by the way, is ted cruz. tpp is a disaster. tpp is the transpacific partnership, it is a disaster, it is going to take away the auto industry, it is a disaster, you don't want it. you don't do trade with massive amounts of countries, folks, you do it one at a time, one at a time, one at a time. if they don't cooperate, then you put them in the shed, and then maybe we let them come back. you know, i built a great company, a massive company, a
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fantastic company, and i filed, i did my filings, and oh, they were so unhappy with it. it is a good company, it is a phenomenal company, very little debt, a lot of cash flow. i say this not to brag, but to show you that we need this. we have $19 trillion in debt, $19 trillion. who even knows what one trillion is? we have $19 trillion in debt, going to $21 trillion, and they just approved in the congress a budget, it is a disaster, they call it the omnibus, the omnibus, it is a disaster, obamacare is a disaster, there
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are people coming into the united states, we have no idea who they are, and it funds the illegal immigrants coming in, they come right through arizona. all of these things are funded with a budget that they approved, and i think it took them, like, 12 minutes to approve the budget. not going to happen anymore, folks, not going to happen. so here is story, bottom line, the bottom line. it is, first of all, it is great to be with you. this is incredible. we expected, and this was just set up result, and we expected -- and by the way, i don't know if you know, last night we had an unbelievable evening in salt lake city, utah, and i hope they go with us, i hope they go with us. i said we have to stop there, i stopped, and we had an amazing evening there. but let me just tell you that the way that i finished, it is simple, our country is not winning anymore.
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our trade is a disaster. china, what china has done to her country, china has been rebuilt because of the money and the jobs we have lost and the money we have given them. we have rebuild china and they know it. i have many friends from china. i don't have any objection to china, i think it's wonderful, i am angry at our people, not their people, if you can get away with it. so look, we've rebuild china. it is not free trade, it is not anything, this is horrible, stupid trade. when you have $500 billion a year, folks, we've got to get smart. carl icahn, i have the greatest negotiators in the world. we had pfizer, a great company, pfizer, they just announced they
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are leaving. they are a huge drug company. they announced they are going to ireland. companies are going to mexico. nabisco, ford, where are they going? mexico. mexico, mark my words, exit code is a small version of china. we better get smart and we better get smart quickly -- my daughter, ivanka, she told me to act presidential, act presidential. she said, in the next debate, act presidential. i didn't attack marco, i didn't attack little marko, and i didn't attack ted, lyin' ted, lyin' ted. but ted cruz, he is not going to
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be the right guy, he is not going anywhere, so it is not going to happen. i say we make is before the convention, by the way. you have these stiffs like mitt romney. the guy is a total stiff. did he let us down? this guy is a loser. did he let us down? i mean, here is a guy, he goes up, he is so devastated, he forgot the campaign in the final month, he gave it to obama. i am going to win, i am going to be hillary, but let me tell you, beating obama four years ago was easier than beating hillary clinton now, believe me. and mitt romney choked. pure and simple. he choked, he choked like a dog, and that's not going to happen.
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that's not good to happen with me. so here's the story. here's the story. come on back, folks. come on back. you left. we had incompetent leadership. you left. some folks said, we are not coming back, we had incompetent leadership, but now we can bring you back. you went to mexico, will bring you back. but i'm a conservative, and i am smart, and look, i spent $48 million in new hampshire, -- jeb spent $48 million in new hampshire, and i spent some money, too, my own money, but i won. he is a joke. people who have no clue about money or deals that have not read "the art of the deal" in all fairness, it is not of
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interest to them. look at john kerry. look at the deal he made with iran. one of the worst deals ever negotiated. one of the worst deals ever negotiated. look at it, it is a disgrace, it is an embarrassment. by the way, on that deal, we should have never, ever, even started, until we got those prisoners back, we should have gotten them back years ago, and once we got them back, we should have told them, by the way, the $150 billion, no, we are a debtor's nation, folks. after about two days of turmoil, we would have saved, believe me, 150 billion dollars. that deal is such an embarrassment. well, our trade deals are just like that. our trained deals are just like that.
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bergdahl, he is just like that. bergdahl, he is a traitor. we get bergdahl, and we get to give them five of the great killers that they have coveted. those guys are now back on the battlefield, trying to kill us all, and we've got a traitor. big deal. and by the way, a traitor that has supposedly, supposedly, five or six young beautiful soldiers were killed trying to get him back. that is our deal. that is the way we negotiate. that is not going to happen anymore. not going to happen anymore. so what we are going to do is we are going to tell our wonderful businesses that deserted us, they left us, and i'm not even blaming them, they had no reason not to, because nobody talks -- you think somebody went to carry her and said, you listen coming you let all of these people go, don't go to mexico?
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they don't do that. so they move into mexico, and i would say, and i would do it myself, i know it is not presidential, it is not presidential, it is not presidential of the president of the united states to call up the president of carrier, "hello, this is the president." but this is so much fun for me. please, don't take that away. don't take that away from me. i love deals. so whether it is one of me or one of my representative's, i know the good ones, i know the bad ones, that whether it is one of these killers or one of some real for me, please, let me do it. let he do it, please. so i call up, and they would say, the president of the united states is calling the president of carrier, get them on the phone, i would say, "good luck in mexico, enjoy your stay, but
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here is the story, you let go of 14,000 people that helped to build your company, and i really love, by the way, i really love the new pictures of your facility. every single air conditioning unit that you make, every single one, as it crosses the border, and we are going to have a real border, because we are going to have a wall, we are going to have a real border, we are going to have a date, beautiful wall that nobody is crossing, just in case you had any questions, don't worry about the tunnels and stuff, nobody is going over it and nobody is going over it and we are going to have a big, beautiful door, but people are going to be coming into our country legally, legally, legally, so i tell the head of carrier, everything will unit that you make in mexico and that you sell in the united states, we are going to put a 35% tax on
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that unit, and i hope it works out well for you." and here is what is going to happen, they are going to have lobbyists call me, but i didn't take any money, they are going to have special interest, and, and i didn't take any money, they are going to have donors, donors, donors, but i didn't take any money, i don't give a damn for them, folks. i care about you. and here is what is going to happen. within 24 hours of that phone call, ahead of carrier and ford and so many other companies, i mean, you just take a look, i could give you a list and you could read them all day, the head of nabisco, leaving chicago with their plant, they are headed to mexico, no more oreos for us, no more oreos to eat. so here is what is going to happen, folks, i will get a call within 24 hours, a president of carrier, "mr. president, we have
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decided to stay in the united states." and then i would say, "thank you very much. and i don't want it in phoenix, arizona, or anywhere in particular, we just want it in the united states." this is going to happen a lot. we don't win anymore. we don't win at anything. we don't win at anything. we don't win at anything. we are going to beat isis. how about general george patton? he is too tough. he is too tough. he couldn't be a general anymore because he is too tough. he is not politically correct. by the way, chipping away, just like i said, chipping away at the second amendment, they are chipping away at christianity, they are chipping away at our religion, they are not going to have it anymore. when it comes to christmas time, they are going to put up a fight, but we are going to put up a sign as is, -- sign that says, "merry, merry, merry christmas!"
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we are totally impotent as a country. we are going to knock the hell out of crisis and we are going to rebuild our country, we are going to rebuild -- out of isis, and we are going to rebuild our country. we're going to rebuild our country. our country is going to be so strong. somebody at that company that stole the equipment had political connections to these characters that i run against. we are going to have a great military and we are going to finally, finally take care of our great veterans, we're going to take care of them. so we are going to win with the military, we are going to win.
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oh, thank you, look at you. look at you. usa is right. usa. crowd: usa! usa! usa! usa! usa! mr. trump: so, folks, we are going to start winning again. we are going to win with our military, we are going to win for our vets, we're going to win for our vets, right? we are going to win for our vets, we're going to win with our military, we are going to win with a obamacare, we are going to get rid of it and going to make something much better, we're going to win with every aspect of our lives. we're going to win the league with our second amendment. we are going to keep winning at every level. we are going to win so much that you are going to common you are going to say, "is the president, we are winning so much, i can't stand it anymore," and i'm good
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say, "i don't care." this is for the people of phoenix, and the people of arizona, we're going to win a for our border, and we are going to build a wall, and ladies and gentlemen, i love you. you have to go out. you have to vote on tuesday. you will never be disappointed with me. i will never disappoint you. we are going to bring our country back. we are to take our country back. we are going to have victories again. you're going to be so proud of your family, yourself, your country. we are going to win again all the time. thank you very much. i love you. i love you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. thank you, everybody. ♪
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>> ♪ y'all ready for this? ♪ mr. trump: thank you, everybody. go out and vote! go vote! ♪ ♪ >> ♪ yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah, yeah! ♪ ♪ >> ♪ yeah! yeah! yeah! yeah, yeah! ♪ ♪
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>> the american israel public affairs committee will hear from donald trump and the remaining republican presidential candidates on monday at the annual policy conference in washington, d.c. it will have live coverage beginning at 5:00 p.m. eastern on c-span two. >> "the washington post" is reporting a number of rabbis are planning to boycott donald trump's speech next monday before the pro-israel group. joining us on the phone is rosalind helderman. thank you for being with us. who are the rabbis, and what is their message? ms. helderman: it is a group of rabbis from the conservative form of judaism, whose members tend to be more liberal than other parts of judaism, and
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basically what i was told is this was a movement that grew out of a lot of angst across the political spectrum about the best way to respond to donald trump. there are some conversations about people jeering or turning their backs to him. the rabbis wanted to make it clear they did not object to the invitation to mr. trump to speak at aipac. they did not want to treat him rudely and contribute to a toxic atmosphere around him, but they would send a message by not going -- simply not appearing at the event. their concerns, certainly rest on what he has said on israel issues, what he has said he would be neutral between the israelis and palestinians, but even more than that, his rhetoric on immigrants, potentially imposing a religious test for immigration, what he
8:40 pm
said about women -- some of the issues they feel like are not welcoming and inclusive, which are strong and important values for them. >> it is important to note his appearance at aipac meant he would not be in salt lake city. fox news canceling the debate scheduled for monday, march 21. any reaction from the truck campaign? ms. helderman: some of the things mr. trump has said, when asked about israel positions, he literally told me some of his best friends are jewish, many of his company executives are jewish, that he has been a strong supporter of israel, and they cited things in the past -- he marched in a parade in new york city that was a pro-israeli parade. he received an award from a jewish organization. he gave an interview with an israeli newspaper this week where he promised to be the best friend israel can have.
8:41 pm
they are pushing back, which is not always their way. it shows a sign of them trying to persuade the wary, which has -- it shows a sign of them trying to persuade the wary, which has not always been the way in the campaign. >> he is the front runner, on the road to the nomination in cleveland, but could this be a sign of internal strife with a key constituency in the gop? ms. helderman: another thing we looked at in the story was also the conversation among republican jews. there are not an enormous number, but some of them are very influential, and there is the angst in that community that mimics the asked across the establishment of the republican party -- deep concern about trump. the republican jewish coalition is meeting in las vegas next month, and the meeting is
8:42 pm
expected to be dominated about how to greet trump -- can they endorse them, or do they feel like he is not a candidate they can support. >> what can we expect from the other candidates -- governor kasich and senator cruz will speak before the aipac conference, and on the democratic side, they will hear from vice president joe biden, and secretary of state, now democratic front runner, hillary clinton? ms. helderman: i was told this is a sophisticated argument that 1 -- audience that want quality -- policy statistics. there will be an effort by hillary clinton to contrast herself with trump, to give a specific, policy-oriented address that includes -- but, of course, one that a pro-israel group will want to hear. she will, i would imagine, express her long support for a two-state solution, but particularly for the israeli government, and do it with some
8:43 pm
level of seriousness. in some ways, that is one of the most interesting things to see about trump -- the tone. he is not one who generally gives written speeches that take on issues of policy in any depth, and this is an audience that is going to expect that of him, and it will be interesting to see what it looks like on him to give a serious policy address, or if he does not choose to do that, even if that is what the audience is expecting. >> let me ask about ari fleischer, who served in the george w bush administration, and you quoted him as saying normally reliable jewish voters see reason to doubt donald trump and question him. ms. helderman: mr. trump, since he started the campaign, in one breath he will say he is the most pro-candidate amongst the republicans running, and then he says there is not -- he is not sure there could be a peace deal
8:44 pm
because he is not sure israel wants one. it is not something that has gone well in the republican jewish community. he has repeatedly said he thinks this will be a negotiation, he is a great negotiator, and you have to go in neutral. that neutrality word is not something the republican jewish community wants to hear. as fleischer said, there have been significant doubts in that community. >> the headline at -- it is available online at rosalind helderman closing just joining us from the newsroom. thank you for your time. ms. helderman: thank you for having me. ♪ >> veterans coming to my office
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and talk about who they want to vote for, regardless of if it is democratic or republican, it is your civic duty to get out and vote. many things are at stake with the elections i encourage you to get out and do your research and vote for the candidate that best supports your causes and the future of the nation. >> [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] >> the most important issue that the -- [indiscernible] college tuition and jobs. they need to know how they're going to pay for school and how to afford it as well as when they are leaving college, what the future is going to look like, what the job market will look like, who is trying to
8:46 pm
bring jobs back into the u.s. and things like that. as president of college democrats, those are the two biggest issues for an election cycle. >> i was going to vote for bernie sanders, since i'm not that politically inclined, i ended up voting for hillary clinton because she seems more knowledgeable and she has been in the political environment before. she has met country leaders and has been secretary of state and she has already seen the inner workings of the white house and how the game goes. ♪ coming up next, from washington journal, a look at the possibility of a brokered or contested convention this summer when delegates me to vote on a presidential nominee. then, a discussion on race in america with documentary film maker ken burns and harvard professor henry louis gates junior. later, another chance to see republican presidential candidate donald trump campaigning in arizona earlier today.
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here to talk presidential politics is adam wollner, and in particular the potential for a convention that would be either brokered or contested, particularly focusing on the republican side. adam wollner, why are these terms entering the political dialogue now? people areeason talking about the possibility is because there has been a good chance that no candidate will come into the republican convention in july in cleveland with the majority of delegates for the nomination. donald trump is only the only candidate who has a viable mathematical path to get there. ,ed cruz would need to win 80% john kasich, it is mathematically impossible. he can't even win the nomination. donald trump is really the only candidate who has an opportunity to reach this magic number, but
8:48 pm
he very does not and no candidate enters the convention without that magic number, 1237, it becomes contested. host: all the coverage of conventions has been largely a coronation ceremony. help us define the terms. your talking about a contention -- contested convention, people talk about brokered. adam: there is a slight difference but they generally mean the same thing. if no candidate has majority of , it is open because no candidate has clinched the nomination. as you mentioned, it is kind of a foregone conclusion. we have had this roll call vote where of delegates was a really are for. in the past we knew mitt romney had the delegates he needed. in 2008 john mccain had the delegates he needed. this time, none of them will have the necessary delegates, and after the first round of balloting, if no candidate can
8:49 pm
1237 delegates, we move on to the second round of balloting, and then it becomes brokered. of the delegates become on downs and they don't have to support the candidate they came in bounded to. host: donald trump leading with some 673 in terms of delegates, and another round of primaries coming up tuesday, but not big delegate numbers. arizona we have utah and idaho. adam: on the democratic side. host: on the republican side, arizona and utah. it is the timeline for donald trump getting that number? we are going to have issues in cleveland. adam: we may not know until the very last day of the primary calendar, june 7, when there are 300 at stake with big states like california. there aren't a lot of big delegate-rich states left on the
8:50 pm
calendar. every week we have a handful of dates here and there. important because donald trump is about on track where he needs to be. he is about 97% where he needs to be. every state, no matter how big or small, every delegate is going to matter in the end. we may not know until june 7 the outcome whether there is 300 delegates at stake, whether donald trump clinches the nomination, or if we going to have open convention. host: we are going to open the phone lines. 202-748, 2000 for republicans, 202-748, 2001 for republicans. 202-748, 2002 for independence.
8:51 pm
doctor withdrawn candidates delegates, marco rubio had 169 delegates, one for mike huckabee, four for jeb bush, ben carson had eight. they spread out, the delegates are somewhat bound to the candidate, 39. some i candidate can choose to release the delegate, in the case of marco rubio 42. 98 become free agents. is there any chance these numbers, particular the marco rubio delegates, can help ted cruz? adam: absolutely. this will be important to watch, these unbound delegates were not pledged. going in a thing we have a contested convention, almost all of them will be bound to a candidate on the first ballot more than 90%. that is still a sizable chunk that is not bound. and donald trump who is only 200 or so short, the delegates will be really crucial who supported a different candidate and now dropped out. they are free to support with a
8:52 pm
watch. i handful of states like hold ao, they did not preference poll, so they are elected delegates directly. those are unbound. they will play a huge role in this. host: in terms of the next primary, are they preparing for the potential -- what are they doing to prepare for the potential of a contested convention? adam: the important thing to keep in mind, even though donald trump, john kasich, and ted cruz have earned a lot of delegates, we do not acting of who they are. that process will go under when states have their conventions in may and june. most candidates don't have a lot of say over who the delegates are. in most cases it is state parties that control the process. campaigns that be really well organized. many to go to each convention and make sure they have their people running for the delegate slots, they stay with them in the convention in cleveland. the first caller
8:53 pm
in florida, independent line. , i willgood morning make a brief statement of my analysis, and i would like to hear with the gentleman has to say. i do like any of this matters. what i think is happening is you have hillary on one side with her left-wing corporatist backers, powerbrokers. on the right side you have right-wing powered brokers, and you have tom cruise. ruz. ump c i think plan b was always marco rubio, but clancy is always hillary clinton. we can live with that. if i put in a briar type, they get corporate wishes. the right-wing wing people don't get the social issues. hillary gets it, she puts in another ginsburg when she goes. in the right-wing elite go and look at the voters, the trump and cruz and say listen to
8:54 pm
us. it is all a big scam when they put the knife in a brokered convention or another candidate. the only need to shift a 5% of vote. i appreciate your time. thank you very much. host: real distrust of the process. adam: this is going to be a huge issue for the republicans. even if donald trump enters the convention and isn't the nominee, he will have more nominee -- more delegates than anyone else. and someone else like donald trump can look like they basically stole this nomination from him. donald trump there would say there was protests if it doesn't happen. you've got to be careful with this, even if donald trump comes into the convention without having clinched the nomination, they does the would it mean for his supporters if he doesn't win the nomination. they could revolt and look to a third-party, and that would divide them. host: let's go to the republican
8:55 pm
line in san diego. roberto. caller: as a lifelong republican , although i voted for whoever i thought would do the best job, etc., donald trump brought on his own problems. i have been offended by them and i'm a white 79-year-old woman. i never speak about people in the way he has spoken. that there is a bit of truth to a lot of things he says. andkipping everybody up making all hispanic drug dealers and rapists and stuff like that, he has brought on his own grief within the party. he has brought that on himself. he can't blame anyone else. i don't know if it is worth it to throw our values as a country away just to get elected for anybody, if it is mr. obama and the administration, or mr. trump
8:56 pm
running for president. i do think he will surround himself with people who are intelligent and informed and who will give him good advice, and i do think they will listen, which i don't think we have to listen to this at ministration today. host: in reaction to her comment. adam: you talked about some of the more establishment aligned republicans who are being forced to choose between donald trump or ted cruz. someone actually prove donald trump because they could at least work with them, he is malleable, can be flexible. paltrow has said himself he can be flexible. -- donald trump has said himself he can be flexible. ted cruz is more set in his ways. they perceive him tougher to work with. host: this goes to your point about what you talked about campaigns having to work each state in terms of their state conventions or the meetings to select delegates. i would assume those delegates
8:57 pm
or a bit more, they are party people. they participated in the party for some period of time, whether three years or 30 years. states holding republican contests, these are .lected through the state party these are not just going to be random people off the street. they are people involved in state parties whether they are activists or donors. many of them may be uncomfortable with donald trump, and a baby bound to him on the first ballot, but moving beyond that, they become unbound and they are free to support another candidate. host: have you heard anything to reach out to those delegates who are not elected so far? adam: ted cruz is the most active on this front, making sure they have paid staffers on the ground and states that have already voted. they are trained to keep
8:58 pm
activists networks in place. they seem to be making the biggest push to ensure these people are on the delegate slates. even if they have a support a different candidate on the first round, it will be with them on the second. host: adam wollner is a political correspondent for the national journal. and now we have the democrats line. caller: good morning. i would like to get the reporter's opinion about something i saw last night on the rachel maddow show. she had the man who organized for ron paul during the 2012 campaign. he said that donald trump is not that organized. when they get to the state convention, he said in fact louisiana had there's already. he said, i guarantee you donald trump delegates are not going to be lured to donald trump after that first ballot, because i guarantee they are left over rick santorum and mitt romney delegates. donald trump cannot get enough slates put up in all of these
8:59 pm
state conventions. his opinion was, unless donald trump walks in with 1237, unless he walks in with 1236, they will not be loyal after that first ballot. he has zero chance of getting the nomination no matter how bad it looks. i would like his opinion on that. adam: but is a great point. donald trump does not have the strongest amount of damage in any of the states that voted so far. he has gotten so much media coverage and people are able to if they want to support him even if they weren't contacted by the campaign. this will be really important going back, you mentioned how ted cruz is really organized. kasich does not have the organizes to be -- materials to be organized. and ted cruz does. if trump does not come into the convention with the 1237 number, i don't think he has the organization to make sure his delegates are going to stay with
9:00 pm
him throughout the convention process. host: whether or not is it is convention -- contested, the chairman aims to beat switzerland-- be with his role. our minds around the idea that this could very well become a reality, and therefore those of us involved in the convention into respect to that. he spoke to reporters on capitol hill during a briefing. here i >> here is what he had to say. speakerd after becoming so i will obviously have to bone up on all of the rules. my goal is to be dispassionate and neutral. the ruleke sure that of wall will prevail. rule requires me to do that.


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