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  U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  March 21, 2016 2:37pm-3:16pm EDT

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developing this property into trump international hotel about to meet with reporters. live coverage here on c-span. mr. trump: great to see you. we are getting so many questions on the building itself, how it's coming and this is a great speaker system, boy. unbelievable. and just want to thank everybody for coming. we have had so many inquiries as to how we are doing at the old post office, what was formerly the old post office. the rooms are almost complete. close to 300 rooms, super luxury and going to be amazing and going to employ substantially more than i would say 500 people, at least 500 people and getting them largely from the area and they are already in training. our chefs have been employed, our service staff has been fully employed. so we have a tremendous group of
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people. the hotel is going to be incredible. much of what you are sitting on, that was open space going into a basement area, that is a brand new floor and gets covered with beautiful marble from different parts of the world. much of what you are seeing here gets the final touches on it. this was one of the great buildings in washington, in the country and restored to the highest level, well beyond from when it was built and it's going to be something really special. when it's completed, it will be truly one of the great hotels of the world and that's what we are looking forward to. this was g.s.a. and one of the most heavily bid projects ever in the history of g.s.a. tremendous numbers of people wanted it. they bought it down to 10 finalists and we got it because of the strength of our financial statement and they wanted
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something built and something special in terms of the concept. where you are now is part of the hotel lobby and will see that in three months. and behind me are restaurants, stores and shops and everything above the second floor is rooms, suites, luxury suites a we are building one of the biggest ballrooms in washington. the largest luxury ballroom in washington and in the washington area. it will be a very, very special job. we are proud of it. we are two years ahead of schedule. we will be opening in september. so that's much in advance of what it was supposed to be. it was supposed to be september two years from now. we are right on budget and increased the scope of the work quite a bit. we are still on budget and have gone to a higher agree of finishes and marbles and
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fixtures, bathroom fixtures, windows, et cetera. we want to make this one of the great hotels of the world. i think it's coming out that way and when it's completed, you will be proud of it. it's a great thing for the country and washington. it was sitting shallow for many, many decades but it was for many years, it was a magnificent building and there was fights as to whether it would stay up and groups got together and never allowed the government to take it down. we started it about a year and-a-half ago and will have it finished way ahead of schedule. i think you will be proud of it as people who love this country, i think you will be proud of it. this is some of the staff we have, some of the construction workers and probably close to 1,000 construction workers on the the on site.
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the windows which are landmark, much of the building is landmark. the walls are landmark, the struts -- it's all a very strong landmark situation. we worked with the various landmarking groups that were terrific, really professional people and love this building. the exeter i don't remember of the building -- exterior of the building is gran it and don't build them like that any more. if you have any questions, lease raise your hand. [indiscernible question] mr. trump: we met with senator sessions and some of the great people in washington and you pretty know who was there, i would imagine. we had a great meeting. [indiscernible question]
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mr. trump: we can provide a list for you. [indiscernible question] mr. trump: we are very inclusive, jeff and some of the other people invited a small group and we are doing very well and looks like we are doing very well in arizona and every place else and easily make that number of the 1,237 and should make it easily based on what i'm seeing so we won't worry about fighting at a convention. [indiscernible question] mr. trump: i'm very different than hillary clinton, to put it mildly. we have a very different style. i don't think she will be one who is going to do much with our
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trade agreements that are killing our country. people have no idea how important that is. the money that is being drained out of our question is enormous and that's not her thing. that's totally my thing. she will be weak on the military and weak frankly with other countries and the amount of money we subsidize them with our military, which nobody talks about. we have to make our country solvent and make our country rich if we are going to save these things and rebuild our military. it's in very bad shape. it has been december immated and get the right equipment and not the wrong equipment. we want to get the equipment they want, not the equipment they are getting because politicians have access to certain companies and we are going to rebuild our military. and that will be a big difference also. [indiscernible question]
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mr. trump: her policies obviously didn't work. look at libya and look at anything you want to look at and they haven't worked and if you look back at my projections and my figures, they turn out to be very, very accurate. [indiscernible question] mr. trump: i'm going to make a speech in about two hours. i also said -- i said what i said, remember i said i want to look into it and speak to governmental people in israel and here. and i want to speak to various senators, including senator sessions, jeff is highly respected and ted cruz respected him more than any senator and thought he was going to get endorsed by jeff sessions and he didn't. jeff sessions endorsed me and ted cruz doesn't believe what
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happened. they worked together. and doesn't say much about somebody when you have almost no senate endorsements but you have no senate endorsements and you work with the people all the time. we worked very, very closely with many people but jeff sessions. we worked closely with top people from israel and i'm going to be making a speech about it in a little while. [indiscernible question] mr. trump: i was asked certain questions and said i want to make a decision. and i will do it today at 5:00. >> reporter: you mentioned -- i'm a 9/11 survivor and i love the policy that you have for the military. i wanted to know if trump tower would be part of that veteran job -- mr. trump: here?
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we are doing some of that already. what are you looking for, what kind of a position? come up here. smart, good. do you mind if i do a job interview right now? we need good people. what's your experience? >> i design. i do all types of decorations. mr. trump: here's what i'm going to do. here's the man. stand right over here. she is probably going to have a job. ave a good time. reporter: could you talk about what was the aim, what was the goal of the meeting this morning? mr. trump: just to start getting together with some of the people
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i have known over the years, politicians and just about all cases, they were senators or congressmen. demint. we had a good meeting and can't believe how far we've come. i think a lot of people maybe wouldn't have predicted that. people who know me did predict that. it is a beginning meeting but it was a very good one with a lot of the most respected people in washington. reporter: hillary clinton and her comments to apac and elizabeth warren calling you a loser, are you prepared to deal with that sustained attack from both sides? mr. trump: very simple, i have more votes than anybody and if you take away the fact we had 17 people, i had 17 people going
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against. hillary essentially had one. i had more votes than anybody, more votes have come in the primaries to me than anybody else. and you know the problem with the country right now, it's so divided and people like elizabeth warren have to get their act together because it's going to stay divided and it includes hillary and includes me. this country has to get together. we are sitting on a fat financial bubble and it is 19 trillion and we have a military that needs money. we have everything that needs money and we have health care that doesn't work. obamacare is not working. nothing wrongs. -- nothing works. we are ranked last in many cases. everybody has to get together and get it solved. if they don't get together, we aren't going to have much of a country. >> a pastor mark burns was on
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stage and told the audience that bernie sanders doesn't believe in jesus. mr. trump: when did he say this? reporter: last week. do you know about that comment? mr. trump: i know the pastor and he is very respected person. reporter: what we just witnessed here was pretty remarkable, a complete stranger and you offered her a job. what inside your gut --? mr. trump: i looked at her and i have gut instinct and we are allowed to have that and i looked at her and asked a question and it was a very positive question and looks like she has a great look -- look at that with the tears. how nice. seemed like a good person to me. now maybe she won't qualify
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because you have to qualify, but i think she will. shell looked to me like she is a good person. i have good instincts. i have a good instinct about you and you are a very fine reporter. she made the immediate impression. tomorrow she'll move out to hollywood. go ahead. reporter: before south carolina, you said that if you won, you could possibly run the table and that hasn't happened and there are still two people in this race -- mr. trump: give me a break. on super tuesday, i won four out of five and did well in ohio. and if i had two more days in ohio, i would have won it. reporter: have you tried to run the table for the rest of the primaries? mr. trump: we have so many people calling and in terms of delegates, the delegates you are hearing about want to come with us. i think we are going to get a
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lot of delegates. some people are saying we are going to be at 14, 15. we'll see. the worst that happens, i go back to this, which isn't so bad. but i think we are doing very, very well. and i think we will qualify over that number. and if we are 30 short or 50 short, nobody else is going to be close. ted cruz won't even be close and if we are a little bit short, people have to decide are you going to go with somebody. remember. this is important. when i was putting my delegates together, i guess we started, there must have been 12 or 14 people in the race. it wasn't like i was running against one or two people. easy to put together the 1,237 delegates. but i had senators, i had a great doctor, i had carly and many, many other people running. i was doing well and i was
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leading the pack. ut people were 5%, 10%, 15%. to get 50% is a little bit unfair when you have a group of people that started out at around 12. when we got to the elections, the primaries, it was around 12 or 13 people. then they started leaving. but you know, even now, we have the three. hillary had one. much different. much different. and i think i would love the reporters, i would like you to make that point. we have a lot of delegates. we are almost up to 700 which is substantially more than anybody else, but i got the delegates the hard way and running against many, many different people. all accomplished, all senators, governors, successful people. now we're down to three and we'll see what happens.
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reporter: why don't you think the party has come around you yet? why do you think --? mr. trump: i'm an outsider. i understand it. there are senators, governors, congressmen, men and women and they aren't used to this and a lot of people don't like it because i haven't taken campaign contributions. they want campaign contributions and a lot of the people, the donors, some of those are friends of mine. i had donors come up to my office offer me millions of dollars and said i would love to take it, but i can't. by the way, he said i'm going to go with someone else. i said why. he said i have to. they are gamblers. when i said i don't want your money, they go someplace else. they do that. they are gamblers in a certain sense. yes, go ahead.
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reporter: dr. carson and share would you accept him as a vice presidential running mate. mr. trump: dr. carson is a great guy. reporter: i talked to christian leaders and would get behind your campaign if drr carson is your running mate. mr. trump: he came over and we met and had a good relationship. once i got to know him and know me, he is a fineman, a fine person with a great family. we will be talking to ben carson about a lot of things. that's great. i'm glad that you told me that. i know that. thank you. reporter: you put together a foreign policy team. mr. trump: yes. i gave them page one. reporter: i have a couple of questions.
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which one of the people you named is going to help you form your apac speech tonight? mr. trump: i used also my son-in-law where is he? his wife is about two minutes away from having a baby. apac.s here and coming to jar odd spoke to many of his friends from israel and we put ogether a lot of great people. ivanka is having a baby and he is getting ready to get going. reporter: foreign policy, general kellogg was the c.o.o. of the coalition in iraq. you have been consistent over the past five years in criticizing the iraq war.
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mr. trump: he has a different opinion. but i do like different opinions. yes, go ahead. chinese mr. trump -- tourists to trump hotel -- mr. trump: chinese tourists will be involved. investment i don't need. they don't have to give me their money. but the tourists, we want tourists from china. reporter: utah doesn't look well for you. could be a blue state in 2016 which would be relatively unprecedented and you are going to get some protestors. are these two groups that don't share your values? mr. trump: i don't think so. i think we will do fine in utah. wasn't one of the states we were projected to win, but i had one speech there and it was massive. we turned away 5,000 people.
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you saw what happened. and i think we'll do well there. wasn't a state. i was going out to arizona and i have a lot of friends in utah and we stopped and made a speech nd had a great response to it. i don't know. i don't know. there will be some. go ahead. reporter: two quick questions on foreign policy. one, do you think the u.s. ought to leave nato? and secondly -- mr. trump: no. reporter: do you think the u.k. when it votes on its referendum in june, it should leave the e.u.? mr. trump: yes. i don't want to make a comment about them leaving. i'm there a lot. i have a lot of investments in the u.k. and i think they may leave based on everything i'm
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hearing. reporter: are they better off? mr. trump: you have to ask them. i just think they may leave. reporter: some diplomats from mexico are organizing -- different voting status and joining the stop trump movement mr. trump: the head of mexico wants to do that? we are going to bring it back. we are going to bring it back. look, we have a tremendous trade deficit with mexico, $58 billion. we have tremendous problems coming across the border. mexico could stop one day. we are going to build a wall. but if mexico wanted, they could. do you know how tough it is to become a citizen of mexico? you have a baby on the land, then you are a citizen. congratulations. try that in mexico. they laugh in your face.
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i would understand why they would want people to vote against me. the people of mexico like me. if you look at the exit polls out in nevada, we do very, very well with the hispanics. go ahead. reporter: speaker paul ryan has been quick to criticize with you and has worked behind the scenes to oppose your candidacy. at what point do you lose confidence that speaker ryan should be the chairman of the convention? mr. trump: he called me last week and couldn't have been nicer. he was -- just could not have been nicer. i have tremendous -- i have millions and millions of people behind me. we want to bring confidence and sanity back to this country and we want to do a lot of great things and to be honest with you, the republicans should be
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embracing -- look, there is something happening with our country that's never happened to the extent that has happened now. millions of additional people are going out and voting in primaries and in the democrat case they are down 35%. nobody cares about hillary and bernie. we are up we're up 72%. some states are up over 100% and that's because of me. now, they can play games and they can play cute. i can only take him at face value. i understand due policity. i understand a lot of things, but he called me last week. he could not have been nicer. i spoke to mitch mcconnell. he could not have been nicer. if people want to be smart, they need to embrace this movement. "time" magazine called this a movement. if they want to be smart. if they don't want to be smart, they should do what they're doing now and the republicans will go down to a massive loss and all of these people, the
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millions of people that are coming out to vote for me -- because you look at south carolina. i wasn't supposed to win south carolina. and i won in a landslide. i wasn't supposed to win in nevada. i won in a landslide. i wasn't supposed to won many -- i won in the south. look at alabama. i mean, we're getting close to 50% with a lot of candidates. that was when you had even more candidates. so if they want to embrace this, it's great. let me tell you, if they don't win, you're going to have probably four and could even be five supreme court justices approved that will never allow this country to be the same. it will take 100 years but that won't work. so they better be careful, and i certainly should be careful with third party stuff. if trump gets it we're going to start a third party. that means the democrats are going to win. almost certainly. i mean, one of the -- you can't be that spiteful. you can't be that spiteful because you'll destroy the country. third party will destroy the
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country. i'm going to be submitting a list in the next week or so -- i've already shown it to a lot of people. and, you know, a lot of people are worried about which judges. i want a -- we're going to have a conservative, very good group of judges. i'm going to submit a list of justices, potential justices of the united states supreme court that i will appoint from the list. i won't go beyond that list. i'm going to let people know because some people say, maybe i'll appoint a liberal judge. i'm not going to appoint a liberal judge. heritage foundation and others are working on it already. thoughts of mine -- i already named a couple. we'll probably between seven and 10 judges that i think will meet the highest standards, the highest standards and from that list we'll pick supreme court judges.
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and i make that pledge because i want people to understand, that is the single biggest problem -- it will be terrible losing the election because the country's going in the wrong direction. but if the new president is a democrat and picks very liberal people, this country is in big, big trouble. ok. tom. go ahead. reporter: what do you say to all those republicans and conservatives are still convinced and still raising money they will wrestle the nomination away from you at the congress venges? mr. trump: i think you'll see what happens. maybe i won't. i have a team. we have a very good team that's in place. a professional team. i'll give you names later. it's a top-of-the-line team. if he gets the votes he gets the votes. i think we'll do well. i think we'll have a big night in arizona and we'll see. that's a lot of -- like i said we'll win florida. people say, how do you beat the face of the republican party?
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don't forget, i watched your show and you did a show on rubio. i have no problems with him. but you did a show four, five months ago on rubio and you said he's the future of the republican party, he's the face. so trump won against the face of the republican party and beat him by 20 points. you know, that was a big win. and out of 67 counties, i won 66 which is unprecedented. it's never happened before. i think we're going to do well in arizona. hope to do well in wisconsin. and i hope to do well in a lot of other places but i think we can put it away. reporter: some of your rallies over the weekend, can you clearly and categorically tell your fans -- mr. trump: sure. i don't want violence. let me just tell you, i rent a stadium or whatever. we had 21,000 people near phoenix. we had 6,000 people in tucson over the weekend. and both of them on the same
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day. both with very short notice. 21,000 people and we gave them short notice. couple of days. they blocked the road. these are professional agitators. they blocked the road. they used foul language. they put up signs using the f bomb and all sorts of words that were horrible. these are not good people. e people that are supporters are unbelieveably good people. the gentleman who i understand was in the air force. i haven't found too much about it yet. i hear he had a very fine record in the air force. he was given a certain finger on a hand. he was talked to horribly and he was also looking at somebody that came up with somebody dressed as a member of the cuclux klan and he happened to be -- ku klux klan and he happened to be an african-american, a supporter. it was a shame what happened. he saw a member of the ku klux
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klan and you people don't write that. you know, it's interesting. it's interesting because at the beginning of the news cycle earlier in the morning they showed the ku klux klan guy walking up the stairs. an hour or two later you didn't see that anymore. you just saw the man hitting. and i said, isn't that a shame? they took it out of the cycle which you did it -- it's terrible. this is an african-american man who's a supporter, who has a great family and he has had enough. i'll be honest with you, in this country, on a larger scale, the people of this country have had enough. they've had enough where we're losing our jobs. they've had enough where we're losing all our trade. i mean, you look at these trade deals that we had. they had enough where our military can't beat isis. they've had enough with the increasing in obamacare where you have 35%, 45%, 55% increases in obamacare and your
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deductible is so high you can't even use it. it really essentially isn't health insurance. people in this country are fed up. ok. mark, go ahead. reporter: biggest threat? mr. trump: you know, honestly, mark, i don't see threats. you have people going against you, that happens in life whether in politics or not. i think they're misguided. i think the people that go against me should embrace me and i'd embrace them very easily. they should embrace me because -- you reported on it. they have said in your circles, there has never been an event like that -- like what we're doing through in the history of politics. i've had people that you know very well say in the history of politics. we have millions and millions of people all over the world they're talking about it and to be honest with you, mark, they should embrace it. but they don't so that would be a threat. if they don't embrace it that's always a threat.
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yeah. go ahead, sir. reporter: what you should be doing to reach out to members of your own party? mr. trump: look, again, jeff sessions and others have endorsed me. we have great congressman. i watch them on television a lot. they endorse me. i do want to say this. i don't want to drive you folks crazy. people that are watching that are against me aren't really against me because they're calling me. i've seen people on television, we have to stop donald trump, we have to stop and they're on the phone with me an hour and a half before and they want to set up a meeting. you have a lot of people out there that you think are against me and it's just politicians. they want to make a deal. they want to come in and they want to be part of it. people really do want to be part of it. reporter: what would it take to join where you are team publicly? mr. trump: they have to embrace what's happening. we have people, many democrats are coming over. this is why we're going to beat hillary clinton. if i'm running it i'm going to beat her. we have democrats coming in. i mean, we have, mark, 20% of
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the democrats come in for the last primary. 20% were democrats. but we have independents coming in vast numbers. and the most amazing thing, we have many, many people. you wouldn't think there were this many people who have never voted before. they've never voted before, sarah. you know that. i see it when i'm doing the rope lines or signings or shaking of the hand. they say, mr. trump, i have never, ever voted. we are talking about 30-year-old men. 40-year-old women. my oldest is 93 years old from tennessee. she's never voted before. this incredible woman. i actually interviewed her a couple of -- and she's so excited. and she's going to be voting. 93 years old from tennessee. so i just tell you that there's something that's amazing that's happening. the other thing is we're going to get states that other republicans can never even think of like michigan. michigan's not in the road of, you know, if you look at it.
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ohio is a state we have to win, right? you have to win florida. you have to win virginia. you have to win pennsylvania. they don't ever talk about michigan because they say you can't even think about it. i think we have a shot at new york. new york values. remember new york values. do you think ted cruz will win new york? i don't think so. if you win new york it's over because it's got so many del combates. so i think we have a chance at winning new york and various other states we're going to win that nobody else can win. that makes it a whole different contest. but think in terms of michigan. i won michigan really big. don't forget kasich was out in michigan. he stayed there. he slept there. he actually made the statement that if he doesn't win michigan he's going to leave the race. he was so sure of michigan and he lost michigan in a landslide to me. so i'm going to win michigan and i'm going to win other states that no other republican candidate can win. that from the electoral college standpoint throws this thing much -- it makes it a much bigger deal.
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ok. one or two more. reporter: at many of your rallies you denounced countries that we send foreign aid for that can defend themselves like germany and -- mr. trump: i don't denounce the country. i want them to pay us some money. reporter: should that same standard apply to israel? mr. trump: i think israel will do that also, yeah. there are many countries that can pay and they can pay big. we're supporting south korea. i order thousands of television sets from south korea. they're a behemoth economically. every time north korea raises its head they do anything, they sneeze. we start sending the ships, the planes, anything else. we don't get proper reimbursement for that. now, i like south korea. i have property in south korea. i like it. i have a lot of friends in south korea. they can't believe they get away with it, to be honest. germany can't believe it. you know who really can't believe it? saudi arabia. we have saudi arabia, the richest country no matter how you cut it, they were making -- i tell this. until recently but now they're
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making half which is still -- they were making $1 billion a day. and we subsidized the military. it's ridiculous. it's ridiculous. and they wouldn't be there except for us. this is how we're going to get our wealth back. this and other things, trade deals. ok. one more question. one more. who's got a good question? who's got a good question? who's my favorite reporter? go ahead. reporter: you are open to batter relationship with russia as president -- mr. trump: sure. i want a better relationship with everybody. yeah. i want a better relationship with russia. reporter: is it a difficult position to maintain with the media and the anti-russian overdrive? mr. trump: no, i don't think so. putin says very nice things about me. i think that's very nice. it has no effect on me other than i think it's very nice. if we can get along with russia, that's very good. if russia wants to spend millions of dollars a day dropping bombs on isis, i'm ok with that. you know, i'm ok with that. some people don't like it.
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they say, no, it's our job. let russia if they want do do that i'm all for it. no, i want to get along with all countries. and we will. we will have much better -- you look at what china is doing in the south china sea. that's so very disrespectful to obama and to our country. you take a look what they're doing in the south. they're building a massive military complex. and yet they're draining us for money. they're taking money out of our country where we're building -- we are rebuilding china. so, no, i want to get along with all countries. and you know, the interesting thing we'll do much better with all countries and yet we'll get along with them better too. ok. go ahead. real fast. go ahead. reporter: [inaudible] there are people on television, lawmakers, donors who are publicly saying they don't support you but behind the scenes they -- mr. trump: they say they're not supporting trump want to support me.
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[indiscernible] mr. trump: a lot of people will join the team or as they say the trump train. but a lot of them -- i just don't want to do it now. but you'll see over the next short period of time. i mean, many of the people that i watch on television that are supporting somebody else are really supporting me or they want to and they will as soon as we say yes. but you're going to see a lot of people. ok. reporter: the supreme court nominees and the list, is there any sort of litmus test, past rulings on abortion? mr. trump: we'll look at that. we'll look at pro-life. we'll look at that. we'll look at intellect. very important. like we want very, very smart people. we want conservatives on the supreme court but we're going to be making up a list from seven to 10 people. i will be distributing that list in the very near future. ok. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. let's take a tour. nobody asked about the hotel. does anybody want to see -- first of all, this room -- does
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anybody want to see what we're building now? the largest luxury ballroom in washington by far, we could take a look. then if anybody wants to go up at the rooms and suites, they're giving some tours. they are magnificent. the building was gutted down to the basics. it was gutted down to the steel except for this area because his area is all a landmark and we have magnificent suites, rooms, meeting rooms and we're building a ballroom. if you follow me i'll give you a tour of the ballroom. come on, mark. come on. follow me. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]