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Charles Schumer
  Senator Charles Schumer Meeting with Judge Merrick Garland  CSPAN  March 27, 2016 10:41pm-11:01pm EDT

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announcer: tomorrow, education experts proposed new standardized test that colleges and universities to measure student performance and maintain university standards. that starts live at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. announcer: supreme court justice merrick garland is scheduled to meet with five senators this week, part of the process the administration hopes will move the senate to hold a confirmation hearing. among those he will meet are , and the first republican senator to meet with the nominee. tuesday, chuck schumer spoke about meeting with judge merrick garland. this is about 15 minutes.
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>> good afternoon, everybody. sorry i am a little bit late. bit is going to say little about brussels and talk about my meeting with judge garland and we will do questions first on brussels and to any other subject. first, i want to take a minute thoughts and prayers of the united states of all victims of today's awful attack in brussels, as well as their families. the world's heart breaks for those who were lost and recovering and injured. we will learn more about what happened in the coming days and when we do it is going to be critically important that we look again at the safety and security of our transit systems to ensure this kind of attack does not happen on american soil know, i believe the
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administration is doing a very good job lighting terrorism. that you cannot never be too careful. never be too careful in this world in which we live. in a few months, congress will need to pre-authorize the faa and senate democrats are already in our package. we are going to press to tighten up our transit security as part of that process. we are going to need to improve tsa officer screening so there is greater emphasis on counter-terrorism screening for screeners and we've fully fund all of our tsa screening and finally, we are going to tighten up the security of accessn workers who have to secure areas. we need to make sure the vulnerabilities are not exploited to launch an attack.
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we need to tighten up our airport perimeters and provide funding to make those improvements. as we learn more about what happens, we're going to apply lessons we have learned here at home to prevent durable attacks from occurring here. again, when something like this andens, and the evilness the latent irrationality just strikes home. everyone feels that in their hearts. i certainly do. ok. want to thank judge garland for a very positive and constructive meeting. aftercrystal clear that talking to him, judge garland has both brilliant legal mind and a heart of gold. judge garland knows the law. he understands the law.
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he will interpret the law fairly. he is not an ideologue. above everything else, he is a brilliant lawyer and i have every confidence he will look at cases before him and judge them on the law. tot he is also never going forget the effect the law has on real people. we all heard about, he spends time tutoring schoolchildren here at washington, d.c. we all know how he brought about the prosecution that brought some measure of justice to the families of the victims of the oklahoma city bombing. as someone who lives in new york and has experienced terrorism close up and personal, the idea of having someone on the supreme court who understands those issues as well as their horrible human effect is very comforting. that is even more true this morning, of course. after the horror in brussels.
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republican senators who have said they will meet with judge garland are going to find him to be an accomplished, brilliant, and compassionate jurist. abc's of the , excellent supreme court justice. this morning we were reminded why it is important to have a full court. a deadlocked court decision upheld a lower court decision to prevent two women from suing a bang for discrimination. somebody things will be put on hold when there is a 4-4 decision. it will hurt progress in america whether it is economic or social justice and anyway. deserve a resolution from a full court. i am convinced more than ever is after meeting judge garland, that as this process moves forward, senator mcconnell is going to find himself
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increasingly isolated in his obstruction. ironically, the only two people he is going to happen is corner will be donald trump and ted cruz. the reaction of the american people, senator mcconnell's blind obstruction, has been even stronger than we first imagined. some of these numbers. over one point 5 million americans have signed petitions urging republican senators to do their job. written --als have been written papers across the country criticizing the republican position, including some very conservative papers. over 300 legal scholars and professors have signed letters urging republican leadership to do their job. there were 50 events and states across the country yesterday pushing republicans to act. and on. goes on it is definitely having an effect on republican senators.
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12 of them have said they will meet with judge garland. 33 have not taken a position either way. the list of those willing to meet is growing every week. and, my view, once they meet with judge garland, they are decent people and they are going to see has a straight shooter, a brilliant mind, and he would be a great supreme court justice. several republicans have said they would consider the judge after the november election. dozens more have not weighed in suggestion. the bottom line is, despite senator mcconnell strong beition, that there should no hearings, no meetings, republican senators are reluctant to join it in. they know one thing. american people are overwhelmingly on our side in the polls are tilting further in
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our favor every week. in the week after justice scalia's unfortunate passing, you had 54% saying the senate should act. a week later, it picked up to 62%. 70 percent ofhat, voters in battleground states and the senate should do its job and vote on the nominee and yesterday's poll showed nearly thinkin 10 americans republicans are playing politics with the supreme court, including a whopping 62% of republicans and conservatives. seven in 10 said the senate should hold hearings. 68% said who sits on the supreme court is important to them. so the idea that senator ,cconnell can make this go away they are holding a bad position here when it comes to the american people's views. that is not working because 68%
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to said on the court say it is important to them and only 16% believe the republican argument that they are holding out for the principle of letting the next president decide. day theom line, every playing field tilts more and more against senate republican leadership. momentum is on the side of having hearings and of having a vote. in, it is growing. dam holding republican senators back from doing their jobs is starting to show >> -- cracks.g to show more and more say they are judgeg to sit down with garland. problem was it was a nominee outside the mainstream
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or someone with a bad mark on their career. of the president's election is tossed out yet the window. the kind of justice he will be, the kind of person he is, the per -- the kind of great legal mind teen has and the kind of following below position he so firmly believes in, that lifeline that he would be problematic is thrown out the window. even if they throw the kitchen sink at him, republicans will not be able to lay a blow on judge garland. the second lifeline judgment, -- judge mcconnell had was a public. and as the poll i just talked about has shown, the american people into the senate could not issue.her apart on this the american people believe
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there should be hearings. the american people think that this is a very important issue. so, senator mcconnell has been trying to make the issue go away but it will not. every day the odds that judge garland will become justice garland kicks upward. are not going to witness confirmation battle tomorrow or the next day, but with the american people and american senators, as they learn more about this man into sterling credentials, our republican friends will come around. i will take questions first on judge portland. >> [indiscernible] schumer: there has been broad unity on our side. i have read pleasantly surprised
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how broad that is. the number one that is going to convince people, as senators go about their lives in state, they are seeing average folks day-to-day, saying why will you have a hearing? so, i think those do have an effect. of thes also the feeling american people, which has even a greater effect. if senator mcconnell stands his ground, would you [indiscernible]? chuck schumer: the momentum is an hour direction and i believe thefirst step will be senators sitting down with judge garland. you've already seen 12 are willing to do it. that number will increase. the second will be hearings. once these folks it down with them, they will say there ought to be hearings.
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the hearings are sort of magical. they show the american people and the senators who the person is and that is why, despite the first fourn, justices, two nominated by republican presidents, two nominated by a democratic president, have gone bipartisan votes to get on the bench. is a nominee rejected. so i do not think we will get to that. could you tell us a little bit about the nature of your discussion about judge garland. legal concepts, did you go over or individuals or -- schumer: we talked about the law, we reminisce because we were in the college at the same time and need late 60's, early 70's in interesting times. in we talked about what a judge should be like into his judicial
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philosophy, which i think his philosophy is what most senators demand in a justice. >> did you have a discussion on interpreting the law? we talked about following the law, not imposing an ideological view, which has been too common on the judiciary these days. not get into specifics. >> did he talk at all about his strategy for the white house? what he might say if some of those republican senators -- sen. schumer: he agreed with my advice. be your self. you are amazing. he comes off as a humble man, which he is. he comes off as a brilliant man, which he is. he comes off as a decent man, which he is. when she meet judge garland, i humanit is hard for a new
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being, democratic, republican, liberal, to say i'm not going to vote for this man. because he is so liberal -- because he is so decent. the best advice i have for him -- be yourself or stop yourself. you are a winner. republican senators, a lot of them will -- very level-headed person. i think he is very eager to meet with the 12 senators who have said they will meet with them and hopefully, i think -- he did not say this -- but the number will grow. others on the subjects? ok. let us go to terrorism. >> ted cruz came out with a increase, we need to policing. another congressman said something similar.
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is not what: that we do in america. we do not to get race, religion, creed, color and say we are monitoring everyone. terror and we pursue it relentlessly. i think that is what the administration and america is doing. >> you mentioned the faa authorization. preference transit to as something you wanted to do. can you talk more specifically about what you are trying to do with the transit fees? sen. schumer: we do have some anti-terrorism dollars in transit. i think they should be increase. what we are talking malik thesportation in terms of airports. obviously, there are things we should do. it is harder to do it in mass transit because there are fewer, you know, entryways where people can be checked.
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but we should look at everything we can. we know isis is an evil operation. we know they would like to do something here in the united states and we also know there cia, fbi, nsa, and local police departments. i am proud of our new york police department who do a very good job. but you can never be sure. look at what happened in brussels. tighten up and more. donaldyou happen to read trump's transcript. some of his ideas? sen. schumer: i have heard about it but i have not read it. >> he is considered pulling out of nato. any comment? just reading the name, i did not think it was very broad-based and secondly, i would say, you know, that it is vladimir putiny is a menace and we should pull
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out of nato. it is contradictory. ok. -- k you everybody and announcer: monday on c-span, courtases in the supreme that shaped our lives come to life. we explore real-life stories and constitutional dramas in some of the most significant dramas in american history. this ismatteson said, different. the constitution sets up the political structures but it is also a law. and it it is a law we have to say what it means. >> the fact it is the ultimate anti-presidential case. exactly what you do not want to do. >> who should make the decisions about the debates? the supreme court said it should make the decision about the debates. cases beginsndmark
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this monday at 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> next, robert gordon, professor at northwest university of economics on q&a. then british prime minister david cameron takes questions. ♪ >> this week on "q&a," robert gordon, professor northwest university of economics. he discusses his book "the rise and fall of american growth", looking at the growth in the american standard of living between 1870-1970. and whether we will ever see anything like it again. ♪ brian: professor gordon, author of "the rise and fall of american growth." 750 page