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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 31, 2016 11:33pm-12:01am EDT

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close, you write in your era that clearly lochner is not dead. we have just seen evidence of this. prof. barnett: rand paul is -- prof. kens: rand paul is talking judicialism.ive rand paul is talking about a certain view of liberty that not everybody shares to the notion that you entered into this contract completely free, at arms length by the way, doesn't hold and a lot people's minds. a -- barnett: you are naturally, i am sympathetic to what senator randy says.
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he also fit related sites my book, restoring the resumption of liberty. all liberty should be presumed to be valid and government should only restrict them if there's a good evidence. you should be able to present evidence of a good reason in court. they were unable to do it in the bakeshop act. that is what judging should require legislatures. ms. swain: and so ends our episode on lochner versus new york. -- what you can do is look at a book written by tony morrow, 12 cases that we selected for the series. if you go to our website, /landmarkcases, you can purchase it and we can send it out to you quickly.
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as we close tonight, let me say thank you to randy barnett and to paul kens. gentlemen, thank you very much. announcer: on friday, c-span's
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original series, landmark cases, continues with shank versus united states, the 1919 supreme court ruling help define the limits of the first amendment right to free speech, particularly during wartime. you can watch this program at 10:00 p.m. here on c-span and the entire series anytime online. at coming up on c-span, bernie sanders campaigning in new york city. then president obama and the chinese president talked to reporters at the nuclear security summit. after that come our issue spotlight features past speeches by today's leaders on the supreme court nomination process. c-span's "washington journal" live everyday day with news and policy issues that impact you.
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coming up friday morning, former nato commander wesley clarke will join us to discuss nato's role in the aftermath of the brussels attacks in the fight against isis. also the role that national security issues are playing in campaign 2016. then council on foreign relations senior fellow and journalist dale some one talks about her new york times war,selling book, ashlee's the untold story of a team of women soldiers on the special ops battlefield. the u.s.also discuss military integration of women into combat roles, which starts tomorrow. be sure to watch c-span's "march into an journal" beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern friday morning. join the discussion. announcer: on friday, the hostsngs institution issues relating to site their security -- cyber security and counterterrorism. by the 10:00 a.m. here on c-span.
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on friday, a look at the future of syrian president bashir al-assad and his actions over the last five years. you can watch that here live starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern. not now -- announcer: this it to long take beach california to explore the history and literary culture of this port city located just south of los angeles. on book tv, learn about women's contributions to the world war ii effort from jerry ships fee, author of "rosie the riveter in long beach." >> when the u.s. army was looking for a place to build a plant to produce aircraft, which they thought we would need in world war ii, they picked long beach. they take long beach because, just steps away, we have a wonderful airport founded in 19:23 p.m. it was one of the first airports that had a takeoff and landing in different directions, which is a army loved.
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because they could use military planes in a way there that they could not use in other places. then douglas went into full production mode and was turning out planes he 47. -- 24/7. the men went off to war. the women for the first time were brought out of the house and brought into the workforce. douglas waseak, implying 45,000 people a day. and about 48% of those people were women. announcer: on american history tv, we've is at the port of long beach and discover the importance of the nation's second date -- second busiest container poor. >> the port of long beach was established as a former harbor in 1911. we are a little over 104 years old. during that time, this port actually started on a wooden wharf and was a lever terminal that used to come up from the northwest to sci-fi lumber here for the growing -- to supply
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lumber here for the growing city. we had the new year -- we had the u.s. navy, the naval station, and then the long beach naval shipyard. it was our naval complex. they were here until the early 1990's. unfortunate, through the base closure process, the naval complex shut down. what we were able to do was take an old federal facility and actually turn it into, at that time and it still is one of our modern container terminals. we are today, 104 years later, is we are sitting on the most modern, sustainable marine container terminal in the world. announcer: watch the c-span cities tour saturday on c-span2's book tv. on on american history tv c-span 3. the c-span cities tour, working with our cable affiliates and visiting cities across the country.
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announcer: bernie sanders held a campaign rally thursday at saint mary's park in the south proxy new york and he was introduced by actress rosario dawson and director spike lee. this is one hour and 15 minutes. [cheering] spitefully: what's up? how are you doing? i'm going to bring to the my, one of our own, she has been into of my films, rosario dawson. [cheers and applause] spike, i amon: supposed introduce him.
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ok. i love you. i'm herein the love and of got to throw it right back at you. all right. bear with me. i have a lot to say. ok. today, i heard some obfuscating effects, some information that was be misconstrued, very misleading and very divisive. today, a lot of news outlets and the other democratic candidate -- [booing] no, no, no. we are better than that. [cheering]
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now, there is this rumor that is being perpetuated that trump talking about abortion and punishing women and doctors for sanders somehow bernie was saying that that wasn't an important issue. fact that he the has always stood up for women's rights coming ok, equality -- women's rights, equal pay, equality and pro-choice emma which the other democratic candidate very well knows. there is a rumor out there that, because we are giving trump too much time on the airways and we need to stop feeding into that hate, and talking about the issues, that somehow that meant he doesn't care about women's issues. shame on you, hillary. [cheers and applause] sorry, hold on. let me watch my town.
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[cheering] because we very, very much want a debate, which she already agreed to. [cheering] and considering that come in 2008, there were 26 debates and she held obama's feet to the fire saying that she would debate any time, anywhere, because that is what you should do when you are trying to run very muchy, let's hope that she does. so i will say -- i will stay with a smile on my face. i'm excited about the fact that i don't have to vote against someone. that i get to vote for someone. who hasn't called undocumented people illegal, like the other democratic candidate. whoall their children needed care, super predators
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that need to be brought to heel, who called people on welfare no, well, yes, she is under fbi investigation. thank you. that's not getting promoted very much, but she is about to be interviewed in a little bit. no, the reality, when you are saying the types of things that are being said and are being misconstrued at ops -- and opposite the facts, tends to divide people. -- sayingithful for that we are only here because the boys are here. i'm glad to see all the females here. arealso, this idea that you only white.
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well, my daddy -- my biological daddy anyways, irish, bernie didn't need to make me white. that's crazy. the reality is, when they are talking about that stuff, is that they are trying to divide us. they are saying that only trump supporters are racist. there are a lot of racists who follow trump, but they are not all racists. that all followers are bird -- all followers of bernie are white males. and that's not true. that, is pretty amazing when you are seeing in really large populations of white males in white females answered -- and certain states that are poorly talked about, that they are there cheering for justice and equality, specifically racial and environmental and beyond. that's something to celebrate. that's a beautiful thing. so this is what bernie meant when he was talking about trump
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anding too much attention distracting us from the issues. trump is getting one point mine -- $1.9 million with a free media. bernie has gotten about 321 million. and most of that has been with a lot i rolling and saying that he should be dismissed and out of the equation. why do you think that is? do you think that is an accident? you got to really think about the fact that they are try to save vote against him and forget about him. so what does that mean? that we have to vote for the other democratic candidate? now. we are not in the general election. we are in the primary and everybody should have their say. [cheers and applause] to vote against somebody because i get to vote someone who is on our side and says no fracking.
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who marched with martin luther .ing -- thatcan draw a crowd makes me dizzy with happiness and love and excitement. she had a fraction of that many people yesterday at the apollo and failed to mention that, when she was a senator, 2 million people were stopped because of stop and frisk, that she said nothing about. in 2006 alone, 500-6000 people and wereped -- innocent. shockingly, you can't judge a criminal by the color of their skin. and racial profiling is not ok. it is unjust and an unnecessary and we need to end that.
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so i just want to say something because i love you. and i'm a new yorker. on 130 sevenised street here in the bronx, born in lincoln hospital, which has since burned down. i'm from coney island. grew up in the lower east side. and i want to say that we don't need to be divided. we need to be reaching out and talking to those folks who are supporting trump. why? because they are supporting him for a reason. they are standing up behind him because he is against the establishment as well. are literally standing behind a guy who they know is going to go into the oval office and go you are fired. i can understand that.
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but i'm supporting the guy who is looking at all of us and saying you are hired. so help him do that. [cheers and applause] and i know that means a lot to you because i know new yorkers and we are not interested in being bamboozled. or duped. or divided by our race, or gender, our age. that's the past. when people did have to vote for the lesser of two evils. we don't have to do that. the reality is, when 9/11 happened, people came together. syriany saw, when the g theirs were mirrorin experience, crossing bridges, we wanted to reach out and pull them in.
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we celebrated when there was a blackout for three days because they weren't attacked. my mom was walking down the street in the lori syed going, " -- the lower east, "neighbors, bring out your meet and meet your neighbors" so that we could share perishables. and people were singing and we were naked in the park and you could see the stars for the first time. taking care of each other during hurricane sandy. making sure our neighbors had medicine and food who couldn't walk down the stairs. generators so they could get their phones charged. that is as important as water. [laughter] against the bailout because they knew that people needed the bailout, not the banks. [cheers and applause] they are still getting they'll doubt. if they were too big to fail
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then, what does that look like a stoning in the future? you know, this is a community that i love, a place that i grew up that was the milk hot, the center of the world. you can go anywhere and people know new york. you can get a chinese food role, a slice of pizza, jump on a train and get yourself a philly cheesesteak. we go to conan island to read the cyclone and get a headache from it because those wooden roller coasters are dangerous. we go to new jersey so we can go in the water park. we go upstate, crossed a washington state bridge so we can go and see mountains and whilery and say bears and like real engines, like my dad told me. which was dangerous because there is real bears.
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indian bestan old an old native indian trail. because of gentrification, it has been disturbed and disruptive. we get that. we know our history. and some at africa to mention. [indiscernible] -- and someone i forgot to mention. [indiscernible] [cheers] so i want to say, i love seeing you all here. but don't complain to me if you didn't make it your business to bring at least five people with you to vote. at least five. to show the world that we knew the bailout was wrong. to show the world that we knew we were supposed to go to iraq and invade that country. [cheers and applause] we weren't. that had nothing to do with 9/11. and the mass media that sold us that is also the same mass media
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that is try to sell us the person who voted for it. in aten there is a sit cnn headquarters on sunday in l.a., i think at noon, if you want to tell anybody to be there, because they are working against us right now. and understand, if bernie doesn't win, net neutrality will be a very big issue. the kids they don't like this. all of us coming together and talking to each other and organizing each other despite them. there is a lot at stake. a lot. so vote for the person who voted no for the patriot act twice. the person who said no to the iraq war and didn't waste trillions of dollars and more important, hundreds of thousands , and started isis and
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the destabilization of the middle east and we are still feeling the repercussions today. .hat doesn't apologize someone who doesn't think that regime change is a good idea for her policy in honduras and libya and beyond. someone who is telling us to vote together. someone who is going to go into the oval office and keep the door open and open up the blinds in the windows and say, "let's get to work." excited to work for bernie sanders. because i'm excited to work for all of you. all right, obama. [chanting]
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>> bernie. bernie. ernie. bernie. wish at this time that i was introducing him. but i am introducing [indiscernible] who still calls me la la. but i just want to say thank you so, so, so, so much for being here and showing what new york is really about. coming together. and understanding that real change comes from the bottom up. [cheers and applause] , when martin luther king was killed, it wasn't because he was pushing on the civil rights movement. he was able to achieve that. it was because he was coming together and asking for a poor washington,arch on bringing blacks, whites, brown together, talking about how we needed to address our foreign policy and what that has been to
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devastate and destabilize so many places, so much so that those people are coming here. and many people want to build a wall. spike lee is going to come to the stage and drop the mic. [cheers and applause] i love you. we can do this. count me up. [cheers and applause] lee: rosario dawson, give it up! that is a hard act to follow. i am a filmmaker. ask a question. was rosario dropping science? science.ropping i'm glad we are all out here to support our guy, bernie from brooklyn. bk, where are you at?
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is brooklyn in the house? don't hate. it is all love. it is all love. look, we all know that this thing is rigged. they don't want to see us together. say it again. at?e is obama obama! face to the crowd. dead ringer. i thought that was him for sure. it separatet let us. this is the great thing about new york city, diversity. look around. this is what makes us the greatest city on earth. bronx, home of the world series champion new york yankees.
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unifies. unify. anyway. have you ever seen the three-car money? you can't win? it's the flimflam, the okie , hijinks,recruit shenanigans. we can't go for that. everybody has to register to vote. we have to vote. and we have to talk to our parents. generation, they are on this clinton thing and we got to talk to our older parents and get their mind right. it's great to be here. again, i'm not a public speaker. you got to register to vote. new york city is the greatest city on earth.
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yorkernie has to win new city. [cheers and applause] york. has to win new even staten island. all right, now i will bring to the stage [indiscernible] peace!


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