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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 1, 2016 8:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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donald trump, sarah palin. thelargest fish fry held at memorial hall, dedicated in 1950 in honor of the serbian orthodox soldiers who served in the u.s. army. singing, god bless america. god bless america ♪ome ♪ sweet [applause]
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>> what a wonderful voice and .hank you very much
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>> you have it. i will get it.
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>> the republican party of milwaukee, hosting a dinner for the presidential candidates. john kasich will be speaking, as well as texas senator ted cruz. also, on behalf of donald trump, sarah palin is expected here tonight.
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>> here tonight at the milwaukee we will bedinner, hearing from scott walker. he will be speaking at this event, along with two of the candidates still running in the race. john kasich, texas senator john cruz. -- ted and serve the palin -- sarah palin. while we are waiting, let's take a look at some of the ads running in wisconsin. scott walker endorsed ted cruz for president. ands take a look at that some of the other ads voters are seen in wisconsin. >> jobs, freedom, security. that is what is at stake. that is why i'm supporting ted
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cruz for president. is a constitutional conservative. he will challenge the status quo and he has a real plan to grow restore opportunity. on tuesday, join me in supporting ted cruz. mr. cruz: i approved this message. lying ted.e call him he lied about ben carson to steal a win in iowa. he lies about being the best for the gop, when polls show he cannot beat hillary clinton. his ad about john kasich, lying. the is lying. are principles -- our this.ples pac paid for
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mr. trump: i'm going to take care of everybody. >> who pays for it? mr. trump: the government is going to pay for it. i hate the concept of guns. a wonderfulin is thing to read even if they don't want to sell. >> can we trust donald trump? >> a look at a few of the ads running in wisconsin. we are here at the memorial hall republican party of milwaukee, hosting a dinner. we expect to be hearing soon from ohio governor john kasich, ted cruz, and then on the half of donald trump, sarah palin.
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>> as you were standing up, hopefully you looked around. you saw a room full of conservative republicans. you take a look at me back, national, andl, programming, media broadcasting this event. at this point in time, i have , i have the honor i have thenor, distinct honor to introduce to that has leddual the state of wisconsin.
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can i ask everyone to take your seats, please? sure sure if clark will be here after the event to take more pictures -- share of clark will be here after the event to take more pictures. it is working. i have the distinct honor to introduce to you somebody very important in the land of wisconsin. you voted for him a number of times. you startedr him, voting in the 1980's. you elected him to four different terms. he represented wisconsin as a national -- at the national level as a cabinet member for george w. bush. it is my distinct honor to introduce to you somebody that lowered taxes, that has created more job opportunities. one of the greatest governors in the state of wisconsin.
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governor tommie thompson. [applause] mr. thompson: thank you. i love you all. thank you, david. thank you david for your kind introduction. tonight isgentlemen, a very serious night. tonight is the night that we republicans have the opportunity like never before. to change the direction of this great country. it.ave to do we are going to do it, ladies and gentlemen. isn't it great,
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to be a republican? [applause] mr. thompson: i have the distinct honor and privilege to introduce an individual that is my friend. in individual i have served with. that is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, and has always been able to do what he set out to do. , i've got to vote for this guy or that guy because somebody has to get enough votes to get the nomination.
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you, there isell no candidate that is going to have enough delegates votes going into ohio to get the nomination. we are going to have a contested convention. 10.ave had we republicans have had 10 contested conventions over the life of our party. has the leading candidate won the nomination. name is a gentleman by the of abraham lincoln. which we all know, was the founder of our party. went to chicago in 1860. he was number three. he went to the convention.
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he walked out of that convention as our nominee. i believe, ladies and gentlemen, he is by far the best president we have ever had. , and some people say i am old enough to know him. i was not. tonight tore introduce to you, my friends, an individual i believe has a lot of the characteristics, a lot of the attributes, and a lot of the qualifications that honest ape be had. adrift, as it is today. our country was split, as it is today. our country was in need of
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leadership. there is an individual by the name of john kasich, ladies and gentlemen, that at the age of 30 went to congress. he went to congress with the idea he was going to change things. we republicans believe in that. he said, i cannot wait around to become budget chairman. i can't wait for the seniority system. ran, against the odds, and became the budget chairman. he, ladies and gentlemen, drafted the budget. balanced budget. not before and never sense. it was john kasich. his leadership, ladies and gentlemen, made it happen.
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everybody said it could not be done. john kasich did it. decided, ladies and gentlemen, to go into business and he was successful there. then he found that his state of ohio, like the state of wisconsin, under democrat leadership was adrift. he came back to the state of , balanced the budget, and today there are $2 billion in surplus in ohio. he created 400,000 jobs. , balanced theincreased the bon. helped a lot of people, young and the disabled. john kasich, ladies and gentlemen, is a leader. he is a doer.
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he is the individual i am so proud to be able to support. because, i look at this election. so important, so necessary. john kasich the one candidate, ladies and gentlemen, time and hillaryin, who beats clinton, bernie sanders, by over 10 points. like we cannot afford another four years of democrat leadership. that is only one candidate definitely will win. as bill buckley said, the father of our conservative movement, vote for the conservative that can win. that is john kasich, ladies and gentlemen. he can win and will win. we are going to the super bowl. the green bay packers are going super bowl.
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the badgers are going to the rose bowl. we are going to win the final for next year and we are going to have john kasich as the president of the united states. i need your help. let's get behind the winner and super bowl champion john kasich. mr. kasich: how about around of applause for your four term governor, tommie thompson? wonder, how could you bring that congress together? how can you get things done? mannt to tell you i had the that runs the serbian hall come ande and introduce himself
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say, my wife and i voted for you. let me also tell you, back in 1977 when i was a young man running for the state legislature, i sat down with another man that reminded me of him. white haird a shock and piercing blue eyes. he called me into his office. man, you know that i am serbian. i said, yes sir. he said, i happen to know you are croatian. why don't we set that aside for is so i brought us together, serbians and crow ats. canou can do that, you
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bring anybody together. i heard 38% of people who live in this state don't know anything about me to form an opinion. i guess that is what happens when you are positive all the time and you don't inter-a demolition derby. the reason i am comfortable here is i grew up in a blue-collar town outside of pittsburgh. it was blue-collar. frankly, i don't remember meeting a republican when i was a young man. they were all democrats. my father was a democrat. he carried mail on his back. delivered mail for almost 30 years. his father was a coal miner. my grandfather died of black lung. he was losing his eyesight because of the time he spent in the mine. my mother's mother could barely speak english. she was croatian.
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it was hard to communicate with her because she had few things she could say. my mother, i was told a couple of weeks ago, there are two ways to think about yourself as an ethnic. you think of some buddy who clings to that and honors it all the time, or somebody who says we are going to put that aside and become americans. my mother was one that said, we are going to emphasize americans. i did not know a lot about the history until my cousin told me family,my mother's there were four bank and read her sister, and two brothers. were her, her sister, and two brothers. my mother walked across a footbridge to get her high school diploma.
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sense,dhood was common god-fearing, playing by the rules. my mother and father always told me, johnny, you believe you can change the world. what is most important, where ever are, you make the world a little bit at her place because you were there. believed inrongly what america represents in the ability of people to rise. i got my values there. i have to tell you, in that little town, it is a town where if the wind blew the wrong way, people found themselves out of work. i understand people who are donald trump voters. let me to you who they are and what they worry about. they worry about the fact they could lose their job. that they are 52 years old and somebody walks in one day and says, you are out of work. some politicians created some
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agreement and they lost out. people saying i have been playing by the rules and i cannot get a raise. my grandfather would come up at the end of a long day and think he could get good pay, and they we will only bring you for the coal you brought up. it was a ripoff. who feel many people they are experiencing the ripoff. they put their money in a bank. it used to be coming you would get interest. today, we get no interest. really worry about, more than anything else, what they really worry about is their sons and daughters went to college to get an education because they were told if your kids get educated, they are going to have a better life. now their kids are still living at home without a job but with big debt. this anxiety is something that people feel very strongly about.
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they are looking for a vehicle to express their frustration. i've got to tell you, those people i grew up with who played and things rarely worked out in a special way, they are the people in my minds a younge i was politician. i have always been independent. the republican party has been my vehicle and not my master. the republican party has given me an opportunity to contribute to our society. always been an independent operator, somebody that looks at problems and is not concerned about who i might be upsetting on the way. i was a young state senator. yes, they raised their pay. when the pay raise past, i did not take it. said theylicans needed to raise taxes, i ran a campaign that said we should have none. at age won the majority
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28, they decided to raise taxes. i said no, i promised i would not. they said, you are you responsible. i said, i will write my own budget for the state. sneaking in, telling me how to improve the government. i did not win the budget fight but i kept my promise and i kept my word. i made suggestions that ultimately got adopted into the law. i left the state senate. they took my district away from me. they wanted to to end my career, but at age 30, iran for congress. i ran for congress. i had campaigned with ronald reagan. he was an inspiration to me. what he taught me was a couple of things. you have to have strength when
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it comes to national security. second, you have to give people an incentive to work and give them the opportunity to rise. in 1982, i ran for the congress. iran on the reagan agenda. there were not many people running on the reagan agenda. they were running away because the economy was not doing well. iran against a democrat and comment on the fact that we could shrink taxes and rebuild the defense. in 1982, there was only one republican candidate for the u.s. congress who defeated and democrat and that person was john kasich, me -- and incumbent democrat and that person was me. i served on the armed services committee for 18 years. let me tell you, these are difficult times. being a united states
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congressman in 1983, i worked with republicans and conservative democrats to rebuild the military. do that experience, i worked with my friends to reform the pentagon, to change the operation of that building, with members of congress committed to a strong national defense. i was there and i remember the night, that because of the strength of ronald reagan, that berlin wall came tumbling down. that was an amazing time in american history. not as in modern history. [applause] mr. kasich: i was also there when i saw the muslims push saddam hussein out of kuwait. and i remember when we won so decisively, and people said we should of gone into baghdad to complete the job, and a remember how smart george h.w. bush was
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with advisers, in not going to baghdad and the getting the job done and coming home. i was called into the pentagon after 9/11 by secretary rumsfeld, with the former secretary of defense, and from that meeting forward for a number of years i led technology experts into the pentagon to deal with technology problems. think about that arc, all the way from defeating the soviet union, the berlin wall collapsing, to a united coalition of arabs and westerners, to defeat us on -- to defeat saddam hussein, all the way to 9/11. that is why am prepared today. as a congressman, i found myself on the budget committee. i was complaining that the republicans and democrats were not serious about balancing the budget. i wanted to budget -- balance the budget for two reasons, the immorality of leaving debt to the children, and i knew that if
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you could balance a budget and reduce taxes, you could put yourself in a position where you could have economic growth. things,earned was three creating jobs, creating more jobs, and creating all the jobs you could, because it is through job creation that allows people to recognize their god-given purpose in life to change the world and live out their destiny. i knew that fighting to balance the budget was the right thing to do. but it did not come easy. efforts10 years of my and efforts of the team built to get us to the point where he actually balanced the budget for the first time since man walked on the moon. we paved out the largest amount history, halfern $1 trillion. we also were any position where we had a $5 trillion surplus projected, it could have been
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used to fix social security and there was no discussion at that time about income inequality or the lack of rising wages, because when you finally balance the budget, cut taxes, restored common sense in washington, we had an explosion of economic growth and it was a glorious time in my life. i created a goal and i had met it. and after being in a position that position where we were able to balance the budget, leaving surpluses behind, i left washington because i never wanted to be a professional politician. i do not even like politics. [applause] mr. kasich: i left for 10 years and i did a variety of things that gave me more experience. some of you will remember me from when i was a giants are on fox news. anyway, i went out for 10 years. i was having a great time, i did not want to go back into
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politics. but i got a call. have any of you ever had a call? it was not a phone call, it was not a text, it was not an e-mail. i think, when the lord blesses you and gives you so much, you can barely contain yourself, you also begin to understand about your responsibilities and continue to do things that can change the world. the call was, i eded to go back in and run for governor. iran at the perfect time. things could get not much worse in ohio. we had lost jobs, our credit was going down the drain, 20% of the operating budget in the whole and i went to new york and they told me, we are going to cut up your credit cards, because ohio is about dead. iran -- i ran in the election, and i had never run statewide in the state of ohio.
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the only time before that somebody who had never won statewide against an incumbent, was 95 years earlier. iran -- i ran and i won. and people said, we needed to raise taxes, expand government. let me tell you what we did. i cut taxes more than any other governor in america, including no income tax for small business, killing the debt tax, so that people could pass businesses onto their families. now that we have done that, we are killing debt. we are working at it. we cut taxes more than anybody, our budget deficit went from 20% in hole, a billion dollars with a $2 billiono surplus. and we went from a loss of 350,000 jobs, to a gain of 400,000 jobs with wages growing faster than the national average. [applause]
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and, i want you to know that we have left nobody behind, because we believe it is immoral forthe -- those people to live under the bridges, and in the prison system we are rehabilitating with an 80% success rate of those who are drug addicted in the prisons. and we believe the working poor, instead of being punished commission be rewarded. and we believe the disabled should be fully mainstreamed. as a result of that, iran for reelection and i want 86 out of 88 counties in -- and would take 2-3 days to figure out the election. the most important swing states -- [applause] mr. kasich: so i decided to run for president. you know why? because there are two critical issues today, economic strength.
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as the budget committee chairman in washington, we had a massive economic is ancient -- expansion and tremendous growth. in ohio, i entered at a very tough time. and now people across the state are hopeful again. people are getting work, children can have a future. you see that model is not complicated, it takes guts. what it means is you have commonsense regulation so that you do not crush small business, and i will have a program that will freeze all federal regulations for one year, except health and safety, force congress to vote on regulation thataircraft -- bureaucrats are writing laws, keeping us from having the kind of economic growth we want. secondly, we need to reduce taxes on corporations that have
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seen fit to invest profits in europe, because we punish them if they come back. we can cut the corporate tax double taxing businesses, i know it, because i have been in business. and we need to reduce individual tax rates. but we need to do it in such a way that we can pass it. we can go to the old reagan model with a capital gain of 15 to provide incentives and we can make the tax code clear and realistically being able to pass. us on put us, i will put a path to a balanced budget as i have in the past. no problems with entitlements, innovation, and i want you to know one other thing. i will welfare, medicaid, job training, and for structure back to the states, so they can provide a program in innovation and change that we all see, by
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shifting the power from washington. [applause] also would what i as i getto know, ready to leave the stage, is is the does matter who president. i remember when ronald reagan said it was morning in america, that we were a shining city on the hill. you think i do not know about what winston churchill said about never, never ever give up. of course i know. but the strength of our country does not rest on the president. the strength of our country rests in us. when i was a kid, we do not worship presidents, our hero was roberto clemente, who gave up his life trying to help earthquake victims in nicaragua.
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.e died i remember the morning when my mother came into my room, one of the very few times i saw my mother cry, because children do not like to see their mother cry. it is unsettling, and my mother came in and said, our hero died last night. then,e, i remember back we do not wait for somebody to come in on a white horse to try to save us. the strength of our country rests in our families. it rests in our communities. it rests in our neighborhoods. you want to fix your schools, you want to make sure that your kids are getting the skills they need, then go do it. do not wait for somebody else from madison, or somebody in washington, you do it. change the world. if you want to fight the problem of drug abuse in this state, you
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grab a kid and tell that young man or young woman, that they have a god-given purpose that will be obscured and destroyed if they cave to the evils of drug addiction. can you change it? you better believe it. we have a program called, start talking, we start talking to kids and we all need to across the country. we do not need to wait for government officials, we do it in our churches, synagogues, community organization and our schools. you want to fight poverty? you have a welfare office that brings businesses in and when a person comes for a welfare check, you train them for the jobs that are in the welfare offices. you go do it. people in milwaukee did not way to fix schools, they fixed them because they drove change and innovation and took matters into their own hands. ladies and gentlemen, the lord made us all special, for purpose. to live a life bigger than
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ourselves. and when we live a life bigger than ourselves, if we are a nurse, we spend 15 next are minutes with a family when the nurse is tired and tells the family, it will be ok. or a teacher, the most underpaid people on earth, who give up pay to change people's lives. i will give you another way to change the world, you have a lady who was married for 50 years. her husband died, her fund is not ring anymore. -- phone does not ring anymore. call her on monday, you say, we are taking you to dinner on saturday night. and you know where she is going on thursday? to get her hair done. somehow, when saturday night comes, despite the fact that she slept on it thursday night, friday night, that hair is perfect. and when you pick her up, she is wearing a dress that she had not
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worn for six months. did you change the world? you did. you see, let's stop thinking about where we fall short. let's start thinking about all that is wrong and that celebrate the great fact that america's best days are ahead of them, if we remember the formula that made us great. it is not very complicated. it takes leadership, it takes guts, and it gets a leader to remind all of the people who make the laws in this country, that you may be a republican, you may be a democrat, but before any of that, you are an american. you are an american that is there to change the world and give everybody a chance to realize our god-given purpose. if i become president, all -- i will fix the economy, but you will restore the spirit of america and your families, neighborhoods, communities by
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changing the world in which you live. thank you all very much, god bless you. ♪ [applause] >> dan from wisn, 1130. how am i supposed to follow that from governor kasich, one more
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time. [applause] business ande news it is amazing to see wisconsin as the center of not just the political universe, but the universe of last week, and one thing i have heard over again is , you republicans in wisconsin are different. the wisconsin republican party is different. you know what, we as wisconsinites are different. machines, stop and go lights, there's -- bears, berries. we go up north on weekends, eat fish fries on friday, which by the way, give a big round of applause for those who have been serving us. [applause] doing work. we go to fish fries on fridays,
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drink brandy old-fashioned, pretty much every day. the thing is, we know that we are different. we know we are different in wisconsin. locations are on waterslides or beer stands. we will drive 20 miles to save a nickel on gas. 's coupon30% off kohl as a winning lottery ticket. and the green bay packers as less of a football team, then a way of life. we open cheese curd stores and close wall skis -- walski's. we are up early to milk cows and up late for summerfest. we celebrate how different we are and as republicans, we know how different we are here. you know why? wisconsin republicans sounded this party. -- founded this party.
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so, may be it is all you republicans in other states that are different. because in 1854, the nation was in a time of crisis. the wake party was -- wig party was dissolving, and with it, a german freedom -- dream of freedom and the abolitionist movement threatened to fall under the weight of -- from the party. the dream of freedom from some many people threaten to die. but in the chaos, the nation turn to a small schoolhouse in rippon, wisconsin and the republican party was born out of the idea of freedom. america in 2016 is very much a nation divided. in many ways, more so than it has been in many years. after an obama presidency in
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which political debate gave way to personal destruction, and racial progress gave way to racial discourse, our american culture gave way to a grievance culture that values are differences over the ties that bind us as americans. but the republican party, we ourselves somewhat divided right now, we will always have been and always will be forever united in the ideas and principles that guide each and every one of us here in this room. the ideas and principles that we have shown in wisconsin, people support. people want to vote for the ideas and principles that people across america, once presented with them, will support as well. our governor, scott walker, was so committed to those principles
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that he battled the forces of liberalism on the national stage and showed that conservatism, conservative ideas and principles can win, and today a little bit after the fifth anniversary of act 10, he has $5.5 billion.s [applause] >> you just heard those principles and those ideas guide governor john kasich through a lifetime of service to this country, service to a state just like wisconsin, service to people just like us. those principles guided governor sarah palin as she led alaska and then letting movement in 2009, that became the tea party. those principles guided senator ted cruz out of the tea party and into the united rates -- state senate, and once there,
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standing up for those ideas, for conservatism and the constitution in opposition to an ever-expanding government. you see, in wisconsin, we stand up for those values. we stand up for the individual, we stand up for liberty and freedom of all people. we stand up for the values that each and every one of us share. 1854,gain, just like in in 2016 the nation on tuesday is going to look to wisconsin for leadership. --will look to wisconsin for to espouse those principles of liberty, freedom, and the individual goal of the american dream, which still exists in 2016, because a divided party we may be in some respects, we are ever more united in those principles that have guided us ever since 1854.
9:20 pm
those principles that we are going to show the rest of the undergird each and every one of our decisions. i am not asking you to make a pledge for a promise, except to do one thing. on tuesday, the matter who your candidate is, no matter who it is you support, get out there and maker voices heard as loudly as they were from a small schoolhouse in rippon, wisconsin. let the country know, we are wisconsin, we are different, and once again, we are leading the way. ladies and gentlemen, give a big round of applause to david and the rest of the republican party for leading the way in wisconsin and putting on this wonderful dinner. thank you all very much, god bless you, god bless wisconsin, and god bless america. [applause]
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>> round of applause for david. [applause] >> i will ask you to be patient, real quick. i was contacted last night by the donald trump campaign. i have to tell you, over the last several weeks, specifically today, the people that help make this event successful with the kasich campaign, the cruise cruz campaign, and campaign, andrump
9:22 pm
i want to thank them for making this event a very special event for all attending tonight. [applause] >> i was contacted last night by the donald trump campaign and they asked me one request. helpcounty chairman, to unify the party as brad courtney has the opportunity and guidance and leadership, for 2016, to help each one of us unify the party so we elect a republican. we elect a republican to office in november 2016, with each of your help. they asked me to deliver a speech and i am privileged to do that. the person i am about to introduce really needs no
9:23 pm
introduction. especially from the county chairman of milwaukee county. she is an icon to conservatives everywhere for her unapologetic support of conservative values. candidates, and causes. she believes in the sanctity of the constitution, and in the value of preserving liberties for future generations. she is an advocate to the principles which made this nation great, and will continue to make this nation great, which we all hope and pray, we all hope and pray will make america great again. she is an advocate, she is an advocate on behalf of donald dedication to his
9:24 pm
preserving and expanding the american dream, preserving and , asnding the american dream our nation confronts the threat of terrorism, joblessness, throughout the entire country. sarah palin and donald trump, both know that our nation can thriveese challenges and like never before. give, not only a warm milwaukee county welcome, but most importantly it wisconsin welcome to the former governor of alaska and the individual that the conservative movement ,oves to call our very own sarah palin.
9:25 pm
[applause] ♪ sarah palin: thank you so much. i am so happy to be here. it is always so good to be in wisconsin. i got off the airplane and as i walked into the airport, looking at all of the green and gold, green and gold, all that paraphernalia, the packers, reminds me of my dad's man cave. he was the biggest cheese head. i know this is a stretch, but his connection is he played ball with jerry kramer back in the day. remember, number 64?
9:26 pm
weep,ackers week -- s granted it was high school football when they were teammates. get a load of this, both guys are inducted into the high school hall of fame, but jerry kramer still the best player to never be inducted. i have a unity pledge i want to propose for all the guys, why don't they unify the mission for wisconsin, to do whatever it takes to get jerry kramer finally inducted where he belongs, in the nfl hall of fame . no matter the political leanings on the spectrum of the political party. knowear -- here, you competition is so good. come petition elevates the best -- competition elevates the best, and in this country deserves the best.
9:27 pm
what you are getting from the federal government right now is not the best. in wisconsin, your middle-class has been harmed probably more than any other state in the union, because of the federal policies that do not make sense and really have shrunk the middle class here more than anywhere else. i want to talk about three core issues that need to be addressed , and i think donald trump is the want to tackle these issues and to succeed in growing and prospering the middle class. the three core issues that the political class curses -- purs train -- b be etraying all of us, these are the same gop folks who do not see the gop as an expression of the people's will, but more as an atm for their own wallets.
9:28 pm
they are really shaken up right now, they do not know what to do about the donald trump train, the momentum and the movement of outsiders, independents. gop participants that really fed up with politics as usual. they do not know what to do about it and they are shaken up and this shifting and awakening, the exposing of rapid -- rabid bites, to hang onto any relevancy or their gravy train, it is moving onto a very healthy cleansing of the body politics, to kill the body politic and save the nation. the wall street connected, they do not suffer, they process and prosper, they do not suffer, they profit when jobs are shoved offshore. they do not suffer, they profit when consultants and lobbyists
9:29 pm
push foreign policies that cost us treasures and more important, they cost us the blood of our finest, america's sons and daughters in uniform. the establishment interest runs counter to the interest of the people. and it runs counter to common sense, common sense is an endangered species in washington. consider these three policy issues, first, immigration. we have admitted more immigrants than any other country on earth, four times as many. 43 million, now. more every single day. with washington, mismanaging our money and the burden put upon the private sector is stifling opportunities. this uncontrolled immigration has so destabilized the middle
9:30 pm
class and the massive crowding at the low end of the wage scale, it has kicked away the adder to income stability and it really surged the number of people who are working. and i am sure that the corporate leaders who are threatening the secretive process established and it mind-boggling $100 million super pac's, they love open borders and the visa programs, and those who flood the market with more foreign workers. really, it is a disaster for we the people. donald trump is the only one who really understands this reality. he is the only one who creates private sector jobs and budgets, and builds things, big things. and he has forced to candidates to own up to their actual support of, and participation
9:31 pm
in, and perpetuating the problem of the immigration issues we are facing. the other candidates did not want to talk about it, but donald trump made them. to see the media on that issue, they like to let their chosen ones get away with not really answering questions about their betrayals, but knowing that donald trump won on that issue, it should empower you to ask candidates -- what the heck are you thinking? what are you thinking when you are going ahead and actually asking for more immigrants, even illegal immigrants, welcoming them, seducing them with gift baskets. here is a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls, what are you thinking? it is just inviting more. you can say anything you want to about immigration, amnesty, the
9:32 pm
actions scream so much louder than a politician's words. take the bill to increase foreign workers by 500%. and green cards, 200%. who offered the amendment for that, to further collapse incomes, jobs, security, which candidate? policy -- messed up trade. the loss of industry jobs represent one of the greatest betrayals of the working people in the history of modern civilization. for shame, politicians. they know who they are who have been a part of this problem. we have the greatest manufacturing sector known to man. well, it was dismantled and shipped overseas, right under our noses because of political
9:33 pm
incompetence and corruption and nonsensical ideology. a third of our manufacturing thirdeither of them -- a of them, they disappeared after major policies, china entering the world trade organization. our trade treaties, they are not even enforced, it is kind of a joke around the globe. trading partners, like china, they are contractually banned from unfairly subsidizing products. they do it anyway and they laughed all the way to the bank. they are cheating with tactics and is manipulation and we cannot compete when they are devaluing their currency. donald trump is hot on this, because he is the only one who understands the art of the deal. our partners cheating is how are middle-class disappears.
9:34 pm
ideologues, they say we cannot respond, we need to scare people, talk about trade wars. wisconsin, these are the voices responsible for trade surrender. they say, we cannot enforce the rules, because then maybe it will cost a penny more. a company, ify, cheat us, they will pretend it does not happen and we will lose jobs. ultimately, though, what happens is if we move the american work ethic that built this nation, politicians create a people dependent on government and grow government control over the people and it is a very warped and a dangerous road that politicians have put us on. where we are heading with trade,
9:35 pm
it will ultimately fundamentally transform america into something that we do not recognize. grandkids,s, our they may never know then what is to be rewarded for the entrepreneurial spirit within us, in order to work and produce, and strive, thrive, to really be alive in the greatest country on earth. i think god that donald trump gets it, because he lives it. he succeeds, because he knows the art of the deal and we root him on because he reads -- roots us on, and he wants the same success for our kids and our grandkids. the ideology of trade surrender, that is not conservative, it is radical. who is the biggest proponent of this? what candidate helped pass obama's trade bill and actually
9:36 pm
removed the hurdle for fast tracking, and actually purposefully has opened the door for china and russia to come on in and join, with zero congressional consuls? who opposed a crackdown on currency cheating? out now.d of freaked you have to ask yourself, who is this? well, it is not someone who understands ronald reagan. ronald reagan pushed trade enforcement harder than any other president in our lifetime. hogs, theed the harley davidson, it was ronald reagan who saved that with a 45% tariff that he put on japanese motorcycles to come back there cheating. he saved the semiconductor industry with a 100% tariff.
9:37 pm
we must learn from ronald reagan. in the establishment, maybe they will start a new #movement. knows now that there is no consequence further cheating, so now they find more aggressive ways to really screw us and kill american opportunities, like our towns. tragically, they have been towns.d out, are steel the world has not stopped using steel, but the industry died here because washington, d.c., our politicians around -- allowed foreign businesses to target our businesses, they let it happen. we are the only country that does not defend its own economic interests and donald trump has said, enough, we are bringing jobs back home. we are rebuilding america. he will put us to work.
9:38 pm
remember, when he candidate says, look, now, we do not want to do anything to increase import -- what he is really saying is he is ok with them cheating, let them rip us off, because maybe he has has. -- he has his. mightnal issue, military and foreign policy, our freedoms should be the gop's number one priority. only one candidate left standing knows it that military superiority to protect our put togethert just some scheme overseas. our military might, protecting our interests, that keeps us free. the threat of our times is the thatering islamic belief
9:39 pm
we, peace loving, generous americans, that we are the infidels and we must die. only donald trump talks rationally about listening to top brass. bestiring the best of the to work alongside our commander in chief, to work with those who share our interests in stopping these islamic threats, by defeating isis overseas with strong, strong military strikes and intelligence ops, and bringing allies to get more engaged. and to keep extremists from using our borders that are purposely left open, using those borders and our visa system to let them come here, where they will recruit to unleash terror and it is not something to laugh at my friends. that is more of that common
9:40 pm
sense stuff that i guess big donorthat a demands. there is a reason that big-money and open borders and radical special interests are so madly anti-donald trump. think about it, his physician, they are not radically anti-gop platform positioned at all. but they are radically anti-donald trump, and they are lining up behind the others, because they know that nothing will change unless an outsider who the people support gets in their -- there. the same politicians continuing the same policies, trashing the economy and shipping out jobs, and letting us for the bill for everybody else. going around with the same old politicos and insiders that be trade us over and over again.
9:41 pm
enough. you deserve better. it is funny, but not really. sanctimonious ones lecturing us about donald trump, are personally responsible for policies that actually cost american lives. and trillions of dollars. enough is enough. thouh is a holier then lecture, steering us into rocky shores. in america, first, foreign policy, smart immigration, where we that he was actually coming ashore, so as not to invite trouble like evil recruits setting up shop. that is the essence of the long-term strategy to contain evil. that, and respecting our red, white and blue, making a military second to none, caring for our troops, loving our vets, pain them what is -- paying them
9:42 pm
what is due, like other physical and mental health care. and not pretending like tragedy does not rate in our military community. 22 vets a day commit suicide, 22 of america's finest. well no reason to keep on, , i do not hear a lot of other candidates campaigning and talking about that -- vets. but we are, because we care. there are sacrifices will not be in vain. we will elect a commander in chief that shares that, and we will never leave our men and women behind. that is why we go to the mat for the front runner. we will not retreat. we will reload. and we are willing to stand on the front lines, even come the -- even, because whatever it
9:43 pm
takes to defeat the one that left our boys behind with no apology, but a flippant, what difference does it make? that embodiment of all that is so wrong with what we are really up against, republicans. [applause] sarah palin: and, what we are really up against, what general george patton said, he said it best leading the greatest generation, he said, " politicians are the lowest form of life on earth." " liberal democrats are the lowest form of politicians." remember what it will take to save our nation. remember what it will take with all of us working together at the end of the line, by god's grace, we will be up to save the
9:44 pm
nation. it will take unity among patriots who love this country as much as we love our families. we must engage in healthy come competition, and i say vote for donald trump, and then unite to make america great again. i thank you so much for your graciousness in allowing me to fishh your first fry -- fry, letting me to come in and speak about the candidate. i think you all so much -- thank you also much for believing in the republican platform, we know, that they are the planks that will build this great nation again. it will build a stronger, safer, it will save our sovereignty. thank you for all of us united in that mission. god bless you, wisconsin. thank you, very much.
9:45 pm
thank you guys. thank you. [applause] gentlemen, sarah palin. [applause] please welcome to the podium, one of our favorite talk show ,osts from the view isn -- wisn vicki mckenna. [applause] [whistling] use this one because i am short? is this one on? this one is not working. does anybody have a box? it is not working. ah! [laughter]
9:46 pm
vicki: i need a booster chair. thank you. there are over 700 people in this room, how many total? with standinge room only, thank you for coming. [applause] -- ok.i, well [laughter] vicki: i cannot see you. i cannot see j weber and i need to look at jay. an see dan.nd -- c wisconsin is different. and we are different for a whole bunch of reasons, a bunch of cool reasons. and we are different for some very deep reasons as republicans, and it is because
9:47 pm
in the state of wisconsin, when we say principal conservatism, we are not throwing off a bumper sticker. this is not some 140 character tweet about conservatism. the conservatism is understanding what the true and the best idea of conservatism means in wisconsin. it means building coalitions, building networks of groups of people who might not necessarily agree on everything, but will come together around simple ideas. the first and most profound and important idea that we come around is respect for the united states constitution. [applause] and the second, limited government. [applause] and the third, is that it is "we the people," who govern
9:48 pm
ourselves in the state. let me to something special about wisconsin, we build coalitions here, and other state don't do this. in wisconsin, sense the year 2005, since 2005, likely well before 2005, instead of just having a top-down party structure tell us what you think, what is republican, and what isn't republican, and who to vote for, and we just do our duty and we just go to the polls and vote -- since 2005, and i was involved in republicans, it is about building coalitions, finding people in the pro-life movement, the pro-gun movement, people about fiscal responsibility, people about reclaiming the constitution.
9:49 pm
and getting them to work together toward a common goal of promoting freedom as a model for government here, returning power. peopledison, back to the in our case, and recognizing that while you're one issue might meet you -- making different from somebody else, we all gather around to those unique and simple ideas. that is how we turn a blue state red. it was not about bumper stickers, phone calls, having people tell us what is republican. or we would still be under democratic control in the state. it was about building coalitions, recognizing that you cannot just simply order people from the top down, you need to recognize that people want to be part of what it means to be governing themselves in a way to people kind of government. that is what makes wisconsin republicans different, really.
9:50 pm
we build coalitions, some of them are fragile, and we have managed to put all of them together for a common purpose. in that, purpose, in 2010, we really realized the election of the single most sensitive governor in the history of the state. make no mistake -- [applause] mistake, it still does not work. yeah, it does. ok. i need to stock -- stalk. governor scott walker is the ,ingle most sensitive governor hands down, do not let anybody tell you anything any different. i am tired, i am tired of people coming into my state and telling me what my state is all about. i am tired of people coming into my state and telling me how bad
9:51 pm
it is in wisconsin. wasught for this state, i part of that coalition and so was every single one of you. [applause] vicki: damn right. we came together. we may have disagreed with each other on a lot of things, but we came together in this state and we elected scott walker. we do not just elect scott walker, we elected scott walker in a not just republican, but conservative republican legislature, to produce these reforms that will be paying dividends after we are dead. aca 10 will pay dividends -- t 10 will pay dividends after we die, our children's children will realize the legacy.
9:52 pm
and by changing wisconsin, becoming a beacon to the rest of america on how to do government. what we the people really means is this the state. i do not want to hear anybody else tell me what wisconsin is all about. you do not come into my state and tell me that my state is filled with hatred. do not do that. wisconsin republicans came together and they disagreed on a lot of things, but one thing that we never came together on was hate. we were hated for doing it. but sometimes that fight, wrestling those feathers, and pushing back against the single biggest special interest group generateate, might some tweets or some death and thelike i got,
9:53 pm
governor got, and his wife got my do not tell me that we hate. we did right by republicans in wisconsin. the hate was brought to us from outside our state, because every single person in this country knew, everybody knew if we were successful, it would create a cascade, a cascade across 50 states of other legislatures, and other citizens who saw what we did and realized they could duplicate it for themselves. and we were helping -- happy to lead, happy to be that begin. -- beacon. let me help you take stock of what we have done. what we have led, by the most important governor our state has seen in our history. --we took special
9:54 pm
interest left wing union power base and told them to go packing. and in the process, we saved billion. citizens $5.5 years, five in five years, that is $1 billion a year. your property taxes went down, schools got better, there is more freedom in choice of education with a statewide expansion of school choice, we go right to work with conceal and carry, multiple tax cuts in the form of $2.7 billion. budget surpluses until the cows come home. [laughter] i was going to say something nasty there.
9:55 pm
that is just the beginning. body, an unconstitutional monitoring government and we told them to take a hike. john doe reform, and it goes on. [applause] id.i: voter [applause] we are happy warriors in our state. we do this happily, we do this enthusiastically, and the next major fight to come our way, we will meet that fight in full force with a smile on her face. -- our face. and when it is said and done, we will say, welcome to wisconsin. and we will also say, it is open to business and freedom.
9:56 pm
governor scott walker. [applause] ♪ [applause] ♪ thank you.lker: what a great crowd. triede to the best fish -- fry in the country. it is good to be close to home. good to see you, sheriff. i feel safe already with david clark in the front row. [laughter] walker: i will spend a couple of minutes telling you a couple of things, but i have a question. how many of you think that wisconsin is better off than it
9:57 pm
was five years ago? [applause] is becauselker: that of all of you, because of all of you here tonight. think about it. we will take a minute or two to give a commercial about the great state of wisconsin, because of common sense printable conservative leadership you helped us obtain, not just electing me, but the state assembly and senate. then you helped me in 2012 with a recall election, a reelection in 2014, and each of those election years, adding numbers to the republican majority in the senate. look what we got, a better economy, the better budget, better schools, a better wisconsin. sounded? -- sound good? think about it,
9:58 pm
in each category, a report coming out from the federal government on jobs just these couple of weeks ago for the previous month, january, showed that in the state of wisconsin we had one of the lowest unemployment rates we have had in a decade and a half, the percentage of people working in the state is now the sixth highest in the entire country. [applause] and it waslker: simple, we got government out of the way, we lowered taxes, froze tuition for the first time ever, four years in a row. we got government regulation and red tape out of the way. lawslled back on frivolous and put you in charge of the state economy and you know what happened? you responded. more people are working in the state of wisconsin than at any point in our state's history. common sense principles work.
9:59 pm
[applause] governor walker: they do not just work with the economy, we have a budget surplus every year that we have been in office, a rainy day fund that is 55 times bigger than when we took office. and remember those protesters, remember how they said that public education was going to be in trouble, i am proud to say --t our public schools, atc a ct scores the second-best in the country and graduation rates the third best in the country. [applause] governor walker: common sense principles work and all of you understand that, all of you that helped knock on doors and make talk tolls, and neighbors and coworkers and friends, and most importantly, all of you who prayed for us when we went through those protests, you know, you know
10:00 pm
what the battle is all about. you know it is worth it, not just for us, not just for republican majorities, but for our children and grandchildren. we fought more for the next generation, more than the next election and people from thank you for making that possible. tonight i'm going to ask for your help one more time. not just here but for the country. there are a lot of who helped us out. some may be thinking about this candidate or that candidate. i can tell you about who i am casting my vote for on tuesday. not just for what is going to happen in tuesday's primary but what's going to happen from the moment some in the impact it


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