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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 2, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm EDT

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we have to keep our eye on where these problems are coming from. let's reward companies that provide high quality training and share profits with their employees. that is the kind of approach that will begin to push back on crony capitalism. pressures from active shareholders. i will lead the fight against republican attacks on president obama's financial reforms under the dodd frank legislation. think the don't president gets the credit he deserves for saving this economy and cracking down on wall street.
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we're going to protect that progress and go even further. need smarter trade policies. there have been a lot of distortions of my record on trade. i want to set things straight. to every worker in wisconsin, if i'm fortunate enough to be your president i will stand with you i will have your back and i will stop dead in its tracks any trade deal that hurts america. opposed the only multilateral trade deal that came up. cafta. called cap t
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state i-40y of against china's trade policy. i opposed the transpacific partnership if i couldn't tell workers that it would raise your wages. sanders has opposed all trade deals all the time. but i don't agree with that either. what trade has done right is help to put thousands of wisconsin companies in a better position to export billions of dollars. worth of products to create good paying jobs. we need a president who doesn't just rail against trade. knows howt who
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to compete against the rest of the world and how to win for american workers. that is what i did when i was a senator. why have so many people who go to bat for me. who talk about why they trust me. what a count on me. i stood up for them. i stood up against unfair treatment by china and others. testified for steelworkers against dumping of steel in our country. i want you to know that when i takeesident no one will advantage of us, not china, not wall street and not overpaid corporate executives. [applause] is not enough for us to tell you
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what we are against. we have to tell you what we are for. we need to make investments in education and training. give people the skills they need to succeed. make sure our kids have access to good schools and good teachers from early on through high school and beyond. no matter where they live. kids invest in our education we are investing our country's future. we are creating a stronger economy. we know that still today a worker with a college degree burns half a million dollars more over there working lifetime . when we invest in higher theation it enriches lives
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on the classroom. it allows innovation to spread from campus labs to businesses throughout the state and the country. this is a principle so fundamental to this state that it's called the wisconsin idea. [applause] i was born in chicago. lot when iisconsin a was a young person. i came to church camp. i came to girl scout camp. wisconsinravel around on little vacations. i loved how beautiful the state was. as i learned more about the progressive tradition of wisconsin i became such an admirer of the state. wisconsin was ahead of the curve
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on so many important issues that really improve lives for americans. and stood up for fundamental rights. the wisconsin idea sparked my imagination. it is terrible to see the damage governor walker and his allies in the legislature have done in just five years. hundreds oft millions of dollars from wisconsin's colleges and universities. they rolled back financial aid. they even blocked a proposal to help people refinance their student debt. instead of investing in higher education they are gutting it. this is so wrong. it has to stop. a world-class education should be the birthright of every child. reserved forge those who can afford it. agreer sanders and i both
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that we want to help more young people get a quality education. but we have different ideas about how to do it. under my plan you won't have to borrow in time for tuition at any public college. you'll be able to refinance existing debt and affordable interest rates. we will work with states and schools to control costs and provide incentives for greater public investment in higher education over time. opponent is counting on governor walker and the legislature to come up with $300 million in new funding for higher education. ironic because that is how much governor walker wanted to cut last year. he ended up cutting $250 million.
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if you're free college plan depends on republican governors like walker that will take some major change of heart. i do believe in death bed conversions. [laughter] but i am counting on that. free tuition get regardless of what your republican governor has to say about it. if your ideas will get passed in the congress we have, or they won't work because the numbers don't add up. not going to give people the help that they need right away. that is what i want to do. that is what it is supposed to be about. how can we help you right now.
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one more pillar of the good jobs agenda. getting serious about supporting unions. unions helped build the strongest middle class in the history of the world. [applause] just think about it. unions led the fight for affordable health care and better wages. they are at the forefront of the movement to raise the minimum wage. wisconsin, governor walker has spent the last five years stripping workers of their their rights.g
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this is bad for everybody. it drives down wages for everybody. they undermine the kind of changes we need for everybody. they stop our progress. what is really scary is ted cruz and the other republicans say they want to do across the country what scott walker has done here. to pose a national right work law that would depress wages. and benefits. undercut unions. concentrate power in the hands of corporations and their allies. but we not only wrong must stop them. organized labor will always have a champion of the white house if i am elected. americans will have a
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president who helps break down the barriers. taking on income inequality is critical. so is taking on racial inequality and discrimination in all of its forms. [applause] so is standing up to the gun commonnd fighting for sense gun safety reform. [applause]
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most people don't have the luxury of living in a single issue world. we face a complex set of intersectional challenges in our next president needs to be taken on all of them. test is keeping our country safe. at a time when terrorists are plotting new attacks and countries like russia and china are making aggressive moves. protecting our national security can't be an afterthought. our next president has to be just as passionate about defending our country is about fixing our economy. what we'rec inside, hearing is truly scary. when donald trump talks casually about torture and nuclear weapons, erwin ted cruz talks
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about treating american muslims like criminals. that does not make trump and ted cruz sound strong. it makes them sound in over their heads. [applause] loose cannons tend to misfire. that is a gamble we cannot afford. the test the republican candidates fail most spectacularly is the third one. instead of bringing us together, they are determined to divide us even further. hitting us against them. plays coy with white supremacists. latinos to round up immigrants and kick them out of the united states.
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muslims froman all entering america. a lot of republicans may be wringing their hands over the rise of donald trump. look at wisconsin. saying what just many other republicans and politics have long believed. [applause] you have seen governor walker pit wisconsinites against one another for years. scapegoating teachers. demonizing public workers. going after unions. made it his personal mission to roll back women's rights. he has defunded planned parenthood. banned abortion after 20 weeks with no exceptions for victims of rate and insist. texas style
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regulation of abortion. now there is a walker appointed judge running for the highest court in this state. said, i had toy read this three times. [laughter] control is morally abhorrent and doctors who it are party to murder. control whichirth millions of women use every year to murder.
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there is no place on any supreme court or any court in this country [applause] no place at all for rebecca bradley and her decade-long dangerous track record against women and survivors of sexual assault and the lb gt community. note to discrimination. to rebecca bradley. [applause]
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this is not some sideshow or distraction. the assault on women's reproductive rights is a serious issue. states across america are doing everything they can to put up new barriers holding back women's access to health care. the supreme court is considering the biggest challenge to row versus wade in a generation. we need to stand behind president obama and his right to feel that vacancy on the supreme court. [applause] every republican running for president wants to make abortion illegal. we need leadership to defeat them.
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when i talk like this, and i republicans accuse me of playing the gender card. if fighting for equal say and paid family leave and planned parenthood is playing the gender card then deal me in. [applause] i come to these issues is a woman and a mother and a grandmother. a lawyer. a former first lady, senator, secretary of state. to parts of the world where government control consignsn's bodies them to second-class status. i have been in the trenches alongside groups like planned
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parenthood for decades. fighting to protect reproductive rights and women's autonomy women's equality. to make their own decisions. i'm very honored that they have endorsed me in this campaign. i will keep fighting. i will fight against anyone to sete who wants women's rights back. we are going to keep going forward. everything i have heard from donald trump and ted cruz and the other republicans have convinced me they had no respect for women's rights. one of my favorite americans was maya angelou.
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you who theyshows are, believe them, she said. today's republican leaders are showing us who they are. stand up to them at every level. we know they are going to come at us with every possible insult and smear. they will do whatever it takes. i did we need a nominee who has been tested and affected already . for 25 years they have thrown everything they could at me but i am still standing. [applause] i am ready to take on this fight and win with you and for you.
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we need to keep a democrat in the white house but we can't stop there. i will have your back. against governor walker and the tea party. i will campaign to elect democrats in every level. we will take back the state legislature and in 2018 we will defeat scott walker. [applause] i am the only candidate in this race who was pledged to raise money to help build our party. fornt to be your partner the long haul not just when i'm on the ballot. we will take back the states. the state of feingold and baldwin and love followed.
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. go to hillary you can.or most importantly, i need your support on tuesday. in the primary. please come out and vote. vote for results that will make a positive difference in people's lives. come out and vote for a commander-in-chief that will keep our country safe. come out and vote for someone who will as she has always done find common ground while standing my ground. let's tear down all the barriers. let's keep being progressive. making progress together. thank you wisconsin. [applause] [applause]
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>> thank you, so much.
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>> thank you for coming, hillary. [indiscriminate chatter]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. >> ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats.
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[indiscriminate chatter] >> please welcome to the stage, minnesota senator. [applause] >> thank you, thank you. thank you wisconsin democrats. here,great to be especially when i get to hang out with one of my favorite colleagues, sandy baldwin, home i love. and one of my future favorites favorites, feingold. [applause] are we going to win this thing?
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[applause] something to confess, something you should not do in the senate. i am kind of not a fan of ron johnson. [laughter] does,, it is a thing he he lectures me about business. , this is something we do in business. in business, we have to do this. in business at this, in business that. office, budgeting 30 years in advance. said business, business, business. i said ron, i was in show business --
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[laughter] [applause] i want to thank martha lanning, and the entire staff. [applause] let's hear it for all the waitstaff, the cooks, the people act in the kitchen, let's hear it for them, for this wonderful meal. [applause] thank you. i thought it would start out by telling you the story of how i became a democrat. my mom was a democrat all my life, and all her life. [laughter] dad, was a republican for a long, long, long time.
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i was a kid, i like my dad more than my mom. so i was like my dad, a liberal republican. for the young people here, there used to be these things. [laughter] and my dad was one of them, a liberal republican. but the thing is, both my parents agreed, that civil just a basic, fundamental thing. it was fundamentally about justice. about 11, 12, 13 years old, we were watching -- we used to have the dinner on tray tables in our tv room while we watched the news. on the tv, they would show civil rights demonstrators, and southern police, sheriff's
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department, returning fire hoses and dogs and billy clubs on the demonstrators. tv andwould point to the say, no jew can be for that. no jew can be for that. [applause] 1964, republicans goldwater, who, voted against the 1964 civil rights act. so my dad became a democrat. [applause] when johnson signed a bill, he famously turned to a staffer and said, we lost in the south for generations. he was wrong, i think it was for forever. [applause] but we got my dad.
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and, we got me. [applause] now, i have been doing this, i know some of you are supporting bernie sanders. [applause] i know that some of you are supporting hillary clinton. [applause] you areome of undecided. i probably should not have tried to get a big cheer on undecided, it was an experiment. but here is the point. what makes us democrats is not who we are for, it is about what we are for. [applause] a half-century after barry goldwater chased my dad out of
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the republican party, democrats are still the party of civil rights. [applause] and that means more in this year than it has in a generation. you turn on the tv, and you watch the scene at a donald trump rally, vicious attacks on immigrants, and muslims, explicit threats of violence against protesters. racism, and that is just his stump speech. [laughter] trump,is not just donald it is the entire republican party that has given in to fear. and to prejudice, and divisiveness. , wherethe north carolina they passed a bill of eliminating protections for the
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community, effectively writing discrimination into the states laws. we see it in arizona, where they shut down polling sites, forcing people to wait in line for hours to cast their votes. we see it in their attacks on planned parenthood, on the children of undocumented immigrants, on african-americans, sounding the misusingbout police force. someone has to stand up and say that is wrong. dad, nohrase my american can be for that. [applause] and it is up to democrats to say it.
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but democrats aren't just the party of civil rights or opportunities. security,of economic the party of the american middle class, and what builds the american middle class? if you said tax cuts for billionaires, you are at the wrong dinner. [laughter] now, democrats know that what builds of the middle class in , and we are not afraid unions, unions. [applause] unions, labor. now, i am a proud member of three unions.
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that is where i got my health insurance for most of my adult life. don't know about you, but i am sick and tired of watching governor,s, like your [laughter] unions into a dirty word. it is not just him. that,icans want to do take scott walker's assault on organized labor, his war on working people, and spread it to every state in the country. and it is up to democrats to stop him. [applause] and it is up to us to say that a hard days work should earn you a decent days hey, and that a lifetime of work should earn you
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a secure and comfortable retirement. [applause] and it is up to us, up to us to brokeat no one should go just because they get sick. [applause] one, no one, should get sicker just because they can't afford to see a doctor. [applause] it is up to us, it is up to us to see that every child in america is able to go to a great public school, and that every family, every family should be able to put a kid through college without running up huge debts. [applause] us to sayt is up to that every working american
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should have the right to join a union and negotiate for better pay and conditions in the workplace. [applause] my front -- my friend paul used to sum it up this way, he said we all do better when we all do better. [applause] we all do better when we all do better. , and soe, and so true profound. , if i knewa haiku what a haiku was. [laughter] and i don't.
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my point.s anybody who has watched tv this year knows what a trump presidency would be like. who is here in wisconsin knows that any republican president would be a disaster for our country. [applause] so there is no excuse for anyone in this room not to work their fingers to the bone to let the democratic nominee in in november. [applause] now, that doesn't mean we can't work just as hard between now and tuesday to support whichever democrat we believe should be the nominee. two great ones to choose from, as you saw tonight. [applause]
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me, i am supporting hillary. [applause] and it is not because i don't love bernie sanders. i remember campaigning for bernie barely 20 years ago. i am glad to call him a colleague and glad to call him my friend. but as a progressive, i care about progress. -- has madeas what more progress for our country over the last 25 years than hillary clinton. [applause] nobody. nobody. nobody has one more battles on behalf of kids and families. steadfast been a more champion for economic rights, economic security, inequality. all of the things that make us proud to be democrats. and there is nobody i trust more
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to keep making progress over the next eight years as president. [applause] i am with hillary because i believe that anyone can break of the gridlock -- if anyone can break the gridlock in washington, she can. want towait, because i get things done on immigration, climate change, college affordability, and so much more. i am with hillary because she stands up for the people whose votes too often get drowned out. immigrants,ities, and so many others. i am with hillary because i have seen how passionate she is about fighting for change. i have seen how tough she is. she can be, standing
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up for what is right. i have seen how committed she is, not just to the progressive values that we share, but to the democratic party that i am so proud to be a part of. [applause] and let me tell you something else about her. she knows what it takes to win. some of you may recall, that my first race back in 2008 was pretty close. [laughter] by 312 votes. i have often said, the thing about winning by 312 votes, is person,erally, any one who worked on the campaign, could have knocked on over 312 doors, made over 312 phone calls
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all by themselves. [applause] so every time i am in the state minnesota, and see the equivalent of one of you, i thank them. because without them, i would not be in d.c. but let me tell you, i know i would not have won that race without hillary clinton. be standing here today as a united states senator were it not for hillary. keptnd president clinton saying, whatever you need, we are there for you. october, i asked hillary if she could come to minnesota and do a rally for me. she did so without hesitation. it was a huge rally at the university of minnesota. she was great.
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and president clinton came out a couple weeks later, and he was terrific. now, the week before the election, my phone rang. and it was hillary. polls, she knew how close it was going to be. so she tore up her schedule and called me and said i am coming out to help again. [applause] on the sunday before the election, she came out, pulled it is nearth, wisconsin -- [laughter] side wasnew which important to me. and she did a rally in duluth before the tuesday of the election, and i know that that got me more than 312 votes.
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[applause] that is how we win. that is how we win. that is how we get a chance to keep our country moving forward. we may be the party with the right values and the right vision, but we also need to be the party that works harder. party thatbe the knocks on more doors, makes more phone calls, and turns out more voters on election day. [applause] stake foroo much at any democrat to sit this out. so here is my advice. tuesday night, don't say up to watch the election, go to bed early, get some sleep, because you are going to need it. morning, yousday
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are going to have a job to do. organize this state like never votee, and turn out every and for us.nee [applause] and for every democrat on the ballot. [applause] it is going to take every hillary supporter and every , and everyoneer who is still undecided. every single one of you is going to have to work those phones until your ears get sweaty and gross. [laughter] you are going to have to pound the pavement until you get blisters on your feet.
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you are going to have to beg your neighbors until they start hiding when they see you coming down the street. [laughter] your timeg to take and your energy, and if you can spare some more, your money. it is going to take everything you have. now, many of you have jobs. many of you have families. ignore them. [laughter] they will be fine. kids -- let me tell you something, kids love it when their parents aren't home. [laughter] they love that. kid, an eight-year-old kns how to use a microwave. that is just a fact, a scientific fact. [laughter]
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and here is another fact, an eight-year-old kid can teach a four-year-old kid to use a microwave. those are facts. [laughter] reasonides, that is the people go to politics in the first place, to spend less time with their families. [laughter] anytimehat because politicians resign, he says, it is to spend more time with his family. [applause] now, i will close with this. say wellstone used to also the future belongs to those who are passionate and work hard. tonight, you have heard our great candidates speak, you will us.earing from
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let's clap and cheer and show how passionate we are. but then, let's get out there and show how hard we are willing to work to send russ feingold back to the senate. [applause] so that ron johnson can spend more time with his family. [laughter] [applause]


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