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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 3, 2016 2:00am-4:01am EDT

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he is saying, you've got this right. but they will put lights went 10th of a sentence in for they will cut you off. i like doing television. sometimes they will show a tiny peas of a clip that is almost worse than what they write. have a new one called tpt. transpacific partnership. it is worse than nafta. it will drain wisconsin. it will drain the united states. we are doing it with various countries all put together. document that i almost guarantee you nobody and our country has read and those people from asia, every word is
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studying and analyzed. and we just sign it. first of all, we should not sign it with 12 countries. we should sign 1, 2, 3, 4. reward the good countries. takeway the bat countries advantage of the good countries. it is too complicated. it is a stupid deal. in favor of it is because people want them to. must voteople say he for it because and be in favor voted for.has they liberals want it, then you have conservatives, then you have plenty of people in congress who do not wanted. those are the ones being honest. the biggest point of the deal is devaluation of the currency. that is how china and many countries take advantage of the evaluation of the currency. they kill us.
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this year, we will have a $500 million traded deficit with china. i am aople will say, good businessman. i am so good. you people are going to be so rich so fast you don't even know. you do not know how rich you are going to be. we are going to go from a debtor nation and you will say, well look, youned stop have ted cruz that refused to approve any language on devaluation. any language on monetary manipulation. that is why they beat us. devalued their currency so much and we see our dollar holding and going up. in the meantime, komatsu is killing caterpillar. china is draining our businesses.
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look at what is going on with mexico. mexico is taking our businesses for devaluation. biggest is politicians do not know what the hell they are doing we are going to change things. i have carl icahn, great is this man. we have the greatest businessman in this world and we don't use them. we use political hacks. third-rate political slobs, to negotiate with the smartest people in china, the smartest people in japan, and we have all the cards. people don't realize it. without our money, without this big pot of money that is being drained out of your pocket -- and by the way, i have to do this, because i just thought i would have to, but i want to read you some statistics. you are going to say, oh. but you are going to know about it. so what am i talking about? 20% of the manufacturing jobs have left since 2000.
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you know where that is? wisconsin. according to the journal, theonsin chronically lags rest of the united states in job creation. here's what happened with scott walker, and i could only say this because i couldn't ask for his endorsement. i mean, what i did to that poor guy, man. [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: and he is a nice person, but who cares? i don't care if he is nice, i want to make this country rich and good again. ok, so it chronically lags the rest of the country. i am running for president and i don't know, he was standing on a motorcycle or something. bikers.not look like i have got to tell you, every time i go someplace, bikers everywhere. and the bikers love me. and i have always loved the
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limousine. the bikers love me. i was at hilton head, one of those places and we had hundreds, close to 1000 bikes, and i wondered what was going on. they are out there waiting for me to give a speech, it was a big group, it was incredible, but there had to be 1000 bikes, mostly harleys, in all fairness, we love harley. i love harley, right? and i buy warsaw windows. does anybody know about warsaw windows? warsaw, low wisconsin. one of the greatest windows of the world. i am building on pennsylvania avenue, you know the big hotel? it.t obama wanted it. we are building one of the great hotels in the world. it is on budget and ahead of schedule.
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i am building another hotel and it is way ahead of schedule and under budget. there is over 3000% of cost overrun. 3000%. but warsaw windows, i built a building on wall street with warsaw windows. say hello to warsaw windows for me, would you? say hello. great window. of they, truthfully, one best windows made anywhere in the world. i said, warsaw, that must be where they make the windows, but we did a full building, on wall street, a big 72 story window. i think using 3500 warsaw windows. that is a lot of windows, right? and there are no leaks. we have no leaks. they have no leaks, so they know that is good. i should say they leak like hell and get a refund, right.
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i do that, too, sometimes. anyway, so we have to make our country so strong and what we do it is with the big stuff and when you look at your area, wisconsin has to keep wages depressed in order to hold onto jobs. that is because of foreign competition. that is good, that is fine for foreign competition, but not for you. people haven't had an effective wage increase in 20 years. you have another candidate that had, like, 300 people, but we have thousands of people outside listening to a speaker. because people are angry and they are disgusted at what is going on. the candidate that just left, they had like 300 people. the wider we have more? more?why do we have so we have thousands right now, we have people all over this country that are working hard, and a lot of people are getting part-time jobs. they never had a part-time job in their life, what because of obamacare, it makes sense for the company to make everything part-time. for reporting requirements. so you can't do it, it is terrible.
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so the new jobs is coming largely from health care, which are very well-paying jobs, it claims, which is about $525 per week. that is not good. wages in manufacturing make it like a low-wage nation in wisconsin, ok? and i've heard this, household income has had a major decline. this is wisconsin. by the way, this is largely the country, just so you understand. large, large decline in household income, and that has taken place since the year 2000. so since the year 2000, you have had a decline. wisconsin is just in the middle of the pack. so, he and i always say that because you have a governor who endorsed him. gave him $50,000 or $100,000. so i gave him some money. so he is fighting and fighting
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and fighting. here's the catch, i think i gave him 50,000 or $100,000. what if i want something wisconsin? somebody said if he gives you a call up, i would say, what the hell difference does it make? now let's say i didn't run again, ok? and let's say i wanted something in wisconsin and i call him up, "governor, how are you doing, governor? listen, just out of curiosity, i want to build something in wisconsin." do you think he would be happy about it? i think so, right? but that is the way. i don't know if it's good, i don't know if it's bad, but believe me, it's wrong because it is wrong for the people. people haven't had an increase in wages countrywide, nationwide, the blue collars. the wall street guys, i know the wall street guys so well. many of them i do not like it all, ok? no be in provisions this room even understands or wants to understand. i understand. we are to end it, folks. we are going to end it.
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but i am doing well. i am doing well. i don't want to do that well. doesn't matter. they have carried interest provisions, the have provisions that nobody in this room even understands, except one person, i understand it. i understand it and we're going to end it folks, we are going to end it. i am doing well. i don't want to do that well. i really don't want to do that well. it doesn't matter. some but he said, "how would you do if you didn't run your business?" are you kidding me? this is an opportunity that is so off-inspiring -- awe-inspiring, to be president of the united states, to make our country so strong again. because we have to make it strong. we have to make it rich. a woman said, "mr. trump, i love you, i am going to vote for you, but please don't say, we are going to make this country rich again, it doesn't sound good." and i said, "you are right, because if we are going to make this country rich again, you're going to have social security cuts under john kasich or ted cruz, but i'm going to give a tax decrease.
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i spent $35 million or $45 million and the other guys have spent $150 million. i mean, jeb bush is spent $145 million. will anybody ever forgive me for that term? that term is a killer. i have made a lot of terms up. just think. i am down to the two leftovers. i had 17 people and now we are down to two. isn't it nice when you think of it? wouldn't it be nice? and, and, we are leading big with the two. i mean, we will see how it all turns out. who knows? you know, who knows. but if i can win wisconsin, you people are going to have low taxes, you're going to have jobs, we are going to bring jobs that, you're going to have your pick of jobs, you are not just going to pick a job because you have no choice, we are going to bring jobs back into this country. we are not going to places
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moving to mexico like the biscoe and lord and all of these places. you saw area are -- carrier air conditioners just a few months ago move into mexico. that's not good to happen. you are having pfizer move to ireland. i'm telling you, these companies are all leaving. who is troubled by the regulations in this country? right. terrible. i have friends that our farmers who cannot even form their land because of regulation. they had to shovel it out of the ground. we are going to end all that. we are going to end all that. it is so important. here's the thing. we have got to go out and we have got to vote. let me give you one other item because it is so important. i have been criticized. did you hear today they are saying, nuclear.
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have been a businessman and i have a lot of comments 10. -- common sense. i made a lot of money, made a lot of money against china, made tremendous deals against china. they can be beaten folks. they can be beaten. in trade. you know, the richest people in china, friends of mine, they say, "donald, we can't believe a we get away with." this is before i was running for president. now they say, "i didn't say that." but they said it. but i will tell you, big league. they said today, i am watching television. and i say, wow, that is terrible. we were talking about nuclear, and i said, japan should have nuclear. that is what i said, supposedly. the question that was asked to be recently on television by a very good announcer, a very good guy, he said, "what about nato?" right? now, and all fairness, i have been an entrepreneur, a really good entrepreneur, but for a long time. nobody ever talked to me about nato. nobody ever talked to me about
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many of the is we talk about now. but i know something about nato and i have comments its. and here is what i said, here is the problem with nato. it is obsolete. i learned quickly. i knew it was true. it is 68 years old. it was formed to look over the soviet union which doesn't even exist anymore. and i know it happens, it gets big and bureaucratic. i said, it is obsolete and we pay too much money. the statement, i thought i read it somewhere, but when i made the statement, it was really the statement that a lot of people said, how would you know a thing like that? so it turns out that things are worse than everybody thought. we are paying so much money here the united states, which is all of us, we are talking about serious, serious money. ok? we are not only taking care of germany, we are taking care of japan, this, that, and the other, but nato is not paying
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their bills, and why should they? nobody is asking them to pay. i am going to say, "pay up." and they are going to pay up. and i will do it nicely. i will ask nicely and do it very presidential. i will ask it and at the same time get the money. ok? you know, if you are two presidential -- [applause] mr. trump: if you are two presidential, you will not get the money. you will say, hello. one of the country that always has, forget it. would it be possible to pay the money low? no, we cannot do it. i am like a really small person. i can be the best president. i can be boring, but that is ok. but look, we are going to get
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these countries to pay, and not only to pay, not only to pay, but to pay all of this money for years. we have been carrying these countries. many of them are rich countries. some are not, but many of them have the money to pay. and then you say to yourself, "what are we getting at here?" well, take a look at ukraine. these three or four countries that surround ukraine, do you ever hear of them complaining? you never hear germany and these other countries surrounding themny, jim returned complain? we want to get into world war iii. you know, we're going to fight over the ukraine. and the neighbors, i do not think they care. or they do not care much. but here is the thing. when i talk about armament or when i talk about protection or when i talk about the military, all of these countries, which is much of the world, that we are taking care of, they have to pay, and i do want to be, like, a greedy person. but we are losing a fortune
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everywhere. we take care of south korea. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line between the north and the south. the maniac. lookingme people stop at the united states as stupid, stupid people, with even dumber leaders. we have got to stop it. we have got to stop it. [applause] mr. trump: so japan is a very big, very rich country, right? and we take care of japan and germany and with this and with that and this test and this juggernaut and this phenomenal, powerful, rich country. and saudi arabia, i told you. these people don't have to pay for these services, and what i said about japan is this, we are protecting japan from many countries, but we are protected japan from north korea.
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everybody talks about japan, japan, japan, what we get a tiny fraction of what we get, but we are protecting japan. so i said something to the effect that i would, and with great respect, i have a lot of japanese friends, they are great people, with great respect, but in four years, you are going to say that this guy turned up to be a great president, or maybe eight years. you're going to start saying it in two years. two years. you will see a big difference. right now we are at a great divide. right now we have a great divider as president. ok? he is a great divider. so i would say to japan, "you've got a help us out, we want to help you." and i would rather have them not armed, but i am not going to continue to lose this tremendous amount of money, and frankly, the case could be made to let them protect themselves against north korea. they would probably wipe them out pretty quick. and you know what? that would be a terrible thing. it looks, folks. if they fight, that would be terrible. but if they do, they do. we can't be the police of the world and get all of this debt going and we are sitting on a bubble that is going to explode and then we are going to end up you know where.
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we can't do it. so what did happen is after i made my statements about nato, the next thing you saw last week was that "donald trump wants to disband the nato." i mean, right? look, she is smiling, is it true? i am not some kind of a dopey guy. i am smart. i am really, really, really smart. i am smart stop i know what i am doing. i know what i doing. [applause] mr. trump: now there would be a point with some of these countries where we will walk and we won't be gone for long and then they will call us and say, "come back." now i would much rather protect japan, but you know what, it is
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possible to let them take care of themselves here. but probably more likely, they will pay also a lot more money and we won't be losing all of the vast millions and billions and billions of dollars that we are losing right now. just take a look at nato. i was so right. and now these people who studied nato for 30 years, now they are saying, that was a brilliant suggestion. one guy was saying, "here is a guy studying nato and he never thought of it, he said it is obsolete. i have a natural instant for this. by the way, united nations. same thing, smaller number. united nations.
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do they ever settle anything? it is just like a political gang. the united nations, we pay for a vast -- i mean, the amount of money we spend on the united nations. i will tell you a story. a few years ago, four or five years ago, i was going before the united nations, and we were doing a study of the united nations's buildings, we were doing a renovation, so the in bassett or to sweeten up a time, i believe it was sweden, called -- so the ambassador to sweden at the time, i believe it was sweden. he called me. and i built the building across the street. 92 stories for $360 million. right across from the united nations. he called me and he was very nice and he said, mr. trump, i billion on ant 360 building across the street.
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he said, "could i ask you a question -- why?" and i said, "number one, they are crooked, and number two, it equals knowledge." he said, could i call you to the united nations? and i said yes. i met with kofi anon and i said i would do the whole job for less. he said it would not be the same job and i said, you are right, it will be much better. [applause] mr. trump: no, it is true. it'll be much better. i said, i use marble and that you would use linoleum, ok? i said it will be much better, 100% that are. bottom line, i took pictures with this guy and everything and i never heard from him again. then the united states senate called me and they said, how can you do it for $500 million, with why could you do it with that but you quote them $1.5 billion? i said, it is not going to cost them a billion and a half. i said, it will cost them $3 billion or maybe more than that,
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and that was years ago. it cost them much more even than what i said. it was one of the greatest messes you have ever seen and i asked the hitman of construction, i said, "let me ask you, are you going to use new york steam?" it is a very complex system of steam under new york. he said, "what's that?" i said, wait a minute. you are in charge of the building and you don't even know said, i said, "how can you be in charge of a massive construction problem when you don't know what a five pipe or a four pipe, or a two pipe system is?" how can it be possible? and then i realize, the guy made a fortune leister. he really made a fortune. so here is the story, we are going to rebuild our country. we need roads, we need bridges, you know want? our bridges are falling down. we are going to save so much. on waste, fraud, and abuse. we are going to save so much. you're going to go out and vote and you will be so proud of what took place today and you are going to be be even more proud
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of what is going to take place on tuesday. a lot of people, they say you know, a lot of these politicians, they get up and say, "you are americans, you great, great people of our country, it doesn't matter whether you vote for me, orbital for my opponent, what is important to get out and vote -- vote for me or vote for my opponent, what is important is you get out and vote." but i say you should vote for me. if you are going to vote for my opponent, don't bother. ok? don't bother. but i do laugh because i understand nature. you know, i appreciate life. we are all angry but we are good people but we are not really angry people but we love our country and it is being run by idiots and you have no idea what they are doing. and just to finish on the
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nuclear thing, i told you i was going to go in and negotiate with japan, germany, i have the greatest negotiators in the world. i have all these people want to come in, the greatest minds, the greatest business people. they all read the article deal, ok? so i say to myself, "look at this, look at these people, and look at this negotiation. what is going to happen? what is going to happen?" i tell you what is going to happen. if our country, if we don't do this deal, if we don't get the proper people in office soon, we are not good to have a country left, i am telling you, we are not going to have a country left. [applause] mr. trump: we are not going to have a country left. it is not going to happen. i am a person with common sense and i used to say -- ok, remember the beginning of the campaign? bush and rubio. they are both nice guys, ok? but let me just tell you, number one, marco rubio, he never ran because bush was his mentor.
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did anyone ever hear that? so, marco was never going to run. annette he did run and then i can think, they hate each other. and everybody said, they hate each other. and i said, no they don't. and then jeb bush stood up and said, "marco is my dear, dear friend" and marco rubio stood up and said "jeb is my dear, dear friend" and i said, "they hate each other." jeb would say, i would like to congratulate marco. and donald trump is a gifted politician. my wife actually said, "why does he keep calling you a gifted, gifted politician?" he kept saying "donald trump is a gifted, gifted politician." if you sure enemy. i said, i don't want to give you the answer to that. not unlike television. i do not want to touch that. but look, i understood what is going on and i will do such a great job. we will cut our expensive. we will build up our numbers. we will become rich, we will
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become strong, we will become great again, we will become so great. we will start winning again. we don't win anymore. we don't win a war, we can't beat isis, we don't win with our great veterans, we can't take care of them, we don't know how, it is a corrupt system, the whole v.a. is corrupt. we are going to take care of our veterans. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to win with trade so big, we are going to have money pouring back in, we are going to have jobs pouring back in our country, folks, there is nobody going to say, "donald, please don't do that, please don't do that," if they do, i will say, "they don't represent me." we are going to have a strong border on the southern side. the border is going to be so strong. you know, we will build the wall.
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we are going to build it. we are to make mexico pay for it. they will build it. [applause] mr. trump: so yesterday, i have a great honor, because i never asked for this, the border patrol people, 16,500 people, a called up and they said, we would like to endorse mr. tromp. they had never endorsed a presidential candidate before. -- they said, "we would like to endorse mr. trump." -- between-- between share joe and the border patrol, we understand who is strong on that. we are by far the strongest on border patrol. we will build a wall. who is going to pay for the wall? crowd: mexico! mr. trump: who? crowd: mexico! mr. shaw: as sure as you are sitting here, mexico will pay for the wall. they have a trade deficit. $58 billion per year. think about it. can you believe that is not including the drugs growing across the border -- drugs going across the border.
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that is the fact our kids are being poisoned. don't take drugs. ok? brazier hand. brazier hand. come here, raise your hand, raise your hand. raise it. what he say? raise your hand. brazier hand kids. "i promise donald j. trump -- kids: i promise donald j. trump -- mr. trump: "that i will never do drugs and, well, do a little bit of alcohol -- and you know what else? no cigarettes. right? alright kids, come here. come here. come here. [applause] mr. trump: oh those beautiful kids. but he know it happens? when to get hooked on alcohol
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and the drugs it makes her life get very arts. can tell youhing i is if you never take it, you will never get hooked. you know? you will never get hooked. that maybe the most important thing i've done today. so look, folks, we are going to have a strong border. we are going to start winning again. i hope on tuesday you go out and vote for me. i will not let you down, i promise, you will not see anything like this. i promise. so on tuesday, go out and vote, it will be the greatest vote you have ever made, and we are going to start winning again, we will make america great again, i love you, thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you for your time. crowd: trump! trump! trump! [applause]
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[no audio] announcer: the political growth, group, club for has endorsed a candidate. we talked to dave mcintosh. dave mcintosh: we looked at all the candidates. did a 5-10 page on their economic record.
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taxes, government spending, regulation, free trade, school choice. had of the candidates sterling records. ted cruz, marco rubio, ron paul were at the top. jeb bush has a very good economic record. we then looked at trump when we realized he was a serious candidate. he has not voted on things but for 20 years he has spoken out on a lot of policy manners. he at one point suggested the largest tax increase ever to pay down the debt. he tried to walk that it even recently he said under the right circumstances he would do it over again. privatenot respect property rights because he is for eminent domain where you a homeowner and turn it over to a developer to redevelop. if you do not have private property rights, that undermines
2:33 am
the very free market system we have. we realized he would be a disaster on free market growth. in the past, we have been advertising to tell people about that. now a lot of that is well known. also starting to talk about he would lose the republican party to hillary clinton, he would have a terrible down to get result. it fundamentally for us it is a policy question, where do they come out on the economic free market. announcer: you can watch the entire interviewed tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and 6 p.m. eastern here on c-span. announcer: the wisconsin democratic party held a fundraiser that included remarks from the presidential candidate.
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first was bernie sanders. he spoke for about 25 minutes. bernie sanders: thank you all very much. let me begin by thanking you for being here tonight. and for the work many of you have done over the years. crises we face in our country is that too many people are detached from the political process. what you are doing by getting involved by standing up to fight for a better of america, to fight for justice for working people and people of color and minorities and gaping l and those who are not getting their voices heard, you are showing your love of this country and your patriotism and i thank you very much for that.
2:35 am
[applause] bernie sanders: now, i am running for president of the united states not because i woke up or that i lived when i grow up in a home and they said, burning you are going to become present the united states. not quite. a three point five room rent-controlled apartment in brooklyn, new york. presidentng for because i think, frankly, that's given the enormous crises facing our country, crises like a grotesque level of income and wealth inequality. [applause] topie sanders: in which the 1/10 of 1% now own almost as much wealth as the bottom 1%.
2:36 am
peoples in which our today, millions of them, are working not one job but two or three jobs and yet 58% of all new income is going to the top 1%. a crises in which millions of our young people are graduating andege deeply in debt hundreds of thousands of others cannot afford to go to college at a time when we need to have the best educated workforce in the world. [applause] bernie sanders: a crisis in campaignhave a corrupt finance system. applause] bernie sanders: which as a result of citizens united allows
2:37 am
and the billionaires and wall street to fund those super pac's to purchase elections. democracy is not a complicated concept. it is one person, one vote. not billionaires purchasing elections. [applause] to add insult to injury, not only do we have these super pac's undermined the american democracy, we have people like scott walker trying to suppress the vote. so if you want to know what kind be, thinkt i will about all of the things that to governor walker does and i will do exactly the opposite. [cheers and applause]
2:38 am
you know, one of the things i have discovered in this campaign is that there are a lot of people, including conservatives, who believe strongly in the principles of democracy. the eachgue among other but at the end of the day, one person, one vote, majority rules. i have absolute contempt. i have friends who are conservative and we disagree on the issues and that is fine. but i have contempt, absolute contempt for those republican governors who do not have the guts to support free, open, and fair elections. [applause]
2:39 am
bernie sanders: i have run for governor in the state of vermont. i've have lost and i have one. but it never once occurred to me to try to figure out how i could deny people in my state the right to vote because they disagree with me. say to governor walker and all of the other republican governors who are trying to make it harder for poor people and old people and people of color and young people, trying to make it harder for them to participate in the political process, i say to them, if you do not have the guts to participate in a free and fair election, you get out of politics and get another job job stopnd get another
2:40 am
-- and get another job. now, governor walker it is a great idea to try to destroy the trade union. i think it is a good idea to try to build a stronger trade union. applause] bernie sanders: so let me tell governor walker and all the rest that if i am elected president, we're going to pass a employee free choice act which will make it easier for workers to negotiate contracts and format unions. applause] bernie sanders: governor walker apparently feels it is a great idea to give tax breaks to large
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corporations and then cut education. ]boos i think it is a better idea to increase funding for education and demand large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. [applause] bernie sanders: governor walker thinks it is a good idea to try to make it as hard as possible for women to control their own bodies. [booing] bernie sanders: i believe women have the right to control their own bodies and we will take on the scott walker's of the world or restricting that right.
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[applause] bernie sanders: and by the way, we are also going to pass pay equity so women no longer make only $.70 on the dollar compared to men. governors and senators a hand all republican public officials are d9 get science of climate change. it, that is a very scary and dangerous proposition. it is hard to run a government. it is hard to do serious public policy if you reject science. now, i am a member of the u.s. -- of the u.s. senate committee on the environment. i have taught to scientists all over the world. climate change israel. climate change is caused by human activity.
2:43 am
climate change is already doing devastating harm throughout our country and throughout the world and this problem will only get ifh worse in years to come we do not transform our energy system away from fossil view to -- fossil fuel to sustainable energy. [applause] bernie sanders: the time is now to tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of this planet. in america today, we are living, as you all know, in a highly competitive global economy.
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and yet, in wisconsin and throughout this country, our public school systems are in deep distress. we have a childcare and pre-k system which is literally dysfunctional. to dad is going to work. people cannot find quality of affordable childcare. crazy,en you talk about of which we are talking a lot about in this campaign -- [laughter close racket bernie sanders -- which we are talking a lot about in this camp rain -- in this campaign [laughter]
2:45 am
the people to take care of the kids are getting mcdonald's wages. this is not about america and it should not be the way we treat our children. revolution a childcare. people who work for this kid welld be well trained, paid. aware that you are talkour republican friends about family values, oh. you know what they are talking about. and what they are saying is that no woman in this room, in the state, in this country, should have the right to control her own body. what they are saying is that our
2:46 am
gay brothers and sisters should not have the right to get married. i disagree. applause] bernie sanders: now, if you have beenane, jane and i have married for 27 years, we are blessed with four great kids and seven beautiful grandchildren. we believe in family and family values but our values are a little bit different than republicans. dictate to us that we and the international embarrassment of the united states of america being the only major country on earth not to guarantee paid family and medical leave for. there are women giving birth and
2:47 am
vermont and all over this country and if they are working-class women, if they are low income women, and many cases they are going to have to go or threeork in two weeks and separate themselves from their beautiful new babies. that is not a family value, that is the up that of a family value. willected president, we ask the very good legislation the democrats are now supporting in the house and the senate. that is 12 weeks paid family and medical leave. [applause] bernie sanders: there is one , one wealthy industrialized country on earth, that does not guarantee health care for all people and you are
2:48 am
living in that country. and, i think it is time we [applause] stop i have been criticized for saying this by various so let meent media repeat it. [laughter] bernie sanders: so there is no misunderstanding. no equivocation. i believe health care is a right of all people. not a privilege. [applause] i am a member of the committee on labor. that committee helped with the
2:49 am
writing of the affordable care act. i'm grateful for president obama's leadership in making sure that excellent legislation was passed. [applause] bernie sanders: what that legislation did was and this upset called pre-existing conditions. ended discrimination against women in terms of the price they paid for health premiums. million over 17 americans to the ranks of the insured. it provided health insurance for young people to be on their parents programs. all of that is very good. we should be very proud of that accomplishment. [applause] bernie sanders: but, we should not forget that despite the games of the aca, 29 million
2:50 am
americans today still do not have health insurance. many of you have health insurance but you are underinsured with large deductibles and copayments. -- a day in this country we are being ripped off in an unconscionable way by the drug companies who are charging us high prices for essential drugs. crazy,want to talk about crazy is one out of five prescriptionsng from their doctors and not being able to afford those prescriptions. crazy is seniors citizens dividing their pills in half because they do not have the money to buy the medicine they need. my view, at ay in time in this country, don't talk about the cost of health care
2:51 am
without understanding that in our country, we are spending far more per capita on health care than people in any other country. we spent almost three times more than the british to. 50% more than the french. for more -- far more than the canadians. we must move toward a medicare for all single-payer program. [applause] now, secretary clinton and i disagree on many issues. do on one issue we surely not disagree nor do i think does anybody in this room disagree. and that is, we have got to do everything in our power to make
2:52 am
sure that donald or some other republican does not become president of the united states. [applause] [cheers] allie sanders: we are united. let me just say this, and i say this as honestly and as straightforwardly as i can. , based ono believe all of the polling i have seen, and on other factors, that i am the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump. [cheers and applause]
2:53 am
bernie sanders: and i say this, i say this with no disrespect to secretary clinton or anybody else. but in virtually every polls i've seen, and i know polls go up and down, the last cnn poll had bernie sanders defeating donald trump nationally by 20 points. applause] ernie sen. sanders: a significantly higher margin than secretary clinton. int a week ago and donald -- wisconsin, they had a speeding donald trump in this battleground by 19 points. beating donald trump in this battleground by 19 points. a higher margin than secretary clinton. here is something similar great,
2:54 am
some will not agree. some people here strongly secretaryesident -- clinton and i respect that. but here is my assessment of what is going on. is one campaign which has created a the enormous amount of excitement and enthusiasm and that is our campaign. now when i am very proud of, let me just say this, when i am very proud of, some of you may agree with me and like it. some of you may not. but for the democratic party to succeed, we need a vibrancy and we need an energy and we need a level of grassroots activism that we do not have at this moment. what that means is we need it bring in millions of young people who have never voted in their lives and i am proud that many of those young people are coming into our campaign.
2:55 am
[cheers and applause] bernie sanders: it and if you were to go to some of the rallies with held around the 10,000,where you have 15,000, 20 thousand, 25,000 people coming out and you look people and of those their spirit and their desire to improve this country, you would have enormous confidence in the future of our country. [cheers and applause] bernie sanders: and i am enormously proud not only that we have created that kind of energy and grassroots enthusiasm, but that we have revolutionized campaign financing in the united states of america. have a super pac. i do not get money from wall
2:56 am
street or anybody else. and i am proud of that will stop -- and i am proud of that. . millionreceived over 6 individual campaign contributions averaging $27 a piece. [applause] bernie sanders: and if i may be so bold, and i know not everybody here will agree with me, i believe that is the future of the democratic party. believe that we have got to tell wall street and the trump companies and the fossil fuel industry and all of the money, sorry. we are not on your side. we do not want your money. [applause] so let meders:
2:57 am
conclude in the way i began. in this country today, and in fact in this world, we have a series of very, very serious crises. i wish that i could tell you that the same old same old establishment politics and establishment economics could solve those problems. i just do not leave it. what i believe right now is like what every other great movement in american history, the trade union movement, the civil rights movement, the women's movement, the gay movement. aat we need right now is movement of millions of people andtand up, right act, demand a government that represents all of us in not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors. thank you all very much!
2:58 am
[cheers and applause] ♪ there's a star man waiting in the sky if he would like to come and meet us ♪ildren --
2:59 am
>> bernie, can i get a statement on your progressive nuclear energy? clean energy, bernie. [indistinct chatter]
3:00 am
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3:03 am
announcer: the wisconsin democratic party also heard from secretary of state hillary clinton. helen clinto hillary clinton: thank you. hello, milwaukee. [cheers and applause] thank you. thank marco lanning and the democratic party of wisconsin. it is great to be here with some of your best. the walkies mayor, tom barrett. congresswoman, glenmore. senator tammy
3:04 am
baldwin. and what a great day when we can once again talk about your tgwo -- your two fantastic senators with russ feingold. thank my friend, cecile richards, for being here tonight. is a lot about the field that i admire, including the love poise he showed when speaking truth to power with backs -- backed and adverse republicans. trust me, that is not easy. and i am so grateful to have been an door stood by the planned parenthood action fund. [applause]
3:05 am
i also want to thank my friend, , senator alr franken, for campaigning here for me. that congressman andre carson from indiana's here , and congresswoman maxine waters from california. to all of the city, state and local leaders, who pour your hearts into building the democratic party across wisconsin, please know this. back thelp you take governorship and the state legislature. you see, i am a proud democrat and i support democrats up and down the ticket.
3:06 am
always have and always will. and to the union members and representatives of organized a hostilehave faced agenda in this state, please know help is on the way. we are here tonight because we want, together, to build a canre where every american live up to his or her god-given potential, no way -- no matter where you come from, what you look like, or do you love. we believe no one who works full time should have to live in poverty in america and that every american deserves the peace of mind that comes with
3:07 am
quality, affordable health care. we believe that, when a governor , andks teachers, nurses firefighters, it doesn't make him a leader. it makes him a fully -- a bully. [applause] we believe america's diversity is a strength, not a weakness. and this all makes us, joined together as democrats. and i'm proud of the campaign that senator sanders have been running. it has been hard-fought all across our country. wisconsin, it is no exception. but we have tried to stay focused on the issues, as compared to the republicans who have been focused on else -- on
3:08 am
insults. [applause] honored to have received nearly 9 million votes so far. and now tell you, that is a million more than donald trump has received. is also two point 5 million more than senator sanders, but i am not taking anything or anyone for granted. i hope to earn your support this tuesday. and here is what i believe about this rate -- this race. running for president faces three big tests. first, can you deliver results that improve people's lives? second, can you keep a safe? third, can you bring our country together? i think every candidate should be judged i those tests. so let's talk a minute for --
3:09 am
about what it takes to make a real difference for people and families. i know right now a lot of americans are frustrated. they are worried that their best days and our country's best days are behind us. and i understand why. 9 million americans lost their jobs in the great recession. 5 million homes were lost. $13 trillion in family wealth .as wiped out and a lot of americans haven't recovered from that. working people on average haven't had a raise in 15 years. wonder, because they tell me they do, how they are ever going to give their kids the opportunities they deserve. that's why i believe we have to break down all the barriers holding people back. we have to come together to build ladders of opportunity in their place.
3:10 am
we have to make the promise of america real for all of our people. starts with creating more good jobs with rising income that provide dignity and pride. the good jobs of the future are going to end up somewhere in the world. i want them to be here coming wisconsin, and across america. [applause] and every candidate owes it to you to come up with a real ideas for how to do that. laid out ai have national manufacturing strategy, so we can make it in america. and just this week, i've proposed a new $10 billion investment to bring together workers and unions, businesses and universities, and government at every level to create those new jobs. to come upeverybody
3:11 am
with their own manufacturing plan. because, when you think about it, this election should be held, carried out, fought over agendas. what is it you say you are going to do? and how do you expect to get it done? i have also offered specific reforms to force companies that ship jobs overseas to give back every penny in tax breaks and they ever got right here at home. [applause] and if they try to move their headquarters to a foreign cut their tax bills, they will get a tax to help the communities they want to leave behind. [applause] out approaches that will make it harder for businesses to force
3:12 am
to treat workers at cost of the cut instead of assets to be invested in. [applause] and it's important we keep our eye on where a lot of the problems for tomorrow are coming from. less reward companies that provide high quality training and share profits with their employees. that's the kind of approach that will begin to push back on quarterly capitalism. and the pressures from activist shareholders and others who are only interested in just stripping companies of their assets, including their employees. so i will lead the fight against republican attacks on president obama's financial reform under the dodd frank legislation. and fact, i don't think the hesident gets the credit
3:13 am
deserves for saving this economy and cracking down on wall street. [applause] we are going to protect that progress and go even further. and, yes, we need smarter, fairer trade policies. there have been a lot of distortions of my record on trade. so tonight, i want to set things straight. to every worker in wisconsin and across america, if i am fortunate enough to be our president, i will stand with you. i will have your back. and i will stop dead in its tracks any deal that hurts america. and what i wanted to know is i opposed, when i was in the senate and actually had a vote, i have posed to the only multilateral trade deal they came out. casta, because i
3:14 am
thought it was bad for american jobs. -- as secretary of true secretary of state, i thought for manufacturers -- i thought manufacturers -- the pan pacific trade, i opposed it. it is true that senator sanders is very consistent. he has opposed all trade deals all the time. but i don't agree with that either. because when trade is done right, it helps but thousands of wisconsin companies in a better position to export billions of dollars. [applause] -- billions of dollars worth of products. in my opinion, we need a president who does not rail
3:15 am
against trader who does not enforce trade, but a president who knows how to compete against the rest of the world and win for america and for american workers. [applause] that is what i did when i was a senator. that is why i have so many people who go to bat for me, to talk about why they trust me, why they count on me. because i stood up for them. i stood up against unfair treatment by china and others. testified for steelworkers against dumping of steel in our country. , when i amto know president, if i am so fortunate to be there, no one will take advantage of us. not china, not wall street, and not overpaid corporate executives. [applause] but i believe we can' t stop
3:16 am
there. it is not enough for us to tell you what we are against. we have to tell you what we are for. we have to make investments in it -- in education and training, to give americans the skills they need to succeed at the good jobs of the future. that starts with being sure all our kids have access to good fromls and good teachers early childhood through high school and beyond, no matter what zip code they live in. invest in oure kids' education, we are investing in our country's future. we are creating a stronger economy. [applause] we know that, still today, a worker with a college degree earns half $1 million more over
3:17 am
there working lifetime. and when we invest in higher education, it in riches life be on the classroom. it allows an to spread from campus labs to businesses throughout the state and the country. this is a principle so fundamental to this state that it is called the wisconsin idea. [applause] you know, i was born in chicago. i grew up in the suburbs. i came to wisconsin when i was a young person. church camp you i came to girl scout camp. we would travel around wisconsin on many wiki and vacation. -- on many weekend occasions. and i love have you to fall this date was. and as i got older and i learned about the progressive tradition
3:18 am
in wisconsin, i became such an admirer. i thought, wow, wisconsin was ahead of the curve on somebody important issues that really improve lives for americans. stood up for fundamental rights. idea sparkednsin my imagination. so it is terrible to see the damage governor walker and his allies in the legislature have done in just five years. ofy have cut hundreds millions of dollars from wisconsin's colleges and universities. they rolled back financially. they even blocked a proposal to help people refinance their student debt. ininstead of investing higher education, they are getting it. -- gutting it. worlds so wrong because a -- this is so wrong. and he has to stop because a world-class education is the birthright of every child, every
3:19 am
person in wisconsin, every american, not a privilege reserved for those who can afford it. senator sanders and i both agree on this. if we want to help more young people get a quality, affordable college education. but we have different ideas about how to do that. either my plan, you won't have to borrow a dime for tuition at any public college. you will be able to finance existing debt at more affordable rates. which will save millions of people thousands of dollars. and because my plan is a compact, we will work with states and schools to control costs and provide incentives for greater public investment in higher education over time. by contrast, my opponent is counting on governor walker in the legislature to come up with $300 million in new funding for higher education up front. because that is how much governor walker wanted to cut last year.
3:20 am
he ended up coming as i'm told, cutting $250 million. so if you're precollege planned counts on republican governors like governor walker, that will take some major change of heart. now i do believe in deathbed conversions -- [laughter] [applause] so maybe it will come to pass. but i am not counting on that. freet you to get debt tuition regardless of what your republican governor has to say about it [applause] here at -- about it. [applause] idea doess, if your not get passed in the congress we have or they don't work because the numbers do not add up or they depend on republicans, well then we are not going to give people the help they need right away. that is what i want to do. what it ist is
3:21 am
supposed to be about. how are we going to help you right now? and there is one more teller of a good jobs agenda -- and that is getting serious about supporting unions. unions help build the strongest middle-class in the history of the world. [applause] just think about it. think about the history in wisconsin. unions led the fight for affordable health care, safe working conditions, better wages. thetoday, they are at forefront of the movement to raise the minimum wage, which would lift millions of families out of poverty. [applause] but here in wisconsin, governor walker has spent the last five years stripping workers of their
3:22 am
, limiting collective bargaining, and devastating public unions. you have seen that firsthand. in these attacks on unions are not just bad for unions and their members. they are bad for everybody. they drive down wages for everybody. they undermine the kind of changes we need for everybody. they stopped our progress. [applause] and what's really scary is ted cruz and the other republican -- say they want to do across the country what scott walker has done here, imposing national right to work laws of that would depress wages and benefits undercut unions, concentrate power in the hands of corporations and their allies. this is something else. -- something else that is not only wrong, but we must stop them from ever having the chance to try that. [applause] always havebor will a champion in the white house if
3:23 am
i'm elected president. [applause] fact, all wisconsinites and americans will have a president who helps break down all the barriers holding americans back to not just some, but all. taking back income in equal -- taking on income inequality is critical to but so is taking on racial inequality and discrimination in all of its forms. [applause] and so is standing up to the gun commonnd fighting for sense safety reform. [applause]
3:24 am
now most people don't have the luxury of living in a single-issue world. you face a complex set of intersectional challenges. and our next president has to be able to take them all on in order to make a real difference in people's lives. test for ourd big country safe. at a time when terrorists are plotting new attacks and countries like russia, china and iran are making aggressive moves, protecting america's natural security -- national security cannot be an afterthought. be justesident has to as passionate about defending our country as about fixing our economy. well weepublican side, are hearing is truly scary. when donald trump talks casually
3:25 am
about using torture and nuclear weapons, or when ted cruz calls for treating american muslims like criminals and religiously profiling their neighborhoods, that does not make trump and cruz sound strong. it makes them sound in over their heads. [applause] you know, loose cannons tend to misfire. [laughter] and in a dangerous world, that is a gamble we cannot afford. their -- but of the test republican candidates fail most terribly is the third one. instead of bringing us together, they seem determined to divide us even further. their entire campaigns are based on pitting us versus them. donald trump played coy with
3:26 am
white supremacists. he wants to roundup millions of latino immigrants and kick them out of the united states, a nation built by immigrants. he wants to ban all muslims from entering america, a country founded on religious freedom. be a lot of republicans may wringing their hands over the rise of donald trump, but look at wisconsin area -- wisconsin. it's clear mr. trump is just say what other republican politicians have long believed. [applause] you have seen governor walker pit wisconsinites against one years, scapegoating teachers, demonizing public workers, going after unions, claiming they destroy our country. he has made it his personal mission to roll back women's rights. he is defunded planned parenthood and band abortion for
3:27 am
20 weeks with no exception for victims of rape in incessant. he defends burdensome some, medically unnecessary, and unconstitutional texas-style regulation to restrict women's rights to make our own health decisions. and right now -- right now, there is a walker-of we did judge running for the highest court in this state. [booing] she has actually said -- i had to read this three times -- [laughter] she has actually said birth androl is morally important doctors who provided, namely birth control, and women who use it, namely birth control, our party to murder. levy say that again. she -- let me say that again. she compared birth control,
3:28 am
which millions of women use every year, to murder. there is no place on any supreme court or any court in this country -- [applause] no place at all for rebecca bradley's decades-long dangerous record against women, survivors lgbtxual assault and the community. so tonight, i am adding my voice saying no to discrimination, no to hate speech, and note the bradley. [cheers and applause]
3:29 am
this is not some sideshow or distraction. the assault on women's are productive right is a serious acrosswhich states america are doing everything they can to put up new barriers, holding off women's s -- women's access to health care. and when the supreme court is considering the biggest challenge to rove he weighed in a generation. which is why we need to stand by -- behind president obama and his right to fill the vacancy on the court. [cheers and applause] and every republican running for president wants to make abortion
3:30 am
illegal and it is not simply to oppose attacks on women's rights. defeat leadership to them. when i talk like this, and i often do -- [laughter] accuse me of playing the gender card. well, it will pay and paid family leave and planned parenthood is playing the gender card, then deal me in. [cheers and applause] you know, i come to these issues is a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a lawyer, a former first lady, senator, secretary of state, and i've traveled the parts of the world where government control over women's to secondfines them
3:31 am
slap -- second-class status. my have been in the trenches of -- trenches alongside groups like planned parenthood for decades, fighting the attacks on women's reproductive rights, women's equality to make decisions here at home and around the globe. and i am honored that they have endorsed me in this campaign because i will keep fighting. i will fight against anyone anywhere who wants to set women's lives and writes back. we are going to keep going forward. that is the direction that we will have together. [applause] now for me, everything i've heard from donald trump, ted ,ruz, the other republicans have convinced me they have no respect for women or our rights. my favorite americans,
3:32 am
maya angelou, said, when someone shows you who they are, believe them. [cheers and applause] leadersday's republican are showing us who they are and we should believe them. we need to stand up for that test stand up to them at every level. we know they are going to come -- we need to stand up to them at every level. coming.they are they will do whatever they can to get the white house. ,his may seem obvious to view -- do you, but we need a nominee who has been tested and that it already. and for a 25 years, they have thrown everything they could,, but i am still standing. [cheers and applause]
3:33 am
and i am ready to take on this fight and win with you and for you. so, yes, we need to keep a democrat the white house. but we can't stop there. if i'm fortunate enough to earn the democratic nomination, i will have your back against governor walker and the tea party legislature here in wisconsin. i will campaign to elect democrats at every level. we will take back the state legislature. and in 2018, we will defeat scott walker. [applause] and i am the only candidate in this race who has pledged to pledge our to help party. i want to be your partner for the long haul, not just when i'm on the ballot, not just in election years. bake as we are going to take back the state, this progressive state of the follett and nelson and coal and feingold and
3:34 am
baldwin! applause]d so my friends, please join us. go to contribute or you can. but most importantly, i need and set order on tuesday the primary. please, come out and vote. come out and go for results that will make a positive difference in people's lives. come out and go for a commander in chief that will keep our country safe. come out and vote for someone who will, as she has always done, find common ground while standing my ground. let's hair down all the various holding us back. let's win. let's keep being progressive and making progress together. thank you. and god bless you! [applause]
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near given us and got dam andscript,
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announcer: campaign 2016 continues on tuesday, april 5 with the wisconsin primary. :00 coverage begins at on -- at 9:00. to theyou on the road white house on c-span, c-span radio, and >> every election cycle, we are reminded how important it is for citizens to be informed. is a vehicle for empowering people to make good choices. it's like you are getting a seven-course five-star mila policy. mccain are i sound right there, but it's true. to track the government as it happens,
3:49 am
whether it is on capitol hill are in the agencies. great way fors a us to stay informed. >> i urge my colleagues to vote for this amendment. >> there are a lot of c-span fans on the hill. when i go back today, they will say, i saw you today. >> like the history of grain elevators in pennsylvania or landmark supreme court decisions. thatere is so much more c-span does in terms of its programming to make sure people outside the beltway know what is going on inside it. >> i am proud to announce -- -- am officially running >> for president of the united states. covers a reporter who politics, and for some i -- for so many of my stories, c-span
3:50 am
has provided me with quotes and insight about people. >> there are so many glitches and these policy areas get covered. that's a place i can go lets me do the thinking and do the decision-making and. >> good morning, everyone. home -- phone lines are open, so start dialing in. >> you never know what you are going to get a pair >> you -- to get. right i'm from down south. and i'm your mother. whon't know many families are fighting it thanksgiving. >> welcome to the tv's live coverage of the annual miami book fair. >> on the weekends, it becomes book tv. >> it has been a wonderful way
3:51 am
of accessing the work of those folks who are writing really great books. weekend, c-span 3 becomes american history tv. if you are a history junkie, you've got to watch. a >> whether we are talking about a congressional hearing or on terra industry. history -- or an era in history. >> they have a camera. they are capturing history as it happens. it puts you inside the chambers, inside the conversation on capitol hill, and gives you a said at the table. quark's i am a c-span fan. >> i am a c-span fan. >> i am a c-span fan. >> and that is the power of c-span, access for everyone to be part of the conversation.
3:52 am
>> full of storylines when it comes to politics and the media. but it began on monday with president obama speaking at syracuse university. . here's president obama speaking at that event talking about the future of journalism. i want to get your thoughts. palm: as guy into my last -- president obama: as i go into my last year, i spent a lot of time reflecting on how this system, how this crazy notion of self-government works. how can we make it work? and this is as important to making it work as anything. people getting information that they can trust and that has substance and evidence and facts and truth behind it. and in an era in which attention
3:53 am
spans are short, it is going to be hard because you're going to have to figure out ways to make it more entertaining. and you're going to have to be more creative, not less. because if you just do great reporting and nobody reads it, that doesn't do you any good either. but 10, 20, 50 years from now, nobody seeking to understand our age is going to be searching the tweets that got the most retweets or the most that -- post that got the most likes. they'll look for the kind of reporting, the smartest investigative journalism that told our story. and lifted up the contradictions in our societies. and ask the hard questions. and force people to see the truth even when it was
3:54 am
uncomfortable. host: jim warren hearing that what, do you make of that assessment of the future of political reporting in this country? guest: oh, it's rich, fascinating pure obama and on this night, a guy who is often the smartest guy in the room was not necessarily even as he is pandering to a media audience at a dinner that was in honor of a great, late "new york times" reporter, ron bin toner who in fact had covered him for a period in his first presidential campaign. and it's a dinner put on by a school communications at syracuse university. he talked about some of the great roles that we all play in a democracy, juxtaposing it was those countries which don't have a free press. but then i think the heart of
3:55 am
it, sort of segued into a lot of his personal growsing about the media which is a fairly conventional source. he's got a bug up his butt about the presidential campaign and what he thinks is an overly passive coverage of the campaign and a lot of the errors that have been made. you can infer he's talking about the republican side and in particular, about donald trump and his belief that journalists have not been as rigorous in fact checking the candidates as they might be. he ends on a seemingly upbeat note about that passage there at the end about and whatever it is, how many years down the road. he doesn't think that people trying to figure out what's going on in the country are the -- or the society are going to be infatuated with tweets or how
3:56 am
many likes things they've got and all that. that's sort of the notion that's going to take the essence of the oscar movie "spotlight" about the "boston globe" and we're oing to have globe-like, spotlight teams operating on steroids from c-span to "the new york daily news" to the west coast to small operations in small and midsize cities. and that may be the business model that are now seeming to be crumbling and that in a fashion given way to some of the journalism he doesn't like will somehow turn around. i think that was not the strongest part of his speech. i think questions were raised about where we're going in the american media world. he stayed away from a really
3:57 am
significant political dynamic that we all know is underway as the source of discussion on c-span all the time and these are these gigantic "politico" expenditures that are now out there in each campaign, partly as a result of the citizens of the united supreme court decision. and in many ways, making the media less and less relevant when you've got campaigns who don't need us to get out their message. they can get it out by circumventing us. and that's something that the president's speech did not touch at all. host: he talked a lot about the desire of people to find truth and sourcing in their stories that they want to go back and see the stories that lifted up the inconsistency on the campaign trail. do you think in an age of twitter and in an age of facebook and snapchat that fact checking matters as much this
3:58 am
cycle? guest: well, i mean, i think there's some fascinating inconsistencies playing out. i think on one hand, one does see a thrust, particularly among mainstream media. and with places like, you know, c-span in the four also are trying to do old-fashioned fact checking. this is not new stuff as i'm reminded of a great journalist, eric enberg as release from cbs noted, it was 1992 campaign that eric had a regular feed on the "cbs evening news" when people were still watching the evening newscast. and i think it was called "reality check." and it was all about fact checking. and he did that for years and years and years, called politicians on statements that he thought were errant or outright lies and had a pretty big platform there at what was
3:59 am
the number one broadcast news network. nd then you have the rise of polita fact and on the washington news including pants on fire throwing the folks on public office to then make decorations that they -- declarations that they find to be errant. there's a dichotomy between a lot of those declarations and they are declarations that are coming from organizations that are growing around the world. if you look at the pointer -- point website, you'll yee a tremendous about of rowing that we do.
4:00 am
there's no doubt you're going to have an increasing amount of this, but is it going to make a difference to people to do the core donald trump supporters care that he's been caught in a whole bunch of lies during this campaign? so far, it doesn't seem that that's the case although maybe something has happened this week with trump and that rather feisty one-on-one town hall session he had with chris matthews and trump getting all bollocksed up on the issue of women and abortions. does that prestage some news scrutiny of trump if does that prestage some new image of trump as someone who has a tenuous hold on the truth and is willing to say anything


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