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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 3, 2016 4:00am-6:01am EDT

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there's no doubt you're going to have an increasing amount of this, but is it going to make a difference to people to do the core donald trump supporters care that he's been caught in a whole bunch of lies during this campaign? so far, it doesn't seem that that's the case although maybe something has happened this week with trump and that rather feisty one-on-one town hall session he had with chris matthews and trump getting all bollocksed up on the issue of women and abortions. does that prestage some news scrutiny of trump if does that prestage some new image of trump as someone who has a tenuous hold on the truth and is willing to say anything and is not well
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founded in his opinions on rather major public policies of the day? i don't know, john. we sort of left him for dead a few times in the last seven, eight, nine months. there was a day last july or august. i was up in northern michigan and he made his comment about john mccain not being a hero and i thought that was it for him and then he made those comments about the arabs and on the day 9/11 and on the arabs cheering and i thought that was we are looking at the storylines this week when it comes to media coverage of campaign 2016. warrw ise here ton for you. frank, good morning. caller: i want to make a comment with regard to the campaign
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manager issue with donald trump. he see that,e -- especially in the liberal media, they never use the word, "alleged." that is concerning. seems that everyone has become judge and jury as to what the situation is. that iecause of that tha find it delusional with the situation with the media. i think the media has responsibility to insist on making it an alleged situation, whether -- rather than making a judge and jury. host: i will let you weigh in on the incident with the journalist, formerly from breitbart. that one incident, which
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is not been played ad nauseam throughout the cable universe, thereand days, and days -- is a point to be made, yes, we should talk about alleged, i thinkthan a charge -- misdemeanor battery. you also have your eyes and video, and you can look at, and just as notable as the frustration the caller has, that he has not heard. folks on the left qualifying the matter by calling it alleged, it is just as noble seeing non the right evil, saying no evil. i saw an interview with sean on.ity that went on and this was one that mr. trump agreed to be on camera, rather
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than just phoning in from the golf course, maybe the shower. here he was on camera, they kept showing it. sean hannity pledged to the viewers that he had watched this more than 100 times that day, he could not see anything, anything. look at the tape great something happens. pulledan was jostled, away. akin tos a cane -- ali trying to knock the heck out of someone, no, but it is in the context of roughing up of spectators at trunk gatherings -- trump gatherings. there are clearly two sides to this. something went on there, the video shows. there are obviously some ideological front lines being drawn here. host: let's head to the line for
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democrats, henry is waiting in michigan. good morning. caller: good morning. , in thethe president opening film clip that you showed, does have an ax to grind, particularly given the dearth of resources that it seems the corporate media is now putting into its investigative everybody seemingly getting their feeds from one source or another. ap or reuters. the major cable networks especially seem to all be focused on the same story, the same day, the same time, with the same shots. it seems that there is a coordinated effort by the corporate media to drive a narrative. i will give you a great case in
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point. how everybody at the beginning of this campaign season focused in on donald trump. every speech he gave, he was focused on. the other candidates were given shortchange. point of thehe integrity of the media, and the steering of narratives that the media tends to engage in is very important. for you to characterize it as the president has something up and antt and then ask -- ax to grind. well, the media is for the state, the government. host: what is your response? guest: there is criticism to make of what might seem to be vaguely uniform coverage. i find it more notable for other reasons. i find the amazing volume of political coverage this campaign
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a feast for political junkies. the number times all the toworks are going live t variou event, and, in doing so, showing their own -- in some cases, ideological inclinations. msnbc more likely to go to new york to see hillary clinton, and fox more inclined to get john kasich, ted cruz, or trump somewhere. there wasem realize -- a great story here about the play out. there was a commercial business. one should realize, this stuff incovered in similar ways other countries. this is not the only country where commercial networks make money off of campaigns in this fashion. it is the only country in which they make money off the town
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halls and debates. no surprise they should be marketing them in the aggressive .ays that they have i'm not surprised at all. you might also remember, if you go back to the beginning of this, say last summer, how long headed we have been. it is not only tv guide, it is the newsprint guide. at the beginning, there was a theme about jeb bush -- correct me if i'm wrong -- he was going to be the guy. themes aboutere wisconsin governor scott walker. he was going to be all-powerful. donald trump was seen as this comedic clownish sideshow. host: was the media dismissive of the candidate donald trump, or they have been dismissive of trump voters and supporters? guest: i think there is a mix of those. been an, the latter has
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unfortunate repercussion of this, focusing on the voters as ,omehow errant and ignorant when they should be focusing more on the candidates. early on, there was a trim this , and aof attention given disproportionate amount of campaign coverage given on tv to asmp, and pulling, even people did not think he would be able to pull it off. there was a lot of focus on how he would be doing in the polls. that took a little bit of mobile the fall, andn coverage when down a little bit, even though he was still the primary focus. not all news coverage, per se, but donald trump was dominating news coverage the local newspaper, or cable television, but getting clearly most of the attention, when it came to the
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campaign itself. then, we went into -- something that nate silver noted the other day and a very, very long -- did i say very long? rhythmng piece about the of the campaign coverage so far, and how somehow in the past few months, we went from a lull with trump to a lot of craziness of his, and a lot of unequivocal, very provocative declarations four,egan to come to the and get a lot of attention, and have a can once again dominate the scene. host: we definitely don't have a lull in callers for you. let's get to them. caller: i think it is rich the president is complaining about themedia not vetting candidates this time around. i consider him to be one of the tted unvented --
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candidates in my lifetime. on november 1, 2008, charlie rose and tom brokaw were on a pbs show, and they spent five minutes marveling about how little they actually knew about president obama. of course, this was certainly less than one week prior to the election. i do believe he was not vetted, and the fact he would make these comments and criticisms just reflects how untruthful he is. oft: on the vetting president obama versus the candidates of the cycle? guest: i think pretty substantial. at the time, he had been an illinois legislator. he had a long history there that
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was,asily dissected, and at the time. you may remember, he ran for united states congress here on the southside of chicago. just imagine. he ran for congress, and got shellacked, absolutely shellacked by congress here is some in his family, including michelle, thought he should give it all up. he decided to get back in the game, and try for senate, and won a remarkable contest. he announced no, he was not as well-known as some others, not even as close as hillary clinton, who was the clear front n.nner back the very quickly, a whole lot of
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vetting was done, and people knew as much about him, as one could. he has a pretty vivid track record, and a lot of public decisions, which is something that donald trump does not have. host: it looks chilly in chicago, where jim warren is joining
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the decline of conservative critical thought and scores directly correlates with the advent of fox news. this was predicted by patty tyus ski at network. or clarifiedo did in george clooney's "good night luck --is place "good night good luck." is for 25 years. let's be clear on something. the decline of conservative crit or clarified in "good night, good luck." pew did research that fox news viewers are less informed than people who watch no tv news, and positions become solidified so the decline of the conservative movement, and the republican toty is directly correlated roger ayres. host: your thoughts on the role of fox news and the media echo
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chambers that people who watch fox only watch fox and people who watch msnbc only watch and this -- msnbc. guest: i think it is actually incorrect. , by businessdies professors, which did a very university of chicago oftistical driven analysis viewing patterns a few years ago, and news consumption patterns in general. among the things they found is an interesting overlap. there is no shortage of new york times viewers, self-appointed liberals, who check in on fox news because they are curious as to what the other side is saying. and vice a versa with fox folks, wanting to check out msnbc, or cnn. it is not quite as polarized as one might think.
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has the reality that, for most americans, not folks who are activist types, who are listening to c-span, guests, hosts on c-span, there is a world of folks getting their news from pretty vanilla, neutral sources. all of those folks are getting news from local television. we tend to focus on the big national stuff, but most people are getting their stuff in a pretty neutral form, generated, in many cases, from the associate press -- associated press. i think it is a misnomer to say we all live in ideological echo chambers, where we are just talking to like-minded people. that is not to say that fox has not been absolutely brilliant, and had a huge impact on the
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cable universe, for a lot of reasons. look at the ratings they get. they are rather impressive. they still pale, by comparison, to the ratings of, say, the three evening newscast, even though they are seemingly in decline. a lot of folks are still getting their stuff elsewhere. there is a whole other area that people could go into about david mind, saw the his light, and is now a big hillary clinton supporter. unifiedre is a somewhat amalgam of forces out there. some of it may be traced to the coming of talk radio in the 1980's, and the success of rush limbaugh, the coming of fox news, where you did have these
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sources that were playing on a similar ideological page, and has had a huge impact. that all of america is looking at them, to say that is their only source of news, to say that the altar the public agenda, and legislative agendas all over the country, i think would be giving them more credit than they deserve. the poll from pew research this islier this year, the percentage of adults who responded to this poll by pew about where they learned about the 2016 present election. said television, including 57% said local news, 54% said cable news, 49% said national nightly network tv shows. 25% said they heard about it from late-night comedy shows.
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said radio. newspapers, local daily newspapers, 29% said they learned from it. 23% said they heard -- got the information in the past week before the survey. let's go then nina in florida, a republican. you are on. caller: i have a comment about the caller before mark that said donald trump was on tv all the time, and the media covered him. i remember eight years ago, and four years ago, president obama was also covered very heavily by the media, and other candidates did not get covered as much. it kind of works both ways. also, i watched all of the cable channels, whether it is fox, cnn, msnbc. i believe anderson cooper thatnted the other night
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he has asked all of the presence of candidates to phone into a show -- his show every morning. mr. trump is the only one who called, no one else will call to do interviews with him. i don't know if it is because they are not wanting to answer the questions, or what. that is my comments. thank you. host: do you want to weigh in on that? guest: it is very interesting, the remission that the caller looks at multiple sources of news. distinctpite having a ideological view, she is checking other things out. i think that is reality. i think it is one that contravenes our notion of people in echo chambers. on the business of calling in, there is no comparison between obama in 2008 and trump coverage of these days. he hassive amount
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gotten, compared to other candidates has sort of canned the question. the willingness to have him on at any time is something that others did not want. in the eyes of bookers, producers, and hosts, he is magnetic, maybe radioactive, but he makes news all the time. even lying in bed at 7:00 in the morning, as he did yesterday -- i think yesterday morning, maybe two mornings ago on the today show -- absolutely steam rolling on the subject of -- i think it was abortion remarks from the day before. host: you have said his interview with chris matthews was the example of when the reporter did not allow themselves to be steamrolled. guest: that was interesting.
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if you are long-term watcher of chris matthews, who has had a tremendous career. he became a columnist based in washington for the san francisco examiner, and became a guest on lots of shows, and then got himself his own cable gig, and turned it into something very potent on msnbc with hardball -- if you have watched him, you know his modus operandi. it is exhausting. i have been on the dozens and dozens of times. chris will ask questions that he thinks he is the best at answering. he may cut you off. he may make clear that he thinks you are wrong. he may have go you a bit. he may show a little bit of intellectual disdain. it is interesting. other night, although those factors that can frustrate one a little bit -- either of you are,
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or a guest on the show, seem to fit the moment perfectly when dealing with donald trump. looking at the way they went after him, somewhat firmly, that gently, opposed to the town hall hours later, when he was cutting off trump midsentence. first it was that 3-4 minute on abortion, where he pinned him down, showed inconsistencies, and got personal showing his own views towards abortion. disarray and donald trump in a way that he had not been before. ther this, it was interrogation of 5-6 points, and some of them had to do with the refrain that he is going to negotiate this, that, and if he
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does not like the deal, he will walk away. boxed him in on that thing, you will walk away from the saudis, the iranians, these guys, nato -- that's crazy, what are we going to be left with? it was almost as if the schoolyard bully, namely trump, was facing another bully, and did not know how to deal with it. it was almost a little bit of trepidation in his eyes. i came away thinking this was a performance by chris matthews. is that going to lead to everybody trying to do their matthews impersonation? i'm not sure. to pull that off, you have to have a certain knowledge of history, and in this case, he did, on a couple of issues, particularly the role of the church and abortion. i thought it was some of the most effective television, not
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just from a theatrical standpoint, but from a .ubstantive standpoint no surprises, it made a whole lot of news. bullet stick? we have been asking the about forous miscues from trump many months. we will see. i don't know. host: time for a couple more calls. catherine, alabama, democrat. caller: i would like to make my point about hillary. first, i must say that chris matthews did excellent job. he is an excellent interviewer. it was great. hillary. let's get to the situation. all of these republican people, y'all are not talking about what they are legislating really behind the scenes. i'm not a media person, some sorry -- so i am sorry. it is time we have a female take
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the helm of the country. hillary is a very qualified person who cares about the country. i'm tired of hearing her be demonized. -- ne follows back and says they make all these insinuations, drum up all this stuff, and pinocchio puts out a few things that no one hears about. they make everyone think that she has done this or that, and there are no facts. the benghazi thing, it was disgusting, i'm telling you. and sad that the news media does not talk about how much republicans waste our money pandering to get these votes against obamacare and all of these issues. , they knowtake votes they will not pass. they are wasting taxpayer money. you don't bring this up. you don't bring up the fact that
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ted cruz wants to outlaw birth control. give me a break. we have to get serious. the other side, you must discuss issues. women, we deserve our rights. i'm in my 60's. i remember, my first husband fought in vietnam from the worst time, issues. women, 1969. i watched my friends die. these guys eat their chest -- beat their chests, and talk terrible. host: mike is in houston, texas, a republican. go ahead. i remember, in 19 a six, covering steve forbes. steve forbes brought up the idea of a flat tax. instead of reporting on it, it was talked about as a wacky idea . what is lacking -- wackier?
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page tax code or a flat tax? secondly, i don't think ted cruz has ever proposed outlawing contraceptives. that is a silly idea. president obama, on the other hand, has never really been vetted properly. who vetted him? chicago journalists? the only party that exists in chicago is the democrats. host: on hillary being demonized, and also journalists -- guest: good to see that, even on a saturday morning, c-span elicits viewers of passion and engagement. think -- thank you guys. i suspect you do that rare act every morning, and look at an
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american newspaper. please, i hope you do. we are in trouble. obviously,ary stuff, we know going into this race, there is a certain feeling of diehard hillary supporters. there is also a feeling -- ceiling of diehard hillary haters. the question is whether she can get enough of the undecided to get over the hump to be the nominee. she has been in our lives for so long, there are such deep-seated feelings about her. the whole matter of trust, lack , in some ways, symbolized by this dispute that even those of us following it, are unclear about the relative rmity.dy -- no
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you have folks on fox who believe there will be a criminal indictment against her. it is hard for me to believe that will happen. i have looked at the time of the e-mails, and the best story that one can find is about robert harrow, and hope i got it right, from "washington post" the other day. i think it appeared last sunday or monday. it is the full tale of the e-mails. it got one thing wrong. it said there was something like 150 fbi agents on the case. a letter -- they later corrected it and said it was less. if you want to know the history of the mills, to pull up that do pull up that piece. as far as president obama not being vetted, i don't think that is the case. host: we only have a minute left. what is the line between
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covering a story? guest: in the age when there is pressure to be quicker and more provocative, you do have that. you have more folks giving opinions out there than you did in the past. at the same time, i might to just this campaign shows you have more high-quality information that is out there from a range of different entities. without broad-based begin about the day-to-day quality of the , buzz feed,, vice gawker, politico, or slate, there are a lot of terrific online operations giving the old tried-and-true broadcast guys a run for their money. host: when you wake up in the morning, what are the first new sources you check? guest: before i go to bed, i look at 20-25. when i wake up in the morning, a look at 10-15. host: are they always the same?
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guest: no, they are not. maybe "washington post," "new york times," "wall street journal." then, i am all over the place. i look at left-wing bloggers, right-wing bloggers, small regional newspapers, the new by outside enriched , buzz feed,ike vice gawker. they are doing some very good work. there is no doubt in my mind that there is more unadulterated junk out there on any given moment, but also much greater quality than it has been -- there has been in the past, and era when there were mostly goingmales on the bus through new hampshire in the 1950's and 1960's that may have concluded "the chicago tribune,"
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certainly, "the washington post" and "the new york times." we were the gatekeepers of how americans received their coverage. he may have set the agenda by the story that he wrote that. 6-7 hours after he wrote it. the everything is out in air. you are sending video live, tweeting live, and it is a generation of very sharp people doing very good work. a junkie,e junky -- look at the folks they have out every single day covering virtually every single appearance, which would have be fiveeard of 20-to years ago. i think the smart political consumer is living in a bit of a golden age of political
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reporting right now, when it comes to the quantity of stuff out there. that is not to say we don't get wrong,terribly terribly and donald trump will be the source of thousands of masters thesis, and maybe doctoral about in the years ahead how we so totally screwed up the coverage of donald trump, and not seeing him coming. that said, people will be doing those analyses, and the primary work, will be finding a lot of stuff out there from a range of workenues that was solid -- stuff that journalists host: follow them on
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will get theu latest on the 2016 presidential race with david winston and stefan hankin in also, holly harris with the u.s. justice network, talking about bipartisan efforts to change the criminal justice system from the state and federal level and twak.t li making sure nuclear material stay out of the hands of terrorists. we will get your thoughts by phone, facebook and twitter. "washington journal" is life every day at 7:00 a.m. on c-span. >> the media teaches us that democrats and republicans are supposed to be at odds with each other. i think people need to recognize that we need to be respectful towards each other and we need to understand that senators are
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respectful towards each other and that will be more conducive to getting real policy done instead of this acrimony and vitriol. >> the truth is these people we see on television come on c-span come are people. when we saw president obama, the that that shocked me was he had bags under his eyes. he is a real person. that was most interesting. announcer: top high school students from a guest room across the country attending the youth program talked with us about their experiences from the week-long leadership in government program plus their plans for the future. students met with members of the executive, judicial, legislative branch of the government, plus media representatives. i really loved the insight he source about the outside , you know, reporting back to us and the electorate about what is going on in our government.
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>> and ruth bader ginsburg is the most differential person we met with this week. she has been one of my idols for a long time. i either want to be in the legal profession or possibly a senator. >> my and -- i understand the -- but ibipartisan too believe they need to go washington with a goal. >> we need to go back to constructive discourse. we need to get back to respecting all americans, no matter what their backgrounds. and making this country more respectful place where people are welcome to give their opinion. c-span on tonight, on "q and a." the presidential candidates are in wisconsin. we will show you a campaign event with donald trump followed by a democratic dinner in milwaukee with bernie sanders and hillary clinton.
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benenson :00, we open our phone lines and take a look at today's headlines on "washington journal -- then at 7:00, we open our phone lines and take a look at today's headlines on "washington journal." c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow candidates on c-span, c-span radio and announcer: donald trump campaigned in wisconsin saturday with sarah palin. they made several stops throughout the state, including this one in rothschild. this is just over an hour area -- an hour.
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sarah palin: i feel like i am at home come in the snow. you guys have been so great. it is great to be here with you all. with you and being helping us greet the next president of the united states, donald trump. you to really is going to be here and reconnecting with some family roots. my grandmother was born here in wisconsin. my favorite brother-in-law on is from a little tiny town him wisconsin. and another cool connection we have -- i just got it text from your google number 64 from back in the packers, jerry kramer. yeah.
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we are cheeseheads in a lesser, too. we don't have road teams up there. so any connection that we have come good connections -- my dad played ball was jerry kramer back in high school days. so we get the claim that come ok, we have a connection with the packers. for we are all cheeseheads up there, we claim. wisconsin, you are going to get a good 10 if it with trump in one of your players of all-time. are you ready to make america great again? here's the deal. you cannot lose your beautiful state to hillary. here is what is going to happen.
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remember, hillary is the continuation of obama. you have to admit that. who is going to be the continuation of obama? there's been too much job loss. there hasn't been enough victories and there will be more presidentries with trump in wisconsin. if you want to see someone republicang the party of against hillary, you have to think about who can beat hillary. remember, obama kick to the cruise people here in 2012, the romney and those guys. romney and those guys, they and cru are working together now. that team is not going to bed welfare wisconsin if it is cruz on the ticket and not tromp. tromp is the only one that can
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beat hillary clinton. but you know, because of the state of the media, as it is today, you don't get to ask the information that you need, do you? posted the time, things are twisted and turned and policies are not necessarily reported accurately. so let's do a little top quiz for the sake of the media have. maybe the media will listen to and they will be able to report accurately to some questions.
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wisconsin, who is the only candidate that has created middle-class jobs and help americans realize the american dream? audience: trump. sarah palin: who promotes women in his own country and shatter the glass ceiling? audience: trump. sarah palin: who relies on consultants, those guys who keeps -- you keep losing elections, who is the one that ignores all of that political hacking and relies on good advice from strong women around, people like his strong, confident daughter? audience: trump. sarah palin: who does not support the job killing plan from obama? audience: trump. sarah palin: ted cruz supports it. you need to start calling him out on that. thank you for having the right answers for the media. [applause] sarah palin: it is the candidate that has spent decades fighting washington, d.c. as they have shipped out manufacturing jobs overseas? audience: trump.
4:44 am
sarah palin: who is not owned by those crony capitalists? audience: trump. sarah palin: it is not receiving a government paycheck? audience: trump. sarah palin: who has inspired a movement, which republicans always claim they want to do them for bringing in independents and others who are saying, enough is enough of what is going wrong in the world. we can finally do things right by electing donald trump, who is the only candidate who knows how to win? he knows the art of the deal and in it for the right reasons, never having to be bought and sold by corporate donors that are so involved in everybody else's campaigns?
4:45 am
who is in it for the right reasons, for you? audience: trump. sarah palin: amen. the only thing standing between you and hearing from the next president of the united states, is me, so i will get out of the way. it is an honor to introduce to you, the next president of the united states of america, donald trump. [applause] ♪ [whistling] [applause]
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[applause] ♪ mr. trump hello, everybody. mr. trump: thank you so much, isn't she great? how good is she? there are a lot of people here. thank you so much, sarah. we landed and the snow was pouring in, it was so beautiful. i have that we were landing in alaska. it is beautiful. it is such an a couple turnout -- incredible turnout. we are doing so well and we are so proud. we love wisconsin, it is a special place. i think that we will do really well. [applause] mr. trump: really well. look at these young people. you know, something i said on the way up and i was saying it before, i am self funding my campaign. i do not know if it is worth it, i will let you know in about a year or less. but i think it means a lot. the reason is, all of these people i am running against, the republicans and the democrats, they are not doing it the way that i am. when hillary clinton gets money from the oil industry and all the other industries, when john kasich gets money from the people he is getting money from, they totally control him. believe me. when ted cruz, lying ted -- believe me, lying said -- ted. i have met a lot tougher than
4:48 am
him, by have never seen anybody lie like lying ted. when he gets money from the banks, oil, gas, from everything, believe me, they have him. i get money from me. i really am here for one reason, to represent you. to represent you. believe me. [applause] mr. trump: and, it is so great. when i come to places. i told my people, let's keep them smaller, because we had protesters. they said, let's keep them smaller, so we can check everybody who comes in. i said, yeah, but i like the big. we have 5000 -- where is the long? -- mall? we have 5000 people in the mall, i said enough, let them have protesters. who cares? we have 5000 people on the other side and i feel so guilty, let's all say, we love you. audience: we love you. mr. trump: but you would not swap seats. i guarantee you that.
4:49 am
i hope you can hear well. can you hear well? and can the mall here well? -- hear well? i hope they can. this is amazing. look, i am doing this to make america great again. look at all of these hats. we are doing this -- [applause] mr. trump: we are doing this to make, look at that guy. stand up. do i look like that? can you believe it? look at that. alright, it looks great. good job. it is a simple, beautiful theme, "make america great again." we have so many problems, so far worse then you understand. i know the numbers.
4:50 am
the governor gave a plaque a year ago when he thought that i liked him. i do, he came to my office, he gave me a plaque. i bet that he wishes he could do that over again. i need to show that plaque. i keep saying, no, i should not have brought it. i want to show it. we will be here. i think that it will be an amazing couple of days. i think that we are going to win. i really do. [applause] mr. trump: i think, i think that people are going to be surprised. i saw the outpouring that we had. somebody else was here and they had 300 people, and we have thousands in here, 5000 out there. i think we have more than 2000 in here. i think that we are going to win.
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let's just see what happens. i know one thing, we are going to dwell. -- well. well does not win -- mean anything. have you ever heard of a man named vince lombardi? in this neck of the woods? what did he say about winning? right. [indiscernible] mr. trump: he knows. i met him once and he was with three of his players, in a restaurant. these three players were tough cookies. two of them are friends of mine and they played for your team. they were great players. vince lombardi was not a big guy. he walked in and he was angry, you could see, and he came over to the table. he saw these three guys, twice his size, they could have swatted him. i will not tell you what he did,
4:52 am
he actually grabbed one of them by the shirt. today, you cannot do that. then he left. he gave him an earful. i want to tell you, this big strong guy, he weighed about 250 then. that is like 310 now. and he left him a stormed out -- left, stormed out. and this guy was shaken. i said to myself, the reason that vince, i have great respect for him as a coach, and i love bill belichick, certain people you need to respect. and i said at one of my other meetings, tom brady is a friend of mine. he is great. nice, right? you think your quarterback is great. tom told me that. vince lombardi, the reason he got away, his winning. if he did not win, he cannot get
4:53 am
away with that. he would not be a look and get that kind of fear, respect, but fear from a big, strong player. but he won. he had one many times -- won many times. and the respect they had for him was incredible. we do not win. we cannot be isis. -- beat isis. we cannot beat trade, china, mexico, they think we are stupid. mexico, japan, vietnam, india, any nation, name a nation -- they do well. it does not make a difference. they do well, and the more i think about it, the more i realize, they do well for a very specific reason. not that the politicians are so stupid, many of them are, many
4:54 am
of them are not, but because politicians take contributions from people representing certain other parts of the world, or companies involved in other parts of the world, and they do things not in your best interest. when i say i am self funding, i have turned down more money, i bet that any human being has turned down for political run. frankly, everybody takes money. [applause] mr. trump: and when you think of it, not a big difference. for years, probably, i may be wrong, but the only one would be ross perot many years ago. but, he did not take money. i have turned down so much. people coming up, $10 million, donald we want to give you $10 million for your campaign. $5 million, $2 million, $1 million, jeb bush had $100,000
4:55 am
or so. -- jeb bush raised $148 million or so. i do know -- i do not know if i get credit for it. many people say, i like donald trump, i like ted cruz, that is not a very comparison. i am so much better. [laughter] mr. trump: i would do a summit -- so much better job. i will do so much better. not even close, but i will do so much better. you know why, because i am working for you. they talk about working for you, but they are not. they are working for the next election, campaign contributions, what else? who knows what else they take? who knows what else they work for? they are working at a minimum campaign conservation. people come up to me -- our
4:56 am
politicians are so stupid, why would they make deals like that? there was a deal recently, a company made an incredible deal and politicians approved it. and people say, politicians are so stupid. no, they are represent by the smartest people they have ever seen, special interest groups, lobbyists. some of these guys, it says ted cruz, the lobbyist, tattooed on their forehead. i can deal with ted cruz. they raise a lot of money for him. and when they need a vote, i am not going to vote for that. you have to, we gave you $2 million for your campaign when nobody else would put up the money. do i know this is the better than anybody? on june 16, i only started this political stuff on june 16, i
4:57 am
was before that, a big contributor. it is a system, it is not good. it is a system and it is what we have. you have guys -- it says hillary on this guy's forehead. you go to him, you want hillary. you go to another guy if you want john kasich. another guy if you want ted cruz. 100%, 100%, by the way, they will not always get what they want. maybe 90%. there are some things you cannot do. but they get what they want a lot, they are professionals. they are very good at it. so, when i am self funding, i hope people appreciate it. it means a lot, i do not go anybody, anything. owehat means i don't
4:58 am
anybody anything. i don't owe them. [applause] mr. trump: and i said on the way up, so far i have invested $35 million, something like that. my money. and you know what, it has no impact on me. look, i built a great company, and amazing company with cash flow and some of the greatest assets in the world, worth over $10 billion. i started with a very small loan and created a great company, some of the great assets and tremendously low debt. the reason i tell you that, that is the kind of thinking we need in the country to solve many of our problems. [applause] mr. trump: many. because folks, they have all of those cameras, we are right now sitting on something that will explode and it will be a bad situation. we better get rid of debt and we better straighten ourselves out.
4:59 am
we have debt on debt, on debt. [applause] mr. trump: and one of the things we will talk about, we will talk about a couple of these things, it affects you very much and we probably have business owners here. probably a couple of big business owners,t oo. we need to get rid of that. we will start with obamacare, that is a killer for you and to the country. it is a killer. obamacare is too expensive for the country to afford and it does not work. for anybody, it does not work. you go 65% increases this year and people telling me that they have never seen anything like it. it folds, it closes up, obamacare will close up. when you have it, it is no good anyways. we will terminate at and we will end up with a great health care plan that will cost you less money and be much better. [applause]
5:00 am
mr. trump: i love these young kids, look at these beautiful kids. they are going crazy. they are clapping about obamacare. they do not know what it is, but hopefully they will not need health care for 40 years. but they are still enthusiastic. they do not like obamacare and hopefully they will not need to worry about it. but ultimately they do have to worry about the cost because it is unbearable. the kind of money we are talking about is unbearable. so we stopped with that. we are going to bring common core, we end it. we are going to bring education -- we will protect our second amendment, we are going to do all of the things you heard me saying. all of it. [applause] mr. trump: here is what i want
5:01 am
to talk about, because we are talking about big numbers. when you have $19 trillion, we cannot talk peanuts. we cannot talk the little stuff. there is going to be tremendous fraud, waste, abuse. there is going to be cuts of things you will not believe. we will save social security, cut all of the fraud. you do not mind cutting the fraud out? there is plenty of it. we are going to take care of your vets and and build the military, bigger, stronger than ever before. [applause] [chanting u.s.a.] mr. trump: beautiful, great. isn't that great, when you see young people like that? that is so great. they are going to be very successful. do not forget, they are after our jobs pretty soon.
5:02 am
the problem is, we are losing all of our jobs. they have no choice, they need to take it away from us. you will treat us nicely. that is the next donald trump, bigger and better. not even a contest. good luck, kids. we think it is fantastic. what about the one in the middle, are you going to be the most successful of them all? great. great job. that is what we love to see. my daughter just had a beautiful, beautiful son. [applause] mr. trump: and, ultimately that is what we fight for. that and the grandchildren, we are going to turn this thing around fast. let's talk about a couple of things that are big dollar. we are the police department for the world and the entire world, many of these places that we are taking care of our very, very rich. are very, very rich.
5:03 am
we take care of saudi arabia, they made a billion dollars a day when oil prices were up, now they make a little less. big deal. what? imports -- he is right. you never know, is he on our side? but we take care of saudi arabia. now, nobody is going to mess with saudi arabia because we are watching them. they are one of the richest. they have a fund so big, nobody has ever seen a fund like that. to have oil pouring out of the ground, very high quality oil. you have very expensive oil and they have very cheap oil for guests, so they make nothing but money. if it was not for us, they would not be there very long. i do business with the saudis. they are good people, everything is fine. but we are losing a fortune. if we had a person like me, like other people in this room, maybe some. not all. we have to know our strengths and weaknesses. you have some people in the room
5:04 am
that would do a good job. and other people who would not do good, like people we have right now. nobody could do worse. that is the only thing i will say. so, we're protecting saudi arabia. they are not paying us a fair price. we are losing our share. did you know we have military bases that we are paying rent on? why? why do we have any rent? i am not even talking about rent. that is big numbers but i'm talking about really big numbers. japan, great country. they may cars, sell them. we have an imbalance with japan like you would never believe, billions and billions of dollars. they sell us cars and we sell practically nothing in comparison. they call that trade imbalance. one of the great imbalances of all time. i was in los angeles, i see these massive ships come in. this is like nascar.
5:05 am
by the way, the owner of nascar and many drivers endorse trump, you know that right? the great brian france. they do a great job. thank you. they do a great job. but, they endorse -- brian said, i want to endorse you. i said, that is cool. he did it in north carolina. good place to endorse. north or south, and it would not be bad up here, either. but we have it. we have not only sera we have junior fromell liberty university joe from , arizona, sheriff joe. how about sheriff joe? ok? [applause] mr. trump: chris christie has been fantastic. he has been great. we have dr. ben carson who has been amazing. amazing. what a great guy. and we have so many others, congressman now, senator the mostions, one of
5:06 am
respected people in the united states senate who ted cruz , thought that he had. he kept talking about sessions and we would say, senator sessions, then he announced that about two months ago that he was endorsing trump. all of a sudden, ted cruz did not talk about him. so a lot of things are going to happen. one thing we are going to do is the military. we are like the policeman of the world. that is fine. everything is good. but these are really, really wealthy countries. not necessarily powerful, because we protect them. and it is ok. they have got to pay us. and you know what, when they start paying us and we do trade deals, this country is already turned around. it is turned around. [applause] mr. trump: because we are talking about big, big dollars. and lying ted cannot do it. he cannot. in all fairness, number one,
5:07 am
they are going to find out he is a liar and they are not going to trust him. you know, the evangelicals, they are with me. [applause] mr. trump: the evangelicals -- remember south carolina? that was going to be ted, lying ted was going to win that one easy because the evangelicals, i think it is 68% evangelical right? ,i think you guys are only 28%. let's start going to church more. those are the ones. do you go to church on sunday? anytime you can go. do you go? so 68% evangelicals and we won in a landslide. we won everything. we won so much. to show you, ted, did you see it? i am the only one that can beat donald trump. i have done it many times. i have beaten him five times.
5:08 am
tophe is screaming at the of his lungs he wishes that he , had the bible in his hands, but he picks up the bible and put it down and he lies. but he says i beat him six , times. and i looked at him and said yeah, but i have beaten you 22 , times. remember the face? [applause] mr. trump: i think we have like 21 or 22 states already, but this is an important one. you got to do me a favor, folks. you got to vote. i will do such a good job for you. do yourselves a favor. vote for me. [applause] mr. trump: you are probably doing me a favor if you do not vote for me, i will go home and relax. so many people have asked me the question. this morning, i was interviewed by a very good radio guy. not the whack job that interviewed me. but some are bad, you know this
5:09 am
guy named sykes? it was actually a good interview but he only plays like half a sentence. listen to the whole interview, everybody who listened to that show would vote for me. let's hang up now. do not hang up, take on the enemy. you absolutely take them on. [applause] mr. trump: but, he is not a very talented guy or a very smart guy. but the guy that interviewed me today, he was a smart cookie. and it was national. he interviews me and says, we are on the phone, it is early saturday morning and i said, just before i left here i said thank you very much. , he said, mr. trump, one final question. what? you are worth a fortune, you have a beautiful family, you can do anything you want, why are you doing this? why would you do this? and, that question has been asked of me more than any other question, other than student debt. when i am around students, they are choked up to hear and then
5:10 am
they graduate, they cannot get a job and it is a serious problem. but that question is asked so much, and i said, i have been so lucky in this country and i have done so well and made so much money, and i have enjoyed my life and i have hopefully some really good years left, and i want to give back to the country. i just want to give something back. that is all it is. [applause] mr. trump: that is all it is. [chanting trump] mr. trump: thank you. you know, our theme, make america great again -- we are going to make it so great. but here is what i wanted to explain. you know we have a problem the , problem with translation
5:11 am
because the press is so totally dishonest. you have no idea. it is amazing how smart the people are. look, the people get it. the are really, really dishonest they will put 1/10 of a sentence . they will put 1/10 of a sentence it in, they will cut you off. you know, i used to say, "i love television." and then they show a tiny piece of a clip. but the press is very dishonest. let me just tell you what happened. we have a new one called tpp, transpacific trade partnership. it is terrible. it is worse than nafta. it will drain wisconsin. it will drain united states. we are doing it with various countries altogether, a 7000 page document that i almost guarantee to you that most people have never read it. all of these countries think it
5:12 am
is studied and analyzed, and we just sign it. first of all, we shouldn't have signed. we should sign with one, two, 4, and we reward the good countries. when the bad countries come in and take advantage of the good countries, it is complicated. it is a stupid deal. ted cruz is totally in favor for it. john kasich, who voted for nafta, is in favor for it. because people say, you are going to vote for that deal, you are in favor of it, because they support him and he has no choice,. it is a horrible deal. there are plenty of people in congress who do not want it but those are people who are being honest. the biggest point of the deal is devaluing monetary policy. that is how china and many other countries takes the most
5:13 am
advantage, do valuation of our -- their currency. they kill us. this year, we are going to have a $500 billion trade deficit with china. then somebody will say, i am a businessman, i am so good at business. you people are going to be so rich, so fast. [applause] mr. trump: you just don't know how rich you are going to be. we are going from a debtor nation. you are going to say, wow, what happened? but you have ted cruz who refused to approve any language on devaluation. any language on monetary manipulation. that is where they beat us, folks. they devalued their currency so much, and then we see our dollar holding and going up. they want our dollar to go up. it sounds good. in the meantime, komatsu is killing caterpillar. in the meantime, china, look at
5:14 am
what they are doing, they are draining our businesses. look at what is going on with mexico. mexico is taking our businesses, , butnly for devaluation for other reasons. politicians don't know what the hell they are doing. so look. we are going to change things, and that is big money, those big deals. i have carl icahn and other big businessman. we used political hacks, third-rate political slobs, to negotiate with the smartest people in china, the smartest people in japan, and we have all the cards. people don't realize it. without our money without this , big pot of money that is being drained out of your pocket -- and by the way, i have to do this, because i just feel i have to. i want to read you some statistics. so where am i talking about it? 20% of the manufacturing jobs have left since 2000.
5:15 am
do you know where that is? wisconsin. according to the journal sentinel, wisconsin chronically lags the rest of the united states and job creation. here's what happened with scott walker, and i could only say this because i couldn't ask for his endorsement. what i did to that poor guy, man. [laughter] [applause] mr. trump: and he is a nice person, but who cares? i don't care if he is nice, i want to make our country rich and good again. ok, so it chronically lags the rest of the united states. do you remember when scott announced i am running for president, and he was standing on a motorcycle or something. i've got to tell you, every time i go someplace, bikers everywhere, bikers love me. any bikers in here?
5:16 am
the bikers love me. and i have always loved the limousine, but you are great people. i was at i think hilton head, one of the places, and we had hundreds, probably close to 1000 bikes, and i said, what is going on? i was a little concerned actually. they are out there waiting for me to give a speech, it was a big group, it was incredible, but there had to be 1000 bikes, mostly harleys, in all fairness, we love harley. i love harley. and i buy warsaw windows. does anybody know about warsaw ? warsaw, wisconsin. i am building on pennsylvania avenue the big hotel. it,t it, everybody wanted and the obama administration was building one of the greatest hotels in the world. .t is on time and under budget
5:17 am
in fact, it is way ahead of schedule and it is over budget -- under budget. there is over 3000% of cost overrun. 3000%. do you think those people building, making a couple of bucks? but warsaw windows, i built a building on wall street with warsaw windows. say hello to warsaw windows for me, would you? say hello. truthfully, one of the best windows made anywhere in the world. i said, warsaw, that must be where they make the windows, but we did a whole building, 40 wall st, using i think 3500 warsaw windows. that is a lot of windows, right? and there are no leaks. we have no leaks. explain to them they have no leaks. i should say they leaks like hell and get a refund, right? i do that, too, sometimes. so anyway, so we have to make
5:18 am
our country so strong and what -- the way we do it is with the big stuff. and when you look at your area, wisconsin has to keep wages depressed in order to hold onto jobs. that is because of foreign competition. that is good, that is fine. but not for you. the good people in this country, the blue-collar people haven't had an effective wage increase in 20 years. you have another candidate that had, like, 300 people, but we have thousands of people outside listening to a speaker. because people are angry and they are disgusted at what is going on. so we have thousands right now, we have people all over this country that are working hard, and a lot of people are getting part-time jobs. they never had a part-time job in their life, but because of obamacare, it makes sense for the company to make everything part-time. for reporting requirements. so it's terrible.
5:19 am
then job growth is coming largely from the health care jobs, the new jobs, which are very low-paying jobs, about $525 a week. that is not good. wages in manufacturing make it like a low-wage nation in wisconsin, ok? and i've heard this, household income has had a major decline. this is wisconsin. by the way, this is largely the country, just so you understand. large, large decline in household income, and that has taken place since the year 2000. so since the year 2000, you have had a decline. and wisconsin is just in the middle of the pack. and i only say that because you have a governor who endorsed him. so he is fighting and fighting and fighting.
5:20 am
somebody said if he gives you a call up, i would say, what the hell difference does it make? if i did not run against him, here is the case. i think i gave him $50,000 or $100,000. now let's say i didn't run again, ok? and let's say i wanted something in wisconsin and i call him up, "governor, how are you doing, governor? remember, i gave you $100,000 a few years ago when you called. listen, just out of curiosity, i want to build something in wisconsin." do you think he would be happy about it? i think so, right? i don't know if it's good, i don't know if it's bad, but believe me, it's wrong because it is wrong for the people. that is why when you see people haven't had an increase in wages countrywide, nationwide, the blue collars. wall street is doing fine. i know the wall street guys so well. many i do not like at all. they have carried interest provisions, the have provisions that nobody in this room even understands or wants to understand. i understand it and we're going
5:21 am
to end it folks, we are going to end it. i am doing well. i don't want to do that well. i do not really want to do that well it doesn't matter. . it doesn't matter. some but he said, "how would you do if you didn't run your business?" are you kidding me? this is an opportunity that is , to be president of the united states, to make our country so strong again. because we have to make it strong. we have to make it rich. a woman said, "mr. trump, i love you, i am going to vote for you, but please don't say, we are going to make this country rich again, it doesn't sound good." and i said, "you are right, because if we are going to make this country rich again, you're going to have social security cuts under john kasich or ted cruz, but i'm going to give a huge tax cut increase." sarah said she heard a good ad.
5:22 am
i do not do that much ad. i spent $35 million or $45 million and the other guys have spent $150 million. i mean, jeb has spent $148 million. will anybody ever forgive me for that term? that term is a killer. there is a lot of terms i made up. isn't it nice? i have had 17. i him down to the two leftovers. -- i am down to the two leftovers. i had 17 people and now we are down to two. isn't it nice when you think of it? isn't it nice? [applause] mrtrump: and, and, we are leaving big with the two. let's see how it all turns out, who knows. wisconsin is very important because if i can win wisconsin, you people are going to have low taxes, you're going to have jobs, we are going to bring jobs back. you're going to have your pick of jobs, you are not just going
5:23 am
to take a job because you have no choice. we are going to bring jobs back into this country. we are not going to move into mexico like nabisco and ford. you saw carrier air conditioners just a few months ago move into mexico. that's not good to happen. you are having pfizer move to ireland. i am telling you, these companies are leaving because taxes are so high and regulations, knockout the regulations. who is troubled by regulations in this country? right? it is terrible. i have friends who are farmers that can't even form their lands , the regulations. .hey spend more on regulations we are going to end all that. we are going to end all that. it is so important. so here's the thing. we have got to go out and we have got to vote. let me give you one other item because it is so important. i have been criticized because
5:24 am
have you heard today where they has said nuclear? now, i have been a businessman and i made a lot of money, made a lot of money against china, made tremendous deals against china. they can be beaten, folks. they can be beaten. in trade. i like china, the people are great. you know, the richest people in china, friends of mine, they say, "donald, we can't believe a with." thiset away is before i was running for president. now they say, "i didn't say that." but they said it. they said today coming up watching television, i say, wow, , that is terrible. we were talking about nuclear, and i said, japan should have nuclear. that is what i said, supposedly. i did not say that. the question that was asked to me recently on television by a very good announcer, a very good guy, he said, "what about nato?" right? now in all fairness, i have been an entrepreneur, a very good one, but i know something about nato.
5:25 am
nobody has ever talked to be about nato -- talked to me about nato. here is the problem with nato. it is obsolete. a big statement to make when you do not know that much about it but i learned quickly. i knew it was true. it is 68 years old. it was formed to look over the soviet union which doesn't even exist anymore. and i know what happens, it gets big and bureaucratic. i said it is obsolete and we pay , too much money. now when i made this statement, thought i read it somewhere, but when i made the statement, it was really a statement that a lot of people said, how would you know a thing like that? so it turns out that it is even worse than anybody thought. we are paying so much money here the united states, which is all , of us, we are talking about serious, serious money. ok? we are not only taking care of
5:26 am
germany, we are not only taking care of japan and so many nato is not paying the bills and why should they? , because nobody asks them to pay. i am going to say, "pay up." and they are going to pay up. and i will do it nicely. i will ask nicely and do it very presidential. im going to be as presidential as i can be and at the same time get the money, ok? --you are two presidential too presidential, if you are too presidential, you will not get the money. one of these countries, and i will not name any names, but they will say, i don't want to give money. is it possible for you to pay the money that you oh? i am like a really smart person. i can be a presidential president. i can be boring, that is ok. but look, we are going to get these countries to pay, and not
5:27 am
only to pay, not only to pay, but to pay all of the money they have owed us for years. we have been carrying these countries. many of them are rich countries. some of them have the money to pay. then you say to yourself, what are we getting at? well, take a look at ukraine. i have friends in the ukraine, they are great people, but we are always the ones fighting for the ukraine. these three or four countries that surround ukraine, do you ever hear of them complaining? they do not complain. we don't want again to world war iii. and yet, the people that are the neighbors, i do not think they care or they do not care much. but here is the thing. when i talk about armament or when i talk about protection or when i talk about the military, all of these countries, which is much of the world, that we are taking care of, they have to pay. like, a not want to be
5:28 am
greedy person but we are losing , a fortune everywhere. we take care of south korea. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line between the north and the south, the maniac. it is time people stopped looking at the united states as stupid, stupid people with even dumber leaders. we have got to stop it. we have got to stop it. [applause] mr. trump: so japan is a very big, very rich country, right? and we take care of japan and germany, and with the mercedes and this and that, it is a juggernaut, and this phenomenal, powerful, rich country. and saudi arabia, i told you. these people don't have to pay pay for our services, and what i said about japan is this, we are protecting japan from many countries, but we are protected japan from north korea.
5:29 am
he is always talking about japan, japan, japan. we protect them. what we get a tiny fraction of what we get, but we are protecting japan. so i said something to the effect that i would, and with great respect, i have a lot of japanese friends, they are great people, with great respect, but in four years, you are going to say that this guy turned up to be a great president, or maybe eight years. you're going to start saying it in two years. two years. you will see a big difference. right now we are at a great divide. right now we have a man who is a great divider as our president. he is a great divider. so i would say to japan, "you've got to help us out, we want to help you." and i would rather have them not armed, but i am not going to continue to lose this tremendous amount of money, and frankly, the case could be made to let them protect themselves against north korea. they would probably wipe them out pretty quick.
5:30 am
and if they fight, you know what, that would be a terrible thing. good luck, folks. if they fight, that would be terrible. but if they do, they do. we cannot be the policemen to the world and have $19 trillion in debt going up to $21 trillion and we are sitting on a bubble that is going to explode and then we are going to end up you know where. we can't do it. so i said, i think very intelligently -- so what did happen is after i made my statements about nato, the next thing you saw last week was that "donald trump wants to disband nato." look, she is smiling, is it true? like i am some kind of a dopey guy. i am smart, i am really, really smart. i know what i'm doing. i know what i'm doing. [applause] mr. trump: now there would be a point with some of these countries where we are going to
5:31 am
walk and we won't be gone for , long and then they will call us and say, "come back." now i would much rather protect japan, because i do not like them arming, but you know what, it is possible to let them take care of themselves here. but probably more likely, they will pay us a lot more money and we won't be losing all of the vast millions and billions and billions of dollars that we are losing right now. just take a look at nato. i was so right. and now people, these great experts who studied nato for 30 years, now they are saying, that was a brilliant suggestion. one guy was saying, "here is a guy studying nato and he never thought of it. issaid, you know, it obsolete and i do -- we do pay too much. i have a natural instant for this. by the way, united nations. same thing, smaller number. united nations. believe me. [applause] mr. trump: many other things. many other things. where do you ever see the united nations -- i love the united
5:32 am
nations. they are wonderful. have they ever settled anything? it is just like a political gang. the united nations, we pay for a vast -- i mean, the amount of money we spend on the united nations. i will tell you a story. a few years ago, four or five years ago, i was going before the united states senate and it was senator sessions, but a large group of senators. and we were doing a study of the united nations's buildings, we were doing a renovation. sweden, iassador of believe it was sweden, called me and mentioned the building for and $60es for 300 million right across from the united nations. he called me and he was very nice and said i heard you spent , $360 billion on a building across the street, and -- "mr. trump, i heard you spent $360 billion on a building across the street."
5:33 am
he said, "could i ask you a question -- why?" and i said, "number one, they are crooked and number two, it is lack of knowledge. i met with kofi anan and i said i would do the whole job for less. he said it would not be the same job and i said, you are right, it will be much better. [applause] mr. trump: i explained to him , i said, i use marble and you use linoleum. i said it will be much better, 100% better. bottom line, i never heard from them again. then the united states senate called me and they said, how can you do it for $500 million, with why can you do it and it is going to cost them a billion and a half? i said it will cost them $3 billion or maybe more than that,
5:34 am
and that was years ago. it will cost them much more even than what i said. it was one of the great messes you have ever seen and i asked the hitman of construction, i said, "let me ask you, are you going to use new york steam?" it is a very complex system of steam under the streets of new york. he said, "what's that?" he had no idea what i was talking about. i said, "how can you be in charge of a massive construction problem when you don't know what a five pipe or a four pipe, or a two pipe system is?" how can it be possible? realized, the guy made a fortune, i'm sure. so here is the story, we are going to rebuild our country. we need roads, we need bridges, you know want? our bridges are falling down. we are going to save so much money on waste, fraud, and abuse. andre going to save so much
5:35 am
you are going to go out and vote and you will be so proud of what , took place today and you are going to be even more proud of what happens on tuesday. but you know that. you are going to be very proud. [applause] mr. trump: you know, a lot of these politicians, a lot of these politicians, they get up and say, "you are americans, you are great, great people of our country, it doesn't matter me orr you vote for whether you vote for my opponent. what is important is that you get out and vote. but i say you should vote for me. i do laugh because i understand nature. you know, i appreciate life. we are all angry but we are good people but we are not really angry people but we are angry
5:36 am
about the way our country is being run. we love our country and it is being run by idiots and they have no idea what they are doing and just to finish on the . and just to finish on the nuclear thing, i was talking about negotiating with japan and negotiate with germany and i have such negotiators in the world, carl icahn, other negotiators, a lot of people want to come in and help us, some of the greatest business minds, and they all want to help us, so i say to myself, "look at this, look at these people, and look at this negotiation. what is going to happen? what is going to happen?" and i will tell you what is going to happen. our country, if we don't do this deal, if we don't get the proper people in office and we do not get them in office soon, we are not going to have a country left. i am telling you, we are not going to have a country left. it's just not going to happen. and i am a person with common sense, and i used to tell you -- ok, remember the beginning of the campaign? bush and rubio. dr knows -- they are nice guys.
5:37 am
they are both nice guys, ok? would nevern marco run because bush was his mentor. did anyone hear that? marco was never going to run and then he did run and then they just hated each other and then people said, no they don't, they are good friends. jeb bush stood up and said, "marco is my dear, dear friend" and marco rubio stood up and said "jeb is my dear, dear friend" and i say, "they hate each other." remember at the debate? my wife actually said, "why does he keep calling you a gifted, gifted politician?" he kept saying "donald trump is a gifted, gifted politician." and i said i do not want to give you the answer to that. i said i do want to touch that, not on live television, i don't want to touch that. but look, i understood what is going on and i will do such a great job. we will cut our expenses.
5:38 am
we will build our numbers. we will become rich, we will become strong, we will become great again, we will become so great. we will start winning again. we don't win anymore. we don't win a war, we can't beat isis, we don't win with our great veterans, we can't take care of them, we don't know how, it is a corrupt system, the whole v.a. is corrupt. we are going to take care of our veterans. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to win with trade so big, we are going to have money pouring back in, we are going to have jobs pouring back in our country, folks. there is nobody going to say, "donald, please don't do that, please don't do that," if they do, i will say, "they don't represent me." they gave me nothing. so we are going to have great things happen with trade, with china, with mexico. we are going to have a strong border on the southern side. the border is going to be so strong.
5:39 am
you know, we will build the wall. we are going to build it. [applause] mr. trump: so yesterday, i have a great honor, because i never asked for this, the border 16,500 people, they called up and they said, we would like to endorse mr. tromp. they had never endorsed a presidential candidate before. [applause] mr. trump: we are by far the strongest on the border, and who -- we will build a wall. who is going to pay for the wall? crowd: mexico! mr. trump: who? crowd: mexico! mr. tromp: as sure as you are sitting here, mexico will pay for the wall. we have a trade to with them, $58 billion per year. think about it. can you believe that is not
5:40 am
including the drugs pouring across the border. kids, listen to me, don't take drugs. raise your hand, raise your hand. come here. raise your hand. i said to my kids, no drugs, no alcohol, no cigarettes. raise your hands, kids. "i promise donald j. trump -- kids: i promise donald j. trump -- mr. trump: "that i will never do drugs and take it easy on the alcohol. and you know what else, no cigarettes. mr. trump: i love kids. come here. they are beautiful kids. happens, oncehat
5:41 am
you get hooked on the alcohol and drugs it makes your life very hard. one thing i can say is if you never take it, you will never get hooked. you will never get hooked. that may be the most important thing i have done today. so look, folks, we are going to have a strong border. we are going to start winning again. i hope on tuesday you go out and vote for me. i will not let you down, i promise, you will never see anything like this. i promise. so on tuesday, go out and vote, it will be the greatest vote you have ever made, and we are going to start winning again. we will make america great again, i love you, thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you, everybody. crowd: trump! trump! trump! [applause]
5:42 am
>> the political advocacy group club for growth has endorsed texas senator said -- ted cruz for president. we speak with the club us president, dave mcintosh. he shares his thoughts on the republican race and the remaining candidates, including republican front runner donald trump. >> we looked at all of the candidates, the major ones this cycle. pagebout a five to 10 paper on their economic records.
5:43 am
where are they on taxes, government spending, taxes, free trade? and many of the candidates had sterling records. rubio, ron paul were at the top but jeb bush has a very good economic record. we then looked at trump when we realized he was a serious candidate. for 20 years he has spoken out on a lot of policy matters. he proposed at one point the largest tax increase ever to pay down the debt. he has tried to walk that back but even recently said, yes, and the right circumstances i would do that all over again. privatenot respect property rights because he is for eminent domain abuse. you take money from a homeowner and turn it over to a developer to be developed. if you do not have private property rights, if people control the land they own and the house they live in, that
5:44 am
undermines the very free market system we have. we realize he would be a disaster on free market growth economic policies and has in the past been advertising to tell people about that. now a lot of that is well known. he also started to talk about he would lose for the republican party to hillary. but fundamentally for us, it is didlicy question, where they come out on those economic free market questions? >> you can watch that entire interview with dave mcintosh today at 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. eastern here on c-span. the wisconsin democratic party held a fundraiser in milwaukee on saturday that included keynote remarks from the presidential candidates.
5:45 am
first we heard from vermont senator bernie sanders. he spoke for about 25 minutes. mr. sanders: thank you all very much. thanking youby just for obviously being here but for the work that many of you have done over the years. one of the crises that we face in our country is that too many people are detached from the political process. , by gettingoing involved, setting up the fight justicetter america, for working people and people of color and minorities and gay people who are not getting their voices heard, you are showing your love of this country and your patriotism, and i thank you very much for that.
5:46 am
[applause] sanders: i am running for president of the united states not because i woke up, or that i believe that when i was a little kid and a home growing up. i grew up in a three-and-a-half room rent-controlled apartment in brooklyn, new york. i am running for president because i think frankly that given the enormous crises facing our country, crises like a grotesque level of income and wealth inequality. [applause] -- mr. sanders: in which the top 1/10 of 1% own
5:47 am
almost as much as the bottom 90%. millions of people are working not one job but two or three jobs, and yet 58% of all new income is going to the top 1%. which millions of our young people are graduating , andge deeply in debt hundreds of thousands of others cannot afford to go to college at a time when we need to have the best educated work force in the world. [applause] mr. sanders: a crisis in which we have a corrupt campaign finance system. [applause] sanders: which as a result of citizens united, allows super
5:48 am
pac's and the billionaires and wall street to fund and by elections. democracy is not a complicated concept. , not one person, one vote billionaires by elections. elections. [applause] mr. sanders: and then to add insult to injury, not only do we have the super pac's undermining american democracy, we have governors like scott walker trying to suppress the vote. [booing] sanders: if you want to know what kind of president i will be, think about all of the things that governor walker does , and i will do exactly the opposite. [applause]
5:49 am
mr. sanders: one of the things that i have discovered in this campaign is that there are a lot of people, including conservatives, who believes strongly in the principles of democracy. we can argue amongst each other, but at the end of the day, one person, one vote, majority rules. . have absolute contempt i have friends who are conservatives and we disagree on the issues, and that is fine. but i have contempt, absolute contempt for those republican governors who do not have the free, open, and fair elections. [applause]
5:50 am
mr. sanders: i have run for office in the state of vermont on a number of occasions. i have lost and i have one. it has never once occurred to me to try to figure out how i could deny people in my state the right to vote because they disagree with me. [applause] sanders: if i say to governor walker and all of the other republican governors who are trying to make it harder for poor people and old people and people of color and young people, trying to make it harder for them to participate in the political process, i say to them, if you do not have the guts to participate in a free and fair election, get out of politics and get another job. [applause]
5:51 am
mr. sanders: governor walker thinks it is a great idea to try to destroy the trade union movement. i think it is a great idea to try to build a stronger trade union movement. [applause] mr. sanders: so let me tell governor walker and all the rest , that if i am elected president we are going to pass an employee free choice act which will make it easier for workers to negotiate contracts and form a union. [applause] mr. sanders: governor walker apparently feels it is a great idea to give tax breaks to large
5:52 am
corporations and then cut education. [booing] mr. sanders: i think it is a better idea to increase funding for education and demand that the large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. [applause] sanders: governor walker thinks it is a good idea to try to make it as hard as possible for women to control their own bodies. [booing] mr. sanders: i believe that women have the right to control their own bodies, and we will take on the scott walker's of the world who are restricting that right. [applause] way, weers: and by the
5:53 am
are also going to pass equity so women do not make $.79 on the dollar to men. [applause] sanders: governors and senators and virtually all republican public officials are denying the science of climate change. and that is a very scary and dangerous proposition. it is hard to run a government, it is hard to do serious public policy if you reject science. of the u.s.ember senate committee on the environment. i have talked to scientists all over the world. climate change is real. climate change is caused by human activity.
5:54 am
and climate change is already doing devastating harm throughout our country and throughout the world, and this problem will only get much worse in years to come if we do not transform our energy system away to energyl fuels, efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause] sanders: the time is now to tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of this planet. [applause] sanders: in america today, we are living as you all know, in a highly competitive global
5:55 am
economy. and yet, in wisconsin and throughout this country, our public school systems are in deep distress. we have a childcare and pre-k system which is literally dysfunctional. mom is going to work, that is going to work, people cannot find quality, affordable childcare. [applause] sanders: and when you talk about crazy, of which we are talking a lot about in this whoaign, every psychologist has studied the issue understands that the most important years of human development are zero through four. and yet, when mom and dad go to work, more often than not the
5:56 am
people who are taking care of their kids are getting paid mcdonald's wages. this is not what america should be about, and it should not be the way we treat our children. we need a revolution in early childhood education, people with those kids should be well trained, well educated, and well-paid. [applause] mr. sanders: now all of you are aware that when our republican friends talk about family values , you know what they are talking about. and what they are saying is that no woman in this room, in this state, in this country should have the right to control her own body. what they are saying is that our
5:57 am
gay brothers and sisters should not have the right to get married. i disagree. [applause] sanders: now if you have met jane, jane and i have been married for 27 years. we have four great kids and seven beautiful grandchildren. we believe in family and family values, our values are a little bit different than the republican. dictate to us that weekend the international embarrassment of the united states of america being the only major country on earth not to guarantee paid family and medical leave. [applause] mr. sanders: there are women today giving birth in wisconsin and in vermont, all over this
5:58 am
country, and if they are working class women, if they are low income women, in many cases they are going to have to go back to weeks, and or three separate themselves from their beautiful new baby. that is not a family value. that is the opposite of a family value. if elected president, we will a very good legislation that democrats are now supported in the house and in the senate, and that is 12 weeks paid family and medical leave. [applause] mr. sanders: there is one country, one wealthy industrialized country on earth but does not guarantee health care for all people, and you are
5:59 am
living in that country. and i think it is time we change that. [applause] mr. sanders: and i have been criticized for saying this by various establishment media and others, so let me repeat it. [laughter] mr. sanders: so there is no misunderstanding, no equivocation. i believe that health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. [applause] mr. sanders: i am a member of the senate committee on health, education, and labor. that committee helped write the affordable care act. and i'm very grateful for
6:00 am
president obama's leadership in making sure that excellent legislation was what that legislation did was end this obscenity called pre-existing conditions. it ended the discrimination against women in terms of the price they paid for health premiums. it added over 17 million americans to the ranks of the uninsured. it provided health insurance for young people to be on their parents programs. all of that is very good. we should be proud of that accomplishment. [applause] but, we should not forget that despite the gains of the aca, 29 million americans


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