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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  April 3, 2016 4:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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that is what i said, supposedly. the question that was asked to be recently on television by a very good announcer, a very good guy, he said, "what about nato?" right? in all fairness, i have been entre nous are -- entrepreneur, a very good one, but i know something about nato. here is the problem with nato. it is obsolete. i learned quickly. i knew it was true. it is 68 years old. it was formed to look over the soviet union which doesn't even exist anymore. and i said it is obsolete and we pay too much money. now when i made this statement, thought i read it somewhere, but when i made the statement, it was really the statement that a lot of people said, how would you know a thing like that? so it turns out that things are worse than everybody thought. we're playing -- we are paying so much money here the united
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states, which is all of us, we are talking about serious, serious money. ok? we are not only taking care of germany, we are taking care of japan, this, that, and the other, but nato is not paying the bills, and why should they? because nobody asks them to pay. i am going to say, "pay up." and they are going to pay up. and i will do it nicely. i will ask nicely and do it very presidential. i will ask it and at the same time get the money. ok? you can't get to presidential. [applause] mr. trump: if you are to presidential -- too presidential. [applause] mr. trump: if you are too presidential, you won't if the money. one of these countries, and i will not name any names, but they will say, i don't want to give money. i am like a really smart person. i can be a presidential president. i can be boring, that is ok. but look, we are going to get these countries to pay, and not only to pay, not only to pay, but to pay all of this money for years.
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we have been carrying these countries. many of them are rich countries. some of them have the money to pay. and then you safe to yourself, "what are we getting at here? -- say to yourself, "what are we getting at here?" well, take a look at ukraine. these three or four countries that surround ukraine, do you ever hear of them complaining? we don't want again to world war iii. and yet, the people that are the neighbors, they don't really care. or they don't care much. but here is the thing. when i talk about armament or when i talk about protection or when i talk about the military, all of these countries, which is much of the world, that we are taking care of, they have to pay, and i do want to be, like, a green person, but we are losing a fortune everywhere. we take care of south korea. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line between the north and the well, take a look at ukraine. these three or four countries that surround ukraine, do you ever hear of them complaining? we don't want again to world war iii. and yet, the people that are the neighbors, they don't really care. or they don't care much. but here is the thing.
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when i talk about armament or when i talk about protection or when i talk about the military, all of these countries, which is much of the world, that we are taking care of, they have to pay, and i do want to be, like, a green person, but we are losing a fortune everywhere. we take care of south korea. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line between the north and the south, the mania. we have 20,000 soldiers on the line. [no audio] mr. trump: -- as stupid, stupid people as world leaders. we have got to stop it. we have got to stop it. [applause] mr. trump: so japan is a very big, very rich country, right? and we take care of japan and germany and with this and with that and this test and this juggernaut and this phenomenal,
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powerful, rich country. and saudi arabia, i told you. these people don't have to pay for these services, and what i said about japan is this, we are protecting japan from many countries, but we are protected japan from north korea. everybody talks about japan, japan, japan, what we get a tiny fraction of what we get, but we are protecting japan. so i said something to the effect that i would, and with great respect, i have a lot of japanese friends, they are great people, with great respect, but in four years, you are going to say that this guy turned up to be a great president, or maybe eight years. you're going to start saying it in two years. two years. you will see a big difference. right now we are at a great divide. right now we have a great divider as president. ok? he is a great divider. so i would say to japan, "you've got a help us out, we want to
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help you." and i would rather have them not armed, but i am not going to continue to lose this tremendous amount of money, and frankly, the case could be made to let them protect themselves against north korea. they would probably wipe them out pretty quick. and you know what? that would be a terrible thing. it looks, folks. if they fight, that would be terrible. but if they do, they do. we can't be the police of the world and get all of this debt going and we are sitting on a bubble that is going to explode and then we are going to end up you know where. we can't do it. so what did happen is after i made my statements about nato, the next thing you saw last week was that "donald trump wants to disband the nato." look, she is smiling, is it true? i am not some kind of a dopey guy. i am smart, i am really, really smart.
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i know what i'm doing. i know what i'm doing. [applause] mr. trump: now there would be a point with some of these countries where we will walk and we won't be gone for long and then they will call us and say, "come back." now i would much rather protect japan, but you know what, it is possible to let them take care of themselves here. but probably more likely, they will pay also a lot more money and we won't be losing all of the vast millions and billions and billions of dollars that we are losing right now. just take a look at nato. i was so right. and now these people who studied nato for 30 years, now they are saying, that was a brilliant
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suggestion. one guy was saying, "here is a guy studying nato and he never thought of it, he said it is obsolete. i have a natural instant for this. by the way, united nations. same thing, smaller number. united nations. believe me. [applause] mr. trump: many other things. many other things. i love the united nations. they are wonderful. have they ever settled anything? it is just like a political gang. the united nations, we pay for a vast -- i mean, the amount of money we spend on the united nations. i will tell you a story. a few years ago, four or five years ago, i was going before
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the united nations, and we were doing a study of the united nations's buildings, we were doing a renovation, so the in bassett or to sweeten up a time, i believe it was sweden, called me and mentioned the building for 92 stories for 306 $2 billion right across from the united nations. he called me and he was very nice and he said "district romp, i heard you spent $360 billion on a building across the street, and -- "mr. trump, i heard you spent $360 billion on a building across the street." he said, "could i ask you a question -- why?" and i said, "number one, they are crooked, and number two, it equals knowledge." i met with kofi anon and i said i would do the whole job for less. he said it would not be the same job and i said, you are right, it will be much better. [applause] mr. trump: i explained to him that i use marble and that you
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would use linoleum, ok? i said it will be much better, 100% that are. bottom line, i never heard from them again. then the united states senate called me and they said, how can you do it for $500 million, with why could you do it with that but you quote them $1.5 billion? i said it will cost them $3 billion or maybe more than that, and that was years ago. it will cost them much more even than what i said. it was one of the greatest messes you have ever seen and i asked the hitman of construction, i said, "let me ask you, are you going to use new york steam?" it is a very complex system of steam under new york. he said, "what's that?" he had no idea what i was talking about. i said, "how can you be in charge of a massive construction problem when you don't know what a five pipe or a four pipe, or a two pipe system is?" so here is the story, we are going to rebuild our country. we need roads, we need bridges, you know want? our bridges are falling down. we are going to save so much. you're going to go out and vote and you will be so proud of what took place today and you are
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going to be be even more proud -- going to be even more proud of what happens on tuesday. but you know that. you are going to be very proud. [applause] mr. trump: you know, a lot of these politicians, a lot of these politicians, they get up and say, "you are americans, you great, great people of our country, it doesn't matter whether you vote for me, orbital for my opponent, what is important to get out and vote -- vote for me or vote for my opponent, what is important is you get out and vote." but i say you should vote for me. i understand nature. you know, i appreciate life. we are all angry but we are good people but we are not really angry people but we love our country and it is being run by idiots and you have no idea what they are doing. and just to finish on the nuclear thing, i was talking about negotiating with japan and negotiate with germany and i have such negotiators in the
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i understand nature. you know, i appreciate life. we are all angry but we are good people but we are not really angry people but we love our country and it is being run by idiots and you have no idea what they are doing. and just to finish on the nuclear thing, i was talking about negotiating with japan and negotiate with germany and i have such negotiators in the world, carl icahn, other negotiators, a lot of people want to come in and help us, some of the greatest business minds, and they all want to help us, so i say to myself, "look at this, look at these people, and look at this negotiation. what is going to happen? what is going to happen?" if our country, if we don't do
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this deal, if we don't get the proper people in office soon, we are not good to have a country left, i am telling you, we are not going to have a country left. it's just not going to happen. and i am a person with common sense, and i used to say -- ok, remember the beginning of the campaign? bush and rubio. they are both nice guys, ok? but let me just tell you, number one, marco rubio, he never ran because bush was his mentor. marco was never going to run and then he did run and then they just hated each other and then people said, no they don't, they are good friends. jeb bush stood up and said, "marco is my dear, dear friend" and marco rubio stood up and said "jeb is my dear, dear friend" and i said, "they hate each other." my wife actually said, "why does he keep calling you a gifted, gifted politician?"
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he kept saying "donald trump is a gifted, gifted politician." and i said i do want to touch that, not on live television, i don't want to touch that. but look, i understood what is going on and i will do such a great job. i will cut are expenses, we will become rich, we will become strong, we will become great again, we will become so great. we don't win anymore. we don't win a war, we can't beat isis, we don't win with our great veterans, we can't take care of them, we don't know how, it is a corrupt system, the whole v.a. is corrupt. we are going to take care of our veterans. [applause] mr. trump: we are going to win with trade so big, we are going to have money pouring back in, we are going to have jobs pouring back in our country, folks, there is nobody going to say, "donald, please don't do
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that, please don't do that," if they do, i will say, "they don't represent me." we are going to have a strong border on the southern side. the border is going to be so strong. you know, we will build the wall. we are to make mexico pay for it. they will build it. [applause] mr. trump: so yesterday, i have a great honor, because i never asked for this, the border patrol people, 16,500 people, a called up and they said, we would like to endorse mr. tromp. they had never endorsed a presidential candidate before. -- they said, "we would like to endorse mr. trump." they said "we have never endorsed a presidential candidate before." [applause] mr. trump: we are by far the strongest on the border, and who is going to pay for the wall? crowd: mexico! mr. trump: who? crowd: mexico! mr. trump: we have a trade to with them, $58 billion per year. think about it.
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can you believe that is not including the drugs growing across the border -- drugs going across the border. kids, listen to me, don't take drugs. come here, raise your hand, raise your hand. raise it. raise your hand, no drugs, no alcohol, raise your hands, kids. "i promise donald j. trump -- kids: i promise donald j. trump -- mr. trump: "that i will never do drugs and, well, do a little bit of alcohol -- kids: that i will never do drugs, and, a little bit of alcohol. mr. trump: i love kids.
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you will never get hooked. you will never get hooked. that may be the most important thing i have done today. so look, folks, we are going to have a strong border. we are going to start winning again. i hope on tuesday you go out and vote for me. i will not let you down, i promise, you will not see anything like this.
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i promise. so on tuesday, go out and vote, it will be the greatest vote you have ever made, and we are going to start winning again, we will make america great again, i love you, thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you for your time. crowd: trump! trump! trump! [applause] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] >> on "newspaper -- newsmakers," dave macintosh talks about the stop trump movement in wisconsin, the endorsement of c-span. and more, on
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>> senator bernie sanders and hillary clinton went to the undersea dinner in milwaukee last night. voters there will be voting in the presidential primaries on tuesday. this is just under an hour. sen. sanders:: thank you all very much. thank you for being here tonight and for the work that many of you have done over the years. facef the crises that we in this country is that too many people are detached from the political process. if you are doing, by getting involved, setting up the fight for a better america, justice for working people and people of color and minorities and gay
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people who are not getting their voices heard, you are showing your love of this country and your patriotism, and i thank you very much for that. [applause] mr. sanders: i am running for president of the united states not because i woke up, or that i believe that when i was a little kid and a home growing up. i grew up in a three-and-a-half room rent-controlled apartment in brooklyn, new york. i am running for president
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because i think frankly that given the enormous crises facing our country, crises like a grotesque level of income and wealth inequality. [applause] mr. byrne -- mr. sanders: in which the top 1/10 of 1% own almost as much as the bottom 90%. millions of people are working not one job but two or three jobs, and yet 58% of all new income is going to the top 1%. a crises in which millions of our young people are graduating college deeply in debt, and hundreds of thousands of others cannot afford to go to college at a time when we need to have the best educated work force in the world. [applause] mr. sanders: a crisis in which we have a corrupt campaign
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finance system. [applause] mr. sanders: which as a result of citizens united, allows super pac's and the billionaires and wall street to fund and by elections. democracy is not a complicated concept. it is one person, one vote, not billionaires by elections. -- buying elections. [applause] mr. sanders: and then to add insult to injury, not only do we have the super pac's undermining american democracy, we have governors like scott walker trying to suppress the vote. [booing] mr. sanders: if you want to know
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what kind of president i will be, think about all of the things that governor walker does, and i will do exactly the opposite. [applause] mr. sanders: one of the things that i have discovered in this campaign is that there are a lot of people, including conservatives, who believes strongly in the principles of democracy. we can argue amongst each other, but at the end of the day, one person, one vote, majority rules. i have absolute contempt. i have friends who are conservatives and we disagree on the issues, and that is fine. but i have contempt, absolute contempt for those republican
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governors who do not have the guts to support free, open, and fair elections. [applause] mr. sanders: i have run for office in the state of vermont on a number of occasions. i have lost and i have one. it has never once occurred to me to try to figure out how i could deny people in my state the right to vote because they disagree with me. [applause] mr. sanders: if i say to governor walker and all of the other republican governors who are trying to make it harder for poor people and old people and people of color and young people, trying to make it harder for them to participate in the political process, i say to them, if you do not have the guts to participate in a free
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and fair election, get out of politics and get another job. [applause] mr. sanders: governor walker thinks it is a great idea to try to destroy the trade union movement. i think it is a great idea to try to build a stronger trade union movement. [applause] mr. sanders: so let me tell governor walker and all the rest, that if i am elected president we are going to pass an employee free choice act which will make it easier for workers to negotiate contracts
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and form a union. [applause] mr. sanders: governor walker apparently feels it is a great idea to give tax breaks to large corporations and then cut education. [booing] mr. sanders: i think it is a better idea to increase funding for education and demand that the large corporations start paying their fair share of taxes. [applause] mr. sanders: governor walker thinks it is a good idea to try to make it as hard as possible for women to control their own
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bodies. [booing] mr. sanders: i believe that women have the right to control their own bodies, and we will take on the scott walker's of the world who are restricting that right. [applause] mr. sanders: and by the way, we are also going to pass equity so women do not make $.79 on the dollar to men. [applause] mr. sanders: governors and senators and virtually all republican public officials are denying the science of climate change. and that is a very scary and dangerous proposition. it is hard to run a government, it is hard to do serious public policy if you reject science. now i am a member of the u.s. senate committee on the environment.
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i have talked to scientists all over the world. climate change is real. climate change is caused by human activity. and climate change is already doing devastating harm throughout our country and throughout the world, and this problem will only get much worse in years to come if we do not transform our energy system away from fossil fuels, to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause] mr. sanders: the time is now to tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the
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future of this planet. [applause] mr. sanders: in america today, we are living as you all know, in a highly competitive global economy. and yet, in wisconsin and throughout this country, our public school systems are in deep distress. we have a childcare and pre-k system which is literally dysfunctional. mom is going to work, that is going to work, people cannot find quality, affordable childcare. [applause] mr. sanders: and when you talk about crazy, of which we are talking a lot about in this campaign, every psychologist who has studied the issue understands that the most
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important years of human development are zero through four. and yet, when mom and dad go to work, more often than not the people who are taking care of their kids are getting paid mcdonald's wages. this is not what america should be about, and it should not be the way we treat our children. we need a revolution in early childhood education, people with those kids should be well trained, well educated, and well-paid. [applause] mr. sanders: now all of you are aware that when our republican friends talk about family values, you know what they are talking about.
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no woman are saying is should have the right to control her own body. that our gameg brothers and sisters should not have the right to get married. i disagree. [applause] you have met jane. we have been married for 27 years. we are blessed with four great kids. we believe in family values. our values are little bit different than the republicans. we must and the international embarrassment of united states of america being the only major country on earth not to guarantee paid family and
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medical leave. there are women today giving birth in wisconsin and in vermont's all over this country and if they are working-class they are low income women in many cases they are going to have to go back to work in two or three weeks and separate themselves from their beautiful new babies. value. not a family that is the opposite of a family value. if elected president, we will legislation for 12 weeks of paid family and medical leave.
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there is one country, one wealthy industrialized country, but does not guarantee health care to all people. you are living in that country. it is time we changed that. i have been criticized for saying this. by various establishment media. and others. let me repeat it. [laughter] so there is no equivocation. health care is a right of all people not a privilege. [applause]
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member of the senate committee on health education and labor. we helped write to the afford care act. i am very grateful for president obama's leadership. [applause] it and is the insanity -- it and it is the obscenity cold pre-existing conditions. the discrimination against women. it added 17 million people to the ranks of the insured. all of that is very good. we should be proud of that
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compliment. -- accomplishment. forget thatt despite the gains 29 million americans still have no health insurance. many of you have health insurance but you are underinsured with large deductibles and copayments. every day in this country where being ripped off in unconscionable way by the drug companies that are charging us higher prices in the world of prescription drugs. crazy is one out of five americans getting prescriptions and not being able to afford those prescriptions. senior citizens dividing their
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pills in half because they don't have the money to buy the medicine they need. don't talk about the cost of health care without understanding we spending far more per capita than anyone else. we spend three times more than the british do. we must move toward a medicare for all single-payer program. [applause]
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on one issue we do not disagree. we have got to do everything and our power to make sure the donald trump or some other republican does not become president. [applause] [applause] on that issue we are all united.
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i believe i am the strongest candidate to defeat donald trump. [applause] and i say this with no disrespect to secretary clinton or anyone else. i know opinion polls go up and down. the last cnn poll had bernie sanders defeating donald trump nationally by 20 points. a significantly higher margin than clinton. a poll on in wisconsin had us beating donald trump in this battleground state by 19 points. [applause]
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a higher number then clinton. here is an objective assessment of what is going on. there is one campaign that has amount of excitements and enthusiasm and that is our campaign. what i am very proud of is that for the democratic party to succeed we need a fiber and see and an energy, a level of grassroots activism that we do not have at this moment. we need to bring in millions of young people who have never
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voted in their lives and i'm proud to say they are coming into our campaign. [applause] if you go to some of the rallies, 25,000 people coming out, and you look at the eyes of those young people and their spirit and their love for this country and their desire to improve this country. you have enormous confidence in the future of our country. [applause] i am enormously proud not only that we have created that kind of energy and grassroots enthusiasm but that we have revolutionized campaigns financing in the united states.
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i don't have a super pac. i don't get money from wall street. [applause] we have received over $6 million in individual campaign contributions averaging $27 each. i believe that is the future of the democratic party. [applause] i believe we have got to tell wall street and the drug companies and the fossil fuel industry and all the big money interests sorry we are not on your side we don't want your
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money. let me conclude as i began. in this country today we have a series of serious crises. i wish that i could tell you that the same old establishment politics could solve these problems. i don't believe that. what i believe right now is like every other great movement in american history, the trade unions, the civil rights movement, women's rights, gay rights, what we need right now is a movement of millions of people to stand up and fight back and demand a government that represents all of us not just a handful of wealthy
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campaign contributors. thank you all very much. [applause] [applause] ("starman" by david bowie)
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♪ >>bernie, can i get a picture? >>we love you, bernie!
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("fight song") hillary clinton: hello milwaukee. thank you. i want to thank martha lanning and the democratic party of wisconsin. it is great to be here. milwaukee's mayor tom barrett. your fearless congresswoman gwen moore. fantastic senator tammy baldwin. will be a great day when we can once again talk about your two
5:18 pm
fantastic senators with russ feingold. [applause] i want to thank my friend cecile richards. there is a lot about her that i admire. speaking truth to power with some of the most fact averse republicans in congress. trust me, that is not easy. i am so grateful to have been endorsed by the planned parenthood action fund. i also want to thank my friend your neighbor senator al franken for campaigning here for me. i am told that congressman andre carson from indiana is here.
5:19 pm
and congresswoman maxine waters from california. to all of the cities and states local leaders who pour your hearts into building the democratic party across wisconsin please know this. i will help you take back the governorship and to the state legislature. [applause] i am a proud democrat and i support democrats up and down the ticket. always have and always will. [applause] to the union members who have faced a hostile agenda in this
5:20 pm
state please know help is on the way. [applause] we are here tonight because we want together to build a future where every american can live up to his or her god-given potential the matter where you come from. no one who works full time should have to live in poverty in america and every american deserves the peace of mind that comes with quality affordable health care. when the governor attacks teachers and nurses and firefighters it doesn't make him
5:21 pm
a leader in makes him a bully. [applause] we believe america's diversity is a strength not a weakness. this makes us join together as democrats and i am proud of the campaign that senator sanders and i have been running. it has been hard-fought all across our country and here in wisconsin it's no exception. we have tried to stay focused on the issues as compared to the republicans who have been focused on insults.
5:22 pm
i am deeply honored to receive to nearly 9 million votes so far. that is a million more than donald trump has received. 2.5 million more than senator sanders. but i'm not taking anyone for granted. i hope to earn your support this tuesday. here's what i believe about this race. anyone running for president faces three big tests. can you deliver results and improve people's lives? can you keep us safe? can you bring our country together? i think every candidate should be judged by those tests. let's talk for a minute about what it takes to make a real difference for people and families. a lot of americans are frustrated.
5:23 pm
they are worried that their best days and their country's best days are behind us. i understand why. 9 million americans lost their jobs in the great recession. 5 million homes were lost. $13 trillion in family wealth was wiped out. a lot of americans haven't recovered. working people on average haven't had a raise in 15 years. they wonder how they will give their kids the opportunity that they deserve. that is why i believe we have to break down all the barriers holding people back. we have to come together to build ladders of opportunity in their place. we have to make the promise of america real for all our people. that starts with creating more good jobs with rising incomes
5:24 pm
that provide dignity and pride. the good jobs of the future going to end up somewhere in the world. i want them be here in wisconsin. i have laid out a national manufacturing strategy so that we can make it in america. i proposed a new $10 billion investment to bring together workers and unions and government at every level to create those new jobs. i want everybody to come up with their own back to factoring plan. this election should be carried out over the agenda. you expect to get it done?
5:25 pm
i offered specific reforms so that companies that ship jobs overseas give back every penny of tax breaks they got. if they move their headquarters to a foreign country and skip out on the tax bill we are going to slap a new exit tax on them and put the money they have to pay up to work in the communities that they want to leave behind. [applause] i have also laid out approaches that will make it harder for wall street to force businesses to treat workers as costs to be cut instead of assets to be invested in. we have to keep our eye on where
5:26 pm
these problems are coming from. let's reward companies that provide high quality training and share profits with their employees. that is the kind of approach that will begin to push back on crony capitalism. pressures from active shareholders. i will lead the fight against republican attacks on president obama's financial reforms under the dodd frank legislation. in fact, i don't think the president gets the credit he deserves for saving this economy and cracking down on wall street.
5:27 pm
we're going to protect that progress and go even further. we need smarter trade policies. there have been a lot of distortions of my record on trade. i want to set things straight. to every worker in wisconsin, if i'm fortunate enough to be your president i will stand with you i will have your back and i will stop dead in its tracks any trade deal that hurts america. i opposed the only multilateral trade deal that came up. it was called cafta. as secretary of state i-40 against china's trade policy. i opposed the transpacific partnership if i couldn't tell
5:28 pm
workers that it would raise your wages. senator sanders has opposed all trade deals all the time. but i don't agree with that either. what trade has done right is help to put thousands of wisconsin companies in a better position to export billions of dollars. worth of products to create good paying jobs. we need a president who doesn't just rail against trade. a president who knows how to compete against the rest of the world and how to win for american workers.
5:29 pm
that is what i did when i was a senator. why have so many people who go to bat for me. who talk about why they trust me. i stood up for them. i stood up against unfair treatment by china and others. i testified for steelworkers against dumping of steel in our country. i want you to know that when i am president no one will take advantage of us, not china, not wall street and not overpaid corporate executives. [applause] not enough for us to tell you what we are against. we have to tell you what we are for. we need to make investments in education and training. give people the skills they need
5:30 pm
to succeed. make sure our kids have access to good schools and good teachers from early on through high school and beyond. we invest in our kids education we are investing our country's future. we are creating a stronger economy. we know that still today a worker with a college degree burns half a million dollars more over there working lifetime. when we invest in higher education it enriches lives the on the classroom. it allows innovation to spread
5:31 pm
from campus labs to businesses throughout the state and the country. this is a principle so fundamental to this state that it's called the wisconsin idea. [applause] i was born in chicago. i came to wisconsin a lot when i was a young person. i came to church camp. i came to girl scout camp. we would travel around wisconsin on little vacations. i loved how beautiful the state was. as i learned more about the progressive tradition of wisconsin i became such an admirer of the state. wisconsin was ahead of the curve on so many important issues that really improve lives for americans. and stood up for fundamental
5:32 pm
rights. the wisconsin idea sparked my imagination. it is terrible to see the damage governor walker and his allies in the legislature have done in just five years. they have cut hundreds of millions of dollars from wisconsin's colleges and universities. they rolled back financial aid. they even blocked a proposal to help people refinance their student debt. instead of investing in higher education they are gutting it. this is so wrong. it has to stop. a world-class education should be the birthright of every child. not a privilege reserved for those who can afford it. senator sanders and i both agree that we want to help more young people get a quality education.
5:33 pm
but we have different ideas about how to do it. under my plan you won't have to borrow in time for tuition at any public college. you'll be able to refinance existing debt and affordable interest rates. we will work with states and schools to control costs and provide incentives for greater public investment in higher education over time. my opponent is counting on governor walker and the legislature to come up with $300 million in new funding for higher education. that is ironic because that is how much governor walker wanted to cut last year. he ended up cutting $250 million. if you're free college plan depends on republican governors like walker that will take some major change of heart.
5:34 pm
i do believe in deathbed conversions. [laughter] but i am not counting on that. i want you to get free tuition regardless of what your republican governor has to say about it. if your ideas will not get passed in the congress we have, or they won't work because the numbers don't add up. then we are not going to give people the help that they need right away. that is what i want to do. that is what it is supposed to be about. how can we help you right now. one more pillar of the good jobs agenda. getting serious about supporting unions.
5:35 pm
unions helped build the strongest middle class in the history of the world. [applause] just think about it. unions led the fight for affordable health care and better wages. they are at the forefront of the movement to raise the minimum wage. here in wisconsin, governor walker has spent the last five years stripping workers of their rights limiting their rights. this is bad for everybody.
5:36 pm
it drives down wages for everybody. they undermine the kind of changes we need for everybody. they stop our progress. what is really scary is ted cruz and the other republicans say they want to do across the country what scott walker has done here. and pose a national right to work law that would depress wages. and benefits. undercut unions. concentrate power in the hands of corporations and their allies. this is not only wrong but we must stop them. organized labor will always have a champion of the white house if i am elected. all americans will have a president who helps break down the barriers.
5:37 pm
taking on income inequality is critical. so is taking on racial inequality and discrimination in all of its forms. [applause] so is standing up to the gun lobby and fighting for common sense gun safety reform. [applause] most people don't have the
5:38 pm
luxury of living in a single issue world. we face a complex set of intersectional challenges in our next president needs to be taken on all of them. the second big test is keeping our country safe. at a time when terrorists are plotting new attacks and countries like russia and china are making aggressive moves. protecting our national security can't be an afterthought. our next president has to be just as passionate about defending our country is about fixing our economy. other public inside, what we're hearing is truly scary. when donald trump talks casually about torture and nuclear weapons, or when ted cruz talks about treating american muslims like criminals.
5:39 pm
that does not make trump and ted cruz sound strong. it makes them sound in over their heads. [applause] loose cannons tend to misfire. that is a gamble we cannot afford. the test the republican candidates fail most spectacularly is the third one. instead of bringing us together, they are determined to divide us even further. us against them. donald trump plays coy with white supremacists. he wants to round up latino immigrants and kick them out of the united states. he wants to ban all muslims from entering america.
5:40 pm
a lot of republicans may be wringing their hands over the rise of donald trump. look at wisconsin. mr. trump is just saying what many other republicans in politics have long believed. [applause] you have seen governor walker pit wisconsinites against one another for years. scapegoating teachers. demonizing public workers. going after unions. he's made it his personal mission to roll back women's rights. he has defunded planned parenthood. banned abortion after 20 weeks with no exceptions for victims he defends texas style regulation of abortion.
5:41 pm
right now there is a walker-appointed judge running for the highest court in this state. she has actually said, i had to read this three times. [laughter] she said birth control is morally abhorrent and doctors who provide it are party to murder. she compared birth control which millions of women use every year to murder. there is no place on any supreme court or any court in this country
5:42 pm
[applause] no place at all for rebecca bradley and her decades-long dangerous track record against women and survivors of sexual assault and the lgbt community. no to discrimination. no to hate speech. no to rebecca bradley. [applause]
5:43 pm
this is not some sideshow or distraction. the assault on women's reproductive rights is a serious issue. states across america are doing everything they can to put up new barriers holding back women's access to health care. the supreme court is considering the biggest challenge to roe versus wade in a generation. we need to stand behind president obama and his right to fill that vacancy on the supreme court. [applause] every republican running for president wants to make abortion illegal. we need leadership to defeat them. when i talk like this, and i often do, republicans accuse me
5:44 pm
of playing the gender card. if fighting for equal say and paid family leave and planned parenthood is playing the gender card then deal me in. [applause] i come to these issues as a woman and a mother and a grandmother. a lawyer, a former first lady, senator, secretary of state. i have traveled to parts of the world where government control over women's bodies consigns them to second-class status. i have been in the trenches alongside groups like planned parenthood for decades.
5:45 pm
fighting to protect reproductive rights and women's autonomy women's equality. to make their own decisions. i'm very honored that they have endorsed me in this campaign. i will keep fighting. i will fight against anyone anywhere who wants to set women's rights back. we are going to keep going forward. everything i have heard from donald trump and ted cruz and the other republicans have convinced me they had no respect for women's rights. one of my favorite americans was maya angelou. when someone shows you who they are, believe them, she said.
5:46 pm
today's republican leaders are showing us who they are. we need to stand up to them at every level. we know they are going to come at us with every possible insult and smear. they will do whatever it takes. we need a nominee who has been already. for 25 years they have thrown everything they could at me but i am still standing. [applause] i am ready to take on this fight and win with you and for you. we need to keep a democrat in
5:47 pm
the white house but we can't stop there. i will have your back. against governor walker and the tea party. i will campaign to elect democrats in every level. we will take back the state legislature and in 2018 we will defeat scott walker. [applause] i am the only candidate in this race who was pledged to raise money to help build our party. i want to be your partner for the long haul not just when i'm on the ballot. we will take back the states. the state of lafollette and nelson and kohl and feingold and baldwin! go to hillary
5:48 pm
contribute what you can. most importantly, i need your support on tuesday. in the primary. please come out and vote. vote for results that will make a positive difference in people's lives. come out and vote for a commander-in-chief that will keep our country safe. come out and vote for someone who will as she has always done find common ground while standing my ground. let's tear down all the barriers. let's keep being progressive. making progress together. thank you wisconsin. [applause] [applause] ("shake it off" by taylor swift)
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>>got it? hillary: i remember that. that would be great. >> thank you. ♪ oh my god!
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hello. ("roar" by katy perry) >> campaign 2016 continues on tuesday, april 5, with the wisconsin primary.
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live coverage begins tuesday night at 9:00 eastern. taking you on the road to the white house on c-span, c-span radio, and they have endorsed the primary for ted cruz and is spending $1 million on ads in the state against donald trump. thank you for being with us this week. mr. mcintosh: my pleasure. susan: ms. morrongiello and mr. hohmann. as we get started, people looking at your twitter feed will see many references to making the wisconsin primary donald trump's waterloo essentially. why are you thinking about it


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