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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 4, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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, it is what our country needs. he is so principled in who he is, and recognize that the same time that our laws allow for differences. country right now is washington versus the people. we are going to turn this around. it is about who represents us in washington. >> one thing i am thinking about, i do not know a lot about but i'm a student, and i realize god allows evil so that it can come good. senator cruz understands that. he does not want to cause anyone harm. he wants to lift people up. mrs. cruz: he has such a
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beautiful -- for his country, people who are inspired by their spiritual beliefs, individual liberty, and rule of law, and our campaign represents that. you do not achieve that by terry people down -- by tearing people down. i believe that is why this campaign will win, because it better represents the party. -- myink his background parents experienced a similar thing after world war ii -- lithuania. my dad loves his country. it was culture shock. mrs. cruz: sure. [indiscernible]
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>> enjoy your trip. mrs. cruz: thank you. takinging forward to him the oath of office. mrs. cruz: thank you so much. nice to meet you. >> i told my husband we are going to be shaking the hand of the next first lady. mrs. cruz: the voters will decide. are your daughters able to get out? doingruz: they were school work today, so we have to have structure. >> [indiscernible] wait for --
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we will get family and friends -- mrs. cruz: it is a well-informed community. >> it is. absolutely.s, [indiscernible] >> nothing wrong with that. [indiscernible] we have had a wonderful experience getting to know you. >> thank you. -- thank you for coming . mrs. cruz: you have a wonderful -- >> i wanted to let you know i have started campaigning for ted four years ago. [indiscernible]
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exactly. appreciate that. mrs. cruz: thank you. thank you. >> good luck. >> thank you very much. mrs. cruz: thank you. [indiscernible]
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would like to meet you -- we are going to -- [indiscernible] >> thank you. mrs. cruz: thanks for coming. thank you for coming out. [indiscernible] mrs. cruz: oh, my goodness. [indiscernible] we need to remind it does not mean
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we have to hide it -- and teach our kids. [indiscernible] mrs. cruz: i cannot tell you how true that it is. how are you? nice to meet you. thank you for being here. supporting ted. he needs you. hi.
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beautiful. >> oh, no. you know what? i have to tell you -- you should see the picture of me at the family christmas party. [indiscernible] instead of arguing with donald trump. we are going to talk about issues. >> you know what? i tried to -- people want to attack your strengths. telling thet --
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truth of what is going on in washington, and that is why he got a 17-point lead in texas. stopwish they would just that. mrs. cruz: ted is taking the high road. [indiscernible] i know. but people do not want to hear us, when people start talking about it, because i got to see no one wants to hear the truth about that. mrs. cruz: we do. we want real solutions.
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[indiscernible] wow., [indiscernible] mrs. cruz: i do not know why -- about insurance. we have offices that are set up --make sure that [indiscernible]
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it has been good for business. mrs. cruz: thank you. --need less government >> and it is so atrocious right now -- mrs. cruz: exactly. [indiscernible] >> that is awesome. appreciate you for standing
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in. mrs. cruz: thank you. >> definitely. mrs. cruz: hi. what is your name? can i give you a hug? my little one is also 5. >> can we get a picture of you? mrs. cruz: of course. mrs. cruz: thank you so much.
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wonderful. >> and initiative -- very instrumental in getting educational --, and his wife tends several of those, and they are a dynamic couple. --y have been longtime you supported these values for so long. citizen to citizen. people know each other according to their values. andk you for standing up,
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-- [indiscernible] >> thank you, thank you. mrs. cruz: thank you for being a courageous -- [indiscernible] something -- do [indiscernible] >> there we go.
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>> we have been planning for this -- >> i have been -- for five years. [indiscernible] >> and yours in particular is trying to use that point of view -- the john birch society, we had been on this issue for some time now.
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i did get some information from that -- going more into the background. anything you would want to share on that, i would like to use that as a -- mrs. cruz: yes, absolutely. -- one is nigeria and kenya. christians worship on saturday -- but -- so when i got to working and really wanted to go there were so many countries worried about capitalism. really good education, analysis, and helping -- so when george w bush ran for president, i joined his team, and i worked with the --h administration economic
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helping us make sure we were not giving taxpayer money to countries that were against us. when i left the bush administration, i was 35, and i joined the council on foreign term.ons, a five-year bolton was on the council. and so in that capacity i was there as an economic conservative, a capitalist -- administratively. --rote a book and better trade up for america instead of --
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[indiscernible] we are unified on policy. >> that was really important. the world court -- and they tried to free criminals there isr countries -- no stronger family in the u.s. than our family. to -- it would like --ieve there is a way to get
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dollars -- >> i appreciate that. both candidates -- [indiscernible] i know, they are a big public company. >> i know the perfect way to present it. >> good. >> i hope you guys win. mrs. cruz: thanks for passing that along. that is an important issue. a picture real quick.
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three -- there we go. >> question for you. hi there. -- what isisconsin important to think about especially donald trump's statement on abortion yesterday? mrs. cruz: we held that event for women yesterday in wisconsin. i want to remind your viewers -- i'm so proud to support my husband who understands the importance of women in this country, the incredible roles we serve. [indiscernible] direct response to what donald trump said
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yesterday about women and abortion? mrs. cruz: ted and i will always stand for life. be the way he always has been, exactly who he was in the primaries will be who he will be as president of the united states. supporting women, we need to support life, we need to whotion and punish those are conducting abortions. >> thank you very much. bye-bye. >> can i get your autograph? >>ll rht, guys, ready?
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mrs. cruz: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> wonderful. thank you. thank you. the new york presidential away.ry is two weeks o hillary clinton will speak at a high school in albany at 6:15 eastern, and later tonight, a
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rally for senator ted cruz set to start at 8:00 tonight, 7:00 center. the republican primary in wisconsin is tomorrow, and recent polls say that cruz leads donald trump. campaign 2016 continues on tuesday, april 5, with the wisconsin primary. live coverage, tuesday night at 9:00 eastern. tune in for election results in fewer reaction, taking you on "the road to the white house." >> ahead of the primary tomorrow, your pocket party of milwaukee held a dinner with gop candidates. we were here first from ted cruz spoke onsir palin who behalf of donald trump, and then
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later, i'll governor john kasich -- ohio governor john kasich. walker: thank you. what a great crowd. welcome to serve all the best fish fry in the tim entire country. good to be close to home. good to see the sheriff. i feel safe already with david up there in the front row. pretty good. it is great to be here. i will spend a couple minutes telling you a few things, but i do question to begin with -- how many of you think wisconsin is better off than it was five years ago? that is because of all of you. that is because of all of you here tonight. take about it.
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with all these national folks, let's give a commercial about the great state of wisconsin. because of common sense, sensible, conservative leadership, you all not just elected me in 2010, but elected majorities in the state senate and the state senate, and then you helped the end 2012 with the recall election and two years ago with the reelection in 2014. in each of those election years, you helped us add numbers to the republican majorities in the assembly and the senate. we got a better economy, i better budget, better schools, a better wisconsin. sound pretty good? think about it. each of these categories. the report taking out of the government about just a couple weeks ago, from the previous month, january, showed that in the state of wisconsin we had one of the lowest unemployment rates that we have had in about a decade and a half.
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in fact, the percentage of people working in this state is now the sixth highest in the entire country. and it was simple -- we got government out of the way. we lowered property tax. got government regulation and red tape out of the way. on frivolousk out-of-control lawsuits and we put you in charge of the state economy, and you responded. more people are working in wisconsin than at any point in our state's history. common sense, conservative principles work. and they do not work with just the economy. we have a balanced budget. we have had a budget surplus every year we were in office, a rainy day fund, the biggest in the state's history, and
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remember the protesters? remember how they said public education was going to be in trouble? i'm proud to say that our public t scores are the best in the country, and graduation rates are some of the best the country. common sense, conservative principles work. and all of you in this state understand that. who helped us make phone calls and talk to her neighbors and coworkers and friends, and all of you who i,yed for matt and alex and you know that what the battle is about, but you know that it is worth it, not just for us, not for republican majorities, but for our children and grandchildren. we have done more about the next generation that about the next
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election, and wisconsin has responded time and time again to that positive conservative message. thank you for making that possible. tonight i'm going to ask for your help one more time. not just here but for the country. there are a lot of who helped us out. some may be thinking about this candidate or that candidate. i can tell you about who i am casting my vote for on tuesday. not just for what is going to happen in tuesday's primary but what's going to happen from the moment some in the impact it will have on this nomination, on this party and the country as a whole. i am endorsing ted cruz to be the next president of the united states.
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let me give you three quick reasons why. we just talk in this state. the protesters five years ago tried to shout as out and we just quietly got the work done. three simple reasons why i'm proud to support ted on tuesday to be our nominee and our president. ted cruz is a constitutional conservative. do you know why that matters? we have shown in this state why that matters. he understands the founders of this country 240 years ago, the unbelievably brave founders of this country had a good vision. they understood power should not be concentrated in washington. instead, it should flow to the states.
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more importantly, to the people. the people in wisconsin can take charge of their government. we need someone committed to the constitution, and that is ted cruz. secondly, what i love is something we can relate to in wisconsin. ted cruz is not afraid to take on the status quo. we showed america what it means to take power out of the hands of the big government special interests. it has worked year after year. it has worked. it is about time we have that commonsense leadership in our nation's capital. ted cruz brought that kind of approach and opinion to washington. it shook things up. it shook up the democrats. it shook up the status quo.
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yes, occasionally it shook up republicans in washington. that is what he is going to do as your next president. to me there is one more reason, third reason. you've got the philosophical and the policy reasons why i am supporting ted cruz to be president. notice that my reasons are about who i am for, not who i am against. that is important in wisconsin. we like to be for something, not against something. the third reason is a practical reason. you see, ted cruz without a doubt is the candidate who can both win the nomination of the party, bring the party together at the convention, and defeat hillary clinton this fall. [applause]
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because between now and tuesday, a number -- let's remember here in wisconsin as republicans our , opponents aren't the people on the primary ballot. our opponent is hillary clinton, someone who is so far out of touch of reality, even the democrats understand -- that is part of the reason why bernie sanders has so much support here and elsewhere. democrats understand we cannot trust hillary clinton on benghazi, on the server, on her e-mails, on leading this country. and so it is my honor to tell , you i am for. and i just came from our cottish -- oshkosh. i was having a dinner with leaders of winnebago county.
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i sat next to ted cruz's dad, who is a minister. of course you know me my dad is , a preacher. both of us are preachers' kids. we know what it is like to grow up with the scrutiny of being preachers' kids. we understand how our kids feel. the kids of a senator and the governor. hopefully one of them will be a president. thinking about big next to his dad, it brought a smile to my face. i could see some of the things the way my dad talked in the way my dad does. and i thought about him and growing up in that small town in wisconsin and growing up during the 1980's. just like ted did, not just as a kid of a preacher but growing up in a time when the leader of our country was someone we could look up to. someone who thought about the future more than just his own. but for future generations. someone who had a vision of how
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to bring this country together not by running away from principles but instead by embracing those principles and applying them to leading our nation. that was ronald reagan. ted and i both came of age at that time. [applause] ted and i both came of age not in office. we came of age. we were in high school. ted and i and people like paul ryan probably a lot of you hear remember that ronald reagan was our president. he was our leader. he was the leader of the free world. and we believed in him because he had a plan to move the country forward in the right direction. he was a principled conservative who was optimistic about the american people. i believe, ladies and gentlemen, that is to we have with us tonight, a gentleman who will win the wisconsin primary, who will unite the party when he
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receives the nomination in cleveland, and who will once and for all put us on the right track after he is elected the 45th president of the united states. ladies and gentlemen put your , hands together for ted cruz. [applause] ♪ march] illip sousa ted cruz: god bless the great
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state of wisconsin. i have got to say your governor , is a rock star. [cheers] ted cruz: let me tell you. when governor scott walker stood up and took on the union bosses, and when we saw vicious personal attacks, when we saw vicious threats, and millions of men and women across the state of wisconsin stood with your governor and said we got your back. i want to tell you it inspired millions of americans across this country. it inspired me. it demonstrated when we the people stand together, we can beat the special interests that are bankrupting our kids and grandkids. [applause] and the courage and principle
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that scott walker and the people of wisconsin demonstrated in that fight over and over again is exactly the courage we need in washington dc to turn this country around. [applause] and i am so humbled, so honored to be standing here with governor walker. scott thank you for your , friendship, thank you for your tremendous leadership. [applause] you know, you can learn of a lot about a word by looking to its history looking to its , roots. you look at the roots of the word politics, it has two parts. poli, meaning many, and ticks, meaning bloodsucking parasites.
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[laughter] and that is a fairly accurate description of washington dc. [applause] know, we are here tonight for something a lot more important than politics. we are here because our country is in crisis. we are here tonight because we are bankrupting our kids and grandkids. because our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day, and because america has receded from leadership in the world, and it has made the world a more dangerous place. and yet i am here with a word of , hope and encouragement. all across the state of wisconsin, all across this country people are waking up. ,and help is on the way. [applause]
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this next election is going to focus on three critical issues. jobs, freedom, and security. let's start with jobs. i want to take a minute and talk to all the single moms who are -- two andend three three part-time jobs. you have had your hours reduced 29 hours a week because obama care kicks in at 30 hours week. i want to talk to all the truck drivers, all the plumbers and electricians, all the union members, all the working men and women with calluses on your hands, who have seen your wages stagnate year after year after year. cost of living keeps going up. yet somehow, your paycheck doesn't seem to keep pace.
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i want to talk to the young people coming out of school, with student loans up to your eyeballs. scared. am i going to get a job? what does the future hold for me? and you know the mainstream , media, they try to tell us this is the new normal. this is as good as it gets. let me tell you that is an , absolute lie. [applause] you know it is easy to talk , about making america great again. you can even print that on a baseball cap. [laughter] [applause] but the real question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place? the heart of our economy is not washington dc.
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the heart of our economy is millions of small businesses all across the united states of america. [applause] you want to unleash jobs, you have to take the boot of the federal government off the back of the neck of small business. [applause] if i'm elected president, we will repeal every word of obama care. [applause] we will pass commonsense health care reform that makes health insurance personal and portable and affordable, and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. [applause] and we will pass a simple flat tax. [applause]
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so every american can fill out our taxes on a postcard. [cheers] ted cruz: and when we do that, we should abolish the irs. [applause] we're going to rein in the epa. and the federal regulators who have descended like locusts on small businesses killing jobs , all across this country. and we are going to stop amnesty and secure the borders and end sanctuary cities and and welfare welfareelfare -- end
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benefits for those here illegally. [applause] let me tell you what's going to happen when we do all of that. we are going to see millions upon millions of new high-paying jobs. jobs coming back to america, back to china, back from mexico. manufacturing jobs coming back to the state of wisconsin, wages rising for americans all across this country. we are going to see young people coming out of school with 2, 5 jobs. offers. [applause] we will see morning in america again. the second critical issue this election is about his freedom. -- is freedom. the passing a few weeks ago of justice scalia underscores the stakes of this election. it is not just one but two branches of government that hang in the balance. we are one liberal justice away
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from a radical five justice majority the likes of which this country has never seen. we are one justice away from a supreme court that would strip the religious liberty for -- from americans across this country. we are one justice away from a supreme court that would effectively erase the second amendment from the bill of rights. we are one justice away from the supreme court making us subject to the world court in the united nations and international law, and giving away u.s. sovereignty. now two debates ago, hugh hewitt asked a question about religious liberty and the supreme court. and donald trump turned to me. he said ted, i have known more politicians than you have. well, in that he is correct. ,[laughter] donald trump has been supporting
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liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. i have no experience with that. [applause] but donald continued. he said, ted, when it comes to the supreme court, when it comes to religious liberty, you have to learn to compromise. you have to learn to cut deals with the democrats and go along to get along. well, let me be very, very clear to the men and women of wisconsin. i will not compromise away your religious liberty. [applause] and i will not compromise away your second amendment rights to keep and bear arms. [applause]
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the third critical issue in this race is security. for seven years, we've had a president who abandons our friend and ally. who shows weakness in appeasement to our enemy. now again two debates ago, , donald trump explained if he were president, he said, he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. [booing] ted cruz: let me be very clear. as president, i will not be neutral. [applause] america will stand on a hot ill -- unapologetically with the nation of israel. [applause] and anyone who can't tell the difference between our friends and our enemies, anyone who
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can't tell the difference between israel and islamic terrorists who want to murder us that raises real questions about , their fitness and judgment to be commander-in-chief. [applause] last week we were all horrified , by yet another terror attack in brussels. every time we see one of these attacks, whether it is paris, san bernardino, brussels, president obama goes on national television and refuses to even utter the words radical islamic terrorism. [booing] ted cruz: instead, he lectures americans on islamophobia. thinkast attack, i president obama found it very inconvenient. it interrupted his baseball game with the castro's.
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[laughter] and you know wasn't a delightful , to see the president palling around with communist dictators in front of the giant portrait of che guevara? [laughter] remarkable -- wasn't it remarkable to see a joint press raoul castroere stood up and said let me tell you all the horrible things about president obama -- about america and have president obama say i agree with you, america is terrible. it is asking too much to have a president who will defend the united states of america? [applause] over the last seven years, we've seen our military weaken. readiness degraded, morrell of the troops plummeting -- morale
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of the troops plummeting. and yet as a nation we've seen , this before. we see another left-wing democratic president, jimmy carter, weaken the military. in 1981, we had president reagan. it generated trillions in new government revenue. exploded millions of new jobs. he used to that revenue to rebuild the military, and we bankrupted the soviet union and won the cold war. [applause] i intend to do the exact same thing with radical islamic terrorism. [applause] we are going to repeal obama care and pass a flat tax and pull back the regulators and stop amnesty. and we are going to see millions and millions of new jobs created.
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america will generate trillions of new revenue, and use that revenue to rebuild this military so it remains the mightiest fighting force on the face of the planet. [applause] no longer will our military be governed by political correctness. [applause] we have leaders here at home, strong principled leaders that stand up and keep us safe here at home. [applause] sheriff also knows how to make a texan feel at home by wearing his boots. [applause] but i will tell you, sheriff, for the jihadists across the the face of the globe, come
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january 2017, a day of reckoning is coming. [applause] we are not going to weaken. we are not going to degrade. we are going to utterly and completely destroy isis. [applause] and you know one of the most , shameful aspects of the last seven years has been this president sending our fighting men and women into combat. with rules of engagement so strict that there arms are tied behind their backs and they cannot fight, they cannot win, they cannot defeat the enemy. that is wrong. it is immoral. and come 2017, it will end. [applause]
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america has always been reluctant to use military force. we are slow to anger. but if and when military force is needed, we should use overwhelming force, kill the enemy, and then get the heck out. [applause] so let's talk a little politics. [laughter] a year ago, we had 17 republican candidates in the field. it was an amazingly diverse, young, talented dynamic field. what a contrast. with the democrats. [laughter] field consists of
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eight -- of a wild-eyed socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the world, and bernie sanders. [laughter] [applause] but the course of a year we have , seen what a primary is supposed to do. the field has narrowed. the field has narrowed, there and where are we now? there are only two candidates who have any plausible path to winning the nomination. me and donald trump. now, wisconsin is a battleground. the entire country, its eyes are on the state of wisconsin. this estate, the men and women here, you have a platform. you have a megaphone. you are speaking not just for the state but the entire country.
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to i will say, for the 60 5% -- for the 65% to 70% of republicans who recognize nominating donald trump is a train wreck, that is actually not fair to train wreck. [ooo] [applause] nominating donald trump elects hillary clinton. hillary not only wins, she wins by a big margin. and if hillary is the next president, the supreme court is lost for a generation. the bill of rights is lost. our kids are buried. and trillions are more in debt. we stay in the same economic stagnation we have struggled for in the last few years. what we're seeing happening in wisconsin and all across the country is republicans are coming together and uniting behind this campaign.
2:54 pm
[applause] of the 17 candidates who started , we have now seen five of those candidates coming together supporting this campaign. we have seen rick perry, carly fiorina, lindsey graham, jeb bush, and your own governor scott walker. [applause] that is the very real manifestation of the unity we need across this country, to win, republicans have to stand together. we have to unite. if we are divided, we will lose the primary, and we will hand the general election to hillary clinton. and is the men and women here who are taking the lead to make that happen.
2:55 pm
so i am not asking for your help . i am asking for each of you to stand up between now and tuesday, to take it upon yourself not just to vote. but i want to ask everyone here to vote for me 10 times. [laughter] [cheers] now look we are not democrats. ,[laughter] [applause] i am not suggesting voter fraud. [laughter] but if everyone here gets nine other people to come out and vote on tuesday, you will have voted 10 times. [applause] that is how we win. it is the power of the grassroots. it is the same power that stood with governor walker in the battle with the union bosses. it is the same power of the grassroots. the men and women who stood together and said we can do this. we can beat the special
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interests. if we stand together united, we are going to win the republican nomination, and we are going to be hillary clinton in november, and we are going to turn this country around. [applause] it took jimmy carter to give us ronald reagan. i am convinced the most long-lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stand and fight for liberty, who stand and fight for the constitution, who stand and fight for the judeo-christian values that built this great nation. [applause] thank you, and god bless you. [applause] ♪
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[background chatter] the great senator, the great state of texas, senator ted cruz. ♪ [john phillip sousa march] >> and around round of applause for our great governor, scott walker. ♪
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sarah palin: thank you so much i am so happy to be here. in a way so good to be in wisconsin. i got off the airplane and as i walked into the airport, looking at all of the green and gold, green and gold until i am getting cold, paraphernalia the packers, reminds me of my dad's man cave. he was the biggest cheese head. and his connection i know this , is a stretch, but his connection is he played ball and he was a teammate of jerry kramer back in the day. remember, number 64? back with a packers sweep, he
2:59 pm
was a great player, and granted it was high school football when they were teammates. and get a load of this, both guys are inducted into the high school hall of fame, but jerry kramer still the best player to never be inducted. i have a unity pledge. i have a unity pledge i want to propose for all the guys running. why don't they unify the mission for wisconsin, to do whatever it takes to get jerry kramer finally inducted where he belongs, in the nfl hall of fame? [applause] no matter the political leanings on the spectrum in the republican party. you here, you know competition is so good. competition elevates the best, and this country deserves the best. what you are getting from the
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federal government right now is not the best. and herein wisconsin, your middle-class has been harmed probably more than any other state in the union, because of federal policies that do not make sense and really have shrunk the middle class here more than anywhere else. i want to talk about three core issues that need to be addressed, and i think donald trump is the one to tackle these issues and to succeed in growing and prospering the middle class. the three core issues that the political class in d.c. pursues its only interests at the expense of our country, really betraying all of us, these are the same gop folks who do not see the gop so much as an expression of the people's will, but more as an atm for their own wallets.
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and they are really shaken up right now. they kind of don't know what to do about the donald trump train, the momentum and the movement of outsiders, independents. gop participants were really fed -- who are really fed up with politics as usual. they are shaken up, and this awesome awakening is shifting and exposing of this rabid bites, to hang onto any relevancy or to hang on to their gravy train, it is moving onto a very healthy cleansing of the body politics. it is to heal the body politic s and save the nation. the wall street connected, they do not suffer, they process and prosper, they do not suffer, they profit when jobs are shoved offshore. they don't suffer, that they profit when consultants and
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lobbyists pushed reckless foreign policies that cost us treasures and more importantly they cost us the blood of our , finest, america's sons and daughters in uniform. the establishment interest runs counter to the interest of the people. and it runs counter to common sense which i swear common sense , is an endangered species in washington. consider these three policy issues. first, immigration. we have admitted more immigrants than any other country on earth, four times as many. 43 million, now. more and more crossing borders of course every single day. well, with washington though mismanaging our money and the , burden put upon the private sector stifling opportunity. this uncontrolled immigration has so destabilized the middle class, and the massive crowding at the low end of the wage
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scale, it kicked away the latter -- ladder to income stability and it really surged the number , of people who are working. -- who are not working. and i am sure that the corporate theers who are funding secretive establishments, mind-boggling $100 million super pac's, they love open borders and the wrongheaded visa programs, and those who flood the market with more foreign workers. but really, it is a disaster for we the people. donald trump is the only who one really understands this reality. he is the only one who creates creates public sector jobs and balances budgets. he builds things big things. , and he has forced to candidates to finally own up to their actual support of, and participation in, and
3:04 pm
in perpetuating the problem of the immigration issues we are facing. the other candidates did not want to talk about it, but donald trump made them. now, because he beat the media on that issue, they like to let their chosen one, or kind of their chosen ones get away with not really answering questions about their betrayals, but knowing that donald trump won on that issue, it should empower you to go ahead and ask the candidates what the heck are you , thinking, candidates? what are you thinking when you are going ahead and actually asking for more immigrants, even illegal immigrants, welcoming them in, even seducing them with gift baskets. come on over the border, here is a gift basket of teddy bears and soccer balls, what are you thinking? it is just inviting more. yet, candidates think and say anything they want to about immigration, amnesty, the
3:05 pm
actions scream so much louder than a politician's words. take the game a to bill to increase foreign workers by 500%. and green cards increased by 200%. who offered the amendment for that, to further collapse u.s. incomes and jobs and security which candidate? , oh, second messed up policy -- i want to talk about is trade. the loss of industry jobs represents one of the greatest betrayals of the working people in the history of modern civilization. for shame, politicians. they know who they are who have been a part of this problem. we had the greatest manufacturing sector known to man. well, it was dismantled and shipped overseas, right under our noses because of political incompetence and corruption and
3:06 pm
nonsensical ideology. a third of our manufacturing jobs, a third of them they , disappeared after major policies, china entering the world trade organization. our trade treaties, today they , are not even enforced, it is kind of a joke around the globe. trading partners, like china, they are contractually banned from unfairly subsidizing products. they do it anyway, and they laughed all the way to the bank. there -- their cheating with tactics and is manipulation and we cannot compete when they are devaluing their currency. donald trump is hot on this, because he is the only one who understands the art of the deal. our partners' cheating is how our middle-class disappears. the trade ideologues, they say
3:07 pm
well, we cannot respond to foreign treaties we need to , scare people, start talking about threats of trade wars. wisconsin, these are the voices responsible for trade surrender. they say, we cannot enforce the rules, because then maybe it that trinket made in china will will cost a penny more. , well, a country, a company, if cheat us, they will pretend it does not happen and we will lose jobs. eventually, ultimately, though, what happens then is we lose the american work ethic that built this most exceptional nation. politicians create a people dependent on government and grow government control over the people, and it is a very warped and dangerous road that politicians have put us on. because where we are heading
3:08 pm
with trade, it is going to ultimately fundamentally , transform america into something that we do not recognize. and our kids, and our grandkids, they may never know then what is to be rewarded for the entrepreneurial spirit that god creates within us in order to work and produce, and strive, and to thrive and to really be alive in the greatest country on earth. i thank god that donald trump gets it, because he lives it. he succeeds because he knows the art of the deal, and we root him on because he roots us on, and he wants the same success for our kids and our grandkids. look the ideology of trade , surrender, it is not conservative. it is radical. who is the biggest proponent of this? what candidate helped pass obama's trade bill, tpp, and
3:09 pm
actually removed the hurdle for fast tracking, that is tpa, and actually purposefully has opened the door for china and russia to come on in and join, with zero congressional consuls? who opposed a crackdown on currency cheating? who is kind of freaked out now. you have to ask yourself, who is this? well, it is not someone who understands ronald reagan. ronald reagan pushed trade enforcement harder than any president in our lifetime. wisconsin, reagan saved the hogs, here. harley davidson, it was ronald reagan who saved that. he saved it with a 45% tariff that he put on japanese motorcycles to combat their cheating. he saved the semiconductor industry with a 100% tariff. or anylearn from reagan
3:10 pm
establishment -- they will start tagged movement. never reagan. they don't like that. well every country knows now , that there is no consequence for their cheating so now they , find more aggressive ways to really screw us and kill american opportunities, like our steel towns. tragically, they have been followed out. the world has not stopped using steel, but the industry died d.c., ourse politicians allowed foreign businesses to target our businesses. they let it happen. sees wesees -- trump are the only country that does not defend its own economic interests, and he says enough, we are bringing jobs back home. we are rebuilding america. he will put us to work. remember, when he candidate
3:11 pm
-- when a candidate says, look, now, we do not want to do anything to increase import. what he is really saying is he is a-ok with them cheating, let them rip us off, because maybe he has got his. finally, the third issue, foreign policy and military might. our freedoms should be the gop's number one priority. only one candidate left standing though knows that military superiority to protect our interests, not just put together some reckless nationbuilding scheme overseas. our military might, protecting our interests, that keeps us free. the threat of our time is the unwavering and horrid islamic belief that we, peace loving, generous americans, that we are
3:12 pm
the infidels and that we must die. only donald trump talks rationally about listening to top brass as president and hiring the best of the best to work alongside our commander in chief, to work with those who share our interests in stopping the islamic threats, by defeating isis overseas with strong, strong military strikes and intelligence ops, and bringing allies to get more engaged. and at the same time to keep , extremists from using our prorousborders -- borders that are purposely left open, using those borders and our visa system to let them come here, where they will recruit to unleash terror and it is not something to laugh at my friends. well, that is just more of that common sense stuff that i guess
3:13 pm
nowadays, only those independent of big donor demands. it is an exercise. there is a reason that big-money and open borders and radical special interests are so madly anti-donald trump. think about it. his positions, they are not radically anti-gop platforms at all. but they are radically anti-donald trump, and they are lining up behind the others, because they know that nothing is going to change unless an outsider who the people support gets in there. the same politicians continuing the same policies, trashing the economy and shipping out jobs, and letting us foot the bill for everybody else. palling around with the same politicos and insiders who betrayed us over and over again. enough. you deserve better.
3:14 pm
it is funny, but not really. the same sanctimonious ones lecturing us about donald trump, are personally responsible for policies that actually cost american lives. and trillions of dollars. well enough is enough. enough is a holier than thou lecture, steering us into rocky shoals. and america first, foreign policy, smart immigration, where people are coming ashore so as not to invite trouble like evil recruits setting up shop. that is the essence of the long-term strategy to contain evil. that, and respecting our red, white and blue, making a our military second to none, caring for our troops, loving our vets paying them what is , due, like other physical and
3:15 pm
mental health care. and not pretending like tragedy does not rage in our military community today. friends, 22 vets a day commit suicide, 22 of america's finest. i see no reason to keep on, well, i do not hear a lot of other candidates campaigning and candidates' campaigns talking talking about our vets. but we are, because we care. there are sacrifices will not be in vain. we will elect a commander in chief that shares that, and we will never leave our men and women behind. that is why we go to the mat for the front runner. we will not retreat. we will reload. and we are willing to stand on the front lines even, because we are willing to take whatever it
3:16 pm
takes to defeat the one that left our boys behind with no apology, but a flippant, what difference does it make? that, that embodiment of all that is so, so wrong is what we are really up against republicans. , [applause] and, what we are really up against -- well general george , patton said it best. he said, politicians are the lowest form of life on earth. and he said liberal democrats politicians."remember what it -- he said liberal democrats are the lowest form of politicians. remember what it will take to save our nation. remember what it will take with all of us working together at the end of the line, by god's grace, we will be able to save
3:17 pm
the nation. it will take unity among patriots who love this country as much as we love our families. so yes, engage in healthy come competition, be civil, and vote. and i say vote for donald trump, and then unite to make america great again. and i thank you so much for your graciousness in allowing me to kind of crash your fish fry, letting me to come in and speak my mind about the candidate and who i am supporting. i just thank you all so much for believing in the republican platform, we know, that they are the planks that will build this great nation again. it will build a stronger, safer, -- it will save our sovereignty. so thank you for all of us united in that mission. [applause] god bless you, wisconsin. thank you very, very much. thank you, guys.
3:18 pm
thank you. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, governor sarah palin. [applause] ladies and gentlemen thank you, thank you, thank you. i love you all. thank you, david. thank you for your kind introduction. ladies and gentlemen, tonight is a very serious night. tonight is the night that we republicans have got an opportunity like never before. to change the direction of this
3:19 pm
great country. and we have to do it. we are going to do it, ladies and gentlemen. and that -- thank you. and that is why, isn't it great to be a republican? [applause] tommy thompson: i have the distinct honor and privilege to introduce an individual that is my friend. an individual that i have served with. an individual that is extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, and has always been able to do what he set out to do. people say, i've got to vote for this guy or that guy because
3:20 pm
somebody has to get enough votes to get the nomination. i am here to tell you, ladies and gentlemen, there is no candidate that is going to have enough delegate votes going into ohio to get the nomination. we are going to have a contested convention. and we have had 10. we republicans have had 10 contested conventions over the life of our party. only three times has the leading candidate won the nomination. there is a gentleman by the name of abraham lincoln. which we all know, was the founder of our party.
3:21 pm
went to chicago in 1860. and he was number three. and he went to the convention. and he walked out of that convention as our nominee. and i believe, ladies and gentlemen, that he is by far the best president we have ever had. [applause] abraham lincoln, and some people say i am old enough to know him. i was not. [laughter] but i am here tonight to introduce to you, my friends, an individual that i believe has a lot of the characteristics, a lot of the attributes, and a lot of the qualifications that honest abe had. our country was adrift, as it is
3:22 pm
today. our country was split, as it is today. our country was in need of leadership. there is an individual by the name of john kasich, ladies and gentlemen, that at the age of 30 , went to congress. and he went to congress with the idea he was going to change things. and we republicans believe in that and want that to happen. and john kasich said i cannot , wait around to become budget chairman. i can't wait for the seniority system. so he ran, against the odds, and became the budget chairman. and he, ladies and gentlemen, drafted the budget. in 1994 that balance the budget
3:23 pm
of the united states of america. not before and never since it , was john kasich. in his leadership, ladies and gentlemen, that made it happen. everybody said it could not be done. john kasich did it. then he decided, ladies and gentlemen, to go into business and he was successful there. ,then he found out that his state of ohio like the state of , wisconsin, under democrat leadership was adrift. he came back to the state of ohio, balanced the budget, and today, there are $2 billion in surplus in ohio. he has created 400,000 jobs. full employment. increased the bond rating. helped a lot of people,
3:24 pm
especially the young and the disabled. john kasich, ladies and gentlemen, is a leader. he is a doer. and he is the individual i am so proud to be able to support. because, ladies and gentlemen i , look at this election as one that is so important, so necessary. john kasich the one candidate, ladies and gentlemen, time and time again, poll after poll beats hillary clinton, bernie , sanders, by over 10 points. gentlemaneek, it is a , like we cannot afford another four years of democrat leadership. there is only one candidate that definitely will win. and as bill buckley said, the father of our conservative movement, vote for the conservative that can win. and that is john kasich, ladies
3:25 pm
and gentlemen. john kasich can win and will win. and we are going to the super bowl. the green bay packers are going to the super bowl. university of badgers are going to the rose bowl. we are going to win the final four next year, and we are going to have john kasich as the president of the united states. i need your help. let's get behind the winner and super bowl champion, john kasich. [applause] ♪ john kasich: how about around of applause for your four term governor, tommie thompson? [applause]
3:26 pm
people wonder, how could you bring that congress together? and how can you get things done? i want to tell you that i just had the man that runs the serbian hall come to me and introduce himself and say, my wife and i voted for you. now, let me also tell you that back in 1977 when i was a young man running for the state legislature, i sat down with another man that reminded me of him. this man had shock white hair and piercing blue eyes. he called me into his office. and you will understand why i said this. he said, young man, you know that i am serbian. i said, yes sir. i know that. and he said, and i happen to know you are croatian. why don't we set that aside for for the rest of this election
3:27 pm
and win an election and go forward? so i brought us together, serbians and croats. if you can do that, you can bring anybody together in life, believe me. [applause] i want you to notice a little bit about me, because i just heard that about 38% of people who live in this state don't know anything about me to form an opinion. it is pretty interesting. i guess that is what happens when you are positive all the time and you don't enter a demolition derby. let me tell you -- the reason i am comfortable here is i grew up in a blue-collar town outside of pittsburgh. it was blue-collar. frankly, i don't remember meeting a republican when i was a young man. they were all democrats. my father was a democrat. he carried mail on his back. delivered mail to our home for almost 30 years. his father was a coal miner. my grandfather died of black lung.
3:28 pm
and as he was getting older, he was losing his eyesight because of the time he spent in the mine. my mother's mother could barely speak english. she was croatian. and she was an immigrant. it was hard to communicate with her, really, because she just had very few things that she could say. my mother, i was told a couple just a couple of weeks ago -- as, there are two different ways to think about yourself as an ethnic. you think of somebody who clings to that and honors it all the time, or somebody who says we are going to put that aside and become americans. my mother was one that said, we are going to emphasize the fact that we are americans. i did not know a lot about the history until my cousin a couple weeks ago told me that in my mother's family, there were four. her, her sister, and two brothers. and three of them never moved the on to the eighth grade. my mother walked across a
3:29 pm
footbridge over a railroad track to get her high school diploma. of commonod was one sense, god-fearing playing by , the rules. and my mother and father always told me, johnny, you believe you can change the world. and what is most important, wherever you are you make the , world a little bit better place because you were there. they also so strongly believed in what america represents in the ability of people to rise. and i got my values there. but i have to tell you, in that little town, it is a town where if the wind blew the wrong way, , people found themselves out of work. you see, i understand people who are donald trump voters. because let me to you who they are and what they worry about. they worry about the fact they could lose their job.
3:30 pm
that they are 52 years old and somebody walks in one day and says, you are out of work. some politicians did something to create an agreement and somehow they lost out. they are people who are saying i , have been playing by the rules , i have been working and i , cannot get a raise. my grandfather would come up at the end of a long day and think he could get good pay, and they would say, we will only bring -- and they would say, you only brought up half of coal, the rest was pete. it was a ripoff. there are many people who feel they are experiencing the ripoff. they put their money in a bank. it used to be coming you would get interest. today, we get no interest. and what they really worry about, more than anything else, what they really worry about is that there -- is that their sons and daughters went to college to get an education because they were told if your kids get educated, they are going to have
3:31 pm
a better life. and now their kids are still living at home without a job but with big debt. you see, this anxiety is something that people feel very strongly about. and they are looking for a vehicle to express their frustration. i've got to tell you, those people that i grew up with who played by the rules, and things rarely worked out in a special way for them they are the people , in my mind's eye since i was a young politician. i have always been independent. and i must tell you the , republican party has been my vehicle and not my master. the republican party has given me an opportunity to be able to contribute to our society. but i have always been an independent operator, somebody that has looked at problems and not really been concerned about who i might be upsetting on the way. i was a young state senator. yeah, they raised their pay.
3:32 pm
i ran a campaign that said we should not. when the pay raise passed, i did not take it. when republicans said they needed to raise taxes, i ran a campaign that said we should have no tax increases. when we won the majority at age 28, they decided to raise taxes. i said no, i promised that i would not. they said, you are you responsible. i said, really? then i will write my own budget for the state of ohio. i had people sneaking in in the middle of the night telling me , how to improve the government. i did not win the budget fight but i kept my promise and i kept , my word. and i made breakthrough suggestions that ultimately got adopted into the law. i left the state senate. they took my district away from me. they wanted to end my career, when i was very young but at age , 30, i ran for congress. you see, in 1976, i had campaigned side-by-side with
3:33 pm
ronald reagan at the 1976 convention. ronald reagan, i actually knew and worked with ronald reagan. he was an inspiration to me. what he taught me were a couple things. you have to have strength when it comes to national security. you have to give people an incentive to work and give them the opportunity to rise. so in 1982, i ran for the congress. at 30 years of age. and i ran on the reagan agenda. there were not many people running on the reagan agenda. in fact, they were running away because the economy was not doing well. i ran against a democrat and comment on the fact that we could shrink taxes and rebuild the defense. in 1982, there was only one republican candidate for the u.s. congress who defeated an incumbent democrat, and that person was john kasich, me. [applause] and i went to the congress of the united states and i had an
3:34 pm
amazing career. you know i served on the armed , services committee for 18 years. and let me tell you, these are difficult times. there is no time for on the job training. being a united states congressman at the age of 30, in 1983, i worked with republicans and conservative democrats to rebuild america's military. and through that experience i , worked with my friends to reform the pentagon, to change the very operation of that building, with the members of congress who were committed to a strong national defense. and i was there and i remember , the night, that because of the strength of ronald reagan, that berlin wall came tumbling down. that was an amazing time in american history. not just in modern history. [applause] i was also there when i saw the arab muslims line up with the west to push saddam hussein out of kuwait.
3:35 pm
in the first gulf war. and i remember when we won so decisively, and people said we should have gone to baghdad to complete the job. and i remember how smart george h.w. bush was with advisers, in not going to baghdad and the getting the job done and coming home. and i was called into the pentagon after 9/11 by secretary rumsfeld, with the former secretaries of defense, and from that meeting forward for a number of years, i led technology experts into the pentagon to deal with technology problems. think about that arc, all the way from defeating the soviet union and the berlin wall collapsing, to a united coalition of arabs and westerners to defeat saddam hussein, all the way to 9/11. that is why am prepared today. six years into my term as a congressman, i found myself on the budget committee.
3:36 pm
i was complaining that the republicans and democrats were not serious about balancing the budget. i only wanted to balance the budget for two reasons, the immorality of leaving debt to our children, and number two, i knew that if you could balance a budget and you could reduce some taxes you could put yourself in , a position where you could have economic growth. because what i learned as a young man were three things that were priorities. creating jobs, creating more jobs, and creating all the jobs you could, because it is through job creation that allows people to recognize their god-given purpose in life to change the world and to live out their destiny. so i knew that fighting to balance the budget was the right thing to do. but it did not come easy. it took 10 years of my efforts and the efforts of the team that i built to get us to the point where he actually balanced the budget for the first time since man walked on the moon.
3:37 pm
we paved out the largest amount of debt in modern history, half a trillion dollars. we also were any position where we had a $5 trillion surplus projected. it could have been used to fix social security, and there was no discussion at that time about income inequality and the lack of rising wages, because when we finally balanced the budget cut taxes, restored common sense , in washington, we had an explosion of economic growth and it was a glorious time in my life. i had created a goal and i had met it. and after being in a position of seeing us succeed militarily and being able to leave surpluses in the budget behind, i left washington because i never wanted to be a professional politician. i do not even like politics. [applause] i left for 10 years and i did a variety of things that gave me more experience. some of you will remember me
3:38 pm
from the glory days when i was a giant television star at fox news. anyway, i went out for 10 years. and i was having a great time, i did not want to go back into politics. but i got a call. have any of you ever had a call? it was not a phone call, it was not a text, it was not an e-mail. you see, i think when the lord blesses you and gives you so much, you can barely contain yourself, you also begin to understand about your responsibility to continue to do things that can change the world. the call was, i needed to go back in and run for governor. i ran at the perfect time. things could get not much worse in ohio. we have lost the other 50,000 jobs. -- 350,000 jobs. our credit was going down the drain, 20% of the operating budget in the whole and i went
3:39 pm
to new york and they told me, we are going to cut up your credit cards, because ohio is about dead. so i ran in the election, and i had never run statewide in the state of ohio. the only time before that somebody who had never won -- never run statewide defeated an incumbent was about 95 years earlier. i decided it was time to do it. i ran and i won. and people said, we needed to raise taxes, expand government. let me tell you what we did. i cut taxes as the governor of the state more than any other governor in america, including no income tax for small business, killing the debt tax, so that people could pass their businesses onto their families. now that we have done that, we are working on killing debt. we have not made a lot of progress, but we are working on it. we cut taxes more than anybody, our budget deficit went from 20% in the whole or $8 billion worth
3:40 pm
of deficits to today a $2 , billion surplus. and we went from a loss of 350,000 jobs to now a gain of 400,000 jobs with wages growing faster than the national average. [applause] and, i want you to know that we have left no one behind. because we believe it is immoral for the mentally ill to live under the bridges, and in the prison system we are rehabilitating with an 80% success rate of those who are drug addicted in the prisons. and we believe the working poor, instead of being punished working harder on to be rewarded. and we believe the disabled ought to be fully mainstreamed. as a result of that, iran for -- i ran for reelection and i got 86 out of 88 counties. to threetake only two
3:41 pm
days to figure out the election. the most important swing states -- [applause] so i decided to run for president. you know why? because there are two critical issues in the country today. economic strength. as the budget committee chairman in washington, we had a massive economic expansion and tremendous growth. in ohio, i entered at a very , very tough time. and now, people across the state are hopeful again. people are getting work, where our children can have a future. you see that model is not complicated. it just takes guts. what it means is you have commonsense regulation so that you do not crush small business, and i will have a program that will freeze all federal regulations for one year, except for health and safety, force the congress to vote on regulation that bureaucrats are
3:42 pm
writing laws that have no right to do, and stomping on small business and keeping us from having the kind of economic growth we want in this country. secondly, we need to reduce taxes on corporations that have seen fit to invest their profits in europe, because we punish them if they come back. oh yes we can cut the corporate , tax rate and stop double taxing businesses. how do i know it? because i have been in business. and we need to reduce individual tax rates. but we need to do it in such a way that we can pass it. we can go to the old reagan model of 28 25 with a capital gain of 15 are sent and we can make that tax code clear and realistically being able to pass. and i will part -- i will put us, i will put us on a path to a balanced budget as i have in the past with no third rails no , problems dealing with entitlements, innovation, and i want you to know one other thing.
3:43 pm
i will ship welfare, education medicaid, job training, and for infrastructure back to the states, so they can provide a program in innovation and change that we all see, by shifting the power and influence out of washington. [applause] what i also would like you to know, as i get ready to leave the stage here is that it does matter who is the president. i remember when ronald reagan said it was morning in america, that we were a shining city on a hill. you think i do not know about what winston churchill said never, never ever give up. of course i know. but the strength of our country does not rest in the president. the strength of our country rests in us.
3:44 pm
when i was a kid, we did not, we did not worship presidents. our hero was roberto clemente, the great baseball player, who gave up his life trying to help earthquake victims in nicaragua. he took a plane that was not safe and he died. i remember the morning when my mother came into my room, one of the very few times i saw my mother cry, because children do not like to see their mother cry. it is unsettling, and my mother came in and said, our hero died last night. you see, i remember back then, we did not wait for somebody to come in on a white horse to try to save us. the strength of our country rests in our families. it rests in our communities. it rests in our neighborhoods. you want to fix your schools, you want to make sure that your kids are getting the skills they need, then go do it.
3:45 pm
don't wait for somebody else from madison, or somebody in washington, you do it. change the world. if you want to fight the problem of drug abuse in this state, you grab a kid and tell that young man or that young woman that they have a god-given purpose that will be obscured and destroyed if they cave to the evils of drug addiction. can you change it? you better believe it. we have a program called, start talking. we start talking to kids and we all need to across the country. we do not need to wait for bureaucrats or government officials. we do it in our churches, synagogues, community organizations and our schools. you want to fight poverty? you have a welfare office that brings businesses in and when a person comes for a welfare check, you train them for the job of the businesses that are located in the welfare office. you don't have to wait for anybody else. you go do it. people in milwaukee did not way
3:46 pm
to fix their schools, by the way. they fixed them because they drove change and innovation and took matters into their own hands. ladies and gentlemen, the lord made us all special, for a purpose. to live a life bigger than ourselves. and when we live a life bigger than ourselves, if we are a nurse, we spent 15 extra minutes with a family when the nurse is tired and tells the family, it is going to be ok. or a teacher, the most underpaid people on earth, who give up pay to change people's lives. i will give you another way to change the world. you have a lady who was married for 50 years. her husband died, her phone doesn't ring anymore. you call her on monday, you say, we are taking you to dinner on saturday night. and you know where she is going on thursday? don't you? going to get her hair done. and somehow when saturday night , comes, despite the fact that
3:47 pm
she slept on it thursday night, and friday night, that hair is just still perfect. and when you pick her up, she is wearing a dress that she had not worn for six months. did you change the world? you did. you see, folks let's stop , thinking about where we fall short. let's stop thinking about all that is wrong, and let's celebrate the great fact that america's best days are ahead of them, if we remember the formula that made us great. and it is not very complicated. it just takes leadership, it takes guts, and it gets a leader to remind all of the people who make the laws in this country, that you may be a republican, you may be a democrat, but before any of that, you are an american. you are a american that is there to change the world and give everybody a chance to realize
3:48 pm
our god-given purpose. if i become president, i will fix the economy, but you will restore the spirit of america and your families, neighborhoods, communities by changing the world in which you live. thank you all very much, god bless you. ♪ announcer: house speaker paul ryan is leading a congressional delegation in israel. this tweet from the israel defense forces shows him visiting an iron dome battery and antimissile systems that intercept short range rockets and artillery. new york's primary two weeks from tomorrow. ahead of that, hillary couldn't
3:49 pm
it has a rally in her adopted home state. she is taking it up high school just north of alvin a. that starts at 6:15 eastern, and you can watch it here on c-span. on 8:00, senator ted cruz with a campaign rally in wisconsin. the presidential primary is tomorrow, and recent polls show him with a lead over donald trump, who is also in wisconsin today. he will be in milwaukee. you can watch that on the companion network c-span 2 also at 8:00 eastern. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] campaign coverage begins on tuesday with election results, candidate speeches, you are reaction. taking you on the road to the white house at ♪ >> we showcase the student cam winners. the annual documentary
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competition for middle and high school students. this year's theme is road to the white house, and students were asked, what issues do you want presidential candidates to discuss? one of the second prize high school winners are from jackson valley california. leah phillips and justin nguyen candidates toial discuss funding for citizens suffering from autism. their video is titled "autism is a journey, not a sentence." leah phillips: 1% of the world population suffers from autism spectrum disorder. justin nguyen: that means 5 million americans suffer from autism. leah phillips: the prevalence has been increasing by 6% each year since 2002. justin nguyen: with the rise in the diagnosis, questions arise. most questions, what is autism,
3:51 pm
and how does it affect such a large segment? leah phillips: we interviewed a doctor from the brain tumor sector to find out. definition,inical it is a developmental disturbance that children at a certain age could not meet certain milestones, so that they will have a problem of communication, withdrawal from social activity, and also , a collection of symptoms. assuming i am autistic, when i look at you, i feel horrible, not because you are bad. in my mind, i see everything overload. not just problems in communication but they feel horrible, horrible pain. united states, we are one out of 58, if you thought of a trajectory of statistical change , it will probably affect every family in the next 10 years.
3:52 pm
after this point, i would say there is no treatment for us. leah phillips: in addition to this, searchable organizations have been set up to provide information and help for families affected by autism. these are based on federal and state dollars to function. women to the orange county private organization by the state of california to help with these developmental disabilities. >> california has made it substantial financial commitment . there are 300,000 people that we serve and about $5.3 billion, of billion ory $2.2 $2.3 billion is federal. if state dollars were taken away, we are not even funding half. the be less than half of what we are doing right now for our people. we would be in a dire situation. the rest of the state may only have federal dollars.
3:53 pm
other states have waiting lists some as long as 14 years. california made a commitment in 1969 that they were going to serve people with developmental disability. i was -- it was huge because that meant california tax dollars are going to be used for this, where the challenge is happening in all these vendors, these programs that provide services have not had an since 2002, we do have vendors going out of business because they can't operate hardly anybody can operate on what you are making in 2003 and 2016. that needs to be repaired for this system could be on somewhat of a collapse. , the whole right. there is not enough money being placed on the various possible causes of autism. there is not enough study.
3:54 pm
our government does not collect statistics as well as perhaps some day soon we will, so that in fact we can find out what the true number is, crosscheck every , whichof how that number is a human being, came to be afflicted. leah phillips: organizations attempt to help these families that have a daunting challenge. -- to have a clear effect on the family when they have autism. up 22 hours a was day for so many years, he slept only two hours a day. it made it difficult to function and difficult to hold a job, difficult to remain married and have other children. the cost of autism is very difficult for families because on average they spent out-of-pocket every year from .ear one $60,000 per year
3:55 pm
that is equivalent to send your kid to college in some cases until you are no longer able to pay. it can be a huge burden on families. for a lot of families, an autism diagnosis, they know something is wrong. they just don't have it and name for it. so it is comforting to have a name or what we are addressing. for me, when i look at him, it gives it a label but also service and action. many families depend on federal dollars to offset to to -- leah phillips: many families depend on federal dollars to offset treatment cost. rewarding, though most families are afraid to be interviewed for possible stigmatize asian. being a parent of an autistic child is great. it actually teaches us patien ce and the ability to slow
3:56 pm
ourselves down in our world and ownect to our child's world. if i could as presidential candidates question, it would be based on the numbers of kids that are being diagnosed with 10,sm in the years to come, 20 years when mothers and fathers are no longer around, how are we addressing the issue to have them contribute to ? ciety how are they going to be a part of that? when at one point we are to teach children to function without us, and the higher diagnosis levels we have now, more and more people are being diagnosed with autism, how are they going to contribute to society and keep the country going? >> we have autism at an academic lowerwe are dealing with funding, and it is not, can they do a good job with what they have? i think the are overwhelmed with the response issue, the number
3:57 pm
of cases of autism. support cases are just not there. >> i would like to see from the presidential candidates just acknowledge this challenge and make sure that it is everybody aware, and states are following through with making sure that families get the support that they need related to autism and any other developmental disability for that matter. ♪ watch all the prize-winning documentaries in this years of student jam competition, visit student t ♪ this week on "q and
3:58 pm
a" a discussion with students attending the youth program. they talked about participation in the week long government and leadership program and their plans for the future. give me your name please and when you are from. >> i am broke haynes from indiana. >> what are we doing here in this ballroom today? >> we are to talk about experiences we had over the past week visiting many places in the nation's capital and leaders. >> your name, sir? >> my name is alex young, and i am also from indiana. >> what have you been doing this week? speakers inng to the bureaucracy. i think the most important part of this week is going to be oferacting with delegates all 50 states in washington dc, japan and south korea.
3:59 pm
thinteractions i have had with fellow delegates whether it is talking about politics and what we had to breakfast, it was probably the best part of this weekend. things i will remember for a long time. >> any disagreements? >> disagreements for sure. i like pineapple, but other people don't. [laughter] alwaysdisagreements, but a nice handshake and a great end to a discussion. >> what is this program called? >> the united states youth program. >> who supports it? >> the hearst foundation. each state selects to delegates based on their application essays they write, the resume. >> why don't we move around and find out what is on the rest of your
4:00 pm
minds, and i would start by asking the question after this week, who has impressed you the most and why? if we get some hands, why don't we start right here. stand up and give me her name and where you are from. >> i am meredith mccain and i am from atlanta, georgia. brian lamb: who is it that you are most impressed by? >> oh yes. [laughter] >> that is a difficult one, but jonathan capehart came to talk to us and i really loved the insight he gave us about being the outside source, reporting back to us in the electorate about what is going on in our government. he told us to look out for our guardian angel and those who guide us along our journey as we enter into public service. brian lamb: what is your own goal, where are you going to go in life? >> i would love to be in an international journalist or be part of the foreign service and eventually an ambassador to a french-speaking country, but something from a global point of viha


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