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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  April 5, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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host of drive home with slide. then, fred barnes, the weekly standard cofounder. to discuss campaign 2016 and the latest on the nominating process from the republican party. ♪ good morning everybody, it is primary day in wisconsin on april 5. the two party front-runners are behind in the poll. our coverage begins tonight at 9:00 eastern. ntime, chuck grassley will meet for breakfast with barack obama supreme court nominee, but only to explain why he will not hold a confirmation hearing. will get back to campaign 2016 later this morning. we want to begin here with your thoughts on the 11.5 million
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files that were released from the database of the world's biggest offshore form -- offshore law firm. they use offshore tax regimes and the names include 12 national leaders, politicians and friends. republicans, what are your thoughts? (202) 748-8001. democrats, you dial-in at (202) 748-8000. and independence, dial-in at (202) 748-8002. also go to twitter or and we will get your thoughts in just a minute. internationalhe consortium of investigative journalists. they are a group based here in washington that coordinated the hundreds of journalists around the world from all different newspapers that worked on this leaked document.
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the 11.5 million records. this is what they say on their website. records showhese how a global industry of law firms and big banks sells financial security to politicians, fraudsters and drug traffickers. these are among the findings of a year-long investigation at the international consortium of investigative journalists's, a german newspaper and other news organizations. a file exposes offshore companies controlled by the prime minister's iceland and pakistan, the king of saudi arabia and they also include at least 33 people and companies blacklisted by the u.s. government because of evidence they have been involved in as doingg -- such business with mexican drug lords, terrorist organizations or rogue nations. one of the companies provide fuel for the aircraft of the
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syrian government used to bomb and kill thousands of its own citizens. it got off of attention on social media sunday through yesterday and this is what the editorial board says this morning about the panama papers. they say they need to be put in perspective. the news here are the incomes and bank accounts of politicians, not so much the use of these tax regimes. governments have to the tax laws. the big question in this story is whether everyone with a company paid the correct about of tax. the more important question is how so many public officials and governments managed to accumulate so much money. it is no surprise that the world's undemocratic and nontransparent regimes figure prominently in the panama papers. the week offers new insights into how the powerful few enriched by such regimes deploy their cash. western governments should be particularly alert to these digestion that some of the
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transactions were intended to circumvent western sanctions on regimes or individuals. russian and chinese citizens in particular deserve to know more about the leaders finances and the good news of the internet era is that they will find out despite their efforts to suppress the news. all of these angles warned further exploration in the press and among voters and perhaps in courtrooms. the mistake now would be to narrow the focus prematurely on tax avoidance. in this case, it is a distraction. the real news here is the incomes and far-flung take accounts of the political class. let's take a look at these graphics that were put together are not final numbers but this is the size of the data. 2.6 terabytes. here are the number of documents. here are the number of companies. the number of clients -- a little over 14,000 and the data
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twoating back to 19 -- 1997. take a look at the scale. this is the volume of data compared to previous leaks. compare that to wiki leaks in 2010, we are talking about 1.7 gigabytes. offshore leaks, the luxembourg ands, about four gigabytes the swiss leaks were 3.3 gigabytes. what are your thoughts on this? the leaks and the use of tax payments, we want to get your thoughts. republicans, (202) 748-8001. .emocrats, (202) 748-8000 if you are an independent, (202) 748-8002. clarice is a democrat in
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baltimore. you are on the air, you are first. what do you make of the leak and the use of tax payments? what was your reaction? caller: b 1% controls all the people. it is not voting. with thee it now nonestablishment. bernie sanders and donald trump -- the senators have offshore accounts. host: where did you read that? caller: you can't get it from
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the news. you have to get it from online. ok.: so far, there have not been u.s. lawmakers or officials named. they are saying that more information will be coming out and there will be more people named. there will be a lot more stories. the press secretary at the white house did respond yesterday to the news. here's what he had to say. >> obviously we have seen the extensive reporting that has been done on these documents. i don't have a comment on the
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specific allegations in the documents but i can tell you that the united states continues to be a leading advocate for increased transparency in the financial system. andin working i -- against fighting corruption. there has been a lot of talk about how effective u.s. sanctions that are imposed by the treasury department can be with advancing the security of the united states. host: that was the reaction to the leak of the panama papers. we are getting your thoughts on it this morning. the wall street journal is reporting -- biggest banks are among the top users of these services including hsbc holdings, ubs group, credit suisse and they were the heaviest users provided by the firm whose massive trove of
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internal documents the investigative reporting group says it has seen. that is in the wall street journal this morning. and what he was referring to is the effort from the united states to crack down on taxi version. -- on tax diversion. on the front page, the u.s. imposes tougher rules. when i of $50 billion merger , iteen pfizer and allergan was on track to be the biggest deal of its kind. the treasury move, which was more aggressive than anticipated sent allergan's shares tumbling 19%. in massachusetts, an independent caller, good morning to you. go ahead. caller: good morning. i would like to say that i don't think the u.s. government people
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to get caught up in the scandal will have any problems because hillary clinton get away with murder. it doesn't seem to be anybody answering for anything. why you think is this sort of thing is able to occur? you don't see ramifications for anyone? caller: no. just like the lying with hillary clinton about the benghazi. stuff on your computer and your server, come on. i don't understand how it can be swept away at nobody cares. host: take a look at the front page of the herald out of argentina, because the president there was named and he defends the offshore acts as legal. opposition calls on president to explain revelations in the leaks as he denies any wrongdoing. the same law firm says there has not been any alleged wrongdoing. wasn't thel, al gore
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richest person on the planet when he was vice president but he has a lot of money now. all of this comes from us, the taxpayers. they make deals with other guys and they had money in other countries as we get nothing. north carolina. what are your thoughts? wonderfulllo, a tuesday, april 5. i wish the callers were supporting the team that 1/9 -- the team that won last night. and hert c-span investigation of current topics. as far as the offshore banking, it just goes to show how the elite money at the international corporations and the old buddy system takes the money and it says in the bible, you pay unto
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caesar what is caesar's and you pay unto god what is god. on our money, it says in god we trust. if we had ultimate transparency in this, we could cut out the waste and fraud. that'll be the execution of our governments and we could pay for things to have a wonderful world today. host: that was bob, in north carolina. joe in philadelphia, what was your reaction? what did you make of it? caller: well, i guess everything that bernie sanders was saying for the last six months is true. are takingrporations their money and they are putting democratax savings and or republican -- they are all doing it. and it is a bad thing for the american people. i think it should be corrected.
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it should be looked into. and that is all i have to say. host: what do you think the u.s. justice department should do here? caller: do what they usually do. the routine. go up in front of the justice and the senate and have committees look into this. nobody is going to brush anything under the rug. all of thenton and people who are involved in this, but i they are republicans or democrats are going to have to answer to the american people about this. and people are looking up the two candidates that want to give all the study -- all this money that they are hiding in tax savings back to the american working class. it is not being done.
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and i hope they correct it. have a nice day. host: do you believe they will? oh, we lost joe. thomas e -- tommy in tennessee. it morning to you. we are talking about the leak of the panama papers. 11 point 5 billion files were given to a german newspaper and then taken over by this consortium of investigative journalists -- what do you make of this? caller: i wish you good morning. i want you to know that this was tied back to 2008, 1987. they doctored the books and they ran off with the money. that is the reason why we had black friday in 1987 and we had the collapse of wall street in 2008. when you put people in charge of money that like to steal, they look for every excuse to steal
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money and that is exactly what they are doing. it is called embezzlement. i just hope the american people will wake up and realize that paper money is just that. it has no value unless there is some kind of value in the paper. i just hope and pray that this will give bernie sanders some delegates that he needs to come -- to become our next president. host: do you mean this story, about the amount of companies and people that are using this law firm in panama? you hope the story does that? caller: yes, because it confirms what bernie sanders said. the top 1% control most of the wealth. well, where his most of the wealth going to? it is going to these companies in the caribbean and elsewhere. host: how did you learn about the story? caller: i had ideas about the
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story for two or three years. i thought to myself about where did the money go. and then when we started talking about tax havens, i figured this money must have gone. in 2008. they took the money and ship them off to these tax havens or shelters, whatever they want to call them. and that makes sense because money loves money. and obviously, there is a growing romance of money people loving other money people. host: i want to show you a couple things. this is from the guardian -- what duty to know about the panama papers. most data seed by the guardian relates to to enter thousand companies for which the firm acts as the registered agent, often used lawfully to anonymously hold property and bank accounts. these companies were registered in a range of tax havens and the
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map shows the most popular locations among its clients. it is the british virgin islands, holding more than 100,000 companies. you can see the circles from there. rather than dealing directly with company owners, they mostly acted on instructions from intermediaries -- instructions from accountants or lawyers and trust companies. in europe, these offshore facilitators are concentrated in switzerland, jersey, luxembourg and united kingdom. where does the money come from? hard tormation is discover because they hide behind nominees, people with no access in the company who simply lend their signature. a small sample of 113,000 owners from over the world are compiled to give some indication. china and russia top the list. speaking of those two countries, the guardian also has a headline
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about the reaction in china. all mention -- this is from the guardian -- all mention of the panama papers is banned from chinese websites. editors are for bit from covering the scandal as the names of high-profile chinese emerge. it says they were warned of harsh punishment if they were found to the published material of what they say is attacking china. what is your reaction to all of this? what you think should be done by the united states? republicans, (202) 748-8001. .emocrats, (202) 748-8000 if you are an independent, (202) 748-8002. also, join us on twitter, you can post your reaction there. there was a lot of reaction on sunday when this broke on social media. the u.s. journal says that they are reviewing the documents to
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see of this constitutes as evidence of corruption that could be prosecuted in the u.s. this data leak also implicated ukrainian president, one of the country's richest men, a candy business. he reportedly opened in offshore holding company in 2014, the year he won the presidency. he said that he wasn't managing his assets and had delegated management to consulting and law firms. if you look at this picture, we get to you more of these images as well, but these are the capital gathering outside the parliament. to demand the resignation of its prime minister who was also caught up in this, he and his wife. they were part of this data leak as well. so there are more of the protesters outside of the as there is a vote of
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no competency that will be happening. the opposition party demanded a vote of no competency saying that he didn't declare partial ownership over a company -- that is the prime minister of iceland. richard from lake placid, florida. an independent color. go ahead. caller: good morning. if you remember in the 1990's, started making deals and all of a sudden, billions of dollars started flowing out of .hina and somehow found its way into the clinton library fund. it seems like these politicians always find a way to get money from other countries. and also, saudi arabia donated $20 million to the clinton
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presidential library. it seems like you have a tom daschle -- he gets out of congress and retires at makes $2.5 million a year and then the irs started checking on him to find out what he had been up to and he was appointed to a , bution by president obama he had to turn it down because the irs was checking him. this goes on and on with the politicians. they find ways to hide money and they want everyone to think they are on the same salary as the average or high average worker but they have millions of dollars hidden away and he soon -- and as soon as they get out of politics, they become very rich. the clinton library fund has some are close to $500 million
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-- can you imagine that? just making the interest? unbelievable. host: take a look at some reaction from capitol hill. there is not much on twitter just a couple of tweets. one of them was john mccain who tweeted this cover of usc today. reported that the kremlin dismissed the panama leaks as part of a campaign to discredit vladimir putin and senator chris murphy from delaware, he tweeted out that the panama papers ari wakeup call for the west to crackdown on corruption and offshore tax havens. i will be exploring options for congress. so now we turn to you. what do you think should happen? what was your reaction when you heard the news about this? there will be more coming out as the data from these hundred different news organizations have sifted through.
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be more companies revealed. the front page of usa today -- penama leak is a target on putin. coordinated investigation among dozens of media groups at the paper trail shows that many associates and close friends made williams from deal that would have been hard to do without his knowledge. leak, the kremlin said was aware that the organization was trying to smear him. take a look at the other leaders. the ukrainian president, the saudi arabia king, the iceland prime minister, argentina's president as well. if you go through the list, we can do that as we go to the next call, you can see the other folks that are mentioned. dan from ohio, a republican. caller: good morning, mi on the air? host: you are on the air.
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i am a republican, i'm supporting donald trump. i hope he shapes up a little bit. on the issue of panama -- a lot of billionaires made their money and that is fine but you have to give something back. all of this corruption -- how much does somebody need? let me ask you. how much do you need? -- do you know what i mean? host: yes, i hear the point you are making. caller: if i had that much money, why not get back to your society? there are some people -- the love of money is the root of all evil. and god bless those people who -- what is the
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word? willing to be whistleblowers. it is risky. but we can't keep having met. don't we want a better society? ok, i guess i have said enoh. host: ok. let me show you the washington times this morning. the 10 most popular tax havens and that includes one of them , whereevada, the bahamas there is close to 16,000. in panama, you can see the top tax haven is the british virgin islands with over 113,000 offshore bank accounts and financial dealings. other countries can be used to evade regulatory oversight or tax relations in panama, cayman islands and bermuda are among more of the dozen locations that
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specialize in handling business services in nonresident companies. here are countries with the most kong, clients, hong switzerland and the united kingdom. mark from ohio, a democrat. good morning. caller: i just wanted to call. a couple of people called earlier and said the typical thing, blaming hillary clinton and the clinton foundation for this. that is ridiculous. the clinton foundation donates to countries that don't have any money to take care of their own needs. doesthing the foundation benefits women, children and men. that is one thing. i listen to c-span at a habit of
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listening to it for 30 years. everyday i listen to the washington journal. and with bernie sanders -- what he says that hillary clinton took money from oil companies, s of 1% from oil companies. so please, don't call anymore and say these ridiculous facts that you claim you know. everybody does this if everybody does that. how many times can you hear that lie, all politicians are doing it? all politicians are not doing it. host: what was your reaction to the story about the panama papers? caller: i didn't think it was anything new. it goes on all the time. host: do you think anything
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should be done about it? caller: sure, sure. hopefully what you said about congressman murphy -- hopefully they get on this. theyld have thought that are supposedly working in washington and you would have thought that they would have had these tax havens and disguises that they use to do something. you think they would have taken care of this long ago. it is surprising. have a good day. shared the front page of the wall street journal with the news that the treasury department is setting rules for tax conversions. a new rule is the third wave of administrative action against you version and it will make it harder for companies to move the tax addresses out of the u.s. and shift profits to low tax companies using earnings stripping's. inversion, a company takes
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a foreign address, typically through a merger. the combined company can then lower its tax rates their internal borrowing. there is one that if you're interested in reading what the treasury department did. out of france, the president there says the revelations about the 11.5 million files could be a boon for some nations, and for the campaign to close loopholes worldwide. australian authorities claim to be investigated more than 800 .ealthy people for tax evasion while the firm has vehemently denied any illegal activity, panama's president says the government has zero tolerance for illicit financial activities and would cooperate rigorously with any judicial investigation from the leak of the documents. it also indicated, david cameron
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indicated, his father as having one of these accounts. i also want to show you this graphic that was put up by ian bremmer, the president of the you asian -- the president of the eurasia group. "don't stop the presses." the panama papers barely featured on u.s. front pages on monday. it was featured on the washington post below the fold but as he said, not a lot mention on the front page of the newspapers. many newspapers did have stories inside about this. mark in new hampshire, a republican. good morning. caller: i guess this is knows a prize. i think it was kissinger who said that power corrupts and
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absolute power corrupts absolutely. if you think about it, mr. bush once said that if the american people knew what we were getting away with, the next day they which exist on the street and there wouldn't be an empty tree in washington. so. i guess this is no big surprise. do you feel like anything will get done about it? caller: of course not. the elite cover of everything, just like they did about the libor scandal. why would they get in trouble? they never get in trouble. host: that was mark in new hampshire. a little news on campaign 2016. the wall street journal gives us an update on where things stand in the delegate race as wisconsin gets ready to vote on primary day. 's path to clinching
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the nomination is narrowing but he is the only one who can still claim it by winning the majority of bound delegates. he has 737 right now. he needs about 1200. there are 500 pledged delegates left and he would need to get 66% of those. ted cruz has 475 and john kasich has 143. cruz ands that ted john kasich need exceeds the amount of delegates that are still up for grabs. so their path is uncertain at this point. donald trump is trailing in wisconsin as is hillary clinton. there is more in the washington times this morning with the headline, the fate of the gop convention is still uncertain. ted cruz is vowing to snag delegates away from trump.
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he is poised to walk away with more delegates after he won the delegates formally assigned to marco rubio. as well as a batch of delegates that were not allocated during the primary. next up, a story about how sanders is raising more attention despite being attention -- despite being behind in the delegate count. her lead was once more than 20 points but now it is down to 11. -- york will be voting in voting after wisconsin. let me show you the delegate counts from the democrats. hillary clinton 1243 pledged at 69tes, for it additional superdelegates and she needs to win -- bernie 79% of theds
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remaining delegates in order to win the nomination. we will talk about that coming up here on the washington journal. we will go to wisconsin and talk to a bernie sanders supporter and then fred barnes will be with us this morning to talk about what is happening on the republican side. and our coverage of campaign 2000 16 and primary day in wisconsin begins at 9:00 p.m. eastern time -- go to for more details on that. we covered donald trump at a rally in wisconsin yesterday. this is what he had to say about john kasich still being in the race. >> john kasich, i don't think he is a player. he is 1 and 32. that was his own state. if i would have campaigned a day or two more, i would have won. jeb bush doing a lot better than that. many people were doing better,
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it is called you need to get out -- you are taking my votes. we need over 50% and how do you do that? at a certain point in life, what you do is you say, i have won one state. you do what marco rubio does, which was great. and you do what rand paul did and you get out. if you want, you can put your name up and you can go to the convention and run. but it would be nice to see -- i will tell you what. he takes my votes away more than he does ted cruz. thinkt like it, i don't it is right and i don't think it is appropriate but we have to live with it. host: that was donald trump in wisconsin yesterday. loretto in cleveland, ohio. they give for waiting period when you heard about the panama
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papers this week, what was your reaction? caller: good morning, thank you for c-span. this is bigger than what it seems to be. they haven't even reported on the banks in america that are involved, the politicians that are involved, the movie stars and celebrities. people are wondering why they are poor. well, they are poor because the tax laws have been fixed so that the rich get richer. and only the poor is getting poorer. and i think that is one of the things that fueled donald trump among people. because this is the first time that white people have ever dealt with being poor. i am black, african-american. i have been broke and poor all my life. but when people don't know how
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to acclimate when they lose a job, they want to blame everybody. they don't look at themselves to see what they can do to improve themselves. and these are things that we have had to deal with forever. but for them to say that we are not getting a hand and we are mad and we are going to crash the system because -- look at black people. we were one of the first here. ves and weind the nati have never been ahead. the government is not listening to us -- the government has never listen to us. i find it to be petty. donald trump, petty. the whole thing is petty. and if they bring that stuff to cleveland, where the convention will be in a couple of months, it is going to be really bad. because republicans didn't even look at their own autopsy.
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they said there were things they needed to do -- reach out to black people and hispanic people. they have doubled down on everything. doubled down on everything. i followed the international consortium of investigative journalists who put out the panama papers. , and i think ier sent the article to you. this is bigger than what it seems. and the next big article, the biggest and next event, it will be the d.c. madame papers. when they crack that book and they see all of the politicians and all of them who claim family values and they are doing extra stuff on the side? it is going to be really bad. i understand why people were to donald trump.
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he sounds pretty good. how much is the debt of his? people need to stop and think. host: i will leave it there so i can get in other voices. on twitter, dan says -- i want one caller to say they wouldn't use offshore accounts if they could -- they would all do it. deborah says winter is coming. and then this, the super rich feel the need to cheat, leaving honest taxpayers to carry the burden. greg says, what does the panama papers say about the federal reserve, private bankers ripping off the wealth of u.s. citizens? bankers are corrupt. mike in new jersey, an independent. caller: hello.
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i agree with what she just said. i don't see investigative journalism anymore. hello? i'm sorry. people come out all over the world, just like you said that they are going after the ambassador. where are the white people? are say upset about this? it seems to me that white people don't do enough -- they sit around and complain but they don't do enough. you see the blacks and latinos out there but where are the white people? they just got lazy. they lost their fight. these people should all go to jail and i can't wait for the d.c. papers to come out either. it is ridiculous. host: other headlines for you in other news. the washington times -- new york and california have passed $15 million -- a $15 minimum wage. morning,he papers this the supreme court upholds one person, one vote.
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the unanimous ruling left the message followed by nearly all states of counting all residents when doing districts, not just eligible voters. that is being left in place. and then there is this from the new york timesvn that justice kaganho said the court is working hard to avoid deadlocks. the supreme court is facing the prospect of an extended stress and they are working hard to avoid deadlocks. there are almost 50 cases left to decide before they leave for their summer break at the end of june. she said that she and her colleagues were committed to issuing decisions in as many of those cases as possible. howard in pittsburgh, you are on the air. did you make of the story? caller: good morning. what i am finding odd in all of
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this is that we have names coming out in a scandal and not one american individual, company or bank has been mentioned. it looks as though the leak is being selectively used to discredit people we don't like. obviously, they should release all of the names and find out if there are americans who are cheating on their taxes and the treasury department should go after them. i don't understand why the media is ignoring this. host: there was a tweet from one of the reporters with the german newspaper that originally got this information and then went to the international consortium of investigative journalists and that reporter said work alluded to saying, wait-and-see. there is more to come. theer: the longer we wait, more suspicious it looks. that is my opinion. host: alan in virginia. an independent caller. caller: good morning, thank you
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for taking my call. i have two comments. first, this is not a race issue. this is just another example of how corrupt the democrat and republican party is and how they are gouging and taking advantage of the american people. election time is coming and people in this country need to wake up. the convention hillary clinton at the elite republicans -- they all should be cleaned out. they are destroying the american society. thank you for taking my call. host: to you and others who are how -- the wired magazine puts it, how reporters pulled off the panama papers, the biggest leak in history. wired has that story online. this is what they report. on sunday, more than 100 media outlets around the world, coordinated by the icij received
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a gargantuan amount of leaked documents. it said neither the icij nor any of the reporters that it worked with have made this public but the scandal from the reporting has touched celebrities, athletes, business executives and world leaders. $2 billion of hidden money is tied to flatter putin -- tied to vladimir putin. leak represents an unprecedented story in itself. the lake began, according to the icij in 2014, when it reached out -- when a source reached out to the german newspaper and said it had information. how much information are we talking about? more than you have ever seen, the source responded. they used encrypted channels, at all times delete at the history from the prior exchange.
7:45 am
they alluded to crypto mobile apps as well as encrypted e-mail but declines to say specifically which methods they used. after receiving a portion of the documents, the newspaper contacted icij which has helped to coordinate previous tax haven mega leaks. it goes onto say that the reporter from the german newspaper went on to destroy his laptop that he used and his phone to be safe. to protect his source. in maryland, an independent -- tip, go ahead. what do you make of this story? i think that you have to remember that we pay a lot of those countries money. millions and millions of dollars
7:46 am
to do what we do. realistically that money being embezzled is our money. first and foremost we need to take care of the american people before we take care of other countries. we spend a lot of money on things that are irrelevant, in our education system and you should go down to west baltimore and look around. there are americans that are hurting. all of this money that we funnel to other countries are ridiculous and i'm excited to say -- to see who will come out as americans on the list. because i'm sure there out there. voting -- i don't think any of the candidates -- i would rather vote for myself or charlie sheen. this whole election this year is a joke. from that other news -- hillary clinton and bernie sanders have agreed to meet for
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their night's debate -- therir debate on april 14. we will be talking a little bit more about tax havens. from the washington journal front page it says that deal lawyers have made billions advising inversions, which is what u.s. companies are using to avoid high tax rates, mostly shrugged at the previous two rounds of treasury rules which doubled around the edges but made few changes. on monday, that announcement was greeted with greater alarm. it was an unexpectedly aggressive move from the treasury department. it says further down that the rules of two main parts, each of which could affect the pfizer deal. the government will go after serial inverters. those are large companies
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created through multiple inversions or takeovers of u.s. companies. the government would disregard u.s. assets acquired by those companies over the previous three years. to reap the full benefits of inverting, shareholders should own between 50% at 60% of the entity which requires a partner of calibrated size. above that, restrictions apply which makes rules -- which makes it harder to access foreign profits. companies, all non-us-based companies, can lend money to their u.s. subsidies. those moves create did a double interest in the u.s., producing the income subject to 35% u.s. corporate tax rate and shifting income to a lower tax jurisdiction. if a us-based company tries barring from an offshore account, it will be taxed at the
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u.s. rate. brian, let's get into your thoughts from massachusetts. these: as far as countries like colombia or whatever -- putting money into something. if they use the money for terrorism, i would shut it down immediately. but i would like to express -- i wish i had somebody who was running for president who represented me. we have all of these people out of work and we keep bringing in millions of people on 10 year work visas. they don't have education and i don't understand that. we need to put a stop to that. two of my sons are not working, they can't get work. i don't hear anybody talking about all of these people they are talking about letting in on
7:50 am
the visas. i see them driving around, they are going to old people's houses and taking their blood pressure. my kid tried to get a job but can't. the whole system is broken. they are putting real americans in the gutter and i don't know why. host: that was brian and massachusetts. we will leave the conversation there. coming up, we will be talking with john sly sylvester out of wisconsin, a bernie sanders supporter. he will talk about primary day. tod barnes will be on later talk about the dominating process for the republicans. we will be right back. ♪ the book tells both the story , the fact that this manuscript
7:51 am
is not what we thought while also trying to chronologically think about what was madison encountering at the time. and keeping those two narrative straight was quite tricky for a while. >> sunday night on q and a, law school professor mary builder discusses her book, which takes a critical look at the notes james madison wrote during and after the constitutional convention. >> madison took the notes on sheets of paper and you'd folded them in half. he writes on the front, across the middle and on the backside. and at some point, it he sowed all of these little paper together into a manuscript. one of the wonderful things we noticed we were there was that the last quarter of the manuscript, the holes that he have so, they didn't match with the earlier ones and this confirms my suspicion that the end of the manuscript had been written later.
7:52 am
but you can't see that on the microphone. it was wonderful to see that in person. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. campaign 2016 continues today with the wisconsin primary. live coverage begins tonight at 9:00 eastern. to dan for complete coverage with speeches and viewer reaction. taking you on the road to the white house on c-span, c-span radio and >> washington journal continues. host: those in the badger state are getting ready to vote today and joining us from that state is john sly sylvester, the host .f drive home with sly on 93.7 thank you for being with us this morning.
7:53 am
you are supporting bernie sanders, tell us why. hast: well, bernie sanders been going to wisconsin for a long time. what tipped the scales for me is his opposition to the free trade deals that have stripped wisconsin of 130,000 jobs. position andhis opposition to the iraq war and i think he has his finger on the polls of what is going wrong with the country. there are a lot of democrats who , frankly, looked the other way when barack obama promised to renegotiate and not do trade deals like george w. bush and he did the same thing. that upset me a great deal. i support of, i believed him and they don't trust till or clinton to do what is right on that issue.
7:54 am
wall street loves free trade deals that have stripped us of our economic strength here. that host: it sounds like that was issue that stopped you from supporting hillary clinton. guest: last night i saw two or three of bernie sanders advertisements and it is that issue that he is focusing on. host: if hillary clinton does end up being the nominee, will you support her? will you be satisfied? .uest: i will not be satisfied i am very frustrated with the situation. i don't like the superdelegates and i haven't decided who i would vote for in november. it will be circumstantial. if she has a 20 point lead, i may make a statement and vote for someone like jill stein.
7:55 am
i would make the pragmatic move to vote for her but we will wait-and-see what she does. thattary clinton has said she will oppose the tpp but i would like to see her name on the dotted line. if she does that, i would be more inclined to vote for her. host: do you think is important she does that to win bernie sanders supporters? guest: i think there is a show me the money situation. i don't think many people know that bernie sanders has signed that. but she needs to make a statement that she is serious about this. i'm not opposed to trade. the shorts are given shift. is trying to get his old u.s.
7:56 am
senate seat back, his wisconsin senate seat. he is running strongly on this issue and he has been leading in the polls partly because of this. host: when it comes to trade, we have heard our viewers saying they see similarities between bernie sanders -- some supporters have said, if he doesn't get the nomination, i'm not voting for hillary clinton, i would vote for bernie sanders vote for donald trump. would you do the same? guest: no. he has is qualified himself from being president with his remarks about muslims and other groups of people. he is not qualified to be president. i think he struck a chord on trade, but i'm not sure he knows what the problem is. he said our negotiators were stupid but i think the deals were a trojan horse and they knew exactly what they were doing. it isn't like this is a mystery.
7:57 am
i will never vote for donald trump. not that i'm not mildly entertained by him. he certainly has been making wisconsin a more interesting place but i would never vote for him. host: we have a fourth line that is life for wisconsin voters. i want to hear who they are supporting today. that is (202) 748-8003, for those folks to call in. what do you say to voters who are looking right now and are trying to decide who they would vote for in the democratic nominating process. they are looking at the delegate count and hillary clinton, when you ask the superdelegates, the lead is pretty wide between her and bernie sanders. are you wasting your vote by voting for bernie sanders? guest: you never waste a vote.
7:58 am
voting makes a statement and a keep the pressure on the establishment. hillary clinton is the establishment but bernie sanders, by attracting all of these supporters and these votes, he is shaping the message that hillary clinton -- hillary clinton's message has shaped -- has been shaped by bernie sanders. he is driving the campaign and she is reacting. bernie sanders has had an incredible effect on this race. he may not be the ultimate nominee but he still sees a path forward. he is shaping this race and if you are not paying attention to what is going on right now with these crowds and the way that he is driving become for station, then you are whistling past a graveyard because people are fed up. there are fads in politics but i think a lot of people are involved right now for bernie sanders and trump to some extent, out of necessity. host: the washington post would
7:59 am
like to see this from bernie sanders. put more meat on the slogan. this is what they write -- it would be useful to hear more details from mr. sanders on this agenda. voters will benefit from understanding what trade-offs his health plan would entail. how he justifies his contention that the financial sector's business model is fraud and other specifics to back up his slogans. if he's to be more than a protest candidate he owes richer's -- he owes voters a richer understanding of his views. guest: let me say that the washington post goes wisconsin and next the nation as to why they and so many other corporate owned newspapers, have supported the policies that have closed factories that are here for 130 years. from the washington post editorial board -- he seems to think that it is frivolous that we lose jobs here every time a washington establishment
8:00 am
supports deals that are written for corporations. free trade is a slogan -- they own us and next one nation as to why they don't care. that said, i do think that bernie sanders sometimes could get into a few more details over some of the proposals that he makes and i think that is a valid criticism of any candidate. hillaryi am voting for and i am low income and i need someone who can get things done. --ant to know why the media sly says they distort so much on hillary and they say bernie's got all these supporters. two point 5ve got million more votes. the people are voting for hillary, not bernie. that's a big distortion.
8:01 am
abouter they want to talk bernie's extremist past, they were smearing hillary when she was a teenager, she was a republican with her father. as an adult and when he was 30 wass old, senator sanders from the socialist workers party or debt party in 1980, not supporting jimmy carter but he helped trickle down ronald reagan get elected by his cynical left. he was always protesting. he never did anything. i would vote for him but he would lose worse than mcgovern if he was nominated. last let's take that point, he would vote for them but he would lose. guest: that contradicts the previous five statements at arthur made. is truth is, bernie sanders polling better against the republicans. no one knows what will eventually happen in the general election because no one knows who the republicans will
8:02 am
nominate. michael dukakis had out huge lead over george herbert walker bush but blew the election because of a lousy campaign. politics as a to left-winger. i'm still not a left-winger. i agree with bernie on guns pretty i support the second amendment. i am not an extremist when it comes to spending. my problem is -- i supported carter, a supported clinton, they have, unfortunately, supported corporations over workers. no state has been devastated more in the labor movement than wisconsin because of scott walker's attacks. bernie sanders protested a lot of things. time has proven him right. would you call yourself a progressive or a moderate? guest: labels only go so far.
8:03 am
wisconsin has a rich history of progressivism. wisconsin also has a very extreme right-wing history is well with joe mccarthy and scott walker. it's a bit of a polarized state. if i had to accept the label, it would be progressive, not liberal. host: would you say that hillary clinton is a progressive? caller: no, she is a liberal. host: and the difference? guest: i think liberals are very good at protecting the safety on issuescus more like abortion and some of the social issues. progressivism is about empowering workers and building government from the ground up rather than the more paternal look at politics. we have joann from madison, wisconsin, a democrat, have you plan to vote? caller: i will vote for hillary
8:04 am
clinton. i have known sly for many years and marched with him as he union organizer. i am very concerned about the types of rhetoric, anti-women rhetoric, anti-childcare rhetoric, anti-women's issues rhetoric that is coming up only from sly but a lot of the talk show hosts in wisconsin. the tone of it is offputting area it's hard to speak on his show. it's hard to speak without reading called a limousine liberal. taken --feminist has has been taken in a pejorative way. i will work very hard to get hillary clinton in office and the attack i'm getting from the it's hard to go online to put in comments that are pro-hillary and not be openly attacked. do you want me to
8:05 am
respond? host: we do. guest: i don't know whether joe and has tried calling my show but i take calls from people who disagree with me all the time and i never shout anyone down and i have not made any remarks about hillary and her gender. i might have made fun of her pants suits. women's jobs are affected just the same way men's are when they or youpped overseas support things that are bad for consumer rights. i'm sorry, corporate policies affect both genders. hillary clinton is not a victim. the people that support her have been giving as good as they get. host: you said you're not sure what you will do it bernie sanders does not get the nomination. you might write in another candidate? guest: i will vote for a woman regardless this fall. personein is a capable and she is a green party candidate.
8:06 am
her views are far closer to mine than hillary clinton. i will have to make that determination of what's at stake and how close the race is. if wisconsin is really close this fall, hillary clinton is in big trouble. host: why? explain that. guest: she should be able to put wisconsin away. == it's a tale of two states. elections,ff year wisconsin leans republican because there is a much lower turnout and welfare, whiter people tend to vote especially in the ring of fire which are the suburbs around milwaukee county. races, the map expands. it turns out that more people of color and lower income people come out and vote in wisconsin has voted for every democratic nominee since 1988 starting with michael dukakis. host: if she gets the nomination and she is running against
8:07 am
useld trump, do you not your radio show as a podium to help democrats defeat donald trump? are you sit on the sidelines? guest: my radio show is not predicated on me being used as a told for the democratic party. i'm a member of the democratic party. i have been for a long time. i don't get my talking points from the party as many conservative hosts do and i am not going to carry water for someone i don't think would be a good president. i don't think ill or would be a good president. she reminds me of richard nixon. she is secretive. she is shifty. i think she is deceptive. she appears to not have any type of soul when it comes to thinking for herself. she is always trying to catch whatever she picks is popular. would picki know she better justices than donald trump or god for bid ted cruz.
8:08 am
if it's close i will vote for her and if not, i would make a statement that not everything is ok with the democratic party. i'm tired of being lied to and tired of workers being put last in the equation of voting. i shouldn't say voting but in the constituencies of the democratic party. unfortunately, bill clinton made sure that the only group he workgroups care of supporting abortion rights. is nothing wrong with that. my mother worked for planned parenthood. there's more to being a democrat than just being pro-choice and being pro-safety net. bill clinton did more damage to labor than scott walker could have ever dreamed. john we are talking with sly sylvester, the host of his radio show "the drive home" on wbgr-fm.
8:09 am
we are taking your questions and comments as wisconsin prepares to vote. caller: silver spring, maryland, independent. thank you for having me on the show. that i amke to say for hillary because she is well experienced. there are people in the camp of mr. sanders who say all the time that if and when mrs. clinton becomes the nominee, they will choose to vote for trump or someone else. that's very undemocratic. inre are people like myself mrs. clinton's camp who believe strongly that sanders, if and when he becomes the nominee, it will be minus one. so many of my colleagues say the same thing. it is a strategy
8:10 am
on the part of sanders people to look at those in hillary's camp have no place to go. if and when sanders becomes the nominee, i don't think he has -- is as it spirit is mrs. clinton. i will stay home. that's my observation. host: what is your thoughts? guest: you can vote for whoever you want. i would not try to convince you to vote for anyone. people are free to vote they want to. i would love to have america have a multiparty system. more parties should be involved in the debates this fall. that said, mrs. clinton is the most on popular presumptive democratic nominee in many years. all you want but independents are not flocking to her. she's got a lot of agates and a lot of problems. bernie sanders is not a perfect vehicle. ask yourself this question -- had elizabeth warren run this
8:11 am
year, would hillary clinton still be in the race? i don't think so. host: democrat, you're next. caller: bear with me. i wish you were broadcasting on msnbc. you are better than the garbage we get from the corporate media. warned usders has before about the panama deal and the tax shelters and nobody listened. that was a rigged game. the asian deal will take away many rights including the right of u.s. man-made products and other tax things for corporations. that is a solid -- that is a sour deal. the middle class is getting screwed all the time. rate where inflation we are lied to. it's pushing the middle class into higher and higher tax brackets so it used to be a $50,000 income is now $100,000 income and we are being taxed at
8:12 am
that and the wealthy don't pay any such social security or medicare taxes above $100,000. saying i'm ay great person for civil rights. a race issue is chic and she used that to get her self hired in the democratic party. in the meantime, bernie sanders is out there getting his head busted when it was not a popular issue. it was a principal with him and that's what i like about him. he sticks to principles and i cannot tell where hillary is because she changes her message every time a different wind blows. host: that was ralph. let's get in maureen, a republican in minneapolis. caller: at the beginning of the show, sly said if hillary she would besed
8:13 am
against trade deals, he would be more inclined to vote for her. i cannot believe that anyone would believe anything that woman says buried she was able to lie to the victim's parents of ben ghazi. she just lied straight to their face. she is the most corrupt politician in american history. i don't see how he could ever, no matter what she says on trade policy, vote for her. host: sly, go ahead. guest: as far as being the most corrupt politician in american history, there is a lot of competition in that department. think mrs. clinton is the most corrupt politician in american history. i say if she signs on the bottom-line and that's how important i think it is to stop the transpacific partnership -- there would still have to be some leap of faith. i am also concerned they may try to sneak the tpp through a lame duck session while the
8:14 am
republican senate and the president are outgoing. i am troubled by that. i truly believe that mrs. clinton -- i don't think she is 100% negative. there are many people in politics who are more deceptive. i don't think she should either old standard. for many women that feel it's important to have a female president, i completely agree. way shereally like the has conducted herself throughout her career. i don't really like being called a sexist because i don't support her. i have a history of supporting women who run for public office. it's important they get there. i just don't think she is a very good vehicle and i don't think identity politics is going to solve the problems this country is facing. economic death spiral when it comes to the middle class. has lostin the country a larger percentage of its middle-class in the state of
8:15 am
wisconsin. a, san antonio, democrat, you're on the air. caller: good morning, i support hillary clinton because i think she would be the best leader. i think she understands how things are done. she understands how to use power. it's very much like franklin delano roosevelt or lyndon baines johnson. they were establishment democrats who understood how to compromise in order to get things done. as far as these polls where bernie sanders is shown more likable were able to beat donald trump more than hillary clinton, bernie sanders is not vetted at all. hillary clinton has been up against negative media attention from both sides from people like you and people like that woman that just called about the phony
8:16 am
ben ghazi scandal and hillary clinton being the most corrupt politician ever. host: i will have sly respond. is she able to compromise like previous democratic residents? also, bernie sanders is not been vetted by the media? guest: that's partly true. he's running for president the first time and is in the the national corporate media has not given him the attention he deserves. that would be good and bad on his behalf. they have done some vetting. they called him a communist. as far as frank on roosevelt and lyndon johnson, if bill clinton and barack obama had been lyndon baines johnson and franklin roosevelt, we would not have lost the jobs we did. neither of them would have permanent trade relations with china or undone
8:17 am
glass-steagall, they would not have done those things that devastated our economy. i don't mind compromise. you have to have compromise but should the compromise always be at the expense of the american worker in favor of corporations and how convenient it is a take wall street money and do that? bill clinton and barack obama never compromised on reproductive rights. corporations don't care about that. for gay rights. corporations want to drive wages down this country and i'm tired of democratic residents taking money from wall street and giving workers short shrift. workers are the biggest constituency group in america and they keep falling behind and it did not happen by accident. respond too you economists and others who say the job loss and manufacturing isan before it nafta and
8:18 am
largely due to technology and automation of jobs? productivity has increased. guest: productivity has increased which is incredible. taken a serious ptolemy american workforce. they left of breadcrumbs with these trade deals. the trade assistance, that verifies when you lose your job because of a trade deal. theave the numbers of companies, 66,000 factories, we have a number of workers in its verified. other thing that hurts the american worker is right to work laws. jimmy carter could have stopped the southern states from coaching jobs in the north. they had an opportunity to do it and they didn't. the other thing is unionbusting. milwaukee was the epicenter of the workforce in america. yes, they started nesting unions and going after workers before they did the trade deals. deals mistake, the trade
8:19 am
have cost us millions of jobs. when those economists who supported those trade deals say that it's other things, they are right but they better look in the mirror and realize they have made a terrible mistake. people like paul krugman who call themselves progressives ought to be ashamed of themselves for undercutting the american worker the way they did. i don't care if they call himself a liberal or a conservative, they hurt us. host: joining us from milwaukee's john sly sylvester, host of his radio show," the drive home." there is this headline in "the new york times" - what do you make of the republican talk radio hosts who have been critical of mr. trump and trying to stop him in the state of wisconsin? peoplethese are the same
8:20 am
who do scott walker's bidding. milwaukeecome out of but they broadcast to the suburbs of milwaukee, not the city. they are very economically conservative. they are voices for corporations. there is no doubt they will get someone like ted cruz to stop donald trump. ise of what they are doing survival of the republican party and i understand that. donald trump's populist message on trade in a don't like the fact that he will save social security. he is not cut from the same cloth. it was interesting that right-wing talkshow host charlie with got into it congressman sean duffy, the republican from the northern part of the state the other day. overwere arguing wisconsin's identity within the republican party. sean duffy represents different people.
8:21 am
republicans that live up north that are hurting economically have a different feel about the economics than the very wealthy people that live outside milwaukee. times" the new york story says perhaps the polls we is due to conservative radio talk show host. guest: he's right. talk radio on the republican side has a huge impact. sykese thing charlie cannot control in a republican primary is wisconsin's open primary. it will be interesting today. there will be independents making a decision between trump and sanders and trump will probably get hurt i bernie
8:22 am
sanders strengthen wisconsin. trump is drawing from a pool that does not necessarily follow along book light and sinker with milwaukee right wing radio. he can do better in wisconsin and some people expect. there are other polls that show him a little bit closer. ron in pennsylvania, independent, good morning. i am not ad morning, big fan of hillary clinton. people say she lies and everything. she does. i was originally from new york and when she ran for new york senate, we as new yorkers, she did not even live in new york so i don't know how she got to run for e senate. deal wherethe libya nobody got hurt. bosnia, she was dodging sniper bullets.
8:23 am
this woman cannot keep a straight story. i think the sniper story is troubling. the benghazi thing has been exploited for political purposes by the republicans and maybe they put extra salt on that one. there is a moment in her political career -- i found it odd the clintons did not go back to arkansas. in wisconsin, we are proud to be from our state and wbelieve in our roots. running off and calling another state your home state for political opportunity seems a little peculiar. when she put that yankee hat on and said she had always been yankee fan, i think that symbolized some thing to people that she was the ultimate political opportunist. on for med from then to take a real seriously. that was so ridiculous.
8:24 am
she had clearly been a chicago cubs fan her whole life. it may sound trivial but i think it's indicative of the problem she has. she does not really know who she is. bernie sanders has taken some positions that are extremely unpopular but bernie sanders is willing to pay the price for that. hillary clinton never seems to be able to pay the price for taking an unpopular position. next go toll springfield, virginia, democrat . that they, it's funny call hillary and opportunist. the biggest opportunist is bernie sanders. he is not a real democrat. he is no independent. he is can reason why not getting my minority vote.
8:25 am
obama is a real democrat. don't give hillary all the credit. sanders is the biggest opportunist. host: please respond to that. had that discussion on my show yesterday and hillary clinton said in milwaukee the other day that she is a real democrat. i don't know what that is anymore. was barack obama real democrat when he cozied up to wall street to? ? is failing to put last eagle -- glass-steagall back in place, is that being a real democrat? is giving the workers a short
8:26 am
shrift a real democrat? this is not packers versus vikings versus redskins. this is about public policy. enough todon't earn live the type of comparable middle-class lives they used to. i am sick of the pom-poms. i have been a member of the democratic reasons i was quite young. i have passed out leaflets. i believe the bill clinton's and jimmy's of the world and the barack obama's were going to look out for working people and they haven't. i don't care what label they have in front of their name. the word democrat does not mean anything to me. host: robert, independent, north carolina. caller: good morning. mike comment is that bernie sanders has been vetted by the clinton machine and they cannot find anything bad about him so
8:27 am
they try to make up things. the corporate media has treated ernie sanders so poorly -- bernie sanders so poorly. the coverage he gets his ridiculous and people lie about him. he gets so little coverage. and then third place republican party get more coverage than bernie sanders. john kasich is getting more coverage. the corporate media and democratic party are just totally giving it to hillary every way they can. they want her to win. mentioned earlier about the super delegate process. for bernie sanders supporters who feel that way, what you think the democratic or should do? change the rules the next time around? what should they do about superdelegates?
8:28 am
parties needk both to reform their process to make it more transparent and predictable. bernie sanders has done well in caucuses but the caucuses should be eliminated as well. on both sides, if they need to have a predictable, easy way for people to understand the process. both sides should have open primaries where they attract independents. if these parties are to survive, they better reform themselves. host: why you say that? guest: right now, they look like they are in sealer, conniving, corporate machines that have little regard for people that vote in their primaries. it almost appears as if they are using the voters as props. host: what do you think could happen with the sentiments you are seeing behind bernie sanders supporters and behind donald trump, this antiestablishment
8:29 am
movement that is happening, where do you think it goes after campaign 2016? guest: that depends on who wins. and how they react. it's not going away. it's not a fad and people are counting on it to go away. it will not go away because they have not solved the problem of wages and inequality in this country. until they do, people will be restless. they think they can make it go away and they think they can come up with some sweet deal and bring in a wall street candidate like paul ryan and have them run against hillary clinton and go back to the status quo but that will not put food on people's table. get al not help people pension. it will not stop the jobs from going overseas. those are real tangible things. host: there is a tweet from one of our viewers --
8:30 am
guest: we are given terrible choices sometimes. sometimes we have to make decision so we don't make them worse. you have to be somewhat pragmatic. overly think i'm being idealistic with my positions today but i'm also living in the real world. michigan, jamie, a democrat, how will you vote today? you're in michigan, i'm sorry. i'm mixing up my states. caller: i was sorry that hillary did not pull it off but it was close. in wisconsin, they have their chance today. we will see where they stand. i am strong about hillary clinton. i will support her all the way. by the way, i'm from
8:31 am
mississippi. when i was 18ippi years old. i would not live in mississippi and i would not go back. my husband has been retired since 1992. why her and build a not go back to mississippi is the reason i left. that's a whole different country down there. they don't and click i do. i am not a racist. i hate it. i was there during the civil rights when it was happening. i saw a martin luther king shot. it was not a pretty sight. i know what hillary did after that, she was too young during that time. her heartn her work out for the poor and the underprivileged. she has worked hard all her life for the underprivileged.
8:32 am
host: let's have sly respond. guest: sometimes she does and sometimes she doesn't. i think she is quite the complicated person. she was certainly not working for the poor when she settlement or -- when she sat on the board of walmart. she was not working for the poor when she ended up voting for some consumer bills that stripped the rights away from american citizens. she was not looking out for the poor when she supported her husband's policies on trade. she was not looking out for the american worker when, as secretary of state, she said in india that there are good and bad things about trade deals, refusing to condemn outsourcing. she said that on foreign soil. she is unpredictable. she has done things for women and children. i will not paint this is black and white. too often, when money is
8:33 am
involved and she has to make a choice between people and money, she will go with the money. john in new jersey, independent. caller: thank you for c-span. is slogan for this season it's the money, stupid. is ae sanders campaign courageous effort at campaign-finance reform in action going through regular americans. not so, hillary clinton so her hands are tied like president obama tied his hands taking wall street money so no prosecutions of wall street and financial wrongdoers. fe. rank bill -- the dodd rank bill is 300 pages. solved,problem is not this money problem is not solved, all other bets are off. we will have a financial collapse. host: let me add to that because
8:34 am
"the washington times" reports on the bernie sanders individual donors out pacing hillary clinton. what are your thoughts on that call? after it's remarkable citizens united that someone would run for president as a 74-year-old from vermont with messy hair and a thick brooklyn accent and inspire some of the people to get involved in the political process. my sister who has never been involved really in politics at least for a very long time is so excited she has written bernie jackson does not have much money. it's inspirational. checkshas written bernie but does not have much money. there is something authentic and there is something going on. it is a very unique year.
8:35 am
there is a whole movement building in wisconsin. the wisconsin working families party is building a grassroots movement like this in wisconsin. a looks like they will get young man named chris larson elected county executive in the walkie today. it's built on this grassroots effort and he is being outspent 26 to one for the race for county executive and it's still in a can the neck. -- it still mac and neck. host: should bernie sanders mount a third-party it if he doesn't get the nomination? guest: no, and he said he won't. that's never been his goal. his role was to reshape the discussion and if he got the nomination, great. if not, he has inspired a lot of people to get involved in the process. i don't think many people thought that bernie sanders campaign would catch this level of fire. when he announced in the spring
8:36 am
on lake champlain in burlington, i was optimistic that he could make a difference but i had no idea we would go this far. host: if our viewers want to learn more about john sligh so vester, go to his website. thank you for your time. guest: thanks for having me on. host: we will take a short rake and we come back, we will turn our retention -- our attention to the republicans. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ >> our c-span campaign 2016 bus
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is visiting winners from the student can competition. we visited metropolitan arts institute in arizona to present awards to the west division. they had a first prize video. second prize was on gender wage equity in the workplace. then our bus stops in los angeles for the third prize winner. c-span extend the special thanks to our cable partners for their help and coordinating our promotion in the community. be sure to watch one of the 21 top winning entries at 6:50 a.m. in the morning before "washington journal." guest: campaign 2016 continues today with the wisconsin primary.
8:38 am
live coverage begin tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. tune in for complete election results, candidate speeches come and your reactions taking you on the road to the white house on c-span, c-span radio, and "washington journal" continues. host: we want to welcome back executive editor of the weekly standard to talk about the nominating process. who will be the republican nominee questio? guest: i think donald trump has the best chance even if he loses in wisconsin which i suspect he will. the ted cruz polls have been better and a poll came out yesterday showed donald trump 10 points ahead. that means he had quite a kick. he can afford to lose here.
8:39 am
probably wille not have the majority as he approaches the convention. there are a lot of delegates out there that he can deal with who can add to his number and he is a great negotiator. there are delegates were not down to other candidates that he can add before the convention starts in july. i think that's probably the most likely thing. i would not bet the family home on it. host: this is what senator ted cruz had to say -- [video clip] today, thered here are two candidates who have any plausible path to becoming the republican nominee, me and donald trump. say what we are seeing here in wisconsin and across the
8:40 am
country is the 65-70% of republicans who have recognize that nominating donald trump would be a disaster. [applause] nominating donald trump elects hillary clinton. islary wins by double digits like tying a giant present and giving it to the democrats in of hillary clinton is the next president, the supreme court is lost for a generation and the bill of rights is put in jeopardy, our kids are arid and trillions more in debt. samee remain stuck in the economic stagnation we have seen the last seven years. do you agree with his predictions? guest: i think donald trump have a difficult time winning the general election. i think ted cruz would have a difficult time winning the even with ation
8:41 am
candidate as flawed as hillary clinton as the opponent. but both have great problems. host: this is the front page of "the new york times" trump is fuming, too. sure who the john kasich people would go to. it wouldn't necessarily go to ted cruz. that trumproups draws from. i don't think a lot of them are hard-core conservative voters who ted cruz draws from. not clear who would benefit the most from john kasich dropping out. host: if there is a contested convention, are we headed toward that? it was contested in 1976 when ronald reagan challenged gerald for but ronald reagan won on the first ballot.
8:42 am
there is a contested convention and then there is one that opens up because there is no first ballot nominee. host: ted cruz has said the choices should be between him p.d donald trump pai what do you think should happen here for the republican party? guest: for the republican party, i think john kasich makes a strong case and that is that the polls show him running ahead of hillary clinton. i think he would have a better chance of beating hillary clinton than either ted cruz or donald trump. i thought that marco rubio would be a candidate that would have a better chance than either of those people and perhaps even john kasich in beating hillary clinton. you have to win the republican nomination first. marco rubio will not win it. host: john kasich has 143 pledged delegates. guest: he said when the
8:43 am
delegates arrive to a convention, it's magical. magic that sets in, i'm not sure about that but i think he would need magic. the firstave to be on ballot where he would not even because he will not have 18 primaries or eight caucuses. maybe the second ballot if he gets there. then he might be viable. sometimes parties are looking for the candidates who have the best chance of winning the general election. that is john kasich strong suit. i think he could command the political center more than either donald trump or ted cruz or it looks that way at the moment. calls, thatget to he in green bay, wisconsin, independent. caller: thanks for taking my call. say that i i have to
8:44 am
hope people look at the big picture. guest: i do, too. aller: i used to work for republican congressman on the hill many years ago. there is no comparison with republicans as they are now. it's a joke. i always say don't vote for someone who wants to talk about nuclear power. that's a no-brainer. ted cruz is not a conservative because if he was, would not have shut down the government and give the bill to the people of the united states. have already put my vote in. i am voting for hillary clinton. bernie would not be bad. they are both good people. people have to use their heads.
8:45 am
they need to look at the big picture, not just because they speak well or they promise this or that. i have seen it all. hillary would be the best to get things done. cruz, howmp and ted many countries have they gone to? guest: i'm a little confused. wanted to ask her what republican congressman she worked for. host: what do you make of what she had to say? guest: it sounds like she was a republican at one point and is now disenchanted. she doesn't like ted cruz or donald trump. i would disagree with her on one thing. i think ted cruz is a conservative. host: you do? guest: of course. his: what about relationship with his fellow conservative senators on capitol hill? guest: that detracts from
8:46 am
the campaign. andr all his campaigning after ted cruz is doing better than people thought he would and certainly better than i thought and stories written about how the conservatives are rather he behind ted cruz, only 2 senators have endorsed him and that's a small number. he is not well liked in the senate. it shows. host: harry in baltimore, maryland, a republican. caller: thank you. thank you for c-span. i have a couple of statements. when everybody says donald trump does not have any experience, obama did not have any experience either. wasonly experience he had at a retirement home. when you look at trump and the rest of them, i honestly believe donald trump loves this country and he does not care about is money anymore. he's got all he has. he is really trying to help the people.
8:47 am
see the other ones -- it's like washington is in it for itself. host: we hear that a lot from our viewers. they like donald trump because he might be able to do something different in the lawmakers that have been here. have experience but it's not the kind we normally associate with voting for somebody for president. he has made that case. i can do this and i can stop illegal immigration, i can rewrite the trade deals, i can jack up the economy almost overnight and balance the budget and so on. often outd it so radically that people come to believe it. he is a different kind of candidate. i would not have thought he would have the appeal he has. that is the great thing about politics. it's not science. politics never has been. things come along that surprise you.
8:48 am
my one rule of politics is that the future in politics is never a straight-line projection of the present. things change and unexpected things happen and candidates do crazy things. candidates to smart things. politics is very unpredictable. thattoo bad in the media we write about the future all the time is up we know it. we don't. host: texas, democrat. caller: good morning. i'm tired of hearing about donald trump saying america is not great. it's the greatest country in the world. it's the best economy in the world, fred. you have done quite well, fred, in this economy. donald trump is made millions of this economy. the stock market is higher since obama came in and you guys have reaped of the harvest. for you and the working class, join a union. you want to complain about your wages being low?
8:49 am
these corporations don't love america. they don't care about america. raise aeople want to fuss, join a union to have competition between labor and corporations. don't expect your corporations to give you a raise. they don't need to. they will cut your health care and pension, they don't care about america. guest: there is a strong union voice. i expect he will not vote for donald trump. host: the sentiment is something a lot from democrats and republicans who believe that corporations are not on their side. guest: corporations are out to make a profit and they will serve their shareholders. the idea of capitalism is that it works well for everybody in the long run. whyink it does and that's we are the most prosperous country in the world, he is right about that, even though donald trump wears his hat to make america great again,
8:50 am
america is pretty goo great. host: there is brokering going on. guest: i think all that stuff is fascinating. the trump organization did not seem to understand that it's not just winning the primaries or coming in first, caucus, there are steps after that in which real people become the
8:51 am
delegates. in some states, you offer a delegate slate. these are people committed to vote for me at least on the first ballot but other states, they are picked in different ways. the ted cruz people have been wise about this. they are externally well organized. that has been the biggest strength of the ted cruz campaign. they figured out that this delegate may be committed to donald trump on the first ballot but after that, no. so they will get one of their delegates whoas may have to vote for trump or some other candidate on the first valid. after that, they are free to vote for ted cruz. it's very smart. it's something the trump campaign should have known about an organized for and they will
8:52 am
suffer because of that. host: fort lauderdale, florida, independent. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. you, i'm sure ask you are aware of the polls like where hillary will beat trump but ted cruz would be even with donald trump so why would you assume that donald trump would become the nominee? donald trump has been self-destructing. whether he goes on a debate with ted cruz where ted cruz will make a maple out of him or he just goes on tv and avoids ted cruz, every time you open's his mouth, like what happened last week, he steps in it. ted cruz knows how washington works in donald trump as an outsider who wants to be on the in'side.
8:53 am
is going to be a politician and be the money instead of giving money to politicians. guest: i don't think the polls show ted cruz doing much better than donald trump against hillary clinton. the ted cruz negatives are higher. the most horrible thing they show about al trump is how poorly he does among women. one thing for a republican not .oing well among single women but married women, he is doing poorly among married women as well in polls. that's very harmful to donald trump. i think he will have a difficult time but i think ted cruz will as well. debate, wevoiding a have had so many debates. i watched them all. had 13 or something and is probably enough.
8:54 am
campaign, when a candidate who is behind as ted cruz is, behind in primaries and behind donald trump and behind in delegates, that candidate is always asking for more debates. bernie sanders once more debates. the one who trails always wants more debates. i don't know that the public would be served by that in particular. host: from twitter -- that caller said that donald trump with his statements on abortion has stepped in it are . religion and family are important in the state of wisconsin. they have the largest married couples. most of the republican districts
8:55 am
are in the top numbers for married rates. that does not bode well for donald trump. everybody knew that a month ago in yet we are saying that trump was going to win in wisconsin. obviously, they have not looked up those figures. that's pretty impressive reporting. i think donald trump's big fumbling overt the abortion question but not at -- but attacking scott walker. he was not a great presidential candidate and he got out early. he is externally popular among republicans in wisconsin. they have been through a lot supporting him with two regular elections and the recall effort.
8:56 am
wisconsin, it's not like there is the grassroots and then republicans at that top like the governor and they are the establishment. the republican party is pretty unified there. it's not that way in other states. the republican party is not that unified in virginia. wentking scott walker, he to janesville, wisconsin, paul spent hisetown and time attacking scott walker in that was counterproductive. host: conservative talk radio in wisconsin is also the hind the stop trump movement.
8:57 am
host: let me hear from vicki in florida, republican. morning, i'm a retired person. when i was younger, i loved william f buckley. the previous caller had said hillary clinton is her girl because hillary will get things done. hillary had hillary care when she was first lady and it did not go anywhere. where all suffering from this " affordable care act." my son is 39 years old. he only makes $12 per hour and his "s $253 per month for affordable health care." market place the subsidy he gets.
8:58 am
it has kept them from buying a new car and going on to further education and it's killing us and if hillary gets in, i cannot see that it will be any better. it seems that these progressives are saying to us, here is what we will do for you -- we will take this money from you and give it to somebody else. i'm tired of it. if she is elected or bernie sanders is elected, i'm afraid i will drop out of the political process. i am so discouraged. i would love to hear your response. guest: if hillary wins, don't move to canada. i don't think it will be that dire. hillary clinton has moved to the left. now isition she takes much more left wing than those of her husband when he was president. she is not a moderate at all. the money she wants to spend, she wants to spend as much as bernie sanders does.
8:59 am
democrats have one advantage and that is they tend to agree on issues. they are matters of degrees between sanders and hillary clinton. other than that, there is not much difference. has not used the kind of issues against hillary that republicans will use no matter who the nominee is against her and that of the whole e-mail fiasco and the clinton foundation. the only thing trump has mentioned are the highly paid speeches from wall street firms that hillary has gotten. that, bernie sanders has not attacked her personally. republicans will. it will be quite different. go to howard in miami, florida, caller: i want to ask you a
9:00 am
question about voter suppression. who back a gentleman in 1980 said in a speech in texas, he was one of the founders of the heritage foundation. he said i don't want everybody to vote. voter id is going to allow governor romney to win the state of pennsylvania. that pennsylvania law was ultimately ruled unconstitutional. lawsuit, a stipulation was filed. that was an agreement between the parties.
9:01 am
stipulation, they said there were no investigations or prosecutions of in person voter fraud in pennsylvania. the parties do not have knowledge of any such investigations. the further stipulated that the parties are not aware of any incidents and do not have knowledge of any voter fraud elsewhere. the respondents will not offer any evidence that in person voter fraud has occurred in pennsylvania or elsewhere. is, how do you theify as a conservative enactment of all these laws. there has never been a greater than a 5 million vote disparity.
9:02 am
900,000 people have been disenfranchised in north carolina. 300,000 in wisconsin. how do justifies it voter id fraud laws are some -- there should be minimal identification. the supreme court has upheld that. it's something that can be required by states. that theo evidence number of people who actually vote has declined. that includes minority groups. with so many illegal immigrants
9:03 am
i think it's a good idea. allowing people to vote over a. is-- over a time of months hell. things change in the meantime. donald trump has benefited from this because his voters voted early. some that voted weeks before the election. to bek people ought required unless they have some emergency, they should be expected to show up at the polling place and cast their vote on election day. west virginia. caller: i think the neocons are being handed their heads. i was glad to see marco rubio lose. i will be so happy to see ted
9:04 am
cruz lose. he's a neocon. anytime you say palestine a, you are not going to argue with me. you are the reason most of america is a mess. you are one of those crazy people. host: you are calling fred barnes names. what is your evidence? caller: i've been watching c-span since i lived in oklahoma in 1979. i've been watching these people. they are unbelievable.
9:05 am
host: are you a neocon? guest: i am a conservative. i did not dislike the bushes. i happen to have a house in florida. i know a lot about florida politics. i have written about jeb bush. i wrote that in the weekly standard magazine. i thought he would be a better presidential candidate that he turned out to be. it was an unusual election year. it turned out that someone's record that was impressive some i heard jeb to
9:06 am
speak and i thought he was very good. he talked about his record. the crowd was a bunch of active republicans in new england and new york. i thought he had done very well. the audience did not think so. that was a hint that he would have trouble in the campaign which he did. event, ted cruz got a standing ovation. it was the first time i have heard donald trump and he got a standing ovation. there were some hints about what this was going to be like. good morning. caller: good morning. i am 78 years old. i have lived through the time
9:07 am
when i couldn't vote because i was in the south. the wonderful thing about the is youstates of america have a right to vote for who you want to. means when the rubber hits the road, the person is elected that got the most votes. i don't understand this griping and complaining. if the person iphone -- vote for i'm stuck with somebody i didn't vote for like everybody else. america,ited states of your vote is your opinion. thank you. i certainly agree with
9:08 am
that. he had said that you don't need to get a majority of the people. that's true. you need to get a majority of the voters. it's an interesting comment. it's not surprising coming from paul wyrick. caller: hello? host: you are on the air, sir. caller: i would like to make a few comments and get fred's opinion. -- i am 72 years old. it seems like in the last 20 reagan, we have picked not the most intelligent people to run the country.
9:09 am
as far as the millennials are concerned, go let them live in cuba for a year. i have been to cuba. they won't like it. it has a terrible economy. one of the things i was wasrised at president obama the decision not to ask them to change anything. cuba is not a place that most young americans would like. i liked reagan. i think we attract good people to politics. we will continue to. there were 17 republican candidates. there were not quite as many democratic candidates. smart, capable
9:10 am
people. i think the voters decide. that's what elections are about. host: this is john from new york. caller: good morning, c-span. start byall, let me saying i am 71 years old. i was born in the south and went to school in new york. i am a vietnam veteran. and have watched the political landscape morph into what it is today. me, hillary clinton represents the establishment. even to some degree, senator cruz does now that he's got all these establishment republicans aligning behind him. think anything is going to change going forward if either hillary or senator cruz is elected.
9:11 am
in order for the system to change, you have to head in a different direction. i know people say donald trump is not presidential, but he has the capability of putting people around him that know what's going on in the world. host: fred barnes? i think there is a great difference between what hillary clinton will do and what ted cruz would do as president. interesting is an case with whether he's presidential or not. he has said in interviews in the last few days that he can be presidential or appear to be presidential as a candidate anytime he wants to. he is just decided not to do that. he needs to rough up his opponents in the race for the
9:12 am
presidential nomination. we will see. i think it needs to start tilting toward the presidential side if he has one. i think that would help. people want to learn more. i think people want to learn more from donald trump at this point. he is saying pretty much the same things he has said since last june. they have served him well. i think he needs to offer a little more. claims, how is he going to achieve them? i would like to hear that. host: that brings up her question. do matters matter in campaigns? michael garson writes that they do.
9:13 am
this is what he says. guest: you can see why he was such a good speechwriter. i agree with that. oppositionmp by his to political correctness on a number of issues and the way he speaks has probably helped them in the short run. i think it has stopped helping him now. i think he needs to observe the kind of manners. i was talking about a moment ago to try and be more presidential. he claims he can do it. i think now is the time to do
9:14 am
it. host: we've got one last call for you. caller: thank you for taking my call. i am 65 years old and i have never voted. we've watched that this year. they called donald trump a bully. hairare talking about his and not taking a bath. they continually put him down. bullying is in the news media. i would like to see donald trump get that this year. i am an outsider and he is an outsider. they are concerned about what he's going to mess up. host: you have never voted? this time you're going to because of donald trump? caller: did you vote for him in the primary? i think donald trump
9:15 am
gives as good as he gets. he's been getting a lot of lumps from a super pac's who attack him. the media covers him a lot. guy who can take attacks and attack other people as losers, i think donald trump can do it. i'm not worried about him suffering from being overtaxed. barnes.u can read fred the coverage of the election cycle, go to the weekly he is co-author of a book that recently came out. thank you for being here as always. were going to take a short rate. do matters matter?
9:16 am
there are the phone lines for you. we have a fourth line for wisconsin voters where they are known to be nice. what do you think as you go out to vote. we will be right back. >> our campaign bus makes stop around the country, visiting the student cam enters. our bus visited phoenix, arizona to brett -- present awards. their classmates one second-place for their video on gender wage inequity in a worse
9:17 am
place. angeles for in los a third prize winner. we headed out to palo alto. c-span extends a special thanks to our cable partners for their help in coordinating our student visits. every weekday, be sure to watch one of the top 21 wedding entries before washington journal. campaign 2016 continues today with the wisconsin primary. tonight atge begins 9:00 eastern. tune in for complete roads -- election results. the road tog you to the white house. >> washington journal continues. host: we will wrap up the program asking you if manners
9:18 am
matter in this presidential cycle. michael garson says they do. .e writes in his column nancy is in new york.
9:19 am
you are going to be voting soon. what do you think? are you with us? caller: yes. host: go ahead. you are on the air. caller: i'm sorry. i didn't hear my name. manners absolutely manner. i am from the bronx. we are well mannered. donald trump is very well mannered. he just gets attacked and when we don't sit back and just get bullied. we bully back. is well mannered among the elites. if anythingo say is happens with the republican , now they are all fighting
9:20 am
against them. they are all fighting against him. they are afraid for their jobs. they don't want donald trump because he will get rid and take and puthat extra money it back into the population. is ask anybody if they were the story of pandora's box. the last thing that came out of the boxes donald trump. winston is in texas. what do you think? caller: yes ma'am. absolutely. people have to be courteous to one another or we have a bad situation. society andoday's donald trump is a prime example,
9:21 am
it's been engineered out of our public discourse. if you take a look at what's on the right-wingth takeover of the media, they have culturally engineered an ill mannered population. people who are so contemptuous about their own neighbors. believe theybody billionaire who's been in washington paying the politicians to make those deals with china for him do something different if he is the president? that's just foolish. being well mannered and courteous and polite is one of the cornerstones of society. host: adrian is also a democrat in illinois. yes, manners do matter.
9:22 am
i would like to say something. i think the reason he is acting like he is is because he's running scared. he just wants the attention. think a lot of these people who are behind him are going to be very disappointed. he is going to announce that he's not going to run. that will be his excuse. the wayhy people act they do. they are scared. i don't think he wants to be president. we are asking all of you if manners matter. a line for wisconsin voters. it's a fourth line. that is sure line. i want to talk to you because you are voting and its primary day.
9:23 am
donald trump has never been a good fit for cap. the models. it's because of the demographics in wisconsin. culturencestry and where particularly in the pride inhey take reputations of niceness -- niceness.
9:24 am
billy in texas is a democrat. caller: thank you for taking i call and to c-span for all of the great work they do. manners do matter in politics. donald trump went out of his way to insult everybody. i am an african american man. everybody is really upset about the way he has approached
9:25 am
politics. tohas no sensitivity minorities. is trying to reach a certain demographic. they want to go back to the ways it used to be where whites were powerful and others had no power. banned -- badng matters. people are not going to go for that. this is the new america. blacks, whites, and browns are together now. there is no place for a man like donald trump. host: martin is a democrat in wisconsin. voting is underway there. caller: we will be voting later today. andife is a schoolteacher
9:26 am
we are not very happy with the choices. hillary is over the hill so to speak trump's embarrassment. we are going to vote for john kasich later today. we wish there were stronger candidates on the democratic side. for this country to be so well-off and so educated, the pool of candidates is very poor this year. going to vote for the republicans? caller: it's an open primary. we are deciding that that's what we're doing. host: is part of the appeal for john kasich has decided to stay positive? gone after the other candidates in a way that some of them have? caller: obviously that's part of it.
9:27 am
you want to hire somebody who is presidential that the rest of the world is going to respect her and of the five candidates who are left, none of the four b john kasich in our opinion, close. hillary has had so much opportunity to be bigger and better. she has diminished the role she has played. host: why not bernie sanders? caller: i think that goes without saying. we are not millennials. we are not looking for free stuff. host: hello barbara. are you there? i think we lost her. ernie is in west virginia. it's your turn. i think manners matter in everything. regardless of what you are talking about. hillary in the white house is the best thing we
9:28 am
can do. she is ready to go. you've got to the price of one. thank you very much. host: we will go to an independent in michigan. hi, brian. manners should matter. ,he reality is our government look at what we've been up against and how we are dealing with it. this notion we are supposed to worry about how other countries look at us through the scope of our media. the media surveys in this. doesn't it give the full context of any of these candidates, they just parse it out. leaders, i could
9:29 am
see where that's going to get really ugly. let guide us is who we are and not the simple words that the media uses. trump the concerning biggest thing that he calls on is how bad the media is. he is telling the truth. it's not just the republicans who are against trump. and the democrats obviously all the hangers on of our government. is the way he's going to be able to cut through that. he is influenced the lobbyist. that's what trump is going to call out all the time.
9:30 am
host: you are supporting cup? caller: why not? look at how low the bar is. obama, thes bush, ones that around the last 20 years. probably findld someone that could have all the manners and the intellect, they are not in the selection. this is what we've got. host: there is a piece that was written in the boston globe.
9:31 am
9:32 am
host: paul is in virginia. good morning. what do you think? caller: good morning, credit. to a degree they matter. there are times when you've got to forget the matters -- manners until the truth. the problem we have today is political correct is. look at what the far left democrats do. if you say anything that goes if you saym, anything against them, you are called a racist, a hater, a big it and all of this other stuff. it starts in these schools. the young people believe that you can't say anything against them. we need to get act to the truth.
9:33 am
unfortunately, sometimes the hurt is going to hurt somebody's feelings, including mine. you have to learn from it. you have to be honest with yourself. that manner that woman might be right. democrat.are a who are you supporting? caller: we need to get back to the constitution. we have gone far past the constitution to where we've got judges and these elitist bureaucrats. you're calling on the democrats line.
9:34 am
have you voted for democrats in the past? did you vote for president obama quest to --? caller: no. i help people who help themselves. i don't want somebody is stealing my money and turn around and taking it to washington dc where they get part of it. it. may not deserve host: the front page of the wall street journal lays it out. donald trump has 737 delegates. he needs to get 500 more. 66% of the remaining delegates. this is ted cruz is never.
9:35 am
the totals mr. cruz and mr. kasich need exceed the number of delegates still up for grabs. wisconsin, wins in we will see what happens after on the democratic side, you've got hillary clinton delegates. . out how these candidates did in the state of wisconsin tonight. you can tune into c-span. that is what our coverage gets underway. we will take your phone calls and get your reaction to how wisconsin vote. there are more primaries coming daniel is in
9:36 am
pennsylvania. good morning. how do you plan to vote later this month? caller: i haven't made up my mind. we were talking about manners. , towardsump's manners the veterans, he says he loved the veterans. he is probably never heard of the 10 death march. i would like to see him tell the families of these people that they are not heroes. this is a man running for the highest office in the united states. i can't stand that kind of rhetoric coming from somebody who was to be president of the united states. host: he writes in his column that manners matter.
9:37 am
rhonda, what do you think? caller: i just wanted to say i feel like ted cruz does not get enough attention. i believe i've researched candidates. has nolike donald trump manners and is a narcissist.
9:38 am
he has made fun of the developmentally disabled. when i saw the remarks about women, i turned myself off to him. i don't care how much money he's got or how famous he has. he is not presidential material. i feel like john kasich should it out. he has no chance. we haven't had a contested convention in 40 years. ted cruz if you look at his resume and you look at his life, a lot of the stuff that said about him is untrue. it's just backlash from the other candidates. website, people need to go to his agency how he has fought for our country with
9:39 am
laws and other things that he's done. ,he way he thought the court the way he tried to keep in god we trust with the pledge of allegiance for the children. people need to research. he has manners. he has the background. to leade one we need our country and keep us safe. this is from the washington post this morning. rallying touper pac the side of ted cruz to keep his resources going. pack organizing surrogates like glenn back and told robertson.
9:40 am
ted cruz is calling on john kasich to get out of the race. the headline in the washington by 10says he is ahead points in wisconsin. mark is a democrat. go ahead. are you there? all right. kelly is in oregon. good morning to you. good morning and thank
9:41 am
you. yes, manners do matter tremendously. we have to be respectful of one another. more of regis philbin had rubbed off on donald trump. wish people would listen to what mr. sanders has to say. what he says makes sense. it sounded like this person automatically dismissed him, he just wants to give things way. he has the best idea of everybody. trump 20 years ago. i don't even recognize him. there is a way that you can say something that might hurt saybody in a way that they i never realized that.
9:42 am
terms of manners, i think the are to manually. the republicans with all of their obstructionism that we've had in the congress over the past eight years, they need to learn some respect. host: that was kelly in oregon. john is in new jersey. caller: how are you doing there, credit. .- greta i'm 80 years old. we were always taught to respect the president of the united states. he was our commander-in-chief. i think the republicans need to they some respect because were not very respectful toward .arack obama in spite of his faults, he was
9:43 am
still our commander-in-chief. well is a democrat in new jersey. what do you think? caller: i like with the last caller said. you should respect your commander in chief. this is like a prizefight. there is no manners. they are going to a show. they're going to see how money punches land. wordedia dissects every that donald trump has said. he is not one of these guys from washington that's scripted. maybe he should be. and my son is getting upset with me because i agree with some of the things trap stands for. i am on the cusp right now. lie, that's mys belief. all, undecided in
9:44 am
new jersey. the contest does roll on after today. the washington times shows that donald trump is running strong ahead of the york primary. ofhas a shot at winning all the 95 delegates. he is positioned ahead of the contest in connecticut. delegates are up for grabs on april 26. when you get a chance to vote this month, who are you going to vote for? caller: good morning. i am definitely for trump. the media has been so unfair to him. they just nitpick him constantly. they cut his sentences. they will just put a few words of what he says.
9:45 am
the manners that people are thereg about, he is out talking to the american people and telling them what he's going to do. ted cruz has the backing of these super pac's. donald trump has made his own money. republicans are scared to death of him. megyn kelly has it out for him. she is so vicious. mr. trump is an amazing man. that's better than what it's going to be.
9:46 am
america needs mr. trump. that man is great for america. i truly believe in him. you, does itask concern you the way he talks? caller: not necessarily. he's not that rude. he is telling from his heart. host: let me hear from brenda in houston. caller: good morning. please allow me to talk as long as you allow the republicans to talk. i want to respond to the guy who calling --t being
9:47 am
called racist. you only have to get upset about being a racist if you are one. be what you are. , weegards to your question didn't have a problem with manners until the black guy was elected to the office and then rednecksarty and the came out of the woodwork. disrespect this president. now you are going to deal with it. we as black people are never going to forget how you treated are president. deal with it. you are what you are.
9:48 am
confess to it and let's move on. thank you for allowing me to have my say. independent is an in ohio. caller: hi, greta. i am a donald trump supporter. everyone is afraid of donald. he is going to try to straighten out our country. ted cruz is a cheater. he beats his wife. he is not a constitutionalist. just's have allegations. what evidence do you have of ted cruz? caller: marco rubio put it up.
9:49 am
he is a crook. he is the most this honest man that there ever was. a big joke that america is so gullible. manners matter. they do matter. donald trump tells the truth. he's not perfect. some other news this morning. the supreme court upheld one person one vote. it was a unanimous ruling. the opinion was written by justice ginsburg.
9:50 am
the most conservative members of the concur. also on the court, justice kagan was it new york university law school yesterday. she said the court is working hard to avoid deadlocks. there are almost 50 cases left before they leave for summer break at the end of june. obama's nominee will get a breakfast with the chairman of the judiciary committee. he has said he will meet with him, but only to explain to him why he will not get a confirmation hearing. with theave breakfast president's nominee. it's the gentlemanly thing to
9:51 am
do. speaking of manners. what do you think? caller: yes they do. i never had any negative feelings about donald trump until he used the f word on national tv. i find it outrageous that someone would use a word like that with a microphone in his hand in front of people. hand, i think listening to all the republicans have,er trop the way they regardless of how i feel, i would still favor donald trump. the republicans are going to shoot themselves in the foot. they always find a way to lose. overthey are fighting trying to get out of the selection.
9:52 am
it should just be the people. they should only be concerned about -- the only concern should be done. i listen to ted cruz in some of these other people. they sound like a thousand other politicians i've been listening to for years. they need someone in their to shake up the truth. we go to georgia. called, it reason i might matter under certain circumstances. with donald trump, you get what you see. the one thing i do know is donald trump is an honest man. he will tell the truth.
9:53 am
the russians over there, they don't care about the manners of our president. need a man who brings jobs back to this country. that's what this election is about. manners will not fix this country. nobody cares about the drug dealers today. host: the world post with this
9:54 am
story. the governments across the world about the penama papers. we discussed this earlier today.
9:55 am
we have a democrat in missouri. whatr: i was amazed at mrs. clinton said. to tryare calling her and find out how to stop donald trump. japan, korea, mexico. that's why i am voting for donald trump. host: what do you think? caller: i think manners don't matter and they do. i wanted to say something about trump. he is the republican party. as ted cruz, he would be a
9:56 am
terrible president and so would kasich. i can't stand donald trump. want himn is they because he knows a little bit about some things. he would not be a good president. i don't know why they do that. host: that's dave colin from california. alifornia and new york passed $15 minimum wage. economists warn of the move could cost jobs. governor jerry brown is signing the bill. roger his republican. welcome to the conversation. caller: thank you for taking my
9:57 am
call. i have been a republican all my life and it makes me so sick to hear them criticize. family matters should stay out of this. donald trump tells you like it is. he has financed his own deal all the way through. he is not obligated to oil companies. when you donate $1 million to somebody's campaign it, you are obligated to them. that's what's wrong with the country today. nobody wants to stand up and do what's right for the country. john kasich is ohio. our county has lost hundreds of jobs. manyts on and tells how
9:58 am
thousands of jobs he's brought in. i would like to know where they are at. trump will be a good president. mark is in seattle. manners to matter, especially a disregard for women. the man would not be here without the women. that's insulting our mothers. hillary's got the most experience. she is not that different than bernie. a 2. rates about they are right. they are not the best candidates. i'm 59 years old. turnout andl voter
9:59 am
hillary will be our next president. good show. host: martha is the last call. caller: yes. i think manners do matter. ever since they had that first debate and they set donald trump up. they wanted him to say he would whatever room got in. this is been going on every since then. about donaldalks trump every night on her show. all day longon they talk about donald trump. what would they talk about if they didn't have donald trump? host: i've got to leave it
10:00 am
there. the senate foreign relations committee is gathering for a hearing on the iran nuclear agreement. we have coverage here on c-span. the committee is called to order. ambassador shannon, we appreciate your continued service to our country. we look forward to working with you. today, we are looking forward to hear your thoughts of the jcpoa.entation of the many of us remain skeptical of iran and the nuclear deal. and there is bipartisan restoration that previous commitments made by the initiation are not with reality. secretary kerry said the bati


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