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tv   A Sense of Security  CSPAN  April 8, 2016 6:50am-7:01am EDT

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>> this week on c-span, the supreme court cases that shaped our history come to life with the c-span's hearings open boat lands -- landmark cases: historic supreme court cases." and constitutional dramas behind some of the most significant decisions in american history. >> it is a case about presidential powers and its limits during war. central themes about the presidentsf the during conditions of emergency. and the limits that congress can place on it. >> chief justice rehnquist said -- the case has come to be accepted either culture. >> sweeping decision.
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it isolated the u.s. as one of only watch romney should across the globe that allowed abortion for any reason. settled theas not issue at all. >> tonight, we will look at miranda versus arizona that ruled that suspects may be -- must be informed about their rights before self-incrimination. watch it landmark cases tonight on c-span and i am a history buff. i do enjoy seeing the fabric of our country and how things -- how they work and how they are made. >> i am a history teacher. i had no idea they did history. tv, it american history gives you that perspective. >> i am a c-span fan.
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>> this month, we showcase our student cam winners. annual student documentary for high school and middle school students. this year's theme is wrote to the white house and students were asked -- what issues you want presidential candidates to discuss. secondour second prize -- high school winners is from all hamburg, california. -- all hamburg california. they want presidential candidates to talk about social security area -- security. >> in variety of topics have caught the public eye. one issue remains. it has not garnered as much attention. it has far-reaching implications. and candidates must address it. >> only a year remains until the ballots are cast.
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is aoad to the white house rocky one, not only for the candidates, but for the american people as well. the debate over who is most qualified -- the issue of social security has largely been ignored. >> the government report is disconcerting. we all need to work together to address this issue. orwhen there is no agreement consensus, there is no way to move forward. founded in 1935 as part of fdr's new deal, social security was designed to provide for the general welfare of the american society and to serve as insurance for the most gullible in our nation. vulnerable in our
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nation. it continues to support a large number of americans. 59 million, almost 1/5 of on the socialnd security system. social security supports a variety of groups providing retirement and disability and medicaid for americans alike. over the years, social security has been able to support a large number of recipients and being hunted by the payroll taxes of americans, it has remained relatively able. social security though has experienced an immense demographic change. 1935, there were 16 workers supporting one social security recipient. in 2015, 3 workers support one recipient. this change is significant. seniorsour retired greatly rely on social security. bill is a retired citizen currently living off of social security. >> it bolsters my income.
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i would not be living here if it was only on social security. it only pays about half of what it costs me to live here. other people, they do not get as much money and so they cannot even afford to live here. >> in recent years, social security has begun to face a number of roadblocks. one of the main reasons it has helped americans over the years is largely due to the fact that it changes as people change. of the standing out here aarp california state office. i am about to speak to the senior manager for advocacy for aarp. what more information can we find out. adjustment of living is an annual adjustment made to the social security check to help the amount of benefits
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adjust to the cost of inflation. the issue right now involves around the cola and insuring the trust fund has enough to support future generations. >> the cost of living continues to rise. it is not come up -- kept up with inflation. you are seeing individuals having to live off of a benefit that has not kept up with the cost of living and still having to have all of the necessary basic necessities including everything, food, that goes into basic care. limited in what they can afford. >> for many, social security is something that directly affects them as they age. what we have forgotten is the system is supported by americans who are currently working and paying into the system. retiredw for me when i
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even though i have been paying into the system, the money i cannot be there. moneyis something -- the might not be there. report, social a security will likely be fully depleted by 2034 while the disability fund will be depleted in fiscal 2017 and the old age and survivors fund will be depleted in 2031. the system will be receiving tax revenue after that but it will only be able to provide three quarters of schedule benefit unless congress changes the system. >> it is important for the younger generation. they can always fall back on social security. , that willure worker be coming soon, i would like to know where my money is going to and how it will be used to it
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benefit -- to benefit the population. social security needs to remain what it started to be which is a supplemental income for people who are in retirement. it was never set up to be something as a sole income. it has become the last few years more of a partisan battle than it has been about issues that affect america. at the end of the day, only one aspect of the issue is identifying the problem in finding a solution. the other aspect is making sure that all parties involved cooperate in working towards fixing this issue. it is the responsibility of our next president to ensure that we are all working towards one
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united system of social security for the united states of america. >> to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries, visit today on c-span, "washington journal" is live with your phone calls. then a look at the future of the european union. tonight, former vice president dick cheney on the role of the vice president and how presidential candidates choose their running mate. scott paul discusses the trade deficit and u.s. manufacturing. ubin we will talk to avi r about recent hacks that compromised the health records
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of 3.5 million patients. melissa yeager from the sunlight foundation on the amount of time members of congress spend fundraising and how it affects their official duties. ♪ host: good morning. 2016.friday, april 8, the headlines for today's "washington journal" are about the war of words in the democratic presidential primary, as hillary clinton and bernie sanders had a sharp exchange about each other's qualifications, leaving some in the democratic party worried that the change in tone might hamper efforts to unite the party behind the eventual candidate. the stalemate over the supreme court nominee merrick garland continues, as president obama warned that political polarization puts the judiciary in jeord


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