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tv   The Issue of all Issues  CSPAN  April 12, 2016 6:50am-7:01am EDT

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world and i think, it's fine but if thel, american taxpayer is paying, it seems the taxpayer should have access to information about their, the contracts, the amount s'safety, the worker the political relationships. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern "q&a."pan's >> thos month we showcase our student cam winners. is road to theme the white house. what issues do want presidential candidates to discuss? second prize high schoolur east winners are from sandy spring, maryland. john caporaletti and matt post,
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tenth graders at sure what school want them to discuss campaign-finance laws include their video titled "campaign finance -- the issue of all issues". issue's talk about an that affects every other issue across our nation. it may not be what you immediately think of because campaign-finance isn't exactly a glamorous issue. that's right. campaign finance. the way money get some donor to candidate, the method, the amount, the motivation, the inherent problem with unlimited money in politics. 84% of americans think money has influence in politics -- too much influence in politics. uch for being such a monumental problem, campaign finance is sorely under discuss. the 2016 presidential candidates need to tell us their plan for
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campaign finance reform because it is the issue of all issues. theo learn more about basics of campaign finance, i went to talk with my u.s. government teacher at sherwood high school. why do candidates even care about money and election? you namebuys recognition and without name recognition, the voters go in election day and they see your name, they are not going to make a connection. >> what is the citizens united supreme court case? amendment,the first first amendment freedom of speech applies the public funding, federal elections. >> and what did that do? onit removed restrictions what outside money, the money not connected with campaigns, is used for. so the outside groups which can raise unlimited amounts of money may now spend them in unlimited amounts to explicitly say whatever they want.
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>> why would money in politics even be a problem? >> the people who are opposed to it claim that if you are going to equate money with freedom of speech, that those people with the most money will then have the most influence in an election. 120 individual smiley faces. really. each smiley face represents one million american households. heres's a number. $567.3 million, that is all the money raised for the 2016 presidential election. half of all of that came from just 158 families. to represent that, we would have to take a single smiley face and its original01% of size. 50% of all the money raised for
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the 2016 presidential elections so far came from this tiny sliver. you might be wondering how the government make sure all that money stays regulated. i went to the federal election commission in d.c. to talk to alan weintraub about the process. -- ellen weintraub about the process. >> as commissioners, we are in charge of management of the agency and policy decisions that commission makes. >> how has the citizens united supreme court case affected the flow of money in politics? >> we're starting to see now more money being raised and spent but coming from fewer dollars -- donors. the money is shifting over to organizations to
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where they can accept unlimited contributions. >> do you think that is a good thing? >> i think it really is not a great friend for democracy. if you believe that every citizen has the same rights -- >>d do you think the fines the fec imposes are enough in a deterrent? >> i think they are an important deterrent. it is critically important that the agency play a significant role in monitoring and enforcing the law may future the people who violate the law are held accountable. we've seen some challenges in the past few years. fec working to stop rule breakers? a lot of people say was set up to fail because the structure. six commissioners and no more than three of them can be from any one party. so, some people says it is designed for gridlock. i think it is designed for compromise. compromise has been in short
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supply in recent years. >> here is why the sluggishness should concern can candidates are raising a ton of money. 2016 presidential candidate jeb bush has already raised four times more than every candidate in 2012 combined. ran hisprofessor lessig presidential campaign on this issue. when i talk to him, he had some harsh things to say about our current system. mr. lessing, you often say money is corrupting to government. how so? >> i think the corrupting influence is the influence, as a candidate spends, congress 30% to 70% of your time raising money. >> do super pac's make that worst? >> this model of fundraising increasingly is concentrated in a smaller and smaller number of people. what that does is create a dependence on a tiny slice of th
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e 1%, which is not in any sense representative of the american public. >> at this point, you may be wondering what can be done? you would be surprised at how many different ideas are out there and waiting to be of limited. >> we need new legal action. we need citizens united overturned. >> what this act seeks to do is to make sure the laws stay up with changes the supreme court may. >> the must more important change -- is small dollar, public funding of elections. >> we should fully disclose to the public the sources of campaign expenditures. >> free television time is the core of this solution. essentially amend the constitution to permit congress to regulate campaign-finance. >> it's ok that people have different ideas on how to approach this issue. what matters is doing something.
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inaction and silence are just not options. the 2016 presidential candidates need to tell us their plan, because until then, every issue will be affected by this issue. to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries and this year student cam competition, visit student madam secretary, we probably give 72 of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states -- ♪
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>> "washington journal" is next. we will take your calls and look at today's news. education secretary john king testifies on capitol hill about education policy and funding. gives an king also update on the implementation of the every student succeeds act. live coverage at 10:00 eastern. the house works on expanding and fda program to provide vouchers to companies that develop treatments or vaccines for the zika virus. p.m.ouse gavels in at 2:00 eastern. a look at the role of money in politics. former deputy general counsel for citizens united christian berg and meredith mcgehee of campaign legal center join us. then a conversation on campaign
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fund-raising and the role of outside groups. our guest sheila krumholz of the center for responsive politics. you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter. ♪ good morning. it is tuesday, april 12, 2016. at house is set to gavle in eln 2:00 p.m. for the next three hours, we will be here with you on "washington journal" and focusing our program on the issues of campaign finance. we will talk about the continued impact of the citizens united to bring court decision and discussing efforts to add more transparency to campaign fund-raising and spending. we begin btu


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