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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Legislative Business  CSPAN  April 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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activism and journalism with terrorism through legislation, that is of particular concern because those practices are much more likely to be copied in other countries. i would single them out. but then there are also, as the secretary and i both mentioned, there are places where civil societies is holding its own and fighting back and democracy is advancing. i had one of the most moving experiences in my time in the state department yesterday, eting a group of newly ppointed ministers, i.e. governors and ministers from burma, people who are activists
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and in some cases political prisoners for -- in a country where for 25 years, we were struggling alongside them to bring about democratic change and very few people thought we would make it. and there they are for the last 10 days, they have been in charge, trying to figure out how to bring services to their people and if it can happen there, it can happen absolutely anywhere. that stuff keeps us going in some of the more depressing news that we are bound to talk to you about in these reports. eporter: president obama: good evening everybody, as president and commander in chief, my top priority is the security of the united states and the safety of the american people, and that
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means preventing terrorist attacks and at the moment, it is focused on making sure that we are dismantling and destroying the isil network. i just met with my national security council to review and intensify our campaign against isil and thank director brennan for hosting us and for their critical contributions to this fight. in late february in our meeting at the state department, i directed my colleagues to get this on all fronts and we have. this is a complex one involving many countries and many communities in syria and iraq. it is a military campaign and counterterrorism effort but also depends on a whole range of political issues that face these
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two countries. as we have seen tragically from russels to iraq where isil slaughtered children watching soccer, they inflict violence to the revullings of the entire world. with attacks like these, isil hopes to weaken our collective resolve and they have failed. their mr. barrow:ism stiffens our unity and our determination to wipe them off the face of the earth. today on the grounds of syria and iraq, ice ill is on the defensive. and we are on the offensive. we have momentum and we intend to keep that momentum. our air campaign, more than 1,-- 11,000 500 strikes continues to
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pound isil tarts. and harder for them to move and for their -- for them to mass forces. when they try, we take them out. isil has managed to advance in some areas in syria and iraq but has nod not had a single successful operation on the ground since last summer. it has been a year since they were able to mount a major successful operation. we continue to take out their leaders, their commanders and those plotting terrorist attacks. for ice ill's leadership, it has been a bad few months. they captured the leader of the chemical weapons program giving us critical information to launch attacks against those sites. we have removed the fins year in
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iraq and their finance chief and the isil figure in iraq and a number of top foreign fighters. they are off the field. and in the days and weeks ahead we intend to take out more. every day, isil leaders wake up and understand it could be their last. local forces continue to push forces back in iraq. iraqi forces have consolidated their gains around ramadi and liberating several villages from them. in the tigris river valley they have pushed to most you will and as secretary kerry said we will continue to assist iraq and so must the entire world as it works to stabilize areas and development that is inclusive of
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all iraqi communities so isil cannot return. meanwhile in syria, a coalition of local forces, some backed by u.s. special operations forces continue to make progress pushing isil out of a strategic town. isil was dug in there. isil was defeated in several days. with this, we have severed a critical supply line between the strong holds in syria and most you will in iraq, tightening the squeeze and this offensive alone, the local forces pushed miles. ut 2,800 square they are ejecting isil from its last pocket along the board with turkey. the isil core continues to shrink.
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their ranks of fighters are estimated to be at the lowest levels in two years and more and more are realizing that their cause is lost. our cyber operations are disrupting their control and command and operations. we hit oil wells, refineries and supply lines. we reduced their revenue and .very dollar we deny them the only way to destroy isil is to end the syrian civil war. so we continue to work for a diplomatics end to this awful conflict. the cessation of hostilities has largely held for about six weeks and has reduced the violence although not eliminated it but that reduction is meaningful allowed aide to reach the
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people. the cessation has saved lives but as we are seeing in areas, the cessation is tenuous and under strain. we have seen violations by the syrian regime and many people continue to be deprived of food, water and medicine. talks are resuming in geneva and the united states will do everything we can to help the cessation succeed and have a vision and this is endorsed. the process that brings all syrians together. and new constitution and free elections. the united states recognizes as new people all across syria that such a process must include a transition away from assad and the future will be on the agenda when we visit next week in saudi
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arabia. beyond syria and iraq, we continue to go after isil. we are helping partners strengthen their forces from africa to afghanistan as we have made it harder for foreign terrorists to reach them, we have seen the uptick and will use the full range of our tools to roll them while assisting the new government as it works to secure their country. i do want to point out as we work to destroy isil we go after the remnants of al qaeda that pose a significant threats to our allies and the homeland. in syria, we targeted a senior leader and another strike in syria and took out five other al qaeda operatives and a training camp used by al qaeda and took
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out dozens of terrorists fighters. we took out the one who attacked innocent civilians. we are sending a message, if you target americans, you have no safe haven. we will find you. and finally, we will work closely with our allies and partners in europe to stem the flow of terrorist fighters. i want to point out that our intelligence professionals and those of other nations have stopped numerous operatives from entering europe thereby preventing attacks and imagining intelligence. the world does not always hear about the success of our intelligence services, but it's a testament to the skills of our intelligence professionals and i want to make sure that the world does not forget it. our team of experts, research
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teams returned from brussels and athens and sending teams to other countries so we keep improving border security and share more information because even the smallest gap when critical information is not shared or when a potential terrorist slips through the cracks can be deadly. and building on my invitation at our nuclear summit, we will look for ways for intelligence services around the world to share information against terrorist threats. it's appropriate that we are here today and gives me a chance to thank all the dedicated men and women across the c.i.a. and our intelligence community as well as federal, state and local government agencies who are involved in this effort, they are working around the clock to keep us safe. they don't get a lot of attention. but their work is tough and critical and i rely on it and everybody up here relies on it
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to make informed decisions to protect the american people. as the stars on the memorial wall here attest, they have given their lives so we can live free. we are safer because of their service and my national security adviser susan rice will address the comprehensive strategy to destroy isil to counter ice ill's hateful ideology and protecting our homeland and working here at home so we stay in resilient. we are about to mark the three years since the bombing of the boston marathon and we will remember the lives we lost and the survivors who continue to recover, to walk and in many cases to run again and i want to remind the american people what boston taught us, how to be strong, how to be resilient, in the face of terrorists who try
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to spread panic, we have to refuse to give into fear. we have to stay true to our values of liberty and diversity and openness. in the face of madmen who only know how to kill, we will continue to live our lives. go to our stadiums and cheer for our teams. we thrive in our cities. we run our races, as they will next week in boston. in other words, we carry on. terrorists like isil and al qaeda, they can't destroy a great nation like the united states of america. i spent time before i came here at a science fair at the white house. you want to get a sense of why i am always confident about america, meet some of those young people and what they are creating and inventing and the diseases they are trying to cure, the energy they are trying to generate and hope and light
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they want to shine to the entire world. that's who we are. you can't beat that. through 200 years we have prevailed over much greater threats than the one we pose now. so we are focused and we are going to win. in large part of outstanding work of individuals here today. but we should be confident about only how effective not our military and intelligence and our diplomatic teams are but the basic character of the american people. as long as we hold to that, we are going to be just fine. thank you very much, everybody. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by tional captioning institute] >> the chair of washington
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d.c.'s metro rail board testified on capitol hill. we will be airing that hearing just after 10:30 tonight here on c-span. a preview, an exchange between the metro board chairman and congressman mark meadows. >> if you want me to come up here and give you good news, i'll do that. that's the only reason i'm here. if you give me 30 seconds. mr. meadows: where's the $18 billion and if you are going to get testy about it. let me just say, i've got the numbers and looking at increasing the revenue, you become the most expensive operating system more than chicago, new york and pennsylvania, why would you have the highest operating costs out there?
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what would justify that? if you want to look at numbers? >> we are the second largest transit system in america. mr. meadows: -- go to beijing, shanghai, paris, london and moscow and see a world class system. this is an embarrassment and all in this together and -- mr. meadows: those are all communist countries. >> par is, london, communist countries. and if we want a world class system like they have, the federal government who knows countries pay s for all the system. i'm asking for $300 million which is the fact that we transport 50% of your work force every day. you want them to be safe. you want us to be reliable and
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leave here like we did in 2005 and do nothing. if we do that. this time something happens, i'm blaming it on you guys, because we need your help. >> you are the one that has been on the board. how can you blame us. >> i have been on the board a year. it is not operating well now and we need the resources in addition to the wherewithal. mr. meadows: when can you give this committee of a full breakdown? >> within a week. let me just say this, you are never going to have a chance, you have the chairman and myself who have done this for years and a general manager who is as capable. if we leave here today and do nothing and mr. chairman when you say you aren't going to give us a dime, really? we need resources. this is your system.
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this is my system. you are going to put your kids and parents on this system that is a system that it is like today. really? give me a break. we have to step up. wife reports from 2010, 2011, 2005, 2005, where we have done nothing. we cannot leave here and do nothing again. >> you can all of today's hearing on the d.c. metro rail tonight. 10:35 eastern or watch it any time on members from the union parliament discuss efforts to combat the isis and other terrorist groups following the recent attacks in brussels and embers debated issues.
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and writes, so, yes, the e. you must build an internal security
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policy that protects human rights. as co-legislator, strengthening and strengthening border controls and clearly cooperation and security and information sharing is key to obtain the freedom of movement without internal border controls. and all of us will have to understand that our internal and external security are closely interwould he haven. in other words, internal and external security can no longer be separate. an approach is needed. to give you a brief update of events. immediately after the attacks in brussels we conducted the ministers. the vice president was present together with representatives from europe and sbrr poll. the belgian ministers.
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ministers in a joint statement extended our sympathy to the victims and their families and our support. they also set out a number of priority areas, building on the efforts which are already under way. we do not start from scratch. unfortunately, terrorism has been on the agenda for years and at the very forefront since the terrorist attacks. priorities have been agreed and considerable progress has been made to towards implementation as set out by the e.u. counterterrorism. but more needs to be done. the statement underlines the rgent needs.
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in particular, this is true and focal point. improving the assistance with the objective to agree on a number of objectives in june. secondly, as of january 1, this year, the union counterterrorism center is operational. it has been up by france and belgium to support the investigations after the november attacks and brussels' attacks, there are links across the e.u. not only information collection and sharing, but also the analysis. therefore, the extraordinary meeting on march 24, ministers decided to set up a joint
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meeting of national counterterrorism experts to support the law enforcement to help the dimensions of the current threat. special attention will be given to smart borders, which was issued last week. improving interoperability of priority. system is a it is important that customs, police and law enforcement officials can consult our data bases. privacy will play a key role moving forward on this and yes, parliament's role will be important once again. the president wants ambitious resources. and it has been added. and interoperability of data
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bases and information sharing and use of information systems will be prepared for the june council meeting. and there is more we can do. together, we need to speed up the negotiation of legislation. i refer in to the firearms and terrorism and the amendments about system attic controls of e.u. citizens. as the statement of march 24 points out, we present these measures as well as the measures to affect counterterrorism and we important to progress are developing full operational capacity and has made headway in connection with the companies.
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we know -- we know there is a strong political will in parliament to make progress. and we share this determination and look forward to working with you in order to advance as quickly and effectively as possible. thank you so much. >> thank you very much. on behalf of the union of the n, president council and mr. president of the . ion parallelment they can strike either in europe and they are attacking our way of life of our values. on the 22 of march, they struck
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in belgium, in brussels. a city which is dear to us, which we love, full of our friendships. nd because in those cowardly attacks, we lost a young italian woman full of energy, andlligence, smart, radiant she will be fresh in our memories for a long time. let me pay tribute to each and every one of our victims. let's have a thought for each of them. or each of those lives brought short and thanks to everyone who can i who were injured
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salute the daily work of all of those -- those we were able to resume the normal course of our activities in our -- in the it is and and may all the necessary tools and instruments instruments to ensure that everyone goes about their business and do their jobs. that's what the commission has been working on to improve and attacks on air passengers, cooperation dicial between member states and remembering the essential cooperation between the secret service and the intelligence community. it is essential that we increase
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in terms of exchanging information. cooperation is strength. the commission brought forward on the subject. in particular, the way in which and present and future information systems can be -- can improve the management and there zhrep by enforce the security of europe. we need to be aware even as we speak, there are information systems at the e.u. level which provides the bodyguards and the police forces information about the movement of passengers. but too often, when security matters are at stake, the problem is not so much a lack of instruments, but the use of existing tools and instruments and information is there but it
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can be all too often all arivense at its destination too late. therefore, we must have more interconnection and greater interopera built. whatever is the work of the commission and the backing and support, whatever the sophistication of the systems which we deploy, terrorism in europe will not be effective until such time and cooperate with each other more and with the union agencies. and this is why when we talk about combatting terrorism, we must recognize, no one can -- no one can lecture anyone and certainly not belgium. we cannot lecture belgium. it's a great country which has been tried and no finger pointing at belgium, please.
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let us not forget this is not the first time that indiscriminate terrorism has struck in the heart of europe. there is a collective failure, because for decades now, we have been able to draw lessons from such attacks. i remember at union councils in 1999 and 2001, all of my good friends when we swore that we would have a proper exchange of information between information services. and now is the time for action. security and indeed in many other areas, fragmentation which renders us formidable and europe needs a proper security union and i'm counting on the backing of this parliament to bring to
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fruition all of the proposals the commissioners brought forward and the preoccursors of that security union which i hope we will see materialize. the attacks in paris, the commission brought forward gislative and nonlegislative measures concerning firearms and the commission have now dropped those proposals. and i cannot yet see and we move toward adoption thereof and the commission continues to walk away and we have not seen movement there and we will do so in the next few weeks and have an agenda and give an ambitious road map with its content for
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implementation. the commission will be counting on the cooperation of the union parliament and the council because we are talking
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people, the policeman and the soldiers who came and in strass burg to make sure we are safe and thank everybody who defends and protects europe and then i would like to talk about to the responsibility, because when we look at legislation, we need to make sure we do enough. no, it is not enough what we are doing. more security means more
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cooperation within europe and the commission and the commissioner as referenced can be assured that they have the support when they are talking about the new union agency. we need to prevent all the ecrecy of member states.
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>> give my thanks because what we can say is they want our way of living, freedom, the way we live and so on and therefore what we have come up against, hatred. we must get to live the way we have always done and thank you
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very much. [applause] >> have a question for you. that questions, you say for the investigative authorities is important to know who is coming into europe and we know how many -- we know that demand and placements on airplanes is always called for when it comes to the standards for the stories about information, that is not an extra but essential for democracy, is that not just as important? >> we have a debate as europeans
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here and challenge terror and about the questions that are asked. we do want data protection and other regulations. we see high levels of data protection. we aren't going about combatting terrorism. we have our own solution. but every single data are powerful tools and we must have legal rights for authorities to ave access to the information. and i'm grateful for the questions because we can hear who is refusing to provide this ata that authorities need. .> and the next speaker on behalf of the s. and d.
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>> thank you president. over the last year frankly almost on many occasions, this house has found itself willing to debate terrorism. but we can't allow ourselves to get used to terrorism. but so many others have lost their lives. life is sacred. and it's the basis for modern society and i'm saying this because if we are to fight terrorism, first and foremost, we have to ask ourselves how is it possible that our children can have denied the very heart of our civilization. i know that this is a town ket
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behind this ideology of death. rather than looking into radical islam, we should be pondering on the problem of the radicalization of islam. islam itself is peace. this ideology is based rather on radicalism. art of children are the phenomenon rather than having to deal with islam. it's to deal with multi culturalism. under the label, people take the community approach. men and women from different origins cannot live together but need to live themselves out in distinct groups.
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we have to tackle that. the first way to respond to these attacks and look at what units us and citizenship which entails rights but duties that we all share. that thinking must be accompanied by its action. first and foremost the national governments must wield the existing instruments such as .n.a. data exchange, fingerprint data exchanges and fighting terrorism are our main weapons in intelligence and investigation. now europe is lagging behind on that front. the terrorists are united and we responded to them in divided ranks. we need to rely on the union ntelligence.
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but a real network of information, a union counterterrorism public prosecutor able to fight terrorism. we have to be determined also in our foreign policy. i'm watching very closely what frederick is doing. we need to be united. isis there because it is a cynical game of regional interests. and they have taken over. we cannot have people attacking isis while at the same time doing business with those who are funding it. none of us has a magic wand to
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o away with terrorism. but we can all work together in unity. >> thank you. there is a question for you. >> i was told i had a question for you. it's sad that moments like this is when we have as a chamber come together and we come together to condemn the acts that have occurred. after each attack we have questions. many of my constituency tweeted that we confronted a muslim woman in south london and asked
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her to explain brussels. his tweet upset a lot of people. another tweeter, what is a muslim woman got to do with the horrific attacks in belgium. it demonstrates that we are all looking for answers, whether we have no faith, another faith. we all want to explain brussels, the city we know so well, whose citizens are family, colleagues and friends after these acts. last month, i opened a conference in parliament organized by the iran foundation on attacking terrorism. what was interestings about this conference, while there were people calling for union agencies to solve these problems, none of these experts claimed there was a single solution or silver built.
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bullet. they spoke about the need to attack terrorism. at an international level and upholding the rule of law and defense of our values and security of our citizens and local community level to task tl treemism at its roots. some searching for identity. and some looking for individuals looking for a new cause and and yet more others, vulnerable are lieving that there is a will will will are we really clear what we can do to tackle these issues? yes, we can vote for a new system that accounts for concerns and civil liberties. we can encourage our intelligence agencies to work together, but this will only happen if they can trust each other to share information.
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but for those of us who represent constituencies and young people being radicalized, allow me to suggest one more thing. faith d the unity of foundation from london to speak about how they harness football o give team spirit and instill values. at the project, i met a young lady who told me she almost went to syria after being recruited. the project's founder made a few phone calls and gave her the choice of going through the gate the airport to syria or the league team she was supported. she knelt down to kiss the pitch and through her and she is encouraging others.
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and project's founder said, one of the best ways to counterterrorism is to prevent people. there must be similar projects that we can support and encourage and if not, let me know and set up a similar project. while we will not be able to explain brussels but stop more attacks by encouraging cooperation. by giving security and law enforcement agencies whatever tools we can in the free and open society and by sorting projects that stop young people from being terrorists and by all of us saying that we will not treat all with suspicion or drive more people into the arms of extremists and we will not let the terrorists win. [applause] >> thank you.
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there are more questions. >> thank you very much, mr. president. ast year in paris, a young row manian couple was shot dead sitting at a table. afterwards, union union set up a center to counter terrorism. 45 people, it's a small measure to counterterrorism. don't you think the union union eeds a real urgency to counter terrorists with special anti-terrorist troops to be pulled to go by the member states finally to fight these terrible situation? >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. but the answer is no. we need a better share of
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intelligence. and when you speak to experts and when they have moments, they do not have moments. how do we make sure we build that trust so that intelligence can be shared. and let us get away from whatever the problem is. actually, if we sit in these agencies, we will ignore the young people in our communities who have been radical idsed. we want to make ground speeches in this chamber about union solutions. what we do is encourage these agencies to come together but we can't use it as an excuse. >> thank you. >> first thing i want to do is thank him for his work to my country and belgium and also i agree with him what we have to do now is to repeat strong words
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and solemn declarations. the moment is there now to act and do a number of changes and i agree fully with you and that is the opposite, month is the problem in europe and say everything, yeah, intelligence services and police services have to work better with each other. we hear that already decades. this so-called recipe. it's not the recipe. we need unity. and learn the lessons from history. and it was created in 1901 after the trirlt attack -- the president was killed and then they decided to do so and in germany, exactly the same story. it was upgraded and created as
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the agency. that was their lesson from history and your group is taking that lesson that we create union capacity and union capabilities to solve the problem. let's be honest and face the reality. i have the long list of terrorist attacks. in madrid,, french and british police. in london they were followed and partially arrested by the french police. the london attackers and affected the museum in brussels was a french terrorist and even by the germans and charlie has been do, they were know before the attacks. while the gel begans
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who it was. and same with the germans a few weeks before the attack in paris and found weapons and didn't inform the french colleagues. the same now again in the attacks in brussels where the swedish got information and did not send it to the belgian authorities. how many are still needed before everybody understands that we need on the union level a legal real investigation capacity? [applause] >> let's face it. we have the possibility to do so. there are no borders and only our police services and our intelligence services with no borders and we have the possibility and we have the possibility now to change that
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toll build that up because we have to follow it up. and second reading. my proposal is to use the second reading between parliament and council to do a fuel amendments not to delay again and i think to prechange that can be done. first of all, changing the regulation and to give them the possibility for an investigation capacity and first proposal. my second proposal is that in article 6 of the regulation, we get finally the possibility to allow investigation or to apply national authorities to do so. he they don't have that possibility today and maybe the most important problem, article 7 of the regulation is that to nal authority have
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filter the information. what do they have to do? transfer the relevant data. so my proposal is that instead now of talking again about coordination, cooperation, cooperation, enough of these words, that we buildup and use the side to put it in place and change naturally, the role of the union prosecutors because the union plrs can not only be responsible, we need to change also that so the prosecutor is responsible also for transnational crimes like, for example, terrorists. instead of now coming in the weeks fixing all sides, to use it in the coming weeks and do what the americans have done 150 years ago.
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thank you. [applause] > thank you. >> thank you, president. this is my last time. this afternoon. for information. , copen s said again haguen recent attacks. and known to the authorities and yet you summed up here for norm reason storage of data, which is not going to solve that problem and which is going to mean, going to bankrupt hundreds of millions which we need to and investigation teams.
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thank you. >> as all storage of data can be useful. also that are the main records. as a condition, the capacity to analyze it to transfer it from one authority to the other and the different data bases and that is the reason why i'm proposing this union capacity for intelligence and union capacity for investigation. i think besides the fact that we are going to create it, it is so necessary and move forward with the horizontal system of mandatory sharing of information without it is not an useful tool. >> thank you. i will remind my colleagues that
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we have two other debates coming up. thank you very much, mr. president. first of all, can i behalf of the group repeat our dismay at he recent attacks in brussels. and their families. and our condolences go to the french and belgian people and e.u. nations and people who have suffered from attacks and paid a heavy price in blood? syria and libya and india, other places as well and have been the lobbying cufts of similar terrorists attacks and distribution of wealth.
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that is at the root of this. and the union union is not entirely without it here. we have seen examples following the united states of america and we have seen support going toll extreme islamic groups and also to isis. the union countries must not -- we have a historic obligation to refrain from getting in and iving in to an anti-islamic -- will rm we cannot simply accept this -- these attacks being used as a guise for imposing draconian measures that will restrict and curtail peoples' freedoms. the most effective way of going
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against the dark forces of terrorism is waging war on injustice and inequality and and aggression, which provides to tourism. . . i believe that recent events have shown the bankruptcy of our policies, both within and beyond. and combating terrorism is not going to be done by simply introducing bold measures, it's making sure that we can clear the bases for social growth and unemployment, that's the best way. thank you very much. next for the greens, mr. lambert. >> thank you, president. colleagues, we cannot help but be disgusted to see the waste of human life as a result of


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