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tv   Bill Clinton Campaign Appearance in Riverdale New York  CSPAN  April 15, 2016 11:45pm-12:39am EDT

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thank you all. amazing people. thank you. thank you, everybody. thank you. [cheering] ♪ >> bill clinton spoke at a campaign rally for his wife.
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it was held at the college of mount st. vincent in riverdale, new york. the state holds its primary next tuesday. this is just under an hour. >> it is so great to see so many friends here. it is great to see enthusiasm from the albanian american community, all kinds of communities. we are going to make hillary clinton the first woman president of the united states of america. [applause] but, we don't support hillary because she is a woman. we support hillary because she is the best candidate for the job and will make the best president of the united states. we all love her and respect her. every member of congress from new york state, which i am one, every democratic member of congress has endorsed hillary clinton for president of the united states because we worked with hillary.
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we worked with her in washington when she was are senator in new york for eight years. she brought millions upon millions of dollars home to new york. she was one of the most hard-working and effective members of the senate. she is someone who has made us proud. we want to take hillary's effectiveness to the state of new york and use it for all of the united states. i know with hillary clinton we will have one of the best presidents the united states has ever had in the history of the country. [applause] hillary is smart. she is hard-working. she cares about people. what could be a better combination? it is very important you remember that in four days from now, you need to go to the polls and vote and bring your friends. a lot of people do not realize there is an election going on, a
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primary. many people think of a wait until november and i will vote
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there would not be an independent nation today if it was not for president bill clinton and i know that because i know how hard he worked for them. it really just gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a wonderful president of the united states. samery clinton will do the types of things that president bill clinton did when it comes to the balkans to caring about , people, when it comes to
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making sure lives are saved. it is my great pleasure to introduce to all of you the person we have all been waiting for, our wonderful president bill clinton. [applause] ♪ president clinton: thank you. thank you very much. thank you. thank you. let's give congressman eliot engel another big hand. [applause] i want to thank assembly member mark jones, the first albanian american elected in the united states.
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thank you. councilmember andrea cohen, thank you. and the president of the college of mount st. vincent, thank you. thank you to all of the students joining us. i'm embarrassed to admit that i've been living in new york for many years and campaigning for longer. i thought i knew more about new york than the average new yorker, much less the average american. i am never been to this campus before. it is so beautiful. i think it is a wonderful thing. [applause] i thank you. i want to first thank the members of the albanian community that are here, who have supported me in the past and further memories of what we try to do.
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but, i also want to say that when hillary was there with me, she visited a refugee camp in macedonia. she tried to protect and promote the kosovo albanians and make sure they were protected and go home safely as soon as possible. for her efforts, she got albanian's highest award, the mother teresa award. [applause] the second thing i want to say is that you look around the crowd, catholic institution of higher education with an overrepresentation of albanians
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and albanians that are predominantly muslims and a great smattering of american jews and then people who come from -- look at the students here. it looks like we're convening the united nations. [applause] why am i saying this? because of what to start with this point -- we live in an interdependent world. i hear your president talk about this -- he made it part of the future. you can put all the walls you want around america, not just across the texas border with mexico. you can put one across the border with canada.
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erect seawalls in the atlantic and pacific. we will still be interdependent because of social media. there is no place for us to hide and this is the model of the future that i want for the young people nuts is in the united states but all over the world. look at this room. look at this room. [applause] no one, no one who walk through this door today was asked to check your place at the door. check your race at the door. check your politics of the door. everywhere in the world people are working together for inclusive economic opportunities, inclusive social policy which is a fancy way of saying we love our differences. did makes life more interesting
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but our common humanity is the most important thing but if we ever forget it we will turn into stupid idiots doing destructive things. and that -- to do that, we have to govern and work together. in that debate last night, i saw a lot of interesting things but after the debate, cnn had a couple of hundred of people from new york. there were only nine undecided people. they found somebody that switched. whenever i hear that, i get so nervous. oh, god. they go up to this man who appeared to be in his late 30's maybe. it was a new york city residt, and african-american.
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the guy set are you the person who switched and he said yes. he said i was not for hillary went i came here but i am now because i thought her opponent was more focused on remit a getting the past and she was more interested in building the future and that is what we ought to do is americans. [applause] so, look, saving kosovo from a genocide and having our allies were quickly was important to me because i worked for two and half years to do the same thing for the bosnian muslims. i had enormous support. everybody from the pope to the king of saudi arabia. still, our allies in europe were
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reluctant. i just celebrated the 20th anniversary -- observed at the beginning and end of the bosnian conflict and the peace process triggered by the slaughter. but, of want to just say this to sort of make real what i said about inclusive economics and societies and politics. so, when we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the killing which ended the bosnian conflict and started the peace process, we did it in this old building where a lot of the young boys were killed. the mayor, 36 years old, stood up and said this -- i want you to think about it when we yell
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at her neighbors and fellow americans. this man said i'm the accidental survivor. i'm the only male in my family who survived. i'm really member of my class at school who survived at 16. i am the accidental survivor. so, he said i thought i should try to do something useful with my life, as if there was some reason that i had survived. and we have to begin again. he had invited the 39-year-old
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prime minister of serbia to come because he was trying to get the serbians to move away from their dark past and take a different future. at first, the people do not know what to do. this guy lost his father and brothers. he is talking like nelson mandela and he is only 36. he said you should make them feel welcome. you think it was not risky for them to come down? do you think he was not afraid about what the people did? but he came. we had to make a new beginning. that is what i want to say to all of you. look at all of these people all around the world. the only thing that matters is our differences. the only thing that matters is whether we can get our crowd to stop thinking so we can demonize their crowd. whoever they are. the future belongs to people who continually expand the definition of us and shrink the definition of them. [applause]
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these people that are -- the first event we did in bronx, president diaz said, you know, there were three presidents who came here when i was a kid. president carter came in the 1970's and showed the poorest parts of the bronx. how bad he felt, he wanted to help us. president reagan came here in the 1980's and said this shows you what a mess the government makes of things. and he said then i showed up and it looks like the future to me. let's get it on. [applause] the reason that i think hillary should be president is one, she has the best ideas for shared prosperity and societies and a
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shared political future. two, in a troubled world that is more divided than it used to be, she has a proven record and the best ability to make sure we try to stop all of these problems from ripping europe and the middle east and the rest of the rest of the world apart. so that it does not also, for americans, drag down the economic recovery we have just started. you cannot divide clearly the job of the next president into domestic and foreign policy. look around this room. this is the best foreign-policy speech i'm doing. you can do that. you have to be able to relate to and build the world, as well as deal with the challenges at home. and three, in 45 years of trying to help people live their dreams
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and solve their problems, of all the people i have ever worked with, she is the best change maker. and there is a lot of difference about talking about change and making it. i think that is important. [applause] i think the reason -- i told hillary the other day that your stronger supporters are the people who know you best and have worked with you longest. that is a pretty good recommendation. and that is a very significant difference in this race. not everything that sounds good is good. not everything that sounds good can be done. this country has proved over a very long period time that we have a continuing ility to reinvent ourselves, to make every new change and challenge our friend, not our enemy. the real reason there is so much anxiety today is that whenever
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there is a massive financial crash like the world endured in 2008, no nation has recovered from it fully for 400 years in less than 10 years. not once. we got the jobs back in 7.5 years, but there is still inequality because we have not gotten wage increases and income increases back. the fact that the cost of college in many places and other training programs have kept people from getting competitive and aggravated by the fact we have not made the investments we need to modernize our infrastructure. is not the only place with too much leaded pipes. if you tore up the pipes, new
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you would give every child a healthy future. we should do that. [applause] and it is complicated by the fact too many corporations in america today are spending 80% to 90% of the revenues, profits and giving it to their shareholders and their chief top executives, instead of to the workers in the places they work. [applause] but the question about all of this is, what will you do about it? she was the first candidate to say what we need to do now, we have solved the problem that caused the last crash. the dodd-frank bill, which president obama signed, is working. there are 50,000 people fewer working in wall street today
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than before the crash. the article on the front page of the wall street journal says these banks are making more conventional lows and fewer gambles. it is working. we just have to keep working it. the big problem today is that any company which sells shares to the general public is vulnerable to being dominated and distorted by these activist shareholders, who want all of their money and the profit back in a year and a day. and they are trying to pressure company after company after company to give 80% to 90% of their money to the shareholders and the top managers because they get paid based on the share price. that is wrong. the history of american business and business law was very different, until recently. until recently, corporations new knew they had equal responsabilities to their customers, communities and shareholders.
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and the companies that live by that rule still do better. they still do better. they are now companies called b corp, maybe some of the students here have studied them, that make a commitment to a sustainable, balanced future. sustainable with the environment, with their community, with their employees. good for their customers and good for their shareholders. over any five-year period, those companies do better. so we are being held back by one of the primary drivers of inequality that nobody has asked about yet. in any of these debates. and that is the demand for quarterly profits and capitalism, where nobody thinks he can build a great business. years you have a 5-10
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horizon. you take care of the people who work for you. [applause] so, that is a good thing. the other thing we need to do is keep replenishing their workforce. is why future, that hillary has been such a strong advocate of immigration reform. it does not matter where you came here from. there are now 11.5 million undocumented people in this country. most of them are going to school or working. the secession by the leading candidate on the other side, that he is going to send everybody home is not only an ethical, it is the dumbest economic idea i've ever heard in my life. [applause] hillary saider -- let's not do that. that support with the president did with daca, leave the kids in
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school, and leave their parents alone and pass immigration reform and put people on a path to citizenship that does not have them jumping ahead of people who waited in line according to the rules, that lets them know they are welcome in america as long as they are law-abiding, love their kids and trying to make a positive contribution to this country. [applause] i'm telling you one of the -- if i were 25 again, and what i like to be. [laughter] if i were 25 again and i had this magical experience, where somebody brings me one of these magic lamps and a genie comes i willthe lamp and says give you one wish, here it is. you can decide where you want to live 25 years from now, but you must decide right now. if i had known what
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i now know, i would take the united states in a heartbeat because of you. look at this picture. there is no place in the world where you can have in a catholic university an event organized by albanian americans and invite all the students and look like you are at the u.n. no place else. [applause] no place else. so all i can tell you is this is our future. you. and that we need immigration reform. it is one of the big differences . we had a chance to get it in 2007 and millions of people would be living more productive lives today, if we had adopted it then. because for all of my differences with him, president george w. bush was not afraid of immigrants.
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he was not trying to divide america by their immigration status and he said if you pass this bill, i will sign it. the farmworkers were begging him to sign it. all the immigration. left,is only one person in either party running for that voted for that bill. and that is hillary, it is the right thing to do then, it is the right thing to do now. [applause] so i hope you will think about that. let me say a word about access to higher education. that was a pretty good part of the debate last night. but i am not sure everybody fully understands what happened. when i had the honor to serve, we had the biggest college aid program since the g.i. bill. 10 million more young people got aid/ . everybody got a 20% tax credit for anything in higher education, after the first two
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years, we gave tuition aid. within about five years, the benefits were gone from inflation. we had the first program to let people to pay loans back as a percentage of their income. but it only went to colleges and universities that issued loans and wanted to do that. and when president obama came in he had an even bigger program, and all loans carried the option of paying it back as a percent of your income. and pretty soon, the benefits of that evaporated. why? because the cost of higher education all over america kept going up. and for the public schools, the government's contribution went down because of the crash, a politics of many state legislatures, and the need to fund growing public school populations. so, everybody has been talking about it. here is why i think hillary's program is the best.
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it is better. number one, she wants to make it possible for aid to flow to students, not just in public institutions of higher education. but also, in private ones that have a lot of first or second generation immigrants, african-americans, hispanics, working people on modest incomes, with a reasonable tuition and high graduation rates. you should include the private schools, too, like this one. that is an important difference. [applause] , she believed those who need free tuition should get it. people with a lower incomes should get a much bigger increase from the pell grants, so it covers not only supplies but living expenses. [applause]
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i have a feeling it is about to get less popular. she believes that every school should have a huge allocation of work-study positions so anybody who needs more money should get 10 hours a week of work-study opportunities. [applause] now, consider this. the reason that is important, it is about the only thing the federal government can do to help colleges and universities hold their costs down. when you have a lot of students doing work-study, that helps. one of the highest impact, lowest cost private schools is college in kentucky. where 100% of the people on financial aid, one hundred percent work in the schools. it was added before the civil war in kentucky, fully open to women and to african-americans, way back in 1855. but they still have the same model, it is democracy, small d.
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empowering students to get their education and minimize cost and maximize the quality of education. we need a plan to do that for everybody. she does not favor paying the tuition of higher income people because she thinks when higher income people pay higher taxes, you should use the money to invest in new infrastructure, new clean energy, new jobs that will be created for middle-class people when they get their education. i think it is the better argument. i also think it is unrealistic to think that one third of the cost will be deferred by state legislatures, that have run against steady money on college, and run in favor of cutting taxes. so, we don't want to have a college loan program that only helps people who are lucky enough to live in states that a, have democratic members, and b, are not broke. look, new york has had a hard
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time. there celebrating now that governor of the new york legislature finally have enough money to increase funding for the state university. i pat them on the back. i thank them. [applause] hard for them to come up with a third of the cost of free tuition for every single citizen. so i think hillary's plan will work better. here is a more important thing. i don't know how many times i have heard this story, but the other night i was over seeing my granddaughter. and my daughter and hillary were out campaigning, so i went to see my son-in-law, and we were babysitting. and on the way home, i did what i tried to do often in other towns. i stopped at a little coffee shop. african-american
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woman was a serving coffee, it is always a young person serving coffee. i had a conversation with her i try to have everywhere. how long have you had this job? five years, on and off. well, what is off? she smiled. when i am going to college. i said, what is on? she said when i have to come out here and work to pay my debts off so i can hope will he fully go back to college. it is already five years, and she has not gotten a degree. are you living at home? yes, mother does not make enough to help me, but at least i have free rent, otherwise i would have bigger debt. that is a big story in america, does anybody know anyone like that? [applause] i mean, this is huge. that is a big story in america. so we talked about it. and then, like two days later, i
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went to buy a pair of jeans from a lady in new york that i have done business with over the years. and i knew she had a son who just graduated from one of the cuny colleges. i said, how is your son doing? great, he is going to get a good job, i am so proud of him. i said, does he have any student debt? what is the interest rate? 9%. i said, do you have a home mortgage? she said, sure i do. did you refinance it? of course i did. what is yours? less than 4%. this is crazy. a college loan is the only loan in the united states that you cannot refinance. did you know that? every other type of loan you can refinance. what does hillary want to do about it? we need to let everybody refinance. [applause]
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if you can do just that, just that, if we did just about over night, 25 million young americans would save an average of more than $2000 a piece of just by refinancing. then, since a college education, no less than a home is a lifetime asset, and you can get a 20-30 year mortgage on your home, she proposes to give college students the option, no matter how much they borrow from whatever source, the option to turn it into a mortgage. 20 years, at a fixed rate, that never, never can exceed more than 10% of your after-tax income. now, think about what that would mean. $200,000 you went to medical school, think what that would mean. you can move out of your parents house. [applause] you could take a lower paying job that you love better because
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the payments would go down with the salary. you could go to the bank and borrow money to start a small business you always dreamed of starting, and your debt would not count against your credit score because it will be a fixed percentage of your income, and if you start a business and do not make any money the first year, it is ok because your payment would go down. this could liberate millions of people to contribute to our economy, so we can reduce inequality and we can all rise together. it would be a very big thing to do. [applause] but the last thing i want to say is this, i don't want to keep you in, it is a beautiful day. in the end, being president is a doing job. there is a reason it is call the chief executive. and she is the best doer i have ever known, and she was when i first met her. look, i sympathize with these
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young people who are excited about being told there is one explanation for the misery of america, and that is the greed of the wall street banks. but the truth is, wall street is smaller, and new york city is growing like crazy, led by the bronx and brooklyn and queens, and entrepreneurs in new york and manhattan that are diversifying the income. right? so, what are we going to do about this? and the thing that always struck me about hillary, she would say, what am i going to do? what am i going to do? the only thing that disappointed me about the debate, was the sneering reference her opponent mammoth victories she won in the south. [laughter] that is just the south. we know how conservative they
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are. but excuse me. democrats need to win florida and north carolina to get elected, and they are highly diverse. and she won a victory there. she won in mississippi, partly because they have a mayor in jacksonville, and african-american guy who is the embodiment of the future. alabama 93% of the african-american vote, and a vote,ty of the white because when she was a young woman, she went to alabama for the children's defense fund to help shut down private, segregated academies. that was attempting to be a public school. [applause] and it took a lot of guts to go in and pose as a racist mother to prove that it was ripping off taxpayers and violating the law.
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and she did it, and where i come from, the proof is in the pudding. and there is a difference between talk and do, and she is a doer. [applause] so, that is what i would say. she worked on juvenile justice reform in south carolina, that is why she got a big boat. she did not want african-american teenagers kept in jail in years with adults. and have their lives ruined. past performance is nothing in an election, except an indication of future performance. i remember one time i was running for office, and i asked a guy if he was tired of me because i had been governor for 10 years or and he said no, but most of my friends are. [laughter] so i had my feelings hurt. and i said, don't they think i
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did a good job? he said yes they do, but you got a paycheck every two weeks, didn't you? in other words, that is what you are hired to do. but if you are running for the most important job of the country, your past performance is a good indicator. she has been a doer her whole life. she has a history of helping new york and all of the boroughs. she stunned the local press in long island. i thought you were republicans? the farmer said, i thought i was, too. [laughter] well, how can you be for her? and he said look, everyone sounds good at election time. all i know, i have been doing this for a long time. and she is the only official at her level who has ever actually done anything for our family farmers. i am for her. [applause]
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and so, that is what i want to say to you. when she represented you in the senate, a young man from the pentagon came up to me when i was visiting the congress one day, long after i left office. he said, you ought to know over there at the pentagon, your wife does not agree with us all the time, we know she is the first member of the armed services committee from new york. but we do know she knows more about our business, and cares more about our people than any member of congress in either party. she always shoots straight, never takes a cheap shot, even when she disagrees with us, she works with us. you ought to be proud of that. i will never forget it, as long as i live. so i ask you, to support her,
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because i think she has the best ideas. because i know she has the best record. maybe the only person left in either party capable of walking into the cauldron of what is going on in the world, and making good things happen, and minimizing the prospect of bad things, and making good things happen at home. when it is all said and done and you look at all of this wonderful diversity, you think just what you really want. in our family, we all believe that if you ask hillary this question, our daughter this question, how do you measure when you succeed a public service? we all believe there are only three things that matter. our people better off than when you started? do people and young children have a brighter future, and are we coming together instead of being torn apart? if you can say yes to those three questions, it is a job well done. a life well lived, and a future
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secured. if you want to answer yes, i implore you to go out and vote for hillary on tuesday. thank you very much. [applause] ♪ clap along if you feel like that is what you want to do. ♪ ♪ because i am happy here come bad news talking this and that give me all you got don't hold back >> yeah
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♪ if you feel like a room without a roof clap along if you know that that's what you want to do clap along if you feel is the truthhat happypy, happy, down, kingdom come ♪
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