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tv   Ted Cruz Remarks at New York State Republican Gala  CSPAN  April 16, 2016 1:01am-1:19am EDT

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campaigning across the state and the country for me. we will go to a convention. we are going to go to the convention. when we get to that convention, and when the delegates entered the hall. i was there in 1976. i saw a convention that was contested. the delegates will be thinking about who can win in the fall. this is not about who can win the nomination but rather who can win the white house and defeat hillary clinton. and because of the importance the delegates will inherit at that convention, they will also ask themselves, who at the end of the day has the experience and the record and the ability to bring this country together? who can be the best president? i will leave cleveland as the nominee. whether you believe it or not,
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it is going to happen. thank you new york. i love you. [applause] >> also speaking at the republican fundraiser in new york city on thursday, republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz of texas. new york hold its presidential primaries next tuesday. senator cruz's remarks are about 20 minutes. [applause] sen. cruz: god bless the great state of new york. [applause] i am thrilled to be here with so many friends, so many patriots, so many lovers of liberty. i will admit to you, i have not built any buildings in new york city.
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but i have spent my entire life fighting to defend the constitution and the bill of rights. [applause] we are here this evening at a time of crisis for our nation. we are bankrupting our country. our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day, and america has receded from leadership in the world. and yet, i am here today with a word of hope and encouragement. i want to tell you, something incredible is happening all across the country, new york, and this nation. people are waking up. i believe this next election will be about three critical issues. jobs, freedom, and security. let's talk for a minute about jobs. today, we have the lowest percentage of americans working since 1977, people are hurting.
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median wages have stagnated for over a decade. today, we have single moms working two and three part-time jobs, who have had their hours forcibly reduced to 29 hours a week, because obamacare kicks in at 30 hours a week. we have truck drivers, steelworkers, plumbers, mechanics, machinists, union members, who are seeing wages stagnate year after year. the cost of living goes up, but their wages don't keep pace. we have young people coming out of school, buried in student loans and scared, what does the future hold for me? will i get a job? what kind of future will i have? the media tells us that this is the new normal, this is as good as it gets.
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everyone here understands, that is not the case. the heart of our economy is not washington, d.c. the hearts of our economy is small businesses all across the united states of america. [applause] and if you want to see the economy take off, it is very simple. you lift the boot of the federal government off from the next of small businesses. [applause] if i am elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. [applause] we will pass commonsense health care reform to make insurance personal, affordable, and keep government from getting between us and our doctors. and we will pass a simple, flat
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tax. [applause] on monday, it is a tax day. many people in this room will be writing very large checks. if i am elected, every one of us will fill out our taxes on a postcard, and abolishing the irs. [applause] -- abolish the irs. [applause] and we will reign in regulators that have honed in on small businesses, killing jobs across the country. we will stop amnesty, secure the borders, and sanctuary cities, and and welfare benefits for those here illegally. let me tell you what will happen when we do all that. we are going to see millions and millions of high-paying jobs coming back to america, jobs coming back from mexico, china.
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we will see wages rising again for working men and women. we will see opportunity growing as young people come out of school with 2, 3, 4, 5 job opportunities. that is what this election is about. bringing back the opportunity that your parents and my parents had in america. the opportunity for anyone to start with nothing and achieve anything. the second critical issue in this election is freedom. just a few weeks ago, with the passing of justice scalia, it underscored the stakes of this election. our supreme court is perilously balanced, 4-4, the next president may appoint up to four justices. if you care about religious liberty, the freedom of all of us, christians, jews, muslims,
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atheist, and the ability to live our lives how we want without the government getting in the way, this election is critical. if you care about the second amendment, the right to keep and bear arms, this election is pivotal. if you care about preserving u.s. sovereignty from the international court and international law, and maintain the authority of we the people to decide our laws, this election is pivotal. [applause] and i give you my solemn commitment that every justice i appoint to the supreme court will be a principled constitutionalist who will follow the constitution, and will not legislate from the bench. the third critical issue in this election is security.
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for seven years, we have seen an administration abandon our friends and allies. that shows weakness and appeasement to our enemy. three years ago i was at this dinner. if i had suggested that this dinner three years ago, that the elected prime minister of israel would counter the united states and address a joint session of congress, and he would be boycotted by the president of the united states, the vice president of the united states, and every member of the cabinet, that would have been laughed at. that could not possibly be true, surely we were not living in that environment? and yet, as i sat on the floor of the house of representatives listening to prime minister netanyahu give a speech that was positively churchillian, no one was willing to join us in the house.
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we have a president who insults and ridicules the prime minister of israel. we have a president that celebrates a nuclear deal with iran, that i believe poses the single greatest threat to our national security of anything in the world. [applause] my opponents in this race, all four of them, pledged to maintain that iranian nuclear deal. let me be very clear. as president, on the very first day of office, i will rip to shreds this catastrophic iranian nuclear deal. [applause]
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and if you feel a sense of despair, can we keep america safe after seven years of retreating from the world? it is worth remembering that foreign policy can perhaps change. that in january, 1981, this same nation, the nation of iran released our hostages the very day ronald reagan was sworn into office. [applause] that is the difference a strong commander in chief can make, and that is the difference as president i will make, unequivocally clear to iran. either they shut down their nuclear program, or we will shut it down for them. [applause] new york city is hallowed ground. it is the site of the worst terrorist attack on united states soil. and yet in the 15 years since 9/11, many in washington have forgotten. today, when we see an attack, whether in paris, brussels, san bernardino, inevitably president
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obama goes on national television, refuses to say the words radical islamic terrorism, and instead, lectures the american people on islamophobia. i want to be clear that come january 2017, our military will no longer be governed by political correctness. [applause] and every jihadist, on the face of the earth, should harkin to these words. if you wage war against the united states of america, if you seek to murder innocent americans, we are coming to get you. we are not coming to interrogate you. we are not coming to read you your rights. we are coming to kill you. [applause]
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time for weakness and appeasement is over. hitler has shown history has shown, music -- munich in 1938 has shown that giving into a homicidal maniac and allowing him to develop the weapons of mass murder has catastrophic results. change the course we are on? what is striking about the men and women here is that i think we could find a great deal of common ground on substance. -- if wetand economics lift the burden of washington, jobs will return. we understand that any chief executive should follow the constitution and the bill of rights and not ignore the law if he or she should find it inconvenient.
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we understand that we need a president who stands with our friends and allies. i will tell you this -- as president, i will stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. [applause] and we understand the need for a strong commander in chief with clear eyes as to the threats we face and the willingness and ability to rebuild our military and defeat our enemy. none of that matters if we cannot win. election,ot win the if hillary clinton becomes the next president for doctoral or eight more years, the people of new york know full well what will come from that. the question we have to ask collectively is -- how do we win? we need a candidate who can win the primary in the state of pennsylvania, donald trump is
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losing pennsylvania and hillary and i are tied in the general election in the state of pennsylvania. among young people, i would encourage you to look at the fox news poll of three weeks ago. in the last two elections, barack obama won young people 70-30. according to the fox's poll, i 14beating hillary clinton by points among young people. [applause] and it is not complicated math that is -- if the democrats are losing young people by double digits, hillary clinton will not win. i stand with you today with a request that we rise and stand together. it was 1957 that my father fled cuba. the ravages of of depression. my father was tortured and
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imprisoned in cuba as a teenager. when my dad came to america, he had nothing. when hundred dollars in his underwear. he washed dishes making $.50 an hour working to pay his way through school to achieve the american dream. father said kid, i to me over and over again -- when we faced oppression in cuba, i had a place to flee to. if we lose our freedom here, where do we go? men and womene gathered here are here tonight and if we stand together united, if we stand as one, if we bring together our party behind shared values and jobs, freedom, and security. these are not 51% narrow wedge issues. every one of these are 60%-80%
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broad unifying issues that bring us together. together, we will win the nomination in cleveland. we will win the general election in november. we will defeat hillary clinton and we will turn this country around. thank you and god bless you. [applause] >> senator ted cruz. aprincipal conservative and fighter for our liberties and constitutional rights. let us give him another hand. [applause] road tondays c-span's
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the white house continues with a campaign rally in rockland, new york for senator bernie sanders of vermont. also scheduled to be there, hawaiian representative and actors danny devito and the rock band risley bear. live coverage starting at 4:00 p.m. eastern on c-span. our live coverage of the presidential race continues tuesday night for the new york state primary. join us at 9:00 eastern or election results. theng you on the road to white house on c-span, c-span radio, and >> a discussion about the criteria u.s. voters are using to pick a presidential candidate. from washington journal, this is just under one hour. rick shenkman is


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