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tv   Hearing on D.C. Metrorail Safety  CSPAN  April 16, 2016 12:07pm-12:17pm EDT

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>> in the beginning, i got a little angry because they would not let me speak. when i got a chance to speak, i
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think we report on the record, what the situation was. >> you have been talking about $20 billion over 10 years. >> $25 billion. >> is that to include the extension expansion, to include the new tunnel? is >> in a car train? an eight car train? >> all of that. i have a chart that breaks it down. >> in a car train? a>> how realistic to think it is regional funding source. >> it has to be done. it is realistic because it has to be done. without it, we will not be able to run the system the way we
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need to run it. it will be unreliable. you will have the system we have, no one once that system. >> you think it is more important than the request from congress? >> it is regional funding source. equally important. we are sure going into the next year. it is on the operating side. just operate the system. we are going into labor negotiations, which we always lose. all of those collectively will cost us more money. >> some would say you have to address the safety management issue first and then asked for money. they go together. management is too hard to address. but i am focused on is safety and reliability and the money
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needed to address the issues. you heard the example. on the enclosures, best way to do this, the fastest way to do it is close something down. no one wants to do that. you start moving away from that. you see what happens. more.stsore cos they took that approach, of least research that -- least resistance, five years ago. >> you know, you have a democratic house and existent for four years -- usyou know, tom davis got some money, and he is a republican. i don't see it being an issue here. it shouldn't be. this is a nonpartisan thing. congressman mica is a big supporter of public transit.
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. don't see that being an issue >> [indiscernible] we have to work on this together. >> they talk about you being the issues in town, and the prior to you being here. will be talking about a different system 12 months from now?
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talkm confident we will about how we have moved it along . i'm confident we will be there. they're all kinds of issues here, by think you will see a change in the organization, a change in the approach, a change in how we maintain the system. you will see that. will it be perfect? no. will i have everything i want to achieve? no. it will be different. >> the headlines today will be house republicans refuse pleas for money. there are a lot of other subheadings. what is your take away? seen is something i have before. there is an importance of this system to the region, and they better get it right. they're not saying this invest, they are saying, we cannot
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survive without this, let's make this work. >> there were a lot of technical issues raised today, especially about the sleeves. there is a lingering concern among everyone in the room that these fires will continue happening until all the sleeves are replaced. you share the concern, and why? >> i have to look at the power holistically. you cannot just point to one issue. some of the issues we have had with the cables had nothing to do with the sleeves. it had to do with the cable because it is rubbing against them. that is just that, if not more important than the sleeves. we cannot spend all the resources we have just doing sleeves. we have to look at what is the risk. have a timeline on the
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completion of the sleeves? >> i don't. >> tonight at 10:00, a look back at president's giving their last beaches at the white house correspondents dinner. one of the key events each year in washington. >> i have not had time to watch the oscars. i was disappointed in that last movie -- >> look, george w. bush has brands making new campaign strategy. he is moving towards the political center, distancing himself from the political party, stealing ideas from the other party. i'm so glad that did morris --
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dick morris has found work again. >> we will also speak with a past president of the white house speakers association. join us for live coverage of the correspondents dinner on saturday, april 30 at 6:00 on c-span. >> during campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house, as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> former president bill clinton spoke at a rally for his wife, hillary clinton. it was held at the college of mount st. vincent


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