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tv   Bill Clinton Campaign Appearance in Riverdale New York  CSPAN  April 16, 2016 12:16pm-1:10pm EDT

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dick morris has found work again. >> we will also speak with a past president of the white house speakers association. join us for live coverage of the correspondents dinner on saturday, april 30 at 6:00 on c-span. >> during campaign 2016, c-span takes you on the road to the white house, as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> former president bill clinton spoke at a rally for his wife, hillary clinton. it was held at the college of mount st. vincent in rio, new
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york. the state holds its primary next tuesday. this is just under one hour. [applause] >> it is so great to see so many friends here. we don't support hillary just because she is a woman. we support hillary because she is the best candidate for the job, and will make the best president of the united states. we all love her and respect her. everything single member of congress from new york state, of which i am one, every democratic member of congress has endorsed hillary clinton for president of the united states because we work with hillary, we work with
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her in washington -- worked with her in washington when she was senator for eight years. she brought millions upon millions of dollars home to new york. she was one of the most hard-working and effective members of the united states senate, and someone who has really made us proud. we want to take her effectiveness from the state of new york, and use it for all of the united states of america. i know, with hillary clinton, we will have one of the best presidents the united states has ever had in the history of the country. hillary is smart, hard-working, , and whatabout people can be a better combination? it is very important that you remember that four days from now, you need to go to the polls , vote, and bring your friends. a lot of people don't realize there is an election going on, a
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primary election going gone. many think, i will wait until november, and vote for president. that will not do it. we want to make sure the democratic party has the right nominee, that it has the winning nominee. let me tell you. i was at a debate last night, and i thought hillary was terrific erie did that you? terrific. didn't you? turnout is important. don't forget to vote, but bring your spouse, your neighbors. we have to make sure that new york goes strongly for hillary, and that will happen if you go out and do that. one less thing before a special introduction. those of my friends know
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what we went through back in 1999. in 19 night nine, there was a carrying out of genocide against kosovo. people in we know what was happening with the served, they were moving along a doing terrible things in the balkans, and kosovo was really about to get hit. we don't know what was going to ge happen. we know that people were driven from their homes, and the albanian community looked to the world for help here for a while, it up. no one would be there to help them. there was one person, and one person who made the difference for the nation of kosovo. that person at the time was president of the united states, president bill clinton. [applause]
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a i always joke that street was named after me, but in the main city, there is the president bill clinton street, along with a statue. when you see president bill clinton, you will see, he is much better looking than the statue. when i spoke to the president, in 19 this terrible time night nine, i remember one thing to me.sident said i said, we cannot abandon these people. the president looks at me and said, don't worry, we are not abandoning them. when he said that to me, i went home, and rested comfortably.
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i knew then that he would not allow genocide to happen once again in the continent of europe. when you look to people who saved albanians, look no further president bill clinton. when you look for persons who really cared about people, who made a difference for people, there would not be an independent kosovo today if it were not for bill clinton. i know that because i know how hard he worked. it really gives me great pleasure to introduce to you a president of the united states. by the way, i want to tell you, before he comes out, hillary clinton will do the same types of things that president bill clinton did when it comes to the balkans, when it comes to caring people. it is my great pleasure to introduce you to the person we
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have been waiting for, our wonderful president, bill clinton. [applause] president clinton: thank you very much. .hank you let's give congressman ingle another hand. the firstthank albanian elected in the united .tates , the president of the
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college of mount st. vincent, thank you for having us here. thank you to the students who have joined us. embarrassed to admit that though i have been living in new york for many years and campaigning in new york, and i thought i knew more about new york and the average american, i had never been to this campus before, it is so beautiful. thank you.u -- i want to first think the members of the albanian community who are here who have , andrted me in the past have memories of what we have
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tried to do. , when want to say that hillary was there with a, she visited the refugee camps in macedonia. [applause] the second thing i want to say is if you look around at this crowd today, here we are at a catholic institution of higher , where the overrepresentation of albanians
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and albanians from kosovo, predominantly muslims, a great smattering of american jews, and the people who come from -- look students here. it looks that are convening the united nations. why am i saying this? why am i saying it? i want to start with this point. we live in an interdependent world. i heard ruben diaz talk about this all a time. he made the bronx part of the future. you can put up all the walls you justaround america, not across the texas border with mexico. you could put one along the border with canada.
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you could stop airplanes from landing gear. we would still be an independent world because of social media. there is no place for us to hide. this is the model of the future that i want for the young people, not just in the united states, but all over this world. look at this room. no one who walked through the store today was asked to check your faith and the door, to check your race at the door, to check your politics at the door. everywhere in the world, people are working together for an opportunity,nomic inclusive social policies, which is a fancy way of saying, we love our differences, it makes life more interesting, but our
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common humanity is the most important thing. if we forget it, we will turn into stupid idiots doing destructive things. we have to govern together, work together. debate, i saw a lot of interesting things. after the debate, cnn had a couple of hundred people from new york. they said, after the debate was undecidedr only nine people. i get so nervous, depends on who they take. they go up to this man who 30's.ed to be in his late he was in new york city resident, and african-american. the guy said, are you the person
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who switched? he said, yes. he said, how did you switch? he said, i was not for hillary when i came here, but i am now because she was more interested in building the future, and that is what we have to do as america. so, look, the worker did to save kosovo from genocide, and the fact that we were able to get our allies to move quickly was really important to me. do thed for 2.5 years to same thing for the bosnian muslims, and i had enormous support from the pope to the king of saudi arabia, who asked muslims,e the bosnian and still, our allies were
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reluctant. i just celebrated the beginning peaced of the bosnian process. solemnizesay this, to and make real what i said about inclusive economics, inclusive societies, inclusive politics. when we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the killing in 1972, which ended the bosnian conflict, and started the peace process, we did it in this old building, where a lot of the young boys were killed. old, stood36 years up and said this. i want you to think about it our neighborst
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and fellow americans. this man said, i and the , the only survivor thatin my society survived. the only member of my class at school that survived. i have no idea what it not -- they did not find me in the woods. i am the accidental survivor. he said, i thought i should try to do something useful with my life, as if there was something -- some reason that i had .urvived he had invited the 39-year-old
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come.n to at first, the people did not .now what to do he said, you should make him feel welcome, do not think it was risky to come down here? look at all the people all around the world. the only thing that matters is our differences, whether we can get our crowd to stop thinking so we can demonize their crowd, whoever they are.
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[applause] the first event we did in the , president diaz said there presidents -- president reagan came in the 80's and said, this is a mess that the things.nt makes of he said, this looks like the future to me, let's get it on. hillaryon i think should be president is one, she has the best ideas for shared prosperity and shared societies, and a shared political future.
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two, in a troubled world that is more divided than it used to be, she has a proven record and the best ability to make sure that we try to stop all these ,roblems from ripping europe the middle east, and the rest of the world apart so that it does not also drive down economic recovery that we just started. thecannot divide clearly job of the next president into domestic and foreign policy. look around the room. look at you. this is great. you cannot do that. you have to be able to relate to and build the world, as well as deal with the challenges here at home. three, in 45 years of trying to help people live their dreams and solve their problems, of all
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the people i have ever worked changehe is the best maker. different between talk about change, and making it. day, ihillary the other said, it hit me one day, your strongest supporters are the ones who know you best and have worked with you longest. that is a pretty good recommendation, and a thisficant difference in race. not everything that sounds good is good. proved that wes have the continuing ability to reinvent ourselves, naked renew change and challenge our friend, not our enemy. real reason we have so much wheneveroday is that
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there is a massive financial crash like the world endured in 2008, no nation has recovered years in less than 10 years. not once. we got jobs back in 7.5 years, but there is still inequality because we have not gotten wage increases and income increases back, aggravated by the fact that college and other training programs have cap people from getting the -- kept people from getting the preparation that would make them competitive, and aggravated by the fact that we have not made investments we need to modernize our infrastructure. for, michigan is not the only place with lead pipes.
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if you towards those pipes, you would give every child a healthy future. we should do that. it is complicated by the fact that to make corporations in america today are spending a percent-90% of revenues giving them to shareholders and chief top executives, instead of the years in lessworkers where the. the question about all of this is what are you going to do about it? she was the first candidate to say, what we need to do now -- we have solved the problem that caused the last crash, the dodd frank those that president obama signed is working. there are less people working on wall street today than before the crash. the front page of "the wall street journal said that these banks are making fewer gambles.
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it is working, we just have to keep working it. the big problem today is that sharespany which sells to the general public is wonderful to be dominated and distorted by activist shareholders who want all of their money, plus profit back in one year and one day. they are trying to pressure company after company to give 80 -90% to shareholders. that is wrong. for the history of american business, it was very different until recently, corporations new that they had responsibilities to their customers, to their employees, to their communities, and to their shareholders. the companies that live by the rule still do better.
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they still do better. there are now companies called vcorp, who make a commitment to a sustainable future, sustainable with the environment, communities, employees. good for customers, good for shareholders. guess what, over five years, those companies do better. we are being held back by one of the primary drivers of inequality that no one has asked about yet, that is the demand profits when no one believes you can create a great business unless you have a 5-10 year horizon, in which case you take care of the people who work for you because they are the best assets you have. that is a good thing.
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other thing we need to do is replenish the workforce in the future, which is why hillary has ofn such a strong advocate immigration reform. it does not matter where you came here from. millione now 11.5 undocumented people in this country, most of them going to school or working. the suggestion by the leading candidate on the other side that he is going to send everyone home is not only unethical, it is the dumbest idea i have heard in my life. [applause] hillary said, let's not do that, let's support what the president did and leave the kids in school , and leave their parents alone,
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and pass immigration reform, and put people on a path to citizenship does not have them jumping ahead to people who waited in line according to the rules. let's let them know that they are welcome in america, as long as they are trying to make a positive contribution to this country. if i were 25ou, again, and would i like to be -- if i were 25-- again, and have this magical experience with somebody brings me one of these magic lands and says, ie comes out and will give you one wish, you can decide where you want to live 25 from now, but you decide
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i would choose the united states because of you. there is no place in the world where you can have, in the catholic university, an event organized by albanian americans, and you gather all the students, and it looks like the u.n. no place else. all i can tell you because of y. is this is our future, you. we need immigration reform. we had a chance to get it, and 16 million people would be lives more peaceful today. ofrge w. bush was not afraid immigrants. he was not trying to divide america by the immigration
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status. he said, if you pass this bill, i will sign it. to farmworkers were begging sign it. there is only one person running for president left who voted for the bill, hillary. it was the right thing to do then, it is the right thing to do now. i hope you will think about that. about accessis word to higher education. the was a good part of debate last night. i'm not sure everyone fully ood what happened. creditdy got a 20% tax we came tuition aid are
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basically two years. we had the first program to let as ae pay loans back percent of their income. it only went to colleges and universities that issued loans, and wanted to do that. when president obama came in, he had an even bigger program, and all federal loans have the option of paying it back as a percentage of your income. pretty soon, the benefits of that evaporated. why? the cost of higher education all over america kept going up. for the public schools, the government's contribution went down because of the crash, the politics of many state legislators, and the need to fund public school populations. everyone has been talking about it. here's what i think hillary is
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best. she wants to make it possible to flow to students, not , butin public education also in private ones that have a lot of first-second generation immigrants, working people with income, reasonable tuition, and high graduation rates. privateld include the o.hools to secondly, she believes that people who need tuition should get it, and people with lower telegrams.ld get she believes -- i have a feeling it is about to get less popular. she believes that every school
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should have a huge allocation of work-study position so that anybody who needs more money can get 10 hours a week of work-study opportunities. consider this. it is about the only thing the federal government can do to help colleges and universities keep their cost down. when you have a lot of people doing work-study, that helps. one of the highest impact low cost colleges in america is in kentucky, where 100% of the people are on financial aid. it was founded before the civil war in kentucky, fully open to women and african-americans. .hey still got the same model empower students to get their education and minimize the cost and maximize the quality of
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education. we need a plan that would do that for everybody. she does not favor paying for higher income people. she thinks you should use that money to invest in new infrastructure, new clean energy, new jobs that would be created for middle-class people. unrealistic to think that one third of the cost will be deferred by state legislators that have run against spending money on college and in favor of cutting taxes. we do not want a college loan program that only helps people who are looking up to live in states that have democratic governors and legislators, and are not virtually broke. new york had a hard time. we are celebrate the fact that the new york legislator finally
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had enough money to increase funding for the state and university system. pat them on the back. it would be hard for them to come up with one third of the of free tuition for every single student. i think hillary's plan will work better. here is the most important thing for students who have debt. i don't know how may times i have heard the story. the other night, i was overseeing my granddaughter. my daughter and hillary were campaigning. i went to see my son-in-law, and we were ab babysitting. in a what i try to do lot of towns. a coffee shop.
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a young african-american woman gave me the coffee. i try to have a conversation with her i have everywhere. here is the conversation. how long have you had this job? five years. on and off. shei try to have a conversation smiled. i said, when is it off? she said, when i go to college. it was already five years, she had not gotten a degree. are you living on home? rent,id, yes, i get free otherwise, i could never pay down my rent. this is a big story in america. anyone know anybody like that? story in america. we talked about it. two days later, i went to buy a pair of jeans from a lady in new
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york who i had done a lot of business with over the years. who just son graduated. i said, how is your son? does he have student debt? quite a bit, she said. i said, do you have a home do.iage, she said, sure i did you refinance at? of course i did. what is your interest rate? less than 4%. a college loan is the only loan in the united states that you cannot refinance. every other loan you can refinance. thatu could do that, just
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overnight, 25 million americans just by refinancing. if you could get a mortgage on your home, she proposes to give college students the option, no matter .he source think about what it would mean. you can move out of your parents house. take a lower paying job that you love more because the payment would go down with
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the salary. you could go to the bank and borrow money, and your debt would not count against your , and if you don't make money the first year, it doesn't matter because the payment would go down. this would liberate millions of people to contribute to the could all that we rise together. it would be a very good thing to do. [applause] the last thing a want to say is this. i don't want to keep you all. it is a beautiful day. in the end, being president is a doing job. there is a reason it is called the chief executive. doer thate best two
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i have ever known. i sympathize with these people explanatione is one banks.t is the there are entrepreneurs in new ifying theare divers income. what are we going to do about this? abouting that struck me hillary is she always said, what am i going to do? the only thing that disappointed me about the debate last night was the reference to her opponent made to the victory she made in the south. "that is the south, we know how "onservative they are --
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excuse me, but they are the states of the future, highly diverse. she won a big victory there. she won in mississippi partly inause they have a mayor jacksonville, and african-american guy, who is the embodiment of the future, who .elped her she won in alabama, 93% of the and theamerican vote majority of the white vote because when she was a young woman, she went to alabama to help shut down private segregated academies that were to be it took a lot of guts to go in to be a racist mother. it.didn't
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she is a doer. that is what i would say. she worked on juvenile justice reform. she didn't want african-american kept as adults. past performance is nothing in an election, except an indication of a future performance. remember one time i was running for office, and i asked the guy if he wasn't tired of me because i have been governor for 10 years. he said, no, but most of my friends are. he had his feelings hurt. i said, don't you think they did a good job? he said, they do, but you got a paycheck every two weeks, didn't
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you? if you are running for the most important job in the country, past performance is a good indicator for future performance. she has been a change maker all her life. that is why, when she ran for us your, she senator in .ad a record press ran up to a guy and said, i thought you were republican, the farmer said, i well, how was too -- can you be for her? he said, look, everybody sounds good at election time, this is all i know. she is the only official at her level who has ever actually done anything for our family farmers. i am for her.
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so, that is why want to save you -- want to say to you. when she represented you in the senate, a young man from the tenant on came up to me and over, you ought to know -- there at the pentagon, your wife does not agree with us all the she knows more bar business and cares more about our people than any member of congress in either party, she shot here it cheap she tells us what to do. i will never forget it, as long as i live. . ask you, support her i think she has the best ideas. i know she has the best record,
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and is maybe the only person capable ofher party walking into the cauldron of what is going on in the world, and making as many good things happen, and minimizing the prospect of bad things. when it is all said and done, and you look at this wonderful diversity, you think what you really want. in our family, we all believe, if you ask hillary this question, our daughter this question, how do you measure whether you succeed in public service, we believe there are only three things that matter. our people better off when you quit the when you started? to the children and grandchildren have a brighter future? are we coming together rather than being torn apart? if you could say yes to those three questions, it is a job
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well done. if you want to answer, yes, i implore you to go out and folks for hillary on tuesday. thank you very much. [applause]
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