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tv   A Childhood Behind Bars  CSPAN  April 19, 2016 12:13am-12:23am EDT

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convention governed by something called the rules of order. something your listeners will recognize as a form of parliamentary government used at civic and organizational meetings, as opposed to the rules of the u.s. house of representatives. this all sounds like it is in the weeds and arcane, and it is, but it will have a huge impact on the national convention, should it be implemented. >> it could significantly change the operations of the republican convention in cleveland. >> it could impact something as fundamental as whether republican insiders are able or not to draft a so-called white knight candidate. someone like paul ryan, or scott walker. we are hearing
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from donald trump and others. donald trump over the weekend saying that the system is rigged. where does this put the leadership, including reince priebus? >> this comes at a very sensitive moment because donald thesehas been leveling activations against reince priebus and his allies that somehow the system is rigged against him. he says it will take power away from those who would oversee the convention and give it more to the grassroots. the way this rule would work is, individual delegates will be given more power to determine how proceedings would go on the floor. a time that a delicate wants to object, they have to be recognized by the presiding chair.
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,he person overseeing this which is a role that will be filled by paul ryan will have less power. usually the presiding officer is able to dictate how things go. you have toound recognize each and every delegate should they have an objection. >> the next rules committee will be made up of delegates attending the convention and weak leader in cleveland. explain the difference. the only people who can set rules for the convention are the rules committee that's going to be at the convention itself. what these people can do this week is they can make some suggestions to the convention
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committees. >> normally these are sessions that even c-span would not cover. you will be down there as well. what are we looking for? >> this is a critical juncture for the republican party. there will be a lot of discussions among party officials and donors among others about the direction the party is going and. a contestedd to convention? are we headed to a nomination of either donald trump or ted cruz? will there be questions about whether a white knight can or should emerge? all of these things are scrolling around and this will be one of the only times that rnc members get together in one room and in one space before the convention. the rnc be fair
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and transparent yet remain open to a number of scenarios that we have not seen at the republican convention in decades? >> you have a situation where a number of these party officials are familiarizing themselves with the rules. we have not had a contested convention since 1976. most people who are currently involved were not as involved back then. outyone is trying to figure what is going on and how this would all play out. >> so you look at what may transpire thursday. what is the big question that you have? what do you need to understand? >> have people come to the conclusion that we are headed to a contested convention. how do people feel about donald trump and ted cruz being a nominee?
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there has been some concern about how they would fare in a general election. what people feel worse or better about either of them? are there real divisions in the party about anything? about rule changes or who the nominee should be? and whether there is openness to a white knight emerging at the convention. >> thank you for being with us. our live coverage of the presidential race continues tuesday night for the new york state primary. at 9:00stern -- join us p.m. et. >> over the weekend, another candidate dropped his name into the white house race. the constitution party nominated darrell tasso as its
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presidential nominee and scott bradley as the vice presidential nominee at the convention insult lake city. this -- in salt lake city. this is about 50 minutes. [applause]
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>> how about now? i want to thank my wife for standing by me for 38 years, and my daughter joanna for flying here to l.a. to be with me when she could be doing so many other things. i want to speak to you in defense of liberty. i speak for liberty. >> [inaudible] how about now? all right. that's good. i speak of liberty today and against tyranny. republican and against the fascism that seems to be enveloping us. this government, the united created byrnment was the sovereign states for a
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specific purpose. our purpose was to protect god-given rights. that was the purpose of the government. anything that runs afoul of that purpose is therefore illegal and unconstitutional. since virtually everything this government does, virtually everything it does is illegal and unconstitutional. there seem to be a lot of people who wanted that way. to protect our god-given rights has been surrendered to a new government, a new global order that has enveloped us. they are people like us. they get up every day and put their clothing on. if you meet them, in might even like them. they even have principles, they are just not the same principles
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as yours. let's look at what some of the principles are. there are six principles that these folks have. six principles that have as coming upon us quickly. most of it is already here. us that heas told would build a wall on our southern border, said he would make mexico pay for it to prevent illegal immigrants from crossing the border, but at the same time he is saying that, and perhaps doing that, the u.s. government is building a fence around the entire world. the entire globe to cover every human being on the face of the earth and here are some of the principles of the people doing this. number one, world money. what do i mean by that?


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