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tv   Hillary Clinton Get- Out- The- Vote Rally  CSPAN  April 19, 2016 5:08am-6:06am EDT

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i knew it would help me change my life and i got a lot of support from my union sisters and brothers in a job i was able to move forward with in my life. [applause] mary: i am supporting hillary because she has the experience we need as the next president. she knows, she knows the issues that working families and working women face and she will fight, deliver, when for us --win for us. hillary knows when women succeed, america succeeds. [applause] mary: she stood with so many workers including fast food workers, airport workers and other $15 workers in new york. she will keep standing with us as president.
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that is why i am standing with her. [applause] mary: now i am proud and honored to introduce hillary clinton, madam president. [applause] secretary clinton: thank you. thank you so much. here withppy to be friends,u and with my elected officials, activists, advocates. some behind me, some around me. i am grateful to each and every one of you. i want to thank mary for introducing me but more than that i want to thank her for being a strong voice on behalf
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of working women and especially women who have the protection of a union to make sure they are treated right. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: and, i am always happy to be anywhere with cecile richards. who has been at a fierce, effective fighter for all of us. women and men. because i will tell you, when the opposition organizes to go after one of us, they are really going after all of us. they have gone after it to -- they have gone after unions to undermine the american labor movement. they have gone after planned parenthood and the work it has
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done and the very basic constitutional rights granted to women under roe. v. wade to make the most personal decision about health care choices. and i cannot thank enough my friend, another woman of courage, former congresswoman gabby gifford for being here. [cheers and applause] [crowd chanting "gabby"] mrs. clinton: she and her wonderful husband, mark kelly,
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have been on a mission. a mission to bring about common sense gun safety reform. togetherather -- and we are going to accomplish that mission. and finally, i want to thank him to really salute my friend and senator from new york kiersten gillibrand, who has taken on some very difficult issues in the senate for all of us. for all of us, but particularly for women. she has been on the front lines day after day making change. she knows you do not get up and make a speech and everything changes. she knows you have got to work
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every single hour of every single day. like me, she is a progressive who likes to get things done for the people she represents. now, it is very exciting to be with all of you on the evening of the new york primary. i am so grateful for the chance i had to represent this state for eight years. the people of new york took a chance on me in 2000. you sent me to the senate. we worked together. we dealt with the horror of 9/11 together. we worked together on inner-city areas and upstate rural areas and it was the greatest honor of my life to represent you in the senate and i want you to know
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that new york had my back and i always tried to have your back and i will again if i am fortunate enough to be elected your president. [applause] [ crowd chanting "hillary" ] mrs. clinton: i am focused on the issues that really matter to everybody. to some, in issue or two might be more important they and others. look at them all, they are interlocking and intersectional. they are looking at whether or
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not we are going to produce positive results in peoples lives. they are about whether or not we're going to defend the rights we already have against a concerted assault on every one of them. they are about whether we will be united as a country or continue to be divided by those who gain from that division. so let me just spend a couple minutes talking about how connected this all is. i am going to talk about women's issues but i want you to understand how i see them and how committed i am to making the case that when we take a right from someone, when we erode it, when we make it impossible to exercise then we heard -- hurt everybody.
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not just those directly affected. think with me about the kind of america we want to create together. imagine a tomorrow where we have enough good jobs with great incomes. everybody gets a raise. everybody who works hard gets rewarded. how does that happen? it happens by making sure the government is playing a role in in creating those jobs advanced manufacturing. clean renewable energy. small businesses that we will grow and create more jobs from. [applause] mrs. clinton: this is not a pipe dream, my friends. this is doable. we just have to make up our minds we will have an election about it. it is easy to diagnose the problems facing america. we need solutions that we work together on. that is why throughout this
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campaign i have been laying out the plans for how we're going to do this. what we will achieve together. i know some people will have commented. i do pay attention. [laughter] on very little sleep. but nevertheless, i do. some people have commented, enough with the plans, hillary. we do not what your name or plans. just go out and make speeches. do not talk to loudly. but do not talk to softly. [applause] mrs. clinton: well, look i want you to know that for me this election is not just about me. it is about in agenda that we present to new york tomorrow. that we present to the country. that we vote on. because that will give us a chance to actually make the progress we all want to see.
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and what i am focused on is breaking down the barriers that stand in the way of people getting ahead and staying ahead. of course there are economic barriers. that has to be one of our highest priorities. creating those jobs. raising the income. raising the minimum wage at the national level. it absolutely has to be at the top of our list but you know, economic barriers are not the only ones that americans are facing today. take the issue of equal pay for equal work. if it were just an economic barrier we would not still be talking about it. but it is more than that. when you actually look and compare why women are still not
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being paid inc. will the work we some of that is not explainable other they can good old-fashioned discrimination. and what you heard cecile say is absolutely right. there is no woman's discount when we go to check out at the supermarket counter. i have been shopping a long time. and, i have never been looked at by a cashier and said, ok you are a white woman. you only have to pay $.78. or my friends, you are black, you are latino, you do not have to pay the full freight. you can pay $.65 or $.55. that never happens. this is not just a woman's issue this is a family issue. if you have a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter who are a stake then you have in
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making sure they are paid equally. and when you think about how hard it is in our country, the richest country in the world -- in fact doing much better economically the in anybody else right now -- when you think about how hard it is to be able youalance work and family have to ask yourself, why are we doing this to each other? every other advanced economy has figured out how to have family leave. paid family leave. i started working on family leave way back in the 1980's and i was thrilled when my husband passed a bill which had been vetoed twice by president george h.w. bush. let's not forget, this is not ancient roman history. it was not that long ago that to even the idea of unpaid family leave was thought of as a bridge
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too far. vetoed twice. but bill became president, congress passed it, send it to him, and 200 million plus people of taken advantage of it so that was a good first step. but, too many people could not take advantage of it. they could not take off time they were not paid for. that new baby, that's sick spouse, that ailing mother or grandparent, they could not take time off. it is time for us. and kiersten has been a leader on this. it is time for us finally to pass paid family leave. and i will tell you, this is something that is moving forward in the states.
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i want to applaud new york, applaud california which has been doing it for more than 10 years. it does your president, we are going to deliver on paid family leave for the families of america. we also have to really focus on education. again, that is an issue for everybody. that is why i want early childhood education for everybody and i want to thank shirley mcrae and mayor defazio for making sure that new york city has universal pre-tape. -- and mayor deblasio for making sure that new york city has universal pre-k. this is an issue about whether or not the honor and to nurture the potential of everyone. i think that is what america should be about. every single person deserves the chance to live up to their
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god-given potential. and learning starts in the first five years. in elementary and secondary school, i intend to be a good partner with america's teachers to support our educators to make sure we are doing what will work to lift our children. and, let's spend more time trying to encourage mp, -- encourage young people, particularly younger girls, to go into the stem courses. science, technology, engineering, mathematics. there are so many opportunities that are not being taken advantage of and again, 30 plus years ago we had a very high percentage of women graduating from college with degrees in computer sciences. what happened? some of what happened is the way women were treated in the work
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force when they got into tech . right now we know, looking at salaries and promotion opportunities, it is not equal. so while we encourage more young women to pursue these careers, we will get more transparency and commitment from companies to treat men and women equally as they hire, as they promote, and we are going to make college affordable for everybody in a way that will actually work to send middle class, working, and poor kids to school. and we're going to tackle the student debt problem which is burdening so many young people. we want more national service so that young people can perform national service and actually get a free ride or a totally discounted ride or get their debts forgiven for performing that kind of work. and, we are going to improve the
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affordable care act. i will defend it. it is working. we've got to improve it and get the cost down. but again, this is something that is hardly ever talked about. it was not that long ago when clinical trials about how to treat diseases, including breast cancer, were only done on men. you know, i know a lot of young people must be shocked to hear that. i was shocked when i first heard it. so we had to change a lot. the affordable care act and one of the changes was to absolutely guarantee that pay moreld no longer
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for health insurance the in man. so, all of these battles, you have got members of congress here are waging these battles. my great friend, congresswoman carolyn maloney has been on the front line. congresswoman sheila jackson lee has been waving the banner high. i know it is hard to believe there was ever a time like this, we do not want to go back. that is why it is important to think about how far we have come to protect the gains we have made. and we still have disparity in health care treatment between men and women but also particularly on the basis of income and access and we are going to tackle that and get the cost of prescription drugs down for everybody.
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and, let's finally make a commitment to treating mental health problems like the health care issues they represent. all right? -- let's do more applause] cheers and [chanting "hillary"] mrs. clinton: and, you know, let's do more to treat addiction. let's do more to save lives. really exciting work and head of us and practically everything i have said is opposed right the republicans. they do not think we need to raise the minimum wage.
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donald trump wages are too high in america right now. they do not believe equal pay as a problem. they do not want to move toward paid family leave. this is not just a free choice. there are consequences for how we vote and the agenda we put forward. and the other point about what is happening with the republicans, as we mentioned earlier is that they want to strip us of the rights we have. i will tell you where i stand, because it is in a position to where they stand. i will defend a woman's right to make her own health care decisions and i will defend land -- i will defend planned terror ted. [cheers and applause] mrs. clinton: i was honored to receive the planned parenthood action fund and the other and endorsements, because i have been, as cecile said, on the
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front lines on behalf of of women's rights for a long time. and when trump said what he said about punishing women, i was appalled. that is a core issue and when he said it was a distraction, that he wanted to talk about the real issues, i was appalled again. there is nothing more important then defending our human rights and this is a human right. [applause] mrs. clinton: and maybe, maybe if some of either think it is a distraction or want to reverse it maybe if they went to some of the places i have been in the past 25 years and seen how that is viewed to suppress women's rights and their autonomy and where the government makes decisions, the consequences are horrible. whether it is chinese government
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policy in the past or one child and forced abortions and sterilization or the policies of the communist regime in romania with forced you cannot, we must not, ever politiciansnts and make those decisions. as long as i'm around, we never will. [applause] i will tell you, i will also depend aired equality, and work and discrimination against lgbt community. capacitying to work equality act of congress when i'm president. rights, andd voting
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work to reverse citizens united. i will defend the right to organize and bargain in the right of unions to represent people like mary. the american labor movement helped to build the american middle class, and those who have forgotten it conveniently are undermining what it takes to make sure people are represented. i stop at a car wash in queens on my way here because the car washes have been unionized, for the first time, they are getting a decent salary, benefits. the most important thing we can do is to give everyone the dignity and purpose that the job brings, job where they have
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opportunity to continue to improve their standard of living, to provide a good middle-class lifestyle for themselves and their children. we will also fight for comprehensive immigration reform. [applause] i have said i will start this work immediately upon becoming president, and i will. right -- thank you. [applause] i am so proud of new york. our liberty stands in harper. we are a city of immigrants, a state of immigrants, and a nation of immigrants. [applause] yes, we are going to fight
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together to take on the come cany for common sense safety reform. [applause] this is -- >> hillary! hillary! hillary! mrs. clinton: this is an issue that knows no boundaries. i have much many people -- siblings,nd mothers -- children, closed friends and loved ones who have lost people -- on average, 90 people per day are killed by guns in america. lobbiese many powerful
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in washington, as i said in the debate the other night in brooklyn, i said, senator talks -- sen. sanders:'s about the on wall street, and i know that -- i've got the toughest ads. these guys are good at making their assessments, and they know i am trouble for them. i agree with that. what about the greed and is this of the gun manufacturers and sellers ? cannot believe it when senator sanders said the parents of the sandy hook children did not deserve their day in court. largely because he voted for the bill that gave special to the come makers
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and sellers. i was in the senate the same time, so was barack obama. i voted against it, barack obama voted against it, senator sanders road for. this has too be -- be a voting issue. we have to organizers of to take on this powerful lobby. they know i'm coming after them. they are already coming after me. a badge ofthat honor. i will stand with gabby if -- gabby giffords and a day to take them on. [applause] do.riends, we have work to i see the folks from take a stand, we devote protect social security, and make sure we ing.s the trust fund go when i think of the test the next president faces, the first
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produce positive results? that is what i am telling you i will too. the second is, can you protect us? i think what you are hearing from donald trump and ted cruz not only offensive, it is dangerous. when donald trump says no auslims can come to america -- nation founded on religious liberty, in case he had not been taught that -- that is not only offend us, that sends a message to the rest of the world. if we will defeat, as i intend to do, terrorism, and isis in particular, we need a coalition against theh us threats. i know how hard it is to create a coalition because i did create the coalition that imposes sanctions on russia and iran.
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i know this is hard, it does not help to ask someone running for those whoreligion of need to create the coalition against isis in the first place. and, you have ted cruz who says, but have special police patrols, itofiling muslim americans -- is beyond absurd. that is what the chief of the nypd need said. what why to the 1000 nypd officers who are american muslims. and, commissioner bill bratton summed it up by saying, ted cruz does not know what the hell he is talking about.
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yes, we have to protect yourselves, and eat the world with our values. finally, we have to unify our country. llede's too much hate fi speech going on. it is so impossible to imagine people running for president saying what they are saying, inciting violence between and among americans. i'll go anywhere anytime to find common groundwhat why to. be will find common ground and those solutions. stand my ground on your behalf, making sure we are moving forward together. you know, there is a lot that is special for me about this primary tomorrow because i take on here, and because you are all
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so supportive, but there's something else i want to end with. the first statement ever thatded in human history set forth a rationale for women to have rights happened in seneca falls, new york. susan b anthony, elizabeth cady stanton, frederick douglass who joined forces with women, who were claiming that they too should have a right to vote, the juries, torve on
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have both citizenship. that declaration of sentiments, you can google it later, as i'm sure you will, kick the suffrage movement. again, it's not come easily. ,here were protests demonstrations. , women chaining themselves to the fence around house, going to prison, going con hunger strikes to claim the right to vote. yes, eventually, that was granted. we will celebrate the 100 house, going to prison, going con hunger strikes in 2020.sary [applause] when i think about the sacrifices of the suffragettes, the sacrifices of the leaders of the civil rights movement, the sacrifices of those trying to
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form unions against extraordinary, violent protests, when i think about what policies americans did, starting in the 19th going into the 20th century to make a very simple claim on the 18th that we are all created equal, we all in 2020. have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, we all have a stake in america. that ultimately is what this election is about. please, come out, vote tomorrow. future that for the we want together. thank you also much. [applause] ♪
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>> i like coverage of the
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presidential race continues tonight with the new york state primary. join us at 9:00 eastern with election results in fewer reaction. taking on the road to the white house with c-span, c-span radio, and localresentatives from
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law-enforcement agencies will be on capitol hill to discuss encroachment -- encryption technology. 10:00l take you five at on c-span 3. spoke at arump campaign rally in buffalo, new york. he was introduced by wrecks rhein, the head coach of the buffalo bills. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the head coach of the bills, wreckrex ryan.
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[applause] what, look tell you at this -- awesome. beyond no, i'm not politician, i'm not a speaker, i'm just a football coach. what i thought i would do today bills, wrecks youg to tell a football story. this includes donald trump. , trump is owner of the new jersey generals.
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the ball is on the one yard line -- i have to set this up -- they have this date cute. huge fullback. walker is obviously great back, huge blocking back. say,pical fashion, they the trick the defense -- sure -- the he gets smashed phone rings, he picks the phone the yes, sir, mr. trump --
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conversation goes like this. cave the say,you the ball to someone besides herschel walker, you are fired. that is a true story. all here tonight because we all support, trump. [cheering] [applause] ryan: absolutely, there's so much i admire about mr. trump. he will say what is on his mind. so many times, a lot of people the same thing. here's, they don't have the
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courage to say it. anald trump certainly has courage to say it. you know what, so to the people in new york. the other thing we know is this man is one of the greatest en -- no question about that. when i'm appear, trying to introduce donald trump, what to do we learn today? he is also smart enough to give the fall to herschel walker -- the ball to herschel walker. it's a great honor for me to choose donald trump. ♪
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rex?hat about w he says he does not do this. i think he is a great speaker. students agreed football coach. i want to thank him and michelle. amazing. he won the championship in new york, and always had these teams that were brutal.
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very good season . you watch. you have a great coach. tonight -- i fade $1 bills. for the buffalo i sent down a certified letter from the bank, and the bank said, donald trump book of us 24 hours notice, $1 billion for the buffalo bills. ful buffaloou, i love a right tackle the first could
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move was getting rex to coach the team. do we have already? get him out. get him out. .hat was quick that was quick. this place is unbelievable. rick at this. outside5000 people trying to get in. in as we go coming along. make room for some of the people
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outside. so, $1 billion all cash for the buffalo bills. and bidd kim came in more. i was a little hurt, but you have great owners. you talk about the business deal. he was in the oil business, fracking, and to got out at the right time to invest in fracking. in the nfl. great business deals. the other stuff is not going in the right direction. they made a great deal.
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get him out. go home to mommy. bye. chuck?t crazy chuckle a greath up, they made business deal. you will have an unbelievable team this year. i will be rooting for the buffalo bills. believe me. [cheering] [applause]
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besides that, we will bring the york back, and united states of america back. up, i always to this. i'm all over the state. loveve the state, and we new york values. ?o we agree chu give me some current information on the economy of buffalo. don't feel scared or guilty, it is not your fault, it is politicians representing all of us that have no clue and virtually incompetent. these are the people who represent us at the highest
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level, including the president of the united states. look at what has happened here. do not get discouraged, we are bringing it back fast. we are not making bad trade deals. to the bring jobs back united states, and that includes buffalo. buffalo has been hammered by our trade policies. few cities in america have taken a harder hit. i know that. i hear like i lifted her all the on the like i live here time. buffalo has lost nearly half of jobs in three main reasons. nafta, chinese currency
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manipulation, product dumping. nearly 40%, and i will stop because i don't want to depress closed nearly 40% of the jobs have happened in 2001. new york state has lost three out of four of this manufacturing jobs since the 1960's. three out of four. here is what is happening. we are making horrible deals, we have people that don't know what they're doing. companies moving to mexico and we have not, a clinton deal -- bill clinton was married to crooked hillary clinton -- you know that. that is a total disaster.
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a disaster.en now, we have a new one coming up, the transpacific partnership. it will make nafta look like peanuts. lyin ted cruz, one of the great writers of all-time. mp? are you doing with tru great. tomorrow, we will show ted cruz, who hates new york -- when you
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look at the debate, and see the way he talks about us and new downvalues, he turned money -- we had lots of money coming into new york, he voted against no new yorker can vote for ted cruz or john kasich -- nafta.d in favor of ,ith all that that being said tomorrow, get out and vote. vote.e to ted cruz is way down in the polls. he iskasich is way down --
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one for 32, and he is governor of that state. ted cruz is a catastrophe, he did not get 50% of his own state , he was way below. he does not represent what we need. the other thing we need to make america great is to make buffalo great again. having -- i've never done a thing like this. i've been a politician for nine months. can you believe this? it has been interesting. seriously, it takes guts to run like this. i've been on


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