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tv   A Season for Prevention in Mental Health Care  CSPAN  April 21, 2016 6:50am-7:01am EDT

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be the vehicle for telling this kind of very large and complex story? he said i'm going to educate you about hip-hop. he did it on the spot and pointed out that hip-hop, you can pack more information into the lyrics in any other form. it's very ends and rapid and he started talking about the fact that hip-hop not only has rhymed endings, it has internal rhymes and wordplay. he started educating me in these different devices that are important to the success of the show. >> sunday night at 8:00 eastern and pacific. we showcase our student cam winner. the video documentary competition for middle and high school students. this year's theme is road to the white house. ask what issues you want presidential candidates to discuss.
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one of our second prize high school central winners is from oklahoma. greater once presidential candidates to discuss mental illness in his video titled " before the fall: a season for prevention in mental health care." >> last year, i spent six months theng a short film about man who is mentally ill son stabbed his mother. i followed him as he ought to get his son a ruling of not guilty by reason of insanity which means he would go to a mental health care facility and not present. as a working the project am i learned there were many other cases like this families. >> this has been the bloody summer of 2015. although these are the instances headlines, it is a tiny fraction of the tragedies that occur in the area of mental illness that is untreated. >> mental illness is much more
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common than many people realize. >> typically, we say it affects one out of four people, people in treatment are many times on recognizable because they look just like anybody else. >> one in four people suffer from some sort of mental illness. if it's 1, 2, 3, 4, it's you with a weird teeth and you next to him. you know who you are. that whole row is not right. soif mental illness affects many people, shouldn't there be ineffective system in place to traded? the condition of mental health care verizon a lot from state to state because individual state governments are the ones that decide rings such as funding for mental health care in their state. i did the state capital in oklahoma city to attend a mental health for and substance abuse services to see what was going on with my
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state department for mental health care. >> [indiscernible] 60% of oklahomans struggle and are not getting the help they need. mental health accounts for 30% of the disability cost that are businesses have to come up with. these are public health issues facing our state. >> most of the state just does not give taking care of the mentally ill. have an effective treatment system in place? >> what are the main issues with the way that mental illnesses treated right now? >> do you have a couple of hours? i could make a list of them. >> i wish i had the answer to that question. then we could fix it.
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>> at the state budget hearing, commissioner white spoke on what some of these issues are. >> the problem we have is that it's a door to get into the system and it's so narrow. there are 2/3 of oklahomans outside that your and only1/3 of those inside the door to get help. >> people are not sure where to turn. >> insurance is not paid well for mental health services. it's more out-of-pocket expense for most people and it's not cheap. for those who get services, the outcomes are really good. the problem is we don't let them know people in the help they need. birthday is in the summer of 2016 which means i will get to vote in the residential general election and i will look for a candidate that will address this issue. research and i prepared a presentation of the different candidates plans to address mental health. the only time it is even mentioned by any candidate has
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been at the issues of gun control. >> this is an guns, it's about mental illness. >> in many of the shootings, we have people who have mental disturbances. >> we need to do a better job in mental health. >> it seems there is nothing like a mass shooting to fire up political interest in mental health. huckabee got a d-in mental health. you cannot lecture people with that grade. >> if mental illness is such a big issue, why is it not being addressed effectively? >> it still very stigmatized. up to you like this, you would likely understand that i had a physical impairment and would not think there is anything wrong with me as a person.
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but if i walked up to you like this and were suffering from a mental illness, you might not understand that i am still suffering from something that's outside of my control. misinterpret it as being in a bad mood or having a character flaw. >> i think stigma is a word that is lacking. prejudice and discrimination, those are words that are getting at the truth >> area the other reason mental illness gets unaddressed is that it would lead to more cost for taxpayers. what many people don't realize is that mental illness will cost us money no matter what. if you are currently in a facility receiving treatment for mental illness, the odds are, you are probably dressed like this. jails and prisons are the main places where you find mentally ill people. >> this is a population people don't care about them as a result, there are not the resources to care for them. probably 2800 people
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with mental illness in my jail today. you look at their back down and 100,have been here 50, 60, some have been in 400 times. >> you say that prisons and jails are new asylums. >> absolutely. in my home state, the average cost of preventive treatment annually per person is about $2000. that is the cost of one c-span second rise award plus the fan favorite award. the average annual cost of encouraging somebody is about $19,000. you would have to win the c-span grand prize four times in a row in order to make that much money. >> it's a shame, the outcomes are terrible. we have to change. we are good at saving drowning people in the river but we don't seem to be allocating any resources from keeping them from falling in the river in the first place. >> presidential candidates, this affects a loss of americans and it's one we cannot ignore
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without having more tragedy to the taxpayers. we need to be allocating more money for mental health resources and educating people on the reality of mental illness. let's do something about this. ♪ all of the prize-winning documentaries in this year's student cam competition, visit student today, confirmation hearing for nominees to head the u.s. european command, nato allied supreme command, u.s. northern command and norad. that is live at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span three. >> madam secretary, we proudly give 72 of our delegates votes to the next president of the united states.
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live today on c-span, "washington journal" is next. at 9:00 a.m. eastern, the u.s. house returns for work on the irs workforce act prohibiting the rehiring of former irs employees previously fired for misconduct. coming up in 45 minutes, congressman ryan castillo of pennsylvania on education workforce training and a preview of next week's primary.
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at 8:20 a.m., senator ben cardin of maryland is here to discuss criminal charges announced against three michigan officials over the flint water crisis. and to review president obama's trip to saudi arabia. ♪ host: good morning and welcome to "washington journal." we will begin here this morning with your thoughts on the nominating process for both parties. is it energizing your party or is it dividing it? republicans, 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. you can join the conversation on twitter or go to facebook. we will get to you or calls in a minute.


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