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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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[booing] sen. sanders: think about it for a second. and by the way, you will not see this on television, read about it too often in the newspapers, but here's the truth. the truth is that today in america, the top 1/10 of 1%, not 1%, 1/10 of 1%, owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. [booing] sen. sanders: the top 20 wealthiest people in this country today own more wealth than the bottom 150 million americans, half our nation's population. [booing] sen. sanders: that is an economy which is based on unsustainable principles. that is an economy which is not moral, when so few have so much, and so many have so little. that is not the american economy
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that we need to be the great nation that we should be. [cheers] [applause] sen. sanders: and let me tell you, let me tell you how the rigged economy works. it is not just a grotesque level of income and wealth inequality. here is how it works. we have the wealthiest family in america, the walton family who owns walmart. [booing] sen. sanders: ok, they own more wealth than the bottom 40%. you know what is even worse? you got it exactly right. [applause] sen. sanders: that is exactly what i was going to say. the gentleman upfront said, they don't pay their workers wages
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that their workers can live on. there you have it. think about it for a moment. wealthiest family in america, more wealth than the bottom 40%. and yet they pay wages to their employees that are so low that many of their workers are forced to go on stamps and medicaid. who is paying? this is a rigged economy. who is paying taxes to provide food stamps and medicaid. you are. so, on behalf of the walton family, i want to thank you very much. you are really nice guys. they appreciate it. they are only worth tens of billions of dollars, and they do appreciate you subsidizing their business. needless to say, that is a bad joke. [laughter] sen. sanders: because it is not funny. you know, and i have heard all over this country, republican governors talk about welfare reform, people ripping off the welfare system.
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you know the biggest welfare beneficiary in this country? the walton family. now this will not get on television either. you have got to listen carefully. this will not get on tv. i say it is the walton family, get off of welfare, pay your workers a living wage. [applause] [cheers] [applause] sen. sanders: but the rigged economy is not just the grotesque level of wealth inequality, which by the way, is worse today than anytime since 1928, before the great depression. here is what else is going on. this is why we have got to think outside the box, like joe biden says, act inspirational, think big. i want you all to think about this. you all know that there has been an explosion of technology in the last 20 or 30 years.
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that means that worker productivity has significantly increased. how does it happen that with all of this new technology, all of this increase in worker productivity, all of the global economy, how does it happen that people by the millions in this country are working longer hours for lower wages? how does it happen that in america today, you got people working not one job, but two jobs, and three jobs to bring in enough income and bring in the health care that they need? young people will not believe me, and google after you leave here, not now. here is the truth. 40 years ago, one breadwinner in a family could earn enough money to take care of all of the family. one worker.
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today, you don't know any families whereom is not working, dad is not working, the kids are not working. we work the longest hours of any people in the industrialized world, you know that? we work. the japanese are very hard-working people. we work longer hours per year than do the japanese. and yet at the end of all that, listen to this, mom is working, dad is working, kids are working, people working crazy hours, 58% of all new income generated today goes to the top 1%. [booing] sen. sanders: in fact, the wealthy are doing phenomenally well. the last 30 years, the top 1/10 of 1% has seen a doubling of the percentage of wealth it owns, while the middle class continues to shrink. that is a rigged economy. our job is to create an economy that works for the children,
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that works for the elderly, that works for the working families, not an economy that just works for the 1%. [applause] [cheers] [applause] sen. sanders: but it is not just a corrupt campaign finance system in which billionaires and wall street and their super pac's buy elections. it is not just a rigged economy, but also a broken criminal justice system. [applause] sen. sanders: here is the fact. again, think outside of the box. ask yourself this question, why should it be that in the wealthiest country in the history of the world, we have today more people in jail than any other country on earth? [booing]
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sen. sanders: we are locking up 2.2 million people and spending $80 billion a year to lock them up. [booing] sen. sanders: millions of lives being destroyed. i have been all over this country, and i had been in communities where the unemployment rate for young kids is 30%, 40%, 50%. young kids who graduated high school, want to get their feet on the ground, want to become adults, make money and have some independence, but you can't do that if you can't find a job. so what i will propose if elected president is to invest in jobs and education for our kids, not jails or incarceration. [applause] [cheers] [applause]
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sen. sanders: we do not want to have the dubious distinction of more people in jail than any other country. we want the best educated workforce in the world. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: when we talk about criminal justice, we have got to make certain that our local police departments are demilitarized, do not look like occupying armies. [applause]
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sen. sanders: we have got to make sure that local police departments reflect the diversity of the communities they serve. [applause] sen. sanders: i was a mayor in burlington, vermont for eight years. i worked closely with my police department, worked with police departments all over the country. most police officers, the overwhelming majority, hard-working, honest people doing a very difficult job. [applause] sen. sanders: but like any of other public official, when a police officer breaks the law, that officer was be held accountable. [applause] sen. sanders: as a nation, we must understand that lethal force by a police officer should be the last response, not the first response. [applause] sen. sanders: we have got to end private corporate ownership of jails and detention centers. [applause] sen. sanders: we have got to rethink the so-called war on drugs. [applause]
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sen. sanders: many people don't know this, many people don't know this, but over the last 30 years, millions of americans have received police records, criminal records, because of possession of marijuana. [booing] sen. sanders: if you have a police record and you go in and look for a job, it may be hard to get that job. right now, under the federal controlled substance act, marijuana is listed at the highest level as a schedule one drug. [booing] sen. sanders: i have introduced legislation to take marijuana out of the federal controlled substance act. [applause] sen. sanders: it is the responsibility of states to determine whether or not marijuana should be legal. four states have, more will in the near future.
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possession should not be a federal crime. [applause] sen. sanders: but here is another issue that we have got to deal with. all over this country including my own state of vermont, we have a serious, serious problem regarding opioid abuse, heroin addiction, and people dying every single day from overdose. now, the best way to my mind to deal with this serious crisis is to understand that substance abuse and addiction should be treated not as a criminal issue, but as a health issue. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: all over this country, and i can tell you as a senator because i get these calls from my office and other senators get the same calls, families are in trouble. people are worried about whether or not a member of their family can get off of heroin, get off of the opiates. they are worried about suicide,
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worried about a family member is going out and doing something really crazy. we need a revolution in mental health treatment in this country. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: again, again, thinking outside of the box, just think about it. we've got thousands and thousands of people walking the streets of america today. they are suicidal, homicidal, addicted to drugs, getting into criminal activity. we need to provide those people with the help that they need today, not six months now. [applause] sen. sanders: let me say a few words about the differences that exist between secretary clinton and myself on some of the important issues facing our country.
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we have chosen different paths in terms of how we raise the funds we need to run our campaigns. when i began this campaign almost a year ago, we had to make a very simple but important choice. do we do, in our campaign, what every other campaign is doing and establish a super pac? we agreed with you. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: and here is why.
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because super pac's are simply a mechanism to vacuum in huge sums of money from -- huuuge sums of money, right? -- from the fossil fuel industry, billionaires, corporate america. we don't want their money, we don't need their money, we don't represent their interests. [applause] sen. sanders: so we choose to go another way. unprecedented, and that is the state of the middle class, if you want a campaign that will stand with you, that will take on the powerful and greedy special interests in this country, we need your help. and what has happened over the last year, we have received over seven million individual campaign contributions, 7 million. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: anybody knows the average contribution is? all: $27. sen. sanders: $27. i was at the gettysburg battlefield just the other day. on the spot where lincoln, near the spot where lincoln gave his famous gettysburg address in
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1863. at the end of his speech, he talks about the need to have in our country a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: and that is exactly what we are trying to do in this campaign. and when you raise money from millions of people at $27 a clip, that is a campaign of the people. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: secretary clinton has chosen to raise her money in the old-fashioned way, or what is now part of the contemporary political process. that is, have a number of super pacs. her last supporting period, her super pac reported $15 million in special interests, $15 million from wall street alone.
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on top of that, she has given speeches to wall street at $225,000 a speech. [booing] sen. sanders: now, every candidate who receives a lot of money from special interests always has the same response, and that is, oh, it won't impact me. but the question you have got to ask is, why do some of the most powerful special interests in this country make campaign contributions? they understand exactly what they are doing. all right? [applause] sen. sanders: now our differences are not just in how we raise money. our differences are in foreign policy. in 2002, there was a debate in congress which dealt with the
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most difficult issue in american foreign-policy issue, and that was the war in iraq. i listened to what george bush and dick cheney and all the others had to say, and i did not believe a word they were saying. [applause] sen. sanders: i not only voted against that war, i helped lead the opposition to that war, and only, i do wish so much that our side was successful and we never went into that disastrous war. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: secretary clinton heard the same evidence.
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she was then in the senate. she voted for the war. but it is not just -- [booing] sen. sanders: it is not just the war in iraq. in my view, look, in the real world sometimes we have to go to war. but war and military force should always be the last possible response, not the first response. [applause] sen. sanders: and i got to tell you, i am not impressed by politicians, often republicans, because they are really tough guys, they want to go to war all over the world, overthrow that, go here, go there. they understand it is not their kids who will go off to war, it is your kids. [applause] sen. sanders: and one of the differences that secretary clinton and i have is my belief that yes, it is easy to overthrow some of these terrible dictators. people like saddam hussein, a vicious murdering thug, people like qaddafi in libya, people like bush are al-assad in syria, people who god knows how many people they have killed.
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it is not just overthrowing tyrants, but understanding what happens the day after you overthrow that tyrant. [applause] sen. sanders: and what we have seen throughout history over the last many, many decades is you overthrow somebody and you have unintended consequences. instability, more people die. so yes, our goal should be helping raise democracy all over the world, but before we go about overthrowing people, we should understand fully the consequences of what we do. regime change often has unintended consequences. [applause] sen. sanders: here is another area where secretary clinton and i disagree on. it is not a sexy area.
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the media does not talk about it at all. which can tell you, therefore, that it is a very important issue, and that is the disastrous trade policies. all right? again, not a sexy issue, but here is what it is about. for the young people, i will tell you something, and you can google this as well. it was once upon a time when you could go shopping in the united states of america, i know you do not believe me, but this is true. you could buy products manufactured in the united states of america, not in china. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: that is true. but what happened over the last 40 or so years is that corporations have decided that they do not want to pay workers in delaware or vermont or anyplace else a living wage. why would you want to pay someone $25 an hour when you can shut down here, throw those workers out on the street, go to mexico, go to china, go to the it now, pay people very low wages, and then bring your product back into this country?
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that is the entire basis of our trade policies. the whole goal is to shut down plants in america, paid people low wages abroad, bring your products back here, and make billions in profits. i tell corporate america today, here is a heads up, if i am elected president, we are going to change those policies. [applause] [cheers] [applause] sen. sanders: if you want the american people to purchase your products, and every night on tv have ads telling us to buy this and buy that, you want us to buy your products, start manufacturing those products in america. [applause] sen. sanders: now, i have opposed every one of these disasters trade agreements. secretary clinton has supported virtually all of them. that is a big difference of
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opinion. i believe, and this is not a radical idea, that in america, if you work for 40 hours a week, you should not be living in poverty. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: you can do the arithmetic as well as i do, and that is if you make $7.25 an hour, $8 an hour, you are living in poverty, and that is why i disagree with secretary clinton. she wants to raise the minimum wage, that is good. but she wants to raise it to $12 an hour, not enough. we need $15 an hour. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: when we talk about
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the important issues facing not only our country but the world, i can tell you as a member of the u.s. senate committee on the environment that climate change is real. [applause] sen. sanders: that climate change is caused by human activity. [applause] sen. sanders: and let me also tell you what many of you know. climate change is already doing devastating harm in our country and around the world today. and what the scientists tell us, and they are virtually unanimous in telling us this, is that if we do not get our act together in the next few years, by the end of this century, the planet
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earth will be five to 10 degrees warmer fahrenheit. that is unbelievable. what that means is more more droughts, more floods, more extreme weather, disturbances, acidification of the ocean, more rising sea levels, and more international conflict. there will be international conflict because people will be fighting over water. they will be fighting over land to grow their crops. that is why we have a moral responsibility to do everything possible to leave this planet in a way that is healthy and habitable for our children and our grandchildren. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: and in the same way, we have got to tell corporate america they cannot continue to ship our jobs to low-wage countries. we have got to tell the fossil fuel industry that their short-term profits are not more important than the future of this planet. [applause]
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[cheers] sen. sanders: and what that means, what that means is the united states has got to lead the world, working with china, russia, india, other countries, in transforming our energy system away from fossil fuels to energy efficiency and sustainable energy. [applause] sen. sanders: we can save unbelievable amounts of energy by weatherizing and making more efficient our homes and our buildings. we can create a rail system and a mass transit system that gets cars off of the roads. [applause] sen. sanders: and we can and must invest heavily in sustainable energies like wind, solar, geothermal, and other such technologies. [applause] [cheers]
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sen. sanders: and let me tell you something. and this kind of connects the dots. when i talk about the corrupt finances and come you say, yeah, that is bad. but you have to understand that corrupt campaign finance system impacts every aspect of our lives. think about how it can be that we have a republican party which with very few exceptions rejects the concept of climate change, let alone wants to do anything about it. [booing] sen. sanders: now here's the point, if you think that the republicans are just dummies, that is not the case. the real reason is the moment that some republican stands up and says, you know, climate change is real. it is really dangerous. we have got to do something about it.
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on that day, the koch brothers and the big money interests in the fossil fuel industry will cut their campaign funds. that is what a corrupt campaign finance system is doing. and that is why we have got to change that system, and that is why we have got to stand up to the fossil fuel industry and save this planet. [applause] [cheers] sen. sanders: now, i believe, i believe along with the scientists that this is a global crisis, and we have got to be bold. i am proud to tell you that i had introduced the most comprehensive climate change legislation in the history of the senate. [applause] sen. sanders: and among other things, what it does do is impose a tax on carbon. that is what we need. that is not secretary clinton's
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position. it should be her position, but it is not. we need to be bold if we are going to transform our energy system. let's say one other area, one other area of differences. you know, a great nation is morally judged not by how many millionaires it has and not by how many nuclear weapons it has. it is judged by how it treats the weakest and most vulnerable amongst us. [applause] now, we don't talk about it. often.
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but we have millions of senior citizens and disabled veterans and people with disabilities in this country who are trying to get by on $10,000, $11,000, $12,000 a year social security. you can do the arithmetic as well as i can. nobody, if you are a disabled veteran, if you are somebody with disabilities, you are not going to make it on $10,000 a year in social security. what is totally outrageous and an indication of how far right the republican party has gone, do you know what the republicans want to do? they want to give more tax breaks to billionaires and cut social security. [booing] sen. sanders: well, we have got some bad news for them. [applause] sen. sanders: we are not going to cut social security. in fact, we are going to do exactly the opposite. instead of giving tax breaks to billionaires, we are going to ask them to pay more in taxes. [applause] instead of cutting social
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security, we are going to expand social security benefits. [applause] sen. sanders: and the way you do that is you lift the cap right now, somebody making millions contributes the same amount into the social security trust fund as somebody making $118,000. that is the maximum. at that cap, someone paying $5 million a year paid the same percentage of income for the trust fund as someone making $40,000 a year. we can extend social security for 58 years and significantly expand benefits. [applause] sen. sanders: throughout this campaign, i have asked secretary clinton to join me, lift the cap, expand social security benefits with the elderly and disabled veterans. i am still waiting for a clear answer.
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[booing] sen. sanders: this campaign is doing as well as it is. it is creating the energy and the excitement that is because it is listening to the american people, not just wealthy campaign contributors. [applause] sen. sanders: it is listening to young people. [applause] sen. sanders: now again, i would like you to think outside of the box for a second. young people throughout their entire lives are told by their parents, teachers, and society to go out, study hard, get the best education that you can. that is where the good jobs are, and that is what your life is about, to get as much education as you can. millions of young people did
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exactly that, but then, they suddenly found themselves $30,000, $50,000, $70,000 in debt. frankly, that is nuts. think about it for a second. why we punishing millions of people for doing the right thing and getting the education they need? [applause] sen. sanders: we should be rewarding people for getting an education, not punishing them. all over this country, let me ask a question, how many people right here are dealing with student debt? all across the country, i get the same response. a young woman from burlington, vermont became a doctor. $300,000 in debt. young dentists in iowa, $400,000 in debt. a guy in nevada took out his student loan 25 years ago. he is more in debt today than he was when he took it out.
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i talked to a woman in new hampshire. she is paying her own student debt, and then her daughter's as well. that is crazy stuff. and therefore, we have got to do a very few common sense things. number one, we all understand that a college degree in many ways is the equivalent of what a high school degree was 50 years ago. 50 years ago, somebody had a high school degree, they could go out and get a pretty good job and make it into the middle class. the world has changed, the economy has changed, technology has changed, people need more education. therefore today, when we think about public education, not good
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enough just to be talking about first grade through 12th grade, we need to be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. [applause] sen. sanders: is this a radical idea? it is not a radical idea. just in baltimore this morning, i talked to a young lady, a visiting student here in the united states, staying with her family in baltimore. lives in germany. how much does it cost to go to college in germany? it is free, of course. how much does it cost to go to college in scandinavia? last year, i was at a meeting in washington, d.c., and i made the point that college in scandinavia is free.
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they said, no senator, you are wrong. they said, in finland, it is not free -- they pay us to go to college. [laughter] sen. sanders: all right, what does that mean? it means that if we are smart about the future of this country, we want everybody to have the ability and the desire to get as much education as they can. that is common sense. [applause] sen. sanders: we want to encourage young people to get an education, not discourage them. when you make public colleges and universities tuition-free, you do something that is pretty revolutionary. i grew up with a family that did not have a lot of money, my parents never went to college. that is true for many families today. there are kids right here in wilmington in the fourth grade and in the sixth grade whose parents never went to college, don't have any money. the idea of thinking they can go to college is as realistic as them thinking they are going to the moon.
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it is not within their purview. they are not thinking about it, and therefore they are not not studying and not doing schoolwork the way they should. but if the word is out in this country that every kid, regardless of the income of his or her family, will be able to get an college education if they take their schoolwork seriously, we can revolutionize education in this country. [applause] sen. sanders: so is not only making public colleges and universities tuition-free, not only dealing with dysfunctional child care system. every psychologist who studies the issue tells us the most important years of human development are zero through four, is that right? that is when we develop intellectually and we develop
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emotionally. and yet, we are working class families, mom goes to work, dad goes to work, people are frantically searching for good-quality, affordable childcare, and it is hard to find. think outside of the box. think outside of the status quo, and ask yourselves why we do not have the best quality pre-k system in the world. [applause] sen. sanders: think what america looks like. think what america looks like when mom goes to work, when dad goes to work, and they know that their kids are getting quality care from well-trained, well-paid instructors who are proud to be childcare workers. [applause] sen. sanders: and think of what
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happens when we don't do that, when kids into the first grade unprepared intellectually or emotionally. this is called changing our national priorities. this is called investing in our people, rather than in corporate america or wall street. [applause] sen. sanders: so not only do we need a strong childcare system and a first-class public education system, we also have to deal with this crisis of a student debt. that is why i believe that people holding student debt now should be able to refinance that debt at the lowest interest rates they can find. [applause] sen. sanders: now, there is nothing radical about what i am saying. the vast majority of the american people agree with what we are talking about right now, but our critics come back. this gets back to joe biden. critics come back.
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they say, bernie, you are a nice guy, you want free education, lower student debt, create a first-class childcare system in america, great ideas, bernie! how are you going to pay for them? i will tell you how we are going to pay for them. over the last 30 years, there has been a massive transfer of wealth in this country from the middle class to the top 1/10 of 1%. we are going to transfer that money back into the hands of the middle class. [applause] sen. sanders: we can lower student debt, we can provide free tuition at public colleges and universities by imposing up tax on wall street speculation. [applause] sen. sanders: this country bailed out wall street after their greed and illegal behavior nearly destroyed our economy. now it is their time to help the working families of this country. [applause]
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sen. sanders: this is not a radical idea. and like many other ideas, we don't go forward unless we are prepared to think big. [applause] sen. sanders: to say that everybody in the united states of america who has the qualifications and abilities should be able to get a higher education is not a radical idea. it is a common-sense american idea that will make this country stronger. [applause] sen. sanders: i have been in this campaign all over the country. i have been to flint, michigan and talked to parents who have
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seen cognitive damage done to their beautiful children as a result of their kids drinking poisoned water, lead in the water. i have been to detroit, michigan and talked to people who have seen their public school system on the verge of collapse. i have been to baltimore, maryland, where there are communities where 40% or 50% of the people are unemployed or underemployed. people all over this country and in the african-american community are asking me a very simple question. they say, bernie, how can we always seem to have money to spend trillions of dollars fighting a war like the one in iraq that we never should have gone into, but we are always told that we don't have the money to invest in rebuilding inner cities in america? [applause] sen. sanders: and you know what? you know what? those people are right, it is
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always the way it is. there is always money for war. there is always money for military expenditures. there is always money for tax breaks for billionaires, but somehow there is not enough money to rebuild inner cities or to pay attention to the people in this country who are hurting the most. well, you know what? we are going to change that dynamic. [applause] sen. sanders: this campaign is listening to the latino community, and they are reminding us that there are 11 million undocumented people in this country, many of whom are being exploited today because when you don't have any legal rights, your employer can do anything he wants. cheat you, take away your wages, work you in ways that are
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illegal. and that is why we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform and a path to citizenship. [applause] sen. sanders: and if congress does not do its job in passing that legislation, i will pick up where president obama left off and use the executive powers of the presidency to do all i can. [applause] sen. sanders: this campaign is listening to some people whose voices and pain are almost never heard. and that is people in the native american communities of this country. [applause] sen. sanders: i don't have to tell anybody here that from before when this country became a country, when the first settlers came over here, the native american people were lied
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to, they were cheated, and treaties negotiated were broken. i don't have to tell you that we owe the native american people more than ever we could pay. [applause] sen. sanders: they have contributed so much to the fabric of this nation, and among many other things, but maybe most importantly, they have taught us the profound lesson that as human beings, we are part of nature. we have got to live with nature. we cannot destroy nature and survive. [applause] and yet, if you go to reservations around this country, if you go to many native american communities, you find unbelievably high levels of poverty, unemployment, young people committing suicide at horrific rates. if elected president, we will
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change our relationship with the native american people. [applause] sen. sanders: if we think big and not small, we ask ourselves another very simple question, and that is, how does it happen that every other major country on earth -- united kingdom, france, germany, italy, holland, scandinavia, canada, whatever. every one of those countries guarantees health care to all of their people as a right. [applause] sen. sanders: we are the only major country that does not guarantee health care to all of our people. so let me be as clear as i can be.
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i believe from the deepest part of my being that health care is a right of all people, not a privilege. [applause] that whether you are young or old, rich or poor, you have the right to high-quality health care as a citizen of this country. the affordable care act has done a number of good things, and i'm proud to be on the committee that helped write that bill. but we can do more. we are now spending far more per capita on health care than any other nation. yet 29 million people still have no health insurance. many of you are underinsured with high deductibles and copayments, and every one of us continues to be ripped off by the greed of the drug companies. [booing] sen. sanders: do you want to
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hear crazy? this is crazy. right now in america, one out of five americans who go to the doctor and get prescriptions are unable to fill that prescription because the medicine is too expensive. in delaware, in vermont, all over this country, seniors are cutting their prescription drugs, their medicine, their pills in half because they can't afford the medicine they need. and that is why, in my view, we must pass a medicare for all, health-care program to guarantee health care for all of us. [applause] sen. sanders: right now, you have got republicans running all over the country talking about family values. they just love families. all of you understand that when
6:48 am
they talk about family values, what they mean is that no woman in this room, in this state, in this country, should have the right to control her own body. i disagree. [applause] sen. sanders: and they mean, when they talk about family values, they mean that none of our gay brothers and sisters should have the right to be married. i disagree. [applause] sen. sanders: jane and i have been married almost 28 years. we have four kids, seven beautiful grandchildren. when we talk about family
6:49 am
values, very different values than republicans. when we talk about family values, we talk about ending the embarrassment of the united states being the only country on earth does not provide paid medical leave. [applause] sen. sanders: when a working-class woman in this country gives birth, she should not have to be separated from that newborn baby and rushed back to work in order to earn the income she needs. [applause] sen. sanders: and that is why, that is why together, we will pass paid medical and family leave. [applause] sen. sanders: donald trump will not become president of the united states. [applause]
6:50 am
sen. sanders: he will not become president because, among many other factors, i am 15 or 20 points ahead of him on every national poll that they take. [applause] sen. sanders: but more importantly, he will not become president because the american people will not support a candidate who insults mexicans and latinos, who insults muslims, who insults women, who insults veterans, who insults african-americans. [applause] sen. sanders: i hope, i hope that everyone here has not forgotten that before trump became a candidate for president, he was leader of a so-called birther movement, and that was a very ugly movement
6:51 am
designed to delegitimize the first african-american president of our country. this was not an instance where he disagreed with the president. that is fine, we all disagree with everybody. this was an effort to say that barack obama really should not be the president of the united states. that was an ugly and vicious attack, and we will not forgive that. [applause] sen. sanders: donald trump will not become president because we all know that as a nation, we are stronger when we come black and white and latino and asian-american and native american. gay and straight, male and female, that is our strength.
6:52 am
and that strength of coming together will always trump dividing us up. [applause] sen. sanders: and the american people will not support a donald trump for president because they understand we are strong when we support each other. when my family is there in your time of need, and you are there in our time of need. that is what a nation is about. [applause] that supporting each other will always trump selfishness. [applause] and perhaps most importantly, what the american people understand is what every great religion has taught us, whether it is christianity, judaism, muslim, buddhism, or whatever, at the end of the day, love
6:53 am
always trumps hatred. [applause] [chanting "bernie, bernie!"] sen. sanders: what this campaign is about is not just electing a president, it is creating a political revolution. and what that revolution means, this is what it means. it means that no president, not bernie sanders or anybody else, can alone address the enormous crises facing the country. that the only way we deal with issues that are out there, so important to so many people, is when millions of people come together, stand up, fight back, and demand the government that
6:54 am
represents all of us, not just wealthy campaign contributors. [applause] sen. sanders: in three days, on tuesday here in delaware, there is going to be a very, very important democratic primary. what we have learned throughout this campaign is that we do well when the voter turnout is high, we do not do well when the voter turnout is low. let us have the highest voter turnout in delaware history on tuesday. [applause] sen. sanders: and let delaware show the world that is ready to go forward in a political revolution.
6:55 am
thank you all very much. [applause] [chanting "bernie, bernie!"] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2016] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> during campaign 2016 c-span takes you on the road to the white house as we follow the candidates on c-span, c-span radio, and >> this morning "washington journal" is next. following by "newsmakers" with robert mcdonald. at 10:30 live to germany for a joint news conference. on today's "washington journal" we'll hear from constitution arty darrell castle.
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then a look at the presidential primary system from the early 20th century to today. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national able satellite corp. 2016] mike: good morning. president obama has arrived in germany the third stop on his week long overseas trip following a summit that took place in saudi arabia. the meeting friday and saturday.


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