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tv   Newsmakers  CSPAN  April 24, 2016 6:33pm-7:01pm EDT

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demanding services. i think they use the v.a. services more than previous generations. host: and they live in the age of social media pressure as well. that is changing the game as well. thank you for your time. >> this month we showcase our student cam winners. this is a documentary competition for middle and high school students. this year's theme is "road to the white house." and students were asked, what issues do you want presidential candidates to discuss? one of our second prize winners is from cherry hill, new jersey. madeline bowne wants discuss presidential term limits. her video is titled "when a house becomes a home."
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♪ >> the presidential campaign of 2016 -- as we approach the election, many americans say that the political outsiders like trump and carson over the career politicians. a year that americans are so fed up his politics as usual that many now favor unusual politicians. >> they keep reelecting incumbents over and over. it is really a bizarre moment. >> based on a study, independent of the people of the bottom 90% have no impact on the actual congress. the opinions of the economic elite however, are reflected in
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the action of congress. what looks like responsiveness to the public overall, is really responsiveness to the economic elite. you see the middle class and the poor have virtually no influence over government policy outcome. >> while the study suggests the government does not reflect the people, it can also suggest that congress is susceptible to corruption. but not necessarily corruption by the traditional definition. >> it is not the petty corruption of trying to earn a few bucks on the side. the corruption of congress is centered on whether feeling to represent the constituents. >> on january, 2010, a citizens united allow union special interests and corporations to spend unlimited sums of money on candidates.
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the court of claims these do not give rise to corruption. they're not being spent in court nation with the campaign. while it is illegal for candidates to donate directly, you were able to donate unlimited sums of money to super pac's, which then use the money for political advertising. one possible solution and term limits is not a new concept, the back to the ancient greeks, some of the first supporters of limited terms. according to aristotle, it was a long-term that was the cause of establishment tyranny. fast-forward to the framers of the constitution, thomas jefferson urged the limitation of tenure to prevent a danger that might arrive -- arise from american freedom. term limits were not that -- implemented into the constitution, most representatives at that time limited their own terms. >> in the first century of government, under the constitution, the vast majority
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of members were serving one or two wl terms. >> -- or two terms. >> let's go back to the present. >> it is one of the few issues were congress couldn't be more out of step. >> in the 1990's, initiating a movement to set to pass laws that would limit the terms. an overwhelming amount of state did, by and identified the supreme court ruled against term limits. they determined that states do not have the right to impose limits on federal legislation. >> is term limits constitutional? how much weight do they put on that 10th amendment, and how do you see the interaction? there is no real answer. critics -- >> critics claimed it would effect the corruption, and of the represent experienced legislator from being in office. >> it is the experience of legislators that are given as
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$18 trillion national debt and two unending wars in the middle east, and the prospect of more, a government that is spying on every american. i would say that is not a very good argument for experience in office. it might be a better argument for rotation in office which was what the founders wanted. many of these congressmen never go back and live under the laws they have passed. >> an argument against term limits is the argument that term limits are undemocratic, the election process effectively limits them getting voters the power to put people into and take people out as they choose. >> they are already term limits, it is every two years there is an election held. if the people want change, they have the power of their vote. >> right now, it seems to me that with 98% reelection rates, that is not real consent of the governed. that is just an incumbent protection racket.
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>> the organization represent us is currently championing the anti-corruption act that proposes a three-part plan to stop robbery and secret money. >> this idea of getting money out of politics is kind of a misleading term. it always costs money to run for office. our contention is that it is better for the money to come from a diverse swath of the electorate rather than this tiny handful. >> with the recent supreme court decision, the so-called dark money is now in the election cycle. i think it is a dramatic change to the way congress has acted. our best hope to address some of these crucial issues like campaign-finance reform could bring new people into the process. people that aren't bought by the political machine. >> while many opponents of congressional corruption
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disagree over which route would effectively root out corruption, they all agree that the status quo is no longer an option. >> i think a president who said i want an up or down vote on term limits, and talked about it all over the country, and continued to use that to highlight the issues could have tremendous influence. >> i'm here the democratic debate in manchester, new new hampshire. temperatures are low here, but tensions are running high. >> there are a lot of important issues. we respect that. but we respectfully believe that they will not be able to solve any of the other problems that they are talking about until they address the corruption of big money in politics. madeline: to have a true diverse citizen legislator they must get rid of the ruling class. whether that happens with term limits are campaign-finance reform. it is important we bring that conversation onto the presidential stage and into the national spotlight.
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>> to watch all of the prize-winning documentaries in the sears competition, visit student ♪ hitonight on "q&a" of the runway musical hamilton aced on the biography of alexander hamilton and the work you did on .he musical >> he said i was reading your book on vacation in mexico and i was reading it, hip-hop songs started rising off the page. hamilton path life is a classic hip-hop negative. i was thinking what on earth is this guy talking about. he picked up the fact that he had a world-class ignoramus about hip-hop on his hands.
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my first question was can hip-hop the the vehicle for telling this kind of large and complex story. he said i'm going to educate you and he did on the spot and started pointing out that hip-hop, you can pack more information into the lyrics because it is very tense. he started talking about the rhymesat it has internal and he started educating me on all of these different devices that are very important to the success of the show. >> that's tonight at 8:00 eastern and pacific on c-span's "q&a." >> tomorrow, john kasich has a town hall meeting in rockville, maryland live at 2 p.m. eastern
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on c-span. >> carla hayden, president obama's library of congress nominee testified at a confirmation hearing on wednesday. she responded to questions about the library of congress functions with many focused on its copyright office and about the challenges she sees ahead for the institution. this is one hour and 15 minutes.
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-- >> we are here to talk about something that does not get discussed very often, who is going to be the librarian of congress. ably for 28r served years. senator schumer and i worked last year together to establish
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a term for this job, so dr. hayden is the first person to be appointed or a specific term. that would be 10 years. it is no reason to believe you couldn't be reappointed at 10 ,ears is enough time to we get we believe, lots of things done. this is an important job and an important office and i think dr. hayden has been important issue met with members of the senate and you are here with your mother. i was glad to meet her mother, sitting right there behind her. i also know members of your family will be watching this, close to where i live in missouri. glad to beainly joined by our two colleagues from maryland and senator's our veins. to be theke for you
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first person to introduce dr. hayden to the committee. forhank you very much organizing and holding this hearing and to have done it in such an expeditious way. the president nominated dr. anden just a few months ago we sincerely want to thank you for that courtesy. maryland, we support the nomination of dr. hayden to be the chief librarian of the library of congress. we are happy that her mother, colleen, has joined her today. she is also a sister social worker and the maryland delegation is not trying to change the constitution. there are only two senators elected at the moment but
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senator's our veins is a very active member of the board and today to show support and solidarity. as you look out in the audience, you see a unique group of people of all ages and diversity who are here to support dr. hayden as well. of there the people board and executive advisory committee who on their own time and own dime work to make the library one of the west and premier librarian systems in america. the fact she has such broad support indicates what her leadership has been. she's been the ceo of the library over 20 years and her nomination is bittersweet. for the be a great game nation, but it will be a loss for baltimore. will be very proud if dr.
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hayden is confirmed because she will be a first -- the first african-american and the first the librarian of congress. it's not only about raking terriers, it is about all she will bring. someone forward for confirmation, i look do they have confidence, today of commitment to the mission of the agency, and do they have integrity and mark dr. hayden meets all three of those and surpasses those high standards. proofack record is enough, but when you meet her, you will note it is her character and commitment that really shines forth. she was born in floda and by any metric to measure who should be the top librarian for the united states of america, her academic career speaks for itself. phd from thea esteemed library school of the
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university of chicago, she started as a library service coordinator at the museum of science and industry and was a assistant professor and went back to chicago to work there. there, she rose through the ranks as one of the top children's librarians in the united states. then, baltimore called and she came 20 years ago to one of the early libraries in the united states. it was not only a great repository, it had to be modernized and that is where she showed that not only was she a great librarian but a superb manager. effortded a fundraising to improve the annex and make sure what she did was to digitize the library and find a way in tight budget conditions to take the library about baltimore and the state.
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professionally, she has received the librarian of the year award and has in the past resident of the american library association. the esteemedved award given to those librarians for outstanding and distinguished service. the $114erseeing million renovation and has worked city council, which i veins,ith senator's our so she knows how to work with the elected and work with people. wasou saw where our library in prosperous neighborhoods and hardscrabble neighborhoods, the library is there, open to all and serving all. last year, during are really when we wereges,
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facing the uprising because of freddie gray path death, close. across the street from what they called ground zero and a street called pennsylvania avenue, there was a burned out cbs that had been rated for opioids, the scourge you are so familiar with. the enoch pratt library. she kept the library go in and kept it open. children had a place to go and the community had a place together. when the program stopped because of fear coming into the neighborhood, they came to the library for so dr. hayden's leadership in the staff she think this is someone who rings a
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distinguished academic career and credentialed career and strong the school manager and fantastic human being. and i am honored to present her to you. >> thank you. much for beingry here and thank you for allowing maryland to have three united states senators today. >> with unanimous consent, that he made permanent. [laughter] with senator mikulski and the strongest work of dr. hayden. we know she will do an incredible job at the library of congress and it is great to be here with senator survey into is taken a great interest in the library and has been a great champion of these issues in our state and nation. with people from our
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community dr. hayden has worked today's hearing is well-timed. sunday marks the 216th anniversary of the creation of the library in 1800. senator mikulski and i were blessed to be baltimore and spy birth and others have the good sense to move to baltimore. for the last 23 years, she has directed the enoch pratt library which is not quite as old as the library of congress but was established in 1880 two, making it one of the oldest free public libraries in the nation. in 1994, maryland was the first state to offer statewide internet service to its residents with the sale of maryland's online public information network.
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dr. hayden didn't just run the public library system, she oversees the state library resource center which provides all marylanders with access to internet and other services for the those skills will do very well for her as she takes on the responsibilities of the library of congress, which is not only important but a well-stocked resource. branches were either open, reopened or renovated. i mention that because we have people here -- rachel monroe is here and they partnered with pratt library to put libraries and schools that did not have schools in baltimore city. it was that type of behavior leveraging private sector involvement to make sure we had assets for all children in baltimore.
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mikulski said, during the disturbances in baltimore, we had a library that was literally a place people can go and knew that they were going to be safe. eightin that library and did meet with people in that library and it was a center where people gathered. dr. hayden understands that and the libraries in baltimore have more than just the traditional library. prize dr. hayden was named library journal librarian of the year in 1985 and elected to serve as the director of library association from 2003 2 2004. before that, she was the assistant professor at my alma ,ater, the university of berg further evidence of her excellent judgment.
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resume an out tending and she has experience and integrity and proven leadership. addition to being superbly qualified, she will make history as the first african-american and worst female and bring a fresh new respect to the job and its challenges. dr. hayden is the best qualified for this decision and will bring the perspective needed to take the library of congress to its next chapter. what a great resource -- we all know that. whenever there is a slow day, i love to go to the library of congress and just get inspired. i believe dr. hayden will take the library to the next chapter and i strongly endorse her candidacy. >> thank you. >>ators our veins work
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senator schumer and members of the committee, thank you where your the in letting me say just a few words. my wife served for many years on the not pratt free library board and was very committed. the she passed away, library people were more than generous and placed me on the board. i have been on the board now for the last two years, so i have had an opportunity to observe carla hayden at work very closely. able,s an extraordinarily dedicated, committed person and i cannot tell you how excited i am about her nomination to become the library of congress. the nation will be extremely well serve by her.
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the pratt library had her leadership for 20 years and we prosper heard and thrived under it. enoch pratt was a 19th-century merchant who established the library two centuries ago and had the foresight to say it was going to be open to all. carla hayden has carried that anough and the library has incredibly strong, fundamental institution in our community. she will do an absolutely terrific job as librarian of congress. havehree senators here represented maryland in the senate for the last 30 years, so you have a strong recent endorsement of this point of view and i strongly urge confirmation by the committee. thank you very much.
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>> senator mikulski has let me know recently that beginning next january, the senate should listen to former senators and the good advice that they have. [laughter] hayden, to be joined by two of the most highly respected members of the senate, all of these all talking about your great leadership for two decades , that you not pratt library means a lot to me and i'm sure -- i had an additional recommendation for the record. i was at the ferguson, missouri library last week that was named library of the year in 2015. i know that you and mr. bonner have presented together on a about how thels library can fill its needs in times of


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