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tv   [untitled]    April 25, 2016 7:01pm-8:00pm EDT

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me was for $449. so i couldn't afford it and i filed for an exemplings of my taxes and i got the exemption. but this year -- i'm retired now so i'm going to be getting medicare in october, so for the 10 months this
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>> for those have the greatest dealty pay -- difficulty paying for coverage. the largest subsidies are made available. thankfully he will be able to participate in medicare version and that's very important. program needs to be protected. we're finding that huge numbers of people are finding that coverage for the first time truly is affordable with those subsidyies. host: holland is in chyna grove north carolina. go ahead.
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caller: i have a question. i have a son who's unable to find work now. how much do they charge if you don't have any insurance? guest: well, it will really depend on his taxes. your son under 26 years of age? host: i think she left the line. guest: if he's under 26, he can get insurance through his mom. after 26 what he's going to have to pay out of pock will design pocket -- pocket will depend on his income. if he's unemployed, he'll get the coverage for free. i think he's likely to be one of the candidates for getting significant help. host: go to elizabeth, dallas, texas. gets her insurance through her employer. good morning. caller: good morning sir. i relationship i'm -- the reason
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i'm calling, we have bluecross blueshield of texas. our deductible went from $350 -- we talk you -- >> we talk you live to republican presidential cad ted cruz. live coverage right here on c-span. >> jobs, freedom. take a minute to talk all the single moms. who are working two or three part time jobs. hours reduced to 28 or 29 hours a week because of obamacare. i want to talk to all the druck drivers, plumbers and mechanics and coal miners and men and women. who seen wages stagnate year
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after year. cost of living keeps going up. somehow your paycheck cup seem to keep pace i want to talk to all the young people. you need to take a look at all the young people. this is not your father's gop. i want to talk to all the young people coming out of school. buried in student loans. what does the future hold for us. you know the media, they try to tell us, this is a new normal. this is as good as it gets.
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let me tell you that is a complete and utter lie. it's easy to talk about making america great again. but the real question is do you understand the principles and values that made america great in the first place. the heart of our economy is not washington d.c. the heart of our economy is businesses all across the united states.
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if you want to see the economy take off, just take the federal government off the back of the neck of small businesses. ronald reagan and before him jfk, those understood to cut taxes and lift regulations on small businesses you get million and millions of new jobs. i intend to follow the path paved by ronald reagan and jfk grow jobs all across this country.
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if i am elected president, we will repeal every word of obamacare. obamacare is the biggest job killer in america. it is personal and affordable and affordable and keeps covering -- keeping coming between you and your doctor.
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we'll pass a simple flat tax. for every one of us can build our paths. we'll do that, we should abolish the i.r.s. we'll reign in the epa. federal regulators who focus on farmers and ranchers and small businesses killing jobs all across this country.
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we will end the obama administration's war on coal. we're going to secure the border border. let me tell you what's going to happen. we're going to see millions and millions of new high paying jobs. we're going to see jobs coming back from china and mexico. we'll see wages rise again.
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we'll see manufacturing jobs coming back for the state of indiana. we'll see young people coming out of school with two or three or four five job offers. one of my favorite movies of all time. before i got here, i've been online looking for that movie. one of the better lines look mister -- [indiscernible].
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let me tell you the federal government and regulators have been barking at the noon your living room -- [indiscernible] critical issue in this election. freedom. past several weeks, the passing of justice scalia underscores the stakes of this election. if not one but two branches of federal government. if you found the right to live according to your faith and your
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conscious and work of god almighty. if you value the second amendment, the right to keep and bare arms -- [applause] we're just one liberal justice away from a radical five justice
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majority that will strip away those rights and the rest of the rights in the bill of rights of americans all across this country. couple of days ago, hugh hewitt asked all of us about religious liberty and the supreme court. donald trump turned to me and he said ted i've been a lot more politician than you have. that he's clearly true. donald trump has been supporting liberal democrats for 40 years. but donald said, ted when it comes to supreme court, when it comes to religious liberty, he
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said, you've got to learn to cut deals with the democrats. to get along to get along. let me very clear to the men and women of indiana, i will not compromise away your religious liberty. i will not compromise away your second amendment rights to keep and bare arms.
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last week, donald trump went on the stage and on that show he agreed with hillary clinton and barack obama that grown man should be able to use a little girl's restroom. listen, i i don't think this is an issue of left or right or democrat or republican, this is an issue of basic common sense. i am the father of two young girls and it is basic common sense that a grown adult man a stranger should not be alone in a restroom with a little girl. anyone who says differently
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that's just political correct correctness. now donald told us couple of months ago, he could be the most politically correct person on earth. i guess he was illustrated just what that would look like. i got to say our friends in the media find this issue to understand. let me help make it simple. if donald trump dresses up as hillary clinton, he still can't use the girl's restroom. i apologize for implying that --
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[indiscernible]. donald in a bright blue tank suit -- you know what's at stake in this election. for seven years we seen a president who abandon our friends and alleys and shows weakness. once again two days ago, donald trump explained if he was president, he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. let me be very clear. as president, i will not be neutral.
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america will stand unapologetic with the neighbor of islam. -- nation of islam. any one who can't tell the difference between our friends and enemies, anyone who can't tell the difference between israel and islamic terrorist who want to kill us, that raises real questions about their fitness and judgment to be commander in chief. seven years, we've seen our military weakened, our readiness
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undermineed. you know, this is not the first time we've seen this. we've seen another liberal democratic president jimmy carter weaken and under mine the military. in january 1981, ronald reagan came into office. reagan cut taxes, he lifted regulations. we saw millions and millions of new high paying jobs. that generated trillions he used that revenue to rebuild the military the bankrupt of soviet union and to win the cold war.
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i intend to do the same thing with radical islamic terrorists. repeal obamacare, pass the flat tax, stop amnesty and that's going to create millions and millions of new high paying jobs, new manufacturing jobs, raising wages all across this country. that's going to generate trillions in new revenue for the federal government and we will use that revenue to rebuild our military.
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we will stands up and says to the world, we will defeat radical islamic terrorists. we'll have a president willing to -- [indies one of the things we'll see over the last seven years. has been this president sending our men and women into combat with rules of engagement with arms tied behind their back and they cannot fight and win and they cannot defeat the enemy. that is wrong. it is immoral and mark my word, in january 2017, it will end.
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every soldier and sailor and marine and for that matter, every police officer and firefighter -- [indiscernible]
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this past year, -- we started with a race with 17 candidates on the republican side. amazing, talented, diverse, young dynamic team. or in contrast with the democrats. the democrats field consist of a socialist with ideas that are dangerous for america and the world and bernie sanders. over the course of the year, the
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primary did did what he supposed to do. it narrowed people. as we stand here today, there are only two people who have a path to winning the republican nomination. me and donald trump. you know what you're seeing nationally nationally 65 to 70% of republicans they recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head to head with hillary clinton. donald is the nominee, she wins by double digits. few weeks ago in the state of utah, bright red utah, they did general election polling, hillary is beating donald trump
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in utah. if the republicans cannot win the most conservative state in the union, we're looking at a walter blood bath. that means we lose the house and senate and bill of rights and our kids. we remain strapped in the economic stagnation. other the over hand, if i'm the nominee, we beat hillary clinton. we beat her in the key swing states. we beat her with independents. right now we're leading hillary clinton with young people by double digits.
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indiana has a national platform and a national podium and an opportunity. we want to get behind nominated campaign and a candidate that is based on yelling and screaming and cursing and insulting. we want to continue to unify behind a positive, optimistic, forward-looking conservative campaign. based on real policy solutions to the problems facing this
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country. last night, john kasich announced that he was pulling out of the state of indiana. what that means if indiana gets a direct choice between our campaign and donald trump. when those supporters of john kasich either here at home, there maybe issues on which we disagree. more unites you. if you don't want to see donald trump as the nominee if you don't want to see hillary clinton as the next president, i ask you to join us. this is only campaign that can and will beat donald trump and
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hillary clinton. it's. 46 days since we had the last republican debate. democrats have debated. hillary clinton and bernie sanders think of the enoughs to willing to subject themselves to the people and having a day in their scheduling, a second debate. is there a donald here in the background? donald is very fond of telling all of us how big and tough and strong he is.
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if he so big and tough and strong, he should demonstrate. come to indiana. let's have a debate. i recognize that donald trump finds megan kelley scary. if a moderator scare you, let's have a townhall with the questions from hoosiers. he can't answer those questions. he has no answer how do you bring jobs back to america
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beyond just printing it on a baseball cap. the key to jobs, jobs come in small businesses which produce 2/3 all new jobs in our economy. the way you turn around jobs and you produce -- the taxes regulations. donald trump, however, agrees with hillary clinton that we should raise taxes and kill jobs. donald trump proposed a 40% tariff which is a tax on all of you. i think raising your taxes by 40% would kill jobs all across this country. and donald trump supports the individual mandate of obamacare. just like hillarycare. he won't stand on this stage. he won't give the respect that the men and women of indiana deserves. this is a choice. that is a choice that will make
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a difference for indiana. going to make a difference -- that's a very good thing. young lady in front asked about terry. because the obama administration and put taxes and regulations over 200 rules of regulations directly impacting terry. donald answer is the same as hillary clinton and barack obama. i'm going to use the force of the federal government to punish a company that feed the regulation to the government. that's exactly what barack obama said and hillary clinton said. that's what big government liberals do. they use the power of government to punish you if they don't like what you're doing. here's what i'm going to do.
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we're going to pass a flat tax, lift regulations and in few years, companies all over the world will be coming back to america. because we created the most -- [indiscernible] you're showing more courage than doing that than donald trump. you notice the excitement of the
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media. he wants his home state manhattan focused, everyone give up and go home. they are all liberal democrats. they are ready for hillary. they want donald trump to be the nominee because they know donald trump is a one person on the face of the either that hillary can beat. the beauty of it is, the media is not going to decide this race. the people are going to decide this race. i want to ask every one of you i want to ask every one of you if you don't want to see hillary
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clinton, if want to see jobs and freedom and security, you want to get back to founding principles. if you want to expand -- hold on one second. we have a paramedic back there please? bring a paramedic please. take your time ma'am. relax. lift up her head.
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round of applause. you heard the word hillary clinton.
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if you don't want to it happen, i ask each and every one of you a week from tomorrow on election day here in indiana. come out and vote for me. we're not desperate. i'm not -- if every one of you picked up the phone and you call nine other people and you get nine other people to come out and vote on election day, you will would have voted ten times.
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even you're not old enough to vote, if you get ten other people to vote on election day you will have voted ten times before you turn 18. that's how we win for each us. it is a choice for men and women here. it is a choice for we the people the focus of this race is on unity. five have been endorsed this campaign. we've been endorsed by rick perry and lindsey graham and jeb bush and scott walker and karley fiorina.
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you got the whole spectrum of the republican party coming together and unite. if we unite the party, we will win this nomination. if we united the country, we will win the general election. we will beat hillary clinton. we will turn the country around. it took jimmy carter to give us
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ronald reagan. i am convinced the most long lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in the republican party who stands and fights for freedom. who stands and fight for the constitution and stand and fight for the judeo-christian values. ♪
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>> ted cruz wrapping up an event in franklin, indiana. on c-span 2 you can see donald trump on a campaign rally in wilkes-barre pennsylvania. so earlier today, there san announced plan if the ted cruz and john kasich to cede states in the 2016 presidential race to
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11 -- one another. to prevent donald trump from winning the nomination. here's more. >> at washington, this is the headline senator cruz and governor kasich divides strategy to keep donald trump from clinching three primary states indiana, new mexico and oregon. joining us from indiana is shawn sullivan who is following this story. thank you for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> a flurry of e-mails overnight in statements from all three campaigns. what's behind this strategy? >> i think this is a strategy born out of desperation, for ted cruz and john kasich. they're looking at the remaining primary math. they are seeing that their chance to stop donald trump from clinching the republican no be quickly disappearing. basically what kasich and cruz has decided is not to try to run against each other in states where the other guy has a pretty
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good chance or a better chance of beating trump in a one on one race. here in indiana, ted cruz is now effectively in a one on one race with trump after kasich said i will not go hard for the state. in exchange, ted cruz ceded new mexico and oregon to john kasich. declaring him far one on one race against trump there. those states are capable to his centrist brand. this is all with the goal of trying to keep trump under that magic number of 1237 delegates >> certainly we'll know as early as next week whether or not this strategy is effective. but is it too little too late for the cruz and kasich campaigns? >> that's what i'm hearing from a lot of people even ted cruz's own rally earlier today.
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i spoke to a woman who wondered allowed who wondered. you can look at it different ways. it was a crowded field for a long time. it would have been harder to do something like in january or february. as an argument to be made, as the field did start to send having some kind of arrangement where certain candidates competed in certain states and basically different bother in other states. might have slowed trump in some of these places. if it doesn't work, you will hear more about why didn't this happen six weeks ago? >> as you point out in your piece at washington post, it's an unusual and urgent aarrangement. is there a precedence? >> i can't think of anything. it's just unusual in general for opponents in a political race to come together with a common goal
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to defeat another opponent. one thing that is important here, this kind of thing, you will -- the argument that donald trump is making day in and day out which is the party establishment is going behind closed door and they are trying to rig this. they are trying to steal this from me. when you have something like this happens, in plain view, his campaign saying, it's what we're doing. certainly add fuel to the trump's argument. >> that was my next question. he has been running anti-establishment campaign going after the republican party. this eseems to -- this seems to feed that. >> his complaints have been centered on the delegate battle. it's not something that at the love people understand -- that a lot of people understand. it's difficult to make the case only on those grounds.
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when you have something like this, when you have two campaigns we're working together to take down trump. it's much easier for them to digest. hopefully get and -- angry about. >> the indiana primary where you are today is next tuesday. the oregon primary is may 17th and the new mexico primary is on june 7th. along with california. how is this all going to play out? >> well, if it plays out according to the plan that kasich and cruz set in motion, you'll have a cruz victory in indiana. that polls show the race is pretty close between cruz and trump. that's far from a sure bet. then you'll have series of lessons you mentioned oregon and new mexico. kasich were to win those, you have a situation depending on how california turns out. you might keep trump under that magic number.
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california, of course, divies up those of their delegates by congressional district. it's possible that states can split their delegates among kasich, cruz and trump. what you'd have on june 7th is trump somewhere below 1237. not at 1227 but more below 1237 where they can make the case he has not won the support he need to grab the nomination. >> being in indiana today and covering senator ted cruz. you mentioned how one woman talked to you about her response to the strategy. what are you hearing from the campaign and candidates staff and from those who are attending his events? >> i think they're hopeful that this will work. i think this will shotten the line. in indiana, it's been anxiety among cruz and his alleys about kasich stealing votes away from
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him. there was a pro cruz ad that one group launched last week. that went after kasich. cruz alleys are worried about asik. they feel with this development, they can go to voters and say this is a one on one race. it is a choice between ted cruz and donald trump. they can have more credibility making that argument. they see indiana as a must plan. >> shawn sullivan covers politics for the washington post. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> tomorrow residents in five state, maryland, connecticut pennsylvania, rhode island and delaware head to the polls. c-span bring you live results starting tomorrow night 8:30 eastern.
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>> madam secretary we proudly give 72 of our delegate votes to the next president of the united states. ♪ >> c-span "washington journal" live everyday with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up tuesday morning adam talks. presidential primary in pennsylvania maryland, rhode island, connecticut and
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delaware. then harvard institute of politics polling director on the institutes latest poll of millennial of. presidential campaign. talk about the recent trends in healthcare and how the affordable care act is impacting hospitals. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. >> earlier today the defense department peter cook briefed reporters on president's order to send up 250 additional special operation forces to syria. we'll show you a portion of that now. >> thank you jeff. always a help.
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good to be back in the same time zone as most of you at this point. i see some of our fellow travelers with us. we just had a successful trip as you know the secretary did to asia and the middle east. during that trip, we spent a very productive day in iraq where the big focus was on the fight against isil. that's where i want to begin today. a week ago secretary carter met with top iraqi officials. he met with top commanders and he met with u.s. troops providing critical support to iraqi security force. he shared with those u.s. troops several additional steps we are taking to accelerate the campaign against isil in iraq. those steps include advising assisting the isf. making the helicopters and high march capabilities in support of operations to retake mosul.
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freeway -- increasing u.s. personnel to provide further aviation support, forced protection and other assistance to iraqi security forces. secretary indicated we were prepared to do more in the fight against isil and syria and today the president spelled that out in more detail. he has authorized deployment of up to additional 250 u.s. forces including medical personnel to be deployed to syria to assist local syrian forces. those forces having improved our picture of the battlefield, made connections with local capable forces and enhanced our targeting efforts in syria. these new forces will expand those efforts and build on what's been working. they will help our partners on the ground capitalize on progress and increase pressure on isil. secretary beliefs this deployment will make a difference in campaign to defeat
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isil. we will also have our latest senior leader brief oh brief -- briefing on the campaign tomorrow morning. i hope you will tune in for that. with that, i'll be happy to take your questions. courtney. >> can you give us some more of the details on the deployment of the 250 to syria. have they -- have any of themmen chosen. which kind of units will we be looking participant when you -- when do you expect them to go. will they be going in groups for short periods of time and coming back out to another location? >> we're going to be very careful and how we describe the activities of these personnel. we want to maintain their
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operational security. we will not get into details. we would like to see and we expect these forces will be doing much the same thing that those original 50 did. they'll be establishing connections with forces on the ground, capable forces to take the fight tocy to isil. they'll be improving our picture of the battlefield. the original 50 providing very helpful information along those lines. they'll be engaging with forces on the ground. getting better picture of the ball situation aimproving our intelligence settlement and tacting assessment. we will not get into details where they will be located and what sort of numbers they'll be in. we'll try to keep them as safe as possible. not let the enemy know too much. >> will they go in the same kind of department of the 50 are? they won't be in there for an
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extended period of time? >> we will not get into details. >> i'm not asking specifically where they're going, i'm asking about a out tempo. if there is 250 deployed and plus the 50 already authorized, will there be a period where there will be troops on the ground. there will be a more rotation -- smaller force. >> i think it's safe to say there will be a preference of u.s. forces in syria doing this kind of work for the foreseeable future. i'm not going to say whether or not they all will be on the ground. some of these people are not necessarily special operators. we talked about medical personnel and try to provide support. we will have a presence. some form in syria to try and
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enable and support local forces that's been taking the fight tocyto-- to isil. fast the goal of this action. >> on the timing of it, will you be able to inform the american public these are 250 u.s. soldiers deploying to sovereign nation. will you be able to inform us when the first event has been deployed. is there going to be any effort at transparency in this mission? >> there's going to be an evident to preserve their operational security and share as much information as we can. we will provide details as we can. but again, we're going to defer specifically to the idea of preserving their safety. doing everything we can to
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bolster their own security while they're in syria. i hope you would understand. >> how close exactly will these 250 to combat? will they be engaged in combat? >> they'll in support of local forces on the ground. the idea is that they will not be engaged in direct combat. they will not be on the front lines. they will be providing support to local forces that are taking the fight to isil. they're in harm's way. they will be able to defend themselves if they come under fire. but that is not the spent of this deployment. the intent is to bolster our ties those local forces taking the fight to isil. to be able to enhance their efforts and these particular forces u.s. forces will act will act force multiply to bring


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