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  Donald Trump Campaign Rally in Wilkes- Barre Pennsylvania  CSPAN  April 25, 2016 10:07pm-11:09pm EDT

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we are here because our country is in crisis. because we are bankrupting our kids. because our constitutional rights are under assault. and because america has receded from leadership in the world. and i am here this morning with a word of hope and encouragement all across pennsylvania and all across this country, people are waking up and help is on the way. [applause] this next election is going to come down to 3 issues. jobs, freedom, and security. let's start with jobs. i want to take a minute to talk to all the single moms who are here, who are working 2-3 part-time jobs. who have seen your hours
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>> and we are going to pass a flat tax. so, everyone of us can fill our taxes on a postcard. and, when we do that, we will abolish the irs. [applause]
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now apparently the irs not too popular in pittsburgh. [laughter] i have to say that is a bit of a prop because both hillary and donald trump have come out for higher taxes. [boos] you know what, have we got into this mess to begin.
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we are going to rein in the epa. [applause] and the federal regulators who have descended like locusts on farmers and ranchers and small businesses, killing jobs all across this country. [applause] pennsylvania is an energy state. [applause] being a texan, i know a little bit about that. you look back to it years ago, when barack obama promised if he was president he would bankrupt every coal-fired plant in america. [boos] it's amazing that may be the only campaign promise obama has come close to beating.
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the war on coal from the obama administration is wrong. [applause] america is the saudi arabia of coal, we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. the federal government should not be working, trying to destroy the livelihood of millions of americans who depend on the energy sector. [applause] energy is key to bringing manufacturing back to america. low cost energy means jobs. [applause] we are going to stop amnesty and end sanctuary cities and end welfare for those here illegally.
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[applause] let me tell you what that is going to produce. we will see millions and millions of new hiking jobs. we will see jobs coming back from mexico, coming back from china. we are going to see manufacturing jobs coming back to pennsylvania. wages rising once again. we're going to see young people coming out of school with 2, 3, 4 job offers. [applause] we'll see morning and america again. [applause] the second thing this election is about his freedom.
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[applause] with the passing of justice scalia, it underscores the stakes of this election. is not just one, but two branches of the federal government that hang in the balance. if you value religious liberty, the right to live according to our faith and worship god almighty without government giving it away. [applause] [chanting] [applause] sen. cruz: if you value the second amendment right to keep and bear arms--
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sen. cruz: if you value the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. [applause] [chanting usa, usa, usa, usa] sen. cruz: we are just one justice away from having those fundamental rights stripped from every american. now, you know, two days ago, hugh hewitt asked all of us about religious liberty, and donald trump turned to me, and he said, " ted, i've done a lot more politicians than you have.
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" well, in that, he is clearly correct. donald trump is a washington insider who has been supporting liberal democratic politicians for 40 years. [applause] i have no experience with that. and, when donald trump is writing checks to jimmy carter , i was of ronald reagan still in grade school. but, donald continued and he to religious comes
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liberty and the supreme court, you have to learn to compromise and cut deals with democrats to go along to get along. -- me be very clear i will not compromise away religious liberty! and, i will not copper way -- compromise away your right to keep and bear arms. now, let me ask if anyone here
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is frustrated with politicians to keep lying to us. they make promises and they betray us. examplellary is a great and we have seen the pattern of talking good on the campaign trail and they get in office and they betray us. usald trump is betraying before he gets elected. donald trump went on the today show and agreed that grown men should be allowed to use the little girl restroom. now, that is nuts. listen, this is not a matter of
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republican, democrat, conservative, or liberal. as the father of young girls, i can tell you that it doesn't make any sense to allow grown men strangers to be in the bathroom of little girls. it is political correctness on steroids. donald told us he would be the most politically correct person on earth. haven't we had enough of the nonsense? how about common sense and telling the truth?
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a third critical issue is security and we have seen an administration that abandons friends and allies and shows week this and appeasement to our friends and enemies. donald trump explained to all of us that, if he was president, he would be neutral between israel and the palestinians. clear that, as president, i will not be neutral.
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america stand unapologetically with the nation of israel. anyone who cannot tell the difference between friends and israel andtween islamic terrorists, that raises question about -- raises questions about their fitness and judgment to be commander in chief. over the last seven years, we have seen our military weaken,
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readiness is undermined, morale of the troops plummets, and, as a nation, we have seen this before. we have seen jimmy carter undermine the military and ronald reagan came into office. what did he do? he cut taxes and the economy took off and generated trillions in new generate -- in new revenue and he rebuilds the military, bankrupting the soviet union and winning the cold war. i intend to do the same thing with islamic terrorism.
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we are going to repeal obamacare, past the flat tax, bring amnesty, bringing new jobs and manufacturing jobs to america, raising wages and generating trillions in new government revenue and we will use that to rebuild our military, so that it remains the mightiest fighting force on the face of the planet. to isis and al qaeda and al
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hasa, every jihadist two declared war and intends to murder innocent americans, the andof reckoning is coming we are coming to get you and we are not coming to negotiate or compromise. youre not going to read your rights. we are coming to kill you. what we have seen over the last seven years as a president
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sending fighting men and women into combat as of engagement where arms are tied behind their back and they cannot defeat the enemy. it is wrong and immoral and, mark my words, in january, it will end. to every soldier, sell your, -- marine, police officer, firefighter, and first , the era of a
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president who ridicules your service is coming to an end. you will, once again, have the thanks of a grateful nation and a commander in chief who has your back. so, let's talk a little politics. you know, this past year has been interesting. has not been boring. we started with 17 republicans and it was a talented and what a contrast to
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the democrats -- diverse field. what a contrast to the democrats exclamation went -- democrats !xclamation points -- democrats there is a wild eyed socialist and bernie sanders. over the course of the last year, the primary narrowed the field. we stand here today is only two people who have any plausible path to winning the nomination. myself and donald trump.
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republicans are coming together and uniting behind it this campaign. nationwide, 60 5-70% of republicans recognize that donald trump is not the best candidate to go head-two-ahead with hillary clinton. that donald trump loses to hillary clinton, and he loses by double digits. if i am the nominee, we beat hillary clinton. [applause] sen. cruz: a poll showed hillary
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clinton eating donald trump in utah. utah may very well be the brightest red state in the entire union. at the republican candidate cannot carry utah, we are headed to a walter mondale-level bloodbath. contrast, head-to-had between me and hillary clinton, we are beating hillary clinton in key swing states. [applause] sen. cruz: in the state of ohio, donald loses to hillary clinton. we beat hillary clinton. in the state of iowa, donald loses to hillary clinton. we beat hillary clinton.
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in the state of wisconsin, which has not gone republican in a presidential race since 1984, donald loses to hillary clinton by 10 points. at 44-44.d i are tied in here in pennsylvania and other classic battlegrounds, donald loses to hillary clinton. hillary and i are tied in these date of pennsylvania. [applause] sen. cruz: and let me tell you right now, we are coming back here in october and november and if we stand together we are beating hillary clinton in pennsylvania. applause]
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now, it you may have heard a couple of days ago, the state of new york voted. and the media reported with breathless excitement that donald had won his home state. it was very exciting. the media and immediately said, new york city has spoken. the race is done. i think donald and the media believe pennsylvania is a suburb of manhattan. i have got a whole lot more faith in the men and women of pennsylvania. [applause] the eyes of the
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entire country are on pennsylvania right now. pennsylvania has a platform, a megaphone to speak to the country. and we face a choice. do we want the nominated andidate, who is a phony who is telling us he is lying to get behinde want to a strong, positive, optimistic, forward-looking, conservative campaign? [applause] sen. cruz: with real solutions to the economic albums in this country. you know, if you have a car that is broken down in the driveway do you want your neighbor to come over and start yelling and screaming and cursing at the car?
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or do you actually want someone to lift the holiday and fix the engine? we do not want a nominated candidate to hands the general election to hillary clinton as a christmas gift. donald trump may be the only person on the face of the planet that hillary can beat. do each of youy on tuesday. it is a pivotal day. come out and vote for me 10 times. now look, we are not democrats. fraud.t suggesting voter everyone hereif picks up the phone and calls nine of the people and gets 900 people to come out in vote on tuesday, you will have voted 10 times.
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[applause] sen. cruz: that is how we win. from the grass roots. from the people. unite,tand together and you know it is amazing the unity we are seeing in the republican party. we started with 17 candidates. of those, five have endorsed this campaign. earned the support of rick perry and lindsey graham walker bush and scott and carly fiorina. when you went to that mix mike lee and glenn back and mark levine and -- ] pplause have got the we entire spectrum of the republican party coming together united kind this campaign will
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behind thised campaign. and if we stand united as one, we will win the republican nomination. and we will win the general election and beat hillary clinton and turn this country around. [applause] sen. cruz: you know, it took jimmy carter to give us ronald reagan. and i am convinced the most
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long-lasting legacy of barack obama is going to be a new generation of leaders in republican party his hand and fight for liberty. who stand and fight for the constitution and who stand and fight for the judeo-christian values that built this great nation. you! you and god bless applause]
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announcer: five states hold primaries this week. connecticut, delaware, maryland, pennsylvania, and rhode island go to the polls. onhave coverage right here tuesday on c-span. theuesday, it a hearing on fighter program and its reported software glitches. we will have coverage starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span3. c-span's washington journal, live it every day with news and policy issues that impact you. tuesday morning, political correspondent adam warner talks about the primaries in pennsylvania, rhode island, maryland, and delaware. at thee direct your center for politics and foreign
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affairs previews the states historic role as a swing state and its current political climate. ofn harvard institute politics polling director on the institutes latest poll of millennial views on the campaign. then dr. john newsworthy a of the mayo clinic talks about trends in health care and how the affordable care act is affecting hospitals. that is tuesday morning. join the discussion. held a campaign rally and pennsylvania. a campaign of agreement between his fellow candidates ted cruz and john kasich. this event is about one hour. [cheers and applause]
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♪ mr. trump: this is amazing! and we love wilkes-barre.
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is that right? state ofve the pennsylvania and we are bringing it act. we are bringing it back. wow, what a turnout. there are 6000 people outside who cannot get in. this place is unbelievable. unbelievable. so, we have a lot to talk about. this is my last stop. tomorrow is so important. you are going to go out and vote. who is going to vote for trump? we are going to make that the best vote you ever cast. i promise you. i promise you. america first. make america great again. america first. ok? remember that.
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a couple things. my son eric is here. you know aaron chris marquis is great. good boy. he said, dad make sure you mention natural gas and we are 100% height -- behind it. and we are. and call. and coal. 100%. we are going to bring things back and we are going to bring them back to they have never been before. our jobsng to bring back, our manufacturing back. we're going to take it from all these countries that for years have been ripping us off because we have politicians that do not know what they are doing. so we are going to take it back. you know, the whole deal. you know this whole thing is crazy. millions ofng by votes. we're leading by hundreds of delegates. rigged system.
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dyson said, you know p rate. i have a boxer. he has a friend of mine. a world champion. anti-goes into a very unfriendly territory. and i said, what are you doing? if you have a good match you can end up losing on a decision with that judges. he said, mr. trump, the only way i can do it as i did not this guy out. ass.e to knock him on his and he did. and he picked up a big a check. we only care about the first ballot. we're going to win on the first ballot. if you look at these two guys, one is one for 41. and i want many, many states. many states, many delegates., a total he goes to new york last week,
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he does not even register he is so low. no delegates. they ought to drop out of the race so we can unify the reap unify the party -- republican party. and a great poll came out on the drudge report. i have an even darted on hillary yet. i haven't even started on hillary yet. oh, that crooked hillary. years and years of watching that. open up the to borders. i do not know if you saw the reports today. are pouring across our southern borders than ever before. it is out of control. it is out of control.
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we don't know who these people are. you know where the hell they come from. they are pouring across. the border control are amazing people. lastly, the border patrol trump 16,000ld five hundred people. they have never done it before. never done it before. , they are amazing people. they are amazing people. and sheriff joe endorsed. you know sheriff joe from arizona. so. no, we're going to do a great job. they are setting records. people are coming across, we will. you thousands of thousands of people coming year will knows where they are going. they go all over the country. nobody is. are they isis? it could be the greek trojan war. as. don't worry about it. we will build a wall.
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we will held a wall. that wall is going to get built. "trump"] [cheers and applause] mr. trump:'s place is unbelievable. this place is unbelievable. all right. so look. so i go to the statistician and i ask him, you know i have all these people working for me. the sad part, all over the country. last week it was new york state which i wanted a record-setting nobody could even believe. you know what is nice? these are people that know me. i mean, new york will stop i went to school in pennsylvania.
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my daughter is currently going to school in pennsylvania, tiffany. my son went to school in pennsylvania. eric went to school in pennsylvania. also -- they also went to a school which is a great school. they love the hill school. ivanka went to school in pennsylvania. i went to school in pennsylvania. applause] mr. trump: i guess i am a product of pennsylvania. i love pennsylvania. it you know what? i went to a statistician and i said, give me some stuff for the area. it has been hit hardest among the communities of america. it hard. then a talk about the scranton region, lost half of its manufacturing jobs since 1990.
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lost 6000 manufacturing jobs since the recession in 2007. that is a lot of jobs. going to china. they are going to mexico. they are going to japan. they're going to be a non-. of pennsylvania has lost more than 35% of its manufacturing jobs since 2001. 2001, that was the year that -- brilliantd congress, really brilliant people we have, right? -- except for my two favorite who are there tonight. where are they? lulu and todd. where are they? get them up here. are so high up. see? they want everybody else to have a better seat. and todd can make it down, they better get down her. and right from the beginning.
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right from the beginning. .5% of the manufacturing jobs voted brilliantly to lead china into the wto and that is when wings started going bad. supports it.z ]crowd boos one in 42 andhas continues to run. ted cruz was the big vote for which destroyed pennsylvania and virtually every state. look at what happened to new england. i was in new york last week. syracuse. i went to albany and i went to poughkeepsie and i went to suffolk county. and all over new york state. we have manufacturing plants.
10:51 pm been siphoned going to other countries. we are not going to let that happen anymore, folks. believe me, we know how to stop it. it.i really know how stop so there are your statistics. not a pretty picture. to hell with it. laidthan 10,000 people off. here is something i do not like. population in pennsylvania. searched to one million. so we had big news today. thad announced that he cannot win by himself. he cannot do it. he cannot do it. so he said, lets form a partnership and what will we call it? go ahead. go ahead.
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what do we call it? collusion. it is called collusion. so i wrote them something. here is a guy who could not 8x8 himself, he was saying how well he did. of course, he is lying thad. he holds the bible high and then he lies. lying ted. crowd chanting "line ted"] : it we have lying ted, we have crooked hillary. there is no way we can't turn this country around. nightet a call last around 11:30 and like you, we work. call committee 11, 12, i am a worker.
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i dictated something over the phone. i said, isn't it sad that two grown politicians have to collude against one person who has only been a politician for 10 months? that i am like a smart person, i know what to do. the politicians are bought up with campaign contributions and super pac's and all of this. some of them do not have a clue. how can you allow what is happening to our country to go on? you have either got to be grossly incompetent, which many are, or you have got to be under the control of the lobbyists and the special interests, which both of them are. i am self-funding so it is a big difference. i do not care. i am going to do what is right for you. i do what is right for you. so come on i have been in this field for 10 months.
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why are they trying to stop someone from getting the republican nomination when we should all be together. it is time. some of the world's most dishonest people, the media. i have been watching. and you know what? they are not going to show this stadium. they are not going to show this stadium. go ahead, show it. they are not going to show it. i will go home and my way for were there many people there tonight, and i will say, you didn't see it? it is on television. ?he will say, you didn't see it they never, ever showed the crowds. we have the biggest crowds by far. we have the greatest people by far. applause]
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mr. trump: so it went on. senator cruz has done very poorly, especially with getting votes. he cannot get votes. after his disastrous new york performance, he was in a freefall. he reacts badly under pressure. boy does he yelp like a dog. also, approximately 80%, this is true, approximately 80% of the says,ican party right now i actually think 20% is high, is against him. john kasich it is even worse. has only kasich, he got one state out of 41. he is one for 41. will be done at the same time, right? i was winning florida by a lot
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even though i was running against, actually good guy, marco rubio. you know, it is set up because when they heard that trump was running, they engaged it. , corrupt rigged system. this'll thing with the delegates is ridiculous and you have to go out and you have to get your it a full delegate card and vote for your delegate. crazy. it would be nice if you could just go out and vote. go out tomorrow and vote. don't let them for you. but here is the story. when you go up there, can you youre tell them to take car to vote for the trump delegates? vote for the trump delegates. it would be nice if you could just vote and be done fort but the system is so complicated.
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now we have a great head of the republican party so we are very lucky and we have some great people and amazing delegates and they are going to do a great job. but here's the story, here's the story. i love you, too. look at this guy. all right. kasichu know the john thing is impressive because here ifa guy, he just says, like you have a child that is a stubborn, spoiled brat. i don't care, daddy. i do care. is like a spoiled guy. if you look at it, ben carson, who has endorsed me as much better. i mean he was tough. dr. ben carson is great. he did better. chris christie, who endorsed me, did better. marco rubio did much better. i mean, you look at marco rubio,
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he has more delegates right now and hed john kasich has has been in the race for a shorter time. he is just a guy who said, i don't care. i am staying. when you see him eating in the morning. he is stuffing pancakes in his mouth like this. and i am always telling my boys, take little bites. little, tiny bites. and he says, daddy who was that guy on television? that is disgusting. then they talk about presidential. oh, i see. his presidential. this big andcake his mouth and he is stuffing them in. this is not a presidential person. look, marco rubio has more delegates. a lot of people could of dissent, i don't care. ,hey have no path to victory folks. i am going to run in the first ballot. i will win in the first ballot. i don't care what they say.
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i don't care. thursday crooked system. how would you like to have this? wins by 4 million or 5 million votes. california, 25 percent. we are going after deanna and the people of indiana are smart. the people of indiana know what i have been speaking about for four months horrible treatments that carrier air-conditioning gave to the people that worked for them and the people of indianapolis, indiana, where they said, you are all tired. everyone of you are fired. we are moving to mexico. i have been talking about this long before i realized how important indiana would be to this process. and the people in indiana are smart. and i tell you what. i have one of the greatest endorsements of all time coming up in indiana. i refused to say it is bobby knight. but it is bobby knight. a great winner.
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a great champion. that is what i call a great and oarsmen. he knows how to win. that is why he is endorsing me. that is what our country needs. all right. so, others have done much better. now, collusion. what they did, they are both failing campaigns. they are no good. a are done. if you add up ted cruz's and john kasich's votes, i am beating them by a lot. areou add up -- people going to be surprised to be suppressed here this -- if you add up her delegates, again, it is a rigged system. but if you add up the delegates of ted cruz and john kasich, i am beating them by a lot. by a lot. [applause] mr. trump: but to show you how corrupt the system is and how dishonest the system is.
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let's say i go up -- you know the 1237 -- i get 1237. so, i think we're going to beat it, i think we're going to do it very easily. i think were going to get up. who knows question mark how about if we don't? we're going to do it. but how about if we don't? these have been getting bought hotels, dinners, they are buying up all these delegates. so how would you like to have somebody winning the second ballot who has 3 million or fill less than trump. who has less delegates than trump. ok? think of that. that going to pick a guy ended up getting like what was it, 10 or 12% in new york? no delegates? the other guy, john kasich, got nearly nothing in new york. two tremendously failed candidates last week. they are going to pick summit like that? if me a break. it is not going to happen.
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how about picking john kasich? 50.ill be one for ladies and gentlemen, our new nominee, a man that has been running for over one year. yes, he won one state out of 50 and he happened to be in that state. but he is going to take it. let me tell you, the new paul came out that has me tied with hillary clinton. but that is nothing, because i have not hit her yet. somebody said from the media, they said from the media, because we're always -- and i always say -- abi -- you know, i i am a smart person. i could talk nice and calm and everybody would all asleep after 10 minutes. then you see them start leaving the upper decks. the corners of the upper decks. when a you show that, media? you dishonest media. the corners of the upper decks.
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they are not looking. they do not move the cameras. they don't move the cameras. they do not move the cameras. they never move the cameras. they never move the cameras unless there is a funny protester around. do we have any protesters? i would like to put a couple of protesters right up there where they could see. they give it, 6000 people not being able to get in, standing outside. so here is the story. win big tomorrow. juergen e-gov vote juergen igo vote for the delegates you are going to do of things you have to do. it is crazy. we just got poll numbers from rhode island. i just got back from road island. i made to speeches and different parts of pennsylvania. yesterday we had an unbelievable rally in maryland at an airport hangar that was so big and so packed that people were flowing out into the runway area.
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i mean, what is going on is a movement, folks. we have been on the cover. i am the messenger. i am a good messenger. but it is about you. we have been on the cover of time magazine many, many times in fact, i am going to be at a dinner tomorrow night for time magazine. mostss, the world's important 100. who cares question mark what do i care about? i care about winning this nomination. clinton.rooked hillary and doing a great job for our nation. we are going to do it. [chanting "usa"]
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mr. trump: you want to see. rhode island today. they said, your poll numbers are so high there, mr. trump. over 60%. i said, oh i get it. because i am doing so well, i am not going to take of the people of rhode island? i had a little slot, we flew up to rhode island. we gave them 10-hour notice. the place was packed. thelew down to delaware other day, unbelievable people. we went to maryland a couple times. packed, packed, packed. i have been all over. unbelievable. i tell you. unbelievable. it has been so great. i hear we are doing great all of the place. but a little bit about rhode island. rhode island. you want to take care of people who are with you. i don't want to hear, you are doing great that's why you don't
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have together. no, no. if i am doing great and those people like me, that is where we want to go, am i right? so we are going to do great. so tomorrow is a really big, big day. so here's the story at the end. because of me, everyone now sees that the republican primary system is totally rigged and broken. non two candidates who have path to victory. they have no path. they are mathematically out. they ought to quit so we can all get together, we can all unify, and we can all go against clinton and beat her. really, really beat her. did league. big league. even john kasich, what he has been saying about her. she has bad judgment, he said. they said, do not say that anymore. don't say that.
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he says she is not qualified. not qualify?s we are all qualified, right? so he said, ok will take that back. we did not forget that. not qualified. to he said was amazing. that she has got bad judgment. and she has got bad judgment. even on the e-mails. that's called -- it is criminal -- but it is really bad judgment, folks. really bad judgment. [applause] mr. trump: and you look at syria, lebanon, the middle east problems. look at what the hell has happened to the world. look at president obama with one of the worst deals ever made. worst deals ever made, the array of deal. -- iran deal.
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we give them $100 million, we get nothing. we get nothing. those days are gone. and by the way, we should've had our prisoners back before we started negotiating, folks. you do not negotiate like that. so we have two candidates running, they have no path to victory. one approved nafta and was really a very final vote which destroyed us. the other one loves the transpacific are no ship, which is a catastrophe for this country. like will make nafta look baby stuff. we cannot let it get approved. and ted cruz does not want to do anything about china's manipulation of their currency. he had the opportunity. he blew it. here's a senator who has done the united states senate. no legislation. nothing important. he is been a bad senat