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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  April 25, 2016 11:08pm-11:31pm EDT

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get nothing. we get nothing. those days are gone. and by the way, we should've had our prisoners back before we started negotiating, folks. you do not negotiate like that. so we have two candidates running, they have no path to victory. one approved nafta and was really a very final vote which destroyed us. the other one loves the transpacific are no ship, which is a catastrophe for this country. like will make nafta look baby stuff. we cannot let it get approved. and ted cruz does not want to do anything about china's manipulation of their currency. he had the opportunity. he blew it. here's a senator who has done the united states senate. no legislation. nothing important. he is been a bad senator.
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is not get along with anybody. has practically no endorsements. the man who respects most is senator jeff sessions from alabama. a great man in a great senator. there is only one problem. jeff sessions two weeks ago endorsed donald trump. problem. "cheers and applause" donald trump: so we're going to unify the party. when i came down the escalator, i looked down at trump tower and i saw the largest group of cameras and paparazzi and reporters. it looked literally like the academy awards. not love doingid this. i mean, i am doing this because, honestly, we really can not only make a great again but we can make america great are they in ever before i would not be doing this. i would not be doing this.
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and i stood up and i made a speech and as you know i brought up illegal immigration. i brought up some other things. the primary thing was trade. illegal immigration. we have to make our military stronger, bigger, better. nobody will ever mess with us. as they just point with us right now. the 20 with us. st toy with us. the toy with us. i have the slowest trigger of everybody. aam the one who said, as civilian, not as a politician, but i said, at the beginning. do not go into iraq will stop do not go to his --
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into iraq. you are going to destabilize the entire middle east. if our politicians went on vacation 15 years ago, we would be a lot better off in the middle east that we are right now. day,we have right now is a back, ugly mess. right? . big mess then i heard a certain senator, lindsey graham, he said, i do not know why donald trump does not listen to me. i am been fighting this war for many years. that is right. i want to fight it or about two weeks, folks. not many years. we have to get back to our country, rebuild america, rebuild the united states. our infrastructure is going to .ell we build schools in the middle east. they get blown up, we rebuild them. they get blown up again and again at 10. want to build a school in pencil alien. -- in pennsylvania.
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we have noent says money. right? no good. no good. we spent over $4 trillion in the middle east. shape now than we were 15 years ago. and when obama got out, instead of doing it in a certain way of leaving some troops behind and protecting a little bit of whatever. he took everybody out. ent announced the date team is leaving. and now you have a mess. take the oil. i have been saying for years, keep the oil. keep the oil. don't let them have the oil. i did not want to go into the first place. but i said, if you are going to go out, take the oil. because if you don't take the oil, i ran is going to get the oil and isis is going to get the
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oil. so who has the oil? i ran, isis, and a rack. iran, isis,t for -- and iraq. three or four years, and then saddam hussein would hit someone. they moved 10 feet. 10 feet. what did we do? we went in and destroyed, destroyed the military capability of one of the two nations. and now iran is taking over a rack as sure as you are standing aq as sure asand ir you are standing air. and so many of you are standing. it is amazing when people have seeds and they still want to stand to see trump. isn't it? i appreciate it. so we are going to change. we are going to be so great for the military and on or in policy and we're going to do things
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right. we protect many, many nations and we are not reimbursed properly for the protection. many of these nations are very wealthy. we protect germany. we protect japan. i love germany, i love japan. many friends. we have 28,000 soldiers on the line. there are a dangerous position to be in. they are making a fortune. thousands of televisions every year for different projects. where did they come from? south korea. that's fine. they are moneymaking behemoths. we take care of them. we protect saudi arabia. i have many friends and saudi arabia. they buy my apartments. you would not believe how they buy my apartments, ok? we have many friends there. before the royal went down, they were making $1 million a day. if we do not protect them, they
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would not be there for two weeks. but we protect them. we do not know what we are doing. then we have a president who -- whoo study a rabia flies to saudi arabia last week, and there's no one there to greet him stop the same thing happened in cuba. he goes to cuba, and instead of having one of the castro's or both of them medium at the plane , there is no high official waiting to greet the president of the united states coming out of air force one. which, by the way, they will tell you that has to be a record in the history. the great, great history of air force one. how many times do you think it of hundreds airport and hundreds of countries where the top people in the country the not there to greet president of the united states? it happened to our president. it happened to our president twice in four weeks.
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no one. i will tell you what. if i were the president and i flew into saudi arabia and the king or whoever at the top is not there to greet me, i would say, hey pilot come here for a second. how much fuel do we have? we have 20 sir, it is air force one. i would say, get accurate those controls, violet, and let's get out of here. here.get out of [cheers and applause] mr. trump: now would be out of there so fast -- if they showed the president of the united states -- thank you. thank you. chanting "trump"] [cheers and applause] mr. trump: if they showed the
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president of the united states so little respect, it it is you someorry folks see other time. i remember a case not so long ago. everybody forgot it. remember when the president flew to europe to make a pitch? this is the president of the united states. he made a pitch for the olympics to come to the united states and i think that is great. i like that. but if you are the president, you do not go over there to make a pitch and then not win. right? two big a position. if you're the president, you got to know the answer before you go over there. you call them and you say, listen, i am the president and i will go there but between us, are we going to win? and they will tell you. there want to say, no, so you're going to come and fourth. i would say, thank you, i appreciate it but i'm not going to go. we're dealing with babies, folks. we're dealing with babies.
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we have the president of the united states go over there to make a pitch for the olympics and he gets rejected. i think we came in fourth. who does that? who doesn't? are we dealing with babies question mark when you are the president of the united states and you want to get the olympics to country and you go over there and do not know the answer before hand -- you are in competent. you are incompetent. you are incompetent. totally incompetent. so here's the story. tomorrow is the big day and we are going to do great things. self-funding my campaign. and you know the nice part? of the major candidates, i put in far less than any other candidate and we are winning and a landslide and every single -- in every single category. why woulds said,
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trump -- you know, i am a smart guy and went to win of the hardest schools in america to get to. we have the smartest and most loyal people. the trump people are the smartest and wife are they are the most loyal. by far. [applause] mr. trump: they are by far. loyal.the most here's the story. here's the story. i have to tell you this. i have to. here's the story. so, they are talking about presidential. and this one pundit says, let me ask you a question. in and trumprted was there. and we'll said, trump is never going to run. he is never going to this. he is never going to sign his life away. trump is a private company, he never going to reveal his finances. so i announced i was running. i then signed my life away.
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i put in my financials early. i had the biggest law firms in washington and the biggest accounting firms in washington working around the clock because i did not want to be even one hour late. and i could've had 45-day extension's all over the place but i wanted to show. it is i built a great company. i built some of the greatest assets in the world. i built a company with tremendous cash flow, very little debt. in i put it in. the biggest report ever put into a federal election. i started off with $1 million. you hear all these crazy numbers, believe me. i started off with a million dollars. my company is now worth then -- more than $10 billion. 10. and importantly, i tell you this not in a british his manner, i -- ayou that because
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braggadocio's manner. i tell you this because this is the kind of thinking at least for a little while that our country needs. we have got to put our country back on track. if we are protecting the 28 countries of nato and if they are delinquent and not paying us because they have no respect for us and if nato is obsolete and has to be refigured and if we have to do something about terror, which nato does not really cover. it was many years ago. you are talking about 68 or so years ago. we have got to change things. in 20 somebody at one of the networks asked me, would you think of nato? aw, in all fairness, i am very good businessperson person. but, you know what? nato has never been high on my list. -- guys who look at it and
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study it every day of their lives, at first they said -- and three days later they said -- donald trump has a point. they are so close to it they do not even see it. then i said, we have put up so much money to protect other countries. they have got to start paying for this protection. and they do not pay probably because nobody asked them for the money. and they do not pay because, honestly, they think we are stupid. thesere protecting countries who are not paying their fair share. they are not caring their own baggage. and one of the things i do as i say, folks -- because many of these countries are very wealthy -- i say, folks you've got a pass. they say ok. and i say, no, no, no. you have to pay although she is that you did not take for delinquency. we will help you out. but you have got to pay. we are no longer the stupid country.
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brilliant, genius country. ok? i will get along better with these countries than we do right now and they will be paying up because they will respect the united states again. they do not respect us. ok? now a couple of things. a couple of things. then we will go home and get a good nights rest and then tomorrow you will vote and get all of your friends. ok? [applause] trump: the commentator said, i hear trump might be pivoting. the only thing i do not understand, he had 16 opponents. senators. governors. all these people. top-of-the-line. well, some of them not so good. 16. he had guys like dr. ben carson, a phenomenal guy. and of people, right? he is a phenomenal guy. now wait a minute to stop so he
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goes through one, he wins. another, beats a senator, beta senator, beats a gun -- governor. and i am about to be ted cruz and i'm about to beat a governor who is one for 42. so this person who is a very smart pundit said, you know, if i am trump i do not inc. i want to change. there is a lot of truth in it. that wait until you see what we do at this country. we're going to unify -- not only are we going to unify the republican party -- but we have a tremendously divided country. and black. everything. young and old. everybody is at odds. you look at the african-american population of this country. youth. african-american youth has a 59% rate of unemployment. 59%. you look at african american
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people. it is substantially higher. there is tremendous division because obama is a tremendous divider. he divides. he has done nothing for african american people. you that.l and i am going to win the african-american vote and i am going to win the hispanic vote. and every poll, you look at the poll in nevada. they can hispanic population. i won the state of nevada very easily. a landslide. ted cruz was supposed win but he did not. he cannot win when people have to vote. he cannot win. here's the story. i wouldn't. and they do an exit poll of the hispanics. and who wins the exit poll by a lot? donald trump. you know why? i'm going to win the applicants. i'm going to win the hispanics. as i am bringing jobs back to the country and i am not letting the jobs that are here go without consequence.
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if somebody was to take their factory, like carrier data in indiana, if they want to move to mexico, we are going to tell them very nicely, and joy mexico. enjoy the heat. just enjoy it. i hope you build a wonderful plant. but every single time you make an air-conditioning unit and i buy from carrier but i am not buying anymore. every time you make an air-conditioning unit and you want to send it across our now very, very strong border with a wall, with our incredible -- [applause] trump: with our incredible border tro watching and allowed to watch, every time you make a unit and send it across, we are going to charge you a 35% tax. i hope you enjoy your stay in mexico. ok?
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and i will tell you what is going to happen. moving, folks. they are not moving. they're not moving. i believe in free trade but you can only have free trade when you have smart, cunning, street-wise leadership. we do not have that. we have been competently leadership and therefore we have to play tough. and we have to play smart. with china, we have a $500 billion trade deficit. it is crazy. and you know what? if any of you do business with china you are going to find it is almost impossible to get your product in. it if you do get your product in, they charge you a tariff or a tax. with them, they send the stuff over. no good. not going to happen. i want apple products to be made in the united states. in did is going to happen. you watch. now, i have a tax plan that cuts
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taxes more the in anybody else's plan. simplifies and cuts. but remember this. and forgetting even about that, we can do such -- you know, for five years and even for seven years, these all top no action politicians in washington have to devise a so hard plan to keep the companies in our country. where they take the companies and keep them. corporate inversion. they do not even know what the word is. corporate and version. trillions of dollars outside, we want to bring in back in, we can't even make a agreement. we are going to make it very hard on people who want to leave our country and fire all of our people. there are going to be consequences. if you look at some of the plans the government has, they say, maybe we can give them low interest loans. not going to do it.
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let me to you what does that. good, old-fashioned taxes. goingnsequences, they are to fire your people from indiana. fire these 1400 people that did a phenomenal job for 30 years, 20 years. 14 years, 15 years. i met many of them. that is not going to happen. if you want to do it, go. the when you come over, in i tell you, nobody is leaving. try looking at their projections. their projections will not work. remember the one thing nobody will say in terms of the pundit. when they say, well the product will cost more. say the second part. they never do. we will also have a lot more jobs, ok? we want to have a lot more jobs and that is the key. that is the key. -- have jobsto at making products for ourselves.
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jobs making products we export to other countries. and you know what? we're going to get along great with china. we're going to get along great. but we are not going to have a $505 billion deficit anymore. when china wants to build a massive, military fortress in the south china sea, which they are not supposed to be doing, they are going to respect us. because we have tremendous power and it's called economic power. the win of people who do not know how to use it. by some ofbeloved these people. you look at japan. millions of cars come in. and we send them practically nothing. and they want practically nothing. they do not want to our product. so it is going to change, folks. you are going to remember this as a good time. i had no idea your arena was a beautiful, but that is ok. in


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